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February 2, 2010

Blanche Lincoln Ready for Butter and Jam

Posted by Gregory of Yardale at February 2, 2010 9:51 AM

According to a non-Rasmussen poll, Arkansas Obamacrat Senator Blanche Lincoln has sunk to a 27% approval rating, and is down against her as-yet-undeclared Republican opponent 56%-33%.

Left-wing apologists will tell you this has nothing at all to do with her support for ObamaCare or her statement that the Congress can absolutely force you to buy health insurance against your will. The BBC will tell you this is because Arkansas voters are too stupid to realize that being forced to buy into mandated insurance plans is good for them.


Blanche Lincoln, this is a metaphor for you. You're dried out and ready to be eaten. Metaphorically.

And if you think she can save the seat by pulling a Chris Dodd, think again.

Because of Lincoln's precarious position we tested some other potential Democratic candidates against Boozman as well, and while most of them do better the numbers are still an indication that it will be hard for anyone to keep the seat in the party's hands. Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter basically polls the same as Lincoln, trailing 53-30. General Wesley Clark trails 51-36. Congressman Mike Ross is at a 48-37 disadvantage. And perhaps most surprising, highly popular and even more highly unlikely to run for the Senate Mike Beebe trails 44-43 in a hypothetical contest despite a 59/22 approval rating that rates among the best for any politician we've polled across the country this year.

Long story short, people don't like ObamaCare, they hate Obamadebt, and they think one-party national government sucks.