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August 31, 2010

CNN Moonbat Rick Sanchez Calls Obama "Cotton-Picking President"

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:41 PM

Good thing CNN's Rick Sanchez has earned a lifetime membership in the liberal ruling class with his cartoonish moonbattery. Imagine if any normal person went on TV and called our historic First Mulatto Ruler the "cotton-picking president":

On tips from John Knoefler and Byron.

TOTUS Malfunction

Posted by Dave Blount at 3:05 PM

You would think with so much practice under his belt, the Manchurian Moonbat would be able to blame Bush without needing the teleprompter to feed him one word at a time:

Maybe even the TOTUS is starting to choke on this clown's stale BS.

Via Real Clear Politics, on a tip from Oiao.

If You're Going to Ride a Bicycle…

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:07 PM

Miss him yet?


W governed as a big-government progressive and refused to defend the border. But at least he's no communist, America-hater, or metrosexual weenie.

Compliments of Lee and Alan.

Animal Rights Terrorists Set Loose 50,000 Minks

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:01 AM

Righteous guardians of animal welfare have struck again:

Police say break-ins at two fur farms have set more than 50,000 minks on the loose in northern Greece.

Now the 50,000 minks can live happily ever after. Or maybe not:

The National Fur Breeders' Association says most of the released animals are likely to die in the late-August heat. It says the cost to the farm owners could pass euro1 million ($1.27 million).
No group has claimed responsibility for the incident. But an animal rights group, calling itself the "Hawks of Reprisal," said it was responsible for a similar break-in last year.

The cost doesn't matter. The havoc wrecked by a massive army of desperate, disoriented animals doesn't matter. The fact that the animals will die senselessly and miserably doesn't matter. Moonbats giving themselves an excuse to wallow in sanctimony: that's what matters.

Soon to be rotting in the Greek summer sun: 50,000 dead minks.

On a tip from Byron.

Public Financing for Ground Zero Mosque Obscenity

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:26 AM

We're at war with Islam, all right. Or at least, Islam is at war with us — and our rulers are on its side:

The Muslim center planned near the site of the World Trade Center attack could qualify for tax-free financing, a spokesman for City Comptroller John Liu said on Friday, and Liu is willing to consider approving the public subsidy.
The Democratic comptroller's spokesman, Scott Sieber, said Liu supported the project.

The reason this doesn't violate liberals' beloved "wall of separation" between the government and religion is that Islam is not a religion, but a satanic proto-fascist death cult. Nor is the mosque a house of worship; it is a flag planted in triumph amid the ashes of our dead.

The ultimate provocation by the Muslim–moonbat alliance.

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Amnesty Is Already Happening

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:51 AM

Our leftist rulers are starting to figure out that they can't impose their radical agenda openly without paying a heavy political price, as they will for ham-fistedly seizing control of the healthcare industry. This is why their major initiatives are now imposed in the shadows, by faceless bureaucrats rather than legislation. Granting amnesty to tens of millions of illegal aliens might cause open revolt. A safer approach is to quietly implement de facto amnesty:

The Department of Homeland Security is systematically reviewing thousands of pending immigration cases and moving to dismiss those filed against suspected illegal immigrants who have no serious criminal records, according to several sources familiar with the efforts.
Culling the immigration court system dockets of noncriminals started in earnest in Houston about a month ago and has stunned local immigration attorneys, who have reported coming to court anticipating clients' deportations only to learn that the government was dismissing their cases.

By definition, there is no such thing as a "noncriminal" illegal alien. But the federal government is seeing to it that undocumented Democrats are left to drop their anchor babies in peace unless they commit crimes other than invading our country — in which case they are deported, so that they can bounce right back across the essentially unguarded border. Most misdemeanors are ignored.

Critics assailed the plan as another sign that the Obama administration is trying to create a kind of backdoor "amnesty" program. …
"They've made clear that they have no interest in enforcing immigration laws against people who are not convicted criminals," said Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, which advocates for strict controls.
"This situation is just another side effect of President Obama's failure to deliver on his campaign promise to make immigration reform a priority in his first year," said U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas. "Until he does, state and local authorities are left with no choice but to pick up the slack for prosecuting and detaining criminal aliens."

They had better not do that, unless they want to get hit with a barrage of lawsuits or have our quisling rulers subject them to the judgments of corrupt international bodies.

Obama has made it clear that he intends to "fundamentally transform" America into a socialist Third World hellhole. There is zero chance he will take effective measures to stem the invasion by hordes of unskilled, unassimilable colonists.

It would be better to be invaded by Russia or the communist Chinese. Eventually, we would rise up against the occupation and this would be America again. It will never be America again if our current rulers are successful in drastically altering the country's demographics. What they are doing to us is ethnic cleansing in reverse.

Foreign tanks rolling down our streets would be better.

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Islamic Rage Boy Is Happy at Last

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:57 AM


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The SEIU and the Amercan Dream

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:35 AM

Under Obama, our country is now ruled by people who can't even spell its name.


Maybe the Manchurian Moonbat's SEIU buddies aren't really that stupid or incompetent. It could be that their hatred of all things American has thrown off their spelling skills.

Via Gateway Pundit, on a tip from SR.

Why No One Watches CNN Anymore

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:13 AM

Two graphics sum it up. From Pundit Kitchen:


Unexpected? The sun rising this morning probably caught them off guard too.

See how many errors you can catch in this screen cap, via Inside Cable News:


As its dismal ratings compared with Fox News indicate, it's past time for this relic of the closing era of Big Liberal Media to crawl into the tar pits and croak.

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Open Thread

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:08 AM

Via Sad Hill News, on a tip from G. Fox.

August 30, 2010

More Pat Condell on Ground Zero Mosque Obscenity

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:21 PM

Islam is evil. By now most of us know this, but virtually no one has the guts to say it publicly. At least Pat Condell comes close:

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Liberal Media Propagandists Put Their Money Where Their Mouths Are

Posted by Dave Blount at 3:09 PM

Some stories are so unsurprising, the only reason to report them is to get them officially on record— like this confirmation that apparatchiks in the mainstream media heavily supported the catastrophic farce in the White House:

Senior executives, on-air personalities, producers, reporters, editors, writers and other self-identifying employees of ABC, CBS and NBC contributed more than $1 million to Democratic candidates and campaign committees in 2008, according to an analysis by The Examiner of data compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics.
The Democratic total of $1,020,816 was given by 1,160 employees of the three major broadcast television networks, with an average contribution of $880.
By contrast, only 193 of the employees contributed to Republican candidates and campaign committees, for a total of $142,863. …
President Obama received 710 such contributions worth a total of $461,898, for an average contribution of $651 from the network employees. Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain received only 39 contributions totaling $26,926, for an average donation of $709.
Ninety-six contributions by broadcast network employees to the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Senate and House campaign committees totaled $217,881.
Thirty-eight contributions by broadcast network employees to the Republican National Committee and the Republican Senate and House campaign committees totaled $23,805.

There is no way an unqualified candidate with a communist/Muslim background and numerous radical associations could be made President of the United States without having been placed in that position by the establishment media. Any sort of impartial media would have reduced the Manchurian Moonbat to a laughing stock before his campaign ever got off the ground.

The good news is that with Obama's presidency going down like the Hindenburg, he is likely to bring the left-wing liars who dominate the media with him. After passing this guy off as presidential material, how could they expect anyone to ever believe them again?

Utterly discredited.

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Moonbat Tech: Multitask Urinal

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:04 PM

The moonbat obsession with body waste continues, as do valiant efforts by ecokooks to preserve the water that they seem to believe escapes into outer space after it swirls down the drain. Via Yanko Design:

I'm not a man so I really don't know how comfortable you guys are going to be with this thought … peeing and washing hands in the same urinal stand! What Designer Yeongwoo Kim has done is incorporated the wash basin just above the spot you take aim to pee. The reason cited is that you'll save a water flush cycle, coz when you rinse your hand after the job (I hope you guys do that!), the same gray water can be used to cleanse the urinal basin.

Those who want to save even more water can reverse the flow so that instead of flushing with gray water, you wash your hands with yellow water. Remember, every drop of water saved is another drop the polar bears can splash around in merrily.


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Separated at Birth?

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:40 PM


Via Totally Looks Like, on a tip from TED.

Newsweek Attempts to Prop Up Obama

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:20 AM

With the catastrophic presidency they helped inflict on our country crashing down around them, the moonbats at Newsreek are going to have to do better than this to prop it up:


According to this cover, not only is Obama not a socialist, he's not even the president.

Believe it or not, someone recently paid a whole dollar to take this worthless rag off the hands of its previous owner, the Washington Post. WaPo should have given buyer Sidney Harman 99¢ change.

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EPA Backs Off on Second Amendment Attack

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:46 AM

There is no limit to the tyranny our liberal rulers would like to impose on us. However, there are limits to what they can get away with, and they know it. An attempt to repeal the Second Amendment through a ban on lead ammunition by the fascists infesting the EPA has been abandoned:

In a swift and unexpected decision, the Environmental Protection Agency today rejected a petition from environmental groups to ban the use of lead in bullets and shotgun shells, claiming it doesn't have jurisdiction to weigh on the controversial Second Amendment issue. The decision came just hours after the Drudge Report posted stories from Washington Whispers and the Weekly Standard about how gun groups were fighting the lead bullet ban.
The EPA had planned to solicit public responses to the petition for two months, but this afternoon issued a statement rejecting a 100-page request from the Center for Biological Diversity, the American Bird Conservancy, and three other groups for a ban on lead bullets, shot, and fishing sinkers. The agency is still considering what to do about sinkers.
The decision was a huge victory for the National Rifle Association which just seven days ago asked that the EPA reject the petition, suggesting that it was a back door attempt to limit hunting and impose gun control. It also was a politically savvy move to take gun control off the table as the Democrats ready for a very difficult midterm election.

Push back, patriots. It works, so long as we push hard and don't ever let our guard down.

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Obama Betrays Arizona to Thuggish "Human Rights" Council

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:54 AM

For the Malignant Narcissist in Chief, siding with Mexico against an American state it is subjecting to hostile and illegal colonization wasn't sufficiently treasonous. Now he has betrayed Arizona to the club of knuckle-dragging totalitarian goons calling themselves the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Like all decent informed Americans, the Governor is understandably enraged:

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer demanded Friday that a reference to the state's controversial immigration law be removed from a State Department report to the United Nations' human rights commissioner.
The U.S. included its legal challenge to the law on a list of ways the federal government is protecting human rights.
In a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Brewer says it is "downright offensive" that a state law would be included in the report, which was drafted as part of a UN review of human rights in all member nations every four years.
"The idea of our own American government submitting the duly enacted laws of a state of the United States to 'review' by the United Nations is internationalism run amok and unconstitutional," Brewer wrote.

Not to mention farcical. Arizona has been denounced to the UN for attempting to take mild, commonsense steps toward enforcing federal immigration law, while explicitly forbidding "racial profiling." To call this a human rights violation is leftist hyperbole taken well beyond the point of self-parody. In contrast, those whom our quisling rulers put in a position to judge Arizona really do violate human rights, as American Thinker documents.

Anne Bayefsky, long in the forefront of highlighting U.N. abuses, was appalled that in May of 2010, Libya was to be included in the U.N. Human Rights Council. Although the United States Department has stated that in "Libya there is routine torture and abuse of detainees, legally-sanctioned amputations and flogging, sentencing of political opposition members without trial, [and] indefinite detention of women and girls 'suspected of violating moral codes, …'" the Obama administration made no move to deny Libya a seat.
The Council also comprises Malaysia, Mauritania, Uganda, Angola, and Qatar. In Uganda, "wife-beating [is] a husband's prerogative." Monitoring of internet chat rooms and widespread rape of inmates occurs in Angola, while "in Malaysia, religious authorities arrest 'deviants' in order to return them to the 'true path of Islam.'" In Qatar, "the law calls for 10 year sentences for individuals proselytizing anything but Islam, [and] conversion away from Islam is a capital offense." Furthermore, "the legal system treats with leniency men who murder women where there has been 'immodesty' on the part of the victim." Syria promotes the infamous blood libel against Israel, and Algeria describes Israelis as "butchers."
Many of these Council members criticize free speech, constantly denounce Israel, exonerate Muslim extremists, and deny basic freedoms to their own people. In fact, Israel-bashing is a persistent theme of the Council. Furthermore, at no time have Iranian calls for genocide been criticized by this body.
Notwithstanding all this, joining the Council was one of Obama's priorities, and this occurred in May of 2009. Thus, Obama was content with joining current Council members like Saudi Arabia, China, Cuba, Russia, Egypt, and Kyrgyzstan. Previously, "Bush had decided not to seek a seat on the Council on the grounds that the reform had been a sham."

Obama is not just an incompetent boob. He is a traitor, who explicitly sides with America's enemies against America's interests, and who is working to submit our country to the rule of international bodies that obviously do not mean us well.


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Newspeak Dictionary Update

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:18 AM

Compliments of J.

Please disregard the directive above. The criminal colonists invading our country and helping to reduce it to a Third World hellhole are now to be called Economic Migrants. The liberal Guardian reports on the fun in northern Mexico that has already begun to spill over the resolutely undefended border:

The body of an official investigating the massacre of 72 Central and South American migrants killed in a ranch in the northeastern Mexican state of Tamaulipas was found today dumped beside a nearby road alongside another unidentified victim, according to local media.
Earlier, two cars exploded outside the studios of the national TV network Televisa in the state capital, Ciudad Victoria. There were no casualties, but the blasts added to a growing sense of fear in the aftermath of the worst single act of violence in the country's raging drug wars. …
The massacre was discovered after an Ecuadorian migrant, who had been left for dead with a neck wound, escaped. Luis Freddy Lala Pomavilla, 18, found his way to a navy road checkpoint.
He said the migrants had been kidnapped by armed men who identified themselves as belonging to the Zetas, one of the cartels fighting for supremacy in the state. He said the killing began after they refused offers to work for the cartel. …
The massacre has focused attention on the vulnerability of US-bound economic migrants…

Economic Migrants, not Undocumented Democrats. Update your copies of the Newspeak dictionary at once.

Of course we could put an end to this insanity by closing the border. But that would deprive moonbats of an opportunity to weep for the plight of the huddled brown masses.

illegal alien garbage
Economic Migrants leave a distinctive trail.

On a tip from X101ABNDevil.

Profiles in Countermoonbattery: George Phillips

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:26 AM

Here's a exclusive: an interview with countermoonbat George Phillips, who is running for the New York Congressional seat currently clung to by the utterly unhinged (see here and here and here) Maurice Hinchey.

MB: Why would a Tea Party patriot be happy to see George Phillips in Congress?
GP: My meetings with various Tea Party groups have allowed me to meet many citizens with a wide variety of valid concerns, but one of the most common themes seems to be a desire for a return to sound constitutional principles and fiscal restraint in government. I teach American History, Government and the Constitution for a living, focusing on the limitations of federal government power, as well as the first, second and tenth amendments in particular. I also understand the need to keep taxes as low as possible, particularly on the small business owners who provide so many of the jobs we need. I have already signed the pledge to support no new taxes and have a detailed plan to reduce the size of the federal government and cut spending. I believe these baseline principles are an excellent fit with the goals of many Tea Party members.
MB: Given the extreme liberal stances Maurice Hinchey has taken, how does he manage to get elected in NY's 22nd district?
GP: Take a look at the map of our district some time. (Here is a link.) It's a classic case of gerrymandering in a state which has been largely controlled by the Democrats for ages. It stretches like a snake across portions of eight counties, taking in every college town and urban area they could squeeze in and excluding large rural areas to make it a "safe district" for the Democrats, so Republicans haven't invested a lot of effort into taking the seat in recent history.
MB: Considering that the district has been electing Hinchey since 1992, why would it elect you?
GP: It's a fair question, but our district has been experiencing a surprising amount of the same voter discontent and push-back that we're seeing all over the nation. That's why we selected a campaign theme this year of, "Had Enough?" In 2008 Hinchey rode a huge wave of President Obama's coat tails and held the district with nearly a 30% margin. In March of this year we were down by roughly 25% with less than 20% name recognition. But in the first quarter I raised more money than Maurice Hinchey. Just this month new polling showed that we had closed the gap to less than 10% with more than 50% name recognition. Our grassroots team has been hitting doors, working the phones, and accompanying me to events across the entire district and it's having an effect. We've got a lot of work left in the final weeks, but this is a race we can win if we get the support we need.
MB: What can be done by the next Congress to reverse the damage Democrats have been inflicting on our economy and our liberty?
GP: Three things can be done, and I've been hammering these same points everywhere I go. First, the new Republican majority in the House can scour the government for waste and inefficiency, bringing these things to light in full view of the public and making cuts and consolidations wherever possible. Second, we need to reduce taxes, particularly on businesses, and bring those savings home to the states where they can be reinvested, creating the jobs we need. And third, we need to roll back the Obama spending spree. If we could just return spending to 2008 levels (which is still not good enough) it would go a long way toward putting us on the road to fiscal responsibility. In addition, I have already pledged to help repeal some of the most disastrous initiatives of the Obama administration, such as Obamacare, and replace them with responsible, cost-effective solutions.
MB: Spending and the size of government exploded under Bush 43 even while Republicans controlled Congress. How can voters be sure that conservative candidates will stay true to small government principles if they are elected?
GP: The short answer is that the only way to keep elected officials answerable to the voters is to hold their feet to the fire, just as the Tea Party movement is doing this year. If you elect us and we fail to live up to your expectations, you need to stay on top of Congress and vote us out the next time. The country doesn't need career politicians anyway, and if I fail to uphold the values discussed here, I fully expect these same voters to come back in 2012 and hold me accountable. There is no solution to bad government except an educated, engaged, and active voter base.

What a blow it would be to the forces currently dismantling our country if we could replace an entrenched moonbat like Hinchey with George Phillips. You don't have to live in New York's 22nd District to show your support.

Open Thread

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:28 AM

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August 29, 2010

Behind the Scenes in a Congressional War Room

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:07 PM

Like most Dems in Congress, Rep. Clint Howard is trying to figure out how to avoid his enraged constituents:

After we get at them in November, quite a few Congresscritters won't ever have to worry about avoiding voters again.

On a tip from Lyle.

Smartest President Ever in Action

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:21 PM

The moonbat intelligentsia tells us that Barack Hussein Obama is the Smartest President Ever. If you don't agree, you're probably a racist. Approaching a gate with his umbrella recently gave him an opportunity to demonstrate his impressive problem-solving skills:


No doubt we will now be treated to an Umbrella Czar, who will take charge of nationalizing the industry so that new umbrellas can be developed that don't discriminate against the cognitively challenged.

Via Don Surber, on a tip from Tony.

Us and Them

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:42 PM

It's not easy to escape the conclusion that conservatives are simply a better breed of people. Here's what the National Mall looked like after half a million turned out for Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor rally yesterday:

Here it is after the coronation of the Manchurian Moonbat:

Drifting garbage is applied liberal ideology. There's no need to take responsibility for your own waste when other people will be paid with someone else's money to take care of everything later.

Via Gateway Pundit, on a tip from SR.

The MaryHunter Reports From the Restoring Honor Rally

Posted by Dave Blount at 1:29 PM

The MaryHunter provides further evidence of the mammoth success of Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor rally in DC yesterday…





…as well as another first-hand report:

My tween daughter and I survived the long delays on the DC Metro (45 min lines for lack of trains) and finally made it in from Suburban Maryland into DC and the Mall. As we approached the rally, we walked past a few screw-lose wackos in the wings, their conspiracies and their hate falling on uninterested ears. Nobody paid them much mind. The crowd was on the Mall for one thing: to experience a renewal of America, a revival of the core beliefs that helped to lead our Founding Fathers to attempt the unfathomable in the name of God-given liberty. It was invigorating.
Even though my daughter and I only made it in time to hear Beck's speech and closing ceremony, it was well worth the crowds and heat and sore feet. To see so many families was the best part — kids of all ages, grand and great-grand parents, those in wheelchairs, those on crutches, infants in prams or in pouches. Many of those hundred-thousand-plus folks obviously went to considerable trouble to experience Glenn Beck's moving event. I feel blessed, and moved, to have been a part of it.
The main message for me: There is nothing that the Founders and other of our nation's heroes (Lincoln, Douglass, MLK) did that any one of us couldn't do to change the course of our nation for the better, to bring us back on track again toward what the Founders had endeavored to create — a nation of, by, and for the people. As Beck noted: "WE THE PEOPLE" wasn't writ large on the Constitution just because of an error of font size!

If you missed it, see C-SPAN for a full-length video.

Tip from Bergbikr.

How Obama Stays Popular Among Muslims

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:36 PM

Barack Hussein Obama has managed to maintain his popularity among one group — Muslims:

While President Barack Obama's overall approval rating averaged 48 percent for the first seven months of 2010, it was 78 percent among Muslim Americans, according to the Gallup Poll. That gave the president a higher approval rating among Muslims than among any other religious category reported by the poll.

This might help explain why:

The Obama administration has shelved the planned prosecution of Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, the alleged coordinator of the Oct. 2000 suicide attack on the USS Cole in Yemen, according to a court filing.
The decision at least temporarily scuttles what was supposed to be the signature trial of a major al-Qaeda figure under a reformed system of military commissions. And it comes practically on the eve of the 10th anniversary of the attack, which killed 17 sailors and wounded dozens when a boat packed with explosives ripped a hole in the side of the warship in the port of Aden.
In a filing this week in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, the Justice Department said that "no charges are either pending or contemplated with respect to al-Nashiri in the near future."

Given Obama's obvious sympathies, it would be absurd to expect effective execution of the War on Terror — I mean, the Overseas Contingency Operation Against Causers Of Manmade Disasters Whom It Would Be Islamophobic to Associate With Islam.

Imagine if we had elected a pro-Hitler president in the middle of WWII. Severely disoriented by a leftist media devoted to its destruction, America went insane in 2008. It's coming back to its senses just in time. Liberals won't like what happens next.

No biggie for our Islamophile rulers.

On tips from Jodie, SR, Byron, and TrickleUpPolitics.

Massive Turnout for Restoring Honor Rally

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:49 AM

Since we're unlikely to get a reliable figure from the authorities, we'll have to rely on ourselves to gauge the size of the massive crowd that turned out for Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor rally in DC yesterday:




The photos above are compliments of mega, who also provides video offering a 360° view from the World War II memorial (may take a few moments to load) and this first-hand report:

It was a great crowd. The folks in my little expedition party guesstimated it at 400,000 to 700,000. This was the most subdued, polite crowd I've seen. The police were standing around with nothing to do; there wasn't even a candy wrapper laying on the mall at the end of this thing. The crowd seemed more cross-sectional of America than the Tea Party-flavored 9/12 event, as though a lot of middle-of-the-road, less political types had climbed on the bandwagon since 9/12. As Beck requested, nobody brought signs; there was not one to be seen in the probably 1/2 million strong crowd. The only people with signage were the handful of folks protesting Beck. They stood around in small groups here and there, trying to join up confrontation in front of their and the media's video cameras, but the massive conservative crowd just swept around and by them like a powerful river going around an inconsequential pile of rocks. Everyone seemed happy to have protesters exercising their rights as Americans and speaking their minds, which seemed to surprise the hippies, who were apparently waiting for baton-wielding Nazis to descend on them at any moment. The hippie's cognitive dissonance, as it slowly sunk in that nobody minded them being there and people welcomed their participation, was interesting to observe. The so-called counter-rally from Al Sharpton was nowhere to be seen. It might've taken place off-site somewhere, but it certainly wasn't competing with Beck anywhere around the mall. The media is reporting this as two big rival events, but that is a complete lie.

Compliments of Tony, here's an aerial shot:


No matter how the statist media lies in its attempt to play this down, something very big is happening, and it will keep happening until our country has been restored to the greatness liberalism has eroded.

Tip from Carmen.

Open Thread

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:32 AM

Compliments of TED.

August 28, 2010

Another Benefit of Carbon Emissions

Posted by Dave Blount at 3:29 PM

Not only do CO2 emissions help crops grow, they also dupe nubile moonbats into taking their clothes off:

Unfortunately the otherwise harmless emissions might have the same effect on not so nubile moonbats. This could be why The Goracle has such a hard time keeping his clothes on when his temperature goes up around massage therapists.

On a tip from Karpet.

Andrew Klavan on the Ground Zero Mosque Obscenity

Posted by Dave Blount at 3:12 PM

Andrew Klavan asks, Does Islam suck?

One day we'll learn to dispense with the nuance and answer simple questions with their simple and obvious answers. Does Islam suck? Hell yes it sucks, and so do its moonbat apologists and allies.

On a tip from TrickleUpPolitics.

Their Guy Versus Our Guy

Posted by Dave Blount at 1:20 PM

Hopefully we can stay out of serious conflicts with Russia at least until this farcical presidency is behind us. I have a feeling that if the Weenie in Chief finds out "whose ass to kick" and it turns out to be Putin's, we'll be in for some trouble.



Via RedState, on a tip from J.

