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December 27, 2009

If Newsweak Were Any Sappier, They'd Blow Their Noses with Pancakes

Posted by Gregory of Yardale at December 27, 2009 6:27 PM

Dying left-wing publication Newsweek has released it's "CW for 2009" and it's nothing but a gush-fest for the Obamas and a two-seconds hate for all who criticize them:

Naturally, Newsweek loves Obama, whom they consider to be "Like God."

Obama: Takes on wrecked economy, two wars, health care. His reward: more popular in Europe than in U.S.

In the real world, Obama has run up the largest deficits in American history, spent a trillion dollars to create double digit unemployment, made the terrorists and mullahs laugh out their turbans at us, and bumble-f-cked health care "reform" to the point where only the most ignorant members of the public support the plans being foisted by him and his party. (And here's a few dozen other things Obama has screwed up in less than a year.)

And they gush over the First Wookie as well.

Michelle: Making White House the "people's house."

True enough, in the sense that apparently anyone can just walk right into a state dinner.

Hillary: Best sec. of state since George Marshall.

Get a room.

Naturally, the people who dare criticize Captain Wonderful are attacked. Glenn Beck is a "weepy wingnut." Sarah Palin is a "flip-flopping quitter." Dick Cheney is a hypocrite.

You can understand why Newsweek is in a death spiral. Why spend five bucks at a newsstand to read what Huffington Post and Daily Kos put out for free?