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September 30, 2008

Global Warming Hoaxers Call for Food Rationing

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:40 PM

The headlines at the moonbat-infested Guardian are so terrifying, you hardly dare to read further:


It's not a joke. Hoaxers are actually using the "climate change" farce — which took over from global warming when people started to figure out that it's not getting any warmer — to justify the ultimate form of control, food rationing.

People will have to be rationed to four modest portions of meat and one litre of milk a week if the world is to avoid run-away climate change, a major new report warns.
The report, by the Food Climate Research Network, based at the University of Surrey, also says total food consumption should be reduced, especially "low nutritional value" treats such as alcohol, sweets and chocolates.

Outside of university faculties and psychiatric wards, few really believe their diet influences the weather. But of course what this is really about is advancing the sacred liberal cause of totalitarianism as an end in itself.

Tara Garnett, the report's author, warned that campaigns encouraging people to change their habits voluntarily were doomed to fail and urged the government to use caps on greenhouse gas emissions and carbon pricing to ensure changes were made.

As pioneering progressive Benito Mussolini put it, "All within the state, nothing outside the state." Not even what you have for dinner should escape regulation.

This is why liberals don't want citizens to own guns. Sooner or later, if we're still human, we'll rebel.

On a tip from James C.

Eurosnob: America Is Too Provincial for Nobel Lit Prize

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:08 PM

American moonbattery is sufficiently fulsome to produce Nobel Peace Prize winners like Jimmy Carter and Al Gore, but when it comes to Literature, our prize-winning days appear to be behind us for now. Sniffs Horace Engdahl of the Swedish Academy:

The U.S. is too isolated, too insular. They don't translate enough and don't really participate in the big dialogue of literature. That ignorance is restraining.

Obscenity-laced doggerel comparing the USA to Nazi Germany might win you a Nobel Prize if you're Harold Pinter, but not if you're a measly American.

On the bright side, if Barack Obama is elected, Europeans will like us more. Unfortunately, we'll like ourselves a lot less.

Engdahl's squishy-soft face cries out for a pie.

On a tip from Adrian.

World's Smallest Book

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:28 PM


The title reads, "My Fundamental Rights in the European Union."

Via The Dissident Frogman, on a tip from KHarn.

Obama, the Mortgage Mess, and the Cloward-Piven Strategy

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:34 AM

The Nutroots aren't the only ones who see in the financial crisis an opportunity for totalitarians to give the country a hard shove toward communism. James Simpson even suggests that this was the whole point of the demented policies that brought it about.

Granting mortgages by the $billions to people unlikely to make the payments may not have been just about providing "affordable housing" to allegedly oppressed minorities, but about deliberately overburdening the capitalist system, in accordance with the Cloward-Piven Strategy, much beloved by the sort of ultra-leftists who move in Barack Obama's circles.

See American Thinker for a rundown of Obama's many ties to the radical Left as they pertain to both the mortgage mess and the Cloward-Piven Strategy. If Obama gets elected, no one is going to believe that this information was publicly available beforehand.

On a tip from V the K.

Nutroots Call for Exploiting Mortgage Crisis to Justify Radical Measures

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:51 AM

Ominous words from the moonbats at the eponymously named Crooks and Liars:

In the end, I'm hoping for a more liberal version of the Shock Doctrine. If crises are used to force citizens to accept policies we normally wouldn't, what is stopping us from using this crisis to move the country towards a more progressive future?

The Shock Doctrine is a book by Naomi Klein. From the review:

Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine advances a truly unnerving argument: historically, while people were reeling from natural disasters, wars and economic upheavals, savvy politicians and industry leaders nefariously implemented policies that would never have passed during less muddled times. As Klein demonstrates, this reprehensible game of bait-and-switch isn't just some relic from the bad old days. It's alive and well in contemporary society, and coming soon to a disaster area near you.

The C&L folks opposed yesterday's bailout, but only because handing $700 billion of our money to the government to flush down the drain wasn't "progressive" enough. They've got a point: a complete ban on private property would make the whole mortgage issue moot.

Soon these radicals could have one of their own in the White House.

On a tip from LT Nixon.

Thomas Sowell Makes the Mortgage Mess Simple

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:32 AM

Genius is the ability to make the complex comprehensible. When things get confusing, I turn to Thomas Sowell. Here's how he sums up the financial crisis, and the lessons we should learn from it:

Since risky investments usually pay more than safer investments, the incentive is for a government-supported enterprise to take bigger risks, since they get more profit if the risks pay off and the taxpayers get stuck with the losses if not.
The government does not guarantee Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, but the widespread assumption has been that the government would step in with a bailout to prevent chaos in financial markets.

There you have it: why the mortgage industry must not be nationalized, as a massive bail-out would accomplish, or quasi-nationalized, which is what led to this mess.

If Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were free market institutions they could not have gotten away with their risky financial practices because no one would have bought their securities without the implicit assumption that the politicians would bail them out.

Just as "comprehensive immigration reform" will make a complete joke of America's territorial sovereignty by confirming that there will always be another amnesty, a bailout will make it clear that so long as the right bureaucrats have been paid off, only taxpayers are on the hook for bad loans.

Needless to say, Pelosi et al. have been trying to spin the exact opposite lesson, screeching that the solution to this latest government-induced disaster is still more State control.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Moonbats Call for Convenience Store Lights to Go Out in Japan

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:00 AM

The ultimate goal of the environmental movement can be summed up with a photograph of North Korea at night:


In short, moonbats want the lights to go out. Britain has moved toward this highly symbolic objective by killing street lights at night, accepting higher crime rates in exchange for an insignificant reduction in harmless carbon emissions, effectively retreating so that the darkness might reassert its hegemony.

Now Japan is doing its part for the polar bears by calling for convenience stores to close at night, which would supposedly help avert global warming by reducing carbon emissions.

A spokesman for the Japan Franchise Association inappropriately attempted to inject sanity into the climate change issue:

Suppose we open at 7 a.m. and close at 11 p.m. — 16 hours instead of 24. A store couldn't shut down its refrigerators and freezers for just the 8 hours, and they'd have to have staff on hand an hour before and after closing. It would mean losing 20% of our business for an energy saving of 4%.

Clearly he's missing the point. Since global warming isn't real anyway, it doesn't matter if energy savings are significant, only that people be required to make gestures of obeisance.

The JFA points out that all-night convenience stores serve as valuable refuges for crime victims, lost children, stalked women, and others in need of help in the night. But they haven't done a thing for the polar bears allegedly menaced by global warming.

Hat tip: Watts Up With That? On a tip from Lou.

First It Took Over the Children

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:18 AM

If you thought Village of the Damned was scary…


On a tip from Wiggins.

Open Thread

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:17 AM

On a tip from Devil's Advocate.

Tinseltown Trotskyites Glorify Seattle Riots

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:48 AM

Always digging for new lows, the caviar-munching radicals infesting Hollyweird are currently inflicting Battle in Seattle, a movie devoted to eulogizing the infantile thugs who rioted at the WTO conference in 1999 in protest against free trade, capitalism, their parents, and civilization in general.

This disgraceful episode in our nation's history is a cause for celebration for limousine leftists like director Stuart Townsend, who eggs on his fellow trendoids to further antisocial behavior on behalf of The People, while screeching for an end to private control of the already left-leaning media.

While Tinseltown phonies help smelly trustafarians celebrate the righteous blow they struck against America by behaving like a herd of wild savages, Seattle businesses suffered a loss of up to $18 million in sales and $3 million in property damage. But presumably only capitalists were affected.

As LT Nixon remarks:

If these people are so upset with the horrors of capitalism, feel free to move to North Korea…I'll even pay for the ticket! As far as the "real" heroes of modern protests, it has to be the small business owner and his employees who have to clean up the feces and broken glass left behind by these wretched protestors. Of course no one in Hollywood is making a movie about those poor guys, because business is evil…unless you're mass-marketing a multi-million dollar movie.

Next Hollywood might want to make a video tribute to the animals who attacked people for being white during the Rodney King riots. Good thing folks like Townsend tend to have very high walls around their mansions.

At least the movie's release this month is timely. If America refrains from slitting its own wrists in November, look for rioting to become trendier than ever. At least the practice makes clear how the battle lines are drawn. On one side: civilization; on the other: its enemies.

Boldly confronting capitalist oppression.

Still More Documentation on the Roots of the Mortgage Crisis

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:46 AM

Just to keep it out there as long as possible before it goes down the memory hole, here is more video documentation regarding who tried to prevent the mortgage crisis and who prevented them from preventing it:

If the lefties running the media are able to spin this crisis to benefit the Democrats who caused it, we will know that the Fourth Estate is the most powerful branch of our government — even before installing its puppet in the White House.

On a tip from Matthew D.

Mince a Mile in Your Wife's Shoes

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:17 AM

No one likes rape, sexual assault, or even "gender violence." So why turn disapproval of them into a farce?

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® is an "international men's march" to protest aggression against the feminine. Apparently on the level, it features men walking down the street in women's shoes. Over a hundred walks have been scheduled for 2008. There go some of the marchers now:


Maybe next they'll protest violence against eccentrics with a Ministry of Silly Walks Walkathon.

On a tip from AWOL Civilization.

September 29, 2008

The Fate of Useful Idiots

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:26 AM

Even after the fall of the Soviet Union, this interview with former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov hasn't lost relevance, because the enemy within is stronger than ever:

Lucky thing for Obama's mentor and Communist Party USA member Frank Marshall Davis that his goal of overthrowing the American government in favor of a communist regime wasn't realized in his time. He would have been among the first to be shot.

On a tip from Smokey.

Defective Brains Make the Elderly Too Racist to Vote for Obama

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:05 AM

How is a moonbat propagandist to explain why older Americans — who have been around the block enough times not to fall for empty hype, having seen dangerous demagogues come and go before — tend not to support the Obamessiah? By denouncing them as racists, of course. But it's not their fault; they have defective brains:

Older white voters heavily favored Sen. Hillary Clinton over Sen. Barack Obama during the Democratic primary season, and national polls indicate that group now leans toward Sen. John McCain by 10 percentage points or more.
Pollsters and political scientists cannot pinpoint how much of that anti-Obama sentiment may be related to racial prejudice. But sociologists say their research indicates that implicit racial biases influence the voting decisions of many Americans of all ages — and that, for very basic physiological reasons related to the aging of their brains, many older citizens may be unable to suppress their prejudicial impulses, whether at the family dinner table or in the privacy of a voting booth.

According to an Australian professor named William Von Hippel, "as the brain's frontal lobe begins to atrophy with age, elderly adults exhibit greater social inappropriateness and increased stereotyping and prejudice."

How else to explain why our wise elders don't want to turn the country over to an unqualified left-wing radical who quite obviously does not wish it well?

Further medical breakthroughs will no doubt explain how any resistance to Obamania can be traced to brain malfunctions, even among the young. The government will soon be huge enough to offer full-time treatment for all who require it.

On a tip from mega.

Confessions of a Palin Hater

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:44 AM

The psychiatric community should devote more attention to Palin Derangement Syndrome, an intellectually debilitating disease. A moonbat writes to Salon's Cary Tennis confessing that his reaction to Sarah Palin

was immediate, visceral, and indeed, vicious. I have crossed every line I believed should never be crossed in public discourse — I have criticized not only her policies and her record, but her hair, her personal style, her accent, her abilities as a mother, etc. I've also begun to suffer personally and professionally. I bore my friends with my constant tirades against her, and am constantly distracted from my work by my need to continually update myself on the latest criticism, and indeed, ridicule, of her. In my hatred for her, I have begun to hate myself.

The moonbat pleads for help, but all Tennis can do is shovel out paragraph after paragraph of pretentious pseudo-psychological nuance apparently meant to explain how he managed to convince himself that Palin is his intellectual inferior. Tragically, the PDS bug has bit him too. Both are clearly in need of professional help.

On a tip from Byron.

Barry Has a Bracelet Too

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:05 AM

Obama may as well dispense with the charade of pretending to give a hoot about the welfare of our troops, which he has already proven willing to sacrifice for his self-oriented political purposes. Here he is in the first debate, trying to remember the name of fallen Army Sergeant Ryan D. Jopek, which he had to read from his bracelet prop since no one was considerate enough to run it across a teleprompter:

Fortunately for Obama, he has the media on his side. If Sarah Palin pulled a gaffe like this, it would have been headline news for a week. But since it was the Obamessiah, Reuters, the Guardian, the Boston Globe, and the New York Times all managed not to notice it, as noted by NewsBusters.

Who cares about those bitter gun-clingers who fail to study hard and get stuck in Iraq? Not many in the Democrat camp.

Hat tip Michelle Malkin, on tips from Cheetah and Byron.

Moonbat Energy Fail

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:57 AM

Maybe we should keep our emphasis on energy technology that actually works.


Oh no… is that CARBON coming out of that windmill? We're all gonna cook!

On tips from Byron.

More Documentation on the True Story of the Mortgage Crisis

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:48 AM

More documentation that Republicans foresaw the mortgage crisis and tried to prevent it, but were stopped by corrupt Democrats:

If the Dems are able to skate away leaving Republicans holding the bag for this, it will be the greatest triumph yet for the mainstream media over reality.

On a tip from Al C.

Where Obamaphiles Finds Their Inspiration

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:55 AM

Joseph Stalin isn't the only great thinker to provide inspiration to Obamatrons. The official Obamessiah website allows acolytes to post their favorite quotations from moonbats through the ages. You probably won't see George Washington or Winston Churchill, but you will find these lefty luminaries:

Karl Marx
Ho Chi Minh
Mao Tse-Tung
Vladimir Lenin
Leon Trotsky
Fidel Castro
Subcomandate Marcos

—and of course, Uncle Joe, though it looks like this one got scrubbed. Apparently there's nothing from Hitler; the Left has disowned him, presumably because he lost the war.

Future collections of great progressive quotations will include the wise words of the Obamessiah himself, such as these favorites:

I won't wear that pin on my chest.
• …this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal
I don't want them punished with a baby.
• …they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion
Why can't I just eat my waffle?

He's only held public office a few years and already the Obamessiah's aphorisms and prophesies could fill a Little Red Book.

On a tip from matterhorn.

September 28, 2008

Open Thread

Posted by Dave Blount at 1:44 PM


September 27, 2008

Joseph Stalin, Guiding Light of the Modern Liberal

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:46 PM

In an effort to make Moonbattery more hospitable to trolls, here's an inspirational quote from the history books:

America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.

Joseph Stalin is to be commended on his foresight. At least he didn't live to see liberals bring this strategy to fruition, as the horrifying Obama candidacy makes clear is happening.

Here's another Stalin quote that must be dear to the heart of Obama's close, longtime associate Bill Ayers, who went from bombing government buildings and advising us to kill our parents to helping steer the course of our education system:

Education is a weapon, whose effect depends on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.

When Obama the "Community Organizer" was training ACORN radicals, who are best known for voter fraud operations, he must have drawn some inspiration from this one — as did Al Gore:

Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.

This one offers the deepest insight into the socialist mentality:

One death is a tragedy, but a million deaths are a statistic.

They will inevitably apply this insight in America, just as they did in Germany, Russia, China, and Cambodia, unless we are able to prevent them.

We've got Madison and Jefferson; progressives have Uncle Joe.

On a tip from Artfldgr.

Obama "Truth Squads"

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:32 AM

The Show Me state shows us a glimpse of our totalitarian future: "Truth Squads" are clamping down on people who say things Obamunists don't want to hear. Local law enforcement officials are involved throughout Missouri.

Citizens are obliged to believe that Obama is a Christian who wants to cut taxes. Failure to agree with these dubious assertions is regarded as "divisive" — i.e., verboten.

If you're not scared yet, you should be.

On a tip from Smoke TNT.

September 26, 2008

Arrangement of London Toilets Dictated by Islam

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:52 AM

Dhimmitude, like other forms of political correctness, takes totalitarianism to extremes Hitler and Stalin never imagined. Even toilets must be forced to conform:

Toilets at London's Olympic Park will not face Mecca in a bid by designers to avoid offending Muslims.

Muslims get pretty wacky, but I find it hard to believe that many consult a compass before they use the bathroom to make sure they aren't facing their magic meteor in Arabia. The point as always is for liberals to abase themselves on behalf of Western Civilization.

The park will also include "special washing facilities linked to prayer rooms." Needless to say, you won't find many Christians washing their feet in them.

At least the Olympic toilets don't have to be torn up and moved to be oriented Islamically correctly — unlike the toilets in British prisons.

On a tip from Refuter of Liberal Vermin.

Top Obama Fundraiser Met With Ahmadinejad

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:58 AM

There's one campaign promise Obama has nearly managed to uphold already: meeting with terrorist dictator Mahmoud Ahmadinejad without preconditions. Barry must have been too busy cramming for the debate to glad-hand Mad Mahmoud himself, but one of his top fundraisers was on hand to schmooze with the maniac. From Wednesday night:

A founding member of the campaign of Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois met in New York City tonight with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
Jodie Evans, who co-hosted Obama's first major fundraiser in Hollywood in February 2007 just after Obama announced his candidacy and is a top fundraiser and donor to Obama's campaign, led a delegation of leftist anti-American groups that held a private meeting near the United Nations. The stated purpose of the meeting was to "serve as an opening for diplomatic resolution" to prevent war between Iran and the United States.

A little background on BHO's friend Jodie:

Evans is co-founder of the pro-terrorist group Code Pink and works with state sponsors of terrorism to undermine America in the war on terror. She also has publicly announced her support for the terrorists in Iraq, her sympathy for Osama bin Laden and her "love" of Hugo Chavez.
Given Evans' closeness to [and] regular contacts with Obama and his campaign, it is fair to ask if she is acting as an intermediary for Obama.

After co-founding Code Pink, Evans's main claims to fame are raising $600,000 for terrorists trying to kill our troops in Fallujah, and more recently, attempting to storm the stage during Sarah Palin's speech at the Republican convention.

Whether or not Evans really was meeting with Ahmadinejad at Obama's behest, the meeting does help clarify who's on which side.

Jodie Evans, via Zombie. Part of Obama's foreign policy team?

On a tip from Cheetah.

More Background on the Mortgage Crisis

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:26 AM

More on how Bush and McCain tried to avert the mortgage crisis, but Congressional Dems prevented them:

As the entirely foreseeable mortgage train wreck confirms, nothing good is likely to come of putting creatures like Barney Frank and Chuckie Schumer in positions of authority. Now we're relying on these same clowns to clean up the mess they made.

Via Right Wing News.

Open Thread

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:11 AM


Saracuda vs. "Feminist" Piranhas

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:04 AM

Bruce Walker explains the difference between the personification of true feminism, Sarah Palin, and the rabid moonbat "feminists" who denounce her with such hatred:

What we have been taught to call "feminism" today has nothing to do with original feminism. The pseudo-feminism of NOW is simply the Ladies Auxiliary of modern Leftism. When Clinton brutally raped a woman, where were these feminists? No where. When radical Moslems right now treat women in ways that would have horrified Americans two centuries ago, where is the support for American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan? Again, no where. When a woman, lovingly supported by her husband, builds a career as a reformer against a corrupt political machine, where are the pseudo-feminist cheer leaders of the Democrat Party? Cheer leading for Obama, the product of a corrupt political machine.
What the original feminists had and what Sarah Palin has is what the pseudo-feminist party hacks lack: Principles. Feminism was based not upon the proposition of advancing "women's issues," but upon [advancing] principles of individual equality. The platform for these principles was not the Democrat Party Platform but the Judeo-Christian moral tradition of divinely created human souls. Feminism was concerned above all with the process of fairness, not the equivalence of result.

Like the civil rights movement in general, feminism has been corrupted into something its founders would not have wanted any part of.

On a tip from Byron.

Jack Murtha Sued by Marine He Slandered

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:31 AM

At last, a lawsuit that deserves to succeed:

Former Marine Lance Cpl. Justin Sharratt, 24, of Canonsburg [Pennsylvania], will file a civil lawsuit against U.S. Rep. John P. Murtha, D-Johnstown, who was widely quoted two years ago saying that eight Marines carried out a cold-blooded killing of 24 civilians in the Iraqi town on Nov. 19, 2005.
Charges were later dropped against all but one of the Marines, with a military prosecutor calling allegations against Mr. Sharratt "incredible."

Incredible as they were, Murtha noisily and repeatedly proclaimed them to be fact — for his own overtly nefarious purposes. Newsweek's conception of a "rock-solid patriot" is any normal person's idea of a back-stabbing traitor. May this corrupt and treasonous toad finally be pried out of his seat in November.

Jack Murtha
They're finally coming for you, Jack.

On a tip from General Jack D. Ripper.

Why Larry King Should Be Publicly Flogged

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:05 AM

See for yourself, from his recent interview with soon-to-be-nuclear Mad Mahmoud Ahmadinejad:


You don't look old enough to have married children.

How do those terrorist toes taste, Larry?

Actually, Larry's friend Mahmoud has been around awhile.

On a tip from Burning Hot. Hat tip: Atlas Shrugs.

Dems Redirect Bailout Money to Radical Left-Wing Groups

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:47 AM

There is no end to the arrogance of thieves when the media is there to cover their backs. From NewsBusters:

Bush told the country that we are in an economic crisis and his Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson, came up with an idea that would, it is claimed, end up actually making money for the U.S. Treasury in the long run. That's all well and good, but the Democrats already have a plan to siphon off any repayment of the people's money back to the treasury by adding one little line to the agreement that would end up stealing money from any repayments and giving it to left-wing political advocacy groups like ACORN, the National Urban League and the Hispanic group La Raza. Instead of trying to help the economy, the Democrats just want more money for their left-wing political constituents. It's business as usual for the Democrats, of course, but a bigger question is will the media let them get away with it?

What do you think? If the media were reporting on the mortgage crisis accurately, every last Democrat in Washington would be tarred, feathered, and run out of town on a rail.

No one should be surprised the government plans to redirect profits that come from reselling the bad mortgages they are buying up with our money to ultra-left activist groups. No matter what bills get passed, the outcome is the same: moonbat bureaucrats steal our money and give it to their friends.

On a tip from Cheetah.

The History of the Economic Meltdown

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:20 AM

It's no wonder we get vague, convoluted hogwash from the media instead of an accurate description of how the economic crisis came about. The true story isn't all that complicated, but if it were known, the Democrat Party would be finished for a generation.

On a tip from Smoke TNT.

