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Dec 10 2018

South African MP: “Your Time Is Up, White People”

As South Africa moves forward with alteration of its constitution to allow confiscation of property from whites without compensation, Member of Parliament Hlengiwe Mkhaliphi shouts, “Your time is up, white people.”

Time was up for the people who settled the land and built South Africa into a First World nation the moment they turned it over to be looted to death by Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress.

Now the ANC is scrambling to keep pace with Mkhaliphi’s still more radical Economic Freedom Fighters. Time will soon be up for anyone in South Africa who appreciates having a food supply sufficient to feed the country.

In light of Africa’s exploding population and massive immigration to the West, let’s hope someone is learning from this. Recall Joe Biden’s enthusiastic prediction that whites will soon be a minority in the USA. A white minority will not be treated any better in the USA or Europe than in South Africa.

If we fail to close the immigration floodgates and to keep leftists from power, South Africa is blazing a trail to utter ruin that other nations will follow.

Black Pigeon Speaks weighs in:

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Dec 02 2018

Lights Going Out in South Africa

Nothing could be more emblematic of the death of Western Civilization by moonbattery than the lights going out in South Africa.

State-owned Eskom Holdings provides most of the power in the rainbow utopia. It has announced that there could be rolling blackouts lasting into next year.

For South Africans, that means a return to stocking up on candles, mopping up thawed refrigerators and sitting in gridlocked roads around blank traffic lights. All of that became familiar in 2008, and again in 2015, when Eskom implemented months of the outages known locally as load shedding. Those cuts hamstrung the economy, limiting industrial output and hurting business and consumer confidence.

But the important thing is that no one can call you a racist after you have turned your country over to the African National Congress.

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Nov 28 2018

South African Government Wastes $21.3 Billion

R296 billion translates to $21,312,000,000 American. That’s how much the South African government has wasted in the past 5 years according to the latest report from the Auditor General. Highlights include:

• Just 23% of national government departments obtained clean audits in the year through March, down from 30% the year before.
• Unauthorized expenditure rose 38% to R2.1 billion, while fruitless and wasteful expenditure surged more than 200% to R2.5 billion.
• Government entities incurred R51 billion in irregular expenditure. That excludes R28.4 billion in irregular expenditure by state-owned companies that aren’t audited by the Auditor-General.
• Contracts worth R6.5 billion couldn’t be audited due to missing or incomplete information.

The trajectory is straight downward. Other findings:

• A 121% increase in irregular expenditure between 2014/15 and 2017/18.
• A 68% increase in unauthorised expenditure between 2014/15 and 2017/18.
• A 236% increase in fruitless and wasteful expenditure between 2014/15 and 2017/18.

Under black rule, the rainbow utopia is looting itself to death.

Evidence has accrued since the end of Apartheid that demographics do not permit full democracy in South Africa. If reproductive and immigration trends continue, the same will hold true for the rest of the West (see here, here, here, and here).

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Nov 24 2018

Dumbing Down Education Requirements in South Africa

There is only one way to achieve equity: reduce all standards to the lowest common denominator. This includes dumbing down education requirements. Once again, the glorious path forward toward progressive utopia is illuminated by post-Apartheid South Africa:

Experts are warning that the government’s decision to make it easier to get a National Senior Certificate (NSC) Bachelor’s pass will mean universities will be flooded with applications.

Up until March 2018, the minimum requirement for admission to degree studies was subject to a list of 20-credit subjects known as the “designated subject list”.

It used to be that students needed to score at least 50% on the NSC exams on four designated subjects. No longer.

Now, students only need to achieve this modest level of proficiency in any four subjects other than “Life Orientation,” presumably including white genocide, basket weaving, necklacing, et cetera. More challenging subjects like math and science can be left behind. It’s all part of the process of decolonization.

As Affirmative Action demonstrates in the USA, just because students are accepted does not mean they can handle the coursework when they move on to college. No worries; if the tests are hard, the students can just riot.

