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Aug 20 2018

ESPN Won’t Show National Anthem on Monday Night Football

If our own national anthem is too controversial to show on television, America’s enemies are winning:

New ESPN president Jimmy Pitaro told reporters Friday that the network does not plan to televise the national anthem as part of its Monday Night Football broadcasts this season.

Pitaro says ESPN has not previously televised the Star-Spangled Banner on Monday Night Football and isn’t about to start, even if doing so could make patriotic fans feel less alienated by the anti-Americanism that has come to be associated with the felon-infested NFL.

Later in his Friday remarks, Pitaro bristled at the notion that ESPN is a political organization, but told reporters the network will continue to cover the intersections of sports and politics and sports and culture.

You had better believe that ESPN is a political organization. More specifically, it is an ultra-left propaganda platform that poses as a sports network. This strategy allows it to promote its corrosive ideology more effectively than the barking moonbats at MSNBC, who only a leftist would listen to anyway.

People tune in not even thinking about politics, just wanting to watch a ball game. Since viewers are not alerted to put up their psychological defenses, the propaganda seeps insidiously straight into the subconscious. The leftist outlook comes to seem like the way everybody thinks.

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May 03 2018

Few Are Watching the Left-Wing Propagandists at CNN and ESPN

A big problem progressives have with capitalism is that it lets people decide for themselves what they want rather than forcing upon them what they are supposed to want according to liberal dogma. This is particularly bad news for the left-wing propagandists at CNN, who are having a hard time selling their product on the open market:

Far-left CNN’s highest rated show, Anderson Cooper 360, came in a humiliating 24th for April, behind every single program on Fox News that airs after 6 a.m.

With 1.1 million viewers, Cooper was also the only CNN show that managed to attract more than a million viewers. Erin Burnett, the second-highest rated show on CNN, came in 27th place and drew only 965,00 total viewers. Jake Tapper, who is being sold as some kind of superstar, slid face first into 32nd place…

Speaking of left-wing propagandists, the ESPN approach of getting people to swallow it by infusing sports with moonbattery is not working:

On Tuesday, data was revealed that the sports network (aka MSNBC with footballs, according to Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro), lost half a million subscribers in April. That’s 17,000 subscribers a day.

The unwatchably ultra-left ESPN adds an outsized chunk to the monthly cable bill, providing extra incentive for viewers to cut the cord.

Since the purpose of ESPN is to spew moonbattery, not to cover sports or to make money, you can expect this tail-spinning Disney-owned debacle to ride its leftist politics right into the ground, just like CNN.

On tips from KirklesWorth.

Apr 23 2018

ESPN’s Howard Bryant: It Is Racist That Baseball GMs Need to Understand Analytics

ESPN is not about sports. It is about hardcore moonbattery given a sports-flavored sugar coating to get you to swallow it. That’s why Howard Bryant is employed as a senior editor at ESPN the Magazine.

Watch an NBA or NFL game and you will notice that an overwhelming majority of the players are black, despite blacks making up only 13% of the population. But that isn’t good enough for black supremacists like Bryant, who want baseball too — and not just the playing field, but the front office as well. If general managers are not black, then it must be racism. Barks Bryant:

“I believe in baseball that analytics are the equivalent of racism because baseball has created a new barrier to entry. Now you have to have an Ivy League degree to get a GM job in baseball. Only two GMs in baseball right now are ex-players. … If you’re an African-American, being an ex-player is not gonna help you anymore because now you gotta be an Ivy leaguer.”

That is, if being a general manager requires understanding numbers and stuff, then the numbers and stuff are racist. Having black skin ought to be enough to get you the job, despite the increasing emphasis on analytics in baseball. After all, it can get you a job as a senior editor at ESPN.

On a tip from Varla.

Aug 23 2017

ESPN Pulls Asian Announcer for Being Named Robert Lee

Leave it to the moonbats at ultra-liberal ESPN to push the war on all things Southern past self-parody into the realm of the surreal:

ESPN confirmed Tuesday night that it had decided to pull an announcer from calling a University of Virginia football game because his name is Robert Lee. This Robert Lee is Asian.

As even the idiots running ESPN might be aware, Lee is a common Chinese name.