September 25, 2008

Science Confirms Enviromoonbat Hypocrisy

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:51 AM

If you need any evidence that environmentalism is a shallow fad indulged in by liberal elite phonies who are only interested in token gestures for themselves even while they demand draconian sacrifices for everyone else, the Left's own Guardian thoughtfully provides it. According to Stewart Barr of Exeter University:

Green living is largely something of a myth. There is this middle class environmentalism where being green is part of the desired image. But another part of the desired image is to fly off skiing twice a year. And the carbon savings they make by not driving their kids to school will be obliterated by the pollution from their flights.

Barr and his fellow researchers found that "the longest and the most frequent flights were taken by those who were most aware of environmental issues." Sanctimonious moonbats often go on trips to reward themselves for using pricey curlicue light bulbs or for tossing their champagne bottles in the recycling bin. Higher income was associated both with more trips and with more enviromoonbattery.

As Barr puts it:

The findings indicate that even those people who appear to be very committed to environmental action find it difficult to transfer these behaviors into more problematic contexts.

In other words, they're hypocrites. But in their defense, there is no need to actually sacrifice their own pleasures, since CO2 is not actually a threat to anyone. It's gestures that count — like voting for liberals who will cripple the economy on behalf of the polar bears.

On tips from mega and Charles O.

British Dhimmitude for Corpses

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:20 AM

In Britainistan, even corpses get discriminated against for not being Muslim:

The family of a 75-year-old man have been refused permission to bury him on a Saturday because he is not a Muslim.
Harold Lemaire died last week and his family wanted the service to be held this Saturday to make it easier for far-flung relatives to attend.
But their plans were scuppered after the council said only Muslim and Jewish funerals are allowed on weekends and bank holidays.

The reasoning is that Muslim and Jewish traditions require corpses to be buried right away, whereas the rest of us can be left around to rot for awhile. Odd that Jews get privileged treatment too…

But as Jews cannot bury their dead on the Sabbath — from sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday — it means that effectively only Muslims can use the service.

Lemaire' stepdaughter Jean Maltby complained that this is yet "another case of political correctness gone mad." Then she proved her point by feeling obligated to assure the public she's "not a racist."

On tips from Refuter of Liberal Vermin and Burning Hot; hat tip: Report on Arrakis.

Ecuador to Grant Human Rights to Nature

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:47 AM

Ecuador is on the verge of granting human rights to nature.

People will be asked to vote on Sunday on a new constitution that would give Ecuador's tropical forests, islands, rivers and air similar legal rights to those normally granted to humans. If they vote yes — and polls show that 56% are for and only 23% are against — then an already approved bill of rights for nature will be introduced, and new laws will change the legal status of nature from being simply property to being a right-bearing entity.

From the bill:

Natural communities and ecosystems possess the unalienable right to exist, flourish and evolve within Ecuador. Those rights shall be self-executing, and it shall be the duty and right of all Ecuadorian governments, communities, and individuals to enforce those rights.

According to Thomas Linzey, an American lawyer who helped cook up this lunacy, the bill will "grant people the right to sue on behalf of an ecosystem." In practical terms, this means that any and all human activity will be subject to lawsuits — including breathing, which releases CO2, alleged by moonbats to be hurtful to polar bears. Theoretically, stepping on a cockroach would qualify as murder.

A primary goal is to loot, then drive out multinational companies that provide economic opportunity in Ecuador. The inevitable result will be extreme but no doubt picturesque poverty.

Again we see there is no limit to how far liberals will push their depraved, antihuman agenda. Given a government run by irresponsible progressives like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama, a similar bill is not unimaginable here.

On a tip from V the K.

Sign of Fervor

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:24 AM

Via, on a tip from Dan O. See here and here for context.

Election Test

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:23 AM

Can you proudly assert that you disagree with Obama on virtually everything? Take this test and find out.

On a tip from Matthew D.

Open Thread

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:07 AM

Compliments of nanc.

Gore Rallies Thugs to Attack Civilization

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:46 AM

Apparently the Obamessiah and Shrillary aren't the only ones to have been heavily influenced by the socialist radical Saul Alinsky. Al Gore, possibly driven to desperation by cooling temperatures, is calling for Alinskyesque tactics to be used against those who inflict electric power on our homes.

Nobel Peace Prize winner and environmental crusader Al Gore urged young people on Wednesday to engage in civil disobedience to stop the construction of coal plants without the ability to store carbon.
The former U.S. vice president, whose climate change documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" won an Academy Award, told a philanthropic meeting in New York City that "the world has lost ground to the climate crisis."
"If you're a young person looking at the future of this planet and looking at what is being done right now, and not done, I believe we have reached the stage where it is time for civil disobedience to prevent the construction of new coal plants that do not have carbon capture and sequestration," Gore told the Clinton Global Initiative gathering to loud applause.

In case rallying angry mobs of black-clad moonbats with bandanas on their faces to vandalize power plants doesn't work, Gore also invited state attorney generals to sue the plants out of existence.

As Thomas Lifson notes with appropriate horror, this unhinged thug was almost elected President of the United States.

As for storing the carbon, this has not been proven to be either necessary or effective, and would increase upfront costs by at least 50%.

Gore encourages left-wing shock troops to destroy new power plants.

On tips from Refuter of Liberal Vermin, Wiggins, and Burning Hot.

How Affirmative Action Caused the Financial Crisis

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:58 AM

The mortgage mess became so huge as to threaten our entire financial system because Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac fat cats paid off liberal Senators, most prominently Chris Dodd, John Kerry, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton, to block reform attempts by responsible grownups like George Bush and John McCain. But how did these quasi-socialist mortgage giants get into trouble in the first place? As Ann Coulter observes, it was largely a matter of granting mortgages on the basis of Affirmative Action:

Under Clinton, the entire federal government put massive pressure on banks to grant more mortgages to the poor and minorities. Clinton's secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Andrew Cuomo, investigated Fannie Mae for racial discrimination and proposed that 50 percent of Fannie Mae's and Freddie Mac's portfolio be made up of loans to low- to moderate-income borrowers by the year 2001. […]
Threatening lawsuits, Clinton's Federal Reserve demanded that banks treat welfare payments and unemployment benefits as valid income sources to qualify for a mortgage. That isn't a joke — it's a fact.
When Democrats controlled both the executive and legislative branches, political correctness was given a veto over sound business practices.
In 1999, liberals were bragging about extending affirmative action to the financial sector. Los Angeles Times reporter Ron Brownstein hailed the Clinton administration's affirmative action lending policies as one of the "hidden success stories" of the Clinton administration, saying that "black and Latino homeownership has surged to the highest level ever recorded."
Meanwhile, economists were screaming from the rooftops that the Democrats were forcing mortgage lenders to issue loans that would fail the moment the housing market slowed and deadbeat borrowers couldn't get out of their loans by selling their houses.
A decade later, the housing bubble burst and, as predicted, food-stamp-backed mortgages collapsed. Democrats set an affirmative action time-bomb and now it's gone off.

Imagine what would happen if we applied Affirmative Action principles to choosing the next president.

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September 24, 2008

Alcee Hastings Explains Why Jews Should Vote for Obama

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Alcee Hastings used to be a federal judge, but he was impeached for perjury and bribery. But he's still clean enough to serve in the House, and more than clean enough to have been appointed co-chair of Shrillary's presidential campaign. Nancy Pelosi even wanted him to chair the House Intelligence committee, but had to back down in light of having voted herself for his impeachment. Now he's back in the news, explaining why Jews ought to vote for Hamas's favorite candidate, Obama. He reveals that Sarah Palin is much more of a threat to Jewish interests because:

Anybody toting guns and stripping moose don't care too much about what they do with Jews and blacks.

Meanwhile, Palin wanted to speak out at a rally in defense of Israel and against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's plans to nuke it off the map. But Democrats managed to intimidate the Jewish groups sponsoring the rally into revoking her invitation.

Hastings earns a fond gaze from Shrillary.

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Obama Salute Goes Back Further Than We Knew

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It turns out the lineage of the official Obamunist salute goes back further than the astro-hippies on Star Trek.

Here's the Obamaniac "Sign of Progress":


…and here's a photo from the history books…


The German Propaganda Archive provides this caption:

The hands of the Führer organize his speech. This picture captures Hitler's hands as he speaks of the unity of the National Socialist and socialist ideas.

I thought the idea of the salute was to make a zero, summing up the emptiness of the Obamania phenomenon. But maybe it represents the circle that race-obsessed, socialist progressives go round and round in, decade after decade, without making any progress.

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Corpse Sits for Hours in Canadian Waiting Room

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There's no need to wait until Democrats take over the White House to see how socialized medicine will pan out. Just look north of the border:

Health officials are still investigating how a man found dead at the Health Sciences Centre ER waiting area escaped the attention of medical staff for 34 hours.
"Staff weren't aware he was waiting for care," said Dr. Brock Wright, chief operating officer for the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, at a news conference this morning. "They didn't know he was in the queue waiting to be seen."
Wright said the man had been dead "for a number of hours" before he was brought to the attention of medical staff early Sunday morning.

For the sake of efficiency, maybe bureaucrats could pass a new regulation requiring the really sick patients to wait in the morgue.

In a socialized medicine waiting room.

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PETA Demands Ice Cream Be Made From Human Milk

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Not even Obamunist-owned Ben & Jerry's is moonbatty enough for PETA, which is demanding that they make their ice cream out of human milk.

PETA believes this would "lessen the suffering of dairy cows." It hasn't occurred to animal rights kooks that if we didn't raise cows for milk, meat, and leather, very few of them would exist.

In keeping with the liberal practice of thinking in catchy but meaningless bumper sticker slogans, PETA Executive VP Tracy Reiman asserts that everyone knows "breast is best."

The principle might also be applied to artificial products like nondairy creamer, if prominent PETA spokesmoonbat Pamela Anderson is willing to put her synthetic assets to use.

A use has finally been found for post-Baywatch Pamela.

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Bloomberg Explains How Corrupt Democrats Caused Financial Crisis

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:41 AM, hardly known for its right-wing point of view, lays out in simple terms what — and who — caused the current financial meltdown:

The economic history books will describe this episode in simple and understandable terms: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac exploded, and many bystanders were injured in the blast, some fatally.
Fannie and Freddie did this by becoming a key enabler of the mortgage crisis. They fueled Wall Street's efforts to securitize subprime loans by becoming the primary customer of all AAA-rated subprime-mortgage pools. In addition, they held an enormous portfolio of mortgages themselves.
In the times that Fannie and Freddie couldn't make the market, they became the market. Over the years, it added up to an enormous obligation. As of last June, Fannie alone owned or guaranteed more than $388 billion in high-risk mortgage investments. Their large presence created an environment within which even mortgage-backed securities assembled by others could find a ready home.
The problem was that the trillions of dollars in play were only low-risk investments if real estate prices continued to rise. Once they began to fall, the entire house of cards came down with them.

There were those who saw this train wreck coming years in advance and tried to stop it, including John McCain. After Alan Greenspan warned in 2005 that the situation placed "the total financial system of the future at substantial risk,"

a serious Fannie and Freddie reform bill was passed by the Senate Banking Committee. The bill gave a regulator power to crack down, and would have required the companies to eliminate their investments in risky assets.

If that bill had become law, then the world today would be different. In 2005, 2006 and 2007, a blizzard of terrible mortgage paper fluttered out of the Fannie and Freddie clouds, burying many of our oldest and most venerable institutions. Without their checkbooks keeping the market liquid and buying up excess supply, the market would likely have not existed.
But the bill didn't become law, for a simple reason: Democrats opposed it on a party-line vote in the committee, signaling that this would be a partisan issue. Republicans, tied in knots by the tight Democratic opposition, couldn't even get the Senate to vote on the matter.
That such a reckless political stand could have been taken by the Democrats was obscene even then. [Peter] Wallison wrote at the time: "It is a classic case of socializing the risk while privatizing the profit. The Democrats and the few Republicans who oppose portfolio limitations could not possibly do so if their constituents understood what they were doing.''
Now that the collapse has occurred, the roadblock built by Senate Democrats in 2005 is unforgivable. Many who opposed the bill doubtlessly did so for honorable reasons. Fannie and Freddie provided mounds of materials defending their practices. Perhaps some found their propaganda convincing.
But we now know that many of the senators who protected Fannie and Freddie, including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Christopher Dodd, have received mind-boggling levels of financial support from them over the years.

Yet these socialists try to spin the mess they made as the fault of capitalism, and call for more socialism as its solution.

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Joy Behar Gets a Little Tingle

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This ought to put the brakes on Slick Willie's previously unstoppable sex drive:

Channeling Chris Matthews' "thrill up my leg" remarks, "View" co-host Joy Behar described acquiring "a little tingle" when former President Bill Clinton appeared on Monday's show. On the September 22 edition of "Larry King Live" Joy Behar described the former president as "charming," "charismatic," "he touched me a little," and "I got a little tingle."

Joy Behar coming at you with "a little tingle" would be enough to counter a jar Viagra.

Behar also informed the half dozen people who still watch Larry King that it's racist to notice that the arugula-munching, Bible-clinger–denouncing Obamessiah is elitist.

Joy feels an ominous tingle.

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Obama Coins Have Been Issued

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As if the Vero Possumus Pre-presidential Seal weren't presumptuous and preposterous enough, the Obamessiah's acolytes have struck a Barack Obama coin. Fittingly, the coins are produced in a foreign country:

A company in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter is making commemorative coins for American presidential hopeful Barack Obama. […] Windsor, Elizabeth & Windsor has already sold more than 300 limited edition commemorative silver coins to the Democratic Party to hand out to key members of the campaign to elect Obama. […] WEW is producing limited edition runs of gold, silver and platinum Obama coins, and plans to produce new ones in other finishes for public consumption if the demand emerges. […]
The company directors got the idea of producing the coins after seeing actress Meryl Streep talking about Barack Obama on a television programme. When they got in touch with the Democrats the party jumped at the chance. And the coins have proved such a hit that locally produced versions have already been launched to compete with the UK originals.
The coins show Senator Obama's face, along with a picture of the White House and the legend "President of the United States of America".

Not so fast, Barry. Hot Air comments:

Julius Caesar was the first Roman to put his image on coins, which started his downfall. Barack Obama may be the first person in history to start striking coins in his image before taking power. Maybe he just wants to look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills, but this is starting to get … creepy.

Obamania collapsing under the weight of its own absurd excess before the moonbat messiah gets a chance to wreck our economy is the best possible outcome to the entire farce of his candidacy.

Moonbat money.

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Open Thread

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One More Biden Gaffe

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Yesterday's quick roundup of recent Biden gaffes left out this gem:

Part of what a leader does is to instill confidence, is demonstrate that he or she knows what they're talking about and communicates to people, "if you listen to me and follow what I'm suggesting, we can fix this."
When the stock market crashed, Franklin Roosevelt got on television and didn't just talk about, you know, the princes of greed, he said "look, here's what happened."

When the stock market crashed, Hoover was president, and television was still in the laboratory.

More alarming even than his ignorance of American history is the way Plugs holds up Roosevelt as the gold standard of American leadership. FDR's main legacy was to use the Depression and strong-arm tactics to move the country radically toward socialism. Another president like him would leave us somewhere between France and the Soviet Union.

The money quote starts at 1:48:

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September 23, 2008

Plugs the Unstoppable Gaffe Machine

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The arugula-munching Marxists who make up today's Democrat Party aren't exactly known for their authenticity. Even so, Joe Biden's latest gaffe is remarkable for its over-the-top phoniness. Talking down to a bunch of bitter hicks clinging to their guns in southwestern Virginia, Plugs let loose with this:

Barack Obama ain't taking my shotguns, so don't buy that malarkey. If he tries to fool with my Beretta, he's got a problem.

If anyone took Biden seriously, they might report this threat to the Secret Service. Fortunately no one does.

Other recent gems from Plugs include proclaiming there will be "No coal plants here in America" because he and Obama are "not supporting clean coal." Actually Obama does support it, or at least pretends to for the sake of Rust Belt voters.

When McCain pointed out that this confirms the Obama/Biden ticket's hostility to generating energy, Biden's spokesman denounced the McCain campaign as "dishonorable" — the last word liberals should try to apply to a genuine war hero.

Speaking of war heroes, Biden apparently tried to top Shrillary's tall tale of weathering sniper fire in Bosnia by boasting that he was on a helicopter that was forced down in the mountains of Afghanistan. What he neglected to mention was that it was forced down by the weather, not the terrorists who have been openly rooting for the Democrats to win. Even Hanoi John Kerry — who was also on the chopper, and who is famous for milking minor nicks and scrapes for Purple Hearts — passed the incident off with a joke:

We were going to send Biden out to fight the Taliban with snowballs, but we didn't have to do it… Other than getting a little cold, it was fine.

But not everything Biden says is misleading. When he characterized one of Obama's own ads as "terrible," he was right on the mark. The ad in question ridiculed McCain for not being able to use a computer; this disability is the result of the years of torture McCain endured at the hands of communists for the sake of his country.

It's also hard to argue with Biden's suggestion earlier this month that Shrillary would have been a better choice for VP.

Unfortunately for BHO, the mouth doesn't shut.

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Naomi Wolf Forgets to Take Her Meds

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Fasten your tinfoil hats, moonbats — the rise of Sarah Palin means we are headed toward a police state! Just ask Naomi Wolf:

Please understand what you are looking at when you look at Sarah "Evita" Palin. You are looking at the designated muse of the coming American police state. […] I realized early on with horror what I was seeing in Governor Palin: the continuation of the Rove-Cheney cabal, but this time without restraints. […] I heard her make fun of Barack Obama for wanting to prevent the torture of prisoners — this is Rove-Cheney's enthusiastic S and M […] I saw that she was even styled by the same skillful stylist (neutral lipstick, matte makeup, dark colors) who turned Katharine Harris from a mall rat into a stateswoman […]
Then I saw and heard more. Palin is embracing lawlessness in defying Alaskan Legislature subpoenas — this is what Rove-Cheney, and not McCain, believe in doing. She uses mafia tactics against critics […]
Reports confirmed my suspicions: Palin, not McCain, is the FrankenBarbie of the Rove-Cheney cabal. The strategy became clear […] there are dozens of Bush and Rove operatives surrounding Sarah Palin and orchestrating her every move.
What's the plan? It is this […] the Rove-Cheney cabal is using Sarah Palin as a stalking horse, an Evita figure, to put a popular, populist face on the coming police state and be the talk show hostess for the end of elections as we know them. If McCain-Palin get in, this will be the last true American election. She will be working for Halliburton, KBR, Rove and Cheney into the foreseeable future … for a decade perhaps — a puppet "president" for the same people who have plundered our treasure, are now holding the US economy hostage and who murdered four thousand brave young men and women […]
Under the coming Palin-Rove police state, you will witness the plans now underway to bring Iraqi troops to patrol the streets of our nation. This is not McCain's fantasy: it is Rove's and Cheney's. Under the Palin-Rove police state, there will be no further true elections. […] Under the Palin-Rove police state, citizens will be targeted with state cyberterrorism. […] That way lies the abyss for us all. […]
Make no mistake: Sarah "Evita" Palin is Rove and Cheney's cosmetic rebranding of their fascist push: she will help to establish a true and irreversible "fear society" in this once free once proud nation. For God's sake, do not let her; do not let them.

In addition to betraying the Rove-Cheney cabal's plans to establish Sarah Palin as head of a police state, Naomi also reveals that the moonbats who wreaked havoc at the Republican convention were actually Saint Paul police officers in disguise.

This paranoid schizophrenic was paid $15,000 a month to advise Al Gore, who if it were up to Dems would be President of the USA.

Naomi Wolf opposes the sinister Rove-Cheney cabal.

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Ralph Nader Talks to a Bird

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Believe it or not, there is a presidential candidate arguably even more preposterous than Barack Obama. From the Nader 08 campaign:

His idea of wearing a panda suit might help him get attention, but dressing up as a sad clown would be more appropriate.

Hat tip: Neanderpundit.

Making Sense of the Dems Shutting Off Iraqi Oil

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It's not enough for Dems to do everything in their power to prevent us from using our own oil. They've also prevented us from using oil from Iraq.

Odious Democrat Senators Chuck Schumer, John Kerry, and Claire McCaskill were behind a move to prevent Iraq from doing business with American oil companies. As a result, the oil the Surge made available will be going to the communist Chinese instead.

Meanwhile, Congressional Dems are pushing "a provision to actively and permanently prevent exploration of nearly 90 percent of the Outer Continental Shelf and block energy production in the Inter-Mountain West."

What possible motive could they have? Maybe they really believe hamstringing our economy will benefit their sacred polar bears. Maybe treason is just an unthinking instinct with Kerry and colleagues. Most likely: they are deliberately laying the groundwork for a depression, which will enable a vast expansion of federal control over the economy.

This would also explain picking a presidential candidate whose election would all but ensure a collapse of the stock market. Obama wants to inflict "social justice" by jacking capital gains taxes through the ceiling. Needless to say, the period between his election and his taking office will be busy times on Wall Street, as everyone scrambles to unload their stocks before the new rates take effect.

With the stock market in ruins and our energy supply shut off within, the Dems will be in an excellent position to impose the New New Deal.

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Patriotism as a Dress Code Violation

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It looks like educrats haven't yet managed to stamp out the last embers of patriotism in the next generation. From Dos Palos, California:

Students at Dos Palos High School protested Thursday — by wearing patriotic regalia to school — after a sophomore student was forced to remove a T-shirt depicting the American flag.
Officials at the Merced County school confirmed Thursday that Jake Shelly was forced to take off a red, white and blue tie-dyed American flag T-shirt on Tuesday. The shirt said nothing offensive, just: "United States of America, Washington, D.C."
The school's assistant principal issued Shelly a bright yellow T-shirt that read "DCV: Dress Code Violator" to wear for the rest of the day. He was given his shirt back after classes ended.

At least they didn't force him to wear a Che Guevara shirt for the rest of the day.

It isn't just patriotic shirts educrats want banned. They also don't like it when students express incorrect thoughts to the media:

Kaycee Shelly told members of the media at lunchtime that her brother was overwhelmed and did not want to do any more interviews.
Earlier in the day, he was speaking with a local news station when an unidentified teacher walked up to him, ripped off the microphone clipped to his shirt and told him he was not allowed to talk to the media.

Jake wore the shirt "as part of a hippie dress-up day." If the shirt had featured a marijuana leaf instead of an American flag, no doubt teachers would have smiled on it benevolently.

Jake Shelly in his forbidden shirt.