What is the point of going to college when education in general has been dumbed down to the point that no one learns anything? How about free food and shelter?

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Nov 23 2018

South African Cyclist Arrives with Knife Sticking Out of His Skull

As civilization inevitably collapses in the rainbow utopia, it has become unsafe to venture out unarmed — even on a bike. You might end up at the hospital with a knife sticking out of your skull, like a South African cyclist did recently:

The cyclist – so far only identified as Shaun, a waiter from Somerset West in the Western Cape – was on his way to work on Monday afternoon when he was attacked and stabbed about 1.5km from his workplace.

He rode to a doctor with the knife still sticking out of his skull. It looked surreal.

Former world champion cyclist Wimpie van der Merwe, who was attacked in the same spot last week, shared Shaun’s incident on his Facebook page.

Wimpie and Elize Jansen van Rensburg, a South African professional cyclist, were cycling from Gordon’s Bay to Strand when they were attacked at about 5.40am last Wednesday.

Van Rensburg was seriously injured. They took her cellphone. Her husband was attacked and had his bike stolen in the same area. Another cyclist had a brick thrown at him and was mugged.

No one of politically repugnant pigmentation is safe at any time in South Africa. The normal activities we take for granted in less diverse countries can only be engaged in at great risk. But it’s a small price to pay to avoid being called racist.

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Nov 15 2018

Cannibalism in South Africa

As South Africa is decolonized, indigenous culture marvelously blossoms. No one should be too surprised that this includes cannibalism.

Traditional healer Nino Mbatha walked into a police station in Estcourt and produced a human hand from within a pink school bag, leading to a murder investigation…

Mbatha and his co-accused Lungisani Magubane‚ Khayelihle Lamula and a fourth man Thembiso Sithole – all 32 – were charged with the murder of a local woman, Zanele Hlatswayo. Sithole however died in prison this year.

I wonder if that’s where Trump got the term “sithole countries.”

Mbatha … led police to a one-room house where he alleged that he was being held captive, forced to eat human flesh and create muti that would bring fortune.

In the house were found what appeared to be an ear, jaws, and a bucket full of intestines. Muti is a term for “traditional medicine” in southern Africa — i.e., witchdoctor activities.

South Africa should not hog all the indigenous cultural vivaciousness. We need to import more “refugees” from failed states in Africa so as to become more multiculturally enriched.

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Oct 27 2018

Venezuela: Role Model for South Africa

Zimbabwe isn’t the only country to provide a roadmap to the future for the rainbow utopia South Africa. There is also Venezuela.

Julius Malema, formerly of the African National Congress and now of the even more extreme Economic Freedom Fighters, is to some extent steering the course in South Africa. President Cyril Ramaphosa of the ANC needs to keep pace with him or lose the support of a population that will not tolerate the achievement inequity that is inevitable when whites and blacks live in the same country — thus the ongoing drive to confiscate white property without compensation.

Malema likes the way they do things in Venezuela:

In 2010, Malema led a youth delegation to the country to study its economic model.

Malema, both as an ANC and EFF member, has also stated that Venezuela is a successful example of nationalisation – and South Africa could learn lessons from it.

The nationalization of major industries is a major cause of Venezuela’s economic collapse, which has led to 2.3 million people escaping the country since 2014. Inflation is expected to reach 1 million percent by the end of the year.

But at least that isn’t as bad as Zimbabwe. Before it abandoned its currency, Zimbabwe managed to push the inflation rate to 89.7 sextillion (10^21) percent with race-based socialist policies of the type gathering steam in South Africa.

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Oct 17 2018

South African Farm Attacks: Already 346 in 2018

We are told that racially motivated South African farm attacks are not a problem. The politically correct line is that the issue is a hoax perpetuated by sinister “white supremacists.” President Cyril Ramaphosa confirms that “There are no killings of farmers or white farmers in South Africa.” Meanwhile, back in the real world:

On 16 October 2018, Ian Cameron, presented at Western Australia Parliament in Perth about farm murders in South Africa. Already 346 farm attacks and 46 farm murders have taken place in South Africa since 1 Jan 2018.