Mr. Lee had been scheduled to call the Cavaliers Sept. 2 game in Charlottesville against William and Mary.

Incredibly, ESPN continues to double down on the dumb by lamenting the insanity that it not only perpetuates but escalates.

“It’s a shame that this is even a topic of conversation and we regret that who calls play by play for a football game has become an issue,” ESPN said in its statement.

It has become an issue because the ESPN thought police made it one. They seem to be so politically correct, they suspect even Asians of being white supremacists if their name reminds them of a famous Southerner.

Unlit recently, Robert E. Lee was universally regarded not only as a significant historical figure, but as a great man worthy of the highest respect. He fought not because he was a Nazi but because he was loyal to the same Virginia as other great men like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison. His honorable surrender allowed the Civil War to end (except in the minds of the liberals who are still fighting it), rather than drag on indefinitely as a guerrilla war. If Southerners had known that even their heroes would be erased by vicious sore winners, they may never have heeded Lee’s call to lay down their arms.

If they can demonize Lee like this, they can do the same to the other great Virginians mentioned above. In the meantime, ESPN employees are advised not to wear Lee jeans to work; they would probably get fired as racists.

On tips from Varla, J, Mike S, Tony O, Torcer, and Bodhisattva.

Jun 19 2017

ESPN’s Max Kellerman Denounces Playing the National Anthem at Sporting Events as “Injecting Politics”

Would you say that Colin Kaepernick injects politics into NFL games by theatrically refusing to stand for the Star-Spangled Banner? Not at all, according to his fellow moonbats at ESPN. It is the NFL that injects politics by playing the national anthem. Barks “First Take” cohost Max Kellerman:

“[Like draft-dodging Nation of Islam moonbat Muhammad Ali,] Colin Kaepernick also did not go looking for a protest. It came to him. He was asked to stand for the national anthem. You do not have to stand for the national anthem. And even if it it was a rule that you did, is that Colin Kaepernick injecting politics in the NFL? No. That’s the NFL injecting politics by playing the national anthem and putting pressure on you to stand for it in the first place.”

Speaking of injecting politics into sports, ESPN does it relentlessly, as this site has documented repeatedly (e.g., here, here, here, here, here, and here). ESPN’s ultra-left viewpoint may not be far outside the Overton window for sportscasters, who have an overwhelming tendency to be moonbats, but fans are another matter — they tend to lean right:

No wonder ESPN has fallen on hard times. As more people cut the cord, and cable companies are forced to respond, fewer people will have to pay for ESPN whether they watch it or not. Soon ESPN will face a choice: dump kooks like Kellerman and drop the leftist evangelizing or die.

On tips from Torcer and Steve A.

Apr 28 2017

ESPN’s Deserved Demise

The bad news is that there is a cable channel even more obnoxiously left-wing than MSNBC. The good news is that largely as a result of its arrogant in-your-face moonbattery, ESPN is going down.

This week there has been a bloodbath at ESPN, with about 100 employees cut:

Familiar faces like Ed Werder, Danny Kanell, Len Elmore, Jayson Stark, Trent Dilfer and Brett McMurphy are among those who have been let go.

Cord cutting and overspending are factors, but clearly not the only ones. Even SportsCenter anchor Linda Cohn admits the role of moonbattery:

“That is definitely a percentage of it,” Cohn said Thursday on 77 WABC’s “Bernie and Sid” show when asked whether certain social or political stances contributed to the stupor that resulted in roughly 100 employees getting the ax this week. “I don’t know how big a percentage, but if anyone wants to ignore that fact, they’re blind.”

Deep Root Analytics provides statistical confirmation:

[I]n 2015, the ESPN audience on average skewed Republican across all dayparts, ranging from 12% more Republican (Early News, Late Fringe, Overnight) to 21% more Republican than Democratic (Early Morning).

In 2016, every daypart on ESPN became less conservative, with Daytime being only 2% more Republican than Democratic, while Late Fringe and Overnight programming became 10% and 12% more Democratic than Republican – a 22 and 28 point shift, respectively.

Republicans have stopped watching ESPN. Here’s the latest reason why:

One day before the network laid off many of its employees, it published five poems about feminism and political resistance on its website geared toward women, ESPNW.

