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June 17, 2011

Police Captain Suspended for Not Forcing Officers to Attend Muslim Propaganda Farce at Mosque

Posted by Dave Blount at June 17, 2011 11:16 AM

The Islamization of America is far behind the ongoing Muslim conquest of Europe, which is all the more reason for our dhimmi quisling rulers to brook no resistance. This is why Tulsa Police Captain Paul Fields was suspended without pay for two weeks for not forcing officers to attend a mosque:

The Law Enforcement Appreciation Day was held March 4 at the mosque of the Islamic Society of Tulsa. [Police Chief Chuck] Jordan has said the Islamic Society scheduled the event to show its appreciation for the officers' response to a threat against it.

That is, the officers were to be pulled away from their important duties to serve as propaganda props in support of the moonbat–Muslim meme that it is Islamists who are in danger, not the innocents they target with terror attacks.

Each of the Police Department's three patrol divisions had been assigned to schedule at least six officers and three supervisors to attend the event.
In a Feb. 18 interoffice correspondence, Deputy Chief Daryl Webster told Fields that the event organizers needed to know how many personnel would be attending so that things such as food and tours could be arranged.
Webster said voluntary participation was preferred, "but should voluntary response not be up to task, assignment would be the next alternative."
Fields said in correspondence with a superior that he considered the order to be "an unlawful order, as it is in direct conflict with (his) personal religious convictions, as well as to be conscience shocking."
He also told his superiors that he would not require any of his subordinates to follow the order "if they share similar religious convictions."

For that he was punished. Yet we're supposed to pretend that it's the Muslims our rulers invariably side with who are somehow oppressed.

Islam at home…

…and abroad.

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