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September 12, 2009

March on Washington Tea Party Pictures

Compliments of Mega, here are a few scenes from the massively successful rally of patriots in DC today:









Mega describes the crowd as "totally energized," with "amazing energy and camaraderie." This won't be easy for our socialist rulers to ignore.

Posted by Van Helsing at September 12, 2009 2:28 PM


Thank GOD there's Glenn Beck

Like that sign.

Posted by: Dave at September 12, 2009 2:35 PM

Wonder what the liberal socialist trolls have to say about this.

Obambats what say you idiot trolls?

Expected response....../crickets

Posted by: Dave at September 12, 2009 2:41 PM

Thanks for the photos Mega. Wish I could have been there.

Posted by: forest at September 12, 2009 2:45 PM

This is the America I was born into in 1962. An America that stands up for its freedoms, its rights. An America that does not back down from enemies, both international AND domestic.

Today I feel good about America once again.

And thank you Glenn Beck!

Posted by: Fuzzlenutter at September 12, 2009 2:57 PM

In picture # 5, right in the middle of the screen and a few inches to the left of the building, is the Washington Monument. It is so far in the distance you can hardly even see it in the photo. THAT is how far the shoulder-to-shoulder mass of protesters extended, and then beyond. From my vantage point near the Capitol, I couldn't even see where or if the protest swarm actually ended, but it was definitely beyond that monument. This thing was huge.

Posted by: mega at September 12, 2009 2:58 PM

In case you didn't catch it in the open thread:

Some images of the tea party

Warning, they're large, and will take some time to load - in the metro - other side of the metro; these two pictures are of people going into DC around 2:30 - Capital Building - Some guy with awesome signs - people - people - MORE people - OMG GUN-RIGHTS ADVOCATING FAR-RIGHT EXTREMIST TERRORIST OMGOMGOMG - marching

I have more, but it gets kinda repetitive. After all, there were more than 1.5 million people there, according to the park police. They wouldn't let them into the mall, at first, but there were so many, they eventually had to.

Posted by: Tea Party Attendee at September 12, 2009 2:58 PM

I haven't seen one aerial photograph on tv yet. shame. And I knew Obama wouldn't have the grapes to be in Washington today.

On CNN blitzer is talking about how Obama's facebook quip is such great advice for parents.

Posted by: Anonymous at September 12, 2009 3:11 PM

Notice how orderly and peaceful they are no rioting,no looting,no vandalism,no smashing windows,no attacks on the cops unlike what we saw in SEATTLE back during the big anti-WTO protests by a unruly mod of dirty rotten smelly maggot infested granola munching tree hugging stink holes

Posted by: SPURWING PLOVER at September 12, 2009 3:26 PM

These are great shots. Was amazing how many young kids and elderly (even in wheelchairs) there were. In fact, there were young kids in wheel chairs too. All of America turned out. All colors, all states (farthest away I heard were all the west coast states... did anyone from Alaska or Hawaii attend?) Truly humbling to be a part of this.

Astroturf my ASS.

Posted by: The MaryHunter at September 12, 2009 5:39 PM

A real good kind of protests that wont interest the liberal left-wing news media becuase there is no looting,vandalism,rioting,american flag burnings,attacks on cops by the usial bunch of dirty smelly purtid maggot infested moonbats, Our founding fathers would appluad these patriots

Posted by: Flu-Bird at September 12, 2009 6:30 PM

You won't see any union thugs here beatin' up that ol' lady here.

Liberals are such a bunch of pussies!!!!

Posted by: Dave at September 12, 2009 6:31 PM

My daughter and son-in-law were there and I am so proud of them for going. I would have been there but had to babysit for them and glad to do so. We can have hope in America again after years of despair. Congress--we aren't going away. You best listen. Thanks Glenn Beck for simply doing what we needed someone to do. Speak for us.

Posted by: Proud Momma at September 12, 2009 7:04 PM

That old lady turned out to be the grandmother of the Thai girl sitting next to her (and her sister, who's out of frame). Her son, their father, showed up right after I took the photo to cart her off. That is the real "diversity" of America, when it isn't being used as a code word for affirmative action - people of different backgrounds, starting families, coming together with their fellow citizens.

Posted by: mega at September 12, 2009 7:04 PM


Thanks for all these great pictures! I wish I could be there but being a responsable American I have a business to run.


Where are yooooooou!

To hot in the kitchen is it?

Posted by: Dave at September 12, 2009 7:12 PM

But Nancy Harry and barry have the votes!
And you will pay the tax or else suffer the consequences.
You let this happen and now you're complaining about it?
There is nothing you can do.

Posted by: SeanLA at September 12, 2009 9:47 PM

Posted by: Sean La Poof at September 12, 2009 9:47 PM- "And you will pay the tax or else suffer the consequences."


Posted by: chairman soetoro's oprichniki at September 12, 2009 10:15 PM

2 million attendees... you are so full of shit you stink.

Posted by: Chuck Wilson at September 12, 2009 10:41 PM

I was their!! It was great!!! See you next year if we still have the freedom to get their.

Posted by: sarah at September 13, 2009 12:39 AM

One DC cop stated they had to start the march at 10 instead of 11 because of the mass of people at the starting point. He then stated they had to call in more cops because they "grossly underestimated" how many people they expected to attend.

Posted by: cletus at September 13, 2009 7:53 AM

DAVE if any union thugs showed up and tried to intimadate these folk they might end up laying is a hospital bed with both arms broken

Posted by: Flu-Bird at September 13, 2009 8:09 AM

Posted by: Flu-Bird at September 13, 2009 8:09 AM

And a busted skull......


Posted by: Dave at September 13, 2009 11:39 AM

"Mega describes the crowd as "totally energized," with "amazing energy and camaraderie." This won't be easy for our socialist rulers to ignore."

Our Socialist rulers will have difficulty understanding how this could happen at all. Where are the community organiers?

Posted by: TomP at September 13, 2009 11:59 AM

Did anybody hear how CNN called the tour of protests "angry" and "has no leaders"?

Posted by: Tex-Mex at September 13, 2009 12:19 PM

You won't believe this...

Posted by: John from Nc at September 13, 2009 9:04 PM

Total est. I' ve heard is for real figures,,,2.3million!!

Posted by: Al Gould at September 14, 2009 8:43 AM

My wife wouldn't let me go. She was sure I would get arrested and she said with the current depression, she didn't think she could raise bail money.

Posted by: David at September 14, 2009 8:55 AM

Obama's media lacky Gibbs claims they did not know there was anything going on in DC on Saturday. They had no knowledge of a Tea Party. Yeah right! Like they don't watch FOX to get the real news. Funny how the infotainment channels didn't report the extent of the event.

Posted by: Greg from NJ at September 14, 2009 9:22 AM

i was there and it was amazing. i was standing on the edge of the water at the mall and i saw patriots streaming in from every adjacent street hell bent on limited constitutional govt. it actually brought a tear to my eye to see people still cared and I drove around 200 miles by myself to be there.

Posted by: laframboise at September 14, 2009 10:57 PM

It warms the heart of this 84 year old veteran to see that the "tea party" spirit that gave birth to this nation is still alive. For the sake of our kids fight,fight, fight the arrogant "SOBs" who tax, mortgage, and spend the kid's inheritance

Posted by: allan at September 17, 2009 2:45 AM

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