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June 11, 2010

Alvin M. Greene (D-Neverland) for Senate

Posted by The MaryHunter at June 11, 2010 7:05 AM

Sexual predator allegations notwithstanding, Alvin Greene has certainly managed to go from zero to a bit more than 15 minutes of fame. The Democrat nominee, duly elected by South Carolineans to run against Republican Jim DeMint for United States Senate, is nothing if he isn't articulate.

"I'm the Democratic Party nominee," Greene says in the interview at his father's home on a lonely stretch of rural highway in central South Carolina. "The people have spoken. The people of South Carolina have spoken. The people of South Carolina have spoken. We have to be pro-South Carolina. The people of South Carolina have spoken. We have to be pro-South Carolina."
"I check my e-mail, like, it varies, maybe -- I'm more, I mean -- two or three times a week," he says. "I prefer the telephone. I'm a little old-fashioned. I prefer the telephone. That's the easiest."
A campaign flier lies on the table. "Satin green," he says proudly. "It's pretty. I like that." Greene won't say who printed it or where it was distributed. He cautions that it's his only copy and should be handled with care. Asked how many fliers were printed, he says "hundreds," then pauses.
"Maybe thousands. Hundreds. Maybe a hundred. I don't know exactly."

Hmm, I guess that means he's nothing. Or to be fair, he's at least an enigma that is poetically emblematic of the best that the Obama Kool-aid Democrat generation can offer. The chairwoman of the South Carolina Democratic party did try to talk Mr. Greene out of running, even said he could get his $10,400 campaign filing fee refunded. But nope. Mr. Greene was, and still is, in it for the long haul.

Whatever it is he thinks he's in, that is.

Naturally, liberal pundits and the folks at The Washington Post believe that Greene was a secret plot by Karl Rove the Republicans to put forth a fabulously weak candidate against Jim DeMint, so as to try and secure this vulnerable Republican's Senate seat. Of course, Sen. DeMint is as vulnerable as a polar bear facing down a naked liberal blogger armed only with an iPad.

OR: could it be that Greene is really a Democrat Party plot, an effort to read the writing on the wall and save political resources for another day? Inquiring minds are uninterested.

The Party of WTF.