Apocalypse Mao

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:22 PM

Mao Zedong inflicted more evil than any other individual in human history. Consequently, our rulers revere him.

On a tip from Turkey Lurker.

Sarah Palin at Restoring Honor Rally

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:04 PM

Good thing Saracuda wasn't relying on Google to find her way to Glenn Beck's massively attended rally at the Lincoln Memorial today.

Compliments of TrickleUpPolitics.

Reconquistadors Boycott Budweiser

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:29 AM

A Belgian-owned brewer just can't win. Some patriots avoid Budweiser because execs let Jesse Jackson intimidate them into giving a lucrative distributorship to his son lest he proclaim them to be "racists." But now moonbats are calling for a boycott in the name of the Reconquista:

A Hispanic group opposed to Arizona's Senate Bill 1070 immigration measure has launched a boycott of Budweiser beer and the Phoenix-based Anheuser-Busch distributorship headed by Cindy Hensley McCain.
Hensley McCain is the chairwoman of the Hensley & Co. distributorship and the wife of U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.
Somos America said today it wants consumers to boycott Budweiser beer until Hensley denounces SB 1070. The law has police determine the immigration status of those they have already detained and whom they suspect are illegally in the U.S.
Public opinion polls show roughly two-thirds of Arizonans support 1070, but the immigration measure faces opposition from Hispanic groups and many liberal cities around the country.
"I call on all Latinos to stop buying Budweiser until Hensley publicly denounces 1070 and pledges to not support candidates that support the law." said Jairo Tellez, owner of Phoenix restaurant Vuelve a la Vida, who is involved with the Somos boycott.

No need for a boycott. All they have to do is wait until Mrs. McCain's fortunes see her husband safely reelected. When he pulls the inevitable second 180° on illegal immigration, we'll all be reminded why he's known as Juan McAmnesty.

Look for Budweiser to step up the Hispandering.

Hat tip: PapaTodd.

Ed Schultz Loses It

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:54 AM

Ex-Russ Carnahan (D-MO) staffer and liberal blogger Chris Powers may not be the last unhinged moonbat to try to burn down his place of employment. Matches and gasoline should be kept far away from enlightened MSNBC progressive Ed Schultz:

MSNBC talk show screamer Ed Schultz had a meltdown in the network's 30 Rock newsroom, shouting at staff, "I'm going to torch this [bleep]ing place."
The hot-tempered anchor of "The Ed Show" lost it during a phone call in the packed studio and slammed down the phone before exploding.
As astonished MSNBC staff members fell silent, Schultz glared around the room and yelled, "[Bleep]ers!"

According to witnesses, Red Ed's tantrum was inspired by getting left out of MSNBC election night promos.

Schultz comes across as an intimidating thug, but actually he's just a kid at heart — a two-year old kid; if he isn't hammering his fists on the floor, he's blubbering piteously.

Fuming Schultz was immediately dragged in for a meeting with NBC News President Steve Capus and MSNBC President Phil Griffin following his Aug. 12 meltdown.
Our source added, "Schultz was told: 'If you do that again, you are fired.' He broke down crying."
Sources say the hothead was pushed over the edge by MSNBC's catering to bullying fellow anchor Keith Olbermann and its focus on golden girl Rachel Maddow.

They would put him on medication, but antipsychotics might cure him of his political views. Then MSNBC would have no use for him at all.

Red Ed Schultz: Another MSNBC moonbat in need of medication.

On a tip from Dystopic PC.

Open Thread

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August 27, 2010

A Dress for Every Occasion

Posted by Dave Blount at 5:09 PM

Remember the outrageously tasteless oil spill dress the Bitter Half wore to a Gulf Coast beach while her husband's regime threw roadblocks in front of cleanup efforts? Now we learn that it's only part of her situational wardrobe:


Compliments of Sad Hill News.

How You Can Tell Abe Lincoln Was a Republican

Posted by Dave Blount at 3:39 PM

There is no end to the knowledge made available by the moonbats who run Google. For example, you can confirm that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican by entering "Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC" in Google Maps. It will return the location of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial.


If the Cloward-Piven strategy succeeds in causing our entire civilization to collapse, DC will soon feature a giant Barack Hussein Obama Memorial, probably built with slave labor under communism. Then Google Maps can make things simple by redirecting all memorial queries to the same place.

On a tip from Kayt.

The Ultimate Argument Against Affirmative Action

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:07 PM

This weenie was made Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States of America:


Yes, that's a girl's bicycle.

If liberals aren't ashamed of themselves yet, they never will be.

On a tip from Hesperornis.

Global Warming Hoaxers Target the Elderly

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:56 PM

It always enrages me to see elderly relatives duped into throwing away their money by junk mail and aggressive telemarketers. But this enrages me more:

A new study by researchers in the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) at the University of York calls for better engagement of older people on climate change issues.
The report, prepared in partnership with the Community Service Volunteers' Retired and Senior Volunteer Programme (RSVP), urges the scrapping of stereotypes which suggest that older people are incapable of engagement, passive or disinterested in climate change.
Recent evidence from the older age sector highlight the inadequacies of current methods of information provision and community engagement on climate change.
Instead, the research team recommends new approaches to engage older people, which promote direct interaction and the use of trusted agents that are sensitive to the personal circumstances older people face. The report sets out a ten-point plan to engage older people more effectively on climate change issues and greener living.

They'll have the best luck selling their snake oil if they can find a way to specifically target seniors with Alzheimer disease.

A fit recruit for the cult of global warming, via

Hat tip: Watts Up With That, on a tip from Anthony.

Spotted at the State Department

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:59 AM


The leftist criminals running the federal government are stealing literally $trillions from us, from our children, and from our grandchildren, and using nonsensical bailouts and pork-stuffed "stimulus" farces to pass out the loot among their corrupt cronies. But don't try drinking any of someone else's coffee in a bureauweenie breakroom, or you will be reported to the appropriate agency.

Compliments of John R.

Chris Powers: Yet Another Violent Moonbat

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:53 AM

The libs at TPMMuckraker confess that a campaign worker for Dem Rep. Russ Carnahan who evidently tried to firebomb Carnahan's campaign office had a blog at their site.

Rep. Russ Carnahan (D-MO) confirmed in a press conference yesterday that a man identified as a suspect in an alleged arson at Carnahan's campaign office is a former paid campaign worker.
The man, Chris Powers, was arrested but has not been charged in the arson case. In a phone interview this morning with TPMmuckraker, Powers denied having any involvement with what local reports have described as a "fire bombing." …
As several blogs have reported, Powers wrote a reader blog at TPMCafe under the name Ripper McCord. (Any TPM reader can create a reader blog and comment on the site, and Powers is not affiliated with TPM.)

Any reader can create a blog at TPMCafe, yet I doubt many patriots do. How the media must long for the Tea Party to produce a "Ripper McCord" it can splash across front pages.

Via Big Government:

Dem operative, Russ Carnahan staffer, TPM blogger and suspected firebomber Chris Powers is the sweaty one pictured here on right during a rally for nationalized health care. Powers reportedly is was a paid canvasser for Russ Carnahan.

Free healthcare paid for by someone else comes in especially handy if you accidently set yourself on fire while trying to burn down your place of employment.

On a tip from Tony.

Obama's Green Agenda: Smoke and Lies

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:54 AM

Out of work? Underemployed? Not to worry: Comrade Obama has promised to create lots and lots of jobs by flushing $billions we don't have down green energy boondoggles:

"We expect our commitment to clean energy to lead to more than 800,000 jobs by 2012."

Apparently this "commitment to clean energy" is the rat hole down which much of the Porkulus loot disappeared.

Any energy initiative likely to be efficient enough to generate a profit would not need to be propped up by stolen money and bureaucratic coercion. Our rulers may as well pay people to dig holes and fill them up again as to work in the preposterous green energy sector.

For an idea of what happens when moonbat ideology drives energy policy, have a look at Spain, which the Community Organizer in Chief presents as a model for us to emulate. The Washington Examiner offers translated excerpts from Spain's La Gaceta:

The president of the United States, Barack Obama, does not appear to have chosen well in basing his "green economy" on Spain's. After the government of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero demonized a study by various experts on the economic downsides of renewable energies, it just leaked an internal document from the Spanish cabinet which is even more negative.


• Green energy is 120 percent more expensive, simply due to the extra costs of solar and wind, and the evolution of the market is not going to bring down those costs any time soon.
• The clean energy sector is slated to receive 126 billion euros in the next 25 years, but no one knows where the money is going to come from. In 2009, the subsidies were worth 5 billion euros.
• Photovoltaic solar power accounts for 53 percent of the extra cost of renewables, whereas it produces only 11 percent of Spain's renewable energy.

Spain has found that each green job comes at the expense of 2.2 real jobs.

In short, green energy is an extravagantly expensive farce that drives up unemployment. Due to a government run by the sort of idiots who buy into this malarkey, Spain is on the verge of bankruptcy, with the USA not far behind.

At least Texas is putting up some resistance:

President Obama's EPA is already well down the path to regulating greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act, something the act was not designed to do. It has a problem, however, because shoehorning greenhouse gases into that 40-year-old law would force churches, schools, warehouses, commercial kitchens and other sources to obtain costly and time-consuming permits. It would grind the economy to a halt, and the likely backlash would doom the whole scheme.
The EPA, determined to move forward anyway, is attempting to rewrite the Clean Air Act administratively via a "tailoring rule," which would reduce the number of regulated sources. The problem with that approach? It's illegal. The EPA has no authority to rewrite the law. To pull it off, the EPA needs every state with a State Implementation Plan to rewrite all of its statutory thresholds as well.
Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Chairman Bryan W. Shaw saw the tailoring rule for what it really is: a massive power grab and centralization of authority. They are fighting back, writing to the EPA:
"In order to deter challenges to your plan for centralized control of industrial development through the issuance of permits for greenhouse gases, you have called upon each state to declare its allegiance to the Environmental Protection Agency's recently enacted greenhouse gas regulations — regulations that are plainly contrary to U.S. laws. … To encourage acquiescence with your unsupported findings you threaten to usurp state enforcement authority and to federalize the permitting program of any state that fails to pledge their fealty to the Environmental Protection Agency. On behalf of the State of Texas, we write to inform you that Texas has neither the authority nor the intention of interpreting, ignoring or amending its laws in order to compel the permitting of greenhouse gas emissions."

When it comes to the green agenda, as with everything else Obama et al. want to impose, remember the Alamo.

Compliments of Zappatrust.

EPA Goes After Second Amendment

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:03 AM

Absurd as it may sound, the most immediate threat to our constitutional liberties is not the adolescent Marxist in the White House or our soon to be lame duck left-wing Congress, but the Environmental Protection Agency. The Supreme Court's insane ruling that the EPA has authority to regulate CO2 emissions theoretically gives it control over literally all human activity, including breathing. Not even our constitutional right to bear arms escapes the reach of the unelected, unaccountable environazis of our horrifically metastasizing government's most malignant agency.

The U.S. Supreme Court says Americans have an individual right to keep and bear arms. The EPA says the bullets for those guns may be banned as an environmental hazard.
The endless power grabs by the federal leviathan know no boundaries of law, science or even common sense. The Environmental Protection Agency of Lisa Jackson is seriously considering a petition by the Center for Biological Diversity, a leading anti-hunting group, to ban all traditional lead ammunition under the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) of 1976.
If the EPA approves the petition, the result will be a ban on all ammunition containing lead-core components. Bullets made of material other than lead are often considered armor-piercing by law and are banned. So this amounts to gun control by stealth.

As always with ecofascism, the eco- is just a fig leaf for the fascism. This has nothing to do with the environment.

[T]here is no scientific basis for restricting lead ammunition on the basis of protecting the health of humans or wildlife.

Sure you have a right to bear arms. But where does the Constitution say you have a right to bear ammunition? Meanwhile, the EPA itself has been stocking up on weapons.

America's smiley-face answer to the Gestapo.

On a tip from Stormfax.

Next Up: Cannibalism

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:09 AM

As liberals continue to attack taboos, glorify savages, and indulge their sickest whims in the name of "tolerance" and "diversity," it is only a matter of time until we degenerate into barbarism. If you doubt it, have a look at Europe, which our liberal ruling class so haughtily insists we emulate. In Berlin, a restaurant for cannibals has launched an online campaign asking for donors of body parts and trying to recruit an "open-minded surgeon" for a celebration of multiculturalism:

The restaurant claims to be inspired by the "compassionate cannibalism" of the Brazilian Waricaca tribe.
The website explains: "We see feasting as a spiritual act, in which the spirit and strength of the consumed creature is given to the guests."

If Muslim provocateurs building a mosque at Ground Zero can demand religious tolerance, why not these guys? Just so long as they're not Christians.

This isn't the first time cannibalism has made the news in Berlin. In 2006, Armin Meiwes got life in prison for eating Bernd Jurgen Brandes, who volunteered for the menu.

The cannibal chopped off Brandes' penis and ate it after cooking it in garlic, salt and pepper.
He continued to eat the corpse over the next few months. By the time he was arrested Meiwes had eaten around 44lb of flesh.

No wonder liberals so envy those sophisticated Europeans. They're always one step ahead.

After homosexuality has been thoroughly normalized, I'm guessing that cannibalism will join necrophilia and pedophilia as the new frontiers for "civil rights." Don't like it? Then prepare to be denounced by the media as a cannibophobe.

Our enlightened, non-judgmental future.

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Open Thread

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Compliments of Marshall.

August 26, 2010

Pat Condell on Ground Zero Mosque

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:12 PM

Straight talk from Pat Condell on the latest intolerable provocation by Muslims and their liberal allies:

By openly supporting this obscenity, our moonbat ruling class is gambling that political correctness has already rotted a majority of us into something subhuman. In November, we begin proving them wrong.

On a tip from Smokey.

Australian Greens Explain Their Votes

Posted by Dave Blount at 5:56 PM

In case you were wondering why anyone would vote for the moonbatty Green Party:

Now if only American Democrats would come forward to explain their equally irresponsible voting habits.

On a tip from Smorfia48.

Stand Up!

Posted by Dave Blount at 3:25 PM

Jeremy Dodge calls on all true Americans to get to their feet:

Unfortunately J.D. Hayworth is out of the running, now than John "Lettuce" McCain has proven once again how difficult it is to dislodge entrenched statists from their positions of power — reminding us that even with the wind at our backs, nothing is guaranteed. Maximum effort must be applied if we are to take our country back before liberals destroy it.

On a tip from Oiao.

The Face of Sharia

Posted by Dave Blount at 1:18 PM

Ground Zero Mosque Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf explains why America is a "sharia-compliant state":

This is what our liberal ruling class so sanctimoniously sides with in the name of its bogus "tolerance." Yet Christianity, which no sane person could use to justify the barbaric behavior that characterizes the Muslim world, is considered beyond tolerable.

Shovel off the nuance, and the situation is simple. Islam is evil, and our liberal ruling class sides with it — against America, against Christianity, against decency, against good.

On a tip from Nunya. Hat tip: iOwnTheWorld.

Chicken Feed

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:19 PM

Behind the scenes in Comrade Obama's inner sanctum:


Most of us struggle to pay our taxes if we're lucky enough to have work. It's nice to hear that Comrade Obama is getting a good deal for our money.

Compliments of Lee.

Separated at Birth?

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:11 AM

Could the facial features of Ground Zero Mosque jihadist Michael al-Bloomberg and the Grinch have been designed by the same cartoonist?

bloomberg-sab.jpg  grinch-sab.jpg

Compliments of TheOPINIONATOR.

Regents Exam Propagandizes For Islam, Against Christianity

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:08 AM

There is good reason that communists like Obama's long-time friend and ally Bill Ayers have dropped setting off bombs in favor of infiltrating the education system. As Lenin put it:

Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.

Fellow socialist Adolf Hitler chimes in:

When an opponent declares, "I will not come over to your side," I calmly say, "Your child belongs to us already… What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community."

In present day America, socialists use their control of the education establishment to promote Islam:

Teachers complain that the reading selections from the Regents exam in global history and geography given last week featured glowing passages pertaining to Muslim society but much more critical essay excerpts on the subject of Christianity.
"There should have been a little balance in there," said one Brooklyn teacher who administered the exam but did not want to be identified.

You can't blame a teacher speaking out against Islamic propaganda for being afraid to be identified. Options for those who don't get with the program range from losing your job to ending up like Theo Van Gogh.

The most troubling passage came from Daniel Roselle's "A World History: A Cultural Approach," observers said.
The passage reads: "Wherever they went, the Moslems brought with them their love of art, beauty and learning. From about the eighth to the eleventh century, their culture was superior in many ways to that of western Christendom."
Meanwhile, an excerpt listing the common procedures used by Christian friars to introduce the religion in Latin America stated that "idols, temples and other material evidences of paganism [were] destroyed," and "Christian buildings [were] often constructed on sites of destroyed native temples" — and built with free Indian labor, to boot.

Here's another gem from the Regents exam:

"Some of the finest centers of Moslem life were established in Spain. In Cordova, the streets were solidly paved, while at the same time in Paris people waded ankle-deep in mud after a rain. Cordovan public lamps lighted roads for as far as ten miles; yet seven hundred years later there was still not a single public lamp in London!"

How wonderful life must have been for Spanish dhimmis under the heel of Islamic conquest. Why did they ever rise up to throw the Muslims out?

A psychiatrist could make a life's work out of explaining the liberal support for Islam that has metastasized like runaway cancer since 9/11. Presumably at least a few libs are aware that they would be the first to lose their heads under sharia. But for now liberals and Muslims share a common enemy: Western Civilization.

vermont-cross.jpg  september11.jpg
Liberals have made their choice.

On a tip from Lisa. Hat tip: Jihad Watch.

Cabby Attacker Michael Enright Is Pro-Mosque Moonbat

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:17 AM

Few "hate crimes" fit liberals' template. So when an event finally occurs that seems to support their perverse view of reality, they leap to capitalize. From moonbat blogger Charles Johnson, via American Power:


Johnson went on to attack Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, who have taken the lead in opposing the Ground Zero Mosque abomination. The leftist Village Voice concurs that the attack by a drunken lunatic on cab driver Ahmed Sharif constitutes the first "Ground Zero Mosque hate crime."

Shameless propaganda outfits like CBS News are milking this for all it's worth, neglecting to mention inconvenient basic facts of the case:

The alleged assailant, Michael Enright, is — according to his Facebook profile and the website of the left-leaning media organization Intersections International — a student at the School of Visual Arts and a volunteer for Intersections, which recently produced a statement of support for the Park51 project [i.e., the Ground Zero Victory Mosque] and is funded by the mainstream, liberal Collegiate Church of New York.

From the beginning it was obvious that Enright is a psycho. It unsurprisingly appears that as with virtually all lunatics, his politics are liberal. If the attack had anything whatsoever to do with the Ground Zero Mosque as liberal spin would have you believe, maybe Sharif enraged Enright by failing to support it.

Try again libs. Somewhere out there, you'll find someone with conservative views who behaves like a liberal or Muslim. Out of millions of people, there must be at least one.

Michael Enright: Yet another psycho moonbat.

On tips from Jodie, Smorfia48, KHarn, nancz, Incitatus, SR, and Landru.

Ed Schultz Denounces Ground Zero Mosque Opponents as "Aryans"

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:37 AM

Anyone who doesn't want Islamists to build a shrine to terrorism at the edge of Ground Zero is not only an Islamophobe but a racist to boot. How do we know? Because MSNBC's Ed Schultz informs us on his radio show that Victory Mosque opponents (like this Holocaust survivor) are Aryans:

"You have a diverse crowd over here and you have a bunch of frustrated whiteys over here and that's what they are! It is an Aryan crowd, is it not? I mean, it's a Caucasian crowd over there so concerned about the mosque!"

Caucasian = wrong, according to our predominantly Caucasian liberal ruling class. Their bizarre belief system dictates that if you disagree with them, you must be Caucasian.

"Don't they have the wrong target? Shouldn't they be more concerned about bringing people to justice? Shouldn't they be more concerned about Obama and his lieutenants running around the hills of Afghanistan, that we just can't seem to 'cuff the guy?"

Notice how yet again (see here and here and here) one of Obama's supporters mixes up his name with Osama bin Laden's. As the media's mosque jihad makes clear, this Freudian slip is even more meaningful than we knew.

Despite the relentless, no-holds-barred propaganda campaign the liberal establishment media has been waging on behalf of the obscene mosque, 77% of the public opposes it. But what do we know? We're just a bunch of Aryans — liberalese for Nazi racists.

The entertaining thing about liberals is that they are so arrogant and so insolated inside their bubble of cartoonish lies that it never occurs to them to wonder if they are making complete fools of themselves — which they usually are.

Via Radio Equalizer. On a tip from G. Fox.

Open Thread

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Compliments of Sad Hill News.

August 25, 2010

Bill Whittle's Ground Zero Mosque Reality Check

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:30 PM

A valuable history lesson helps whittle away at the liberal dhimmi moonbattery that is placing our very civilization in jeopardy:

What our ruling class calls "tolerance" is suicidal cowardice at its most vile, and is likely to cancel our future.

On a tip from FreedomFox.

Holding a Hammer

Posted by Dave Blount at 5:21 PM

Here's another catchy tune inspired by Obamunism:

The song was cowritten (on his own time) by 26-year-old teacher Bryan Glover — excuse me, I meant ex-teacher. After the video was circulated, he was fired amid shrieks of "racism."

If you can find any racism in the video above, you just might be a liberal. If you can find any fascism in America under Obama, you just might have your eyes open.

On tips from BURNING HOT and Kevin in Auburn. Hat tip: Ace of Spades HQ.

Moonbat Curses Out Holocaust Survivor

Posted by Dave Blount at 3:21 PM

Get ready to wash out your ears — a foul-mouthed moonbat unhinges himself upon a patriot who survived the Holocaust:

The Islamists behind the Ground Zero Victory Mosque are doing a great job of bringing out the worst in their liberal allies.

On tips from Z06, Wiggins, Smorfia48, and TrickleUpPolitics. Via

X-Ray Vans Patrol American Streets

Posted by Dave Blount at 1:55 PM

So this is what our secretive leftist rulers mean by "transparency":

As the privacy controversy around full-body security scans begins to simmer, it's worth noting that courthouses and airport security checkpoints aren't the only places where backscatter x-ray vision is being deployed. The same technology, capable of seeing through clothes and walls, has also been rolling out on U.S. streets.
American Science & Engineering, a company based in Billerica, Massachusetts, has sold U.S. and foreign government agencies more than 500 backscatter x-ray scanners mounted in vans that can be driven past neighboring vehicles to see their contents, Joe Reiss, a vice president of marketing at the company told me in an interview.

Apparently the Fourth Amendment is one of the parts of the Constitution that is "deeply flawed."

On a tip from Auntie Sam.

Profiles in Countermoonbattery: Sylvester Stallone

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:02 PM

Liberals don't like it when we think in terms of right and wrong, because they are wrong and they know it. This is why they try to blur the distinction with the "nuance" they so prize — and also why they can't abide movies like Sylvester Stallone's new "The Expendables."

As for the message that has gotten under critics' skin,

"It's pretty straight forward," Stallone said. "You're bad, you gotta go."

Don't expect Sly to apologize for this assault on the cloud of conflicted confusion that serves the liberal elite for a value system.

Stallone … doesn't apologize for creating characters that are proud Americans and offers the observation that: "America apologizes too much."

It looks like "The Expendables" will be tops at the box office again this weekend. Maybe the libs dominating Hollywood will take a clue.

On a tip from BURNING HOT.

Demise of the Prairie Peace Park

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:54 AM

Bad news for world peace: the Prairie Peace Park of Pleasant Dale, Nebraska is curling up its toes.

The Prairie Peace Park opened in 1994. Interstate 80 travelers often [sic] dropped in to view the unique, peace-oriented artwork and exhibits. Annual visitation averaged about 600. Faced with financial problems, the Prairie Peace Park Board sold the park in 2005 to a transcendental meditation group based in Fairfield, Iowa.

Apparently attendance has dropped from the heady 1.6 visitors per day.

Old tires and shattered glass and an empty Jim Beam bottle litter the entrance. Weeds grow in the cracks of the parking lot, which is scattered with asphalt shingles and debris from an abandoned house nearby.

If only they could bring back the good old days…

The Prairie Peace Park once was a place where the seeds of peace were sown by a group of visionaries who wanted a venue where people could meditate about ways to change a violent world. The park opened June 11, 1994. More than 1,500 people attended, including actor Ed Asner, children's singer Raffi and the late U.S. Sen. J.J. Exon.

Despite the blessing by Red Ed, there just isn't much interest in the Heartland for peace posturing and amateur sculpture by smelly hippies. Consequently, the park is for sale again. The asking price has dropped from $180,000 to $95,000, but there are still no takers. This helps explain why:

[A]nyone who buys the land has to abide by an important covenant — maintaining two unique pieces of artwork: "The World Peace Mural," created from clay by 34 international artists; and "The Dance of the Children," a globe-shaped metal sculpture pegged with children holding hands and several peace doves.

Another sticking point is that the buyer would have to fumigate thoroughly.

