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August 18, 2009

NPR Sneers at Town Hall Patriots

Posted by Dave Blount at August 18, 2009 9:52 AM

Moonbats need to get on the same page. While Geraldo Rivera denounces patriots for wearing Brooks Brothers suits, the elitist weenies at taxpayer-financed NPR sneer at them for working with their hands. From a recent interview:

Mr. KAI WRIGHT (Senior Writer, The Root): We're seeing the manifestations of an anxiety amongst poor and working class white folks about what is my place in a vastly changing culture and a vastly changing economy. …
Host GUY RAZ: It's almost impossible to sort of do an empirical study on, you know, on who is going to the meetings, who is expressing anger. How can you be sure that most or many of the demonstrators are poor or working class?
Mr. WRIGHT: Well, you can't. What we do know, and there has been some reporting on this on where the ideas are coming from. And they do seem to be coming from the militia movement. When you trace some of who the leaders are, particularly amongst the Birthers, they're folks who have a history in the militia movement.
It's pretty clear who they are speaking to. And these protests, to my mind, are speaking to poor and working class whites who are feeling alienated in today's economy and in today's culture.

Lock up your latte, the local Starbucks is under siege by outdated white trash from the militia movement!

Also, since we're not socialists, we must be racists:

RAZ: How much of this - of what is happening now in your view is about the discomfort among a chunk of the American body politic with an African-American president?
Mr. WRIGHT: I think it's more than just an African-American president. I think the African-American president is a wonderful embodiment of the concern. But what it's about is saying to folks who are feeling anxious about their place in the world, okay, you're feeling left out? You're feeling concerned about where you're going to go? Here's a place for you to direct that anger. … We have to start reaching out to these guys that wave the Confederate flag and tote guns and [Howard "Dr. Demento" Dean] got smattered for it.

Being patronized by condescending jackasses like Wright is probably not a way of "reaching out" that many Americans will find endearing.

NPR didn't bother to mention that Wright works for Comrade Obama's close friend, the well-paid professional race-baiter Skip Gates.

If you're wondering what kind of healthcare you will get from Big Government for your sky-high taxes, consider that this is the kind of journalism you get.

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