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February 11, 2010

Planned Parenthood's Abortion Valentines

Posted by Gregory of Yardale at February 11, 2010 12:21 PM

Once again giving lie to the leftist talking point that "No one is pro-abortion," Planned Parenthood is publishing abortion-themed Valentine's Day cards. Because nothing says "love" like murdering the child that results from unprotected sex.

The cards feature a large heart on a white background with the message, "I love pro-choice doctors" and a link to the pro-abortion group's web site.

The cards are designed to be sent to abortionists, to thank them for making it possible for people to have unprotected recreational sex without consequences; which is the most important progressive value.


BTW, Georgia Right-to-Life has been erecting (yeah, I chose that word deliberately) billboards that read "Black Children Are An Endangered Species" to acknowledge that Black babies are aborted at three times the rate of white babies. The New York Waste of Times says we need abortion because the dark folk won't stop breeding, and we need to keep abortion safe and legal so those "undesirables" (as Ruth Bader Ginsburg called them) won't out breed white folk. (I may be taking liberties with my interpretation of the NYWoT's position.)