This sad story illustrates why moonbats should never be trusted to operate anything remotely resembling a business. Unfortunately, every time we open a newspaper we see that Comrade Obama et al. have managed to bring another sector of the economy under the control of flakes not far removed from the tie-dyed kooks contemplating their navel lint amid the ruins of the Prairie Peace Park.

Maybe they can get government funding to make it a museum of moonbattery.

On a tip from Oiao.

Liberals Spend Your Money Promoting Islam Overseas

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:49 AM

Bad enough that our liberal rulers support the obscene Victory Mosque at Ground Zero with mealy-mouthed platitudes about "building bridges." Worse that the State Department is paying (with our money) Feisal Abdul Rauf, the stridently anti-American imam behind it, to travel around the Middle East, evidently to collect money to construct the abomination. But it gets worse still:

Americans also may be surprised to learn that the United States has been an active participant in mosque construction projects overseas. In April, U.S. Ambassador to Tanzania Alfonso E. Lenhardt helped cut the ribbon at the 12th-century Kizimkazi Mosque, which was refurbished with assistance from the United States under a program to preserve culturally significant buildings. The U.S. government also helped save the Amr Ebn El Aas Mosque in Cairo, which dates back to 642. The mosque's namesake was the Muslim conqueror of Christian Egypt, who built the structure on the site where he had pitched his tent before doing battle with the country's Byzantine rulers. For those who think the Ground Zero Mosque is an example of "Muslim triumphalism" glorifying conquest, the Amr Ebn El Aas Mosque is an example of such a monument - and one paid for with U.S. taxpayer funds.
The mosques being rebuilt by the United States are used for religious worship, which raises important First Amendment questions. U.S. taxpayer money should not be used to preserve and promote Islam, even abroad. In July 2009, the Office of the Inspector General published an audit of U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) faith-based and community initiatives that examined whether government funds were being used for religious activities. The auditors found that while USAID was funding some religious activities, officials were "uncertain of whether such uses of Agency funding violate Agency regulations or the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the Constitution" when balanced against foreign-policy objectives.

You can be extremely sure that it would violate the Establishment Clause if the government used your money to build churches. The shrieks of ACLU moonbats on the evening news would be deafening.

Not enraged yet? Let's try this:

It turns out that you and I are funding the State Department to purchase and distribute copies of Feisal Abdul Rauf's book, What's Right With Islam: A New Vision for Muslims and the West. …
Buried in a recent New York Times article on Imam Rauf's global hopscotch, the paper casually referenced that our government buys and hands out his tome in an effort "to lecture about tolerance" and pursue "interfaith dialogue" with Islamic nations.

"Interfaith dialogue" means Muslims trash the West while liberal invertebrates bob their heads in obsequious agreement. Rauf's book unsurprisingly supports terrorism by nursing grievances against America and making excuses for suicide bombers.

Our progressive ruling class is carrying more than its share of the load in the Unholy Alliance. At least we'll have the satisfaction of seeing how liberals are repaid by Islamists. Unfortunately, when the ship goes down, we'll be on it.

How Rauf's coterie won liberals' hearts.

On tips from Bill V, Oiao, and the Only Other Conservative in Seattle.

Police Piece Together Clues in Obama's Post-Racial America

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:20 AM

It only seems like political correctness has rotten away public officials' brains to the point of reducing them to gibbering idiots. In Des Moines, police investigating a series of vicious attacks outside the Iowa State Fairgrounds were able to piece together clues and boldly reach on ingenious conclusion:

"We don't know if this was juveniles fighting or a group of kids singling out white citizens leaving the fairgrounds," Sgt. Lori Lavorato said. "It's all under investigation, but it's very possible it has racial overtones."

Don't imagine that they reached this conclusion just on the basis of the victims being white and the attackers being black. That would be racist. There was another little clue…

Sgt. David Murillo stated in a report on Friday night, "On-duty officers at the fairgrounds advise there was a group of 30 to 40 individuals roaming the fairgrounds openly calling it 'beat whitey night.'"

But local pols are not as willing to leap to conclusions:

State Rep. Ako Abdul-Samad, D-Des Moines, who has worked to fight gang-related violence, said he doesn't have enough information to decide if the fights were racially motivated. …
He added, "We of course need to work on race relations. If anyone says we don't, they are playing games with themselves."

Speaking of playing games, maybe race relations could be improved by shoveling mountains of free money at blacks, treating them as if nothing they ever do is their fault, and electing clowns to high offices as a reward for being black and/or having a Muslim name. Then again, maybe not.

No longer safe for Caucasians to attend.

On tips from Jimbo, Conan, Incitatus, and Wiggins.

Open Thread

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August 24, 2010

Coming Attractions

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:46 PM

While our liberal rulers suck on the toes of Muslims by supporting their obscene mosque at Ground Zero, here's a preview of what the Religion of Peace will soon inflict on our virtually undefended country:

On a tip from Leslie.

Children in Charge: John Brennan

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:12 PM

In a fit of pique over having been quoted by the Washington Times, Senior Counterterrorism Advisor John Brennan explains that Islamic terrorism is not caused by Islam but by "social and political and economic forces" — that is, Muslim terrorists are victims of America's failure to give them enough free money:

When asked to give some indication that he has any clue what he's talking about, Brennan responds by walking out:

Muslims are not known for their competence. But if we continue to put our defense in the hands of clowns like Brennan, the next 9/11 is only a matter of time.

On a tip from TrickleUpPolitics.

Left and Right Terminology Explained

Posted by Dave Blount at 4:11 PM

Some say the terms right and left as applied to politics originated in the seating arrangements at the French National Assembly in the 18th Century. But it goes back farther than that — all the way to Ecclesiastes 10:2:

The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.

It's amazing how many answers you can find right under your nose in the Bible.

Compliments of the Only Other Conservative in Seattle and the Blue Letter Bible.

Unhinged Hinchey Hides From Tea Party

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:10 PM

Last Saturday deranged, paranoid, and socialist congresscritter Maurice Hinchey had a chance to reach out to the normal Americans our leftist ruling class so haughtily despises. The Southern Tier Tea Party invited him and his Republican challenger George Phillips to make their cases at a rally in Binghamton, New York.

Courageously, Rep. Hinchey faced his infuriated constituents, and calmly explained Democrat policies.

Just kidding of course; Phillips was there to explain his views, but Hinchey was nowhere to be seen.

With the exception of the local Fox affiliate and the openly anti-Tea Party local paper, the media followed the same strategy of ignoring the event in hopes that angry voters will lose spirit and go away.

If a liberal regime falls and nobody reports it, does it make a sound? This November, it will make a deafening crash. In the meantime, here's a look at the crowd, compliments of Consigliere5:


There are millions more where these good folks came from. They won't be ignored forever.

Brad Pitt Calls for Execution of Oil Executives

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Bad news for the Obama-financing crony capitalists atop BP: Tinseltown pretty boy and noted legal scholar Brad Pitt says he would consider the death penalty for those who let the Gulf oil leak happen.

Asked about the people responsible for the crisis, the 'Inglourious Basterds' star said: 'I was never for the death penalty before — I am willing to look at it again.'

It's nice to see that liberals retain the flexibility to change their views in light of new circumstances. Similarly, they were never for freedom of religion or property rights, but are willing to look at them again in light of the Ground Zero Mosque outrage.

Yet another great mind out of Hollyweird.

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Angry Meal

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Moonbats have been raising such a stink about their dislike of Happy Meals (see here and here and here) that they finally persuaded McDonald's to try something more in tune with liberal sensibilities:


Compliments of nancz.

Moonbat Color Craze Applied to Cars

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The liberal obsession with color that disastrously landed an unqualified community organizer in the White House is taking a new turn in moonbattery-addled Boulder, which is now applying it to cars to save the polar bears:

City leaders hope drivers will consider keeping their cars at home one day a week, depending on the color of their vehicle. …
If you have a blue car, keep it home on Monday, grey and silver cars would be kept off the street on Tuesday followed by red, white, and black over the next three days. Drivers of green cars would need to push those weekend errands back to Sunday.

Unsurprisingly, Seattle has a similar program.

Judging cars not by the content of their character but by the color of their paint has taken a more repressive turn in California, where petty tyrants have considered healing the planet by banning black cars.

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Does Freedom of Religion Apply Even to Crosses?

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Now that the Ground Zero Victory Mosque has suddenly inspired in liberals a reverence for freedom of religion and property rights, no doubt the establishment media will begin screeching insults at anyone who opposes the Downings of Vermont:

To Richard and Joan Downing, the 24-foot-tall cross on a hilltop on their property is an expression of their faith. To a state commission that regulates land use, it is out of character with the natural beauty of the rural neighborhood and should come down.
It's a conflict that has cropped up around the country, pitting religious freedom enshrined in the Constitution's First Amendment against the local zoning authority and state land-use control laws.
The Downings, lifelong Roman Catholics in their late 70s, own about 800 acres outside the village of Lyndonville. In 2005, they opened a chapel on their property to serve their family: seven children, three of them adopted, and the 35 foster children they raised, mainly at their other home in Sherborn, Mass.
Their website makes clear the chapel is open to the public, however, offering "those seeking peace and spiritual growth a sanctuary of grace and beauty."

Wherever grace and beauty dare to raise their heads, Big Government stands ready with a mallet. Arguments are ongoing as to whether the cross will be permitted.

Eric Rassbach of the Washington, D.C.-based Becket Fund for Religious Liberty said the religious person's burden is usually weighed against a claim by the government that it has a "compelling interest," such as public safety, in restricting a specific behavior.

That settles the Victory Mosque case. What compelling interest could the government possibly have in preventing an America-bashing radical like Imam Faisal Rauf from raising a 13-story shrine to terrorism at the edge of Ground Zero? It's not as if such an outlandish provocation could lead to violence — whereas a cross out in the country threatens public order.

vermont-cross.jpg  september11.jpg
One of these pictures makes our liberal rulers mad.

On a tip from Ferrell Gummitt.

Another 150 Rapes on the UN's Watch

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When Obama et al. have succeeded in dragging down the USA so that it's just another country, with no more influence than any other, who will hold the bad guys at bay? The answer: the UN of course. The UN's blue-helmeted soldiers of politically correct righteousness are already in action:

GOMA, Democratic Republic of Congo — A mob of Rwandan rebels gang-raped at least 150 women last month during a weekend raid on a community of villages in eastern Congo, United Nations and other humanitarian officials said Sunday.
The United Nations blamed the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda, or F.D.L.R., for the attack. The F.D.L.R. is an ethnic Hutu rebel group that has been terrorizing the hills of eastern Congo for years, preying on villages in a quest for the natural resources beneath them.
The raided villages are near the mining center of Walikale, known to be a rebel stronghold, and are "very insecure," said Stefania Trassari, a spokeswoman for the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. "Rape is something we get quite often."

Information is "still being gathered" regarding whether UN peacekeepers were aware of the attack as it went on and on and on. At least this time it looks like the "peacekeepers" weren't doing the raping themselves. Standing aside uselessly is the best you can hope for from the boys in blue helmets — as can be expected when an army is given to a corrupt gang of kooks, Muslims, and socialist dictators.

Meanwhile, the USA has promised to give the Congolese government $17 million "to fight sexual violence." Whenever anything happens anywhere, the American taxpayer takes it in the neck. While the UN continues to control the situation to the best of its ability, Congo's rulers can start shopping for palaces and guns.

Uselessness has a uniform.

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Open Thread

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August 23, 2010

Silly Stuff

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"Silly stuff" — that's Dem congresscritter Phil Hare's term for constitutional limits on his power:

As you might recall, we've encountered Rep. Hare before. Here he is declaring that the Constitution doesn't matter to him:

The purpose of the Constitution is to defend us from the sort of statist tyrants who now run Washington. The Age of Obama could represent its greatest stress test yet.

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Thomas Sowell Sounds the Alarm

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:45 PM

The moonbat establishment is quite literally destroying our country. Don't take my word for it — the great countermoonbat Thomas Sowell tries to warn the unaware:

Via Human Events.

Minneapolis Zombies Showered With Free Taxpayer Money

Posted by Dave Blount at 5:13 PM

Minneapolis, the town that saw fit to please Allah by sending Nation of Islam congresscritter Keith Ellison to Washington, has exercised its judgment again:

The Minneapolis city attorney's office has decided to pay seven zombies and their attorney $165,000.
The payout, approved by the City Council on Friday, settles a federal lawsuit the seven filed after they were arrested and jailed for two days for dressing up like zombies in downtown Minneapolis on July 22, 2006, to protest "mindless" consumerism.
When arrested at the intersection of Hennepin Avenue and 6th Street N., most of them had thick white powder and fake blood on their faces and dark makeup around their eyes. They were walking in a stiff, lurching fashion and carrying four bags of sound equipment to amplify music from an iPod when they were arrested by police who said they were carrying equipment that simulated "weapons of mass destruction." …
Minneapolis City Attorney Susan L. Segal said it was in the best interests of the city to settle. "We believe the police acted reasonably, but you never know what a jury is going to do with a case," she said.

Needless to say, the zombies were delighted.

"I feel great that the city is being held accountable for the actions of their police," said Raphi Rechitsky, 27, of Minneapolis, one of the seven zombies, who said he and his friends were performing street theater when they were arrested. He is a Ph.D. candidate in sociology at the University of Minnesota.

One day Rechitsky will be a professor, and parents will spend tens of thousands of dollars a year to have his wisdom imparted to their children. At least he knows how money is made these days.

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Compound Ugliness

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Imagine if you crossed Helen Thomas with Madeleine Albright.


You might get something like this:


What would make a Secretary of State resort to an absurd and discredited hoax in an attempt to convince the world to blame us for flooding on the other side of the planet? When it comes to moonbats, ugliness is more than skin deep.

Compliments of John L.

Broke City in Broke State Blows $578 Million on Nation's Costliest School

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:48 PM

By now everyone knows that California is going bankrupt — everyone, that is, except the profligate moonbats running the place:

Next month's opening of the Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools will be auspicious for a reason other than its both storied and infamous history as the former Ambassador Hotel, where the Democratic presidential contender was assassinated in 1968.
With an eye-popping price tag of $578 million, it will mark the inauguration of the nation's most expensive public school ever.
The K-12 complex to house 4,200 students has raised eyebrows across the country as the creme de la creme of "Taj Mahal" schools, $100 million-plus campuses boasting both architectural panache and deluxe amenities.

Features include fine art murals, a manicured 10-acre park, a state of the art swimming pool, a dance studio with cushioned maple floors, a restaurant-quality pizza oven, et cetera, ad nauseam. Also:

[T]he district paid another $15 million preserving historic features, including a wall of the famed Cocoanut Grove nightclub and turning the Paul Williams-designed coffee shop into a faculty lounge.

This obscene monument to overindulgence and fiscal recklessness isn't an anomaly.

The RFK complex follows on the heels of two other LA schools among the nation's costliest — the $377 million Edward R. Roybal Learning Center, which opened in 2008, and the $232 million Visual and Performing Arts High School that debuted in 2009.
The pricey schools have come during a sensitive period for the nation's second-largest school system: Nearly 3,000 teachers have been laid off over the past two years, the academic year and programs have been slashed. The district also faces a $640 million shortfall and some schools persistently rank among the nation's lowest performing.

Yet even now some liberals cling to the notion that spending more improves education.

Maybe Golden State bureauweenies know something we don't — such as who will pick up the tab for this lunacy. We now live in a country where people who live within their means are forced to subsidize the lifestyles of those who don't. Inevitably, responsible states like Texas will have to pay California's bills. This will happen when a massive bailout is imposed to keep the frivolous spending going, while greedy educrats bleat about teachers losing their jobs.

RFK: cost was not a consideration.

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Attacking Christianity Through Parody Marriage

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Applied to politics, moonbattery brought us from Ronald Reagan to Barack Hussein Obama in only two decades. Here's what moonbattery is doing to religion:

To former vicar Colin Coward, it is nothing short of a marriage made in heaven. But the 65-year-old is expected to raise a few traditional eyebrows when he walks down the aisle with the man in his life — a 25-year-old Nigerian model called Bobby.
Mr Coward and his African partner are due to hold a civil partnership later this year, followed by a service at the vicar's church, St John the Baptist church in Devizes, Wiltshire.
The couple met at a Christian conference three years ago, and are planning to make their relationship official in a few weeks' time.

Once Borders Agency bureaucrats give the green light and the obscene parody of a marriage takes place, Bobby Ikekhuame Egbele will become a British subject — demonstrating the effect of moonbattery on immigration policy.

Although no longer employed by the Anglican Church, Coward still has permission to preach. He insists on having a public church service, to amplify the political statement he is making with this depraved union.

The ACLU's approach to destroying Christianity is based on the heavy-handed repression tactics you might expect from communists and their sympathizers. But Coward has the more effective approach: hollow it out, replace it with blasphemy from inside, reduce it to a disgusting, unholy farce.

The groom and groom looking pleased with themselves, via Nigeria Masterweb.

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Catholic Adoption Agency Forced to Turn Children Over to Homosexuals

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:39 AM

Not everyone grasps the importance of resisting liberals' campaign to impose the revolting blasphemy of homosexual "marriage." This should help clarify the matter:

An English Catholic adoption agency has lost its legal appeal against new rules requiring equal treatment for same-sex couples. The ruling will likely cause the closing of England's remaining Catholic adoption agency.
Catholic Care, which has provided adoption services for over 100 years, had challenged regulations requiring all adoption agencies to place children with homosexual couples. While other Church-administered agencies bowed out of adoption services when the the Equality Act went into effect in December 2009, Catholic Care lodged a legal appeal, claiming exemption from the same-sex adoption on the grounds of religious principle.

"Religious principle" is not an argument likely to get you far with our liberal ruling class — at least not if the religion in question isn't Islam.

[T]he Charity Commission ruled that the Catholic agency is legally obliged to place children with homosexual couples. Andew Hind, the head of the commission, explained that "because the prohibition on such discrimination is a fundamental principle of human rights law, such discrimination can only be permitted in the most compelling circumstances."

If deliberately placing children in freakish situations doesn't constitute a compelling circumstance, how about the homosexual practice of adopting children as sex slaves?

Bottom line: Perverts have political power; children don't. But what difference does it make if orphanages go the way of the horse and buggy? Liberals have figured out that abortion is more cost-effective than adoption anyway.

Children at San Franfreakshow's Fulsom Street Fair.

On a tip from Muddypaw.

Cloward-Piven Blueprint Continues to Unfold

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:56 AM

The Washington Times gives three more reasons to believe that the Cloward-Piven strategy of ushering in communism by deliberately collapsing the economy under the burden of public spending is alive and well:

First came word that new jobless claims … jumped above half a million, a number so large that one economist said "it looks like the economy ran into a wall." Second came a Congressional Budget Office estimate that this year's federal deficit will be well above $1.3 trillion for a second straight year and remain above $1 trillion next year as well — causing as much debt in three years as government built up in the previous 219.
Third came the announcement by Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) that [last Wednesday] was the 2010 "Cost of Government Day," which is "the day on which the average American has earned enough gross income to pay off his or her share of the spending and regulatory burdens imposed by government at the federal, state and local levels." Just two years ago, Cost of Government Day fell an astonishing 34 days earlier. This year, the average American worked 231 days just to support government, which consumes 63.41 percent of national income.

That is to say, if we could get the government monkey off our backs, our standard of living would be close to three times as high.

It gets worse:

If anything, ATR underestimates the problem. Of those 231 days, 74 are taken up by regulatory costs. But that includes only the direct costs of new equipment and labor time required by government red tape. "Not counted are … hidden costs" (such as discouraging new business investment), according to ATR, that "may be as large as the direct compliance costs of regulation. Economists at Washington University in St. Louis, leaders in the study of regulation, estimated these costs to be over $1.5 trillion per year in 2009."

However, as with FDR's Great Depression, bad times for us are high times for our rulers:

Taxpayers foot the bill for an increasing number of government workers at outrageously growing wages. ATR reports that federal employment has increased by 230,000, or nearly 5 percent, in just the past year. USA Today reported Aug. 10 that federal pay and benefits per employee now average more than twice that of private workers: $123,049 compared to $61,051. Federal salaries outpaced inflation in the past decade by 33 percent.

Federal employees have the added benefit of not being expected to do anything productive.

Such government extravagance is unsustainable, and all this doesn't even take into account the $115.8 trillion of unfunded liabilities in Social Security and Medicare, as calculated by Michael D. Tanner of the Cato Institute.

If we don't get the keys to the liquor cabinet away from the liberal elite, they will drink our entire civilization into collapse, either because they are irresponsible, dissolute lowlifes, or because they are consciously evil lowlifes who grew up on the teachings of Richard Cloward, Frances Fox Piven, Saul Alinsky, Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, et al. and out of hatred for the American way fully intend to bring about the catastrophe looming just over the horizon.


On a tip from Oiao.

Philadelphia Taxes Bloggers

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:53 AM

There is no productive activity that the parasites calling themselves our government won't suffocate with their runaway greed. The avaricious moonbats running the remnants of Philadelphia into the ground are now taxing blogs.

Marilyn Bess has made $50 over the past few years from her microblog MS Philly Organic and contributions to

In May, the city sent Bess a letter demanding that she pay $300, the price of a business privilege license.
"The real kick in the pants is that I don't even have a full-time job, so for the city to tell me to pony up $300 for a business privilege license, pay wage tax, business privilege tax, net profits tax on a handful of money is outrageous," Bess says.
It would be one thing if Bess' website were, well, an actual business, or if the amount of money the city wanted didn't outpace her earnings six-fold. Sure, the city has its rules; and yes, cash-strapped cities can't very well ignore potential sources of income. But at the same time, there must be some room for discretion and common sense.

However, if Big Government had any discretion or common sense, it wouldn't relentlessly spend itself into the situation of having to loot every last penny it can find.

When Bess pressed her case to officials with the city's now-closed tax amnesty program, she says, "I was told to hire an accountant."
She's not alone. After dutifully reporting even the smallest profits on their tax filings this year, a number — though no one knows exactly what that number is — of Philadelphia bloggers were dispatched letters informing them that they owe $300 for a privilege license, plus taxes on any profits they made. …
Even though small-time bloggers aren't exactly raking in the dough, the city requires privilege licenses for any business engaged in any "activity for profit," says tax attorney Michael Mandale of Center City law firm Mandale Kaufmann. This applies "whether or not they earned a profit during the preceding year," he adds.

The result is that the vast majority of Philly bloggers probably have to pay more in taxes and fees than they generate in revenue. The power to tax is the power to destroy — and to silence.

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Open Thread

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August 22, 2010

Sarah Palin Denounced by Kooks in Bear Outfits

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It turns out that Sarah Palin does not speak for liberal ideologues who dress in absurd bear outfits:

Every time a moonbat denounces Saracuda, her stock rises a little higher.

On a tip from Exit Pursued by a Bear. Hat tip: Ace of Spades HQ.

Separated at Birth?

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:30 PM

Utterly unhinged moonbat congresscritter Anthony Wiener and Screech from the sitcom Saved by the Bell:

wiener.jpg  screech.jpg

Compliments of Graycat.

Why the T-Shirt Industry Needs More Regulation

Posted by Dave Blount at 4:15 PM

No wonder our collectivist rulers hate capitalism so much. Unlike liberal politicians, the market does not lie — as we see in Martha's Vineyard, where the Vacationer in Chief is currently loafing:

At SunSations T-shirt shop in Oak Bluffs the two hottest selling shirts are the "I Vacationed With The President" tee or the "Miss Me Yet?" shirt featuring ex-prez George Bush with the tagline: "How's That Hope-y Change-y Thing Workin' Out For You?"
"We haven't been able to keep that one on the shelf," said store manager Amy Gillian.
A number of Obama fans got rather hot under the collar when they saw another top seller — a Three Stooges tee with the president as Moe, Vice President Joe Biden as Larry and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as Curly. That one reads "The REAL Stooges."
"One person in particular was highly upset," Gillian said. "But, you know, we're not trying to make a statement, we're just trying to sell T-shirts."

You see what happens when capitalist swine are allowed to forget social obligations in their shameless pursuit of profit. The solution is obvious: tax shirts that make fun of The Anointed One, and use the funds to subsidize shirts that revere him. That's how Big Government picks winners and losers everywhere else in the economy.

Without government intervention, people will buy shirts like this.

Hat tip: The Corner. On a tip from Byron.

Muslim Massacre at Fort Hood Downgraded to "Workplace Violence"

Posted by Dave Blount at 1:31 PM

Remarkably, it has taken the politically correct bureauweenies atop the Army less than a year to respond to the terrorist massacre at Fort Hood. Here's how the butt-kissing brass will make sure there are no more Islamic terror attacks by Muslim infiltrators within the military:

More than nine months after the Fort Hood, Texas, massacre, Defense Secretary Robert Gates has ordered a series of changes meant to prevent such incidents.
In a 26-page memo released [Friday] and signed Aug. 18, Gates ordered a series of procedural and policy changes that focus on identifying, responding to and preventing potential workplace violence.
On Nov. 5, 2009, Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, an American-born Muslim of Palestinian descent, allegedly shot and killed 13 people [actually 14, but libs don't count unborn babies] and wounded dozens more at the Texas base. …
The changes include plans to educate military commanders on signs of potential workplace violence, increase commanders' access to personnel records and improve emergency notifications and the 911 system.

