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August 17, 2009

Geraldo Denounces Brooks Brothers Thugs

Posted by Dave Blount at August 17, 2009 9:31 PM

It's nice that fair and balanced Fox News is devoted to presenting both sides of the arguments, but employing loony tunes leftist Geraldo Rivera takes it a little too far. Here he is explaining how the same Brooks Brothers-clad roughnecks who stole the election from Al Gore are now robbing him of his precious socialized medicine:

I believe that what happened to healthcare is the same thing that happened to the presidential vote recount in Florida in 2000 when you had all those Brooks Brothers-wearing demonstrators that uh were so uh violent in their impassioned ah ah physical uh uh demonstrations preventing the physical recount of the votes. They, that was the template and now with the first the tea parties and now these town hall meetings, they now have figured out that Democrats have no guts.

No, what we've figured out is that Democrats have no minds. When is Geraldo's contract up, anyway?

Hat tip: The Blogprof.