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August 24, 2009

Portrait of an Astroturfer: Jeremy Bird

Posted by Dave Blount at August 24, 2009 10:20 AM

Even MSNBC had enough sense to quickly pull down a maudlin puff piece on Obamunist astroturfer Jeremy Bird. But the foray into liberal media self-parody is still available elsewhere for anyone looking for a laugh. Some lowlights:

Bird had lived at that precipice ever since joining Barack Obama's campaign as a top organizer in 2007, but rarely had he faced a challenge so daunting as the one awaiting in Racine. As deputy director of Organizing for America, a national network of Obama supporters, Bird was scheduled to speak with a group of volunteers who had been threatened[*] at town halls, outshouted at local rallies and weakened by a general sense of post-campaign fatigue. With one 90-minute visit, Bird hoped to leave them confident, empowered and reenergized.
"We want these people to feel like they can control almost anything that happens in government," said Bird, who had traveled from his office at Democratic National Committee headquarters in Washington to spend two days visiting volunteers across Wisconsin. "They should feel like there's no barrier between the regular people out in the states and the power players in D.C."
The outcome of the health-care debate weighed partially on Bird's success, and on the effectiveness of Organizing for America (OFA) in general. When Bird was named deputy director of OFA last year, he became the vanguard of much more than 13 million e-mail addresses collected from supporters during Obama's campaign. He became one of the people most responsible for validating Obama's campaign ethos: that grass-roots support can power government and shape legislation.

Jeremy Birdbrain and the drones to whom he passes out mass-produced signs bearing official government slogans are the grassroots, according to the Peacock Network — evidence to the contrary notwithstanding.

In an inspiring hagiography, we learn that young Tird rose above his trailer park past, leaving behind his conservative Baptist folks to attend Harvard. He then heroically helped the Moonbat Messiah "overcome racism in South Carolina and Islamophobia in Pennsylvania and Ohio."

But the glory days are over now for Chairman Zero's legions of fellow community activists, to judge from MSNBC's self-pitying whimpers:

When Bird arrived in Wisconsin last week, he recognized all the familiar hallmarks of an underdog fight. … Around the table in Racine, Bird listened as the volunteers rattled off evidence of OFA's growing pains. Local membership was relatively stagnant because Racine residents were exhausted after volunteering during the long presidential campaign. Newspapers had focused their coverage of health-care town halls on the most vocal conservatives, even when the crowd contained more Democrats.

Growing pains? Call them dying pains. Fortunately patriots who want to preserve our liberties from the Obamunist onslaught are anything but "exhausted."

Jeremy Bird, skeevy Obamunist astroturfer.

On a tip from Sophia Elena.

*Volunteers being threatened is apparently a reference to a moonbat claiming someone said to him, "Why should I be afraid of a liberal when I have a .357?" Obviously any genuine threats would have made national news.