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Blessed, Not Bitter

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Thankfully more than a few Americans understand the importance of the Second Amendment. Their representatives at the NRA have opened fire on the Obama campaign:

More at GunBaNObama.

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Saracuda Wants to Murder Cuddly Bears

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From an insufferably moonbatty LA Times piece that righteously denounces Sarah Palin for allegedly putting the interests of humans ahead of the polar bears that hunt down and eat them:

Gov. Sarah Palin's administration has fought federal protections announced in May for polar bears, going to court to assert that the projections for a dramatic shrinking of the bears' icy habitat are unreliable and that polar bears are already protected enough.
Since becoming the Republican vice presidential nominee this month, Palin has championed a balance between energy exploration and environmental regulation. A review of her record as governor shows that, most often, she has tilted that balance in favor of oil and gas development, mining and hunting…

Check out the picture they ran with the story:


This one might have been even better:


Or, just for variety, La Times could have tried a little realism:


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Teleprompter Troubles Cause Uhbama to Forget His Best Friends

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Teleprompter glitches notwithstanding, you would think Obama could remember the names of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in light of this:

Barack Obama has a major Wall Street and Washington problem that the media so far is refusing to acknowledge or explore. He is in the pocket of the Wall Street firms and mortgage security companies that are at the center of the collapse of the real estate bubble. He is closely tied to at least two of the Fannie Mae principals. As Ricky Ricardo would say, "Barack, you got some splaining to do."
Let's start with the numbers. Why is a first term Senator pulling down almost $300,000 a year from Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, AIG, Countrywide Financial, and Washington Mutual? He has not even completed his fourth year in the Senate and received a total of $1,093,329.00 from these eight companies and their employees. (all data from John McCain's numbers, according to for the period 1990-2008 (i.e., 18 years worth of data) only collected $549,584.00. In other words, Barack is receiving $273,582.25 (and 2008 is not over) per year while McCain raised a paltry $30,532.44.

Too bad we don't have journalists in this country. This would make for an interesting lead.

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September 22, 2008

Open Thread

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Saint Pete Times Fabricated Racist Voter Quote

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:02 AM

Obamunists don't just fabricate voters for their dime store messiah — they create imaginary enemies for him too.

In an attempt to convince the public that it's racist not to vote the way we're told, the left-wing Saint Petersburg Times quotes Sandra Cichon of Spring Hill, Florida as telling a pollster:

I can't imagine having a black president.

Cichon learned about her fictitious conversation with the pollster when she read about it in the paper, which had interviewed her for an earlier story, and apparently has been using her name for quotations of their own invention to add authenticity to their pro-Obama propaganda.

Whoever wins this election, the mainstream media will lose, by having sacrificed the last shreds of its credibility in its campaign to install an unqualified left-wing radical in the White House.

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Dem Threats Prevented Palin From Appearing at Jewish Rally

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:37 AM

Last week, Shrillary canceled an appearance at today's pro-Israel, anti-Ahmadinejad rally in New York when she found out Sarah Palin would be there. Soon afterwards, Palin was rudely disinvited. A local CBS affiliate — hardly in the tank for McCain — explains why: Dems threatened to sic the IRS on the organizers if they let Saracuda speak.

The groups sponsoring the rally against Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaking at the UN were reportedly told, "it could jeopardize their tax exempt status" if they had Palin and not Clinton or Democratic VP candidate Joe Biden on hand.
So all politicians were disinvited, most prominently, Palin.
"It's an absolute shame that this has happened," [Assemblyman Dov] Hikind [D-Brooklyn] said. "To threaten organizations … to threaten the Conference of Presidents that if you don't withdraw the invitation to Gov. Palin we're going to look into your tax exempt status … that's McCarthyism."
Another Jewish group tried to step into the breach by inviting Palin to a different protest a day earlier.
"I'm absolutely appalled at the behavior of the Democrats," said Bob Kunst of "I'm a Democrat and for the first time in my life I'm going to vote Republican. I can't take it anymore."

Imagine what it will be like when they have control of the White House.

Dems' fashion plan for conservatives.

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Obama Stars in Veggie Burger Hill

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As the public becomes more aware that Obama has spent his life surrounded by deranged, racist, anti-American sociopaths (Frank Marshall Davis, William Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, Jeremiah Wright, Michael Pfleger, et al.) and that he is ideologically a product of this radical milieu, his political career will hopefully come crashing to the ground. But that still leaves open a second career in Hollywood, where he will never be short of admirers.

Here's Uhbama in his acting debut:

For those who, like Obama, slept through their history and geography classes, Auschwitz is in Poland. It was liberated not by Americans but by the Soviet Red Army.

Via The Nose on Your Face; on a tip from Burning Hot.

ACORN Shenanigans in North Carolina

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:45 AM

The election is still weeks away, but the cheating by Obama's old friends at ACORN is already well underway:

Republican National Committee officials on Friday blasted a group that's registering voters in Durham, calling it "a quasi-criminal, Democratic-affiliated organization" that represents a danger to the electoral process.
The move by RNC Chief Counsel Sean Cairncross and Communications Director Danny Diaz followed a Herald-Sun report that Durham County Board of Elections Director Mike Ashe wants state officials to check about 80 voter registration forms for possible fraud.
The forms came from a group called the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. The group is more commonly known by its acronym, ACORN.

North Carolina ACORN workers have been registering children and people who never filled out a registration form. There has also been a problem with duplicate registrations.

Engaging in a little election fraud on Obama's behalf is the least ACORN can do. After all, the Obamessiah worked for them for years as a "community organizer," training these militant activists in their highly dubious tactics. He also secretly funneled $800,000 to ACORN through the nonprofit front group Citizens Services Inc. to conduct what's euphemistically referred to as "campaign advance work."

As noted earlier, ACORN has been up to its unseemly tricks throughout the country, notably in Michigan and New Mexico. Appallingly, this shady outfit gets 40% of its funding from public sources.


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Criminals for Gun Control

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:10 AM

No wonder the Dems favor incrementally repealing the Second Amendment:

It's quite sensible for liberals to favor expanding voting rights for felons. They make up a constituency that can tip elections to Democrats.

On a tip from Al C.

Charlie Rangel Calls Saracuda "Disabled"

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:45 AM

Charlie Rangel, the socialist looter who as Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee is in charge of writing our confiscatory tax laws, yet who cheats on his own taxes, explains why his fellow Dems fear Sarah Palin:

You got to be kind to the disabled.

An astonished reporter asked him to confirm that he really wanted to swallow his foot in front of a microphone.

Reporter: "You got to be kind to the disabled?"

Rangel: "Yes."

Reporter: "She's disabled?"

Rangel elaborated:

There's no question about it politically. It's a nightmare to think that a person's foreign policy is based on their ability to look at Russia from where they live.

Now he's in spin mode, taking sanctimonious affront that anyone would object to his obnoxiousness:

Any inference that my words were in any connected to her son, Trig, who was born with Down syndrome, is a real stretch — and, I would have to think — a way to make political points out of my poor choice of words.

No need for Charlie to be so concerned. If his constituency doesn't object to his ties to communists, they're not going to mind this.

Rangel with an ideological compadre.

Hat tip: JammieWearingFool; on a tip from Burning Hot.

Mother Busted for Daughter's Doll

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:09 AM

One nice thing about politically correct totalitarianism is that it allows anyone to be arrested at any time for any reason. For example, a mother in Manchester was arrested and had her DNA and fingerprints recorded by the police because someone saw a golly doll in her window.

Amanda Schofield claims her daughter left it there after finding it in a box of other toys. But a neighbor turned her in on suspicion of having wicked racist designs.

Golly dolls are prized collectibles, which can sell for over £1,000. From Jane's Irish, a site that sells handmade Irish crafts and gifts:

Gollywogs, or Golly Dolls have been around for quite a while in Ireland. The Gollywog developed as a household toy after Africans started to come to Ireland from the African missions to study at universities and seminaries in Dublin and Maynooth. […] Withstanding time, Golly Dolls retain their unique place alongside Teddy bears and dolls as companions, and remain an integral part of Irish life.

However, the dolls are now seen by PC purists as symbols of racism, so if your daughter owns one, make sure she keeps it away from neighbors' prying eyes, or you might hear an unwelcome knock on the door.

Racist dolls.

On a tip from Rob Banks.

Bureaucrats Socialize Mortgage Industry

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:53 AM

Liberal bureaucrats are effectively nationalizing the mortgage industry, in response to a crisis largely created by their own insistence that loans be made more available to those unlikely to repay them.

William Staneski describes what's happening in an excellent essay about the cancer known as moonbattery:

Each of us must have the freedom to succeed or to fail. Western culture, culminating in the great American experiment, has been perverted. Due to these perversions, many failures have already occurred, which have then, ironically, been used to justify further perversions of the same sort as those which caused the problems to begin with.

With the government completely in charge of who gets mortgages, they will be based even less on sound financial considerations, and all the more on race and other irrelevant factors. If the homeowners can't pay, that's fine; taxpayers have plenty of money.

If only Congress had stuck with its original plan to just go home, after Harry Reid admitted, "no one knows what to do." The last time it tried to fix a financial crisis, we ended up with the malignant Sarbanes-Oxley albatross that our economy is now required to wear around its neck. As Senator Johnny Isakson (R-GA) observes:

The last thing you need are 535 people, not many of whom are that well-versed in financial markets, trying to do quick fixes to a market correction that's one of the more significant that we've ever seen.

One reason Congress is so awful is that legislation is driven by a negative feedback loop. The more bureauweenies interfere with the economy, the worse it gets, the more excuse they have for further intervention.

If you think Obama's financiers at the quasi-governmental Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were bad, wait until you see what's on the stove now.

Imposing socialism, one crisis at a time.

On tips from Burning Hot and V the K. Hat tip: Eye on the World.

September 21, 2008

Coming Soon: An American Carol

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:31 AM


Moonbattery gushes out of Hollywood in an unending torrent, but an openly conservative movie is a remarkable event. An American Carol is almost too good to be true — a movie devoted to ridiculing Michael Moore and his mentality directed, cowritten, and coproduced by comedy genius David Zucker, who previously brought us Airplane! and The Naked Gun.

An encouragingly long list of stars have shown the courage to face Tinseltown's wrath by participating in this frontal assault on moonbattery, including Kevin Farley, Kelsey Grammer, Leslie Nielsen, Dennis Hopper, and James Woods. Also starring is Jon Voight, who has already drawn a target on his back by denouncing the Obamessiah.

An American Carol would be worth going to see just to send a message to Hollywood that there's a market out here that's been ignored. That the movie promises to be hilarious is just icing on the cake. Plus Trace Atkins is in it.

Don't miss out when it opens on October 3.

Check out the alternate trailer at

September 20, 2008

Open Thread

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:17 AM

Bill Maher's Site Encourages Bristol Palin's Fiancé to Abandon Her

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:33 AM

Bristol Palin hasn't taken up Doug Stanhope on his offer of $25,000 to get an abortion, so the moonbats infesting the entertainment industry have tried a new tactic to break up her young family — encouraging her fiancé Levi Johnston to abscond. From the always execrable Bill Maher's Real Time (asterisks added):

[R]ight now Levi is America's number one political prisoner. But Levi, you don't have to be — this is the 21st century, at least in the blue states. We don't have sharia law like in Saudi Arabia, or Alabama, and as much as the Bible thumpers would want it, we still don't have arranged marriages in America. You don't have to do this — you have options. You can pull a Juno — f*ck, you live in Juneau! Or you could do what most people do with an unwanted child: give it to Angelina Jolie.
And if you're worried about the baby, don't — let's get real dude, the way you are at 18, a baby's better off not being around you — you'll wind up losing it, or shooting it, or it'll be on the bottom of your skate or something — just let the Palin womenfolk look after it for a while, one more infant in that Mormon compound they call a house won't bother anybody — they'll barely notice another kid at the table, and soon they won't even remember whose seed it was that produced young "Trink" or "Truck" or "Puck" or whatever f*cked up redneck name they give him.
In any event, we here at Real Time have taken the liberty of purchasing the website And I will be happy to give the site over to you if you want to use it to get folks to contribute to some sort of liberty fund so you can get enough money to get out of that frozen meth lab they call a town.

Apparently "pull a Juno" refers not the Roman Goddess of Marriage, but to the movie Juno, a morally ambivalent comedy-drama that could be seen as pro-life but anti-family, in which a pregnant teen tries to find a home for her baby.

No doubt the bottom line for Maher et al. would be that it's always advisable just to kill the little critters, especially when they would only grow up to be normal Americans — i.e., "rednecks" — anyway.


On a tip from Amy. Original artwork by Hugh.

What's Good for the Goose…

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:20 AM

What if the media went after Obama's family with half the aggression they inflict on Sarah Palin's? The evening news would probably sound like a sermon by the Hon. James David Manning, PhD:

A highlight:

Obama's mama is the trashiest thing since the Staten Island landfill!

On a tip from Al C.

September 19, 2008

Sandra Bernhard Publicly Fantasizes About Sarah Palin Gang-Raped by Blacks in Manhattan

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:41 AM

The DC Examiner offers a glowing review of Sandra Bernhard's latest show. Under the title, "Comedienne Delivers Enraged Optimism," a reviewer raves:

[I]n the end, oddly and subtly, Bernhard's message is positive.

Presumably the reason the relentless stream of foul-mouthed bile Bernhardt passes off as comedy is seen as "positive" is that she directs so much of it at Sarah Palin, who is hated beyond all measure for her decency.

The Theater J Blog triumphantly posts the following video of Bernhard calling Saracuda a "turncoat b*tch" and a "whore." Warning: the language is what you would expect from a moonbat.

Like Stalin's apparatchiks denouncing each other as counterrevolutionaries, someone at the blog accuses Bernhard of the only crime acknowledged on the Left, political incorrectness, for singing in "blackvoice." But Theater J's Ari Roth rushes to Bernhard's defense:

In fact, the play wears its politically VERY correct heart on its sleeve with its indictment of America as "A Man's World, It's a White Man's World, It's a F*cked Up White Man's Racist World" and can only be suggested to be racist in its content if one is hell-bent on protecting White Folk for Sandra's blistering indictment. When Sandra warns Sarah Palin not to come into Manhattan lest she get gang-raped by some of Sandra's big black brothers, she's being provocative, combative, humorous, and yes, let's allow, disgusting.

The word "disgusting" does sum up Bernhard nicely. But Roth continues:

The fact that the show has a few riffs like this does not — to my mind — make it a "disgusting show." there's too much beauty, variety, vitality, and intelligence to label the entire show as "disgusting." I'll agree with you that we produced this show because we did find it to be edgy — because we wanted to give right wing conservative Jews a good run for their money by being on the receiving end of some blistering indictments from Sandra. Does it go over the edge sometimes? On the gang-rape joke, yes. Sure. Not much else. It goes over the edge and then comes right back to the cutting edge.

Once again we see that "cutting edge" means "trendy, moonbatty, and exceedingly obnoxious," just as "progressive" means "morally repugnant and hypocritical beyond belief." Imagine the liberal outrage if a conservative started raving about urban blacks and gang rapes.

Likewise, when Bernhard denounces the New Testament as "new Goyish crappy shiksa funky bullsh*t," you have to wonder how WaPo, which describes her vile show as "a rotating sprinkler that a spectator washes in most happily," would feel about anyone who said the same about the Koran.

Hat tip: NewsBusters; on a tip from Byron.

Obamessiah's Top Ten Gaffes (So Far)

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:34 AM

It couldn't have been easy, but John Hawkins has narrowed down the list of Obama's biggest gaffes so far to the top 10:

10. Anybody gone into Whole Foods lately and see what they charge for arugula?
9. …my Muslim faith…
8. …above my pay grade…
7. …this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal…
6. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig.
5. …she is a typical white person…
4. …I've now been in 57 states…
3. I can no more disown (Jeremiah Wright) than I can disown the black community.
2. I won't wear that pin on my chest.
1. …they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion…

For contexts, see his piece on Townhall.

Look for these to be displaced soon. The Obamessiah coughs up so many gaffes that "I don't want them punished with a baby" and "Why can't I just eat my waffle?" didn't make the list. No wonder he brings his teleprompter even to rodeos now.

Obama's always sorry when he doesn't let the teleprompter do the thinking.

Baroness Warnock Calls for Executing the Elderly

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:49 AM

Socialized medicine takes a highly valuable and limited commodity — healthcare — and sets the cost to free. Those with even a rudimentary understanding of economics should not be surprised that this has caused supply shortages. But British medical ethics expert Baroness Warnock has found a solution:

The veteran Government adviser said pensioners in mental decline are "wasting people's lives" because of the care they require and should be allowed to opt for euthanasia even if they are not in pain.
She insisted there was "nothing wrong" with people being helped to die for the sake of their loved ones or society.
The 84-year-old added that she hoped people will soon be "licensed to put others down" if they are unable to look after themselves.

Warnock is allegedly Britain's "leading moral philosopher." She wants dementia sufferers to consider "ending their lives through euthanasia." Needless to say, dementia sufferers are not in a position to make decisions, any more than unborn babies are; others make the potentially lethal decisions for them. What this moral philosopher is talking about is having people put to death for having Alzheimer's disease.

Look for other expensive illnesses to follow. When progressives attained total control of Germany, they killed 6,000,000 Jews. The next time they consolidate that kind of power, they'll be going after anyone with costly and/or chronic diseases.

On the positive side, there will be free healthcare for all… who survive.

The Baroness is liable to fall prey to Alzheimer's herself.

On a tip from mega.

A Picture's Worth 1,000 Words

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:29 AM


Via FAIL Blog, on a tip from Burning Hot.

Vermont Attorney General Candidate Wants Bush Jailed for Murder

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:19 AM

Obama/Biden isn't the only ticket that might throw President Bush in jail if it takes power. From the land of DNC Chairman Howard Dean:

[Charlotte] Dennett, 61, the Progressive Party's candidate for Vermont Attorney General, said Thursday she will prosecute President Bush for murder if she's elected Nov. 4.

It won't be just one count, either:

Dennett, an attorney and investigative journalist, says Bush must be held accountable for the deaths of thousands of people in Iraq — U.S. soldiers and Iraqi civilians. She believes the Vermont attorney general would have jurisdiction to do so.

Dennett plans to appoint as special prosecutor LA moonbat Vincent Bugliosi, who wrote a whole book about his fantasy of throwing W in jail.

It's a good thing this mentality isn't likely to catch on with Republicans. Think of how many counts of murder FDR and Harry Truman would be posthumously charged with.

On a tip from General Jack D. Ripper.

Rose McGowan Chastised for Saying She Would Have Been an IRA Terrorist

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:35 AM

It isn't easy to come up with opinions so outrageous that even Hollyweird will slap your hand for expressing them, but apparently actress Rose McGowan has managed:

The producers of the IRA drama "Fifty Dead Men Walking" have taken the unusual step of distancing themselves from incendiary comments made by the film's star, Rose McGowan.
The actress caused a stir at the Toronto Film Festival last week when she said she would have joined the Irish Republican Army had she lived in Belfast during the Troubles. She said she could understand why people turned to violence during that time in Northern Ireland.

The producers responded with a statement distancing themselves from the actress who would be a terrorist:

Ms. McGowan's views were private ones, and as such they greatly saddened the film's producers. […Her opinions] are not shared nor endorsed by anybody associated with the production or creative elements of the film.

If only producers took this attitude when radical anti-American views are spewed by Sean Penn, George Clooney, Danny Glover, et cetera, et cetera, ad nauseam.

Maybe McGowan lost her carte blanche to be outrageous when she refused to follow Tinseltown's party line. Here she is refraining from guzzling the Obama Kool-Aid, along with nonconformists James Ellroy and Bruce Wagner, who is credited with noticing that the Obamessiah looks like a lemur:

On a tip from hiram.

September 18, 2008

How the Blight of White Privilege Cursed Us With Sarah Palin

Posted by Dave Blount at 1:31 PM

Essayist/polemicist/barking moonbat Tim Wise has explained the success of Sarah Palin. It boils down to two words: White Privilege.

White Privilege is why Palin wasn't disqualified by her daughter's pregnancy, or by having a future son-in-law who wouldn't fit in at a $28,500-per-plate Obama fundraising rally. It's why being the governor of a state liberals despise can be passed off as a credential.

How did Saracuda get away with making a remark her enemies deliberately misconstrued as meaning the Founding Fathers wrote the Pledge of Allegiance? White Privilege.

Why don't people mind that she can handle a gun? White Privilege.

Why is no one (except liberals) outraged by Palin's failure to honor Obama's skeevy activities as a "community activist"? White Privilege.

Why were there no consequences when she fired an insubordinate underling who was using his office to protect a maniac trooper? White Privilege.

Why don't people object to Palin's mainstream pastor, instead reserving their outrage for the America-hating racist demagogue Jeremiah Wright? White Privilege.

Why does Palin not have to pretend there is only one Bush Doctrine, which is whatever Charles Gibson says it is? White Privilege.

White Privilege also explains why people honor the sacrifices John McCain made for his country while he was being tortured by communists for years on end, and even why America could "possibly allow" him to become president, even though spittle-spewing leftists blame Republicans for all of America's problems.

Wise unwisely concludes:

White privilege is, in short, the problem.

Not to worry, moonbats. Once the Obamessiah is in power, White Privilege will be revoked. Anyone who objects to the often self-directed anti-Caucasian animus lurking just under the surface of the Obamania phenomenon can be dismissed as a racist.

Tim Unwise, self-hating white guy.

On a tip from Matt L.

Open Thread

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Compliments of

National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors Will Back McCain

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:14 PM

If the Drudge Retort is to be believed, they have some excellent news to report. The Board of Directors of the Wholesaler-Distributor Political Action Committee (WDPAC) of the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW) has decided to endorse McCain/Palin. Their reasoning:

The selection of the next president is of critical importance to American businesses in these uncertain economic times. The WDPAC Board reviewed the positions of Senators Obama and McCain on the issues that most directly affect our industry and the economy and came to the unanimous decision to endorse Senator McCain.
The WDPAC Board reviewed the candidates' positions on energy, health care, labor and workplace issues, business tax issues, and fiscal policy. In all areas, Senator McCain's positions on the issues reflected a greater understanding of the way business and free markets work as well as support for policies that encourage entrepreneurship and minimize burdensome regulations.

Also crucial to WDPAC is that in contrast to McCain, Obama "has proposed no real solutions to our energy crisis." I guess they don't count bike trails and making sure our tires are inflated.

