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July 10, 2011

Under Obama, a Glorious Future Disappears Into the Past

Posted by Dave Blount at July 10, 2011 7:15 PM

There are two aspects of the government that Comrade Obama wants to shrink instead of radically expand. Unsurprisingly, they are the two that enhance America's stature and security: the military and the space program.

Even after starting a third war in Libya for inscrutable reasons, Obama wants to take a massive axe to the Pentagon. Meanwhile, NASA has gone from the American government's proudest achievement since the defeat of the Axis to an extraneous bureaucracy that exists primarily to help Muslims feel good about their imaginary scientific accomplishments.

This quote would make a good epitaph for the space program Obama is killing:

"We've come full circle since 1961, back to when we had yet to show we could launch people into space," said Steven J. Dick, a retired NASA chief historian. "We will be hitching rides from the Russians to go to the space station that is mainly ours."

The Sagan Series marks the end of an era, and looks back to when we chose greatness over mediocrity:

Would we rather reach for the stars, or pay Obama's base sit home and watch Oprah instead of looking for work? Voters made their decision. Fortunately 2012 may not be too late to unmake it.

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