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March 9, 2010

Americans See ObamaCare as Economy Killer

Posted by The MaryHunter at March 9, 2010 8:40 PM

Rasmussen's latest numbers on ObamaCare speak volumes: namely, Americans fear that it will damage the American economy. Funny, that's one of Dear Leader's main arguments for rushing it through, because it will help our economy. Not so fast, say we.

Fifty-seven percent (57%) of voters say the health care reform plan now working its way through Congress will hurt the U.S. economy.
Two-out-of-three voters (66%) also believe the health care plan proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats is likely to increase the federal deficit. That's up six points from late November and comparable to findings just after the contentious August congressional recess.

Could it be that no one trusts the numbers?

Eighty-one percent (81%) believe it is at least somewhat likely that the health care reform plan will cost more than official estimates. That number includes 66% who say it is very likely that the official projections understate the true cost of the plan.

Oh yea, and no middle class tax increases? Nope, not buyin' it.

Seventy-eight percent (78%) also believe it is at least somewhat likely that taxes will have to be raised on the middle class to cover the cost of health care reform. This includes 65% who say middle-class tax hikes are very likely, a six-point increase from late November.

In a related poll, Americans don't believe in the extremely partisan manner that ObamaCare is being handled by the desperate Democrats, either. 68% of Americans don't want an ObamaCare plan rammed through Congress without any Republican support, according to the AP. Allahpundit speculates on passage and its meaning for November 2010:

After nine months of this garbage, who seriously believes that just a little more effort at detente will break the impasse? If you don't want them to go it alone now, you don't want them to go it alone period, so wavering Dems will simply have to swallow that 68-percent figure. Good luck, kids.
Exit question: Just 24 percent of Democrats are "very enthusiastic" to vote in November compared to 42 percent of Republicans. If this travesty passes, which figure will see more movement? Remember, the left is counting on ObamaCare to goose turnout.

After some 37 speechifications, you still aren't selling the watermelons, Mr. President.

Compliments of Byron.

AP poll info via HotAir, on a tip from J.