This PDF succinctly sums up the policy differences between McCain and the Obamessiah according to NAW, whose list of members is long.

Anyone with an interest in the financial success of America — that is, all of us — would be wise to follow NAW's example in rejecting Obama's irresponsible, class warfare moonbatonomics, which would quickly put our current financial difficulties into perspective.

On a tip from nanc.

Biden: Letting Us Take Your Money Is "Patriotic"

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:18 AM

Just because they badmouth our country at every opportunity, attempt to cause it to lose wars, side with its foreign critics, and strive to "Change" it into something unrecognizable doesn't mean Democrats aren't patriotic. They just exhibit a different kind of patriotism.

Love of country is a hard thing to describe. But liberals' alternative has the advantage of following a simple definition: That which helps our monstrously bloated government to grow still more gigantic at the expense of our wealth and our liberty is patriotic.

Plugs Biden offers an example:

Biden was asked by a supporter what she should tell her wealthy friends concerned about the Democratic presidential ticket's tax increase for those making more than $250,000.
"It's time to be patriotic, that's what you say to them," he replied.

No doubt it would also be patriotic to consider it morally righteous to rob from "the rich" while offering dubious "tax cuts" to the alleged beneficiaries of the metastasizing government programs the loot will finance. A true patriot would also pretend not to realize that raising taxes on the wealthy will have a trickle-down effect on the rest of us by driving investment down and unemployment up.

Uncle Joe: Letting us confiscate your money is "patriotic."

On tips from Varla and Michael W.

Failed Comedian Doug Stanhope's Tasteless Pro-Abortion Publicity Stunt

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:53 AM

As a comedian, Doug Stanhope may be an abject failure, but at least he has the smarts to know how a career is jumpstarted. He has offered Bristol Palin $25,000 to get an abortion:

Rather than sit back and impotently bemoan Bristol's tragic, lonely circumstance, it is time for us — the silent majority — to unite behind this poor, imprisoned woman and save her from both a tyrannical household as well as the horrible nightmare of a forced childbirth.
These are not empty words. I, Doug Stanhope, am offering you, Bristol Palin, the sum of 25,000 dollars so that you can abort your child and move out of that draconian home.

Since this loser is rarely seen even on Comedy Central anymore, where he would get $25,000 is an open question. But at least the kingmakers in the sewer known as the entertainment industry will know he's one of the guys, should they happen to notice his bid for attention.

Here Stanhope presents the moonbat version of family values:

I was once in a similar situation where I'd accidentally impregnated a girl and she had to make that same fateful decision that now faces you. It was easy for her — she didn't have a fascist, oligarch parent, the entire Republican Party or the sneering eyes of the Christian Right to contend with, much less a daft, puppet boyfriend who's just waiting for the cameras to stop rolling so he can bolt like a gazelle.
We made the right choice and rather than end up bitter rivals in court battles over custody or support, we are great friends who high-five over our decision and have all the free time and disposable income that young mothers never know.

Mercifully, their own tin god Darwin will eventually rub vermin like Stanhope out of existence.

Doug Stanhope, moonbat morality incarnate.

Hat tip: Ace of Spades HQ; on a tip from V the K.

Dems Press Forward With Al Franken Joke

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:24 AM

Incredibly, Democrats actually seem to be serious about running leftist comedian and failed Err Un-American talk show host Al Franken for the Senate in Minnesota. The reasons this professional clown should not be in the Senate are beyond number, but these five will do for a start:

In Franken's favor, if Barack Obama can be a Senator, why not Al Franken?

On a tip from John R.

Moonbat Divinity Prof Wendy Doniger: Sarah Palin Isn't Really a Woman

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:12 AM

Appearances notwithstanding, Menstrual Poetry's assertion that Sarah Palin is not actually a woman has now been confirmed by Professor Wendy Doniger of the University of Chicago's Divinity School:

Her greatest hypocrisy is in her pretense that she is a woman. The Republican party's cynical calculation that because she has a womb and makes lots and lots of babies (and drives them to school! wow!) she speaks for the women of America, and will capture their hearts and their votes, has driven thousands of real women to take to their computers in outrage.

Real women kill their babies, they don't drive them to school.

Doniger then goes on to praise Joe Biden for supporting abortion even though he admits to understanding that human life begins at conception. Supporting what he himself must see as the murder of the innocent shows that Biden "would not impose his personal views on others."

If morally perverted kooks like Wendy Doniger are any indication of who is teaching at divinity schools, there may come a day when Christians are best advised to worship at home.

Doniger ponders her moonbatty thoughts.

Hat tip: Hoosier Army Mom's Weblog.

Mortgage Meltdown's Roots in Moonbattery

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:37 AM

Despite his ties to Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, Obama has been exploiting the current financial crisis by spinning it into evidence that we must abandon economic freedom in favor of socialism. Yet coercive intrusion by government moonbats had a large hand in creating the crisis. From Investor's Business Daily:

[I]t was the Clinton administration, obsessed with multiculturalism, that dictated where mortgage lenders could lend, and originally helped create the market for the high-risk subprime loans now infecting like a retrovirus the balance sheets of many of Wall Street's most revered institutions.
Tough new regulations forced lenders into high-risk areas where they had no choice but to lower lending standards to make the loans that sound business practices had previously guarded against making. It was either that or face stiff government penalties.
[…] Clinton-era corruption, combined with unprecedented catering to affordable-housing lobbyists, resulted in today's nationalization of both Fannie and Freddie, a move that is expected to cost taxpayers tens of billions of dollars.
And the worst is far from over. By the time it is, we'll all be paying for Clinton's social experiment, one that Obama hopes to trump with a whole new round of meddling in the housing and jobs markets. In fact, the social experiment Obama has planned could dwarf both the Great Society and New Deal in size and scope.

Clinton crony Franklin Delano Raines looted the quasi-governmental Fannie Mae for almost $100 million in compensation in just a few years before he had to abandon his CEO post under an ethical cloud. Since then he has moved on to other nefarious activities, serving as a "high level economic advisor and donation 'bundler' to the Obama Campaign."

Jim Johnson, who also stuffed his pockets with $millions as Fannie Mae CEO, served on Obama's VP search committee. Obama chucked him under the bus when his involvement in the questionable loans scandal at Countrywide Financial became public.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have been big believers in greasing the wheels in Washington, as an alternative to restricting themselves to sound business practices. Despite being a junior Senator of little apparent consequence, Obama managed to soak up more of their money than any other Senator after Chris Dodd.

Whatever Obama means by Change, it won't pertain to the corruption that results when the government meddles in the private sector's business.

On a tip from The Him.

Obama's Radical Mentors

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:04 AM

Wouldn't it be nice if someone in the MSM other than Fox News took an interest in Obama's background?

Via Stop the ACLU.

Moderates Jump Ship as Democrat Party Goes Over the Edge

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:23 AM

Relative moderates who haven't been driven out of the Democrat Party like Joe Lieberman are bailing out on their own, alarmed at how dangerously radicalized it has become.

Former Shrillary supporter Donald Trump was never a good fit for the Dems, considering that he wanted to rebuild the World Trade Center after 9/11, which is hardly in keeping with their chin-on-the-chest, defeatist mentality. As Politico reports, he's voting McCain primarily for a reason that should resonate with anyone following recent financial news:

[T]his is not the right time for tax increases. And Obama wants to increase your taxes drastically.

Despite The One's slick assurances that he will only raise taxes on people other than you, tax hikes on anyone would be disastrous, given our current economic situation. But for BO, all that matters in economics is that "social justice" be imposed. That is, Whitey gets it in the eye, and if an ebbing tide leaves all boats stuck in the mud, that just increases the Dems' government-dependent base.

Top Shrillary fundraiser Lynn Forester de Rothschild agrees that now is not the time to experiment with ultra-radicalism:

I believe that Barack Obama, with and Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean, has taken the Democratic Party — and they will continue to — too far to the left. I'm not comfortable there.

But Obama can rest assured that he still has the support of Hamas, the New Black Panthers, and the Communist Party USA.

At least Al Sharpton must be pleased with the direction his party is taking.

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit; on tips from Burning Hot and Rob Banks.

September 17, 2008

Treacherous Behavior in Iraq Is Consistent With BO's MO

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:30 PM

IBDeditorials provides some background for the appalling revelations that while in Iraq, Obama violated the Logan Act by trying to stall the return of American troops, preferring to keep them in harm's way until he could take office and get credit from bringing them home himself.

Can Obama be trusted? We ask because he's shown a pattern of secretive double-dealing with voters, not just in his talking about small town voters one way in Scranton and another way in San Francisco, as Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin pointed out, but particularly in foreign affairs.
It dates back to at least February, when Obama's economic adviser, Austan Goolsbee, secretly told the Canadian embassy that Obama's demagoguery against NAFTA in the primaries was just a Styrofoam-pillar bid to win the Ohio vote.
Obama's pattern of deception continued. In March, Colombian troops raided a FARC terrorist camp in Ecuador and recovered a terrorist computer belonging to a top FARC warlord, Raul Reyes.
Computer e-mails revealed that someone who knew Obama's positions had secretly met with the terrorists and assured them Obama would cut U.S. military aid under Plan Colombia and veto its free trade pact. Both are major goals of the Marxist terrorists aligned with America's enemies.
Subsequent events confirmed this. Obama did come out in favor of shutting Colombia out of free trade. More disturbingly, Obama adviser Daniel Restrepo last week told Colombia's Radio Caracol that Obama planned to convert the military aid Colombia needs to crush terrorists into social aid programs that don't.

Unlike Obama's double-dealing in Iraq, these other incidents stop well short of treasonous. But all of them are clear indications The One is not someone who can be trusted in a position of authority.

On a tip from Byron.

Open Thread

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:57 AM

Your Tax Dollar at Work at PBS

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:45 AM

The moonbats at PBS are conducting a poll allowing their readers to convince themselves that everyone agrees with them regarding Sarah Palin.

The poll:

Do you think Sarah Palin is qualified to serve as Vice President of the United States?

Surprise, surprise. Most of the latte-slurping leftists who get their news from this socialist propaganda service pretend that she is not — never mind that she is infinitely more qualified than the hard-left Affirmative Action post turtle the Dems have at the top of their ticket.

What a shame it would be if conservatives crashed the party by casting sensible votes.

On tips from nanc and CWKing.

Google Falls Short on Subtlety

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:33 AM

I wonder how the moonbats who run Google feel about Sarah Palin…


Compliments of V the K.

Shrillary Cancels Appearance to Avoid Saracuda

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:48 AM

Shrillary has met her match — or rather, is hiding to avoid meeting her:

Hillary Clinton has pulled out of an appearance at a New York rally next week to protest Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, her aides say because she doesn't want to be seen alongside Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin in a "partisan" event.

Partisan event? It would be a bipartisan event if Shrillary had the courage to show up on the same stage as Saracuda — which admittedly would not be a wise move from an esthetic point of view.

Several American Jewish groups plan a major rally outside the United Nations on Sept. 22. Clinton had previously accepted the invitation to join, but her aides objected when they learned the Alaska governor will be part of the rally. Palin is also expected to meet with several foreign ministers during the U.N.'s opening General Assembly session.

Meanwhile, Cankles sulks and cowers, more concerned that Palin will upstage her than with Iran's open quest to obtain the technology needed to wipe Israel off the map. Jewish Middle East expert Micah Halperin observes:

Jews traditionally vote Democratic, and if a major Democratic leader does not join in the fight against Iran, where are those voters going to go? It's problematic from the very point of view that says you have a national political leader who fundamentally is choosing not to stand up against Ahmadinejad.

But the important thing for Clinton is to avoid direct comparisons with Palin.

Sorry Shrillary. You're no Saracuda.

On a tip from Matt L.

Obamunist Astroturfer Attacks

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:11 AM

The comments posted here by someone calling himself Andrew were a little confusing:

I may not agree with Obama but I could definitely use the larger tax cut he will give someone in my income bracket. I have to vote my wallet this time, not my heart. […] So I should pay more so the "investor class" doesn't have to? That doesn't make sense. How does that help me pay my bills? I'm just pretty sick of tax and spend. I make plenty, but not over 250K and I have never been on any sort of government assistance[…] I'm focused on keeping as much of my money as I can.

A guy who's "sick of tax and spend" and wants to keep the money he earns supports the socialist looter Obama? Is the country going insane?

No it isn't, or Obamunists wouldn't have to resort to such desperate tactics. As Ace of Spades HQ explains, they have stooped to an appallingly fraudulent form of astroturfing, whereby they adopt unusually generic, normal-sounding handles like Andrew, then follow this magician's script:

1. The Pledge: I'm a conservative/I'm a Christian/I'm a conservative Christian.
2. The Turn: My heart is with you guys, really… but I have these concerns…
3. The Prestige: I hear all these great things about Obama and/or did you hear this horrible stuff about Palin?

Readers beware.

Fortunately Andrew's webcam gave him away.

On a tip from Richard C.

Obama's Reliance on a Teleprompter Is Getting Pathological

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:26 AM

As anxieties mount, the Obamessiah clutches tighter to his Teddy Bear — or rather, his teleprompter:

[T]he Illinois senator used a teleprompter at both his Colorado events Monday — making for a particularly peculiar scene in Pueblo, where the prompter was set up in the middle of what is normally a rodeo ring.

Obama's increasing dependence on a teleprompter to express any thoughts more sophisticated than "We are the ones we've been waiting for" could open a potential security risk. What if al Qaeda agents use Affirmative Action to infiltrate the White House? President Obama could be giving some innocent speech on nationalizing the telecommunications industry when suddenly he would start reciting Islamic prayers and promising to nuke Israel on behalf of Muhammad, while guys with scraggly beards wring their hands and snicker behind the teleprompter.


On a tip from Burning Hot.

An Honest Obama Button

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:07 AM

Too bad politicians never feel obligated to be honest. The buttons for Obama's desperate new bid to appeal to Christians might look something like this:


Compliments of Bryan B.

Obama and the Financial Crisis

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:00 AM

Is the current financial mess really the fault of Republicans? Hardly:

On a tip from Smoke TNT.

September 16, 2008

Obama's ACORN Friends Indulge in Election Fraud Once Again

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:22 AM

ACORN has been up to its usual tricks in Michigan:

The Michigan branch of Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), located in Detroit, is being investigated after several municipal clerks reported fraudulent and duplicate voter registration applications coming through.
The majority of the fraudulent and duplicate applications are coming from the ACORN group based in Detroit, Michigan, which now has ACORN investigating the problem once again as well as the Secretary of State's Office turning over some of those applications to the U.S. Attorney's Office.
According to the report by, the spokeswoman for the Michigan Secretary of State's Office, Kelly Chesney, says there is a "sizeable number of duplicate and fraudulent applications. And it appears to be widespread."

ACORN is for all intents and purposes an arm of the Obama campaign.

The Pittsburgh Tribune also reported the Barack Obama campaign recently amended their Federal Election Commission report to reflect $800,000 to an offshoot of the liberal ACORN group, called Citizens Services Inc., which is a subsidiary of the ACORN group.

The "get out the vote" drives conducted by ACORN typically involve many duplicate and fictitious voters, as well as votes cast by dead people.

Given that Obama's connection with ACORN goes back at least to 1992, and that he even trained ACORN activists in their nefarious tactics as part of his "community organizer" activities, it may not be enough for McCain to win — he will have to win by such a large margin that the Dems can't overturn the results by cheating, like they probably did in 1960. It turns out Obama really might have something in common with JFK.

Obama's shock troops will put him in power any way they can.

On a tip from Matthew D.

Obama Campaign Tries Pandering to Christians

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:48 AM

Obama's sinking campaign is truly getting desperate:



No candidate could be less pro-family than Obama, as is made clear by the avid support he receives from Hollyweird degenerates, and by his fanatical support for abortion. Nor could a Catholic supposedly in communion with the Church vote for him without committing blasphemy. As Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput puts it:

Abortion always, deliberately kills an innocent unborn child. Nobody can honestly claim to be a faithful Catholic and then support a false "right" to abortion; it's just an elegant way of evading the brutality of what abortion actually does.

What's next, Capitalists for Communism?

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Open Thread

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Posted by commenter Demonstrate My Style at Obamunist degenerate Lindsay Lohen's blog.

Vegetarian Diets Make Your Brain Shrink

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The limited mental capacity of rabbit food–munching animal rights kooks has now been explained:

Scientists have discovered that going veggie could be bad for your brain — with those on a meat-free diet six times more likely to suffer brain shrinkage.
Vegans and vegetarians are the most likely to be deficient because the best sources of the vitamin are meat, particularly liver, milk and fish. Vitamin B12 deficiency can also cause anaemia and inflammation of the nervous system.

Someone needs to get this news to Pamela Anderson. Given proper nutrients, even her brain might be capable of functioning at a normal level.

Pamela's lettuce belongs on a burger.

On a tip from nanc.

Biden Explains Why We Should Vote for Obama

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They're down to exactly one reason:

Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden, campaigning in North Carolina where black votes could help swing the state to the Democrats, said today that electing a black person to the White House would be transformative.
Biden said the policies of running mate Barack Obama make his presidency even more urgent and declared this to be the most important election that any living person has seen in their lifetime. But he particularly singled out the meaning of electing someone who is black.
"That will be a transformative event in American politics and internationally," Biden said. "That all by itself will be significant."

So much for the supposedly "post-racial" candidacy. Too bad Clarence Thomas isn't running for President. By their own logic, liberals would have to vote for him.

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin; on a tip from Burning Hot.

Lindsay Lohan: Another Dimwitted Degenerate for Obama

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Maybe this will turn the tide for the sinking Obamessiah: Hollyweird degenerate Lindsay Lohan has gone on the attack on his behalf.

On Lohan's blog, she and her lesbian squeeze Samantha Ronson denounce Sarah Palin for failing to revere such pillars of Western civilization as homosexual depravity, abortion, and bearing children out of wedlock.

They sniff,

Hint Hint Pali Pal- Don't pose for anymore tabloid covers, you're not a celebrity.

Then they put the boot in, dismissing Palin with this witty quote from fellow leading liberal intellectual Pamela Anderson:

She can suck it.

In other Lindsay Lohen news, the frequently drug-addled actress tripped over a metal barricade, which made her so angry she punched a photographer. But unlike Saracuda, Lindsay is a Celebrity, so no charges were filed.

Lindsay Lohan shows off her brains.

On a tip from Matt L.

Moonbat Metaphysics and Saracuda's Failure to Get an Abortion

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Slog provides a fascinating glimpse into the minds of moonbats who resent Sarah Palin for not having her youngest son killed:

When tests made it clear that Palin's pregnancy, which happened around the age of 43, had chromosomal abnormalities, she did not do the rational and even humane thing: return to nothing that which was still a no-thing. Why? Because of a religious belief. She holds the unverifiable belief that God is against abortions.

Where to start? Killing babies may seem rational to some, but unless they are in terrible agony, it certainly wouldn't be rational to call it humane. How is a human life a "no-thing"?

The author goes on to set up a false dichotomy between God and science, as if they pertained to separate realities. God wants women to die wretched and miserable in their 30s, but thanks to science's defiance of God, Palin has lived to see her 40s. Therefore,

Even if He exists, God has nothing to do with why Palin is having a baby at 43.

What a stunted concept of God moonbats must have, to think anything could exist that "God has nothing to do with."

But letting her son live didn't necessarily have anything to do with Palin's faith. Religion doesn't have a monopoly on mercy or morality.

However, liberals would have you believe otherwise. By putting concepts like mercy and respect for the sanctity of innocent life in a box labeled Religious Fanatism, progressives free themselves from the moral constraints that would prevent the genocidal holocausts we see when they take control of governments, as happened most disastrously in Germany, Russia, China, and Cambodia.

But lest you think the folks at Slog have no morals, they do respect the sanctity of trees' lives.

On tips from LT Nixon.

An Abortion Survivor Takes on the Obamessiah

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In light of his aggressive opposition to allowing babies who survive botched abortions to live, Obama is unlikely to win over the small but highly motivated constituency of abortion survivors:

BHO had better hope people don't realize that in a sense, everyone born after Roe v. Wade is an abortion survivor.

On a tip from Burning Hot.

More Classiness From Obama Nation

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In the same vein as the Left's Trig Palin website:


Via Five Feet of Fury, on tips from Burning Hot and V the K.

September 15, 2008

The Wonkette's 9/11 Memorial Post

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It turns out the 9/11 memorial post featuring this


…at Daily Kos may not have been the vilest glob of moonbattery to ooze out from the left side of the blogosphere last Thursday. The Wonkette devoted a 9/11 post to ridiculing art that honors the victims. Here's how she introduces the topic:

On this solemn day a half-dozen years ago, nearly 3,000 people were horribly killed so that Rudy Giuliani could earn a hundred million dollars and run for president of 9/11 and the most corrupt administration in American History could wage endless war around the world that has killed some 700,000 people while finally restoring energy and defense stocks to the solid dividend payers favored by long-term investors. Also, "September the Eleventh" has inspired the most insipid, maudlin kitsch in the history of an already very kitschy nation, along with some truly stomach-turning old-fashioned American Huckersterism.

The Wonkette denounces our "idiotic culture" and "fucking flag," but saves her bitterest invectives for 9/11 art that features eagles in mourning.

[N]othing says "We sort of had it coming" like the endless variations of the Crying Eagle.

If this picture doesn't make the bile rise up in your throat, so that you just have to spit up a great stinking clot of it all over Old Glory, you have failed to attain progressive enlightenment, and probably won't even vote for Obama.

On a tip from joegosox.

Politics Over Strategy and the Welfare of Our Troops

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Since Obama has no experience that it's safe for him to share with us, we're asked to vote for him based on the hope that he will show good judgment. This hope is unfounded. How's this for judgment from a potential commander in chief:

While campaigning in public for a speedy withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, Sen. Barack Obama has tried in private to persuade Iraqi leaders to delay an agreement on a draw-down of the American military presence.
According to Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, Obama made his demand for delay a key theme of his discussions with Iraqi leaders in Baghdad in July.
"He asked why we were not prepared to delay an agreement until after the US elections and the formation of a new administration in Washington," Zebari said in an interview.

Now why would he want to delay a resolution to this supposedly unjust and illegal war? Doesn't he realize American troops are in harm's way?

Sure he does. But the important thing isn't how many Americans get killed, any more that it is the strategic interests of the USA or the future of Iraq. What matters is that The One can tell his worshipers that he brought the troops home.