Apparently scrutinizing Muslims with radical associations who wave large red banners in advance of their killing sprees was not found to be necessary. Army bases like Fort Hood will no doubt remain gun-free zones, ensuring that our troops are helpless sitting ducks for the next Major Hasan.

The important thing is to twist ourselves into whatever demented contortions might be necessary so as to pretend that Hasan was just a disgruntled worker who happened to go postal, and his scream of "Allahu Akbar" as the bloodshed began was only an irrelevant slip of the tongue.

On a tip from Jodie.

This Economic Havoc Brought to You by the Letter W

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:28 PM

The statist media is getting desperate in its attempts to blame W for the economic havoc Comrade Obama is wreaking. As we stagger toward the second dip of a recession that thanks to the Manchurian Moonbat's malignant policies may become a depression, CNN opts for some clever psychological tactics — clever by CNN standards, anyway:

On a tip from TrickleUpPolitics.

Ecototalitarian Trash Cans

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:42 AM

By now everyone with an IQ higher than room temperature gets it that the environmental movement is a thin mask for the totalitarianism liberals have longed to inflict since the days of Woodrow Wilson. This will help enlighten everyone else:

[The moonbat-controlled city of Cleveland] plans to sort through curbside trash to make sure residents are recycling — and fine them $100 if they don't.
The move is part of a high-tech collection system the city will roll out next year with new trash and recycling carts embedded with radio frequency identification chips and bar codes.
The chips will allow city workers to monitor how often residents roll carts to the curb for collection. If a chip show a recyclable cart hasn't been brought to the curb in weeks, a trash supervisor will sort through the trash for recyclables.
Trash carts containing more than 10 percent recyclable material could lead to a $100 fine, according to Waste Collection Commissioner Ronnie Owens.

Vermin do love to burrow through garbage — why should our moonbat rulers be an exception? Taxpayers in destitute Cleveland will be robbed of another $2.5 million to pay for this surreal invasion of their privacy, and they're still at the expanded pilot program stage.

The Mistake by the Lake isn't venturing alone into this latest extreme of politically correct micromanagement:

The chip-embedded carts are just starting to catch on elsewhere. The Washington, D.C. suburb of Alexandria, Va., earlier this year announced it would issue carts to check whether people are recycling.
Some cities in England have used the high-tech trash carts for several years to weigh how much garbage people throw out. People are charged extra for exceeding allotted limits.

At least it's nice to see that some of the hundreds of $billions our rulers have blown on "stimulus" may actually stimulate something:

Two Senate Republicans are calling out a Dayton recycling program for what they say was wasteful spending of federal stimulus government stimulus dollars.
Sen. John McCain and Sen. Tom Coburn identified 100 questionable stimulus projects across the country and put Dayton on the list.
The city received $500,000 to track large recycling bins with microchips.

Like the vast majority of porkulus spending, this obviously won't help the economy one iota, but should help to stimulate the rising rage of the American public.


On tips from SR, Son of Taz, BURNING HOT, Gary in Washington State, mega, and G. Fox. Hat tip: Michelle Malkin.

Open Thread

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August 21, 2010

We Remember

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September 11 will not be forgotten no matter what happens. The only question is how it will be remembered: with reverence for the fallen, or as an Islamic victory.

On a tip from Oiao.

Moonbat Money II

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:39 AM

Delirious with moonbattery, some Obamunists want their mediocre Marxist messiah's face on the $1 bill. But this would be far more appropriate:


Compliments of Sad Hill News.

Marco Rubio on American Exceptionalism

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:09 AM

Marco Rubio is a guy who gets it:

Rubio is running neck and neck in his Florida Senate race with the repugnant Charlie Crist, who supports the Ground Zero Mosque and is sympathetic to the outrageous ultra-left concept of "slavery reparations." Following in the footsteps of the odious Michael Bloomberg, Crist was a RINO, but discarded his party affiliation when it no longer facilitated his personal ambitions. The Dem candidate is running a distant third.

This race is crucial. Rubio has got to win.

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Open Thread

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August 20, 2010

Moonbat Wisdom From Russell Simmons

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:52 PM

Moonbat rap mogul Russell Simmons explains why we shouldn't blame put-upon Muslims for the atrocities they committed on 9/11:

Since we didn't blame Christians the first time Muslims tried to blow up the World Trade Center, we shouldn't blame Muslims when they tried again and succeeded. If this makes sense to you, congratulations. You qualify to partake of the ruling class's official ideology.

On tips from BURNING HOT and nancz.

Evidence of B. Hussein's Religiousness

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:19 PM

It's Chris Matthews's unenviable job to make this farcical presidency a success. But I'd like to help out by presenting evidence that BHO really is devoutly religious, just as the White House so desperately claims:

Compliments of Granny Jan.

It's Just a Mosque

Posted by Dave Blount at 4:21 PM

New plan for a decorative pinnacle atop the highest minaret of the Ground Zero Mosque:


On a tip from TED.

Mystery Moonbat

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:37 PM

Can you name this moonbat? He grew up (sort of) to be one of the most astonishingly unhinged leftists in Congress. Hint: no, Arnold Horshack from Welcome Back Kotter was never in Congress.


The answer.

On a tip from Matt in Texas.

Outsourcing Isn't Always a Bad Thing

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:55 PM

If only…


On a tip from Marshman.

AP Forbids the Term "Ground Zero Mosque"

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:48 AM

Despite their grotesque and insulting denunciations of anyone who opposes the Ground Zero Mosque, apparatchiks in our statist media have not been able to spin this blasphemy so as to cast its supporters in a favorable light. Consequently, the term "Ground Zero Mosque" has been struck from the Newspeak dictionary. From a note Associated Press Deputy Managing Editor for Standards and Production Tom Kent sent to staff:

We should continue to avoid the phrase "ground zero mosque" or "mosque at ground zero" on all platforms. (We've very rarely used this wording, except in slugs, though we sometimes see other news sources using the term.) The site of the proposed Islamic center and mosque is not at ground zero, but two blocks away in a busy commercial area.

Two blocks away is close enough for the building to have been damaged by debris from the Muslim atrocities of 9/11. This is explicitly why the Ground Zero Mosque's backers insist it has to be there and not elsewhere. Pretending that the proximity to Ground Zero is not the whole point of this obscenity confirms once again that the goal of AP is not to inform us, but to mislead us on behalf of America's enemies.

september 11
The way to win friends among the liberals at AP.

On a tip from SR.

Muslim Bullying Targets Disney

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:05 AM

On September 11, 2001, Muslims so endeared themselves to liberals that they earned honorary membership in the ranks of the Sacred Victims. One thing this means is that if you don't hire them, you will be sued. What happens if you do hire them? You will be sued:

Disneyland Resort hotel employee accused Disney of discrimination for refusing to let her wear a Muslim head scarf at work in public.
Imane Boudlal, a restaurant hostess at the Storytellers' Cafe in the Grand Californian Hotel in Downtown Disney, said she has been sent home without pay four times this week after attempting to wear a hijab at work.
But Suzi Brown, a Disneyland Resort spokeswoman, said Boudlal was offered a behind-the-scenes assignment at the restaurant until a solution could be figured out.

Not good enough. CAIR, the Hamas-affiliated Muslim version of the ACLU, is already on the case.

Disney has a strict dress code, the purpose of which is to maintain the "Disney look." If you don't want to adhere to the dress code, you can work somewhere else. Or you can hire a lawyer.


On a tip from Burning Hot. Hat tip: Winds of Jihad.

Another $10 Billion Down the Crapper

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:37 AM

Via Big Government, here's a picture that sums up Obama's education policy:


Wait, didn't the government just flush another $10 billion that we can't afford down public education? But I'm forgetting, the money goes to the teacher's unions to whom the Democrat Party is so slavishly beholden. The educrats get their six-figure salaries and gold-plated pension plans. As for the kids, they can expand their multicultural awareness by learning to wipe Muslim style.

On a tip from Henry.

Obama Recess Appoints Lover of Communist Spy as Ambassador to El Salvador

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:47 AM

Anyone who still seriously doubts that Barack Hussein Obama is an enemy of the United States and the freedom it represents is invited to explain this:

He has appointed Maria del Carmen Aponte to be Ambassador to El Salvador.
Three United States Senators have a hold on her nomination. Why? Because she had a longterm relationship with a top Cuban spy.

As with Donald Berwick — an alarmingly outspoken socialist advocate of state-controlled medicine and the life and death rationing it entails — Obama had to make a recess appointment, since not even the leftists dominating the Senate would confirm such an outrageous choice.

The great Ronaldus Maximus struggled mightily to free Central America from communist oppression — to the outrage of the Marxist vermin who run the news media and have now managed to install Reagan's antithesis in the White House. No doubt the same forces of evil that have choked the once vibrant life out of Cuba and that are strangling Venezuela would like to get their hands around El Salvador's throat. At the least, positioning the close associate of a communist spy as ambassador sends a loud message that Americans will do nothing to defend freedom from totalitarianism until our own country has been liberated from radical statists.

Comrade Obama does get credit for consistency. When the thuggish Manuel Zelaya attempted a communist coup in Honduras with the backing of Venezuela's troublemaking socialist dictator Hugo Chavez, the Obama Regime backed Zelaya against the democratic government.

They have been trying for decades; finally, freedom's enemies have managed to hijack Washington. Until patriots have regained control of the government, Americans aren't the good guys anymore.

On a tip from Byron.

Open Thread

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:13 AM

Compliments of Sad Hill.

August 19, 2010

Video: Ground Zero Mosque Imam Blaming America for September 11

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:41 PM

How thoughtful of the moonbats at 60 Minutes to provide Ground Zero Victory Mosque imam Feisal Abdul Rauf with a platform to denounce us for our alleged complicity in attacking ourselves on September 11:

Rauf makes it clear how much he despises America. By helping this cockroach build his Victory Mosque, so do our liberal rulers in the government and media.

On a tip from TrickleUpPolitics.

Moonbat Money

Posted by Dave Blount at 5:59 PM

This is not a sick joke, but an American $1 bill as envisioned by the Dollar ReDe$ign Project:


Chairman Zero's mug on a $0 bill would be far more appropriate. But then, after a couple more years with him in the White House, a $1 bill may be worth about $0.

On a tip from BURNING HOT. Hat tip: Gateway Pundit.

Who's Extreme?

Posted by Dave Blount at 3:55 PM

It's going to be fun watching our liberal rulers' strategy of telling us we're extreme explode in their haughty faces this November.

On a tip from TrickleUpPolitics.

Salt in the Wound

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:54 PM

Don't ever forget September 11, and don't ever forget the liberal politicians and journalists who have tried to ram the obscene Ground Zero Mosque down our throats.

Hat tip: Atlas Shrugs.

Politically Correct Meat

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:43 PM

Not all moonbats are so authoritarian that they would forbid you to eat meat — so long as no animals are harmed:


Via FAIL Blog, on a tip from BURNING HOT.

Coercively Financed Sex Tourism Is a Human Right

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:46 AM

Real rights, as enshrined in our Constitution, are fundamental but few. In contrast, the phony rights bestowed by Big Government in exchange for our sheeplike obedience are without number. In formerly great Britain, they even include the right to have someone else pay for your trip to Holland to visit to a prostitute:

A man of 21 with learning disabilities has been granted taxpayers' money to fly to Amsterdam and have sex with a prostitute.
His social worker says sex is a 'human right' for the unnamed individual — described as a frustrated virgin.
His trip to a brothel in the Dutch capital's red light district next month is being funded through a £520 million scheme introduced by the last government to empower those with disabilities.

Listen to his social worker pile on the moonbattery:

"Wouldn't you prefer that we can control this, guide him, educate him, support him to understand the process and ultimately end up satisfying his needs in a secure, licensed place where his happiness and growth as a person is the most important thing?
"Refusing to offer him this service would be a violation of his human rights."

According to our moonbat rulers, "growth as a person" is achieved by copulating with whores. The concept of human rights has long since been reduced by liberalism to a tasteless farce.

Even in decadent Holland, it is illegal to pay for sex with women who have been coerced into prostitution. But in England, it's perfectly legal to coerce the public to finance degeneracy.

A European prostitute, prepared to advance your growth as a person.

On a tip from BURNING HOT. Hat tip: Jawa Report.

Barney Frank Discovers Fiscal Responsibility

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:05 AM

Facing the prospect of a definitive rejection at the polls this November, Democrats are scrambling to change their spots. Barney Frank, aka "The Banking Queen," played a key roll in the financial collapse of 2008 by protecting Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from reform, even as they threatened to bring down the entire economy. Despite being the best friend of these gigantic money pits and even a homosexual sex partner of Fannie Mae executive Herb Moses, Fwank sounds downright conservative as he admits that these corrupt, socialistic abominations have got to be abolished before they cause more havoc:

After years of dissembling and denial, Rep. Barney Frank has finally come out. He now says bankrupt government mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac "should be abolished." Better late than never.
"There were people in this society who for economic and, frankly, social reasons can't and shouldn't be homeowners," Frank said in an interview with the Fox Business Network and sounding a lot more like an elephant than a donkey. "I think we should, particularly, stop this assumption that you put everybody into homeownership."
After years of blaming heartless Republicans and Wall Street for the crisis caused by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac — and their predominantly Democratic supporters in Congress — it's refreshing to hear a member of the Democratic Party admit his mistakes.
It's especially true of Frank, who, more than any other elected official, championed the cause of the government-sponsored enterprises Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Indeed, Frank is most responsible for stopping GSE reform in the early 2000s, at a time when such a move might have prevented the financial meltdown.

Maybe even The Banking Queen has figured out that trying to blame Democrat coercion, corruption, and incompetence on the free market isn't playing in Peoria anymore. With any luck, it won't even play in Taxachusetts, where voters will hopefully see through his head feint and vote this clown out of office before he can move us any closer to destitute socialism by building a new governmental mortgage monstrosity.

In the meantime, listen to him sing:

On a tip from Oiao.

The Third September 11 Memorial

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:23 AM

Remember the "Crescent of Betrayal" outrage, whereby moonbats plan to memorialize Flight 93 by building a giant mihrab north of Shanksville, Pennsylvania? Follow that up with the Ground Zero Victory Mosque, and there will be only one 9/11 monument left to build — a Pentagon memorial:


Compliments of Jed.

PopCrunch Tells Us the Sky Is Green

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:02 AM

PopCrunch has taken Obamunist affirmative action to the last extreme of self-parody by listing the top 12 Hottest Politicians' Wives with guess who in the Number One slot:


We've been force-fed this strain of obsequious absurdity since early 2008, but the piece is worth reading for the comments. A few examples:

Michelle Obama? She is coyote ugly, but #1 on your list? Whoever made that decision is blind.
Michelle Obama beautiful!??? WTF pays you blind clowns? She looks like a man in drag! She looks more like a friggin Baboon then a human female. Damn, are you a bunch of ass kissing idiots!
Oh my God!! Did a 4th grader from Chicago compile this list.
Michelle Obama? Are you kidding me? Really, the author of this piece must feel a similar attraction to Chewbacca.
I assume your # 1 pick is satire? Maybe an April Fools prank?
Sorry, Michelle Obama? The woman has SIX toes on one foot. She has a huge rear end and a gut.
Politics or no politics, she's a nasty brute of a woman. Stop letting politics color things that are just not so. It ruins what credibility you have.
I like Michelle, I really do, but "hottest" should be reserved for people that do not resemble Aunt Ester. I feel her addition to the list was to cause controversy but to add her to list as number one means you do not care about the credibility of your opinions.
Is this the Onion?
This a joke right? You people are absolute blind and tasteless.
Michelle Obama ??!! "cool couple" ??!! Are you kidding ? She looks like she has down syndrome, dresses like someone who has no class yet is pretended to have class, and loves spending the American taxpayers' money. As for "cool couple", they are an embarassment, ruin everything they touch or get involved in, and every decision they make is wrong for America. Furthermore, her husband is an effeminate girly-man.
Michelle Obama is a MILF … a mama I'd like to forget.
Michelle Obama is attractive like Stephen Hawking is dumb … like Michael Moore is thin … like Barack Obama is humble. Need I go on?
Michelle Obama? WTF? With a face like that, she has to sneak up on a glass of water. Constantly filling her face with ice cream, she will put on a good 50 pounds before PBO is voted out of office.
Moochell is in no way shape or form suitable for #1. Not even #100. Jeez, you people…
Michelle Obama # 1 is a joke. She looks like a gargoyle or gremlin.
ahahahahahahahhahahaah {EXPLETIVE DELETED} Michelle Obama is #1 WTF?
I want whatever dope this blog is on and I will pay well. You have to be stoner than DMT to think Michelle Obama is hot. Maybe you really like Barack Hussein but are skeered to come out.
Would I rather be stuck on an elevator with a wookie (Michelle Obozo) or with a class act (Barbara Bush)? Hmmmm. Touch decision there (sarcasm intended).
How in the flying {EXPLETIVE DELETED} did obama's wife make this list?

Every single comment expresses contempt for the choice.

They can tell us the sky is green until their faces are blue. Getting us to believe them instead of our own eyes is another matter. If anything good has come of the catastrophic hoax that is Obamunism, it's that by now only dopes haven't learned not to take the media's word for anything.

On a tip from Lyle.

Open Thread

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On a tip from Oiao. No offense meant to the Navy on the earlier picture.

August 18, 2010


Posted by Dave Blount at 6:43 PM

As the rise of Barack Hussein Obama has made obvious, the Cold War isn't over. The new documentary Agenda: Grinding America Down gives an idea of how far we are from winning it:

Communists have been eating away at us from within for decades. With Obama, the attack is coming to a head. If we don't fight like tigers, this will be the generation that lets the flame of liberty die.

On a tip from Sal.

A Time for Choosing

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:26 PM

This is a little long, but vintage countermoonbattery from Ronaldus Maximus is worth every minute:

If ever there was a time for choosing, it's now. If we don't choose to reject liberalism decisively and utterly, it will very soon be too late to get our country back.

On a tip from Joe Biden.

B. Hussein's Bowing Explained

Posted by Dave Blount at 4:31 PM

Could it be that the Manchurian Moonbat's compulsive bowing is intended to cover for his first appallingly appropriate bow to Saudi King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz?

By now, even this seems possible. All we know for sure is that he is destroying our country and is hostile to our allies, prominently including Israel.

On a tip from Conan.

How to Get Snakes Off a Plane

Posted by Dave Blount at 1:55 PM

Comrade Obama discovers the fastest way to evacuate Democrat Congresscritters from an airplane:

On tips from Byron and Incitatus.

Trolls Paid With Our Money?

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:13 PM

No one familiar with Barack Hussein Obama's radical left background will be surprised that he has tried to govern like a socialist dictator. Thanks to a rubberstamp Congress and a complicit media, he's been getting away with it — so far. In a new report [PDF], Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), ranking member of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and Judiciary Committee, documents a few of his transgressions. From the executive summary, via Pajamas Media:

The Obama Administration frequently used federal resources to promote the President's agenda. In many cases, the Administration relied on the reach and resources of federal agencies and their personnel to promote certain of the President's favorite programs. The White House also leveraged ties to the arts and entertainment community to embed propaganda in the content of television programming and artwork. These propaganda efforts violated appropriations riders and federal law prohibiting the use of appropriated funds for publicity or propaganda purposes.
The White House also used its inherent visibility advantages to multiply the effectiveness of websites containing misleading and controversial information. The White House used its resources to push visitors to websites that urge grassroots activism based on false and misleading information. The President's right to sell his policy recommendations to Congress and the public is not disputed; however, using the resources of the federal government to activate a sophisticated propaganda and lobbying campaign is an abuse of office and a betrayal of the President's pledge to create "an unprecedented level of openness in Government."

Not all of the Obamunist propaganda we taxpayers are financing is terribly sophisticated, as moonbat trolls attest:

One of the more shocking abuses listed in the report is the Department of Justice's hiring of a liberal blogger, apparently with the express intention of attacking conservative bloggers.
Tracy Russo, former campaign blogger for John Edwards, was hired by the DOJ's Office of Public Affairs (OPA) to direct its "new media efforts." The report notes that these efforts include Russo searching online for news items and blog entries critical of the president's agenda, and then attacking the author or contents either anonymously or through a pseudonym. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Ranking Member Issa and House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Lamar Smith sent a letter in October of 2009 to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder calling for an investigation of Russo's apparently unlawful actions. Neither Holder nor the Department of Justice has responded to the congressional inquiry. Russo continues to post on the DOJ's official blog. It is not known if she still continues to anonymously "troll" blogs and articles critical of the administration on the taxpayers' payroll.

It could be that the leftist creepazoids that troll have so much time on their hands because they are paid to spew moonbat talking points by our rulers with our money.

Anyone who isn't furious yet probably has no pulse, and should call the nearest funeral parlor to arrange to be collected.

On a tip from Gary.

Victory Mosque Muslims Refuse to Discuss Building Elsewhere

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:59 AM

Location, location, location. Those are the three most important things to consider when building mosques to commemorate Muslim triumphs over the unclean infidel. This is why Ground Zero Victory Mosque imam Faisal Abdul Rauf has refused to even discuss accepting evidently free land to build his mosque somewhere other than at the site of the murder of 3,000 Americans in the name of his death cult.

The developers of an Islamic cultural center that would include a mosque near Ground Zero have rejected Gov. David Paterson's offer to help them find a different site.
Paterson said today the group is apparently committed to building in the proposed site. "I think they would like to stay where they are, and I certainly respect that and I certainly respect them," Paterson said.

Certainly; Paterson is a Democrat. At least he seems to be dimly aware that the peasants under his rule aren't going to take this lying down. As for the lowest life form known to science:

Mayor Michael Bloomberg … last week made an impassioned defense of the project, saying it would be a "sad day" if the project gets shut down.

By dismissing out of hand the idea of constructing this obscenity elsewhere, Rauf and his furtive Islamofascist financiers have made it deliberately clear that the point is to gloat and to provoke. For our liberal rulers to quack otherwise is not so much ingenuous or even disingenuous as it is a gob of saliva in the face of any decent American who might be listening.

Marked in red: where the 13-story Victory Mosque just has to be.

On tips from TrickleUpPolitics and Oiao.

Moonbat Culture: Ann Liv Young

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:51 AM

One reason our ruling class despises us is that we lack a sophisticated appreciation of liberal elite culture. So let's better ourselves by learning to like it. We can start with performance artist Ann Liv Young, aka Sherry:

Sherry is Ms. Young's outré persona, a trashy Southern blonde who never met a confrontation she didn't like. In February Sherry went to P.S. 1 [a "contemporary art center" in NYC] as part of Saturday Sessions, a series dedicated to emerging performance art.
On the bill, which was organized by Brooklyn Is Burning, a presenter of art events around the city, Ms. Young's Sherry followed a performance by Georgia Sagri and quickly embarked on a blunt, profane monologue accompanied by masturbation, urination and an attack on Ms. Sagri's work. Ms. Sagri responded, yelling insults and according to some witness accounts had to be physically restrained; various audience members chimed in on Ms. Sagri's behalf.

Since there was no fire hose handy, P.S. 1 director Klaus Biesenbach defused the situation by shutting off power to the windowless room. Fellow art weenie Andres Bedoya (a Brooklyn Is Burning curator) whines that this was "a form of censorship."

"Turning off the power on artists and mature audience members because the institution is suddenly unwilling to deal with a performer or an event is not acceptable," Mr. Bedoya wrote in an e-mail from Bolivia, where he is on a residency. …
Mr. Bedoya said he had never received an explanation from the museum. Nor did Ms. Young, who fell in the darkness, cutting her knee and spilling a bucket of her own urine on herself and several audience members. Yet Ms. Young and others consider her performance a success.

Ms. Young will be back on the stage at P.S. 1 as soon as certain legal issues are resolved. She occupies a studio there as part of the "Greater New York" exhibition. Art lovers will want to keep Biesenbach away from the power switch, and are advised not to sit in the front row.

Ann Liv Young: Culture deranged by moonbattery. Via Desire Lines.

On a tip from Alan.

Pelosi Calls for Investigation Into Ground Zero Mosque Resistance

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:55 AM

Considering how secretive the Islamists behind the Ground Zero Victory Mosque have been about their funding, we can only assume the worst: Saudi Arabia (home to 15 of the 19 September 11 hijackers that the mosque will commemorate) and possibly our sworn terrorist enemy Iran. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is naturally calling for an investigation into the funding. Since we now live in upside-down world, with people who loathe America in control of the government, the investigation will be into funding not for the mosque, but for resistance to the mosque:

"There is no question there is a concerted effort to make this a political issue by some. And I join those who have called for looking into how is this opposition to the mosque being funded," she said. "How is this being ginned up that here we are talking about Treasure Island,* something we've been working on for decades, something of great interest to our community as we go forward to an election about the future of our country and two of the first three questions are about a zoning issue in New York City."

