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August 30, 2009

Open Thread

On a tip from TED.

Posted by Van Helsing at August 30, 2009 2:43 PM


Keep It Quiet...The CIA IG Report Explicitly Says Enhanced Interrogation Techniques Work

Funny how after almost a week of parsing this, the important parts only came out in the Washington Post yesterday.

Let's see...a Saturday in August when everyone was either away or paying attention to the Kennedy funeral? Yeah, that might be a good time to fess up that EITs turned Khalid Sheik Mohammed into a fount of information about the ideology, structure and plans of al Qaeda.

Posted by: SK at August 30, 2009 2:50 PM

Attempted Deference to Ted Kennedy

After being rebuked by my daughter and then by my bride over my less than respectful postings on Teddy Kennedy, I resolved to be nicer, in fact, to avoid any further commentary which did not speak well of the man.

I couldn’t find anything nice to say so, in lieu of that option, I resolved to say nothing further, nada, diddly about the life or passing of Uncle Teddy.

That resolution also failed. I had to break it after reading about Ted’s love of Chappaquiddick jokes.

Ed Klein, former Newsweek foreign editor, revealed that Jocular Ted “loved to hear and tell Chappaquiddick jokes, and was always eager to know if anyone had heard any new ones.”

Of course, Klein immediately defended Kennedy’s warped sense of humor after seeing the shock it caused. Klein then interjected that he didn’t mean to suggest Ted lacked remorse:

Uncle Ted’s kids and grandkids would probably think that so cool, even awesome, that good ol’ dad and their so very funny gramps could chuckle about a murder he committed and, thanks to his name, got away with.

It just seems to me a very odd expression of remorse.

Seriously now, are none of America’s un-crowned royalty, the Kennedys, capable of distinguishing hype from reality? Are none of them capable of experiencing empathy for Mary Jo Kopechne? Do any of them, despite their expressions of deep grief at Ted’s funeral, have souls?

Or are all well-trained in the proper demeanor and well-versed in the proper language when in public venues while they get off in private over sick Chappaquiddick jokes?

In a related development, excerpts from both the letter Uncle Teddy wrote in July to Pope Benedict XVI and the Pope’s response have now been made public:

At Kennedy’s Arlington burial, Theodore Cardinal McCarrick read extended excerpts from both letters. No mention was made of either Chappaquiddick or of Ted’s rollicking sense of humor.

As suspected, in his letter, the late senator confessed to a “deep humility to ask that you pray for me as my own health declines.” He went on to bemoan his condition, praise President Obama, defend his record, and brag about his dedication.

Kennedy concluded his missive by writing, . . .

(Read the rest at

Posted by: Berlet98 at August 30, 2009 3:06 PM

don't laugh now, but jenna BUSH hager has been hired by nbc's today show! LMBFTO!

Posted by: nancz at August 30, 2009 3:57 PM

Good lord!!!!!!!!!

Van, this photo looks like these two are having sex. Biden looks as if he...if....

I am sooooooooooooo scarred!

Posted by: Dave at August 30, 2009 4:20 PM

and Obama looks like he likes it!!!!

Posted by: blue at August 30, 2009 4:51 PM

What I am amazed about Chairman Zero is that he follows along the same lines as President Bush on many issues that he said he was going to reverse. Gitmo, getting us out of afghanistan, pooring in trillions of dollars to Wall Street (i'm still pissed at W for that), terrorism surveillance, Bush on foreign terrorist and OBozo on patriotic Americans. So I am wondering what is up with that?
Not to be disrespectful of President Bush, I liked the guy, but it seems to me that what we have now is a "Black Bush".
Moonbats to the rescue for the "Black Bush". What you have to say?

Posted by: funkendunkel at August 30, 2009 5:26 PM

Shea-Porter has constituent arrested at town-hall forum

Posted by: J at August 30, 2009 5:35 PM

Posted by: V the K at August 30, 2009 5:58 PM

Posted by: funkendunkel at August 30, 2009 5:26 PM

are you thinking many people will come out and defend bush? he may have been an utter failure at the end, but he didn't have alot of help from our new friends, izlam. bush' choices were few - massabama's choices are many and so far he's proving to be the most dismal failure in the history of the u.s. partisan politics may work for the left, but we on the side of good and right have very long memories. i lost faith in the bush administration about halfway through 2005 and i'm not ashamed to say as i voted for him. i was wrong. but i'd rather have been wrong on the lesser of two evils and that's what we had a choice of.

