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June 5, 2010

College Reading Lists: Drenched in Moonbattery

Posted by The MaryHunter at June 5, 2010 12:30 PM

In an effort to enlighten and inform incoming freshmen, it is becoming more fashionable for colleges and universities to assign summer reading for new students. The logic is that, when they launch into classes in the fall, the kids will have a common experience about which they can pontificate with each other -- and the more multicultural and progressive, the better. In 2002, UNC Chapel Hill built a freshman first-year program around a book on the Qur'an and earned much scorn. The trend hasn't improved much, either.

These books reflect some of the trends found in [the report] "Beach Books" about the genres of choice. Books about multiculturalism, immigration or racism were the most prevalent (60 colleges), followed by environmental issues (36 colleges), the Islamic world (27 colleges), New Age or spiritual books (25 colleges), and issues related to the Holocaust or genocide (25 colleges). Only 6 colleges assigned classics. The study also looked for other patterns in the selections, and reported that 46 of the choices have a film version, 29 are about Africa, 9 are related to Hurricane Katrina and 5 are about dysfunctional families.
The report cites several issues with the selections. "We found the preponderance of reading assignments promotes liberal social causes and liberal sensibilities. Of the 180 books, 126 (70 percent) either explicitly promote a liberal political agenda or advance a liberal interpretation of events. By contrast, the study identifies only three books (less than 2 percent) that promote a conservative sensibility and none that promote conservative political causes."

Is is safe to guess that none of the colleges surveyed asked the incoming students to read the United States Constitution or The Federalist Papers?

No surprises here, but it just goes to show how important it is for parents (who are often sinking small fortunes into their children's college education) to monitor the influences on impressionable youthful minds, challenge their children to think beyond what their professors want them to think, and above all, set a good example. The alternative: liberal indoctrination (if it hasn't already happened irreversibly throughout primary and secondary school). A liberal elitist college survival guide for conservative parents and students would be nice, since unfortunately everyone can't attend Hillsdale College.


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