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August 29, 2010

The MaryHunter Reports From the Restoring Honor Rally

Posted by Dave Blount at August 29, 2010 1:29 PM

The MaryHunter provides further evidence of the mammoth success of Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor rally in DC yesterday…





…as well as another first-hand report:

My tween daughter and I survived the long delays on the DC Metro (45 min lines for lack of trains) and finally made it in from Suburban Maryland into DC and the Mall. As we approached the rally, we walked past a few screw-lose wackos in the wings, their conspiracies and their hate falling on uninterested ears. Nobody paid them much mind. The crowd was on the Mall for one thing: to experience a renewal of America, a revival of the core beliefs that helped to lead our Founding Fathers to attempt the unfathomable in the name of God-given liberty. It was invigorating.
Even though my daughter and I only made it in time to hear Beck's speech and closing ceremony, it was well worth the crowds and heat and sore feet. To see so many families was the best part — kids of all ages, grand and great-grand parents, those in wheelchairs, those on crutches, infants in prams or in pouches. Many of those hundred-thousand-plus folks obviously went to considerable trouble to experience Glenn Beck's moving event. I feel blessed, and moved, to have been a part of it.
The main message for me: There is nothing that the Founders and other of our nation's heroes (Lincoln, Douglass, MLK) did that any one of us couldn't do to change the course of our nation for the better, to bring us back on track again toward what the Founders had endeavored to create — a nation of, by, and for the people. As Beck noted: "WE THE PEOPLE" wasn't writ large on the Constitution just because of an error of font size!

If you missed it, see C-SPAN for a full-length video.

Tip from Bergbikr.