Sky News in Australia allows Cameron to get the word out about what is going on in the rainbow utopia:

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Oct 15 2018

South African Prison Situation Deteriorates

Liberal demigod Nelson Mandela famously spent 27 years in a South African prison. The authorities offered him freedom, but he would have to publicly renounce terrorism, so he refused. However, he might not be so resolute if faced with a South African prison now:

During the 2017/18 financial year, 487 inmates died from natural causes, representing about 310 natural deaths per 100.000 of the inmate population.

Eight-two of the deaths were from unnatural causes. Suicide is rampant. Largely due to overcrowding, South African prisons are “hell,” according to Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union spokesperson Richard Mamabolo.

Sonke Gender Justice prisons co-ordinator Zia Wasserman said overcrowding created an environment for diseases such as TB, HIV and leptospirosis.

Good thing only criminals have to go to prison. Just kidding. Under the ANC, you can be imprisoned for pointing your finger at a police officer, as human rights attorney Richard Spoor recently learned. You can also be imprisoned for using vocabulary that is currently regarded as politically incorrect.

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Oct 07 2018

A Plea from South Africa

More senseless violence leads to another desperate plea from the rainbow utopia of South Africa:

The very least we can do is stop the social justice that has destroyed South Africa from spreading. If we fail, John Bosman’s fate will be our own.

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Sep 27 2018

Train Service Begins to Die in South Africa

In South Africa, it is like watching the last lights go out as the darkness encroaches and civilization closes up shop. Train service to the entire KwaZulu-Natal province has been suspended indefinitely.

According to Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa spokesperson Zama Nomnganga,

“Yes, we have done so due to the series of incidents where our drivers have been intimidated, assaulted and trains hijacked. The Friday incident was out of hand and we had to put our foot down and took a firm decision as leadership to protect our staff and also the commuters that are innocent.”

Regarding the Friday incident,

Angry train commuters allegedly set alight four cars and damaged a ticket office and motor train coach in Umlazi’s J section, south of Durban, on Friday morning.

Over a thousand commuters rioted because late trains made them angry, as if it were reasonable to expect trains to run on time in a rainbow utopia governed by the African National Congress.

Speaking of the ANC, the United National Transport Union…

…alleged that its president Wyndham Evans wrote to President Cyril Ramaphosa on Monday, September 17 to intervene and received no response.

Maybe hand-picked successor Ramaphosa was to busy posing with the bronze idol of Nelson Mandela that was just unveiled at the United Nations, where Ramaphosa barked that “the UN is the most powerful instrument we possess.”

The most powerful instrument to do what? To make the very last of those lights go out, so that there will be equality.

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Sep 17 2018

Quick Primer on South Africa

The tragedy unfolding in South Africa is relevant to all of us because it indicates the fate of the West in general if political and demographic trends continue. However, few people in the USA have any understanding of South Africa and its history other than the narrative the liberal media hammered through people’s heads during its campaign to bring down Apartheid. That narrative consists of angelic noble savages heroically overcoming oppression by evil racist white people with the help of good-white progressives in other countries. sponsor offers a more accurate summary of the story of South Africa.

An important point is made that the struggle that ended in the collapse of Apartheid and the rise to power of the ANC was not strictly black versus white; it was a victory for communism and terrorism over those trying to maintain a civil society.

The ANC’s closest ally was the South African Communist Party. Indeed, Nelson Mandela, the face of anti-apartheid resistance, was not only a member of the SACP, he served on its Central Committee, something he denied for decades. The SACP has never to this day contested its own candidates in South Africa, instead fielding their people on ANC slates.

What’s more, the SACP partnered with the ANC in forming Umkhonto we Sizwe (“Spear of the Nation”), the paramilitary wing of the anti-apartheid movement.

