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May 14, 2010

Item #4: Traitorous Democrats Scheme to Make It Impossible for the USA to Defend Itself

Posted by Gregory of Yardale at May 14, 2010 5:57 AM

A cabal of Democrats — Dick Durbin, Ben Cardin, Russ Feingold, Dianne Feinstein, and Patrick Leahy — are cramming something mis-named the "Crimes Against Humanity Act" through the senate. This Act, among other things, would effectively disarm the US nuclear arsenal by making the use of nuclear weapons — even in retaliation — a crime against humanity. It would also grant the UN "Universal Jurisdiction" over "crimes against humanity."

The practical effect of this would be that US soldiers and officials accused by other countries of "Crimes Against Humanity," — as George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, as well as numerous soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan have been — would be tried in the Hague (i.e., by America-hating European socialists) or by the individual countries in which the allegations were raised. Basically, it imposes the ICC without the messiness of ratifying the Treaty.

Any thinking person can see how this would have disastrous implications on the USA's ability to defend itself militarily. The credibility of the US nuclear threat would be diminished, clearing the way for Obama's dream of unilateral disarmament. US officials would risk prosecution for dispatching troops to foreign countries or punishing terrorists in a way the UN or European socialists did not approve of, and imagine if the US Marines from the Haditha "Massacre" had been tried by The Hague instead of a military tribunal.