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September 23, 2010

Rep John Sarbanes Advocates Brainwashing Children With Radical Green Agenda

Posted by Dave Blount at September 23, 2010 7:14 PM

"Climate change," as liberals call global warming now that people have caught on that it isn't getting any warmer, should be shoved down children's throats in public schools, according to Rep John Sarbanes (D-MD). Still more alarmingly, he admits to wanting schools to teach the population control objectives of Obama's Science Czar, the maniacal John Holdren, who has advocated putting sterilants in our drinking water — an act that would be no more devious than planting envirofascist lies in small children's minds. As Sarbanes declares, when it comes to totalitarian moonbattery propped up by radical green pseudoscience,

"raising that awareness early, among young people, is only going to promote the agenda."

You wouldn't think this damp weenie should be taken seriously, but people like Sarbanes are dangerous in the extreme. Given the leverage, they will destroy our liberties, our standard of living, and our way of life in the name of their sanctimonious antihuman ideology. They must be removed from power at the soonest opportunity, or the kids he wants to brainwash will grow up in a Third World hellhole unrecognizable as America.

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