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October 25, 2009

Pro-Life Pumpkin

Posted by Van Helsing at October 25, 2009 2:44 PM

Halloween isn't just about horror. It's about kids having a high time. Children can't have any fun if they've been executed in the womb, so this pro-life jack-o'-lantern is the perfect All Hallows Eve porch accessory:


Make your own with this PDF stencil, via American Life League.

Hat tip: American Papist. On a tip from Oiao.


What happened to your nation, White Man?

Posted by: Anonymous at October 25, 2009 3:03 PM

@ Anonymous at October 25, 2009 3:03 PM

California Broke, Thanks Mexico's Illegal Criminals and soft Democratic Party fools.

$10s of billions of dollars wasted on worthless illegal Mexicans.

Go home to your sub-standard roots!

Posted by: Anonymous at October 25, 2009 3:08 PM

@ Anonymous at October 25, 2009 3:03 PM

Illegal Mexican (and other) Criminals are doing more to support the keeping of the 2nd Admendment than white people are, just by being bottom feeders. Thank you.

Wear that Brown Beret proudly! Makes you stand out at 500 yards.

Posted by: Anonymous at October 25, 2009 3:12 PM

Anonymous is a net flamer, uneducated, fuqqtard.

Posted by: obamasux at October 25, 2009 3:55 PM

Anonymous at October 25, 2009 3:03 PM
"What happened to your country white man"?

Still here. The landfills have gotten a little bigger.

So let me ask you a's that barrio working out for you?

Posted by: Fiberal at October 25, 2009 5:14 PM

If I were a kid, I don't think I'd go up to the house with the fetus pumpkin. Just sayin'.

Posted by: I'm A Lasagna Hog at October 25, 2009 5:18 PM

And thats why mexico is trying to force its gun control laws on us with the mexican diplomate appearing on the TODAY SHOW or GMA to lie about american gun smuggled into mexico and OBAMA also told thus same lie as well as the NEW YORK SLIMES

Posted by: SPURWING PLOVER at October 25, 2009 5:29 PM


I thought it was a CATHOLIC school.


Posted by: OBAMANATION at NOTRE DAME at October 25, 2009 5:40 PM

Notre Dame? What a JOKE!

Click below -

Posted by: Free The ND 88 at October 25, 2009 5:47 PM

Speaking of flaming liberal idiots and pro-life... I note that Olbergirl the slobbering hateful fool is no longer on Sunday Night Football on NBC. That means NBC must want some ratings for their pre-game and halftime shows. I know I can't be the only one who refused to watch it because of the superfool.

Posted by: Jimbo at October 25, 2009 7:14 PM

Since this is the closest thing to an open thread I can see..:

Old favorite Sean Penn heads over to Cuba for a puff-piece interview with castro over how Obama's wonderful hopey-changiness has brightened the Cubans' lives..

He's just in time, since last I heard Cubans are rejecting unca' castro's lifelong philosophy and turning to capitalism

Posted by: mandible claw at October 25, 2009 7:25 PM

The end of the movie 2001 was a pro-life message, with the giant fetus hovering over the Earth.

Posted by: Mousey Tongue at October 26, 2009 5:47 AM

But remember mousie 2001 also pushed this EVOLUTION poppycock crap showing those rediculous apeman creatures

Posted by: Flu-Bird at October 26, 2009 11:45 AM

It's not a fetus pumpkin, it is a BABY pumpkin, and if a child has not been indocrinated otherwise, the child will NATURALLY be attracted to babies--watch kids with babies--it is refreshing.

Posted by: christine at October 30, 2009 6:01 AM

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