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May 15, 2010

Caturday Post: What Do You Think of Rand Paul?

Posted by Gregory of Yardale at May 15, 2010 6:08 AM


Ron Paul's son Rand Paul is running for the Senate in Kentucky
. He's been endorsed by Jim DeMint, Sarah Palin, Teve Torbes and the Senator he would replace, Jim Bunning. The Republican establishment is backing his challenger Trey Grayson. There is a primary next Tuesday.

Rand Paul does not seem to be a libertarian purist in the mode of his father, (although his libertarian impulses didn't stop him from accepting pork on behalf of his district). It wasn't Ron Paul's positions that put me off so much as the fanaticism of his followers, their obsessive need to spam internet polls for example, and the way some of his most ardent supporters turned out be deranged truther whackjobs. Still, Rand Paul is probably further out in the hinterlands on some issues than he lets on and than I would like.

Maybe I wouldn't want a senate full of Rand Pauls, but I'm all in favor of having some unconventional guys in there to shake up the status quo. If I were in Kentucky, he'd get my vote. What do you guys think?

Also, I see the left is trying to foment a phony controversy that alleges the Tea Party movement wants to repeal the 17th Amendment by which US Senators are directly elected? WTF? Apparently, a few fringe guys are pushing it, and the MSM is treating it as a mainstream Tea Party position. The wisdom of repealing the 17th Amendment is debatable, but in terms of the priorities of the Tea Partiers, it ranks pretty low on the list compared to cutting spending, limiting government, repealing ObamaCare, securing the border, holding politicians accountable and about 200 other things. But the left has to smear the Tea Parties with anything they can dredge up ... otherwise more folk might catch on.