According to the 1799 Logan Act, it is a felony for unauthorized citizens to negotiate with foreign governments on behalf of the United States. Too bad it isn't enforced.

Commander in chief? Don't be obscene.

On tips from Conan and Matthew D.

Enlightened Liberal Wit

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Please excuse the vulgarity, but this is what passes for political humor on the left side of the blogosphere:


The commenters at the moonbat blog that posted this consider it the height of wit.

But don't forget, conservatives are the sexists. Just ask any liberal.

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Open Thread

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Via The Nose on Your Face, on a tip from Smoke TNT.

Atlantic's McCain Photographer Is Utterly Unhinged Moonbat

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Above you see the handiwork of moonbat photographer Jill Greenberg, whom The Atlantic Monthly hired to take a cover photograph of John McCain. Moonbattery readers may remember Greenberg as the enlightened progressive who would torment toddlers until they cried; the pictures she then took of them were used for juvenile anti-Republican propaganda.

More examples of Greenberg's artistic vision can be found here. She has been publicly gloating about the devious tricks she used to make McCain look demonic.

Atlantic claims to have been blindsided, as if self-described "hard-core Dem" Greenberg's unhinged politics and unacceptable behavior weren't matters of public record. You can't expect much from a publication that would employ the self-parody Andrew Sullivan, who has been squealing demands to see Trig Palin's birth records in an unseemly attempt to keep alive the tasteless smear that Trig is actually Palin's grandson.

The published cover wasn't much better.

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin.

Why Saracuda So Terrifies Dems

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Dick Morris and Eileen McGann put their finger on why Sarah Palin so terrifies the Democrat establishment that its media wing is willing to risk the last of its credibility among moderate Americans to tear her down. They cite a September 8-9 Fox News poll that goes beyond showing her to be the most popular of the candidates:

On the question of which of the four candidates best understands what day-to-day life is like in America, Palin finished first, with 33 percent. […] She's not popular because she's a radical feminist or pro-choice advocate. It's because she understands what it's like to be a woman in 21st century America.
She's never ascended to the elite, so she doesn't need to stoop to conquer as most well-heeled feminist leaders must. She lives far from the plastic pseudoreality where a fossilized ideology substitutes for human compassion and empathy. As such, she rises above the slogans of both the left and the right and proposes to bring to Washington a dose of reality — a taste of real life.

In other words, she is the Anti-Obama: not some slick package disguising a bogus ideology, but a real person. The reason establishment journalists in their condescending phoniness hate her with such sputtering ferocity is that she is us, miraculously poised to dethrone the elite. So much for the Democrat pose of representing the people.

Via Exurban League, compliments of Bergbikr.

On a tip from Burning Hot.

Exposing Children to Sex Leads to Predictable Results

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It looks like sex ed is really catching fire with the prepubescent set. From Australia:

Three boys aged six ran a sex club at a Brisbane state school demanding and receiving sexual favours from Year 2 classmates, a father has claimed. […]
The angry father's claims came as similar stories emerged at state schools on the Gold and Sunshine coasts and in Cairns, which indicate the sexual abuse of young students by other school children appears rampant. […]
His revelations came as uproar was sparked by [a] Courier-Mail story, which told how the sexual assault of a seven-year-old girl by a young classmate was dismissed as a "childhood experiment" by a country school principal.
The Courier-Mail revealed how the young victim was forced to perform oral sex on the boy, who had threatened her with violence. […]
Meanwhile, on the Sunshine Coast, a gang of nine-year-old boys has been accused of "grooming" children as young as five to engage in sex acts. Investigators were told victims were rewarded with lollies.

Kindergarten sex ed advocate Barack Obama must be pleased. Thanks to liberal policies exposing children to sex, Change is already underway.

On a tip from V the K.

ABC's Anti-Palin Camera Tricks

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:22 AM

It turns out that ABC used more than misleading editing and an erroneous definition of the Bush Doctrine in its Charles Gibson ambush of Sarah Palin. A Hollywood director forced to go incognito by Tinseltown's politically intolerant climate provides some insight on camera tricks used to diminish Palin at a subconscious level.

Wide-angle shots were used in Gibson interviews with the Obamessiah and Shrillary, putting everyone on the same general scale. But with Saracuda…

Funny how all the shots are no wider than the one on the left. There's a reason for this. While it's true that Governor Palin is of less stature than Mr. Gibson, the deliberate choice of the camera's height, framing and the use of telephoto lenses all serve to make Mr. Gibson look overpowering and Governor Palin the weak prey. This is common shooting technique we use to make a villain appear more ominous. How intuitive of ABC News to correctly portray themselves.

The expression on Gibson's face on the right is also instructive. He looks like a condescending jerk. But the idea is to portray Palin as small and foolish, a little girl who is being presumptuous by wanting to lead. Good thing we have the wise Charles Gibson to put her in her place.

Hat tip: NewsBusters; on tips from Cheetah and V the K.

Neglected Mysteries of Obama's Background

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:49 AM

It's a shame mainstream journalists are too busy trashing Sarah Palin to look into Barack Obama's background. Riehl World View offers some fascinating leads they might pursue regarding the trip he made to Pakistan before transferring from Occidental to Columbia:

By 1980 at Occidental Obama ran partly with a circle of wealthy, drug using Pakistani friends. He traveled to Pakistan between Occidental and Columbia in 1981. That was during the Second Military Era (1977-1988) - Pakistan was under Sharia Law and not the most welcoming to foreign visitors, especially without some graft or connections.
Based upon documented accounts, Obama seems to have also traveled the country-side, not just in the cities. By 1981 Pakistan had become the world's number one supplier of Heroin. Upon his return Obama took up residence with one of the drug using Pakistanis in a run down, presumably drug infested part of NYC in an apartment they couldn't qualify for based on income.

They had to resort to fraud on the application, because they lacked visible means to pay the rent. Where did the money come from? Why is so little known about this part of his life? Why doesn't the media look into it?

Strike that last question. The answer is obvious.

On a tip from Oiao.

New York Times Flushes Last Remnants of Credibility in Anti-Palin Attack

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:16 AM

Power Line summarizes a cartoonishly biased major hit piece that appeared this weekend in the quasi-official organ of the Democrat Party's left wing, the New York Times:

Remarkably enough, the reporters/Obama campaign staff couldn't find room for a single good word about Governor Palin. Thus, while they acknowledge that Palin currently has an approval rating of 80% (86%, actually), making her perhaps the most popular politician in the country, the reader is left to puzzle as to what her constituents could possibly like about her.
Every person who engages in public life has opponents and enemies, and if you talk exclusively to those people, and write an article solely from their perspective, you can easily make the subject look bad. (Imagine, say, an article on Abraham Lincoln that consisted entirely of quotes from Copperhead Democrats.) If the Times wanted to test that proposition, they could send a team of reporters to Chicago to search out and interview people who don't like Barack Obama. Somehow, though, I don't think that's on their agenda.

The preposterous but terrifying Obama campaign isn't the only casualty of Sarah Palin's remarkable rise to prominence. Due to the vociferous and wildly unfair nature of its attack on her, the media's partisan nature has been revealed in all its vindictive hideousness to every informed member of the public.

Their hatred for her will be their downfall.

On tips from V the K and Rob Banks.

Islamic Fanatics Celebrate Demographic Conquest of UK

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Islam's war of conquest by demography isn't just a tragic accident. Judging by the remarks of Britain's loudly pro-terrorist Anjem Choudary, it's a deliberate strategy.

Choudary gloats that Muslims "may never need to conquer [Britain] from the outside," laughing that in parts of East London, Muslim colonists are having "10 or 12 children each."

They are able to do this because the same government that let them into the country will confiscate money from British citizens and give it to them to raise their flocks of children. Meanwhile, authorities tell Britons they must have fewer children, for the sake of The Planet.

Americans in the Southwest face a similar situation. You don't have to be an American Indian to see where this is headed.

Choudary in action.

On a tip from AC.

HuffPo Moonbat Indulges in Saracuda Fantasies

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:33 AM

The shortage of attractive women on the Left has forced moonbats to indulge in sexual fantasies about Sarah Palin. As you might expect, they are warped. Here goes HuffPo's Michael Seitzman:

I want to have sex with her on my Barack Obama sheets while my wife reads aloud from the Constitution. (My wife is cool with this if I promise to "first wipe off Palin's tranny makeup." I married well.)

That will put Saracuda in her place. She's not a leader, she's just a sex object. Luckily for Dems, no one is likely to take this line of attack against Shrillary.

ugly liberals, sexy conservatives
You can't blame libs for getting a little frustrated.

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit; on a tip from Burning Hot.

Bad News Isn't Bad for Everyone

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The one nice thing about moonbattery is that for its adherents, bad news is good — and there's never a shortage of bad news.

For example, our economy took another hit when the recent bad weather in the Gulf pushed up gas prices by inflicting damage on an industry that has been forced to concentrate there, in part because liberal bureaucrats have made it so hard to drill or refine elsewhere. What's bad for us is good for Think Progress, which takes the occasion to accuse McCain of lying about spillage caused by Katrina and Rita, and to condemn him for wanting to expand offshore drilling.

Likewise, Obama is seizing on Wall Street's escalating problems as an opportunity to bash Republicans. Although blaming the crisis on "outsized bonuses to CEOs" is juvenile, he does have a point: if it weren't for capitalism's defenders, we wouldn't have to worry about bankrupt investment banks. All we would have to do to get by under socialism is keep working at a brisk pace so as not to attract the attention of the guards.

Maybe the Dems will luck out and a giant meteor will hit New York before the election, due to Sarah Palin having done nothing to stop it.

On tips from LT Nixon and nanc.

Open Thread

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Hat tip: Ace of Spades HQ; on a tip from Burning Hot.

Sharia Law Becomes Official in Britain

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:09 AM

Now it's official:

Islamic law has been officially adopted in Britain, with sharia courts given powers to rule on Muslim civil cases.
The government has quietly sanctioned the powers for sharia judges to rule on cases ranging from divorce and financial disputes to those involving domestic violence.
Rulings issued by a network of five sharia courts are enforceable with the full power of the judicial system, through the county courts or High Court.
Previously, the rulings of sharia courts in Britain could not be enforced, and depended on voluntary compliance among Muslims.
It has now emerged that sharia courts with these powers have been set up in London, Birmingham, Bradford and Manchester with the network’s headquarters in Nuneaton, Warwickshire. Two more courts are being planned for Glasgow and Edinburgh.

The country that gave the world John Locke and Thomas Hobbes, habeas corpus and the Magna Carta, has set up a parallel legal system based on the barbarous practices of foreign savages still living in the Dark Ages, as a precursor to adopting Islamic law in place of its own proud traditions — which demographics will eventually dictate.

The future of British political thought.

On a tip from Rob Banks.

September 14, 2008

Leftist Euroweenie Jonathan Freedland: Elect Obama or We Won't Like You

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:12 PM

Uh oh. If we don't put the unqualified, bigoted, ultra-Leftist Barack Obama in charge of the country, we risk the disdain of effete moonbat Eurosnots like Jonathan Freedland, who warns:

Until now, anti-Americanism has been exaggerated and much misunderstood: outside a leftist hardcore, it has mostly been anti-Bushism, opposition to this specific administration. But if McCain wins in November, that might well change. Suddenly Europeans and others will conclude that their dispute is with not only one ruling clique, but Americans themselves.

If we don't vote the way they demand, Europe's useless liberal elite will hit us where it hurts — by disliking us.

But it gets worse. If this white-majority country wisely refrains from electing a guy who openly admits in his autobiography to hating white people, and who spent 20 years in a deranged church of anti-Caucasian hate, then Freedland and friends will denounce us as racist.

If it is deemed to have been about race — that Obama was rejected because of his colour — the world's verdict will be harsh.

Mind your ankles. They might get nipped.

We may have to endure Freedland's haughty disapproval.

On a tip from mega.

Moonbat Author John Le Carre Considered Defecting to Soviet Union

Posted by Dave Blount at 5:23 PM

Spy turned novelist John Le Carre has announced that as an MI6 agent during the Cold War, he seriously considered defecting to the Soviet Union.

In light of Le Carre's siding with Iran's mullahs against Salman Rushdie over the death sentence they placed on him for writing The Satanic Verses, this doesn't come as much of a surprise. His sanctimonious denunciation of America for fighting back against Islamic terrorists makes it even less surprising.

What is unexpected is that a guy who lives in a fantasy world doesn't have enough imagination to wonder how likely it would be he could make a fortune scribbling his tedious novels under either Islamic or communist rule.

John Le Carre, ungrateful moonbat twit.

On a tip from V the K.

Global Warming Insanity Leading to Anarchy in the UK

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:26 AM

Even as temperatures cool, liberal brain fever over the global warming hoax continues to burn hot. From Britain:

The threat of global warming is so great that campaigners were justified in causing more than £35,000 worth of damage to a coal-fired power station, a jury decided yesterday. In a verdict that will have shocked ministers and energy companies the jury at Maidstone Crown Court cleared six Greenpeace activists of criminal damage.
Jurors accepted defence arguments that the six had a "lawful excuse" to damage property at Kingsnorth power station in Kent to prevent even greater damage caused by climate change. The defence of "lawful excuse" under the Criminal Damage Act 1971 allows damage to be caused to property to prevent even greater damage — such as breaking down the door of a burning house to tackle a fire.

By the same deranged reasoning, environmentalist savages could set your car on fire because they think it's ruining the weather. The moonbattery-addled legal system is granting carte blanche to patchouli-stinking Brownshirts to tear down civilization in the name of The Planet.

Arnold J. Toynbee's insight is once again confirmed: Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder.

Global warming profiteer James Hansen testified at the trial.

On a tip from xantl.

September 13, 2008

ABC Distorted Palin Interview With Misleading Editing

Posted by Dave Blount at 1:31 PM

The problem with treating the alphabet networks as if they were legitimate news services and not propaganda outlets for the left wing of the Democrat Party is that they will not hesitate to betray the trust placed in them by twisting information any way they can to advance their malignant objectives. A case in point is Sarah Palin's interview with the condescending ass Charles Gibson of ABC. The interview was heavily edited so as to portray Palin as a belligerent warmonger who wants to attack Russia. But look what Palin had to say that was left on the cutting room floor (via NewsBusters):

That manifestation that we saw with that invasion of Georgia shows us some steps backwards that Russia has recently taken away from the race toward a more democratic nation with democratic ideals. That's why we have to keep an eye on Russia.
And, Charlie, you're in Alaska. We have that very narrow maritime border between the United States, and the 49th state, Alaska, and Russia. They are our next door neighbors. We need to have a good relationship with them. They're very, very important to us and they are our next door neighbor. […]
I'm giving you that perspective of how small our world is and how important it is that we work with our allies to keep good relation with all of these countries, especially Russia. We will not repeat a Cold War. We must have good relationship with our allies, pressuring, also, helping us to remind Russia that it's in their benefit, also, a mutually beneficial relationship for us all to be getting along.

Not exactly sword-rattling, is it? That's why it was cut out, along with plenty more that didn't help ABC package Palin as an extremist.

Demonizing Ronald Reagan as a war monger who would get us all killed by picking a fight with the Soviet Union didn't work out too well for the Left. But fools learn slowly.

Next time Palin does an interview, why not just let Daily Kos conduct it? At least then no one would mistake it for the real deal, and not a politically motivated distortion.

If you want the propagandists at ABC to know you can see through their cheap tricks, here's contact info.

Would you buy a used car from this moonbat?

Hat tip: Wake Up America; on a tip from Murff.

The Lying King

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:36 PM

On a tip from hiram.

Who's the Pontius Pilate?

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:11 AM

In case you missed it, here's Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) pandering to his mainly black constituency by comparing Barack Obama to Christ Almighty and Sarah Palin to Pontius Pilate:

Going by his hairdo, Cohen himself could be compared to a kewpie doll.

But reader Viking04 raises a more serious point. Pontius Pilate apparently thought the decision of what to do with Jesus was above his pay grade, so he washed his hands of it. Does that remind you of anyone?

September 12, 2008

Lincoln Chafee Attacks Sarah Palin

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:08 AM

Thinking him more electable in liberal New England, the Republican establishment backed the moonbatty RINO Lincoln Chafee in his unsuccessful bid to hold onto his Rhode Island Senate seat instead of Steve Laffey, an actual conservative. Now this act of foolishness has been repaid:

Former Rhode Island Senator Lincoln Chafee, who left the GOP after being defeated for re-election in 2006, called Sarah Palin a "cocky wacko" […] Chafee said that he "found much of Palin's convention speech objectionable, particularly her 'mocking' assertion that Obama was overly concerned with al-Qaeda terrorists getting" their rights read to them. That "got to the core of everything wrong with the last eight years," said Chafee. "I consider that wacky, and certainly her tone was very, very cocky," he added.

Chafee is actually backing Obama, the most extreme leftist in the entire Senate, against a moderate from the party that kept supporting him even after he had been poking it in the eye over confirming John Bolton as UN ambassador.

Chafing's seat was taken by Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse, the second-most extreme leftist in the Senate. Extreme leftist #3 is Joe Biden.

Promote sniveling liberal RINOs like Chafing, get burned. Promote conservatives like Palin, shoot up in the polls. Hopefully the Republican Party is learning from these experiences.

Chafing's winning smile just wasn't enough.

On a tip from Franco.

Obama on the Bible

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:35 AM

Despite the Obama=Jesus talk emanating from the Democrat Party, it's questionable whether the Obamessiah is even Christian — unless the race-based Marxist cult calling itself Black Liberation Theology can be construed as Christianity. Here he is attacking the Bible:

On a tip from not blind.

Open Thread

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:26 AM

Compliments of Al C.

Religion of Peace Is Also Religion of Free Expression

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:42 AM

On the surface, moonbats and their Muslim allies might seem to be polar opposites, united only by their contempt for America. But they also have in common a similar attitude toward free speech.

While liberals have their Orwellian Fairness Doctrine, Muslims have fatwahs like the one recently issued by Saudi Arabia's top judiciary official, Sheik Saleh al-Lihedan, calling for the death of people who own satellite TV networks that broadcast content he doesn't like:

What does the owner of these networks think, when he provides seduction, obscenity and vulgarity? Those calling for corrupt beliefs, certainly it's permissible to kill them. Those calling for sedition, those who are able to prevent it but don't, it is permissible to kill them.

Al-Lihedan is chief of the Supreme Judiciary Council. It's scary when intolerant nutcases get into positions of authority, as we will see first-hand if by some catastrophe Obama and friends end up in the White House.

On a tip from General Jack D. Ripper.

Inside the DNC War Room

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:20 AM

Complete with subtitles:

Via Ace of Spades HQ, on tips from V the K and Smoke TNT.

Poor Obamessiah Misconstrued Again

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:55 AM

You almost have to commiserate with the Obamessiah, the way people immediately construe his insults as hostile. First they jumped to the conclusion that his "lipstick on a pig" jibe referred to Sarah Palin. Now, from the somewhat salty Daily Mash:

Democratic candidate Barak Obama last night claimed he was quoted out of context after describing Governor Sarah Palin as a "creationist psycho bitch."
He dismissed the "phony outrage" of the Republican camp, insisting the remark was not intended to do anything other than draw attention to Governor Palin's insane beliefs and ugly, bitch-like qualities.
Senator Obama said: "I was simply implying what a stupid, horrible, terrifying freak she is. I can't help it if people decide to take that literally."

Some people just can't grasp the subtlety of nuance.

Senator Obama refused to apologize to the Governor, insisting it would take too long to translate the words into her "retarded hillbilly language."

Besides, if Palin's feelings were hurt, she could just cling to guns and religion for solace.

Tragically misunderstood.

On a tip from Obnoxio the Clown.


In case it isn't obvious, this story is a spoof. "Salty" might be understating the language at the Daily Mash.

Daily Kos Commemorates 9/11

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:31 AM

Yesterday the enlightened progressives at Daily Kos commemorated the anniversary of the Muslim atrocities of September 11 with this somber graphic:


It was accompanied by the commentary:

All this 9/11 worship is ghoulish and downright silly.

This shines a little light on the mentality required to support an appeaser like Barack Obama only 7 years after 9/11.

Barack Obama Daily Kos
He would build a nutroots nation, all right.

Hat tip: Ace of Spades HQ; on a tip from V the K.

Is Obama Jesus?

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:15 AM

In light of comparisons by Dem strategist Donna Brazile and Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) between Barack Obama and Jesus Christ, Rush Limbaugh has tried to confirm a similarity. So far he's had no luck:

I can't find any such references to Jesus promoting infanticide nor do I find any references to Jesus Christ suggesting sex education be taught to 4- and 5-year-olds, but I'm still looking in the New Testament and I'll let you all know if I come up with anything.

If Rush isn't convinced of the Obamessiah's divinity, he must not have seen this:


On a tip from Burning Hot.

Not a Joke

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:40 AM

Judging by the tasteless moonbat garbage available at the same site, this is not a joke:


It would be kind of funny to wear one on November 5, when the Obamessiah will slink away with his tail between his legs, as Obama Nation sulks and sniffles and mutters emptily about armed insurrection.

On a tip from Smoke TNT.

September 11, 2008

Tabloids Try to Out-Trash the MSM

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:53 PM

Normally tabloids distinguish themselves from the dinosaur media with their over-the-top trashiness. But the MSM's campaign to destroy Sarah Palin by an means necessary has made this increasingly difficult.

In the National Enquirer's latest effort, her son Track, who is courageously heading off to fight terrorists in Iraq, is accused not only of using OxyContin, but of "snorting it, eating it, smoking it and even injecting it," as well as indulging in unspecified "wild antics" that Sarah and Todd Palin have been "powerless to stop." Their daughter Bristol is denounced as having been "as much of a hard partier as Track was" when she was "pre-prego."

Instead of following the MSM's lead by focusing on the kids, The Weekly World News takes a slightly classier tack:

Following Sarah Palin's emergence on the national stage, the blogosphere lit up with reports that Governor Palin does not actually hail from Wasilla, Alaska but from a planet known as Wazeela. The tiny planet, which is located some 37,000 miles due east from the Sun, is known to be rich with fossil fuels that lie beneath snow-capped peaks. Internet reports also cited the particularly short 5-month gestation period of Wazeela females as proof that Palin was, in fact, a Palien.

Look for MSNBC to follow up on both scoops.

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Mark Levin on Olbie's Demand We Forget 9/11

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Here's Mark Levin on Keith Olbermann's sanctimonious demand that 9/11 be stuffed down the memory hole:

They don't call him The Great One for nothing.