The first poem in the series is called “Revolution” and it’s dedicated to Asatta [sic] Shakur, an icon among black power enthusiasts who was convicted of murdering a police officer in 1977. She escaped from prison in 1979 and fled to Cuba in 1984, where she’s been hiding ever since.

Publishing political doggerel dedicated to Assata Shakur (born Joanne Chesimard) is yet another indication that the kooks running ESPN are not just annoyingly liberal, but malevolently ultra-Left. The disgraceful network deserves to go bankrupt as surely as Shakur deserves to be executed for murdering New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster during a routine traffic stop. Unless they can run a profitable sports network that appeals only to moonbats (despite sports fans leaning right), justice will be served, at least in ESPN’s case.

On tips from MAS, Sufferfortribe, Bodhisattva, and Jester.

Mar 09 2017

Leftist Sports Channel ESPN Is Tanking

The problem with shouting leftist lunacy on MSNBC is that the only people listening already agree with it. Far better to grind up the bitter pill of moonbattery and surreptitiously sprinkle in on people’s pizza. That way they will consume it unknowingly, allowing this corrosive ideology to insidiously take root.

That appears to be the strategy behind Disney’s left-wing sports channel ESPN. But they overdid it, which is one reason people aren’t watching anymore:

ESPN will have significant cost-cutting over the next four months on its talent side (people in front of the camera or audio/digital screen). Multiple sources said ESPN has been tasked with paring tens of millions of staff salary from its payroll, including staffers many viewers and readers will recognize. …

Last month Reuters reported Disney had a lower-than-expected quarterly revenue, hurt by the drop in advertising revenue at ESPN. In addition, ESPN continues to shed subscribers at an enhanced rate, down to 88.4 million households in Dec. 2016. That number was 100.002 million in Feb. 2011. …

ESPN has experienced significant layoffs over the last two years. In Oct. 2015 the company laid off roughly 300 employees, many who had spent their entire professional careers at ESPN.

According to Outkick the Coverage:

ESPN’s collapse is the biggest story in sports yet most still haven’t realized it.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of moonbats. For reasons to be delighted about ESPN’s demise, see here, here, here, here, and here.

Why ESPN’s business model isn’t working.

On a tip from Jester.

Jun 22 2016

ESPN to Give Award to Black Lives Matter Thugs for Destroying University of Missouri

Cognitively challenged Black Lives Matter bullies were able to claim the scalp of the President of the University of Missouri, replace him with a militant social justice warrior, and send the school into a tailspin after black football players went on strike to show support for the malevolent, irrational, racist, ultra-left movement. For that, the likeminded moonbats at ESPN are granting an award.

The success of activists at Missouri sparked a wave of imitators all across the country, who held their own mass protests and wrote their own demand lists, to varying degrees of success. It also sparked a major backlash against MU itself, which has seen a big drop in enrollment that has torn a $32 million hole in its budget.

Mizzou’s collapse as an institution of higher learning is a direct result of submitting to these hooligans instead of expelling them. The leftist kooks running ESPN are even more eager to submit:

ESPN has decided to reward MU’s football team for its acts. The sports network announced Friday that the 2015 team will be collectively honored at its second annual Sports Humanitarian of the Year awards, which are held in tandem with the ESPY awards. During the July 12 show in Los Angeles, the team will be given the Stuart Scott ENSPIRE award, named in honor of the ESPN anchor who died of cancer last year. The award “celebrates someone that has taken risk and used an innovative approach to helping the disadvantaged through the power of sports,” ESPN said in a statement.

If anyone is “disadvantaged” here, it is the students who actually went to Mizzou to learn rather than to play football or to protest, and whose degrees are worth far less than they were, now that the school has been reduced to a laughing stock that has been frantically downsizing in an attempt to stay alive.

This is consistent with the over-the-top moonbat posturing that characterizes ESPN, the most aggressively leftist channel on national television (see e.g. here, here, here, here, and possibly worst of all here).

On a tip from Steve T.

May 03 2016

ESPN Banishes Curt Schilling to the Memory Hole

As noted previously, baseball great Curt Schilling was recently fired by ESPN for opposing the presence of male sexual deviants in women’s bathrooms. But firing him wasn’t good enough. Literally following Stalinist protocol, they are now erasing him from sports history.