The average person on the street likely thinks that Nelson Mandela was imprisoned simply for being black or opposing apartheid. In fact, he was imprisoned for a bombing campaign carried out by Umkhonto we Sizwe, of which he was the head. In fact, Nelson Mandela was convicted of 193 acts of terrorism. He was offered his freedom multiple times on the simple condition that he condemn terrorist attacks against the apartheid regime. He refused every time.

Although prominent in the pantheon of liberal do-gooders’ saints, Mandela was a terrorist. His wife openly boasted of the ANC’s horrifically inhumane tactic of necklacing those accused of collaborating with whites.

We were promised that turning over an advanced First World country to black rule would result in multicultural bliss. It didn’t. Blacks there resent whites for all the usual reasons. Examples are given of how this resentment is expressed in the rainbow utopia.

In 2012, a 12-year-old boy was drowned in boiling water after watching both his parents murdered and his mother raped.
A 56-year-old grandmother was gang raped during a robbery netting approximately $2,000.
• Five men sexually assaulted a woman in front of her 5-year-old son over the course of an hour and a half.
Over the course of six hours, a woman was tortured by having her skin cut off, raped and had her feet power drilled.
• A 66-year-old man was beaten to death in front of his wife. She escaped being gang raped by saying that she had HIV.
• Bedridden Alice Lotter, 76, and her daughter Helen, 57 were tortured to death over several hours, including by being stabbed in the genitals with a broken glass bottle. One had one of her breasts removed while still alive. “Kill the Boer” was painted on the wall in their blood.
Knowledge Mandlazi went on a killing spree in 2014, murdering five whites and stating that “My hate for white people made me rob and kill.” He held up his middle finger to surviving victims in the courtroom.

Liberal ideology notwithstanding, there is nothing noble about savagery.

Little help can be expected from the government:

• Velaphi Khumalo, a government official, stated on Facebook in 2016: “White people in South Africa deserve to be hacked and killed like Jews.”
• Ekurhuleni EFF Leader Mampuru Mampuru posted on Facebook in 2018: “We need to unite as black People, there are less than 5 million whites in South Africa vs 45 million of us. We can kill all this white within two weeks.”
• Major M.V Mohlala, a senior official in the South African National Defense Forces, said of the murder of a 76-year-old white professor: “It is your turn now, white people… [he] should have had his eyes and tongue cut out so that the faces of his attackers would be the last thing he sees.” He received a mere warning of future disciplinary action.
• The EFF’s national leader Julius Malema stated in 2018: “Go after a white Man… We are cutting the throat of whiteness.”

The fanatical EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) is a minority party, but appears to be driving the agenda by pushing the ANC deeper into radicalism. Already the constitution is being amended to explicitly allow confiscating white property without compensation.

Seventy-one percent of children live in households where no one is employed. Fewer work than receive welfare. Democracy under these circumstances is a dysfunctional form of slavery. The state is failing. The straightforward communism that Apartheid defended against is only a step away.

Tip from ABC of the ANC.

Sep 08 2018

Roaming Millennial Interviews Lauren Southern on South Africa

Lauren Southern, creator of the documentary Farmlands, is one of the very few willing to focus attention on the catastrophe of historic proportions beginning to unfold in South Africa. You aren’t likely to see her interviewed on television, so Roaming Millennial steps up:

Southern nicely lays her finger on the two reasons the mainstream media will not tell you the truth about what is going on in South Africa: (1) according to the liberal narrative, whites are oppressors, not victims; and (2) post-Apartheid South Africa is the template for what they want to do to the whole world, being the first country spawned completely out of moonbattery.

The more people know about South Africa, the more they will recoil in horror from the progressive agenda.

On a tip from Physicsnut.

Sep 05 2018

Solidarity Union Pushes Back in South Africa

The union Solidarity was a key player in confronting tyranny in Soviet-dominated Poland. Now a union with the same name plays the same role in black supremacist–dominated South Africa. Incensed by a share scheme offered only to black staff, mainly white Solidarity has staged a go-slow protest against Sasol, a producer of petrochemicals. A full strike is planned for Thursday.

