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January 15, 2005

Grand Abu Ghraib Conspiracy Comes Unraveled

Last year Christmas came in April for moonbats when photographs of prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib were first made public by the now collapsing CBS program "60 Minutes II," showing detainees piled naked in pyramids, tethered on leashes, simulating sex acts, etc. One suspected terrorist was photographed while handcuffed to a bunk with women's panties on his head.

As anyone who didn't spend the last 9 months in solitary confinement knows, the mainstream media predictably took this ball and ran with in, working themselves into a frenzy as they propagandized on behalf of America's enemies. They did their best to cause maximum damage by convincing the world that Abu Ghraib was not an isolated incident, but merely the tip of a vast American conspiracy to subject Muslims to tasteless frat boy pranks — a conspiracy that allegedly went all the way to the top. There were calls for Donald Rumsfeld's resignation. Even now, Abu Ghraib is being used to club Attorney General nominee Alberto Gonzales.

The New York Times Magazine went over the top by making a cover story out of a piece by anti-U.S. rock-thrower Susan Sontag, in which this darling of the Left ponderously concluded that the events depicted in the photographs constituted actual torture, and that they captured the essence of America — in effect calling for the entire country to resign.

Now Army reservist Spc. Charles Graner Jr., the ringleader of the rogue guards at Abu Ghraib and the first to be tried on charges related to the scandal, has been convicted of assault, battery, conspiracy, maltreatment of detainees, committing indecent acts, and dereliction of duty, and can look forward to as much as 15 1/2 years of seeing the world from the other side of the bars.

The jury rejected his defense's argument that Graner and the other hooligans were following orders from higher up. As the trial made quite obvious, Graner was not acting as a soldier carrying out the will of his government, but was simply a deranged sociopath who unfortunately found himself in a position to cause harm.

Intelligence-gathering was not the purpose behind the infamous events at Abu Ghraib. In the words of prosecutor Capt. Chris Graveline, "It was for sport, for laughs."

Despite its participation in the earlier feeding frenzy, The New York Times admits that "witnesses called by the defense ... almost all ended up reinforcing the prosecution's case that Specialist Graner had abused detainees for sport."

Even defense witness Megan Ambuhl, who acknowledged that she was romantically involved with Graner and did not want to see him convicted, admitted that Military Intelligence was not present when the photographs of naked detainees being subjected to bizarre degradations were taken and did not direct these extracurricular activities.

Another defense witness testified that Military Intelligence soldiers were present when Graner handcuffed two naked prisoners together in an embrace. But under interrogation he confessed that these soldiers ranked below even Graner, and that the detainees were not interrogated.

Although they had promised throughout the trial to put Graner on the stand, in the end his lawyers thought better of this, presumably having realized that it would not be possible to pass off their mentally ill client as a soldier dutifully following orders from above.

The trial made it abundantly clear that the low-level reservist was completely out of his mind. A Syrian prisoner testified that Graner merrily whistled, sang, and laughed while tormenting him. Chatty emails from Graner to his young children, to which he had attached pictures of bound and beaten prisoners, were presented for the jury's consideration.

Eager to impugn his country's honor for the sake of his lowlife client, attorney Guy Womack tried to convince the jury that Graner et al. were being sacrificed in a coverup to protect Army officers. But not being made up of liberal pundits, the jury was having none of this nonsense.

It can now be stated for the record that it was not the secret machinations of Gonzales, Rumsfeld, or President Bush that caused the Abu Ghraib fiasco, but simply a lapse in discipline occurring during the fog of war that let an undertrained reservist with mental problems and a few of his irresponsible pals go berserk. If this case justifies calls for Rumsfeld's resignation, then we should use the next traffic accident as an excuse to finally get rid of Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta.

But none of these revelations should prevent Oliver Stone from directing a four-hour movie based on the premise that those were actually Karl Rove's panties on the prisoner's head.

Posted by Van Helsing at January 15, 2005 10:43 AM


Great read. The MSM has confused the "stress techniques" (sleep deprivation, extended interrogations, etc.) used at Gitmo with the imbecilic nonsense that went on at Abu Ghraib. It's hampered our intel efforts now that the army has quit even using those mild coercive measures.


Posted by: superhawk at January 15, 2005 1:28 PM

The BBC reports that one of the British terro's being released from GITMO claims he was "tortured" by being forced to clean-up his own urine after he wet himself. If this is what the left considers "torture," it explains a lot about why leftist protesters smell the way they do.

Posted by: V the K at January 15, 2005 1:51 PM