ESPN produced a documentary of the 2004 Red Sox season that featured selective editing equivalent to leaving George Patton out of a history of WWII.

ESPN did not leave out just any game—it cut out the “Bloody Sock” game, one of the most heroic performances in recent baseball history, if not in the three-century history of the game.

Pitching at Yankee Stadium for the Red Sox, who had not won a World Series for 86 years up to that point, Schilling won a decisive victory a day after doctors had sutured a loose tendon back into the skin. His ankle began to bleed, soaking the sock, but still Schilling pitched seven innings through pain and blood, as the camera focused on his ankle and his performance.

Against all odds, the Red Sox went on to defeat the Yankees in seven games after being down 0-3 (the only team to have ever done that) and swept the Cardinals in four games, overcoming the 86-year curse. ….

And ESPN left this game out of a documentary, “Four Days in October,” which purports to chronicle that comeback?

This is how they treat a guy who 2 weeks ago was one of their own broadcasters (although he was already in the doghouse for his non-PC views). Sports, history, and common decency will always take a backseat to promoting far left politics at ESPN, in which the moonbats running Disney have an 80% stake.

Even diehard Yankees fans admire Schilling’s heroics. But if the ESPN mentality prevails, future generations may never know about this defining moment in baseball history, or even that Schilling ever pitched, despite that he would make the Hall of Fame if he were more politically compliant.

After currently living greats who fail to comply with up-to-the-minute politically correct ideology have been banished to the Memory Hole, the Thought Police will cast their net backward in time. Babe Ruth was a rowdy guy; no doubt he said something at some point that would currently be regarded as “discriminatory,” whether an off-color joke or an opinion that would have been regarded as uncontroversial for thousands of years until last Thursday or so. If so, he too will eventually be erased. Tell your grandkids all about him or they will never know he existed.

On a tip from Varla.

Mar 15 2016

ESPN Assigns Mike Ditka to Doghouse for Thought Crime

MSNBC is not the most rigidly leftwing channel offered by most cable packages. Even amid the deranged ravings of Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow, you can occasionally hear sane opinions from guests, or at least an acknowledgment that alternate views opposing leftist orthodoxy do exist. Not so with ESPN, which would never make it as a news network because its cartoonishly intolerant commitment to sheer moonbattery would render it unwatchable to anyone who didn’t tune in to see something other than politics. Occasionally someone hired by ESPN steps out of ideological line. When this happens, they are quickly punished. The latest is Mike Ditka:

Mike Ditka will be replaced as a panelist on ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown, it has been revealed.

The announcement came less than a week after Ditka, both a former player and coach for the Chicago Bears, revealed he believed Barack Obama was the worst president ‘we’ve ever had’.

Ditka, who has been a main panelist for the ESPN show since 2006, said Obama was a ‘fine man’ but not a leader when he went on WABC’S The Bernie & Sid Show last Thursday.

‘He would be great to play golf with,’ Ditka continued.

‘He’s not a leader. This country needs leadership. It needs direction. It needs somebody that steps up front.’

Even cushioned with compliments, failure to appreciate Obama’s greatness as POTUS is beyond the bounds of polite conversation among the militant moonbats who run ESPN.

Sources say Ditka is not leaving ESPN entirely but will have an ’emeritus-type’ NFL role going forward with the network.

Maybe if he submits humbly to a spell in the doghouse with Curt Schilling, and promises to never have anything but praise for Obama, the suits will eventually let him have his position back. Or maybe Ditka will have the good sense to tell them what they can do with their “emeritus-type” role.

On a tip from Steve A.

Sep 04 2015

ESPN Thought Police Come Down on Curt Schilling Again

It had been reported that Curt Schilling’s suspension from ESPN for being an alleged Islamophobe would be brief. However, that was before the moonbat thought police running that execrable outfit discovered that Schilling’s apology was not for saying that 2 + 2 = 4 regarding Islam, but for saying it in the wrong forum. For continuing to believe that Muslim terrorists pose a threat, he was subjected to further punishment:

Schilling, the ex-MLB star and current ESPN broadcaster, was punished again by the network Thursday. He’ll be benched for the rest of the MLB season — taken off Sunday Night Baseball and nixed from wild-card game coverage.

