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August 27, 2009

Matthews Milks Chappaquiddick Ted's Death

Posted by Dave Blount at August 27, 2009 8:28 AM

Ted Kennedy's demise isn't just being exploited to help ram socialized medicine down our throats. Obamunist propagandist Chris "Tweety" Matthews has twisted reality into knots by using it to demonize Tea Partiers and portray Comrade Obama as JFK.

Partial transcript via NewsBusters:

These people [the Kennedys] were courageous risk takers. […] Jack Kennedy was killed in an open car in Dallas in the midst of the most hated — it's like the mood we're in right now.

Why, even setting foot in Jesusland was an act of great courage! Someone get word to Tweety that JFK was killed by a communist.

The chatter from the moonbat media about assassination is starting to feel like deliberate foreshadowing. The increasingly terrifying progressive campaign to destroy this country and replace it with an authoritarian socialist state is much bigger than some punk community organizer from the sewers of South Side Chicago. If the American people put up enough resistance, Comrade Obama might find himself expendable. An assassination would be made to order for George Soros et al., provided they could convince the public a patriot was responsible.

If you've got the stomach for it, here's video of Tweety proclaiming that "Barack's now the last brother" — i.e., Chairman Zero is a Kennedy.

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