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June 2, 2011

Biodegradable Products Cause Global Warming

Posted by Dave Blount at June 2, 2011 8:24 AM

Moonbats certainly have a gift for making every problem worse with their solutions:

Research from North Carolina State University shows that so-called biodegradable products are likely doing more harm than good in landfills, because they are releasing a powerful greenhouse gas as they break down.
"Biodegradable materials, such as disposable cups and utensils, are broken down in landfills by microorganisms that then produce methane," says Dr. Morton Barlaz, co-author of a paper describing the research and professor and head of NC State's Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering. "Methane can be a valuable energy source when captured, but is a potent greenhouse gas when released into the atmosphere." …
This problem may be exacerbated by the rate at which these man-made biodegradable materials break down. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines call for products marked as "biodegradable" to decompose within "a reasonably short period of time" after disposal. But such rapid degradation may actually be environmentally harmful…

Now for the good news. Global warming is a myth anyway, so greenhouse gases aren't a problem. Biodegradable products succeed in their purpose, which is to keep that smug smirk of self-righteousness on moonbats' faces. They could be as toxic as mercury-filled compact fluorescent light bulbs and it wouldn't make any difference, because a liberal can remain oblivious at all times to the consequences of progressive policies; anyone who couldn't, wouldn't be a liberal for long.

A cup filled to the brim with empty eco-sanctimony.

On a tip from Kevin R.