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November 9, 2010

Rachel Corrie Keeps the Laughs Coming

Posted by Dave Blount at November 9, 2010 12:49 PM

Readers will recall that Rachel Corrie, aka Saint Pancake, struck a righteous blow against Zionism and Western Civilization in general on behalf of oppressed Religion-of-Peaceniks by standing in front of an Israeli military bulldozer that was demolishing terrorist strongholds during an intifada and whose driver had no way of seeing her.

Since her death, a pancake breakfast was held in her memory. Moonbat activists gave her name to a ship used to supply Palestinian terrorists. A play was staged in her honor. Her moonbatty relatives have sued Caterpillar for making the bulldozer she so foolishly stood in front of.

Now the latest:

HAIFA, Israel — Seven years after an American student, Rachel Corrie, was killed in Gaza by an Israeli military bulldozer she tried to block, becoming a global symbol of the Palestinian struggle, her parents and her older sister sit in an Israeli court in this northern city with two hopes: to confront the men who ran over her and to prove that the army investigation into her death was flawed.
A lawyer for the Corries pressed the bulldozer operators with props, arranging a plastic toy bulldozer, an orange lump of putty and a Raggedy Ann doll.

Sounds fun. I wonder if the lump of putty is Mr. Bill. Look out Mr. Bill, here comes the bulldozer! Nooo! Squish! Look out Saint Pancake!

rachel corrie
Saint Pancake.

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