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April 8, 2010

State Department on Hugo Chavez's Arms Build-Up: "We Don't Care"

Posted by Gregory of Yardale at April 8, 2010 5:03 AM

Obama's BFF Hugo Chavez recently completed an arms deal with Russia worth somewhere between $5 Billion and $9 Billion... a lot of money for a place that can't even keep the lights on.

One would think this was a troubling development. After all, Chavez is destabilizing Latin America and funding guerrilla movements in Colombia and Peru, as well as supplying arms to the narco-terrorists in Mexico and to Basque separatists in Spain.

What is the response of Chairman Zero's State Department to this development?

RUSSIAN PRIME Minister boasted after returning from a visit to Venezuela on Monday that he had sold President Hugo Chavez another $5 billion in weapons -- a huge sum for a Latin American army. Hours later State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley was asked for a reaction at his public briefing. First answer: "We don't care."
Mr. Crowley went on to say that State didn't see a legitimate need for all that equipment and was concerned that it might "migrate into other parts of the hemisphere."

Chavez has arms deals with Russia for tanks, helicopters, and fighter jets. Given his prior rhetoric and his support for communist rebels inside Colombia, analysts believe he is preparing for war with that country; an American ally.

Let's review recent developments in Smart Diplomacy. An aggressive South American Marxist dictator with a history of arming insurgents purchases a huge amount of weapons... Obama doesn't care. Iran forges ahead with its nuclear weapons program... Obama doesn't care. Israel builds a few apartments in their own capital... Obama goes ballistic.


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