Sasol, the world leader in technology that converts coal and gas to fuel, has sold 25 percent of its local operations to qualifying black employees, a foundation and the black public in a 21 billion rand ($1.5 billion) deal financed by the company.

The company says this is an attempt to comply with black empowerment mandates.

Sasol has operations in the USA. We’ll see if American regulators take an interest in the blatant discrimination, which would never be permitted if the victims were not Caucasians.

The ruling African National Congress said in a statement that it was concerned by the “obsession with perpetuating racial polarization” triggered by Solidarity’s protest.

Objecting to being victimized for racial reasons qualifies as “perpetuating racial polarization” only if you are white.

Solidarity has resisted similar race-biased share schemes at the cement firm PPC and mobile operator Vodacom. It is a lost cause, given that whites relegated themselves to permanent second-class citizen status in 1994, but when it comes to putting up a fight, late is better than never.

Solidarity has been waging a challenge against racial quotas in the workplace, and lodged a complaint against the policy in 2016 with the U.N. Human Rights Commission.

Good luck getting any help from the UN. Their skin is the wrong color.

People of European descent make up about 9% of the population of South Africa. They are expected to fall to 10% of the world population by 2060. As globalism advances, South Africa’s problems become a preview of our own.

On a tip from Lyle.

Aug 29 2018

Theresa May Endorses Race-Based Land Redistribution in South Africa

In Africa, history continues to repeat itself in all of its pointless horror. Britain betrayed Rhodesia; it does the same to Afrikaners. Theresa May has placed the UK stamp of approval on race-based land redistribution in South Africa:

The UK supports President Cyril Ramaphosa’s approach to land reform and believes it could potentially unlock further investment opportunities in Africa.

What passes for “land reform” in South Africa has already been described. It entails seizing land productively farmed by whites so that it can lay fallow or be used for subsistence farming by blacks.

Theresa May pledged to become the G7’s biggest investor in Africa by 2022, using the UK’s development budget to not only relieve poverty, but to create a sustainable investment environment for British businesses.

By promising to “invest,” she is giving a green light to Ramaphosa to continue with his plans to seize white property without compensation. No need to worry about the starvation that will inevitably result, just as it did when the Breadbasket of Africa was forced to become the starving basket case Zimbabwe. British taxpayers will back up the ANC goons with “investment” — a.k.a. handouts.

May squawks that land reform is wonderful so long as it is “legal” and “generated through a democratic process.” If two people cook a third person and eat him, that is fine with May so long as they vote on it first.

South Africa serves as a reminder that democracy is not an end in itself. It is a means to an end, namely ordered liberty. It only serves that end in certain countries, and South Africa is not one of them.

May pledged investments of £4bn in African economies, particularly to create jobs for young people.

Get to work, Britons. You are going to have some massive taxes to pay. The financial sinkhole of Caucasian-free South Africa is only just beginning to open. Don’t worry, American taxpayers will help out too.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Aug 25 2018

How Land Reform Works in South Africa

Anyone opposing the race-based “land reform” gathering steam in South Africa must be a racist, to judge by the shrill proclamations of mainstream media outlets. South African expat Ilana Mercer describes what land reform currently means:

The process currently in place typically begins with a “tribe” or group of individuals who band together to claim vast tracts of private property. …

No sooner does this newly constituted “tribe” (or band of bandits, really) launch a claim with the South African Department of Rural Development and Land Reform, than related squatters – sometimes in the thousands – move to colonize the land.

They defile its grounds and groundwater by using these as one vast toilet; and terrorize, sometimes kill, its occupants and their animals in the hope of “nudging” them off the land.

This sort of thuggery was baked into the cake of post-Apartheid South Africa.

The ANC’s old Soviet-inspired Freedom Charter promised this: “All shall have the right to occupy land wherever they choose.”