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Girl Scouts Learn a Lesson in Generosity

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Michelle Walsh, den mother of a second-grade Girl Scout troop, has learned a lesson in the difference between Republican and Democrat generosity:

Walsh said she called both campaigns and asked for free trinkets she could give the 7-year-olds to help them learn. If they did well, she explained, each Scout would earn her "Ms. President" patch. The tchotchkes would provide added incentive.
A representative for John McCain responded immediately, sending Walsh a box filled with stickers and signs.
The Barack Obama camp wasn't quite so generous, Walsh said.
The troop leader said she called Obama's Chicago campaign headquarters and explained why she needed the curios. Walsh said she was directed to Obama's Web site — where she could buy all the buttons and posters she wanted. […] Walsh found the prices a bit exorbitant.

Obamatrons have only raised $400 million, so they have to pinch every penny.

Republicans tend to be more generous with what belongs to them. In contrast, Democrats are more generous with what belongs to you.

Cough up the cash, kids! The Obamessiah has commercials to buy.

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Open Thread

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Pick the Real Pig

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It appears liberal celebrity blogger Perez Hilton agrees with the Obamessiah's sly characterization of Sarah Palin as a pig wearing lipstick. Hilton expresses himself slightly less subtly:


There's no need for Hilton's own detractors to resort to photoshoppery:


Via Michelle Malkin, on a tip from Burning Hot.

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow: Dems Aren't Radical Enough

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Those who thought the canning of juvenile Obamunist kooks Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews as political anchors means MSNBC is ready to grow up and drop the radicalism shouldn't get their hopes up. The network's new prime time headliner is Rachel Maddow, a loudly lesbian import from the unhinged and unlistened-to Err America. Her take on the increasingly fanatical Democrat Party, which has two of the three most extreme leftists in the Senate on the presidential ticket, is that it isn't radical enough. Via NewsBusters, she gripes:

I don't think the Democrats have ever fought the culture war…Whether it was 2004, with the anti-gay-marriage initiatives, whether it was 1992, with the rhetoric and the aggression we saw there, whether it was standing up for abortion rights, the Democratic Party has been sort of an ally, a here-and-there ally to progressive causes. But they haven't led the charge. I mean, when have the Democrat led on cultural issues?

Take heart, moonbats. If the Democrats won't lead the charge to impose decadence and degeneracy on America, MSNBC is willing to step up.

A lesbian? Really?

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The Mighty Scotch Elm Responds to Treetards

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Britain's Wacky Jurisprudence

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Britain appears to have instituted a new principle of justice: that which raises revenues for the State is just. The streets of London may have devolved into anarchy, but at least this jurisprudence keeps garbage collection and parking thoroughly regulated.

Following proper trash disposal protocol is critical in avoiding the costly wrath of the Nanny State:

A single mother has been landed with a court bill for over £700 — because she put her rubbish out too early. Victoria Clarke, 21, left bin bags outside her gate so her four-year-old daughter had more room to play in the family back garden. But litter patrols spotted the rubbish on the pavement and hauled Victoria into court for an offence of 'the advancement of waste'. She was later fined £350 with £350.12 costs and ordered to pay a £15 victim surcharge under the terms of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

She can count herself lucky. The top fine is £1,000.

Even parking on their own driveways can get Britons into expensive trouble:

It's a street where villagers have parked in their driveways without a problem for more than half a century. But then someone from the local council discovered the kerbs did not comply with the small print of the 1980 Highways Act. So the residents were sent a letter ordering them to stop using their drives — or face a fine of up to £1,000.
Before parking on their property again they would have to apply in writing to the council for permission to rebuild the kerb and then pay an approved contractor around £1,200 for the work. To comply with regulations, kerbs must be lowered to street level at the point where cars access properties. And until the work is done, the driveways are strictly out of bounds. Fearful of being hit with fines, homeowners in Pinfold Street, Eastrington, East Yorkshire, are being forced to park on the street, causing traffic congestion as a result.

On the other hand, running over old ladies isn't such a big deal:

Jamie Wood, 21, hit 61-year-old grandmother Lesley Lomax as she crossed the road. He told police he saw her too late to avoid a collision and was charged with driving without due care and attention. He was fined £50.

Normally the State would have been a little greedier. Maybe they were grateful for all the money Wood saved the government by getting rid of Mrs. Lomax before she could overburden the socialized healthcare system. The short-sighted Wood is still out there driving, although he did get four points on his license.

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Yes They Can!

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Maybe there's hope for the Obama campaign after all. Boy George has offered his support:

In case that doesn't sink McCain's ship, there's also the disco version, which ridicules the military:

Unfortunately for the floundering Obamessiah, anyone old enough to vote who could sit through a Boy George video with no risk of losing their lunch will be voting for him anyway.

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First They Came for the Trespassers and Vandals

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America is a fascist state! If you need any proof, it took only two years for authorities to drag the moonbats out of the trees near Berkeley's Memorial Stadium so that a sports training facility could be built. Via Zombie, compliments of Lyle:


There is one good thing about real fascists: they would have had the hippies out of the trees within 15 minutes, and it wouldn't have cost any $1.5 million.

Spinning Faster…

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Having alienated women voters by calling Sarah Palin a pig, the plunging Obamessiah is spinning like a dervish, now claiming that McCain is the pig, and Palin is the lipstick. I'm sure this will make women feel much better.

When a plane goes into a tailspin, it does two things. First it spins, faster and faster. Then it crashes in a ball of flame.

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Memorial Warning

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In case you were tempted to mark the grim anniversary today by flying a flag or attending a memorial event, don't forget that Keith Olbermann has proclaimed with impressive self-righteousness that it is a thought crime to remember the victims of 9/11.

Keith Olbermann
Olbie wants us to shut up about 9/11.

Seven Years Later

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Seven years down the road, there's good news and bad news. The good: by taking the fight to the Middle East where it came from, President Bush has spared us from another significant terror attack, and even before the success of the surge, al Qaeda was on the ropes. The bad: al Qaeda's allies dominate the media, and may even get revenge for all those flags they had to look at after 9/11 by installing Barack Obama in the White House.

Despite the tremendous gains that have been made against al Qaeda, the obnoxiously liberal Arizona Republic celebrates today's date by running this as their lead story:

7 years after 9/11 terrorist attacks, al-Qaeda still unbowed

The Repugnant accurately depicts the struggle with Muslim terrorists as an information war, and falsely gloats that their side is winning:

The insurgents' strategy has two major goals: to erode popular support for the U.S.-backed governments in Islamabad and Kabul and to undermine popular backing in the United States and allied countries for continuing the mission in Afghanistan.
They appear to be succeeding, with recent polls in Britain, France, Holland and Canada indicating majorities favoring troop withdrawals.

Thanks to our enemy within, the tragedy of 9/11 continues to unfold. If we allow it to, the complete story could play out like this:





omar_abdel_rahman.jpg  wtc_1993_attack.jpg


kenya_embassy.jpg  Tanzania_embassy.jpg

















If only elections were held on September 11, there would be much less chance of this coming true.

September 10, 2008

Open Thread

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Biden Admits Shrillary Would Have Been a Better Choice for VP

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For once, Joe Biden has said something that few will dispute: Obama flubbed his VP pick by choosing him instead of Shrillary. As Plugs told a rally in Nashua, New Hampshire today:

Hillary Clinton is as qualified or more qualified than I am to be vice president of the United States of America. Let's get that straight. She's a truly close personal friend, she is qualified to be president of the United States of America, she's easily qualified to be vice president of the United States of America, and quite frankly, it might have been a better pick than me.

I'll say. Biden has lifted the ticket like a lead balloon.

Since Obama has no experience other than his skeevy "community organizer" activities, we're asked to vote for him based on his judgment — the sage judgment that selects the likes of Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Tony Rezko, Father Pfleger, et al. as friends, and as a VP, a guy who admits he's the wrong one for the job.

Grab your parachutes, Dems. You're going down.

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Surprise! Palin Investigators Are Obamatrons

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In yet another indication of their desperation, Democrats are trying to concoct a scandal out of Sarah Palin's having fired Walt Monegan, who used his office to protect a deranged State Trooper best known for blasting a 10-year-old with a Taser.

An investigation continues into the firing, for reasons made obvious by this picture:


Health Care BS explains:

The man overseeing the "investigation," Sen. Hollis French, is the bald guy near the back (fifth from left, by the Obama '08 posters). Any doubts about this hack's objectivity yet?
Well, it gets better. Last week, for obvious reasons, Rep. John Coghill asked the Alaska Legislative Council to remove French from the probe. Coghill's request was rejected:
On Monday, the head of the Legislative Council turned down his request. Democratic Sen. Kim Elton responded that he is sure that partisan politics can be kept out of the probe.
You know what's coming, right? Senator Elton is also in the picture. He's the tall bearded guy on the far left (ahem) of the photo.

Thankfully, it looks like Obama's campaign will go down like the Hindenburg. But The One can console himself with the knowledge that even so, he has left his mark on America, by spreading Chicago-style politics all the way to Alaska.

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Roseanne Barr Offers More Insane Anti-Palin Sputterings

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The CBC's Heather Mallick isn't the only moonbat who hates Sarah Palin so much as to become completely unhinged and start spitting incoherent venom like a cobra with Tourette syndrome. Here's Roseanne Barr's trenchant analysis of Alaska's Governor:

She is all tied up with the mormon aryan polygymyst insurance cryo-biological, monsanto genetically- engineering oil drillin' and homosexual curin' transexual operation pioneering money that runs the wild wild west.

Whatever you say, Roseanne. Now if you could just climb down off the table while we wait for the nice men in white coats to arrive with their butterfly nets…

It's medication time, Roseanne.

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CBC's Heather Mallick Denounces Saracuda

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Small Dead Animals offers a condensed version of a recent tantrum by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's Heather Mallick inspired by Sarah Palin:

…Sarah Palin … fit of pique … the white trash vote … sexual inadequates … she isn't even female really … Alaska hillbilly … "white trash" … trailer trash … rural, loud, proudly unlettered … toned-down version of the porn actress … overtreated hair, puffy lips … "pramface" … roughneck fuckin' redneck … prodding his daughter … ratboy … fizzing with rage and revenge … vicious and profoundly dishonest … good fast listing… nervous wreck with deeply strange hair … the hick vote … ordinary hillbilly … racism? … racism … "rectal fissure" … tense no-hoper ladies … white female marginals …

This sort of bigoted bile from a member of the liberal commentariat is the ultimate endorsement of Saracuda. It's appalling that Canadian taxpayers are forced to finance these hebephrenic sputterings, but it least they will help American readers to make the right choice in November.

Heather Mallick: A creepy leftist who hates Sarah Palin and anyone who doesn't.

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A Scientist Bemoans Australia's Hoax-Based Climate Policy

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List Bob Carter, a research professor in geology and environmental science at James Cook University, among the many scientists who have shown the integrity to take issue with the global warming farce, a transparent ploy to raise taxes and increase government power. Here Professor Carter lays into Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's greedy attempt to exploit the hoax:

The Rudd Government's emissions trading policy deals only with the threat of presumed human-caused warming, and ignores the other all-too-real climate threats. The Government's intended emissions trading scheme, therefore, does not represent proper climate policy but rather constitutes a human global warming policy — which is an entirely different, and speculative, matter.
For the hypothesis that human carbon dioxide emissions are causing dangerous global warming has failed the tests to which it has been subjected. One important test is that global temperature has failed to increase since 1998 despite an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide of almost 5 per cent since then.
So to say that human-caused global warming is proven to be a dangerous problem is untrue, and to introduce policies aimed at stopping presumed warming when cooling is actually under way is vainglorious. An emissions trading scheme also will represent an expensive act of futility, because its introduction will have no measurable effect on future climate. Even worse, the costs of emissions trading will be levied disproportionately against the members of our society least able to afford them.

As Carter points out, climate change is potentially a very real problem — not manmade climate change, but the natural kind that actually happens. The recent hysteria notwithstanding, colder weather is a much more serious threat. But in the short term, it's hard to imagine a more compelling threat than corrupt bureauweenies exploiting media-driven hysteria to advance their leftist agendas.

Labor's Rudd sniggers at the thought of all the dupes he's exploiting.

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Saying "Community Organizer" Is Now Racist

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In an attempt to suppress discussion of Obama's extremely dubious background as a community organizer, New York's second-string Governor David Paterson has declared that even mentioning the Obamessiah's former job title is racist:

I think the Republican Party is too smart to call Barack Obama "black" in a sense that it would be a negative. But you can take something about his life, which I noticed they did at the Republican Convention — a "community organizer." They kept saying it, they kept laughing. […] I think where there are overtones is when there are uses of language that are designed to inhibit other people's progress with a subtle reference to their race.

"Community organizer" can now join "black hole" and "devil's food cake" on the list of phrases black politicians forbid us to speak.

Look for "inexperienced," "unqualified," "post turtle," and "arrogant punk" to join the list soon.

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George Stephanopoulos Reveals: Obama Is Still a Muslim After All

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Although Obama was raised as a Muslim by his stepfather in Indonesia, Jeremiah Wright converted him to the Church of Afro-Nazism 20 years ago — or so we thought, until George Stephanopoulos set the record straight:

Hat tip: Flying Debris.

Dirty Jobs: Last Treetards Extracted

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The saga of the Berkeley treetards is over, the last hippies having been forcibly extracted from the trees near Memorial Stadium in Berkeley so that a sports training center can be built. The farce cost the University of California $1.5 million.

A reader sent in this picture of the extraction:


Mike Rowe from the Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs should have tagged along.

As Dems Send in Army of Dirt-Diggers, Anti-Palin Smears Are Debunked

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Desperate Dems have put hooves on the ground in Alaska, where their agents are snuffling the dirt in hopes of snorting something sordid up their snouts. John Fund reports:

Democrats have airdropped a mini-army of 30 lawyers, investigators and opposition researchers into Anchorage, the state capital Juneau and Mrs. Palin's hometown of Wasilla to dig into her record and background. My sources report the first wave arrived in Anchorage less than 24 hours after John McCain selected her on August 29.

If they can't find any facts that can be distorted into scandal, they'll start from raw fiction. Already the nonpartisan "consumer advocate for voters" has devoted a whole section of its site to debunking the smears Obamunists have been circulating in hopes of derailing the Saracuda Express. A splash of cold water on some rumors Obamatrons wish would catch fire:

• Palin did not cut funding for special needs education in Alaska by 62 percent. She didn't cut it at all. In fact, she tripled per-pupil funding over just three years.
• She did not demand that books be banned from the Wasilla library. Some of the books on a widely circulated list were not even in print at the time.
• She was never a member of the Alaskan Independence Party, a group that wants Alaskans to vote on whether they wish to secede from the United States. She's been registered as a Republican since May 1982.
• Palin never endorsed or supported Pat Buchanan for president. She once wore a Buchanan button as a "courtesy" when he visited Wasilla, but shortly afterward she was appointed to co-chair of the campaign of Steve Forbes in the state.
• Palin has not pushed for teaching creationism in Alaska's schools. She has said that students should be allowed to "debate both sides" of the evolution question, but she also said creationism "doesn't have to be part of the curriculum."

It also may need to be established in advance that Trig was not conceived in the course of a Satanic ritual, nor has Palin adopted Glenn Reynolds's old hobby of running puppies through a blender.

Democrat operatives eagerly snuffle.

Hat tip: Hot Air; on a tip from joe.

Save the Hippies!

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It's nice to know that even hippies are useful to someone.

Via The Nose on Your Face; on a tip from Burning Hot.

Lipstick on a Pig

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Obama's unfortunate "lipstick on a pig" remark has inspired some compelling artwork from his loyal supporters at America Is an Obamanation! Modeled on the lovable Disney character Babe:


Latest Lefty Attack: Palin Is Mean to Animals

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:41 AM

Lefties continue to flail desperately in an attempt to grab hold of something they can use to cudgel Sarah Palin. Unable to come up with a legitimate attack, Joy Behar of ABC's The View announced on Larry King's show that Saracuda is "very mean" because she hunts and is not on board with the envirowacko strategy to cripple our economy by putting conspicuously unendangered polar bears on the endangered species list, so that any economic activity alleged by moonbats to oppress these flourishing man-eaters may be forbidden. Palin also favors keeping the wolf population under control. What a nasty person.

One day six-year-olds will have the right to vote, and Behar's arguments will start to gain traction.

With enemies like this, Palin has it made.

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Open Thread

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September 9, 2008

Obama Calls Sarah Palin a Pig

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The most memorable line of Sarah Palin's wildly successful speech at the Republican convention was ad-libbed. After identifying herself as "an average hockey mom," she joked:

You know what they say the difference is between a hockey mom and a pit bull? Lipstick!

Barack Obama has issued his response:

You can put lipstick on a pig. It's still a pig.

In other words, Sarah Palin is not a pit bull but a pig.

Then the Obama campaign compounded the insult by sniffing that angry demands from the McCain camp for an apology were a "pathetic attempt to play the gender card."

Either Obama had no idea what he was saying, which would make him a clueless jerk, or he did know what he was saying, in which case he's just as clueless and even more of a jerk.

No matter how much of an ass this punk makes of himself, he'll still get the votes of Whitey-hating blacks, belly-scratching communists, and phony liberal elite snobs. That leaves the other 80% of the country for McCain and Palin.

Here's another saying about pigs: you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. Likewise, not even the mighty mainstream media can make a credible presidential candidate out of Barack Hussein Obama.

A disrespectful punk.

On tips from Varla and Burning Hot.

Obama's Fortunes on the Decline

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Breaking a promise, Obama rejected public campaign financing, freeing him up to accept unlimited funds from deep-pocketed limousine leftists like George Soros and the gem-encrusted moonbats infesting Hollyweird. But now that the vacuous hype is beginning to peter out, the Obamessiah is not floating in money like he once was. The Gray Lady laments:

After months of record-breaking fund-raising, a new sense of urgency in Senator Barack Obama's fund-raising team is palpable as the full weight of the campaign's decision to bypass public financing for the general election is suddenly upon it.
Pushing a fund-raiser later this month, a finance staff member sent a sharply worded note last week to Illinois members of its national finance committee, calling their recent efforts "extremely anemic."
At a convention-week meeting in Denver of the campaign's top fund-raisers, buttons with the image of a money tree were distributed to those who had already contributed the maximum $2,300 to the general election, a subtle reminder to those who had failed to ante up.
The signs of concern have become evident in recent weeks as early fund-raising totals have suggested that Mr. Obama's decision to bypass public financing may not necessarily afford him the commanding financing advantage over Senator John McCain that many had originally predicted.

Meanwhile, contributions to Republicans have been on the rise since the Palin selection reenergized the party.

Obama tells us that we don't need to expand drilling if we just inflate our tires. But it's his own campaign that's going flat.


On a tip from Todd D.

Randi Rhodes: McCain Was Well Treated at Hanoi Hilton

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:51 AM

Via The Radio Equalizer, here's how Air America klaxon and avid Obama supporter Randi Rhodes describes the years of torture John McCain endured at the hands of Vietnamese communists because he wouldn't accept release before others who had been incarcerated longer:

Of course he (McCain) became very friendly with the Vietnamese. They called him the Prince. He was well treated actually.

Sure, communists are nice folks. They denied McCain medical treatment for life-threatening injuries, stabbed him with a bayonet, clubbed him with a rifle butt, beat him incessantly, left him tied overnight in torture ropes, broke his teeth off at the gumline, et cetera. But unlike the oppressed terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, he didn't have to deal with the AC turned up too high, annoying Christina Aguilera music, or underinflated balls in the rec room.

Rodent confirms for us once again that progressives have not progressed to the point of grasping the concept of respect where it's due.

McCain after living it up at the Hanoi Hilton.

On tips from V the K and Byron.

Jig Is Up for Berkeley Treetards

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:46 AM

After almost two years, it looks like the party's almost over for the moonbats infesting the trees near Memorial Stadium in Berkeley. Workers have already begun to cut down trees to make room for a sports training center. Although moonbats continue to lurk in the branches, University of California officials are hoping for "a quick and safe extraction in the coming days."

The treetards have had their food supply cut off, so they'll be climbing down soon. At last word, however, they were continuing to issue demands:

In their most recent demand, the tree-sitters said they would come down if the university gives $6 million to environmental and Native American groups, creates a public committee on campus land use, and allows protesters to use the stump from the oldest tree in the grove, which protesters called "Grandma," for a Native American drum.

The university agreed to give them the stump named Grandma, but balked at the $6 million.

A reader thoughtfully provided this photo of the last forlorn treetards:


Joe Biden Confesses to Murder

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:33 AM

Joe Biden, alleged Catholic, on Meet the Depressed:

I'm prepared as a matter of faith to accept that life begins at the moment of conception.

Apparently his pay grade is higher than Obama's.

Yet even though Biden acknowledges that human life begins at conception, he has earned a 0% rating from the National Right to Life Committee, indicating a proabortion stance. This is supposedly because he does not want to impose his personal views on others, confirming that he got into the wrong line of work when he became a legislator.

Hat tips: Michelle Malkin, Hot Air. On a tip from Burning Hot.

Reverend Wright Sex Scandal

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:06 AM

It's a relief to know that Barack Obama's pastor and mentor for 20 years, the venom-spitting racist demagogue Jeremiah Wright, doesn't hate everything to do with white people. White neighborhoods are okay, and now we hear from the New York Post that he likes white women too:

Elizabeth Payne, 37, said she had a steamy sexual affair with the controversial, racially divisive man of the cloth while she was an executive assistant at a church headed by a popular Wright protégé.
When word of the unholy alliance got out, Payne's husband dumped her, and she was canned from the plum job at Friendship-West Baptist Church, she told The Post.

The Rev is an old pro at home-wrecking:

Wright has been married to his second wife, Ramah, for more than 20 years.
The preacher reportedly wooed Ramah away from her first husband in the 1980s, when the couple came to marriage counseling at Wright's Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago.

Wright reportedly promised Elizabeth that he would dump Ramah, but it was Elizabeth who was promptly kicked to the curb by her husband Fred when he learned of the affair, just as Wright himself was thrown under the bus by another protégé, even after the Obamessiah had proclaimed,

I can no more disown him than I can disown the black community. I can no more disown him than I can my white grandmother.

No wonder leftists trust only in the Government. Their personal relationships aren't very durable.

"Where the white women at?"

On a tip from General Jack D. Ripper.