As for looking into where Ground Zero Victory Mosque imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is getting his money…

Calls to investigate the funding for those proposing the $100 million "Cordoba House" have fallen on deaf ears, though, as New York's Mayor Mike Bloomberg has described such an investigation as "un-American."

Dismissing the construction of a 13-story monument to Islamic terrorism at Ground Zero as a zoning issue is like calling the September 11 atrocities themselves an air traffic control issue. Since it is political suicide for vermin like Pelosi and Bloomberg to explicitly confirm our suspicions that they will side with any enemy of America out of sheer vileness, they must actually believe that we little people are so mentally defective that there is some chance we will accept their preposterous excuses for backing the Islamofascist agenda.

Speaking of vermin, America's enemies, and the mentally defective, here's how MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell sums up the controversy:

But I think there's a question about whether what Pres. Obama said and President [sic; she meant Mayor for Life] Bloomberg said were at least the right thing to do. And when do we stop praising politicians for doing what is right just because it's not politically expedient? I thought the reason everybody's groaning all the time about our politicians is because they're such hacks and nobody stands up for what's right. Who cares about the concrete? Somebody's got to say that we're not going to act like the people who stole freedom from Americans, the people who attacked America and killed 3,000 people.

That is, if you don't side with the terrorists, you're just like a terrorist. What kind of logic do you expect in liberal upside-down world?

At least one thing still makes sense: the terror cult Hamas gives the Victory Mosque two thumbs up.

A message for anyone tempted to take Pelousy, Bloomberg, O'Donnell et al. at face value, via Big Peace.

*Treasure Island refers to a corrupt land grab whereby Pelousy is seizing valuable land from the Navy on behalf of local San Fransicko cronies.

On tips from Sad Hill, Smorfia48, Byron, Henry, Jodie, Gary, and SR.

Open Thread

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:47 AM

On a tip from Anonymous Countermoonbat.

August 17, 2010

Are We Still Americans?

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:22 PM

We were when we elected Reagan.

Hopefully the 2008 election was just a ghastly, disgusting, shameful mistake. In November we can begin correcting it.

On a tip from Gary. Hat tip: Jawa Report.


Posted by Dave Blount at 6:01 PM

Not all charities are nice. Islamic charities kill the innocent. But then, we infidels are unclean, according to the Islamic law that Ground Zero Mosque Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf wants imposed in America. How could we be innocent?

B. Hussein was a friend to terrorists before his election (Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, Rashid Khalidi). Why shouldn't he be a friend to them now?

On a tip from Thoynes.

Piers Corbyn Denounces the Global Warming Gravy Train

Posted by Dave Blount at 5:45 PM

Not all scientists have been corrupted into climbing aboard the global warming gravy train. Look what happens when a moonbat propagandist tries to get astrophysicist and WeatherAction founder Piers Corbyn to blame warm weather in Russia on harmless CO2.

On a tip from TrickleUpPolitics.

Warning Labels for the New York and Los Angeles Times

Posted by Dave Blount at 3:23 PM

Why not? Thanks to America's lawyer infestation, we've got them stuck all over everything else.


On a tip from Michelle.

Michelle Antoinette

Posted by Dave Blount at 1:30 PM


On a tip from TED.

Babs Bailing on Bammy?

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:04 AM

If a left-wing president loses Barbra Streisand — the personification of Tinseltown liberal elitism — it's safe to say his ship is going down:

Barbra Streisand and Jeffrey Katzenberg were no-shows at a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraiser the two were to co-host Monday night at the Los Angeles home of television producer John Wells.
President Obama spoke at the event, and other co-hosts included Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams.

Katzenberg is a producer and CEO of Dreamworks who has shoveled massive piles of money at Dems. Maybe he's learning to spend his money more wisely.

At least Obama still has Steven Spielberg humping his leg — for now.

barbra streisand
No longer in B. Hussein's corner?

On a tip from Gary.

Liberal Backing of Victory Mosque Explained

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:05 AM

By now we've figured out that the Ground Zero Victory Mosque is moving forward because our liberal rulers want it there. It seems incomprehensible, but once we've gotten our heads around Barack Hussein Obama's election — and the hard shove from the liberal elite that made it happen — we can understand this too.

Remember Tom Brokaw at Obama's coronation, serving as avatar of the sneering left-wing snob media that put the Manchurian Moonbat in power, crowing, "Take this!" — meaning, "Take that, America!" Remember this treasure from repugnant New York Times propagandist Nicholas Kristof:

Mr. Obama recalled the opening lines of the Arabic call to prayer, reciting them with a first-rate accent. In a remark that seemed delightfully uncalculated (it'll give Alabama voters heart attacks), Mr. Obama described the call to prayer as "one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset."

Kristof could hardly contain his glee. He, Brokaw, and the rest of their club put an unqualified ultra-left community organizer with a Muslim background and a name like a terrorist in the White House as a way of poking a sharp stick in the eye of "Alabama voters" — which is liberalese for the normal Americans they so haughtily despise.

They want that obscene mosque there for the same reason the Muslims do: because they hate us.

September 11
This was too fleeting; a mosque will be more permanent.

Only Post-Consumer Toilet Paper May Touch Sheryl Crow's Behind

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:15 AM

When pop star Sheryl Crow called on Americans to save the polar bears by using only one square of toilet paper, the response was deafening laughter. Crow quickly retreated behind the highly unlikely "I was just kidding" defense. Maybe she should drop the singing and go into stand-up. Here she is joking again, via The Smoking Gun:

Touring the United States and Europe this year, Sheryl Crow arrives at venues with an assortment of environmental demands certain to vex concert promoters, according to a review of the musician's 2010 backstage rider.
The document, excerpted here, actually has a 2-1/2 page "environmental portion" to be "strictly followed and policed." Seeking to "minimize the overall environmental impact of our tour," Crow demands that only biodegradable cups and dinnerware be used by the caterer. Produce should be "organic and purchased from local suppliers as much as possible." And for the five backstage "watering stations," water "must be sourced from a local spring water vendor."
According to Crow's rider, her tour party travels between gigs in two 45-foot buses, while her equipment is packed into two tractor-trailers.
Crow, 48, also offers promoters "venue greening suggestions." She wants "traditional light bulbs" swapped out for compact fluorescent bulbs in "all offices, dressing rooms and common areas." "Eco-friendly cleaning and bathroom products" and "post-consumer recycled toilet paper and paper towel" should also be used. Crow's rider also notes that, "We strongly encourage you to use renewable sources and/or to buy sustainable energy credits where possible. Many local utilities offer 'green power' as an option — please check with yours and opt in."
The document also details how Crow's backstage hospitality room is to be stocked. The singer needs an assortment of "biodegradable non-petroleum cups" and 24 "disposable napkins made of 100% recycled fiber."

Needless to say, no amount of dictatorial posturing will prevent a rock tour from generating massive quantities of C02, which according to moonbats like Croak constitutes pollution.

At least she's less of a fascist than the comparably guffaw-inspiring Paul McCartney, who has fired roadies for consuming the flesh of murdered animals (i.e., eating hamburgers).

sheryl crow
A discreetly covered stain reminds us why more than one sheet might be needed.

On tips from Jeff and Incitatus.

Building a Christian Church at Ground Zero Is Not as Easy

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:06 AM

In the unlikely event that any Moonbattery readers are dim enough to take seriously liberal claims that they are backing the Ground Zero Victory Mosque on First Amendment grounds, here's what happens when you try to rebuild a Christian church in the area:

Nine years after 911, St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church at Ground Zero remains to be rebuilt. Brother, can you spare a little fast-tracking?
So, New York big-shots can fast track a Muslim mosque near the site of the attacks on New York and the destruction of the WTC and the little Greek Orthodox church that was crushed when the South Tower fell but in all this time they can't seem to find the wherewithal to allow this little house of worship that served not only the Greek community but welcomed anyone who felt the need to find a little peace and solitude amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.

The trouble is, Greeks don't have loyal allies in the Mayor's Office and the White House. Consequently, bureaucrats have refused to cooperate, preventing the church from being rebuilt. Fortunately for Muslims, they don't have that problem.

september 11
No story about the Victory Mosque is complete without a picture like this

On tips from Viking04, Judith M, and BURNING HOT. Hat tip: Theoptimisticconservative's Blog.

Open Thread

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:25 AM

Ground Zero Mosque Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and friend, compliments of Air2air.

August 16, 2010

Culture of Corruption

Posted by Dave Blount at 5:12 PM

Nasty Pelosi is doing some job of draining that swamp, isn't she? The latest from JoeDanMedia:

The Agony of Impending Defeat

Posted by Dave Blount at 5:03 PM

It would be hard to imagine anything more uplifting than the expression of pure agony on the face of liberal propagandist Chris "Tingles" Matthews as he contemplates the likelihood of voters taking revenge on his fellow Democrats for what they've been doing to our country:

Via NewsBusters, on a tip from Just TheTip.

Finally, Some Pushback

Posted by Dave Blount at 4:52 PM


Via Oddly Specific, on a tip from BURNING HOT.

The Ant and the Grasshopper

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:45 PM

The old parable of The Ant and the Grasshopper has been updated for the Age of Obama:

The ant works hard in the withering heat and the rain all summer long, building his house and laying up supplies for the winter.
The grasshopper thinks the ant is a fool and laughs and dances and plays the summer away.
Come winter, the shivering grasshopper calls a press conference and demands to know why the ant should be allowed to be warm and well fed while he is cold and starving.
CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN, and ABC show up to provide pictures of the shivering grasshopper next to a video of the ant in his comfortable home with a table filled with food. America is stunned by the sharp contrast.
How can this be, that in a country of such wealth, this poor grasshopper is allowed to suffer so?
Kermit the Frog appears on Oprah with the grasshopper and everybody cries when they sing, "It's Not Easy Being Green…"
ACORN stages a demonstration in front of the ant's house, where the news stations film the group singing, "We shall overcome."
Then Rev. Jeremiah Wright has the group kneel down to pray for the grasshopper's sake.
President Obama condemns the ant and blames President Bush, President Reagan, Christopher Columbus, and the Pope for the grasshopper's plight.
Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid exclaim in an interview with Larry King that the ant has gotten rich off the back of the grasshopper, and both call for an immediate tax hike on the ant to make him pay his fair share.
Finally, the EEOC drafts the Economic Equity & Anti-Ant Act retroactive to the beginning of the summer.
The ant is fined for failing to hire a proportionate number of green bugs and, having nothing left to pay his retroactive taxes, his home is confiscated by the Government Green Czar and given to the grasshopper.
The story ends as we see the grasshopper and his free-loading friends finishing up the last bits of the ant's food while the government house he is in, which as you recall just happens to be the ant's old house, crumbles around them because the grasshopper doesn't maintain it.
The ant has disappeared in the snow, never to be seen again.
The grasshopper is found dead in a drug-related incident, and the house, now abandoned, is taken over by a gang of spiders who terrorize the formerly prosperous and peaceful neighborhood.
The entire nation collapses, bringing the rest of the free world with it.

The moral: vote as if the future of civilization depends on it — because it does.

The Obamunist and the Tax Slaves.

On a tip from Gary.

The Bitter Half's Bitterness Explained

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:04 AM

Guess which one made Maxim's 100 Hottest Women list — for the same reason her husband was granted a Nobel Prize?


Now I get why a woman who has had unbelievable wealth and power handed to her on a silver platter acts as if life had shortchanged her. Some people are given not too little but too much.

Via iOwnTheWorld. On a tip from Just TheTip.

"Transparency" Mask Dropped

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:56 AM

Gradually the mask slips away, revealing the adolescent Marxist tyrant beneath. The ballyhooed "transparency" that was supposed to mark Barack Hussein Obama's conspicuously secretive administration has been officially dropped:

President Obama has abolished the position in his White House dedicated to transparency and shunted those duties into the portfolio of a partisan ex-lobbyist who is openly antagonistic to the notion of disclosure by government and politicians.
Obama transferred "ethics czar" Norm Eisen to the Czech Republic to serve as U.S. ambassador [here's what Obama thinks of formerly communist-occupied allies like the Czech Republic]. Some of Eisen's duties will be handed to Domestic Policy Council member Steven Croley, but most of them, it appears, will shift over to the already-full docket of White House Counsel Bob Bauer.

A little background on BHO's new Transparency Czar:

Bauer is renowned as a "lawyer's lawyer" and a legal expert. His resume, however, reads more "partisan advocate" than "good-government crusader." … Then-Rep. Rahm Emanuel, D-Ill., the caricature of a cutthroat Chicago political fixer, hired Bauer to represent the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. In the White House, Bauer is tight with Emanuel, having defended Emanuel's [illegal] offer of a job to Rep. Joe Sestak, D-Pa., whom Emanuel wanted out of the Senate race.
Another Bauer client was New Jersey Sen. Robert "Torch" Torricelli back in 2001. When one Torricelli donor admitted he had reimbursed employees for their contributions to the Torch — thus circumventing contribution limits — Bauer explained, "All candidates ask their supporters to help raise money from friends, family members and professional associates."

The liberal moral credo: Everybody Does It. But it's still better to do it in the shadows, so you don't get caught.

At least Bauer is transparent about his opinion of transparency:

In August 2006 Bauer blogged, "disclosure is a mostly unquestioned virtue deserving to be questioned."

Here he is on attempts to regulate the political cash that flows through 527s with borderline legality:

"If it's not done with 527 activity as we have seen, it will be done in other ways," he told the Senate rules committee. "There are other directions, to be sure, that people are actively considering as we speak. Without tipping my hand or those of others who are professionally creative, the money will find an outlet."

In addition to promising greater transparency, Obama also assured us that he would clean out the lobbyists — that is, guys like Bauer:

Bauer lobbied on behalf of America Votes Inc., a Democratic 527 funded by the likes of the AFL-CIO and ACORN.

It isn't enough for Obama to lie and break promises; to fully express his contempt for this country, he has to appoint caricatures like Bauer to make a completely mockery of anyone who believed him.

Bauer: Transparency? Bwahahaha!

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Obama Changes Mosque Vote to "Present"

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No one should have been surprised Friday when Barack Hussein Obama came out at a Ramadan dinner (attended by open supporters of Islamic terrorism) in favor of a giant mosque at Ground Zero to celebrate the Muslim triumph of 9/11. We all knew whose side he was on from the beginning, which is what made voting for him not only foolish to the last extreme, but treasonous. Likewise, no one should be surprised that he is now pathetically attempting to backpedal to a neutral stand. In a world were men are judged by their politically correct skin color rather than the content of their character, this is what passes for leadership.

For once, the Manchurian Moonbat said "Let me be clear" and then was actually clear:

In his speech on Friday, Mr Obama said: 'Let me be clear: As a citizen and as President I believe that Muslims have the same right to practise their religion as everyone else in this country.
'That includes the right to build a place of worship and a community centre on private property in Lower Manhattan, in accordance with local laws and ordinances.'


…the next day he insisted he had not been commenting on the 'wisdom' of placing a mosque in such a symbolic place.
Challenged about his comments during a family trip to Florida at the weekend, the President said: 'I was not commenting and I will not comment on the wisdom of making a decision to put a mosque there.

He must have looked out the window of his castle and saw the peasants gathering with torches and pitchforks. Now he's voting "present," as he so often did during his brief and mediocre legislative career.

At last, we've discovered something more contemptible than supporting Obama: being Obama. Not even a moonbat could fail to be disgusted by this gutless, flip-flopping weasel.

obama muslim garb
Now voting "present" on the Ground Zero Victory Mosque.

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Open Thread

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August 15, 2010

Al Victoryland Brochure

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With the eager assistance of New York's dhimmi Mayor for Life Michael Bloomberg and indirect funding from US taxpayers, the Al Victoryland theme park will soon open at Ground Zero, to the delight of Religion of Peaceniks and their liberal allies around the world. A new brochure has already been prepared to alert the public to its many attractions. Click for full-size reproductions of the front and back:



Compliments of Air2air.

Look, Sasha…

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…that's right, there: packed together like sardines on the beach. Those are little people. See how silly they are? They work hard so that we can live high and wide on our perpetual vacation. But their own vacations are paltry and miserable, compared to ours. They don't understand that you can live much better on other people's money than you can on your own.

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Klavan on the Constitution

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Andrew Klavan addresses Generation Z, or whatever letter we're up to now:

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Obama Cedes US Territory to Mexico

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Maybe we'd better put someone in charge who actually likes this country.

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August 14, 2010

Patriot Network on Obama's War Against Arizona

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Any trolls want to explain how our Quisling in Chief is not guilty of treason?

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Attention Google Moonbats…

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:06 AM

…you might want to fix your autocomplete:


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Multiculturalism Blossoms in Sweden

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What wonderful contributions Muslim colonists are making to Sweden's rich multicultural tapestry:

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Open Thread

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August 13, 2010

A Little Shuteye for Sheila Jackson Lee

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It's hard work squashing free speech, arming America's enemies, insulting constituents, hijacking hearses, staging phony doctors, and praising the lasting peace between North and South Vietnam — and apparently even harder work remaining conscious through the speeches of her fellow left-wing ideologue and first Muslim Congresscrumb Keith Ellison. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) takes a little nap on the taxpayers' dime:



Considering how much damage she does when she's awake, Queen Sheila should be encouraged to nap more often — even if it does leave drool stains on her outfit.

Incredibly, this Congress has managed to cling to a 16% favorability rating.

Via blogHOUSTON, on a tip from Byron.

Liberal Intellectuals Bring Out Heavy Artillery

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No wonder liberals are so proud of their intellectual superiority. See how deftly they counter the Tea Party movement:

A liberal group is attacking the Tea Party movement with a new project called "F*CK Tea" to discredit the solutions offered by conservative activists. It is a three-tiered campaign that includes selling t-shirts and coffee mugs with the derogatory slogan on it.

That's one way to avoid losing arguments: adopt a stance so vulgar, moronic, and juvenile that no grownup would bother to argue with you.

The group's founder, Erica Payne, said the effort is intentionally edgy.

"Edgy" is liberalese for vulgar, moronic, and juvenile.

The effort is being spearheaded by the liberal group Agenda Project, whose mission, according to its website, is "to build a powerful, intelligent, well-connected political movement capable of identifying and advancing rational, effective ideas in the public debate and in so doing ensure our country's enduring success."

If obscene two-word arguments qualify as "intelligent" and "rational," no doubt the wreck their Moonbat Messiah is making of our country qualifies as "success."

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Manchurian Moonbat Exits Boardwalk

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The fun is over for now for those who vented their frustration over Hopey Change at the Jersey Shore:

Operators of a Jersey Shore boardwalk game have removed a mannequin representing President Barack Obama.
It has been replaced by effigies of former President George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton.
"It's just to show we're not anti-Democrat or anti-Republican," Tommy Whalen told The Star-Ledger. He's the manager of Lucky Leo's where the "Walkin Charlie" game debuted this summer.
The game requires patrons to throw baseballs at plates held by the rotating caricatures.

Why would Whalen put the kibosh on such a popular attraction in favor of mealy-mouthed bipartisanship? He received a visit from the Secret Service.

But the Obama figure might make a comeback:

"Maybe we'll put it back up in a couple weeks after everything dies down," Whalen said.
Two Husseins.

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Hope & Change Flowers in Atlanta

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How's that Hopey Change thing working out for you, Atlanta area Obamunists? Here's how:

Thirty thousand people turned out in East Point on Wednesday seeking applications for government-subsidized housing, and their confusion and frustration, combined with the summer heat, led to a chaotic mob scene that left 62 people injured.
At the Tri-Cities Plaza Shopping Center, emergency vehicles passed each other, transporting 20 people to hospitals. Medical and police command posts were set up on scene. East Point police wore riot gear. Officers from four other agencies supported them. Yet no arrests were made.
All of this resulted from people attempting to obtain Section 8 housing applications and, against long odds, later securing vouchers for affordable residences. Some waited in line for two days for the applications.

Apparently the folks running this show had no clue what they were doing…

Offering applications for the first time since 2002, East Point Housing Authority officials had triple the crowd they anticipated, and one that was three-fourths of the 40,000 population of the south Fulton city. Things got out of hand when people started cutting into lines and authorities attempted to move groups to different areas.
Sgt. Cliff Chandler, East Point Police Department spokesman, said one flash point occurred early on. Authorities originally had lined up people to come into the front entrance of the Central Station Sports Cafe and receive the applications. However, when they saw the sheer number of people, the officials set up kiosks around the parking lot to hand out the applications, Chandler said.
Felecia McGhee, who came in search of her own Section 8 assistance, saw two small children trampled when people rushed the building that held the applications. When a group of people who had been waiting hours in a line were told to move to another line, people started pushing, shoving and cursing, witnesses said.

…yet the media asks us to believe that government bureaucrats should be running our lives for us.

At an ensuing news conference, East Point officials tried to describe the day as a success, an assessment that was roundly challenged by those who had witnessed or been involved in the unruly scene.

The System Worked, as Janet Napolitano would say.

What lavish handouts will the herd receive in return for its suffering? The vast majority will receive nothing whatsoever, as public housing in metro Atlanta can't even begin to keep up with the number of people being thrown out of work by the stranglehold Obamunism has on the economy.

Judging by the ethnicity of the crowd, it would be safe to assume that close to 100% of those who could scrape up the initiative to vote went for Obama. I hope they're enjoying their Hope & Change.

That's how Big Government does housing; next, we'll see what it does with healthcare.

Hey, where's the free everything?

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Jokes About Gay Bar Next to 9/11 Victory Mosque Show Insensitivity

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If you look hard enough, you can find humor anywhere — even in the intolerable insult of the Muslim–moonbat alliance constructing a Victory Mosque at Ground Zero. When Greg Gutfeld tried to apply levity by suggesting that a gay bar be opened next to the giant mosque (code named Park 51 by its Islamist backers), he set the table for some belly-splitting laughs with this response from the Religion of Peaceniks:


Murdering 3,000 Americans is fine. Teaming up with the unspeakably vile liberal fascist Mayor for Life Michael Bloomberg to rub our faces in their ashes is fine too. But making lame jokes about gay bars next to mosques — that shows a failure to consider the sensibilities of Muslims. That's no way to build a dialog.

Notice how skillfully jihadists adopt the nauseatingly touchy-feely vocabulary of their bleeding heart enablers. But if Muslims ever get the upper hand, degenerate liberals will be the first to lose their heads.

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Open Thread

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August 12, 2010

Transparency at Last

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What if Obama redefined his promised "transparency" as coming straight for once? This billboard on I-5 near Chehalis, Washington would come true:


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One-Trick Pony

Posted by Dave Blount at 4:05 PM

If it's laughable now, think how blaming Bush for the mess Comrade Obama et al. have been making will play in 2012.


Compliments of Jim Lavery.

Democrat Job Agenda

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:55 PM

The more people are out of work, the more people depend on government, the better for the Socialist I mean Democrat Party. That sums up the Dems' economic strategy in nutshell. Or to put it visually:


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Next After Transsexuals

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:34 AM

Big Government has done all it can do to enable men to pretend they are women, but it isn't quite ready to assist men who look like ugly women to pretend they are dogs.

A Pennsylvania man won't be changing his name to "Boomer The Dog".
A judge denied Gary Matthews' petition for a name change on Wednesday.
Matthews says he's a huge fan of the short-lived 1980s NBC show "Here's Boomer".
His friends began calling him "Boomer" in high school, and his obsession eventually led to a giant dog costume made from shredded newspaper that he now wears at home and to conventions.

Why not? It's no weirder than men undergoing the choppadichophomy procedure and taking drugs that make them grow boobs. Matthews is just a year or two ahead of his time.

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James Caan Comes Out of the Closet

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:55 AM

You know the worm is turning when even in the liberal fascist land of Hollyweird, people stand up to be counted as patriots:

Veteran actor James Caan let people in on a little secret last week. After 46 successful years among Hollywood's most outspoken liberal stars, he's speaking up about breaking the mold.
"I'm an ultra conservative," he said at Moet & Chandon's 6th Annual Hollyshorts Film Festival Opening Night Celebration in Los Angeles.
"I'm not a G** damn Hollywood liberal, I'm not," he said, adding he only watches Fox News.

Unlike the endlessly barking moonbats that typify Tinseltown, Caan doesn't feel obligated to hold forth on every issue.

When Pop Tarts questioned him on California courts deeming Proposition 8, which bans same sex marriage, "unconstitutional," he preferred to keep his lips sealed.
"I don't want to comment on that. I'll let those other geniuses do that — all those actors who like to find a stage to push their agendas," he said. "They don't have political science degrees… I certainly don't. I'll leave it to Sean Penn or Barbra Streisand to comment on that."

They needn't bother; anyone could guess their opinion on any issue in advance.

Caan tries to hold Hollyweird moonbats at bay.

