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Dec 19 2017

Linda Sarsour, Facilitator of Sexual Harassment

Linda Sarsour is beloved by moonbats as an organizer of the Women’s March on DC. But since nothing could be more oxymoronic than a Muslim feminist, the revelation that she facilitated a woman’s sexual harassment should come as no surprise:

Allegations of groping and unwanted touching were allegedly brought to Sarsour during her time as executive director of the Arab American Association. In response, Sarsour, a self-proclaimed champion of women, attacked the woman bringing the allegations, often threatening and body-shaming her, these sources alleged. The most serious allegations were dismissed, Asmi Fathelbab, the alleged victim told The Daily Caller, because the accused was a “good Muslim” who was “always at the Mosque.”

The sexual harassment Fathelbab endured would make Matt Lauer blush. Sarsour responded to it by telling her she was too fat to be sexually harassed, and then punishing her for complaining.

A furious Sarsour allegedly raged against Fathelbab for continuing to report her sexual assault in the building. According to Fathelbab, her allegations would result in her getting written up for disciplinary action. She told TheDC she was once forced to talk to a detective from the community liaison division about the consequences of making false claims to the authorities. …

“She told me I’d never work in NYC ever again for as long as she lived,” Asmi says. “She’s kept her word. She had me fired from other jobs when she found out where I worked. She has kept me from obtaining any sort of steady employment for almost a decade.”

Sarsour can add facilitator of sexual harassment to her résumé, along with hoaxer, grifter, hurricane exploiter, and of course seditious radical adored by progressives.

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Aug 31 2017

Linda Sarsour Exploits Harvey to Divert Donations to Leftist Political PAC

Militant Islamomoonbat Linda Sarsour, who has called for jihad against the U.S. government, and who became infamous by organizing the pussy hat spectacle in D.C., has been raking in money as a hoaxer and a grifter. For her, Hurricane Harvey was an opportunity to make a buck:

Outspoken Muslim activist Linda Sarsour was excoriated on social media for putting out a tweet asking for donations for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The ostensibly charitable act was undermined when people read the fine print to see where the donations went. …

The link went to a donation page for the “Texas Organizing Project Education Fund,” and described their mission: “Together we will organize and advocate for our devastated communities, shining a spotlight on inequalities that emerge in the restoration of lives, livelihoods, and homes, amplifying the needs of hard-hit communities, and providing legal assistance for residents wrongfully denied government support.”

The project is funded by the “Opens Society Foundation,” which was founded by billionaire leftist George Soros.

Thanks to Soros, rats like Linda Sarsour are never short of funds to spend on their cultural Marxist endeavors. But they will cheat dupes out of more when they get the chance.

Not to be outdone, Sheila Jackson Lee is demanding a staggering $150 billion in Harvey aid from federal taxpayers. No doubt she plans to play a major role in seeing how it is dispersed.

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Jul 20 2017

P.J. Watson on Linda Sarsour

Like most of us, Paul Joseph Watson has had more than enough of the fraudulent Islamomoonbat Linda Sarsour (language alert):

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Jul 13 2017

Linda Sarsour: Propagandist, Grifter, or Both?

Pussy hat march organizer Linda Sarsour is a rock star among liberals. Point out that she is an Islamonazi who recently called for jihad against the U.S. government while encouraging Muslims not to assimilate, and they will remind you that she nobly raised funds to restore vandalized Jewish cemeteries. That sure sounds benevolent, but…

Muslim activists Linda Sarsour and Tarek El-Messidi led a high-profile fundraiser in an effort to restore vandalized Jewish cemeteries, promising money to burial grounds across the US, but so far they have failed to deliver on their promise.

Neil Price of the Golden Hill Cemetery in Colorado said he left three voicemails Tuesday for Tarek El-Messidi — the founder of non-profit Islamic education organization Celebrate Mercy — but none was returned. Price is the primary caretaker of the Colorado cemetery…

El-Messidi and Sarsour made public announcements in February that a large portion of the money raised from their campaign “Muslims Unite to Repair Jewish Cemetery” would go to the Golden Hill cemetery.

Price, who does not expect to see any of the money, is not the first to wonder where it went.

Concerns about El-Messidi and Sarsour’s handling of the money were also raised in May when Jewish New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind wrote, “How much of that money — if any — actually went to these cemeteries?” on Facebook.

Sarsour responded to Hikind by calling him a liar.

Looks like she pulled some taqiyya on behalf of Islam and then pocketed the money. This is not out of character; she also raised over $100,000 off a hate hoax.

Sounds clever, combining Islamomoonbat publicity stunts with money-grubbing con games. No wonder her fellow anti-Americans at the ACLU admire her so gushingly:

The ACLU also must love her response to being called out on the cemetery business. She has threatened her critics with lawfare.