Here is the result now that the ANC is in charge and this principle is applied at the expense of the people who have been feeding South Africa for the past several centuries:

Because of legal claims they are powerless to fight, squatters whom they cannot fend off, and cattle, crops and families which they can no longer protect, farmers have already been pushed to abandon hundreds of thousands of hectares of prime commercial farmland.

“Since the end of apartheid in 1994, when multi-racial elections were held,” wrote Dan McDougal of the London Times, millions of “acres of productive farmland have been transferred to black ownership. Much of it is now lying fallow, creating no economic benefit for the nation or its new owners.”

The farms aren’t always entirely given over to weeds. Sometimes the highly productive professional farms are replaced with subsistence level farming.

Already, South Africa has become a net importer of food, just like Rhodesia, the former Breadbasket of Africa, which collapsed into dysfunction after it became Zimbabwe and whites were pushed off their land.

Aidan Hartley of the London Times describes what land reform looks like in Mpumalanga, South Africa:

“Once-productive maize fields now grow only weeds. Citrus orchards are dying, their valuable fruit rotting on the branches. Machinery lies about rusting. Irrigation pipes have been looted and farm sheds are derelict and stripped of roofing. Windbreak trees have been hacked down and roads are potholed.”

It is about to get much worse. Official confiscation of white property without compensation has begun. Soon the constitution will be amended to explicitly allow it.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Aug 24 2018

Media Enraged by Trump’s Concern over Plight of White South Africans

Somebody get word to Robert Mueller. We finally have evidence that Trump committed a crime — the thought crime of sympathizing with the white South Africans who built their country over the course of centuries and who are now getting dispossessed, driven out, and very often murdered:

The Western media is largely responsible for the nightmare that is unfolding in South Africa, having applied heavy pressure for that formerly advanced country to sacrifice itself on the altar of political correctness by abandoning Apartheid in the absence of a sane alternative. There is no remorse for having helped to murder a nation, thereby shrinking Western Civilization.

Barely less hysterical than the hebephrenic Jacobins at the New York Daily News screaming about “racial arson,” the Washington Post responded to the tweet above with an ink blast of moonbattery, heavily implying that only members of the Ku Klux Klan would be concerned about the fate of white South Africans. Their thoroughly documented plight is denounced as a “conspiracy theory.”

WaPo breezily excuses the constitutional change that will explicitly permit the confiscation of white farms without compensation (which has already begun) with this:

The measure is designed to redress racial inequalities that have persisted for nearly a quarter-century after the end of apartheid in 1994.

There will be racial inequalities until the last white has been murdered. Stealing property from competent farmers and giving it to people who are not competent to farm in the name of redressing racial inequalities is not only immoral but insane.

The human rights group AfriForum, which is devoted to protecting the rights of minorities and which has shined a light on the violence directed at white farmers, is dismissed by WaPo as a “fringe group” and a “white-supremacist group.”

White farmers are four times more likely to be murdered than the general population in a country that has become infamously murder-prone as it degenerates into savagery. But the murders of white farmers are brushed off by the spinmeisters at Associated Press with this:

The murders on farms are proportionately higher than South Africa’s overall murder rate because farms are generally more remote and exposed…

That must be why farmers are murdered in large numbers throughout the world. Oh wait; they aren’t.

Despite media attempts to shrug it off as a “white nationalist lie,” genocide against white farmers is quite real:

The international average murder rate is 7 per 100,000, [Pieter Groenewald] noted. “In the case of mainly white farmers in South Africa, the figure is a staggering 133 per 100,000,” Groenewald said.

Groenewald is the leader of Freedom Front Plus, which represents minorities in South Africa, thereby no doubt qualifying as a hate group according to the US media.

The current murder rate will skyrocket if Julius Malema continues to drive the agenda.

Stay tuned to hear piteous pleas from the Washington Post and AP for more US aid to South Africa after the confiscation of white farms inevitably leads to mass hunger as it did in Zimbabwe.

