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June 11, 2010

Item #4: Sarah Palin Post! Swarm! Swarm!

Posted by Gregory of Yardale at June 11, 2010 6:30 AM

Sarah Palin had a pretty good night last Tuesday. Candidates she endorsed won in California, South Carolina, and Nevada. This has led right-wing bloggers to write about her influence within the Republican party, and has led left-wing bloggers to launch a new internet rumor that she has had breast implants.

So, what is the story circulating among the lefty blogs and now worming its way into traditional media regarding Sarah Palin today? Not the success of the candidates she endorsed, but, rather, her breasts. That's right. The big question of the day, first promulgated by the always inane Wonkette, is whether or not Sarah Palin had breast implants. I suppose we should just be grateful that it's not incessant investigation of her uterus again, although I'm sure Andrew "I've finally lost my already weak grasp on sanity" Sullivan will work that in somehow.

If you wanna know why the left is so bitter and nasty toward attractive Republican women, consider their women for a second. Hillary Clinton. Debbie "Did Someone Say Cake" Stabenow. Barbara "Gargoyle" Mikulski. Nancy "The Cryptkeeper" Pelosi. I get the bitterness and the need to start catty internet rumors. I really do.