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Jun 08 2017

Courtney Love Cobain Hammers Linda Sarsour in Twitter War

A little skankiness can be overlooked in light of the way Courtney Love Cobain has been laying into Islamomoonbat Linda Sarsour on Twitter. Sarsour, a main organizer of the ridiculous pussy hat marches, recently raised a small fortune off a hate hoax. Love isn’t liking it. This set off a Twitter war with Sarsour and other militant moonbats like Alyssa Klein. Some highlights:

When Sarsour predictably accused her of being an Islamophobe, Love Cobain responded appropriately:

One more:

She also observes that Sarsour stages publicity stunts with “zero sincerity.” In one tweet she remarks, “I know a rat when I see one.” Kudos on her keen perception.

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Jun 06 2017

Linda Sarsour Joins Hate Hoax List

Islamo-activist Linda Sarsour is best known for her prominent role in staging the absurd pussy hat rallies. She will remain known for having secured a position on the Hate Hoax List by raising over $100,000 for a Somali woman under false pretenses:

Sarsour started the fundraiser for Rahma Warsame, a 40-year-old single mother who lives in Columbus, Ohio, who says she was attacked on Saturday night by a white man while defending a friend.

Sarsour, a leader in the pro-Palestine cause who has come under fire for her sympathetic views on sharia law, posted a picture of Warsame in the hospital and said that she has four missing teeth, a swollen face, swollen nose and busted lip.

The goal of the fundraiser has been jacked up repeatedly because it keeps getting reached. Currently they want $110,000. Bleeding heart moonbats and their money are easily parted.

CAIR — expansionist Islam’s answer to the ACLU — has gotten in on the act, demanding a hate crime investigation.

But Samantha Morales says that … Sarsour and CAIR have the story all wrong, including the allegations that racial epithets were hurled at Warsame.

Morales, 31 and of Mexican heritage, says that she was attacked first by a mob of men and women, including Warsame, following a neighborhood argument involving a woman and her son.

The evil white man of the story is her boyfriend Ricky Boyce, who came to her aid when she was set upon by the feral mob.

[B]oth Morales and Boyce say that he uttered no racial pejoratives in Saturday’s incident, which they say began after Morales intervened while a woman of African heritage who lives in her apartment complex was yelling at and hitting her son with a shoe. …

Morales says that Sarsour and CAIR have ignored another major piece of the story: Morales herself was transported to the emergency room by ambulance because of the injuries she sustained in Saturday’s melee.

“They’re not even mentioning that I was the victim. They came at me. The woman that’s in the hospital is part of the group that was aggressing me,” Morales said.

Morales’ account is consistent with a police report and emergency room discharge papers. Given that Sansour is a militant moonbat and CAIR is CAIR, I’ll believe Morales.

However, Warsame is both black and Muslim, meaning that however she acquired her injuries, social justice warriors like Sarsour can be counted on to rally to her side — even if it means pushing a fake account.

The heart bleeds.

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May 29 2018

Missing Children, Children in Cages Debunked

“What about the children?” liberals bleat belligerently, in an attempt to strong-arm us into allowing our country to be unlawfully invaded and occupied. Confirmed frauds Shaun King and Linda Sarsour have exploited a photograph purported to show illegal alien children in cages like dogs at the pound. Others shriek about “missing” children. Mark Dice injects some reality:

Feb 10 2018


Meanwhile, while Macy’s earns P.C. brownie points by declaring that it will sell hijabs, a woman in Iran demonstrates a degree of character that you will never see among obsequious Islamophiles:

If most feminists weren’t moonbats full of crap, this woman would be an inspiration to them. Instead, they admire Linda Sarsour.

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Sep 09 2017

How You Can Matter Even if You Are White

You too can matter, even if you are white. Hoaxer, Hurricane Harvey–exploiting grifter, seditious Islamist, and phony social justice warrior Linda Sarsour explains how:

Prior to 9/11, wearing a hijab in New York City didn’t make you anything special. Wait until Muslim expansionists inevitably set off a nuke in a major U.S. city; the obsequious dhimmitude will go into overdrive. That’s the way moonbattery works — and why it works hand in glove with Islamic terrorism.

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Aug 31 2017

Color of Change Starts Petition in Support of Houston Looters

Most decent people would agree that those who loot during disasters like Hurricane Harvey represent the dregs of humanity. But to moonbats, the looters are the good guys. When journalist Tom Llamas alerted authorities to masked thieves looting a supermarket, liberals denounced him as a “snitch.” Now Color of Change — cofounded by CNN regular and Obama Administration alumnus Van Jones — has launched a petition intended to get Llamas in trouble with his employers.

