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January 28, 2011

AIDS Aid up in a Puff of Whoonga Smoke

Posted by Dave Blount at January 28, 2011 3:03 PM

Ever wonder what happens to the $millions upon $millions of our money that is poured down Africa in a futile effort to solve its AIDS problem? Some has been tracked down:

South Africa is in the grip of a dangerous new drugs craze that could threaten the country's battle against Aids.
The street drug called "whoonga" is a cocktail that includes the antiretroviral (ARV) medication prescribed to people with HIV.
Demand for the substance has prompted a wave of thefts of Aids drugs across the country.
Users crush the ARVs and smoke them with a mixture of rat poison, detergent and marijuana to get high.

If only everything purchased with our tax dollars were used so constructively.

[A local named Jomo] and his fellow whoonga addicts, huddled in the grounds of a church in one of Durban's side streets, smoke up to 30 "packets" of the drug every day at a cost of almost £100.
"I just rob people to get the money. I don't have a job, this is all I do," Jomo said, rolling another joint.
"I sell my body to get whoonga," a young woman said with a shrug.
When those sharing the joint refused to share it with her, she produced a crack pipe from her handbag and smoked that instead.

They shouldn't be so stingy toward the prostitute. She may be helping to spread AIDS, thereby increasing the flow of pricey ARVs from the do-gooding West.

We are the whoonga world.

On a tip from Wyatt's Torch.