Posted by: nancz at August 30, 2009 6:42 PM

Ted Kennedy's Soviet Gambit (FORBES)

Picking his way through the Soviet archives that Boris Yeltsin had just thrown open, in 1991 Tim Sebastian, a reporter for the London Times, came across an arresting memorandum. Composed in 1983 by Victor Chebrikov, the top man at the KGB, the memorandum was addressed to Yuri Andropov, the top man in the entire USSR. The subject: Sen. Edward Kennedy.

Posted by: SK at August 30, 2009 7:43 PM

GOP Weekly Address With Mike Enzi Talks About Health Care Rationing
"A Government monopoly just doesn't serve us best"

Posted by: Anonymous at August 30, 2009 7:45 PM

When I look at that photo, all I can hear is Gunnery Sgt. Hartmann from Full Metal Jacket:
"Biden, you look like the sort of guy who would [if you've seen the movie, you know], and not even have the common courtesy to give him a reach-around!"

Posted by: PabloD at August 30, 2009 8:17 PM

But don't you all understand? I'm the King of the World!

Uh, Joe -- back off a little, would you?

Posted by: jc14 at August 30, 2009 8:32 PM


Posted by: SPURWING PLOVER at August 30, 2009 9:05 PM

Personally, I think this should be Obama's head where Biden's is, and then Chris Matthews wear Obama's is

Posted by: ToddonCapeCod at August 30, 2009 9:36 PM

Sex: The Stimulus, the United Nations, Sexting, and Candy Wrappers

By now, everyone and his brother-in-law have heard the amazing tale of Jaycee Lee Dugard who was allegedly kidnapped by Phillip and Nancy Garrido and held for 18 years in a dump of a backyard.

We must say allegedly until the sick bastards are convicted.

She was allegedly raped by registered sex offender Garrido, bore him 2 children, and was finally rescued by the inept police of South Lake Tahoe, CA, when the whole dang “family” accompanied the lunatic to his parole office.

Reports now are that Jaycee, under the name Alissa, worked in Garrido’s store and apparently never made any effort to escape:

That info will no doubt fuel speculation that she was perfectly contented with her lot in life whereas Garrido probably knew that by then Jaycee/Alissa and her 2 girls were as much mental/psychological captives as a physical prisoners.

As bizarre as that case is, it’s not the only weird sex situation on America’s landscape.

Case in point: Obama’s stimulus.

“Stim·u·lus (stmy-ls) n. pl. stim·u·li (-l) 1. Something causing or regarded as causing a response. 2. An agent, action, or condition that elicits or accelerates a physiological or psychological activity or response. 3. Something that incites or rouses to action; an incentive.” (

Obama’s stimulus package may have failed to stimulate jobs but it sure is helping to provide an arousal incentive for some.

The New York Post has uncovered some recipients of Obama’s taxpayer monies, namely sex, umm, “researchers.”

Among other misuses of Obama’s stimulus package are funds being generously doled out to Indiana University to study “correct condom use,” ($221,000), to Syracuse U. to investigate adolescent “hookups,” ($219,000), to the University Of Illinois, Chicago, to evaluate “drug use as a sex enhancer,” ($123,000), and to the University of Maryland, Baltimore, to examine the issue of how amphetamines influence “female rat sexual behavior,” ($28,000):

Either rat sex is considered a low priority or U. Maryland is on Obama’s chit list. However, it’s good to see that over a half million of our hard-earned dollars are being spent constructively.

Look, like a drunk with oodles of money, our government figures that it’s either use it and waste it, or lose it. After all, it’s all designed to stimulate, right? And it’s the American way amd not the bureaucrats’ money.

Second case in point, The United Nations.

Funded 22% by generous contributions from the United States, the U.N. is no slouch when it comes to wasteful spending by bureaucrats, either.

In fact, much of its profligate spending, especially but not confined to UNESCO, would be considered an immoral and unethical use of our taxes–if most of us knew about it.

