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April 1, 2010

Lefties and Anarchists Plot to Infiltrate, Disrupt Tea Parties

Posted by Gregory of Yardale at April 1, 2010 9:19 AM

Lefties routinely sneer at the idea that their progressive comrades would infiltrate the Tea Parties in order to spread misinformation and engage in actions to discredit the Tea Party movement.

Well, then, explain this!


The tools will claim this only refers to counter-protests. I disagree. The use of the verb "crash" is an open invitation to infiltrate tea parties. And of course, we know the motto of the Alinskyite left: "By any means necessary."

: verb to gain admittance to a party, performance, etc., without an invitation, ticket, or permission.

Also, this (from the Jawa Report)

Organize counter-protests against the tea party demonstrations, same time, same place. This is probably the best option. We need to get in the streets on April 15th and show the tea party movement that there are lots of people out there who oppose their agenda.