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January 4, 2009

Turncoat Reveals Moonbat Terrorist Plans

Posted by Dave Blount at January 4, 2009 12:27 PM

On reason to try to hate the moonbattery but not the moonbat is that even the most depraved progressives can choose to redeem themselves — like Austin activist Brandon Darby, who let the FBI in on plans by his fellow moonbats to firebomb police cars at the Republican convention.

Darby was the government's chief informant in the case against David McKay and Bradley Crowder. The two are scheduled to go on trial in U.S. District Court on Jan. 26 on accusations they built Molotov cocktails during the convention. They are being held without bail.
Prosecutors say the two men built the firebombs because they were angry that police had seized a trailer filled with riot shields they had built and hauled to Minnesota.
In a conversation recorded by the FBI, McKay told Darby he planned to use the explosives on law-enforcement cars parked in a lot near the convention site, officials said.
"What if there's a cop sleeping in the car?" Darby asked McKay, according to an affidavit by Christopher Langert, a special agent in the FBI's Minneapolis office. "He'll wake up," McKay allegedly replied.

Yuk yuk.

Darby's assistance in saving lives is not appreciated by his fellow progressive crusaders:

"Everyone that knew Brandon has gone through a whole range of emotions. Clearly, he's betrayed the trust of the community, and all the communities he's worked with," said Lisa Fithian, a social-justice activist who worked with Darby in Austin.

A site has been devoted to denouncing Darby as a snitch.

Despite a reputation for hating society, Darby began to grow up during the post-Katrina spectacles he helped stage in New Orleans, where he figured out that his fellow moonbats were more interested in advancing radical agendas than in helping people.

It's never too late.

Brandon Darby, the moonbat who developed a conscience.

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