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August 3, 2010

The Pigford Pig-Out

Posted by Dave Blount at August 3, 2010 8:10 AM

American blacks have good reason to be angry. The reason is: it pays.

Zombie summarizes the 1999 Pigford v Glickman decision, by which 16,000 black farmers were handed $50,000 jackpots for making the extremely dubious claim that the USDA discriminated against them during the administration of the First Black President, Slick Willie Clinton.

Afterwards, other blacks saw all the free money flying around and wanted their piece of the pie. So in 2008, a junior Senator named Barack Hussein Obama sponsored a bill to reopen the case. Over 70,000 black farmers are expected to line up for the next round of handouts, for a total of 86,000 luxuriant rides on the gravy train, courtesy of tax slaves and their children.

Seated on a plush throne at the front of that train is our old friend Shirley Sherrod, the race-baiting bureaucrat the media has tried to pass off as the next Rosa Parks. She exploited the Pigford scam to collect a staggering $13 million of OUR MONEY for being "oppressed" just before she took her position at the USDA.

By the way, there are only 39,697 black farmers in the entire country. Yet 86,000 allegedly deserve mountains of other people's money because the liberal bureaucrats under a liberal administration discriminated against them and wouldn't give them farm loans.

Never mind the noise over "slavery reparations" — the government already pays people lavishly to be black. It is stealing our money and passing it out to those lucky enough to have dark skin by the hundreds of $billions. The only moral difference between a heist like Pigford and robbing a liquor store is that a stickup thug has more guts and more honesty than the sanctimoniously lying bureaucrats who are systematically looting this country into bankruptcy.

On a tip from Jim.