Nanny Nazi Demands Cars That Can't Exceed the Speed Limit

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:09 AM

In an ideal world, everyone would behave correctly, because everything would be designed to make it impossible to violate regulations. For example, healthcare bureaucrat Kent Sepkowitz demands in the New York Times that cars be made that cannot exceed the speed limit.

Driving too fast is dangerous, and wastes gasoline. Therefore the State must require that no cars can go too fast. Sepkowitz also has this clever idea to help the State regulate your driving:

Imagine, for a moment, if E-ZPass kept track of exactly when each car entered one toll booth and exited another, which would allow local governments to do some basic math, dividing distance traveled by time spent. If this calculation showed you to be a speeder, the authorities would send you a traffic ticket.

Or if it took you too long to get home from work, investigators could be sent to find out what you've been up to. This will help prevent drivers from detouring into dodgy neighborhoods to buy black market eggs and butter, after these have been banned along with fast cars to help protect us from ourselves.

Readers will be unsurprised to learn that Sepkowitz is an Obama donor.

Another form of freedom moonbats want to take away.

On a tip from Lt Nixon.


Lefty bloggers Matthew Yglesias, Ryan Avent, and Ezra Klein all agree that hobbling cars is a great idea.

Next the principle might be applied to people. We could cut hamstrings to prevent them from being able to run from the police. Lobotomies could avoid the problem of anyone objecting to our steady strangulation by ever increasing government control.

On a tip from V the K.

Open Thread

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Compliments of V the K.

September 8, 2008

Africans Pay the Price for Enviromoonbattery

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:23 PM

Environmental lunacy has noticeably hampered our economy by driving up gas prices. But in Africa, the effects of pious political correctness have been even more pernicious.

Western do-gooders are impoverishing Africa by promoting traditional farming at the expense of modern scientific agriculture, according to Britain's former chief scientist.

Professor Sir David King laments:

I'm going to suggest, and I believe this very strongly, that a big part has been played in the impoverishment of that continent by the focus on nontechnological agricultural techniques, on techniques of farming that pertain to the history of that continent rather than techniques that pertain to modern technological capability. Why has that continent not joined Asia in the big green revolutions that have taken place over the past few decades? The suffering within that continent, I believe, is largely driven by attitudes developed in the West which are somewhat anti-science, anti-technology — attitudes that lead towards organic farming, for example, attitudes that lead against the use of genetic technology for crops that could deal with increased salinity in the water, that can deal with flooding for rice crops, that can deal with drought resistance.[…]
The problem is that the Western-world move toward organic farming — a lifestyle choice for a community with surplus food — and against agricultural technology in general and GM in particular, has been adopted across Africa, with the exception of South Africa, with devastating consequences.

Genetically modified crops could feed starving people, but are suppressed for flaky political reasons. Similarly, moonbat do-gooders have managed to suppress the use of DDT in Africa, saving many put-upon mosquitoes but condemning millions of children to death. At least they mean well, supposedly.

But liberals are perfectly willing to help Africans if it means confiscating your money and giving it to socialist dictators to blow on weapons and palaces.

Quaintly farming by hand, like good rustic peasants.

On a tip from Oiao.

Some Voters Have Already Spoken

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Compliments of CWKing.

Biden's Not Too Old for a Little Vetting

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As David Keene points out, Obama isn't the only one on the liberal ticket getting a pass while the mainstream media snuffles the ground in search of something sordid to pin on Sarah Palin:

One wonders whether the media will focus as sharp a light on allegations involving her vice presidential opponent from Delaware. Joe Biden has been around for a long time, and as a senior senator most assume that he has already been thoroughly "vetted," but few remember that he was forced to drop out of his first presidential race when it was discovered that he plagiarized a part of his biography.
And last week, his hometown paper reported that the tragic collision that took the life of his wife and daughter shortly after his election to the Senate in 1972 was not, as he's told audiences for years, the result of an encounter with a drunk and out-of-control driver. Tragic as it was, it turns out it was simply an accident. According to Delaware authorities, no ticket was issued and there was no evidence of any wrongdoing whatsoever. Yet Biden has spent decades maligning the driver of the truck that broadsided his wife's car — apparently because it makes for a better story and elicits even more sympathy from audiences who hear it.
Biden's friends have responded to these reports by suggesting that it is insensitive and unfair to dig up such information about a tragedy that took place 35 years ago, but his characterization of what happened continues to this day.
Add to this that he had to take a law school class over after being flunked for plagiarizing and later claimed to have finished near the top of his graduating class when he had, in fact, finished 76th in a class of 85. And that it was discovered that one of the more moving speeches he gave while running for the Senate was stolen virtually in its entirety from one delivered earlier by the late Bobby Kennedy. Together, these incidents comprise what might accurately be called a disturbing pattern of behavior spanning decades.
Sen. Biden's friends in the media like to talk about how smart he is when perhaps they should be asking whether he is capable of separating fact from fiction.

Fact? Fiction? As far as the national media is concerned, the only meaningful dichotomy is Us and Them.

Either could keep a curious press corps too busy to worry about Saracuda's children.

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Joe Biden Drunk

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How long before Nutroots moonbats start hypothesizing that Karl Rove was somehow responsible for the choice of the clownish Joe Biden as the Obamessiah's VP?

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Olbie, Tweety Demoted

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Could it be that even MSNBC is developing journalistic standards? Or is it that their execs have noticed a shift in the political winds? Most likely it's that they finished dead last of all news coverage of the conventions over the last two weeks. Whatever the reason, slobbering Obamunist partisans Keith Olbermann and Chris "Tweety" Matthews have been yanked from behind their political anchor desks.

This is good for a laugh:

The network announced Monday that Olbermann and Chris Matthews have both been booted as co-hosts on political night coverage in favor of David Gregory, whose White House press corps experience may make him better suited to deliver sober and less opinion-driven assessments of the news.

Apparently Helen Thomas wasn't available.

Even this rather obnoxious lib is more impartial than Olbie and Tweety.

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Panic Spreads Among the Nutroots

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Nutroots kooks are scurrying for safe holes in the baseboards, having realized that the media's campaign to pass off Barack Obama as a credible presidential candidate is doomed to failure. Amusingly, they choose to blame the very media that set the unqualified junior nobody up on his post. In a HuffPo post entitled, "We're Gonna Frickin' Lose this Thing," Hollyweirdo Adam McKay snivels that Republicans have a "house advantage":

So what is this house advantage the Republicans have? It's the press. […]without a real press the corporate and religious Republicans can lie all they want and get away with it.

Never mind that four times more journalists identify themselves as liberal than as conservative.

Equally amusing is the complaint that "the religious right teaches closed mindedness so it's almost impossible to gain new voters from their pool because people who disagree with them are agents of the devil." In contrast, moonbats are known for their open-minded views toward the gap-toothed rubes clinging to their guns and Bibles in flyover country.

The laughter stops when McKay proposes his solution to our insufficiently moonbatty media: "most importantly we should bring up re-regulating the media and who owns it."

Hugo Chavez had the same idea.

Tinseltown's Adam McKay wants the media under State control.

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Your Tax Dollar at Work: Helping France Destroy the World

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Obama getting into the White House may soon be the least of our worries, according to The Misunderstood Universe:

In the eastern regions of France, near Lyon, flanked by virgin pine forests, streams, lakes and fir clad mountain ridges, bordering on Switzerland, lays the CERN (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire) facility which houses over 6,300 scientists working feverishly to bring online the next generation in basic particle super-colliders. This massive Hadron collider is a magnetic ring 27 kilometers in circumference: Ultimately, it will collide beams of protons at an energy of 14 TeV. Additionally, beams of lead nuclei will be also accelerated, colliding together with an energy of 1150 TeV. The LHC will be the most powerful particle accelerator in the world.
The main purpose of this facility is to produce antimatter and black holes. A terrorist would need only half of a gram of antimatter to be equally destructive as the Hiroshima bomb. If CERN's antimatter factory were to blow up today it would only affect the regions bordering France and Switzerland. But if CERN were to produce just one stable black hole, it could destroy the world. Surprisingly, the United States of America, through the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy, will be funding over $1 Billion Dollars towards this French experiment into creating potentially devastating black holes.

It would take less than 7 minutes for a stable black hole to swallow the planet. That will teach us for not taking the French seriously.

On a tip from General Jack D. Ripper. Whines About AP's Conservative Bias

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There is one fact on which normal people and the ultra-left, Soros-financed Obamunists of can agree: the media betrays a pronounced political bias. But in the upside-down reality inhabited by, the bias is in favor of conservatives.

From an email blast:

Dear MoveOn member,
The Associated Press — whose articles are published in thousands of newspapers nationwide — has been writing story after story attacking Democrats and favoring John McCain. Can you help us stop the bias?

A link is provided to a petition demanding an end to headlines like "Biden pick shows lack of confidence," "Sen. Hillary Clinton an artful dodger," "Obama walks arrogance line," and "Palin's age, inexperience rival Obama's."

Back on planet earth, most people are aware that AP leans heavily to the left — but apparently not as heavily as the hard core ideologues backing Obama.

George Soros
From where Obama's backers sit, AP is conservative.

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Will the State Protect Us From Football?

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What's next for the Nanny State, after it has rescued us from cigarettes, trans fats, and soda pop? A reader's son found a sticker on his football helmet that offers an ominous clue:


Once it's acknowledged that football causes paralysis and death, it's only a matter of time before bureaucrats step in to save us from it. First will come the looting stage, during which John Edwards types will launch lawsuits against school districts that permit this reckless activity, and local governments will levy taxes on football to help finance "free" healthcare. One day our pale, pudgy descendants will ooh and ahh over the barbarity of sports that once were permitted even though they could lead to injuries.

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Wheels Are Coming Off Obamessiah's Chariot

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It looks like America might not be willing to slit its wrists on the media's command after all. USA Today ruefully admits that McCain leads the flagging Wizard of Uhs by 10 points among those most likely to vote, largely thanks to Saracuda having put an end to the enthusiasm gap.

As we go into the final stretch, the hype will fade, and people will take a closer look at The One. The media will not be able to hide the lifelong associations with communists, terrorists, and racist demagogues that have shaped the ideology he offers in lieu of job qualifications. It will also be difficult to continue to pass off two of the three most extreme leftists in the Senate as bridge-builders with any capacity to unite the nation. Having virtually no experience and conspicuously poor judgment, Obama will make ever more embarrassing mistakes as panic sets in, and the media won't be able to keep them all from the public.

Obama's poll results have been inflated, because people have been duped into thinking it's "racist" not to say you'll support the affirmative action candidate. In the privacy of the voting both, many presumed Obama supporters are going to remember that they have to live in this country.

Democrats nearly always have big leads in the polls over the summer, even when they get their clocks cleaned in November. Even the risible Michael Dukakis was predicted to win in July 1988.

All things considered, a 10% lead by McCain now could translate to the kind of blowout we haven't seen since Reagan wiped the floor with Mondale in 1984. America isn't dead yet.

On his way down.

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Open Thread

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September 7, 2008

The Chronicles of the Obamessiah, Volumes II and III

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Volume I was enlightening too.

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Obama's Muslim Faith

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I think he meant to say, my Black Liberation Theology faith.

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UN: Improve the Weather by Not Eating Meat

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Once again the United Nations — to whom Democrats would sacrifice American sovereignty — has pushed moonbattery over the edge of self-parody. Our wannabe World Government's latest dictum: we should stop eating meat to save the planet from the nonexistent global warming crisis.

Barks Rajendra Pachauri, the unkempt moonbat who chairs the Nobel Prize–winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change:

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has estimated that direct emissions from meat production account for about 18% of the world's total greenhouse gas emissions. So I want to highlight the fact that among options for mitigating climate change, changing diets is something one should consider.

We're asked to believe that meat causes global warming due to the flatulence of farm animals. Pachauri suggests that a global tax on carbon could help raise the price of meat, which he sees as a good thing because it would make us eat less of it, although he wants Africans to eat more of it.

It's reassuring that the UN has established jurisdiction over nutrition and the weather, but animals in the wild continue to emit greenhouse gases with impunity. A United Nations Commission for the Extermination of Flatulating Animals must be convened at once. No doubt Michael Moore will be able to finagle an exception, given his powerful connections in the Democrat Party.

Your tax dollar pays this screwball to tell you what to eat.

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Republicans Recycle Flags Thrown in Trash by Dems

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Aluminum cans aren't the only thing it actually makes sense to recycle. Remember the piles of American flags that were thrown in the garbage after the Obamessiah coronation? From yesterday's Denver Post:

This morning, Republicans tell me that a worker at Invesco Field in Denver saved thousands of unused flags from the Democratic National Convention that were headed for the garbage. Guerrilla campaigning. They will use these flags at their own event today in Colorado Springs with John McCain and Sarah Palin.
Before McCain speaks today, veterans will haul these garbage bags filled with flags out onto the stage — with dramatic effect, no doubt — and tell the story.
"What you see in the picture I sent you is less than half of total flags," a Republican official emailed. "We estimate the total number to be around 12,000 small flags and one full size 3×5 flag."

Too bad all flags that fall into the hands of Democrats can't be rescued, like the one Obama's longtime friend and associate Bill Ayers got ahold of:

Bill Ayers

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Open Thread

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September 6, 2008

Open Thread

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September 5, 2008

Oprah on Her Refusal to Host Sarah Palin

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Oprah Winfrey, who exerts a disturbing influence over people who spend their days vegetating in front of the television, has straightened out the story on her refusal to have Sarah Palin on her show:

Oprah's statement:

The item in today's Drudge Report is categorically untrue. There has been absolutely no discussion about having Sarah Palin on my show. At the beginning of this Presidential campaign when I decided that I was going to take my first public stance in support of a candidate, I made the decision not to use my show as a platform for any of the candidates. I agree that Sarah Palin would be a fantastic interview, and I would love to have her on after the campaign is over.

After the campaign is over, Vice President Palin will be a little busy. But it's nice to know the Obama-hyping Oprah has too much integrity to allow her show to be corrupted by crass politics. She also blocked an appearance by Clarence Thomas.


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Nut Attempting to Disrupt Palin's Speech Is Major Obama Fundraiser

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A pair of anti-American activists from the hard-left outfit Code Pink tried to rush the stage to disrupt Sarah Palin's triumphant speech at the Republican convention. From WaPo's account of the night's events:

10:45 p.m. A pair of Code Pink activists just got to the very edge of the stage and were a moment away from apparently running on stage, right by the Kentucky slot on the floor next to a host of McCain's most senior staffers. Secret Service men grabbed them at [the] last minute and literally dragged them out.

The sociopaths were Code Pink cofounders Medea Benjamin and Jodie Evans. The latter is a major financier of the Obama campaign:

Evans has bundled between $50,000 and $100,000 for Obama as well as contributing the maximum $2300 to Obama's presidential primary campaign. She co-hosted Obama's breakout Hollywood fundraiser at the start of his campaign in February 2007.
As a bundler, Evans has been given perks that include regular briefings by top campaign staffers on policy and private meetings with Obama and his vice presidential candidate Joe Biden.

If Code Pink and their tactics prevail, it will mean a Change hardly worth hoping for.

Evans and Benjamin demonstrate the Politics of Hope during Palin's speech.

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Moonbat Extremist Babs Boxer: Saracuda Is Way Outside the Mainstream

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This is rich. Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) has denounced Sarah Palin as "way outside" the mainstream because Saracuda believes in the sanctity of human life and is skeptical of the global warming hoax.

In contrast, Boxer's supposedly more mainstream views include support for the ghastly form of execution known as partial birth abortion; coercive taxpayer funding of abortion; homosexual "marriage"; superior legal status for blacks, homosexuals, and transvestites; granting Social Security benefits to illegal aliens; amnesty for illegal aliens, including those who have committed felonies; providing federal funds to sanctuary cities that openly flout US immigration laws; imposing costly burdens on power companies; constitutional rights for foreign terrorists; and lawsuits blaming gun manufacturers for shootings, an attempt to use trial lawyers to preempt the Second Amendment.

She has opposed tax cuts; welfare reform; school choice; a border fence; drilling in the ANWR wasteland; allowing storage of nuclear waste; Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas, John Roberts, and Samuel Alito; Condoleezza Rice's appointment as Secretary of State; and John Bolton's appointment as UN ambassador.

Boxer is so moderate, she even tried to stall Bush 43's reelection in 2004, being unwilling to abide by the will of the voters. Her bid to disenfranchise the state of Ohio delayed the certification of the Electoral College's votes by four hours. Later she pursued the idea of impeaching Bush for monitoring al Qaeda's international telephone calls.

A world where Sarah Palin's views are extremist and Boxer's are mainstream would need padded walls.

Ms. Mainstream denounces an extremist.

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Moonbats' #1 Reason to Vote for Obama

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You might be wondering how anyone could possibly plan to vote for Barack Obama, an arrogant but utterly unqualified, inexperienced extremist who has spent his entire life surrounded by unsavory fanatics who hate America. For Gary Kamiya, the answer is simple, as he explained earlier this year in

I admit it: I'm voting for Barack Obama because he's black. […] I believe that most of Obama's supporters are voting for him for the same reason. Like me, they're drawn to his idealism, his youthful energy, his progressive politics. But it's his blackness that seals the deal.
And that's OK. In fact, it's wonderful. […]
Obama's blackness is his indispensable asset. Without it, he would not have a snowball's chance in hell of being elected president.

That last sentence is certainly true.

We now have another reason to be glad the brutal murderer Tookie Williams was executed. He could run on the same qualification — and probably get a lot of the same people to vote for him too.

Williams would have a lock on the Tinseltown vote.

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Olbermann: Put 9/11 Down the Memory Hole

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Via NewsBusters, here's Keith Olbermann's absurdly sanctimonious response to a tribute to victims of 9/11 that was shown at the Republican convention last night:

If at this late date, any television network had of its own accord showed that much videotape, and that much graphic videotape of 9/11, and I speak as somebody who lost a few friends there, it, we, would be rightly eviscerated at all quarters, perhaps by the Republican Party itself, for exploiting the memories of the dead and perhaps even for trying to evoke that pain again. If you reacted to that videotape the way I did, I apologize. It is a subject of great pain for many of us still and was probably not appropriate to be shown.

In other words, Shut up about 9/11, don't you dare remind us it happened, or we liberal propagandists will indignantly accuse you of exploiting it.

But it did happen, and if we let moonbats like Olbermann choose our next president, it is much more likely to happen again.

Sorry, Olbie. We still remember.

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Marxists/Socialists/Communists for Obama

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See if you can make sense of this, from the community blog on Barack Obama's official website entitled Marxists/Socialists/Communists for Obama:

This group is for self-proclaimed Marxists/Communists/Socialists for the election of Barack Obama to the Presidency. By no means is he a true Marxist, but under Karl Marx's writings we are to support the party with the best interests of the mobilization of the proletariat. Though the Democratic Socialists of America or the Communist Patty of America may have more Socialististic values, it is pointless to vote for these candidates due to the fact that there is virutally no chance they will be elected on a National level. The members of this group are not Leninists, Stalinists, etc. and do not support or condone the actions of North Korea, China, Cuba or any other self-procalimed "Marxist States." They do not in anyway represent the Marxist philosophy nor do they represent Socialism/ Communsim. We support Barack Obama because he knows what is best for the people!

It's a relief to hear that Obama is not "a true Marxist." But then, they don't think Marxist states like North Korea and Cuba are Marxist either. All that's clear is that they're communists, can't spell, and support Obama.


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P. Diddy Campaigns for Obama

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P. Diddly Dipwad, or whatever rap goon Sean Combs is calling himself this week, has released this searing attack on the McCain-Palin ticket:

Credit where its due: his suggestion that Michelle Obama should be McCain's running mate is highly original. There allegedly being "not even no crackheads in Alaska" is as good as any argument the Left has come up with against Sarah Palin.

Via Political Rants.

Hotel Denies Room to British Soldier

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When Corporal Tomos Stringer traveled to Woking, Surrey to help with funeral preparations for a friend killed in action, he planned on staying at the Metro Hotel. However, after hotel staff learned he's a soldier, he was told it was company policy not to accept members of the Armed Forces as guests. He was forced to bed down with his injured wrist (broken during a convoy ambush) in his tiny two-door car.

At least moonbattery isn't so far advanced that there wasn't an explosion of outrage. In response, hotel reps first tried silence, then starting bleating out of both sides of their mouths about how the receptionist had made a mistake, but that there had been "some rather serious incidents" involving soldiers at the hotel.

Cpl Stringer is back in Afghanistan getting shot at by terrorists, but his mother Gaynor Stringer was on hand to observe:

It's discrimination. They would never get away with it if it was against someone of ethnic origin.

This is because discrimination is only incorrect when it is against groups favored by liberals — this obviously doesn't include those who fight to preserve our freedoms.

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Libs Devote Website to Ridiculing Trig Palin

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:00 AM

Daily Kos and Democratic Underground make it difficult for the liberal Nutroots to reach new lows. Yet they always manage. Their latest proud accomplishment is I Miss My Mommy, a website devoted to ridiculing Sarah Palin's son Trig for having Down syndrome.

The site makes repeated use of this graphic, evidently meant to represent Trig:


A sample of the writing:

How dare you, Camel Brown [i.e., CNN anchor Campbell Brown], asking those bad questions 'bout Mommy and forn polcy. You have no right caus you are media leet. But joke on you, bitch! Wite wing behind Mommy now! Wite wing glavanized!
Mommy, sorry I say word bitch. I know it bad word, but I hear it from Grampa 'Cain. Yes, he have firey temper but it ok. Everything he do ok. He pee oh dubyou.

Liberals despise Sarah Palin for not having put Trig to death, so they're unlikely to see any harm in some ridicule.

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Oprah Won't Host Sarah Palin

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:45 AM

Oprah, billionaire Queen of Daytime Television, has been instrumental in the media's campaign to pass off Barack Obama as a legitimate candidate. She supposedly speaks to the women of America. Yet the woman who with any luck will soon be our first female vice president is not welcome on Oprah's show. According to Drudge:

"Half of her staff really wants Sarah Palin on," an insider explains. "Oprah's website is getting tons of requests to put her on, but Oprah and a couple of her top people are adamantly against it because of Obama."

Once again we see that identity politics is only a means to an end. Moonbats like Oprah are only going to hate Saracuda all the more because she's a woman, just as they hated Clarence Thomas all the more for being black. Their loyalty is only to moonbattery.

It's all about moonbattery and nothing but moonbattery.

