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June 22, 2010

Judge Blocks Obama's Extra-Constitutional Offshore Drilling Moratorium

Posted by The MaryHunter at June 22, 2010 11:39 AM

It's nice to see that the Judiciary (at least this one member of the Judiciary) is not completely beholden to The One and his progressive schemes, and actually understands the rule of law over thuggery.

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - A federal judge in New Orleans has blocked a six-month moratorium on new deepwater drilling projects that was imposed in response to the massive Gulf oil spill.
Several companies that ferry people and supplies and provide other services to offshore drilling rigs had asked U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman in New Orleans to overturn the moratorium.
President Barack Obama's administration has halted the approval of any new permits for deepwater drilling and suspended drilling at 33 exploratory wells in the Gulf.

Feldman says in his ruling that the Interior Department failed to provide adequate reasoning for the moratorium. He says it seems to assume that because one rig failed, all companies and rigs doing deepwater drilling pose an imminent danger.

The domino effect of job losses from the misguided moratorium now at least has a fignting chance of being stopped. Due to this decision, it also seems a bit less likely that the McChrystal/Rolling Stone interview will sufficiently displace the Gulf story from the headlines. Judge Feldman has shone another light onto the incompetence and utter failure of this Man-child President who is incapable of understanding the first thing about managing a disaster, let alone understanding the subtleties of a massive segment of the American economy.

A legacy of failed thugocracy that grows and grows.