Example: We have learned through song and tradition to teach our children well so it’s gratifying to know that the United Nations, ever on the alert for improving world conditions, is dead set on teaching and improving the condition of our young.

However, the Third World-dominated United Nations, thinking that Zambians, Kenyans, Uruguayans, and Cambodians share Americans’ beliefs and value system, would love to dump that system. UNESCO wants to teach our children but not exactly teach our Christian values.

Granted, it can be disconcerting to parents when their 5 year olds get discontented due to ennui. We used to tell them to dust or go out to play. The U.N. has a better solution, a different take on “play:” Teach them to masturbate!

Advocating universal access to “reproductive rights” and contending that “sexuality education is an integral component of human rights,” UNESCO has determined age-specific guidelines for children of all ages to learn and exercise their “sexual rights.”

. Children ages 5-9 also should be taught, “that all people regardless of their health status, religion, origin, race or sexual status can raise a child and give it the love it deserves.” (Note the inclusion of “sexual status,” the U.N.’s unsubtle endorsement of gay adoption; the pro-gay thread runs throughout the UNESCO report.)

. Children 9-12, among other things, should be taught about “homophobia, transphobia and abuse of power” as well as the “definition and function of orgasm.” By age 12, a kid should learn how “to be a good sexual partner.”

Children 12-15: “The report recommends discussing ‘access to safe abortion and post-abortion care’ and the ‘use and misuse of emergency contraception.’ “

UNESCO’s primary interests are a reduction in “depletion of natural resources” and teaching that, “traditional values on marriage and sex are faulty.”

The U.N.’s guiding lights? SIECUS and Planned Parenthood. (See “Homosexuality in America, Part Six: Indoctrinating Kids,”

Parents, don’t forget to get your kids out on Halloween to solicit pennies for UNICEF and maybe a few bucks for UNESCO.

Third case in point: "Sexting” . . .

(Read the rest at

Posted by: Berlet98 at August 30, 2009 11:44 PM

Posted by: V the K at August 31, 2009 4:19 AM

Posted by: Gregory of Yardale at August 31, 2009 5:10 AM

The Democratic Party organized five hundred public events between now and next week to muster support for government-run health care. Polls for it are collapsing. Ten years ago people thought nothing could repair the reputation of HMOs, but then some marketing genius had the bright idea of getting Barack Obama elected president.

Posted by: TED at August 31, 2009 5:20 AM

Posted by: TED at August 31, 2009 5:26 AM

Gregory, *groan* more from New York Statistan. The corruption rivals Chicago's! Everyone's sick of these clowns, I hope and will work for, a boot in the ass for the lot of them.

VtheK, your separated at birth photos were too funny!

I doubt anybody here watched the vast Teddy love fest over the weekend. Even Fox was playing it all day long, accompanied by that insipid string instrument music. I took a roadtrip instead and got far far away from a TV and stuck my nose in a book. I'll be interested to visit TVbythenumbers later on and see what the viewership was.

Posted by: Karin at August 31, 2009 5:30 AM

Karin, we canceled cable at the time of the Tea Party coverage, and never looked back. Even the kids were on board - all the cartoons were reruns anyway, they said.

An unexpected benefit was peace of mind. We haven't seen anything of Kennedy or Michael Jackson or any of the other celebrity whores. It's amazing what the lack of crap does for one's serenity.

On a recent vacation the kids flicked on the TV in our hotel room, surfed through the channels, shrugged, and turned the TV off again. Seeing the vapid drivel on offer just reminded us of why we canceled in the first place.

Posted by: Jay Guevara at August 31, 2009 8:08 AM

SPURWING PLOVER: Mister Roberts (Har!) Great movie!

ICE-BURG DEAD AHEAD! (the 2010 elections). The goodship Obambi is sinking! Let's hope the Democ-RATS sink along with it.

Posted by: Graycat at August 31, 2009 8:21 AM

My reaction to the photo: Hurry up and hit the iceberg, already!!!!

Posted by: Chatjd at August 31, 2009 5:27 PM

Let the HMS OBAMA hit the iceburg and tie the captian to the wheel becuase as you know A CAPTIAN GOSE DOWN WITH HIS SHIP

Posted by: Flu-Bird at September 1, 2009 12:09 PM

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