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Los Zetas Really Did Seize Control of Texas Ranch

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:15 AM

Remember the report of Los Zetas drug lords from Mexico seizing control of ranches in Texas? Due to the climate of "transparency" we live in, no one could be sure if it was really happening or not. The authorities weren't talking. Now we learn that a ranch seizure apparently really did occur:

The police blotter tells the story of the events that unfolded on July 23rd;
"On Friday 7-23-10 Laredo Webb informed that their county SWAT Team is conducting an operation in the Mines Rd. area. According to LT. Garcia with LSO (Laredo Sheriff Office) received a call from a ranch owner stating that the Zetas had taken over his ranch. As per the 17 (reporting person) he informed them that they stated La Compania (area name for Zetas) was taking the ranch and no one was permitted on the ranch without permission. SO (Sheriff Office) will have an unmarked green Ford Taurus with two officers stationed at Los Compadres and a white Chevy Tahoe with two officers stationed at Mineral Rd. The LSO (Laredo Sheriff Office) will maintain surveillance in the area and advise if action is taken. Susp (suspect) Veh (vehicle) are described as a gray or silver Audi, a BLK (black) Escalade or Navigator and a van truck with a logo of a car wash spot free on the side. Border Patrol also has their response team on scene. Also known info of BMW's and Corvettes entering and leaving the area. Auth LT Lichtenberger if assistance is requested LPD (Laredo Police Department) will secure the outer perimeter. (07/24/10 07:42:10 NR1873)"
Cartels have crossed the sovereign borders of the United States causing multiple agencies to respond and the end result was a media blackout. It's well documented that media blackouts in Mexico are happening because the cartels are threatening reporters and news outlets with bodily harm. The question is why American law enforcement agencies are giving reporters the "We can neither confirm nor deny the incident happened" line?

One possible answer is that it would be highly inconvenient for Comrade Obama, who is preparing to wash away the country in a tidal wave of handout-seeking Third World peasants by declaring amnesty for illegal aliens, if the public were to become aware that Mexico's violent chaos is already spilling over into our virtually undefended country.

The implications of this invasion could hardly be overstated:

The cover-up surrounding this story has reverberated throughout other federal law enforcement agencies. A recently retired ICE veteran, John Sakelarides had plenty to say about the latest U.S. incursion.
"What do you call an invasion by foreign nationals who are armed and occupy territory belonging to a sovereign nation? An act of war. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it's a duck. Anyone who is denying this is what has occurred and that it constitutes an act of war is either an idiot or is somehow involved in this act of war."
He continues to say, "If they (those covering-up the story) are elected representatives or government officials and they are aware that an act of war has been perpetrated against the United States, and refuse to admit it has occurred, much less do anything about it, is violating their oath of office."

As for the mainstream media, if it has any credibility left at all after hyping Obama into office, it won't after ignoring this.

Los Zetas are not garden variety drug dealers. In parts of Mexico, they almost pass as government.

The Los Zetas drug cartel is an offshoot of the elite Mexican military trained in special ops, many of whom were trained by the U.S. military. The mercenary organization is said to include members of corrupt Mexican Federales, politicians as well as drug traffickers. … [T]he Zetas are considered the most violent paramilitary group in Mexico by the DEA. These drug cartels routinely kidnap tourists, infiltrate local municipalities and smuggle large quantities of narcotics into the U.S. marketplace.

A couple of lessons have been learned:

1. Although rumor should not be passed off as fact, don't be too quick to jump down the throat of those who report stories that our secretive rulers won't confirm.

2. Never trust the sneering liberals at Snopes.

Hat tip: DBKP. On tips from Mondo and Lisa.

San Francisco May Ban Happy Meal Toys

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:16 AM

The righteous moonbat jihad against the toys in McDonald's Happy Meals (see here and here) is meeting with success where you might suspect, in the national capital of liberal fascism:

Toys in fatty fast-food meals could soon be banned in San Francisco.
A law proposed Tuesday pertains to all restaurants, but it is clearly aimed at fast-food establishments like McDonald's, Jack in the Box and Burger King that include toys in kid meals.
The proposal bans including toys if the food contains too much fat, sugar or salt. …
The proposal also dictates that meals with toys include fruit and vegetables.

How about a Brussels sprouts and bean curd Happy Meal? Given a few generations, maybe children could be socially engineered into loving it.

Soon liberal bureaucrats will figure out that parents may be feeding their children something other than fruits and vegetables at home. The obvious solution is to monitor all refrigerators and confiscate the toys from homes that don't pass inspection.

Is there any limit to the degree of coercive intrusion by sanctimonious petty tyrants we will tolerate in our private lives? For the lib majority infesting San Francisco, the answer is clearly no.

Liberal fascism applied to Christmas.

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Open Thread

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August 11, 2010

Taiwanese Report on Michelle Antoinette

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The Bitter Half's arrogant excesses are making news all the way from Spain to Taiwan. You won't need to know Chinese to follow this insightful clip:

On a tip from BURNING HOT. Hat tip: Gateway Pundit.

Manchurian Moonbat Is in Tailspin

Posted by Dave Blount at 1:09 PM

Who would have guessed that electing an unqualified ultra-left community organizer with extremely unsavory associations President of the United States on the strength of his trendy ethnicity and having a name like a terrorist wouldn't work out? At least it didn't take long for most of us to recognize the error:

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows that 24% of the nation's voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as president. Forty-six percent (46%) Strongly Disapprove, giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -22 (see trends).

If Rasmussen had been around in 1790s France, Louis XVI's numbers would have been similar.

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Juan Williams: White Votes Are Irrelevant

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:59 AM

I still haven't decided: is Juan Williams of coercively financed NPR on Fox News all the time in a misguided effort to be "fair and balanced" by also presenting the point of view of moonbat morons, or is he part of a devious (if unnecessary) effort to portray liberals as bigoted, dictatorial clowns? Here he is on Fox News Sunday, airily dismissing the landslide passage of Missouri's ballot initiative blocking ObamaCare on the grounds that white people voted for it:

WILLIAMS: Look, I think this is, and as far as the Missouri vote, you get 70 percent inside an echo chamber of older white people, no not in St. Louis not in Kansas City, saying, "Oh yeah, we don't like a requirement that everybody has to have healthcare even though the hospitals in Missouri say it's gonna drive up our costs, everyone is just going to run to the emergency rooms when they have their accidents."

It would be worth it for someone to get on the air and sneer that a left-wing initiative doesn't count because only black people voted for it, just to see all the establishment pundits' heads explode.

Even the calm and collected Chris Wallace was aghast:

WALLACE: What happened to respect for democracy?

Once again, Liz Cheney took the hapless Williams to school:

CHENEY: It is a real constitutional issue whether or not the federal government has the right to force people to buy insurance, and I think it is stunning you and the White House are unwilling to heed the votes of the people in Missouri.

At least you have to give Juan credit for courage. It would be far safer to keep to the soft comfort of NPR, where no one would dream of challenging appalling idiocies coughed up by a moonbat of color.

On a tip from Incitatus.

1,200 Band-Aids

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:16 AM

No wonder Comrade Obama refuses to take more than obviously ineffectual token gestures to enforce border security and immigration law. Why waste energy on a problem that has already been solved? As he told us:

Today, we have more boots on the ground near the Southwest border than at any time in our history. Let me repeat that: We have more boots on the ground on the Southwest border than at any time in our history. … So the bottom line is this: The southern border is more secure today than at any time in the past 20 years.

Unfortunately, the "boots on the ground" may as well be "feet on the desk." CNS News reports on the National Guard charade:

The 1,200 National Guard troops that are being deployed incrementally to the southwest border "will not be doing direct law enforcement," said U.S. National Guard Bureau Director of Communications Jack Harrison when asked if the forces would be interdicting drugs and undocumented immigrants.
"The two mission sets are criminal analysts and enter-identification team," Harrison told "I can tell you that guardsmen will not be doing direct law enforcement on the southwest border."
In other words, the National Guardsmen will not be used to actually stop and detain illegal aliens trying to sneak across the border into the United States.

Troops spread too thin to do any good whatsoever anyway will be armed, but of course they have rules of engagement that prevent them from firing on enemy invaders except in "self-defense." As for our country's defense, that has been deliberately abandoned in the interests of changing America's demographics more to the Democrat Party's liking.

Compliments of Zappatrust.

The____Act of____

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:49 AM

Comrade Obama's moonbat minions in both houses of Congress are in such a rush to ram through mountains of radical legislation before grownups get elected and take away the keys to the liquor cabinet that not only do they not read bills anymore, they can't even be bothered to name them. Their latest attack on our wallets is entitled "The____Act of____. " Via the Blog:

What a mess the Senate has made of H.R. 1586. It's a package of spending and revenue measures--but we'll ignore the substance for now because they have so utterly goofed up the name.
As we noted here before, this is a "shell bill." It was introduced as one thing (TARP taxes), became another thing (an aviation bill), and is now a batch of spending policies. (Cost: about $125 per family)
The most recent version of the bill was produced when the Senate passed a "substitute amendment." That's an amendment that clips out everything in the bill and puts in all new text.
In the House and Senate, they often publish amendments ahead of time, and it looks like someone was in a rush to get the amendment together, because they left blank lines where the new name of the bill should have been.
Take a look for yourself. Down toward the bottom of this page in the Congressional Record, it says, "SECTION 1. This Act may be cited as the "_______Act of______".

Since the Senate has left town for the month and the House has to pass the identical bill before the Manchurian Moonbat can eagerly scribble his signature on this latest looting spree, it looks like the title "The____Act of____" is going to be permanent.

On a tip from Cowlove. Hat tip: Techdirt.

Taxpayer Funds Send Ground Zero Mosque Imam on Fundraising Tour

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:55 AM

In case paving the way for a gigantic mosque at Ground Zero doesn't curry sufficient favor with Muslims, our rulers are spending our money to send the Victory Mosque imam on a Middle East junket that will at least indirectly involve fundraising for the 13-story stick they are jabbing in America's eye:

The imam behind a plan to build a mosque near Ground Zero is set to depart on a multi-country jaunt to the Middle East funded by the State Department — raising concerns that taxpayers may be helping him with the controversial project's $100 million fund-raising goal.
Feisal Abdul Rauf is taking the publicly funded trip to foster "greater understanding" about Islam and Muslim communities in the United States, the State Department confirmed yesterday.
"He is a distinguished Muslim cleric," said State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley, when asked about the journey, reportedly to include stops in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and Qatar.

Foggy Bottom vets like Creepy-Crawly develop special instincts. Just like he knew Arizona's SB1070 was a human rights violation without even reading it, he knows Feisal Abdul Rauf is a stand-up guy who deserves taxpayer backing for the giant crescent flag he is planting on the conquered territory of Lower Manhattan — despite his having blamed America for the 9/11 attacks:

In a 60 Minutes interview that aired on September 30, 2001, Rauf said that the 9/11 attacks were part of a larger Islamic "reaction against the U.S. government politically, where we [the U.S.] espouse principles of democracy and human rights, and [yet] where we ally ourselves with oppressive regimes in many of these countries." "I wouldn't say that the United States deserved what happened," Rauf elaborated [before saying just that], "but United States policies were an accessory to the crime that happened." Rauf further stated that "because we [Americans] have been accessory to a lot of innocent lives dying in the world," it could be said that "[i]n fact, in the most direct sense, Osama bin Laden is made in the USA."

The State Department and NYC's pro-Victory Mosque Mayor for Life Michael Bloomberg apparently concur.

Victory Mosque imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, lucky recipient of your money.

On tips from Byron and SR.

Anchor Doug McKelway in Hot Water for Mentioning BP Contributions to Obama

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:19 AM

Bernie Goldberg, a veteran of the liberal fever swamp CBS News, says there's no media conspiracy — left-wing journalists just live in a bubble that protects them from exposure to anyone who doesn't share their point of view. However, occasionally a reporter strays from the fold and requires discipline:

Long-time DC TV news anchor Doug McKelway has been suspended by local ABC affiliate WJLA-TV (owned by Allbritton Communications, the same people who own the paper and website Politico) after a standup report last month from a liberal cap-and-trade rally trying to capitalize on the BP oil spill.
"According to several of McKelway's colleagues," reported Paul Farhi in The Washington Post, "the newsman's reporting may have lapsed into partisan territory when he commented live on the air about the oil industry's influence in Washington, particularly its contributions to Democratic politicians and legislators" — which must have included bigtime BP recipient Barack Obama.

Fortunately I believe they're still hiring at Fox News — and will keep hiring until FNC has a monopoly on journalists with enough integrity to challenge the Obamination Administration.

On a tip from Charles.

Open Thread

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August 10, 2010

The 3 Things You Need to Know About Liberals' Favorite Religion

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:33 PM

1. Islam has not been hijacked.
2. Striving to institute worldwide sharia law is a religious duty.
3. Muslims are allowed to deceive non-Muslims if it helps Islam.

They forgot the last one:

4. Most everything the dhimmified Islamic enablers in the liberal media tell you about Muslims is a lie.

On tips from Gary, Oiao, and TED. Hat tip: Jawa Report.

Bean a Communist Community Activist, Win a Kewpie Doll

Posted by Dave Blount at 3:31 PM

This sure looks like fun:

The Obamunists at Huffington Post are not amused. Predictably, HuffPo "Community Monitor" DrMatt quacks condescendingly about "teabaggers" and of course, "racists."

If only they had a game where you throw rocks at HuffPo moonbats and win the ultimate prize: more rocks to throw at HuffPo moonbats.

On a tip from Oiao.

Separated at Birth?

Posted by Dave Blount at 1:32 PM

The blobfish and Bonny Fwank:


From Bill Kelly's Truth Squad at the Washington Times, on a tip from Wingmann.

Moonbats Continue Jihad Against Happy Meals

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:26 AM

The moonbat jihad against McDonald's Happy Meals continues:

It's hard to believe, but McDonald's Happy Meal toys have hit a new low.
The fast food giant's latest giveaway for preschool boys features eight Marvel comic action figures. One, The Human Torch, is a man engulfed in flames. Another, The Thing, menacingly roars "IT'S CLOBBERIN' TIME!" at the press of a button. …
It's bad enough that McDonald's relentlessly uses junk toys to sell children on junk food. It's awful that this giveaway continues the troubling trend of fast food restaurants promoting toys linked to violent PG-13 movies. And it's terrible that McDonald's, the leading distributor of toys in the United States, relentlessly perpetuates the worst gendered stereotypes with its Happy Meal giveaways. During the current promotion, boys get violent action figures with their burgers and fries, while girls are offered cutesy animals that, bizarrely, come with hand bags.
But now, for preschool boys, a so-called happy meal at McDonald's features the horrifying spectacle of a man on fire and a menacing figure that explicitly spurs them to violence.

Considering that liberals already tend to be a little light in the loafers, this may seem like strange advice, but the militant screwballs who make up the Left really need to lighten up.

The Fantastic Four inflicting horror and spurring children to violence.

On a tip from Henry.

Banned by Bloomberg's MTA

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:43 AM

In a free country, if government pursues radical policies, the public openly debates them. But in New York City, this bus ad has been banned by a bureaucracy that backs the construction of a 13-story mosque near Ground Zero:


The ad was toned down by removing the plane. But this was banned too:


Mayor for Life Michael Bloomberg wouldn't dream of preventing Islamists from triumphantly building a mosque next to Ground Zero, because that would overstep the municipal government's authority. The same isn't said for his dispensing with term limits — or his Metropolitan Transportation Authority forcing those who don't like the 9/11 Victory Mosque to shut up.

Fortunately, the great countermoonbats Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer have filed suit (PDF).

On tips from The Falcon and DarcKnyt.


It pays to push back. After getting hit with the lawsuit noted above, NYC bureaucrats backed down and approved the ad:

Afghanistan Wikileaks Leaker Is Heartbroken Homosexual Activist

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:26 AM

Someone needs to get the word to the New York Times so they can pass it along to the rest of the establishment media. The traitorous kook who tried to sabotage the war effort in Afghanistan by leaking 90,000 documents on Wikileaks is a homosexual activist who committed his act of treason while in funk over a perverted relationship that didn't pan out.

The suspect in the leaking of classified military files, Spc. Bradley Manning, voiced his disgust with US Army commanders and U.S. "society at large" on his Facebook page just prior to his alleged downloading of thousands of secret documents, according to the British news media.
According to one story appearing in Britain's The Telegraph, Manning, who served as a US Army intelligence analyst, became depressed after a break-up with his homosexual companion. …
Manning, who is openly homosexual, began his gloomy postings on January 12, saying: "Bradley Manning didn't want this fight. Too much to lose, too fast."
The 22-year old Manning is awaiting court martial as the primary suspect in the leaking of more than 90,000 secret documents to creator Julian Assang, who in turn posted the documents on his web site. The secret documents subsequently appeared in major U.S. newspapers in a security breach which Pentagon officials say has endangered the lives of serving soldiers and Afghan civilians.

Manning's extracurricular interests are not exactly what you would want to see in the armed forces.

According to Accuracy in Media, a media watchdog group, Manning's Facebook page shows that he enjoyed the MSNBC program hosted by Rachel Maddow, the lesbian activist, and that he listed the left-wing Media Matters and the National Center for Transgender Equality as being among his "likes and interests."
"Manning's affinity on his Facebook page for 'Repeal the Ban' is also significant. It is a project of a group called Servicemembers United, which describes itself as the nation's largest organization of gay and lesbian troops and veterans, their allies and supporters. The group receives financial support from the Open Society Institute of billionaire George Soros," wrote AIM's editor Cliff Kincaid.

This is highly relevant, considering Comrade Obama's push to officially establish open homosexuality in the military. No doubt the liberal media would tell us all about Bradley Manning's background if only they knew.

Bradley Manning: moonbattery applied to the military.

On a tip from Toa. Hat tip: Gateway Pundit.

National Anthem Forbidden at National Monument

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:52 AM

How bizarre it is to live under an allegedly American government that suppresses expressions of loyalty to America:

A group of high school students attending a conservative leadership conference in Washington, D.C. said they were ordered by a security guard to stop singing the national anthem during a June 25 visit to the Lincoln Memorial. …
U.S. Park Police confirmed that the students were in violation of federal law and their impromptu performance constituted a demonstration in an area that must remain "completely content neutral."

Next any American flags in the area will be rendered "content neutral" by being countered with communist flags from Cuba and China.

The students we're fed any of the "content neutral" crapola; they were just told to shut up. To their immense credit, they didn't.

If only the United Nations had an official anthem. I'm guessing our rulers would permit us to sing it wherever we please.

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Open Thread

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Click for full size:

Compliments of Michelle.

August 9, 2010

Hanoi John Kerry Wants to Import More Muslims

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:03 PM

For those jobs that can't be outsourced to Asia, our liberal rulers are importing Muslims:

US Senator and chairman of Senate's Foreign Relations Committee, John Kerry, appealed on Tuesday for cementing US ties with the Muslim world with a two-way exchange of professionals like teachers, city planners, and public health workers. Kerry introduced a bill calling for a three-year pilot programme to draw such workers from Muslim-majority countries to be picked by the US State Department. "This legislation is designed to help build professional capacity, strengthen civil society, and improve ties between the United States and Muslim-majority countries," he said in a statement. These citizens picked would be 21-40 years old and could also come from civil society, including journalists, leaders of religious-based organisations, or employees of nonprofit organisations, Kerry's office said in a statement.

The benefits are manifold. Muslim public health workers have contributed generously to the multicultural mosaic of Britain by bombing a nightclub and the Glasgow airport. Muslim journalists would help balance our media's pro-Muslim spin with some even more pro-Muslim spin. Leaders of Islamic religious-based organizations will be of great help to homegrown American Muslims who can't decide whether to set off a car bomb at Times Square or shoot up soldiers at a military base.

Now if we just had more Muslim pilots. They're easy to train, because you don't have to teach them how to land.

On a tip from Gary. Hat tip: Creeping Sharia.

Latest Design From Government Motors

Posted by Dave Blount at 3:53 PM

Now that government bureaucrats run the auto industry, the time has come for cars propelled by hot air:


Via There, I Fixed It, on a tip from TED.

Dem Reps Hide From Voters

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:06 PM

The National Republican Congressional Committee has compiled a list of all the vulnerable Democrat House members who have the nerve to take advantage of their long recess and face their constituents at Town Halls this month:

AL-02 Bobby Bright
GA-08 Jim Marshall
NM-01 Martin Heinrich
OH-16 John Boccieri
VA-05 Tom Perriello
WI-03 Ron Kind

Here's the list of those who don't:

AZ-01 Ann Kirkpatrick
AZ-05 Harry Mitchell
AZ-08 Gabrielle Giffords
CA-11 Jerry McNerney
CA-47 Loretta Sanchez
CO-03 John Salazar
CO-04 Betsy Markey
CO-07 Ed Perlmutter
FL-02 Allen Boyd
FL-08 Alan Grayson
FL-22 Ron Klein
FL-24 Suzanne Kosmas
GA-02 Sanford Bishop Jr.
IA-03 Leonard Boswell
ID-01 Walt Minnick
IL-11 Debbie Halvorson
IL-14 Bill Foster
IL-17 Phil Hare
IN-02 Joe Donnelly
IN-09 Baron Hill
KY-03 John Yarmuth
KY-06 Ben Chandler
MD-01 Frank Kratovil
MI-07 Mark Schauer
MN-01 Tim Walz
MO-03 Russ Carnahan
MO-04 Ike Skelton
MS-01 Travis Childers
NC-02 Bob Etheridge
NC-07 Mike McIntyre
NC-08 Larry Kissell
NC-11 Health Shuler
ND-AL Earl Pomeroy
NH-01 Carol Shea-Porter
NJ-03 John Adler
NJ-12 Rush Holt
NM-02 Harry Teague
NV-03 Dina Titus
NY-01 Tim Bishop
NY-13 Mike McMahon
NY-19 John Hall
NY-20 Scott Murphy
NY-23 Bill Owens
NY-24 Michael Arcuri
NY-25 Dan Maffei
OH-01 Steve Driehaus
OH-13 Betty Sutton
OH-15 Mary Jo Kilroy
OH-18 Zack Space
OR-01 David Wu
OR-05 Kurt Schrader
PA-03 Kathy Dahlkemper
PA-04 Jason Altmire
PA-08 Patrick Murphy
PA-10 Christopher Carney
PA-11 Paul Kanjorski
PA-12 Mark Critz
PA-17 Tim Holden
SC-05 John Spratt
SD-AL Stephanie Herseth Sandlin
TN-04 Lincoln Davis
TX-17 Chet Edwards
TX-23 Ciro Rodriguez
VA-02 Glenn Nye
VA-09 Rick Boucher
VA-11 Gerry Connolly
WA-02 Rick Larsen
WI-08 Steve Kagen
WV-03 Nick Rahall

Maybe they think we don't know which rock to lift to find them on election day.

On a tip from John R.

Today's Kids Know When to Use Condoms

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:54 PM

Who says kids aren't learning anything in school? When these three headed for a Wisconsin graveyard with some shovels after a good-looking girl died in a motorcycle accident, they knew enough to stop for condoms on the way:


Once again liberals step on the rake of unintended consequences. Like felons, the dead overwhelmingly support Democrats when they manage to vote. Shoving condoms at everyone from schoolchildren on up, to the point that even necrophiliacs are using them, could result in fewer pregnant corpses, cutting into one of their key constituencies.

On a tip from The MaryHunter. Hat tip: iOwnTheWorld.

Another Transsexual Spared From Prison for Being a Freak

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:53 AM

Remember when the criminal pervert Luke (aka Laura) Voyce was spared jail time for downloading kiddy porn because it would be an "appalling experience" for a transsexual to have face prison like anyone else would? The case seems to have set a precedent that other British judges are following:

A transsexual man who harassed his neighbours for five years will not be jailed because a judge has agreed that prison would be "awkward and dangerous" for him.
Jan Krause, who lives as a woman, monitored his neighbours' movements and even erected a roof-mounted device which emitted a high-pitched whine in the direction of his neighbours' house, a court heard.
Krause's defence lawyer argued prison would be a difficult place for his client to go. The judge agreed and suspended the 12-week jail term.

The polysexual neighbor from hell, apparently upset over a noisy central heating system, stalked Carol Story and her children, smashed into a family member's car, sicced the police on them over a toy guy, and made a habit of standing outside their home.

Krause has denied doing anything wrong, which Judge Nicholas Sanders said was "disappointing" in the face of "very clear evidence".

But he's a transsexual; that's the important thing. All animals are equal, but freaks and perverts are more equal in a country run by moonbats.

On a tip from Steve.

