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November 9, 2010

Ted Rall Calls for Armed Socialist Revolution

Posted by Dave Blount at November 9, 2010 9:38 AM

The cockroaches are crawling out of the cracks, angrily flicking their antennae to and fro right out in the light. Enraged at the results of the 2010 election, they're no longer willing to wait quietly through the Gramscian/Fabian process of incremental totalitarianism. MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell freely admits he's a socialist. Tim Wise openly boasts of the progressive plan to obliterate America through demographics. Now Ted Rall — a fixture in the mainstream media establishment — noisily calls for an armed socialist revolution in his aptly named The Anti-American Manifesto. Excerpt via Verum Serum:

We are here because the U.S. is going to end soon. There's going to be an intense, violent, probably haphazard struggle for control. It's going to come down to us versus them. The question is: What are you going to do about it? …
Christian fundamentalists, the millennial end-of-the-worlders obsessed with the Left Behind series about the End Times, neo-Nazi racists, rural black-helicopter Michigan Militia types cut from the same inbred cloth as Timothy McVeigh, allied with "mainstream" gun nuts and right-wing Republicans, have been planning, preparing, and praying for the destruction of the "Godless," "secular" United States for decades. In the past, they formed groups like the John Birch Society and the Aryan Nations. Now the hard Right has a postmodern, decentralized non-organization organization called the Tea Party. …
A war is coming. At stake: our lives, the planet, freedom, living. The government, the corporations, and the extreme right are prepared to coalesce into an Axis of Evil. Are you going to fight back? Will you do whatever it takes, including taking up arms?...
I want you to see that revolt is a good idea, and that it has never been more necessary.

Good thing most liberals are afraid of guns.

Unsurprisingly, MSNBC is helping him promote his malignant manifesto:

The reason Comrade Obama et al. are deliberately destroying our economy with obviously unsustainable spending à la Cloward-Piven is to set the stage for rhetoric like Rall's. After the inevitable economic collapse will come thugs of the SEIU/ACORN stripe to officially snuff out America and replace it with a multi-culti update of the Soviet Union.

It's beginning to look like moonbats and Americans cannot occupy the same territory indefinitely.

Hat tips: Doug Ross @ Journal, Gateway Pundit. On a tip from SR.