Anyone who could put this much spin on a baseball would be pitching in the majors:

Dear ABC,

We are asking you and reporter, Tom Llamas to issue an apology. Instead of reporting on the desperate circumstances of Hurricane Harvey with compassion, he actually diverted first responder resources that could be used to save stranded families–and called the police on victims searching for food. In times of emergency and natural disaster, television news is often the only way that bystanders can ascertain what’s happening. News media has the sacred duty of framing tragedies in an honest, unbiased, and compassionate manner.

“Compassion” means abandoning the rule of law and allowing criminals to seize on disasters as opportunities to loot. If Linda Sarsour can do it, why not local lowlifes?

Noted anticapitalist Naomi Klein concurs:

During a crisis is when we need law the most. No situation is so dire that collapse into anarchy can’t worsen it. But liberals believe that you should never let a crisis go to waste.

Traditionally, looters are shot. There is good reason for this. But anyone who deserves to be shot will be championed by progressives at the expense of law-abiding citizens.

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Jul 19 2017

Jake Tapper Joins the Alt-Right

Post-Obama, radical moonbats have shifted the spectrum so far to the left that even a liberal CNN journalist apparently qualifies as a member of the Alt-Right:

Sarsour was in a sour mood over this tweet from Tapper:

Tapper was referring this:

Sarsour’s Women’s March movement actually idolizes Assata Shakur, who is one of the best arguments yet for a swiftly applied death penalty. The Black Liberation Army activist was convicted of murdering New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster in 1973. After escaping from prison, she has been hiding out in communist Cuba ever since. Now you know all you need to know about the woman’s march movement.

As the conflict escalated, Tapper also called out Sarsour for her now deleted attack on the heroic Ayaan Hirsi Ali:

Radicalization is shifting the battle lines. People need to be careful not to get stranded on the wrong side. Like most everyone at CNN, Tapper is a liberal. But unless he is willing to embrace vermin like Assata Shakur and Linda Sarsour, he belongs on the right, just like Sarsour says.

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Jul 10 2017

WaPo Says Jihad Is Not a Dirty Word

Here’s why poetic justice would steer the next airliner hijacked by Muslims straight at WaPo’s offices:

Pictured above is liberal darling Linda Sarsour, a hate hoaxer and principal organizer of the D.C. pussy hat spectacle, who recently called for Jihad against the United States government while urging Muslims not to assimilate into American culture.

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Sep 30 2014

Dem Rep James Moran Gives Money to Terrorist Front Group CAIR

Evidence accrues that a vote for Democrats is a vote for Islam and its terror war against Western Civilization:

A Democratic congressman has donated funds to a political group that was implicated in a criminal fund-raising operation for the jihad group, Hamas.

“Thank you Congressman James Moran for his generous personal donation to @CAIRNational at #CAIRturns20,” said a tweet from Linda Sarsour, the host at a Sept. 27 fund-raiser for the jihad-linked Council on American Islamic Relations. …

The Islamic group also gave the Democrat a “Lifetime Achievement Award” during the fundraising event, which provided CAIR with at least $350,000.

What does a congresscritter need to do to get such an award from a terrorist front group, other than give them money? Propaganda support is always appreciated:

Critics say the Democrat has repeatedly suggested that Jews are responsible for starting various wars in the Arab countries.

CAIR mostly serves to generate propaganda itself. But it has also directly raised funds for terrorists.

In 2009, a judge confirmed the Justice Department’s decision to name CAIR, its founder and [Executive Director Nihad] Awad as unindicted co-conspirators in a scheme to smuggle funds to Hamas, which is a jihadi affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood. …

Five men in the smuggling ring were sentenced to jail in 2009, including two who were given 65-year sentences. …

Separately, five CAIR employees or employees have been jailed or deported for terror-related offenses.

Alarmingly, Moron isn’t the only Democrat on cozy terms with CAIR. As noted here some time ago, plenty of Dems have taken money from these jihadists, presumably in return for influence. Then there is the Stander With the Muslims in Chief:

In June 2012, a top White House official said administration officials have had 100s of meetings with CAIR. “There is [sic] hundreds of examples of departments and agencies that meet with CAIR on a range of issues,” George Selim told The Daily Caller, after being asked if his office refuses to meet with any Muslim groups. Selim is the White House’s director for community partnerships.

CAIR money continues to buy favor in Congress:

In May 2012, a covertly-taken photograph showed Democratic leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi standing near Awad at the top-dollar fundraiser. …

The cheapest tickets cost $5,000, and the most expensive were $30,800 per couple, according to the event invite from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which used the cash to fund Democratic candidates.

This may cast some light on why Democrats are willing to go along with Obama’s failed policy of siding with the rabidly anti-American Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Libya.

Awad is the one with the creepy smile.

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Sep 10 2017

Open Thread


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