Four Vacations in 1 Month for Comrade Obama

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:44 AM

This is my 6-year anniversary — of going without a vacation. But I don't mind, because I can vacation vicariously through Comrade Obama. Compliments of The Only Other Conservative in Seattle:

While many Americans are cutting back on their vacation plans or eliminating them altogether, Chairman Zero is setting an aspirational example for all of us. Sure, times are tough, but perhaps we can enjoy a life of leisure vicariously through our leaders.
Back in July, the Obamas enjoyed their first summer vacation in beautiful Bar Harbor, Maine. The idyllic town has long been favorite summer getaway for the rich and powerful going back to the Gilded Age. Truly a resort fit for our King-in-Chief.
Anticipating exhaustion from two long weeks in Washington, DC, Michelle Obama hosted her eldest daughter and several family friends on a "private vacation" to Spain, August 4-8. Staying at the luxurious Villa Padierna "surrounded by the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean," Americans can rest easy knowing the resort "offers guests a relaxing retreat where luxurious accommodations, championship golf and a lavish spa give way to awe-inspiring views of the Costa del Sol."
With three golf courses on the property, it's quite a shame Barack must attend a 49th birthday party thrown in his honor by one of his billionaire friends. Despite this hardship, I'm sure M'chel will sing "Don't Cry for Me, America" (or at least hum a few bars).
The five days back in the White House will be a horrible burden to the First Family. Thankfully, the Obama clan will take a third vacation, Aug. 14-15, to Florida's Gulf Coast, following charges of hypocrisy for vacationing in Maine earlier. As any PR pro will tell you, the best response to "out-of-touch" accusations is to face them head on. Preferably from a balcony, sipping a Cuban Mojito while watching Sols' golden rays paint the tarball-less beach in myriad shades of gold as the fiery orb slips 'neath the azure horizon with its green kiss.
But if the Obamas are anything like the rest of us — and it sure seems that way — I'm certain they feel more tired after a vacation than before it. But unlike all of us, the family will take a fourth vacation, Aug. 19-29, in exclusive Martha's Vineyard. That should make the Tyrant-in-Chief thoroughly relaxed and refreshed for another two years of transparency.

Now back to work. Someone's got to generate the tax revenue to pay for all this fun.

It's good to be king.

Tax Money Spent to Train Asians for Outsourcing

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:00 AM

With the explosive growth of Big Government smothering the economy to the point that ever fewer people can find work, it's the least our bureaucratic overlords could do to use some of the money they steal from us for job training. Unfortunately, they're training people in other countries to take our jobs:

Despite President Obama's pledge to retain more hi-tech jobs in the U.S., a federal agency run by a hand-picked Obama appointee has launched a $36 million program to train workers, including 3,000 specialists in IT and related functions, in South Asia.
Following their training, the tech workers will be placed with outsourcing vendors in the region that provide offshore IT and business services to American companies looking to take advantage of the Asian subcontinent's low labor costs.

Apparently American jobs weren't being outsourced fast enough to suit our rulers, who become more powerful the more of us are dependent on their handouts for food.

Under director Rajiv Shah, the United States Agency for International Development will partner with private outsourcers in Sri Lanka to teach workers there advanced IT skills like Enterprise Java (Java EE) programming, as well as skills in business process outsourcing and call center support. USAID will also help the trainees brush up on their English language proficiency.

Our liberal masters have rejected American exceptionalism so forcefully that to them creating jobs overseas is better than allowing the free market to create them at home. We all want to level the playing field, so that the standard of living in the USA isn't any higher than in Sri Lanka, right? Give Obama et al. a few more years and it won't be.

On a tip from 222039.

No Cure for the Summertime of Recovery Blues

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:23 AM

Comrade Obama's "Summer of Recovery" is not going down in history as one of our happiest seasons. As the Virtuous Republic observes,

It's as if Obama and Biden hosted a backyard barbeque and served burnt burgers, raw bratwurst, [and] warm pop and the picnic table was filthy and surrounded by flies and yet it was called a good time. This is in essence, what Obama and Biden are doing with our bad economy by calling it the "Summer of Recovery."

Employment has fallen to the floor and it isn't getting up. Now that the temporary Census jobs are done, even government employment is down. The only reason the unemployment stats don't keep climbing is that ever more people have stopped looking for work. Why bother, when Big Government has its "boot on the neck" of employers and unemployment comp will apparently be extended forever?

Via the Washington Examiner, this graph helps us visualize the "Summer of Recovery":


Things aren't going any better for us overseas. The "Good War," the one Dems are supposedly willing to fight, is turning into a losing proposition under the sick joke Commander in Chief O'Bammy:

As of July 31, almost half of all U.S. fatalities in Afghanistan have happened on President Barack Obama's watch. Since Obama took office in January 2009, 558 U.S. troops have died in Afghanistan, out of 1,127 since the war began nine years ago, according to's tally.
And the violence is escalating. July 2010 was the deadliest month for U.S forces in Afghanistan, with 66 combat and non-combat fatalities.

It will take some very deft spinning by the media to prevent the Summer of Recovery from leading to the Autumn of Discontent on election day.

Compliments of Zappatrust.

Open Thread

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Via iMaksim.

August 8, 2010

ICE Agents Rebel Against "Amnesty Through Policy"

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:28 PM

Not all unions are pernicious enough to back Obama's agenda. National Council 118, representing Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents for the American Federation of Government Employees, issued a vote of no confidence (PDF) against top bureauweenies ICE Director John Morton and ICE Office of Detention Policy and Planning Assistant Director Phyllis Coven. A partial list of their grievances gives an idea of the treasonous insanity being imposed from on high:

• Senior ICE leadership dedicates more time to campaigning for immigration reforms aimed at large scale amnesty legislation, than advising the American public and Federal lawmakers on the severity of the illegal immigration problem, and the need for more manpower and resources within ICE ERO [Enforcement and Removal Operations] to address it. ICE ERO is currently overwhelmed by the massive criminal alien problem in the United States resulting in the large-scale release of criminals back into local communities.
• Criminal aliens incarcerated in local jails seek out ICE officers and volunteer for deportation to avoid prosecution, conviction and serving prison sentences. Criminal aliens openly brag to ICE officers that they are taking advantage of the broken immigration system and will be back in the United States within days to commit crimes, while United States citizens arrested for the same offenses serve prison sentences. State and local law enforcement, prosecutors and jails are equally overwhelmed by the criminal alien problem and lack the resources to prosecute and house these prisoners, resulting in the release of criminal aliens back into local communities before making contact with ICE. Thousands of other criminal aliens are released to ICE without being tried for their criminal charges. ICE senior leadership is aware that the system is broken, yet refuses to alert Congress to the severity of the situation and request additional resources to provide better enforcement and support of local agencies. …
• While ICE reports internally that more than 90 percent of ICE detainees are first encountered by ICE in jails after they are arrested by local police for criminal charges, ICE senior leadership misrepresents this information publicly in order to portray ICE detainees as being non-criminal in nature to support the Administration's position on amnesty and relaxed security at ICE detention facilities.
• The majority of ICE ERO Officers are prohibited from making street arrests or enforcing United States immigration laws outside of the institutional (jail) setting. This has effectively created "amnesty through policy" for anyone illegally in the United States who has not been arrested by another agency for a criminal violation. …

This next one is great (emphasis added):

• ICE Detention Reforms have transformed into a detention system aimed at providing resort like living conditions to criminal aliens. Senior ICE leadership excluded ICE officers and field managers (the technical experts on ICE detention) from the development of these reforms, and instead solicited recommendations from special interest groups. The lack of technical expertise and field experience has resulted in a priority of providing bingo nights, dance lessons and hanging plants to criminals, instead of addressing safe and responsible detention reforms for non-criminal individuals and families. Unlike any other agency in the nation, ICE officers will be prevented from searching detainees housed in ICE facilities allowing weapons, drugs and other contraband into detention centers putting detainees, ICE officers and contract guards at risk.

The list goes on to include a lack of consistent national policies, adequate direction, managerial infrastructure, and accountability, and retaliation against whistleblowers.

The Crap & Tax fiasco, so obviously destructive to our economy that the Dems could not get it through the Senate, will instead be imposed in the shadows by the unaccountable bureaucrats of the EPA. Likewise, Obama is granting de facto amnesty to potentially tens of millions of unskilled peasants to fulfill his threat of "fundamentally transforming" America — into a Third World country.

The situation is simple. A hostile foreign power is using its criminal underclass to colonize the United States. The federal government, having been hijacked by the radical Left, is doing everything it can to assist this invasion, in the belief that creating a massive new underclass and reducing Caucasians to minority status will give them the demographic leverage to impose socialism and one-party rule.

One day people will ask you what you did to fight Obama and the rest of the vermin who deliberately tried to destroy America. At least the ICE rank and file will be able to say they objected — not that objecting will be anywhere near enough.

On tips from Rob Banks and Jodie. Hat tip: Maggie's Notebook.

Boy Scouts Respond to the Manchurian Moonbat

Posted by Dave Blount at 1:01 PM

No wonder Comrade Obama chose to be fawned over by the cretinous moonbat hags of The View rather than show up in person for the Boy Scout's 100th Anniversary Jamboree, despite being the honorary chairman of the BSA. It looks like even Boy Scouts resent the Left's habit of spitting on them at every possible opportunity. The Moonbat Messiah's video image didn't get the warmest of receptions:

A question for Obamunists: Are we united yet?

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I Want Your Money

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:36 PM

This fall we will finally have a reason to go out to the movies:

On tips from Oiao and Lyle. Hat tip: Weasel Zippers.

Anchors Aweigh

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:25 PM

Even Katie Cupcake et al. seem to be waking up to the fact that this anchor baby idiocy has got to stop before it drives us into bankruptcy:

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Open Thread

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August 7, 2010

Kudos to Demos

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:07 PM

Kudos to Joel Demos for taking on the radical left Muslim Congresscritter Keith Ellison, who as Power Line puts it, "embodies the Democratic Party's alliance with radical Islam." It won't be an easy fight in Ellison's moonbat-saturated Minneapolis district.

Kudos to Demos again for putting out this excellent commercial:

On a tip from TrickleUpPolitics.

Where Are the Blacks? Right Here

Posted by Dave Blount at 1:47 PM

Lest anyone think that it is only the large majority of Americans who are Caucasian who are enraged at what the radical left is doing to our country, here's the Tea Party Express dismissing the outrageous lie that black Congressmen were spat on and called the forbidden N word by patriots.

On tips from Gary, TrickleUpPolitics, Knights of the Dumb Table at Blue Gold Nation, Leslie, and JustTheTip.

Peaceful but Prepared: Grady Warren

Posted by Dave Blount at 1:39 PM

Controversial countermoonbattery from sportsman Grady Warren:

Here's one that YouTube hasn't censored yet:

So long as Grady Warren is still out there swinging, we can be fairly sure the roundups haven't begun.

On tips from The Only Other Conservative in Seattle and Oiao.

Nevada Sheriff Tony DeMeo Stands Up to Federal Thugs

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:23 AM

The explosive expansion of unconstitutional federal power that began under FDR but is reaching a climax as Obamunism is on track to set off a second civil war. In Nye County, Nevada, local authorities have been pushed almost to the point of using deadly force to defend local citizens from the depredations of armed federal agents.

Details of the inspiring but alarming story of Sheriff Tony DeMeo's stand against the Bureau of Land Management can be found at MORPHcity.

How far are we from shootouts taking place between local authorities, who are relatively responsive to their constituents, and arrogant thugs from faraway Washington? Time will tell.

On a tip from Conan.

Open Thread

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Compliments of Leslie.

August 6, 2010

Design Ideas for the Ground Zero Victory Mosque

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:58 PM

In the interests of building bridges to the Muslim community, volunteers have submitted design ideas for the Ground Zero Victory Mosque. Here's a concept tailored to suit the location, via Doug Ross @ Journal:


Another appropriate design comes from Dark Angel Politics:


Still more appropriate would be a smoldering hole. Hopefully this outrage never comes to that.

On tips from Lee and TED.

Seattle Passes Out Free Crack Pipes

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:25 AM

What economic crisis? Bureaucrats are floating in so much of our money, in Seattle they are passing out free crack pipes to drug fiends:

For more than 20 years, local heroin addicts have relied on a collection of needle exchanges for clean works. But in recent months, crack users too have quietly found an outlet in the city.
In a nondescript alley in the University District, users can pick up clean crack pipes, pipe filters and ascorbic acid for injecting crack.

Don't try opening a lemonade stand in the moonbattery-ravaged Pacific Northwest, but if you want to inject crack cocaine, Big Government is there to help.

Here's why the program — funded in part by the Department of Public Health (i.e., taxpayers) — is so crucial that money must be spent on it even as deficits explode and normal Americans struggle desperately to pay their taxes:

Just as sterile syringes reduce the spread of HIV and other diseases, new and unbroken glass pipes are believed to prevent lip cuts and the spread of hepatitis strains. Rubber tips and new filters ward off mouth burns. Ascorbic acid helps prevent users from using lemon juice to dissolve cocaine rocks into an injectable liquid — a common practice that can lead to fungal infections.

No humane government will tolerate the risk of crack smokers burning their lips because their pipes lack rubber tips and new filters — not when Shilo Murphy, who administrates the program, has discovered that healthy drug use is a human right:

"We believe all drug users should have the right to not get diseases and have the ability to prevent diseases."

It goes without saying that our rulers therefore have the right to use our money to make smoking and injecting crack cocaine more healthful and pleasant.

Publicly funded recreation.

On a tip from Kevin from Auburn, WA.

Colorado Bureaucrats Blow Off Law Preventing Unemployment Comp From Going to Illegals

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:53 AM

One advantage to amnesty is that after Comrade Obama rams it through, bureauweenies won't have to break the law to provide criminal aliens with unemployment benefits at the expense of American citizens — like it appears they've been doing in Colorado:

State politicians are calling for an audit of the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment after a published report implied the Department might have intentionally tried to circumvent state law in dealing with illegal immigrants … when it decided in January of last year to suspend a particular software program designed to flag illegal immigrants trying to obtain unemployment benefits.

The software is needed to comply with HB-1023, intended to minimize the number of illegals who feed off the public teat by collecting unemployment checks. Because it was allegedly slowing down the processing of unemployment claims, it was "temporarily" suspended by the CDLE — a year and a half ago.

Emails reveal that the bureauweenies knew they were breaking the law. But as Eric Holder has made clear, laws that inconvenience undocumented Democrats are not to be enforced.

On a tip from Graycat.

Moonbat Tech: The Bio-Bug

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:10 AM

The secret to providing affordable energy is to generate it with something extremely abundant, namely oil and coal. But in the age of moonbattery triumphant, there's something we have still more of — thus the Bio-Bug:

The Bio-Bug has been converted by a team of British engineers to be powered by biogas, which is produced from human waste at sewage works across the country.
They believe the car is a viable alternative to electric vehicles.
Excrement flushed down the lavatories of just 70 homes is enough to power the car for 10,000 miles — the equivalent of one average motoring year.

The potential fuel emitted during any given 5 minutes of Comrade Obama's teleprompter readings ought to be enough to take the Bio-Bug to Mars and back.

The point of running a car on sewage is that the harmless CO2 the Bio-Bug releases would have been released anyway as the smelly waste decomposed. It is hoped this will spare the polar bears from the 0.000000000000001°F increase in temperature that may or may not result from driving real cars that burn gasoline. That is, not only the engine, but the very concept behind the car runs on crap.

Future models of the Bio-Bug will never need refueling. Smug in their belief that they are saving the planet, moonbat drivers will just attach a hose running from the engine to their heads.

At least they have a sense of humor.

On tips from G. Fox and Stormfax.

Bureauweenies Shamed Into Apologizing for Crushing Lemonade Stand

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:41 AM

Our liberal rulers' policy of keeping a "boot on the neck" of capitalism is applied anywhere Americans still have the spirit to behave like Americans by making an honest buck — even at lemonade stands:

Oregon county officials have apologized after health inspectors told a 7-year-old girl that she can't run a lemonade stand without a $120 temporary restaurant license.
Jeff Cogen, chairman of the Multnomah County Board of Commissions, told that he apologized to the mother, Maria Fife, and is now turning his attention to changing the rules.
"Our health department what they were trying to do, I understand...I just feel like we have to be able to distinguish between a 7 year old, who is selling lemonade and trying to learn about business and someone who actually has a business," Cogen said.
Julie Murphy of Oregon City opened a lemonade stand at Last Thursday, a monthly art fair in Northeast Portland, The Oregonian reported. But when Julie couldn't provide a license when asked, they were told to either leave or face a $500 fine.

At the time, the local bureaunazis were far from apologetic, as they pounded their sunken chests and waxed self-righteous on their noble duty to protect the public from under-regulated lemonade. But then Drudge picked up the story, and the publicity forced them to back down.

Switch on the light and the cockroaches scatter. Turn off the light and back they crawl.

Julie Murphy, 7-year-old capitalist exploiter.

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Open Thread

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August 5, 2010

Time Magazine: Normal Americans Are Ignorant Bigots

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:02 PM

As Obamunism collapses under the weight of its own absurdity, the snarling moonbats of the liberal elite ruling class are becoming so unhinged that they're neglecting to conceal the vicious contempt they feel for normal Americans. Here's how the inexpressibly vile Time magazine kicks off a dhimmified puff piece on the Islamic Victory Mosque at Ground Zero, as regurgitated at Yahoo! News:

The last legal hurdle to the proposed Islamic center near the site of the World Trade Center has been removed, but ignorance, bigotry and politics are more formidable obstacles. … Criticism spans the gamut, from the ill-informed anguish of those who mistakenly view Islam as the malevolent force that brought down the towers to the ill-considered opportunism of right-wing politicians who see Islam as an easy target.

If you don't want the ashes of the 9/11 dead urinated on by Muslims and their liberal enablers, you too are an ignorant bigot. If you think that Islamic terrorism has anything to do with Islam, you are "ill-informed." Any politician who shows the backbone to stand up to this absolutely intolerable outrage on behalf of the enraged American people is indulging in "ill-considered opportunism."

Both ends of the Muslim–moonbat axis are spitting in America's face.

September 11
This wasn't enough. They had to follow it up.

Hat tip: Jumping in Pools.


Posted by Dave Blount at 5:08 PM

The birth of Nancy Pelosi was recorded for posterity. iOwnTheWorld holds this historical footage:

On a tip from TED.

Separated at Birth?

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…or is something more sinister going on? Has anyone seen the character on the right since the Bitter Half started wearing this outfit?


We may be on the verge of learning where the First Wookie gets her clothes.

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Amazon Kindle Suppressed by Injustice Department

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From the Personal Liberty Digest comes a story that makes clear why as a society we are going nowhere but down unless we get the boot of liberalism off of our neck:

It seems that last year Princeton, Arizona State and Case Western Reserve universities undertook an experiment to see if e-book readers would be more convenient and less costly than traditional textbooks. … So the universities set aside a couple of courses under a pilot program with a limited number of students and gave them the OPTION of using the Amazon Kindle. Amazon supplied the Kindle DX for the student's use. But if the students chose to they could opt out and use a standard textbook.

Even libs ought to like this concept. After all, books are made out of paper, which oppresses trees. However…

That idea didn't sit well with President Barack Obama's radical Department of Justice Civil Rights Division head Thomas Perez, who sued the universities for violating the Americans With Disabilities Act. Why? Although the Kindle has a text-to-speech feature that can read a book aloud, it requires sight to operate the menu functions. So Perez assumed the courses were discriminatory to the visually impaired. …
The Civil Rights Division ordered the universities stop distributing the Kindle because if blind students couldn't use the device, then nobody could.
Never mind that no visually impaired students had registered for the classes. Never mind that the idea makes economic and environmental sense. Never mind that the technology was evolving quickly and the text-to-speech capabilities were improving. All Perez could see was that someone might be left behind.
The problem with that school of thought is, when you are so intent on making sure no one is left behind you also ensure that no one gets ahead. But isn't that the goal of totalitarian regimes?

There you have it: the squishy soft tyranny of sanctimonious liberal fascism in a nutshell.

Meanwhile, this same Justice Department has no problem with Black Panther thugs armed with truncheons scaring white people away from the polls on election day. Progressivism isn't about justice or "civil rights." It's about oppression as an end in itself.

They never run out of things they want to take away from us.

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Drinking the Blood Americans Won't Drink

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To anyone thick enough to believe the liberal media's spin, the dregs of Mexican society, the unskilled criminal underclass that sneaks across our border in flagrant contempt for our laws, actually consists of upstanding citizens who only want to work hard and blend smoothly into the American melting pot. Like Mauricio Mendez Lopez, for example:

Mauricio Mendez Lopez is accused of killing Macario Cruz in a house they shared in Bartow [Florida].
Police said they believe Lopez stabbed Cruz to death because he was having an affair with his sister-in-law, Mariella Mendez. … A police report shows the men had an argument in which Lopez struck Cruz in the face with a 15-pound dumb bell. …
Authorities say Lopez returned later and stabbed Cruz to death. Mariella Mendez told police Lopez left with a plastic cup in his hand that appeared to hold blood. She said he drank from the cup in a strange ritual from their native Mexico. …
According to several published reports all of the adults in the home are illegal immigrants.

Vampires as a metaphor for liberals and the parasitical underclass they work so diligently to expand get more appropriate by the hour. Patriots are advised to stock up on garlic and sharpen some stakes.

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Undertaxed Soda Makes Us Fatter as We Drink Less of It

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An earlier decent into progressive rule brought us the debacle of Prohibition. This generation's dictatorial do-gooders aren't focused on alcohol; they have it in for food. Yet another liberal media article screeches hysterically that we're getting too fat:

The number of states with an adult obesity rate of 30 percent or more has tripled, to nine, since 2007, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a report… About 75 million Americans are considered obese, the Atlanta-based CDC said.
Being fat is costing Americans as much as $150 billion a year from ills such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer, as obese people carry almost $1,500 more in yearly medical expenses, the CDC said in the report. …
"This is a call to action for the nation," Heidi Blanck, the CDC's branch chief for obesity prevention and control, said in an interview.

The solution is the same as for all problems the media invents or inflates — higher taxes and more government:

Sally Findley, a professor of population and family health at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health, … said focusing on a reduction in the consumption of sweetened drinks would be one campaign that might "make a big difference," as it would cut across demographic groups. Placing a tax on soda or certain fruit drinks, as has been proposed in New York State, might be one approach…

But wait — people are already drinking less soda:

Sales of carbonated soft drinks in the U.S. fell for the fifth year in a row last year, although the pace of decline has slowed from 2008, according to a report from industry trade magazine Beverage Digest. …
The last time the carbonated soft drink category grew was in 2004. In the 1990s, beverage companies saw volume grow at about 3 percent a year. But consumers have shifted away from sugary, fizzy drinks in favor of drinks with a healthier image like water, teas and other noncarbonated beverages.

So if undertaxed soda makes us be overweight, how come we keep getting heavier as soda consumption goes down?

Never mind that, our rulers tell us we're too fat! Obesity is an epidemic! It costs $billions! We have to let them do something to us! Right now!!!

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Outrage as Race Ignored in Hiring Decision

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The new fashion director of the black lifestyle magazine Essence has plenty of qualifications:

[Elliana] Placas' resume is impressive since moving to the US from Australia, working on a mix of mass-selling American publications including 0: The Oprah Magazine, Us Weekly, New York, More and Life & Style.
[…Essence editor-in-chief Angela] Burt-Murray said Ms Placas [who had been working freelance for Essence] showed "creativity", "vision" and "enthusiasm and respect for the audience and our brand" while the reader response to her work had been positive.

But she lacks the one qualification that counts the most for some in "post-racial" America. Placas is (gasp) a Caucasian. By winning her job on merit instead of skin color, she's sent feathers flying. Moans former fashion editor Michaela Angela Davis:

"It is with a heavy, heavy, heart I have learned that Essence magazine has engaged a white fashion director. This hurts, literally, spiritually."

While Ms. Davis clutches for the Advil, others gripe that they'll never get ahead in the fashion industry if they can't get jobs on the basis of race.

Come on, ladies. We picked our President based on race. But for the fashion editor of Essence, deeper qualifications have to take priority.

Elliana Placas: unfashionably pale.

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Tyrannical Pervert Judge Imposes Homosexual "Marriage"

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The voters have spoken, and the message is clear. We the People do not want the concept of matrimony perverted, ridiculed, and defiled with the abomination of homosexual "marriage." Thirty states have approved Defense of Marriage Amendments. Even California, sometimes snickered at as the "Land of Fruits and Nuts," is home to a majority of decent, sane people who passed Proposition 8 to protect marriage from homosexual parodies.

However, in flagrant opposition to the will of the public, US District Judge Vaughn Walker has thrown out Proposition 8, declaring by fiat that perverts may render the institution of marriage a farce. Being openly homosexual, Walker would have recused himself had he any respect for the proper role of the judiciary. But under a regime of liberals, the judiciary has a new role: to ram through obscenities so monstrous that not even Nasty Pelousy's Congress could pass them.

According to Walker, the blasphemy of homosexual "marriage" is a constitutional right. The Founding Fathers are vomiting in their graves.

"Proposition 8 fails to advance any rational basis in singling out gay men and lesbians for denial of a marriage license," Judge Walker said in his 136-page decision. "Indeed, the evidence shows Proposition 8 does nothing more than enshrine in the California constitution the notion that opposite sex couples are superior to same sex couples."

But healthy, normal relationships are superior to sexual perversions that spread deadly diseases, you sick creep. By his logic, the next move will be to legalize marrying the paper boy, amid a smokescreen of sanctimonious rhetoric regarding the sacred equality of pedophiles. But then, why marry the paper boy? Homosexual "marriage" will allow perverts to adopt whole harems of paperboys.