Whether he ever appears on ESPN again is doubtful. For the sake of his own self-respect, let’s hope not.

Again we see that liberal totalitarians will never be satisfied until you convince them that you actually agree with their sick ideology, which entails obsequiously revering Muslims not despite but because of their hostile intentions toward the West.

As noted earlier, the only apology Schilling owed anyone was for grossly understating the threat of Islam in comparison with Nazis — and for having anything to do with aggressively leftist ESPN, which I join Mike Gallagher and hopefully many others in solemnly promising never to watch again. We should have heeded the call for a permanent boycott when Hank Williams Jr. made it in the excellent song “Keep the Change” several years ago.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Jul 09 2015

ESPN Dumps Keith Olbermann

Among the most objectionable types of moonbat is the weenie sportscaster — the 90-lb. weakling who never wanted anything so much as to be an athlete, but who was probably always picked last in gym class, who then makes a career out of yapping about other people’s athletic accomplishments and gets even with a world full of people he resentfully (and rightly) regards as better than him by injecting malevolent leftist politics into even the most inappropriate settings. Bob Costas is a prime example. Keith Olbermann is another. Just as not even his fellow social justice warriors at MSNBC could stand him, the same appears to be true at ESPN:

The television personality, who rejoined the sports network in August 2013, won’t be renewing his deal to anchor his ESPN2 program. The news follows a THR report on July 1, noting that ESPN management floated an ultimately unworkable caveat: that Olbermann cease engaging in commentary.

Even insufferably liberal ESPN can take only so much of Olbermann’s screeching commentary.

On tips from Bodhisattva and Dan F.

Feb 25 2015

Keith Olbermann Suspended From ESPN for Ridiculing Pediatric Cancer Fundraising Effort

Extreme obnoxiousness is both a curse and a blessing for insufferable moonbat commentator Keith Olbermann. Without it, he would have no career, since it is the distinguishing characteristic that earned him national prominence. But he also doesn’t have much of a career because of it, having been fired when not even the far left kooks running MSNBC could stand him anymore. He washed up at comparably liberal ESPN, where he has now been suspended for denouncing a $13 million Penn State pediatric cancer fundraising effort as “pitiful”:

Keith Olbermann will not host his show for the rest of the week, ESPN said Tuesday, because of tweets critical of Penn State and its annual THON fundraiser.

“We are aware of the exchange Keith Olbermann had on Twitter last night regarding Penn State,” ESPN said in a statement. “It was completely inappropriate and does not reflect the views of ESPN.” …

THON is an IFC/Panhellenic dance marathon at Penn State, which since 1977 has raised more than $127 million for the Four Diamonds Fund at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital, according to the THON website. The most recent marathon took place Friday to Sunday and raised $13 million.

They are letting Überdouche come back on Monday due to his groveling apology:

Queef’s tweets took a different tone earlier, when he yapped like an ill-tempered shih tzu at Penn State students and their charitable efforts, as documented at Total Frat Move.

Shameful face-flops are another distinguishing characteristic for the Queefster.

On tips from Varla and Troy.

Dec 14 2014

Obama Confirms That He Spends His Mornings Watching ESPN

So far Obama has been found to possess exactly one redeeming quality: he is too frivolous to devote himself full time to destroying our country. If he isn’t out playing golf, there is a good chance he is basking in the mind-numbing vacuity of ESPN. To quote our Historic First Adolescent President:

“I spend most of my time watching ESPN in the morning. I get so much politics I don’t, you know, want to be inundated with a bunch of chatter about politics during the day.”

A more thoroughly unqualified president would be difficult to imagine. He doesn’t even take an interest in the job.

Unfortunately Valerie Jarrett does.

Via Conservative Refocus News, on a tip from Bill T.

Sep 15 2014

ESPN Commentator Calls for “Reprogramming” Men

Progressives were able to impose their sick ideology on a previously healthy society by making a long march through the institutions so as to capture the cultural high ground. They infiltrated the influential pillars of the establishment and eventually took them over, driving out most everyone who would resist their agenda. It happened to the news media, to Hollywood, to education, to the federal bureaucracy. Given that so many focus their attention obsessively on sports, it is unsurprising that progressives have strategically taken over the sports media too.

