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July 24, 2010

Mexican Drug Lords Seizing Ranches in Texas?

Posted by Dave Blount at July 24, 2010 3:43 PM

According to reports, Los Zetas have seized control of ranches in Texas:

In what could be deemed an act of war against the sovereign borders of the United States, Mexican drug cartels have seized control of at least two American ranches inside the U.S. territory near Laredo, Texas.
Two sources inside the Laredo Police Department confirmed the incident is unfolding and they would continue to coordinate with U.S. Border Patrol today. "We consider this an act of war," said one police officer on the ground near the scene. There is a news blackout of this incident at this time and the sources inside Laredo PD spoke on the condition of anonymity.
Word broke late last night that Laredo police have requested help from the federal government regarding the incursion by the Los Zetas. It appears that the ranch owners have escaped without incident but their ranches remain in the hands of the blood thirsty cartels. …
The hostile takeover of the ranches has met with silence with local and national media; however sources say they could be waiting to report the stories once the ranches are back in U.S. control.

The story was also reported here and here.

Is this really happening? Probably not (despite the upsurge in violence just over the border), but what's even scarier than the heavily armed Zetas is that stories like this have become difficult to confirm or refute. We know that the Obama Regime is so hostile to the populace it rules that it has joined Mexico in suing Arizona to prevent it from defending itself from invasion. We know that the establishment media places supporting Obama far ahead of informing the public. But as for whether a blanket of silence has been thrown over a military incursion — in the short term, we can only guess.

In a totalitarian state, rumors supplant news. We're not there yet, but we can see it from here.

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