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April 23, 2009

Natives Get Restless at GE Shareholders Meeting

The natives are getting restless at GE, which has followed a classically fascist policy of aligning itself closely with an authoritarian government so as to rake in money for inefficient products that would not be profitable in a free market. One aspect of this strategy has been to use its NBC media holdings to take radical environmentalist and pro-government propaganda to extremes that would embarrass Joseph Goebbels.

A business model that entails using sophomoric propaganda to prop up an intrusive government that in return mandates use of its overpriced light bulbs and largely useless windmills does not strike everyone as wise. Tom Borelli of Free Enterpriser reports from yesterday's GE shareholders meeting:

[My wife] Deneen had the opportunity to ask the first question directed at GE CEO Jeff Immelt. She inquired whether he tried to silence anti-Obama criticism on CNBC as it was reported in the media. The New York Post reported that GE executives were concerned that CNBC was perceived as too critical of President Obama. Immelt responded that he does not interfere with the opinions of his networks even though he doesn't necessarily agree with them.
Deneen's concern is Immelt will do anything to preserve a favorable relationship with Obama in order to sell GE's green technologies. At some point in Deneen's dialogue with Immelt, Deneen's microphone was shut off.
I told Immelt he was not only a threat to shareholders but also to liberty and limited government. I reminded Immelt that the company's stock was underperforming the stock market before the economic crisis.
I advised Immelt that we have an online petition that encourages GE never to trade with enemies [i.e., Iran], to stop pursuing cap-and-trade legislation that would raise energy prices, and that he uses his media empire to advance his agenda.

You can sign Borelli's petition here.

Also on hand at the meeting was GE shareholder and Bill O'Reilly producer Jesse Watters, who wanted to learn more about the extreme left-wing bias of GE's media holdings, particularly the cartoonish MSNBC. His mic was cut too.

According to an attendee:

The crowd was very upset with MSNBC because of its leftward tilt. Some former employees said they were embarrassed by it.

Still more embarrassing is NBC head Jeff Zucker's creepy, cultlike devotion to Obamunism.

The free market works because freedom works. Relying on lies and coercion is not a viable strategy in the long haul, as GE's stockholders are evidently aware.

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