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March 16, 2010

Americans Not Allowed to Fly Old Glory in Haiti

Posted by Gregory of Yardale at March 16, 2010 8:59 AM

I guess M'Chel just isn't proud of the relief work our country is doing in Haiti.

The many nations helping Haiti recover from the devastating earthquake that struck there have set up their own military compounds and fly their flags at the entrances.
France's tricolor, Britain's Union Jack and even Croatia's coat of arms flap in the breeze.
But the country whose contributions dwarf the rest of the world's -- the United States -- has no flag at its main installation near the Port-au-Prince airport.
The Obama administration says flying the flag could give Haiti the wrong idea.
"We are not here as an occupation force, but as an international partner committed to supporting the government of Haiti on the road to recovery," the U.S. government's Haiti Joint Information Center said in response to a query about the flag.

I guess Chairman Zero was hurt when his boyfriend, Hugo Chavez, suggested that US relief efforts were just cover for an invasion and occupation of Haiti.

Remind me again, why the Hell would anyone want to invade and occupy Haiti?


Spot the Marxist creep who just plain hates his country the United States.