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Aug 21 2018

Expropriation of White Property Without Compensation Begins in South Africa

South Africa has officially taken another step along the pathway that became inevitable when Apartheid was abandoned in the absence of a viable alternative. The socialist thugs in charge have not even finished amending the constitution to explicitly permit expropriation of white property without compensation, yet they are already seizing farms:

Government has begun unilaterally expropriating farms against which land claims have been lodged and where price negotiations with owners have stalled.

Two game farms in Limpopo appear to be the first properties that will be expropriated without following a court process.

Not even farms that have been in the family for centuries will be immune from ludicrous land claims. If you won’t accept the pittance the government offers for the land, then you get nothing. Soon the government won’t even offer the pittance, although it may offer not to kill you if you abandon your property quickly.

The next steps are within sight: whites are killed or driven out, their confiscated farms lay fallow, the economy collapses, starvation ensues, the government offers whites their land back but by then it’s too late. Zimbabwe, erstwhile Breadbasket of Africa when it was known as Rhodesia, has established the template.

On tips from ABC of the ANC, 1-Bodhisattva, and Chuck A.

Aug 18 2018

Move to Nationalize South Africa Reserve Bank

Julius Malema’s radical Economic Freedom Fighters may be a minority party for now, but it is driving the agenda, as the ruling African National Congress must keep pace with its radicalism or lose relevance. Already pressure from the EFF has helped to inspire a change in the constitution to explicitly permit the seizure of property from whites without compensation. Also likely to be seized is South Africa Reserve Bank:

Malema on Thursday made good on a five-year old ambition of his party, and more solid promises earlier this year, by introducing a law to nationalise the SA Reserve Bank (SARB).

The South African Reserve Bank Amendment Bill does exactly what Malema and his party said it would: it makes the Reserve Bank fully state owned, and transfers all powers currently held by its private shareholders to the Minister of Finance.

What about the shareholders?

[Malema’s bill] proposes no mechanism by which shares will be bought or taken away. Instead it simply repeals the major sections of the South African Reserve Bank Act dealing with private shareholders, or replaces mentions of “shareholders” with “the Minister”.

As with the white people who built South Africa, the existence of shareholders will no longer be acknowledged. Confiscate their property, ignore them, and maybe they will just disappear. If not…

Liberals deliriously celebrated the ascension to power of Nelson Mandela, a black nationalist with a communist and terrorist background. None should be surprised at the way this tragedy is unfolding.

At least socialism won’t result in total economic collapse in South Africa, as in Zimbabwe and Venezuela. The liberal elite in Europe and the USA have too much invested in the legacy of their idol Mandela not to keep socialist South Africa at least half-alive with massive taxpayer-financed subsidies.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Aug 12 2018

South Africa: Incipient Failed State

Black Pigeon Speaks warns of the impending catastrophe in South Africa:

If the Afro-Marxist horrors that replaced the Breadbasket of Africa with Zimbabwe can be repeated right next door in South Africa, clearly lessons are not learned by the denizens of the Dark Continent. It is unlikely that they will become more apt pupils of experience as their exploding population combined with suicidal bleeding-heart idiocy allows them to colonize other parts of the world. Yesterday, Rhodesia; today, South Africa; tomorrow, France.

European Civilization, far and away the best thing ever to happen to the human race, is shrinking. Formerly advanced South Africa will not be the last First World nation to die.

Aug 11 2018

Caught Wearing a Backpack While White in South Africa

Observe the thanks whites get in South Africa for turning over the country they built. This occurred at the Small Street Mall next to the South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg:

In a video which has been making the rounds on social media, a group of men are seen approaching the victim.

They are then involved in a scuffle and one of the perpetrators robs him of his backpack.

The mugged man then seemingly passes out for a few seconds, and the attackers lay him on the floor and search his pockets.

The victim then regains consciousness and attempts to fight them off.

The men are seen walking away. The victim then gestures for assistance, while people walk past.

The video may tell you all you need to know about Africa:

How thoughtful of the passersby to come to the assistance of the victim.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

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