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June 15, 2010

Separated at Birth?

Posted by Dave Blount at June 15, 2010 2:17 PM

Psycho Congressthug Bob Etheridge and Droopy:

bob-etheridge.jpg  droopy.jpg
Compliments of Graycat.

Don't let the sleepy look lull you into dropping your guard. Wake up Etheridge and he's liable to bite your leg.

By the way, even some of the moonbats at Salon consider Etheridge's attack on the students who asked if he supports Comrade Obama's agenda to be

a clear case of assault and battery (the unedited video from the first camera is here). There is some speculation that the individuals questioning him have some connection to the right-wing organization of Andrew Breitbart. I hope it goes without saying how irrelevant that is. The only reason I think this is worth noting is this: imagine what would have happened to those students if this situation had been reversed, and it was they who had physically assaulted Rep. Etheridge, rather than the other way around. How quickly would they have been arrested and prosecuted? The application of our laws isn't supposed to depend upon who is perpetrating the crime and who the victim is. Obviously, there are few principles, if there are any, more discarded than that one in Washington, but it would be nice to see its being applied in this instance by having this Congressman, obviously inebriated with an extreme sense of entitlement, arrested and charged.

But there's no need for trolls to start baking cakes with files in them. Etheridge will be charged with assault right around the time the Arctic ice cap melts.

On a tip from Ron.