Typically, NBC is the most over the top, featuring the obnoxious left-wing twerps Keith Olbermann and Bob Costas. But ESPN is catching up fast with mouthpieces like Kate Fagan. Here is how she exploited the story of Ray Rice punching his girlfriend to call for “reprogramming” men not to be so masculine:

“This is behavior that is happening at the grassroots level that is born through years of our culture like raising men to want to not be like women and using language like ‘sissy’ and ‘you throw like a girl’ that demean women. These are all contributing factors and I think if we want to hold the NFL’s feet to the fire over this issue, we shouldn’t be looking at the number of game suspensions because I don’t really think that’s going to change the problem. I think holding NFL’s feet to the fire should mean getting them to throw the kitchen sink at domestic violence, to invest millions of dollars in grassroots organizations in going into middle schools and high schools and colleges, and talking to young men about dealing with anger, about how they treat women. I think that’s where you’re going to see change. I think that right now all of this reactive behavior is not going to change it, as much as going in and going into the school systems and the younger spaces and really reprogramming how we raise men.”

Spoken like a true cultural Marxist social engineer. Note that in keeping with liberal ideology, no individual is ever responsible; it is always society’s fault, so society must be changed to bring it into tighter compliance with liberalism.

What makes the moonbattery spewed on ESPN so insidious is that people do not turn on sports shows expecting to be brainwashed with political ideology, so they don’t put up any mental defenses against it. The poison seeps right in, and becomes part of the culture’s accepted wisdom — or rather, accepted foolishness.

Andrew McCarthy explains why the reflexive leftism of the sports media is important:

If conservatives want to know why we are losing the culture and the country, it is important to understand that while very few kids and young adults are watching Fox News (or news programs of any kind, for that matter), they inhale sports programming. It’s ubiquitous — television, radio, the Internet. And thus equally unavoidable is sports commentary, more and more of which has less and less to do with sports. Tendentious “sports journalists,” the majority of whom are decidedly left of center, are much less guarded about their hostility to conservatives than their fellow progressives on the political beat. It is a hostility that takes for granted the chummy agreement of its viewers and is designed to make Millennials want to be part of the fun. …

Conservatives complain incessantly, and not without cause, about Republican fecklessness in confronting the Obama Left’s agenda, about the news media’s becoming an adjunct of the White House press office. But Washington’s political arena is just where the score is tallied. The game is being played, and lost, in the popular culture.

Sports commentators are like movie stars in that no one could possibly take their political views seriously — which is exactly why their political influence is difficult to counter.

On a tip from Bodhisattva.

Oct 09 2019

Preferring Clean-Cut to Slovenly Look Is Racist

Any meaningful standard of value is racist — even preferring a clean-cut to a slovenly look.

From the moonbats at ESPN:

Penn State coach James Franklin on Tuesday denounced a letter that was sent to one of his players that members of the team have interpreted as being racist.

The letter from Penn State alum Dave Petersen was received by safety Jonathan Sutherland.

Petersen said in the letter that he and his wife “…miss the clean cut young men and women from those days. Watching the Idaho game on TV we couldn’t help but notice your — well — awful hair. Surely there must be mirrors in the locker room! Don’t you have parents or [a] girlfriend who’ve told you those shoulder length dreadlocks look disgusting and are certainly not attractive.”

Petersen also wrote that while he believes Sutherland will be “playing ‘on Sunday'” someday, he and his wife “have stopped watching the NFL due to the disgusting tattoos, awful hair and immature antics in the end zone.”

They aren’t alone. Yet the letter ignited a firestorm.

When interviewed, Petersen confirmed that it had nothing to do with race. But nowadays, everything has to do with race. For preferring a clean-cut look to the repulsively skeevy appearances some athletes now cultivate, Petersen has been subjected to the Two Minutes Hate.

Penn State University responded to the letter via Twitter, saying the university strongly condemns the message or any message of intolerance.

Note that once again it is the thought police who are the racists, not their victims. Petersen never assumed that looking like something that crawled out of a swamp is an inherent characteristic of blacks, but Franklin and the rest of the lynch mob seem to.

On tips from Heckrules and Troy H.

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