"The evidence shows conclusively that moral and religious views form the only basis for a belief that same-sex couples are different from opposite-sex couples," he said.

Freaks like Walker are so far removed from reality, they don't even recognize the biological basics of human reproduction. Only their degenerate agenda is real to them. Our "moral and religious views" are dismissed with a sneer. Yet they are permitted to dictate to us the rules by which our society operates.

In case there are any non-moonbats left who haven't come to loathe the Governator:

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Republican, and state Attorney General Jerry Brown, a Democrat, praised the ruling.

The ruling that Ahnold and former Governor Moonbeam so love doesn't just represent another step downward into a hell of depravity, degeneracy, and social dissolution. It's a victory for progressives' preferred mode of government: tyranny.

A single weirdo judge imposing his perversion on the rest of the state in stark opposition to the will of the public is not consistent with they way things work in a democratic republic. Profanities like this can be inflicted from on high because we live under the thumb of a tyrannical judicial oligarchy, which will eventually finish Walker's handiwork by imposing homosexual "marriage" at the national level, just as it did with abortion.

Judge Walker, via p2pnet.

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Open Thread

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Compliments of Ellen.

August 4, 2010

Would Nancy Pelosi Abort Baby Jesus?

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Nasty Pelosi blasphemously refers to herself as a Catholic despite being so extreme in her hostility to innocent human life that she even voted against a ban on the savage form of infanticide euphemistically referred to as "partial birth abortion." Pelousy tells us that her favorite word is the Word made flesh — aka Jesus Christ. So CNS News asked her at what point Jesus, who was divine from the moment of the Immaculate Conception according to Catholic doctrine, should have been considered off limits to abortionists.

In keeping with our current government's policy of transparency, she refused to answer:

Although she won't discuss the propriety of butchering Baby Jesus, Miss Nasty does find it appropriate to opine that "we have to make sure we're prepared to answer in this life or otherwise as to how we have measured up." Given that she is a product of one of the safest districts in the country for a radical moonbat, she needn't worry about answering in this life. As for "otherwise," if she had any belief in it, she wouldn't be able to mention the topic without quivering in terror.

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Where Your Money, Your Children's Money, and Your Grandchildren's Money Has Been Going

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By the way, that's a House office building in the background.

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Another Whopper: Obama Claims Father Fought in WWII

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When the Manchurian Moonbat's mouth is in gear, the preposterous lies just don't stop. Here he is claiming that his father served in World War II:

The Kenyan communist Barack Obama Senior, born in 1936, was 9 years old when WWII ended.

Maybe Barry meant his adoptive father, Lolo Soetoro. But the Indonesian Soetoro was 10 years old when WWII ended.

Some say that the reason Obama has spent a fortune to keep his birth certificate from the public is that his actual father was his childhood mentor, the communist, rapist, and potential enemy agent Frank Marshall Davis. Born in 1905, Davis was plenty old enough for WWII. But he never in a million years would have fought for this country, any more than Obama would.

We can only conclude that Comrade Obama was actually referring to his uncle, who supposedly helped liberate Auschwitz and therefore must have fought in the Soviet Red Army.

Incredibly, there are still people foolish enough to believe anything that comes out of this clown's mouth.

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Obamunism Made Easy

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If the depraved and malignant phenomenon known as Obamunism is making your head spin, just refer to this simple chart from America — Stand Up!, which positions the Manchurian Moonbat in the context of the ultra-radical milieu that produced him:

Click the pic for full size.

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Bad News Keeps Coming for the Goracle

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It was bad enough that the global warming hoax began to come unraveled just as he stood poised to exploit it for $billions. Then a masseuse spurned his sexual advances, called him a "crazed sex poodle," and took the story public. Even Tipper got disgusted enough to leave him. Now this:

Former Vice President Al Gore has been hit by new allegations of sexual assault. This time, it's two more massage therapists bringing the charges. …
The new allegations are said to have taken place at two hotels — one in Beverly Hills in 2007, when Gore was in Hollywood for the Oscars, the other in Tokyo in 2008.
A source from the luxury hotel in Beverly Hills told The Enquirer: "The therapist claimed that when they were alone, Gore shrugged off a towel and stood naked in front of her." He then propositioned her for a sexual act, according to The Enquirer.

Hopefully the woman is receiving treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Molly Hagerty, the Portland victim, has also recently piped up with some new evidence: a pair of stained black pants and the remains of some candy supposedly gobbled by Gore.

To make matters worse, rumor has it that Prince Albert was in the mood for romance and headed to his favorite massage parlor only to be confronted by this:


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Bitter Half Spends Fortune in Formerly Racist Spain

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Gulf states have been crippled economically by the oil leak Obama's bumbling and intrusive regime made so hard to defend the coast against, and still more by his malevolent ban on off-shore drilling. Although liberal elite types will curl their lips insufferably at the "Redneck Riviera," there is no shortage of fine hotels on the Gulf Coast, and since Mother Nature is taking care of the oil (as foretold by the all-knowing Maha Rushie), there could be no better place for public figures to vacation, so as to send a positive signal that would help the economy. However, when Obama's Bitter Half decided on a little R&R, she chose instead to go to Spain. Good thing the State Department pulled the scarlet letter R for Racism off Spain's chest just in time:

The Obama administration faced [yet another] embarrassing diplomatic blunder today after it was forced to pull a warning about racism in Spain — just as the First Lady arrived in the country for a summer holiday.
Staff at the U.S. State Department removed the contentious advice to travellers, which included the phrase 'racist prejudices could lead to the arrest of Afro-Americans who travel to Spain,' from its website on Monday.

Sure — just like Arizona police round up Hispanics at random. The nice thing about lies is you can just stop telling them when they no longer serve whatever nefarious purpose.

The First Lady landed in the Costa del Sol this morning for a break with her youngest daughter Sasha, nine.
She is on a four-day visit and will be staying at the five-star Villa Padierna, rated as one of the world's top 30 hotels, with 40 friends. The party has reserved 60 rooms.

Sixty rooms — that will come to a pretty penny at a place like Villa Padierna:

Rooms start at £210-a-night and stretch to around £4,100 [$6,513.26] for a villa with 24-hour butler service and private pool and garden.

Meanwhile, the economy is staggering toward the second dip of the recession, taxes will be shooting through the stratosphere on January 1, and the national debt has skyrocketed past an obviously unsupportable $13,000,000,000,000.00. But the Bitter Half boldly forsakes the country she is for the first time proud of to face the "racism" of Spain at a cost to our children and grandchildren, with interest, of who knows how many $millions.

As Maria Antoinette would say, let them eat debt.

michelle obama pig
Life is good at the public trough.

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Oregon Residents Bribed to Endure Wind Farm

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Not all pollution is the visible kind that the bumbling and intrusive Obama Regime made so difficult to clean up in the Gulf. For example, there is also noise pollution:

Patricia Pilz of Caithness Energy, a New York company that is helping make this part of eastern Oregon one of the fastest-growing wind-power regions in the country, is making a tempting offer: Sign a waiver saying you won't complain about excessive noise from the turbines, and she'll give you a $5,000 check.

Not everyone is willing to take the free money. Caithness Energy is installing 338 monstrous 300-foot turbines in the area. They will not only be hideous but deafeningly noisy. At least residents won't get chopped up in them like birds will. But it's all worth it to provide economically inefficient energy on behalf of the flourishing polar bears.

Where does the money come from to buy off the locals? Probably from you. The government is flushing mountains of money that we don't have to spare down subsidies for the farcical wind energy boondoggle.

A noisy, hideous, and extravagantly expensive joke.

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Put-Upon Mass Murderer Omar Thornton Oppressed by Racism

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According to the liberal media, there isn't much that cannot be blamed on the nefarious white man and his racism. A black guy is caught stealing, loses his job, snaps, and starts shooting people and whose fault is it? If you're white, it's yours. Here's the headline:

Family: Racial Bias Caused Conn. Gunman to Snap

That's how ABC sees fit to summarize Omar Thornton's killing of eight people and wounding of two others. Don't you feel guilty about driving him to this?

As for the theft that precipitated his killing spree — if the government can pass out $billions of other people's money to reward people for being black, why couldn't Thornton help himself to a little beer?

No doubt after Comrade Obama has left our country in smoldering ruins he'll be bailed out with the same excuse. Sure he destroyed the economy, buried the country in debt, sold our future to the communist Chinese, clogged the judiciary with left-wing radicals, turned the races against each other, emboldened our enemies, sold out our allies, allowed Iran to get nukes, and ripped our country apart — but don't forget, his racist white grandma didn't like getting shaken down by aggressive bums, even if they were black bums. That must have scarred him for life.

In fairness to the moonbats at ABC, it's possible that Thornton really did think he was oppressed. The noose symbol that so often figures in dubious racism allegations (e.g., here and here) made its appearance once again:

"Everybody's got a breaking point," said Joanne Hannah, the mother of Thornton's longtime girlfriend. … Thornton had said he found a picture of a noose and a racial epithet written on a bathroom wall, said Hannah…

According to the propaganda ABC and the rest of our liberal rulers relentlessly bombard us with, this would easily justify taking eight lives. As with Colin Ferguson, who came here from Jamaica to be oppressed by racists until he couldn't stand it anymore and started shooting Caucasians on a New York commuter train (killing 6 and wounding 19), cramming progressive propaganda into a psychopath's mind will inevitably lead to violence.

Omar Thornton, oppressed mass murderer and beer thief.

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The Human Mind on Moonbattery

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Once in science class we watched a movie of a spider trying to weave a web after being given LSD. The useless helter-skelter web looked kind of like this sign by Victory Mosque supporter Gary Phaneuf:


Whatever destroyed Phaneuf's brain must have gotten into the water supply. NYC's bureaucracy — from Mayor for Life Michael Bloomberg on down — has been suffering from similar symptoms.

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Open Thread

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August 3, 2010

Culture of Bloopers

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Andrew Klavan makes his contribution to the culture of bloopers of our insect overlords:

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How to Catch Wild Pigs

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Compliments of The Only Other Conservative in Seattle:

You catch wild pigs by finding a suitable place in the woods and putting corn on the ground. The pigs find it and begin to come every day to eat the free corn. When they are used to coming every day, you put a fence down one side of the place where they are used to coming.
When they get used to the fence, they begin to eat the corn again and you put up another side of the fence. They get used to that and start to eat again. You continue until you have all four sides of the fence up with a gate in the last side.
The pigs, which are used to the free corn, start to come through the gate to eat that free corn again.
You then slam the gate on them and catch the whole herd. Suddenly the wild pigs have lost their freedom. They run around and around inside the fence, but they are caught.
Soon they go back to eating the free corn. They are so used to it that they have forgotten how to forage in the woods for themselves, so they accept their captivity.

That ringing you hear from the direction of Washington is the sound of the gate slamming shut.

Dr. Seuss Sounds Off on Obamunism

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Compliments of Michelle, inspired by TED.

Another Socialized Medicine Tale of Terror

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Thanks to Comrade Obama's Fundamental Transformation of America, this will soon be a socialist utopia like Sweden. So be sure to have some thread on hand, in case you slice open your leg:

A 32-year-old took the needle into his hands when he tired of the wait at Sundsvall hospital in northern Sweden and sewed up the cut in his leg himself. The man was later reported to the police for his impromptu handiwork.

The charge: using hospital equipment without authorization.

Not only did the socialist Nanny State fail to help him despite the stratospheric taxes Swedes pay, it wants to punish him for attempting to help himself. There you have liberalism in a nutshell.

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UN Moonbats: We Must Save the Planet by Eating Bugs

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Now our supranationalist liberal ruling class wants us to eat bugs. It's the least we could do to serve Gaia:

The raising of livestock consumes two-thirds of the planet's farmland, and is a major source of greenhouse gases. Meanwhile, tons of edible, sustainable protein swarms all around us, free for the taking. In a new policy paper being considered by the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Belgian entomologist Arnold van Huis makes the sensible recommendation that the western world eat more insects.
Farming edible insects like mealworms and crickets would produce far less greenhouse gas — 10 times less methane and 100 times less nitrous oxide — than the large mammals we currently farm. … They are high in protein and calcium, and, with over 1,000 edible species, offer plenty of delicious variety.

Yum yum. Meanwhile, there is still zero evidence that eating meat has a deleterious effect on the weather. But progressives disapprove of our engaging in the practice, so alternatives must be found.

It would be encouraging to see moonbats making themselves useful for once by eating bugs. However, when the ruling class advocates some inconvenient or disgusting practice, the idea is for us to do it, not them. You won't see Al Gore et al. forsaking air travel. Since they are liberals, some form of coercion is always involved in the end.

Better learn to like them.

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9/11 Victory Mosque Moves Forward

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Just as Americans have the iconic image of Marines and a sailor raising Old Glory on Iwo Jima, Muslims will soon have an "Islamic center" next to Ground Zero to symbolize and commemorate a historic victory.

The controversial Islamic center proposed to be built near the site of the 9/11 terrorist attacks won a major victory today when a New York City board voted unanimously to allow the demolition of a building to make way for construction.
The city's Landmarks Preservation Commission's vote rejected the landmarking of a 19th century building with its Italian Renaissance Palazzo style that most recently served as a Burlington Coat Factory. That designation would have prevented its demolition and foiled plans to build a 13-story Islamic community center that includes a prayer room.

Having the Cordoba Victory Mosque right next to Ground Zero will help us remember September 11. It should be open soon, but just so no one forgets in the meantime, here's what the "Islamic center" will triumphantly memorialize:






NYC's appalling Mayor for Life Michael Bloomberg has taken this opportunity to preen himself on the "religious tolerance" patriots correctly perceive as dhimmitude at its most contemptible. The city's omnipotent bureaucracy has a zillion means of stopping any project. They are letting the mosque go through because, incredibly, they want it there. They want America's face rubbed in the ashes of its dead while Muslim maniacs ululate in triumph.

The establishment media also takes Islam's side. CBS dismisses this 13-story tribute to terrorism as a "blink-and-you'll-miss-it mosque."

If you had told me on 9/11/2001, as I watched my fellow New Yorkers stagger northwards from Ground Zero covered in dust partially composed of other Americans who had just been murdered in the name of Islam, that city bureaucrats would approve this absolutely intolerable outrage, I would have moved away in disgust much sooner — unless my head had exploded on the spot.

It's impossible to believe that all New Yorkers are eager to lick the shoes of Islamofascists in the name of political correctness, but their liberal "representatives" certainly are.

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Killing the Nuns Americans Won't Kill

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What a surprise — like so many other criminal aliens who commit crime after crime, Carlos A. Martinelly Montano had already been captured and released by the feds before killing a nun while indulging in the favorite undocumented Democrat pastime of driving drunk:

The Virginia man suspected in a drunken-driving crash that killed a Catholic nun in Prince William County this weekend is an illegal immigrant and repeat offender who was awaiting deportation and who federal immigration authorities had released pending further proceedings, police said Monday.
Carlos Montano, a county resident, has been charged with involuntary manslaughter and drunken driving. Mr. Montano had been arrested two other times on drunken-driving charges, and on at least one of those occasions county police reported him to federal authorities.

Montano was "out on his recognizance" when he managed to make the following contribution to America's rich multicultural tapestry:

The crash at around 8:30 Sunday morning killed Sister Denise Mosier and injured two other nuns as they were driving to a retreat at the Benedictine Monastery in Bristow, Va. The two injured nuns were in critical but stable condition late Monday, according to St. Gertrude High School in Richmond run by the Benedictine Sisters of Virginia.

By comparison, Montano himself was hardly scratched:

Mr. Montano was being treated for injuries he received in the crash and was expected to be released from the hospital into police custody as early as Monday evening.

Comments Rep. Harold Rogers (R-KY):

"Now, we see the tragic results this 'virtual amnesty' policy of the Obama administration has caused. A life could have been saved had ICE just simply done their job to begin with."

But the last thing our liberal rulers want is ICE doing its job. ACORN can only create so many votes out of thin air. The underclass needs to be vastly expanded if America is to be "fundamentally transformed."

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The Pigford Pig-Out

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:10 AM

American blacks have good reason to be angry. The reason is: it pays.

Zombie summarizes the 1999 Pigford v Glickman decision, by which 16,000 black farmers were handed $50,000 jackpots for making the extremely dubious claim that the USDA discriminated against them during the administration of the First Black President, Slick Willie Clinton.

Afterwards, other blacks saw all the free money flying around and wanted their piece of the pie. So in 2008, a junior Senator named Barack Hussein Obama sponsored a bill to reopen the case. Over 70,000 black farmers are expected to line up for the next round of handouts, for a total of 86,000 luxuriant rides on the gravy train, courtesy of tax slaves and their children.

Seated on a plush throne at the front of that train is our old friend Shirley Sherrod, the race-baiting bureaucrat the media has tried to pass off as the next Rosa Parks. She exploited the Pigford scam to collect a staggering $13 million of OUR MONEY for being "oppressed" just before she took her position at the USDA.

By the way, there are only 39,697 black farmers in the entire country. Yet 86,000 allegedly deserve mountains of other people's money because the liberal bureaucrats under a liberal administration discriminated against them and wouldn't give them farm loans.

Never mind the noise over "slavery reparations" — the government already pays people lavishly to be black. It is stealing our money and passing it out to those lucky enough to have dark skin by the hundreds of $billions. The only moral difference between a heist like Pigford and robbing a liquor store is that a stickup thug has more guts and more honesty than the sanctimoniously lying bureaucrats who are systematically looting this country into bankruptcy.

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Open Thread

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Compliments of Lee.

August 2, 2010

He's a Communist, All Right

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The latest episode of CommieTunes confirms that just as we suspected from the beginning, Comrade Obama is in fact a commie:

Compliments of CommieBlaster.

Spotted on the Streets of Chicago

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Even the notoriously corrupt and liberal city that launched his nefarious career is coming down with a serious case of Obama fatigue, to judge by this vehicle seen on the streets of Chicago:


Via Big Government, on a tip from Oiao.

Moonbat Manhood on Display

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Pictures tell the story of a useful idiot who was arrested during protests against American sovereignty that went over the line in Phoenix:




He's going to want his mommy even worse if he ends up in Sheriff Joe's Tent City.

Compliments of Anonymous Countermoonbat.

So There Are Limits…

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:55 AM

…at least in theory:


In actual practice, you can buy whatever you want with Food Stamps, including narcotics. How thoughtful of our liberal rulers to expand their use among illegal aliens and people who don't even begin to need them.

Via Oddly Specific, on a tip from BURNING HOT.

Transsexual Model Lea T Pushes the Progression

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:52 AM

The world of the condescending "elite" just keeps getting creepier:

Brazilian bombshell Lea T was plucked from the backroom staff of posh fashion giant Givenchy to star in its ad campaigns.
The leggy brunette — born a man called Leandro Cerezo — will also soon appear in Italian Vanity Fair and has posed naked for French Vogue.
Lea, 28, is currently having hormone replacement therapy before undergoing a sex change operation.

Hello, breakfast. I wasn't expecting to see you again.

"Lea" is reportedly the second degenerate trendoid from the right:


Mister LeRoy's Fashion News comments:

Regardless of whether she [sic] remains a fixture in the high fashion world, Lea T. will be regarded as a groundbreaker. Paradoxically perhaps, she [sic] will also be considered emblematic of a natural progression already in the works.

This is part of a progression, all right — but natural? If this freakazoid represents anything remotely natural, what would be unnatural?

On a tip from Incitatus.

Alamo Remembered as Reconquistadors Invade Citi Field

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:05 AM

The other day I wanted to catch a break from moonbattery so I switched on the ballgame. The Diamondbacks game against the Mets in New York was interrupted by some jerk who ran onto the field. Later I learned that it was multiple jerks, and like most jerks these days they were advancing the liberal agenda:

Two men carrying Mexican flags in protest of Arizona's immigration law ran into the outfield during the seventh inning of the New York Mets' game against the Arizona Diamondbacks on Friday night at Citi Field.

There were more moonbats where they came from.

Prior to the game, about 40 people across the street from the ballpark chanted "Oppose racism!" and "Boycott Arizona!"
Others stationed closer to the subway exit handed out leaflets that requested Major League Baseball move next year's All-Star game out of Phoenix.

Even in left-leaning New York, people are getting fed up.

As the trespassers were taken from the field people in the stands started chanting "USA, USA."

If the scene sounds familiar, you might be thinking of a certain Dodgers game — at which Rick Monday rescued an American flag two moonbats were attempting to set on fire.

As Sarah Palin says, we're all Arizonans now.

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Rep. Pete Stark: Federal Government Can Do Most Anything

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You can see why Obama complains that there is too much access to information, why his Diversity Czar has been scheming of ways to silence talk radio, and why blogs like this one will soon be shut down if Obamunists have their way. An informed citizenry is a tyrant's worst enemy. Watch a well-informed young lady explain to Rep. Pete Stark (D-CA) why ObamaCare is fundamentally unconstitutional. Then watch Stark's chilling response when asked what limitations our rulers will acknowledge regarding the federal government's ability to micromanage our private lives:

I think that there are very few constitutional limits that would prevent the federal government from rules that could affect your private life.

When asked for confirmation that Fortney (Stark's real name) is saying that he and his fellow liberal fascists can do any damned thing they please, he responds:

The federal government, yes, can do most anything in this country.

All hunched on his stool Fortney looks almost contrite, even as he proclaims that our Constitution is no longer valid and that he and his fellow Statist bureaucreeps have total power to inflict whatever they will on us. He's no longer talking about peeing on his constituents' legs. It's almost as if he thinks the Obama power grab will be unsuccessful — that he and the rest of the wannabe dictators constituting the Democrat Party will be thrown out like the anti-American refuse they are.

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Open Thread

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August 1, 2010

Phoenix Rally for Secure Borders and Immigration Enforcement

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In Phoenix yesterday evening, the Rally for Secure Borders and Immigration Enforcement presented a stark contrast not only between right and left, but between right and wrong, high and low, clean and unclean, sane and insane, good and evil. If there's one positive aspect to Comrade Obama tearing the country apart, it's that at least now the divisions are crystal clear; liberals can no longer hide behind a smokescreen of nuance. Their only choices are to mend their ways or admit to what they are.

Like any Tea Party type event, the rally drew normal Americans who want their voices to stop being ignored by the ruling class. A few made signs:





…including Yours Truly:


Despite the liberal establishment's desperate lie that grassroots resistance to their agenda is "racist," non-Caucasians were as usual hardly underrepresented. America's Black Shield is only one example:


The excellent speakers included SB1070 author Russell Pearce and Ted Hayes. Unfortunately, it wasn't always easy to hear them, because the Tea Party movement is now very much on the radar screen of our collectivist rulers, who dispatched a motley contingent of communist thugs to drown out the proceedings:


The flea tattoo seen here on the left was certainly appropriate; all of the moonbats looked likely to be crawling with their own six-legged brethren:


Here a presumably undocumented Democrat honors our flag after the liberal fashion. The conch shell is also appropriate; it figures prominently in Lord of the Flies, a novel about children who revert to savages:


The head of Phoenix's police department is Jack "the Hack" Harris, an obedient toady of the ultra-left, mollusk-like Mayor Fail I mean Phil Gordon. This may be why the police allowed the moonbat brownshirts to create their head-splitting cacophony only a few yards away from the speakers. This deranged harridan screeched inane chants through her megaphone almost without pause for two hours:


Without irony, she denounced the assembled patriots as "fascists" and "Nazis," even while using classic Nazi/fascist techniques to disrupt our gathering. Other moonbats contributed to the racket with a bizarre assortment of instruments that they lacked the discipline to learn how to play, including this clown with an accordion:


Needless to say, these creatures were not local to the Valley of the Sun. They were bused in to prevent the speakers from being heard, evidently from the festering pustule of liberalism that is still vaguely recognizable as Los Angeles. Who did the busing? This should offer a clue:


SEIU 660 is based in LA. The union's presence came as no surprise in connection with the communist agitators, considering that this profoundly malignant organization is closely affiliated with ACORN and with Barack Hussein Obama, who got his start in politics "community organizing" just such repugnant vermin to just such nefarious purposes, and trained ACORN goons to do the same.

That is to say, the scum that tried to suppress the rally is running the country. BHO and his media enablers shower more often, but their mentality is no different.

On one side you have decent, normal Americans who want to defend their country from invasion and uphold the rule of law. On the other, you have repulsive collectivist lowlifes who travel hundreds of miles to defile our sacred symbols and prevent patriots from speaking. Choose one side or the other; there is no in-between.

Photography by Varla.

New Ad From Government Motors

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Would you buy a used car, or a new car, or anything whatsoever from a Marxist community organizer?

Fortunately for now we still have a choice.

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Ted Hayes on the Invasion

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Yesterday I had the honor to shake hands with countermoonbat Ted Hayes at the Phoenix Rally for Secure Borders and Immigration Enforcement (more on this soon). Last May, I enjoyed watching him speak at the Stand With Arizona Rally in Tempe — and now I've got video:

Needless to say this wasn't aired extensively by the mainstream media.

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Open Thread

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