Earth First! Ecoterrorists Blubber and Weep

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:53 AM

Check out this hilarious video of moonbats crying over oppressed trees:

They want the trees to know they care.

But like most environmentalists, they don't care so much about humans. The Chilling Effect has some background on these Earth First! folks:

Earth First! (EF!) is a "warrior society" that takes a "by any means necessary" approach to "defending mother earth." The group declines to participate in the democratic process, preferring instead to damage, disable, and destroy the property of its ever-growing list of enemies. EF! targets include, but are by no means limited to, loggers, ranchers, and farmers — especially those who grow genetically modified crops. Earth First!ers' crimes include assault, arson, and untold acts of sabotage.
Before he quit in the late 1980s, the driving force behind EF! was a man named Dave Foreman. His book Ecodefense: A Field Guide To Monkeywrenching is a how-to for environmental saboteurs. It includes nine chapters of instructions on subjects ranging from tree spiking to destroying roads, from disabling equipment to making smoke bombs. Rodney Coronado, an Earth First! zealot who was sentenced to 57 months in federal prison following a string of arsons, calls the book "our bible."

Kudos to Earth First! for being so sincere. The more sincere moonbats are, the easier it is for others to see that they are evil and insane, and be warned away from their depraved ideology.

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Open Thread

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September 4, 2008

The Art of Layout

Posted by Dave Blount at 3:25 PM

Lately the MSM's anti-Saracuda propaganda has been anything but subtle, so maybe this was an accident:


Via Extreme Mortman; on a tip from V the K.

AP Hypocrite Uncovers Republican Hypocrisy

Posted by Dave Blount at 3:09 PM

This is not a parody, but the first part of an actual editorial denouncing the Palins by Ted Anthony of AP:

People: Make up your minds.
For two days, the chorus from Republicans on TV news and in the halls of the convention has been resounding: Back off and let the Palin family be. "That's out of bounds," said Minnesota's Republican governor, Tim Pawlenty. "There's no need to be intrusive and pry into that."
Yet Wednesday found the following scenes unfolding:
_Sarah Palin's pregnant, unmarried 17-year-old daughter and probable future son-in-law stood in a nationally televised, politically packaged airport receiving line to meet and greet the Republican candidate for president.
_The extremely cute and bubbly Piper Palin, 7, made her debut on her mother's behalf, appearing in a video on John McCain's daughter's blog. "Vote for my mommy and John McCain," she said, giggling as Meghan McCain grinned.
_Bristol Palin and her 18-year-old boyfriend, Levi Johnston, sat and held hands as they watched the Alaska governor deliver an acceptance speech that, in its opening minutes, focused heavily on her family and children. Later, the family — including Johnston — ascended the stage, basked in an extended ovation and waved.
Huh? The Republican message about the Palin offspring comes across as contradictory: Hey, media, leave those kids alone — so we can use them as we see fit.
If you doubt this scenario, consider this: On Wednesday morning, a teenage boy from Alaska stood in a receiving line on an airport tarmac, being glad-handed by the potential next president of the United States — because he got his girlfriend pregnant. TV cameras were lined up in advance. The mind boggles.

An Obamunist hack accuses Saracuda of abusing her kids by not hiding them in the attic along with her daughter's fiancé, while at the same time participating in a despicable tabloid smear campaign against them by pushing the story, NEVER MIND SARAH, BRISTOL IS PREGNANT. This same MSM hack denounces others as hypocrites. The mind boggles, all right.

Ted Anthony strikes a pose.

On a tip from Moonbat Investigator General.

HuffPo Palin Family Shooting Gallery

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:23 PM

Huffington Post offers a thoughtful service: individual pages for members of the Palin family, where its moonbat readers can deposit gobs of stinking guano.

From Todd Palin's page:

interesting point raised by other posters here. not suggesting anything, but why is todd palin never seen holding his child? sorry, maybe it's just the general vibe, but almost nothing about these people seems straightforward…

From Track Palin's page:

My gaydar went off too…seriously…if Track is gay…does that mean that the entire Republican party will have to rally around his right to be a sinner like they have done with Bristol.

From Bristol Palin's page:

I guess pe-martial sex will now become a status symbol among the religious right now that they see abstinence doesn't work and lucky you if you become a teen age mother, that's the RIGHT thing to do.

From the page for 14-year-old Willow Palin:

She's cute. Wonder why she's not married yet? She's practically a spinster in chillbilly land.

From the page for 6-year-old Piper, pictured holding little Trig:

They learnt bout breedin' early in the Palin family!!!

In light of mainstream media's vicious attacks on the Palin family, HuffPo's new feature could almost have you thinking that there's a larger objective than just trying to destroy Saracuda. Maybe the ultimate goal is for no decent people to go into politics, for fear of the abuse that will be heaped on their families. Then moonbats could run unopposed.

In moonbats' crosshairs, each and every one.

On a tip from Todd D.


Welcome Michelle Malkin readers! Censors for Obama

Posted by Dave Blount at 1:46 PM

It isn't just the dinosaur media that is willing to prostitute itself for the sake of installing Obama in the White House. Some corners of the new media are joining in — including, according to this first-hand account from John of Big Bear Lake, California:

I've had a user account (bbjohnnyt) in good standing for a couple of years ago. Even though the digg community is dominated by liberal members, I've always voiced my opinion by commenting on digg posts. Since yesterday, I got tired that virtually 100% of Sarah Palin stories that made the digg front page were attacks from the liberal media and blogs. So, since yesterday afternoon, I started commenting on almost every anti-Palin digg post with something like the followi…
Balancing out the idiotic liberal blog spam...
PALIN FOR PRESIDENT IN 2016!!! (after McCain's two terms).
About an hour ago, someone at deleted my "bbjohnnyt" account. When I tried to log back in, I just get an "Your account is invalid" message. None of my comments were offensive (except to liberals) or violated their terms of service. After some poking around, I also discovered that they removed every comment I made in the last two days! But they fortunately missed deleting one comment…
If my comment is still there on this digg posting, you can click on my "bbjohnnyt" name and you'll then see it takes you to an error page (since my account was deleted).

In short, someone at is resorting to underhanded tactics to suppress conservative views in an attempt to influence the election. Meet the new media, same as the old media — at least where left-leaning outfits like are concerned.

Obama's Idea of a "Great Mayor" Is Headed to Jail

Posted by Dave Blount at 1:22 PM

We can't judge Obama on his record, because he doesn't have one. Most people won't judge him on his associations, alarming as these are, because his enablers in the media refuse to report on them. But we can still judge him on his judgment. For example, he dismissed the remarkable Sarah Palin as the uh uh uh no-account mayor of a dinky town that doesn't matter. In contrast, Detroit's Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, a Democrat superdelegate, was praised by the Obamessiah as a "great mayor" who has been "doing an outstanding job."

This just in:

In a courtroom this morning, Kilpatrick pleaded guilty to two felony counts of obstructing justice by committing perjury. He will spend four months in jail, pay up to $1 million in restitution, and serve five years' probation. He also agreed not to run for office during that five-year span.
In addition, the mayor agreed to a no-contest plea to one count of felonious assault for shoving a sheriff's deputy in July who had tried to serve a subpoena on Kilpatrick's friend. He agreed to serve four months on that charge, too, but it will be served at the same time as his other sentence.
The deals also call for Kilpatrick to turn over his state pension to the City of Detroit, which paid $8.4 million to settle two whistle-blower lawsuits three former cops filed against the city. The mayor was charged with eight felony counts ranging from conspiracy to perjury to misconduct in office to obstruction of justice after the Free Press revealed in January that the mayor lied on the witness stand during a police whistle-blower trial and gave misleading testimony about whether he intended to fire a deputy police chief investigating allegations of wrongdoing by members of his inner circle.

In an Obama administration, characters like Kilpatrick would be running the country.

Record, associations, judgment. Three strikes, go sit down.

Kilpatrick displays the long face his fellow Dems will be wearing in November.

On a tip from V the K.


On a tip from Refuter of Liberal Vermin:

Media Reduced to Attacking Saracuda's Hair

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Morally and intellectually dwarfed by Sarah Palin, the Obamunists running the media have been reduced to attacking her hair. Snipes Lauren Beckham Falcone of the Boston Herald:

With her long, straight, often pinned-up locks, Palin looks one humid day away from fronting a Kiss cover band.
"It's about 20 years out of date," said Boston stylist Mario Russo of the Alaska governor's 'do. "Which goes to show how off she might be on current events."


Hat tip: Lone Star Times; on a tip from Byron.

Sarah Palin Cartoon Collection

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Burning Hot is putting together a nice collection of Sarah Palin cartoons. A couple of examples:



Biden: Elect Us and We'll Throw the Previous Administration in Jail

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As if we didn't have enough compelling reasons to exert every effort to defeat the Democrats this fall, Joe "Plugs" Biden is now promising the leftist thugs who constitute his party's base that he will throw members of the Bush Administration in prison if he and the Marxist punk at the top of the ticket manage to seize power.

The pretext would be vague "violations that have been made against our Constitution," which apparently involve listening in on al Qaeda phone calls and not being sufficiently obsequious toward the terrorists vacationing at Club Gitmo. Plugs assures his fellow Dems that the inept fools dominating our 9% Congress are "collecting data, subpoenaing records, they're building a file." After all, "no one, no attorney general, no president — no one is above the law." Unless of course he's a Democrat like Clinton, who unlike Bush committed actual felonies while in office.

There are places in the world run by people of Obama's caliber. One reason people hold onto power in these places as long as they can — elections be damned — is that the retirement plan proposed by Biden is often applied to outgoing regimes.

Realizing that he had once again made a fool of himself, Plugs then used his other face to say of the supposed crimes of the Bush Administration:

But I have no evidence of any of that. No one's talking about pursuing President Bush criminally.

Which face to believe? Hopefully we'll never know, because the only way to find out would be to let these goons infest the White House.

Biden's version of the liberal smirk.

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Wishful Thinking From CNN

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The Democratic nomination?


Too bad for the folks at CNN that the punk who did win their party's nomination is nowhere near as electable.

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WaPo Caught in Blatant Anti-Palin Lie

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The Obamunist media hasn't managed to improve its line of attack on Sarah Palin, which consists of going for the throat of her pregnant 17-year-old daughter. The Washington Post let fly with this headline:

Palin Slashed Funding for Teen Moms

Even though her own teen daughter became pregnant! How awful!

Except the alleged "slashing" was actually a threefold increase.

It has reached the point where you literally cannot believe a word you read in the mainstream media. They will tell you that today is Saturday, the 32nd of February, if they think it will hurt Sarah Palin or help the preposterous Obama candidacy.

Hat tips: Michelle Malkin, Ace of Spades HQ; on a tip from mandible claw.

Palin's Speech Was Even Better Than We Knew

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Even liberals have been forced to agree that Sarah Palin hit one out of the park with her speech at the Republican convention last night. But her performance was even more impressive than we realized at the time:

Halfway through Sarah Palin's speech tonight at the RNC, people following the speech noticed she was deviating from the prepared text.
According to sources close to the McCain campaign, the teleprompter continued scrolling during applause breaks. As a result, half way through the speech, the speech had scrolled significantly from where Governor Palin was in the speech. The malfunction also occurred during Rudy Giuliani's speech, explaining his significant deviations from his speech.
Unfazed, Governor Palin continued, from memory, to deliver her speech without the teleprompter cued to the appropriate point in her speech.
Contrast this to Barack Obama who, when last his teleprompter malfunctioned, was left stuttering before a crowd unable to advance his speech until the problem was resolved.

Meanwhile, Palin knew that the entire media was hanging on her every syllable, eagerly waiting for her to make the slightest slipup so they could tear her to pieces. But I don't recall her saying "uh" even once, in stark contrast to the Wizard.

Saracuda is in a different league than her opponents. No wonder the media is willing to sacrifice the last of its threadbare credibility in a desperate attempt to destroy her.

A moonbat's worst nightmare.

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Open Thread

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September 3, 2008

Nobama Fashion Statement

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Not all of the remarkable proclamations of the Obamessiah are read off a teleprompter. You can read this off a T-shirt available at Patriot Crew (


Media Bias 101

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In case anyone was wondering whose side the shallow supermarket rag Us Weekly is on:


This pretty much sums up the role of the media in this election.

Unsurprisingly, Us Weekly's publisher Jann Wenner, who also publishes the equally contemptible Rolling Stone, is a big Obama donor.

Writes Michelle Malkin reader James D:

I’m a communication professor, and I’m posting this image outside my office tomorrow morning.

If we had more professors like James D, and less garbage like Us Weekly, Obama would have been laughed out from behind his podium months ago.

On a tip from Burning Hot.

Feminazi: Sarah Palin Isn't Really a Woman

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Good thing liberals believe that our genders don't have anything to do with biological reality. This helps feminazis oppose Sarah Palin at a knee-jerk level while still insisting they give a hoot about the advancement of women or anything else besides abortion for its own sick sake. Here's how they handle it at Menstrual Poetry:

Not only is Sarah Palin not a feminist, she is as anti-woman as Bush and McCain combined. That is the reason why McCain picked her; not because she is a woman and he wanted to be underhanded (which he totally did,) but because she's a Republican, conservative man who just happens to be in a woman's body.

The reason Palin is not really a woman: she doesn't endorse aborting children.

Before long we will be hearing from liberals that anyone who doesn't share their twisted views isn't really a human. That's what they already say about the babies they kill.

Not a woman? Sure fooled me.

Obama and the FBI

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While the media obsessively digs for irrelevant dirt on Sarah Palin's family, its darling Obamessiah continues to get a free pass — from both the media and the FBI. Cliff Kincaid elaborates:

We are living witnesses to an incredible media double standard, whereby a Republican vice-presidential candidate's personal life is being torn apart, while the Democratic presidential candidate continues to get a free ride. Obama has a 30-year history of associating with unsavory characters, beginning with communist Frank Marshall Davis and continuing with Jeremiah Wright and communist terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, which should disqualify him from getting a security clearance in the government that he wants to run. […]
An FBI investigation of Obama might get at the truth about the Democratic candidate. But an FBI background check is something that the presidential nominee of the Democratic Party has not been forced to undergo. How many people even know that?

Probably not many, but whether Sarah Palin has had an FBI background check is apparently becoming an issue, even though unlike Obama, she is not known to associate with our country's enemies.

It will be coming out that Obama's mentor, Davis, was the subject of an FBI investigation for 19 years and that his FBI file is 600 pages long. Davis was included in the FBI's "security index," meaning that he could be arrested and detained in the event of a national security emergency. But the young person he sent off to college, who would admittedly attend socialist conferences and pick Marxist professors as his friends, doesn't have to undergo an FBI background check and will run the FBI should he become president.

Hopefully someone has squirreled away a copy of Davis's FBI file for the historical record, because the original might not last long under an Obama administration.

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Eugenicist Marie Stopes Honored With Stamp

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One of the most remarkable propaganda feats of the twentieth century was the Left's ability in the aftermath of WWII to spin National Socialism as a conservative doctrine. In reality, Nazis were self-consciously progressive, and largely in step with their colleagues in America and Britain, the predecessors of today's Democrats and Labour supporters. Progressives then as now were in love with abortion. Their obsession with race is nothing new either, although they used to side with Caucasians. One of their heroes was Marie Stopes, who is still collecting honors:

Marie Stopes, the notorious early 20th century contraception campaigner, eugenicist and anti-Semite, did for Britain what Margaret Sanger did for the US: preached the doctrines of eugenics and promoted contraception and sterilisation to achieve "racial hygiene." So successful was she at altering British society in favour of her eugenics doctrines, the British government has chosen her to be included in a "Women of Distinction" line of stamps.
The Royal Mail announced this weekend that the face of Marie Stopes, who advocated the sterilisation of poor women to promote the "welfare of the race", will feature on the 50p stamp. The stamps will be available beginning 14 October 2008.
Columnist Gerald Warner wrote on his weblog at the Daily Telegraph, "Considering the hysteria nowadays attaching to issues of race, at first sight it seems extraordinary that Stopes should have earned commemoration on a stamp."
"To the [politically correct] establishment, however, even racist peccadilloes can be ignored to honour a pioneer who helped promote the anti-life culture and relieve women of the intolerable trauma of giving birth to a child with a cleft palate."

A month before Britain went to war with Nazi Germany, Stopes was sending poetry to Hitler, along with her fond regards. Coming next: Heinrich Himmler stamps.

"Family Planning" — one of the Left's most cruel euphemisms.

On a tip from Oiao.

Barney Frank Declares Open Season on Sarah Palin's Children

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The morally monstrous campaign to attack Sarah Palin through her 17-year-old daughter has the blessing of Congressman and liberal icon Barney Frank (D-MA), who declares that Bristol Palin's private affairs are fair game for campaign propaganda.

Lisps Frank:

They're the ones that made an issue of her family. […] Apparently she's a great favorite with the conservative social movement. They have said that it's liberalism and liberals who have undermined families — same-sex marriage has been a problem, they don't want gay people to adopt … This helps undercut those arguments.

Frank's own background includes a live-in homosexual "partner" who ran a gay prostitution ring out of his apartment. Those who live in sewers shouldn't throw slime — but they usually do.

Barney Frank, on the left as always.

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Moonbats Forbid Action Movie Posters

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Moonbats are fine with giving children condoms and teaching them how to perform sex acts. But they do draw a line somewhere. Posters for the movie Wanted have been ruled "not suitable to be seen by children" by Britain's Advertising Standards Authority, because they feature Angelina Jolie brandishing guns.

Because guns empower individuals, they are deemed evil by the collectivist Left. These posters allegedly make guns attractive; therefore, they will not do.

Universal Pictures assured the ASA's militant moonbats that the posters are no longer in circulation, and that there are no plans for their future use.

There is always the danger that someone will see the movies themselves, and be left with the politically incorrect impression that action movies are exciting. No doubt legislation will deal with this threat in due time. Eventually theaters will be limited to Sundance films about having sex with horses and sleazy teenagers with vagina dentata. Then at last the public will be safe.

Forbidden by moonbats.

On a tip from Burning Hot.


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Liberals continue to be surprisingly forthcoming regarding their contempt for truth and honor, and their willingness to resort to tactics no decent person would employ. It's as if they don't realize you don't have to be a moonbat to access their websites. Earlier we heard this from an enlightened progressive at Democratic Underground who approves of malicious rumors that Trig is not really Sarah Palin's son, but her daughter's:

It doesn't matter if it's true or not. RUMOR IS TRUTH. The modern laws of media hype and political warfare have a useful tenet: Repeat ANYTHING or raise false concern over ANYTHING and it is likely to be planted in the conscious/subconscious of many voters. If people start to think that there might be something fishy with Palin's last kid (if hers), then that's FINE. One more doubt (whether tied to reality or not) is another hesitation at the ballot box.

The Left's propaganda war continues to focus on 17-year-old Bristol Palin. First Things quotes Daily Kos:

I am prepared to do whatever is necessary to destroy the Republican Party as it exists today as well as everything it stands for.
If health insurance for all, an end to the Iraq War, an end to torture and illegal wiretapping, and a sane energy policy can be obtained at the price of destroying one teenage girl, her family, and the surrendering our self-respect I see that as a cheap trade.
Go talk about nobility of purpose to those 4,000+ dead American soldiers in Iraq.

Another Kostard adds:

This is about Power … How it is obtained — and how it is wielded in ways that affects all of us.
Are you telling me that you would not use character-destroying lies to ensure a war against Iran does not occur?
Are you telling me you would not spread lies about a man's integrity, even if it defeated a candidate who take away the right to choose?
Are you telling me you would not destroy the love a family holds for one another, even if it meant letting someone who would destroy the constitution become president?
None of use would use these tactics in a perfect world. It is not a perfect world. It is a fallen world. We have to judge costs and benefits, not moral absolutes. I know this is the way to fanaticism and destruction — believe me I do. But, when we face opponents such as the ones we face … what else is there for us to do?
What choice do we have? When faced with monsters, we have to be monstrous ourselves.

Needless to say, the monsters they see are in the mirror. Completely unhinged by their own vile propaganda, there is no crime they could not justify. This is how the murder of tens of millions of people and the enslavement of everyone who survives in countries taken over by the Left are possible.

Yes it could happen here.

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Open Thread

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Hat tip: Power Line; on a tip from Burning Hot.

September 2, 2008

Obama Takes Aim at Palin, Hits His Own Foot

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It's getting hard not to notice that the Obama candidacy is a farce. In his latest gaffe, the Obamessiah draws attention to his complete lack of qualifications by declaring — conspicuously falsely — that he's more ready for the presidency than McCain's VP pick:

Barack Obama contends that he is more experienced in executive matters than Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin because he has managed his presidential campaign for the past 18 months.
Speaking on a cable news channel Monday night, the Democratic presidential nominee said he is better prepared to handle a disaster like Hurricane Gustav because of his pursuit of the White House.
"Well, my understanding is that Governor Palin's town of Wasilla has, I think, 50 employees. We've got 2,500 in this campaign. I think their budget is maybe $12 million a year. You know, we have a budget of about three times that just for the month. So I think that our ability to manage large systems and to execute I think has been made clear over the last couple of years," Obama said.

A McCain spokesman observes:

For Barack Obama to argue that he's experienced enough to be president because he's running for president is desperate circular logic and it's laughable. It is a testament to Barack Obama's inexperience and failing qualifications that he would stoop to passing off his candidacy as comparable to Governor Sarah Palin's executive experience managing a budget of over $10 billion and more than 24,000 employees.

Someone had better program a couple of facts into Obama's teleprompter: 1) Palin is no longer a small town mayor, but Governor of Alaska; 2) He's running against McCain, not Palin.

There will soon come a day when only the most pathetic of kooks will admit to having supported Obama.

Sarah Barracuda could eat this punk for breakfast.

On tips from matterhorn and Viking04.

More Moonbat Mayhem in Twin Cities

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The New York Post offers some arresting photos of moonbats running wild in the Twin Cities as they protest the Republican convention. This shot of a bank window in Saint Paul sums up moonbattery succinctly:


Here some enlightened progressives attack a Republican:


Welcome to the kind of world the Left would have us live in. What they mean by Change is becoming clearer every day.

On a tip from Todd D.

British Bureauweenies Open New Revenue Stream With Thinner Trash Bags

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Britain's legions of bureaucrats don't seem to be any better at collecting trash than they are at providing healthcare. But they do show flashes of cleverness:

Thinner bin bags are being handed out to homeowners in the latest desperate cost-cutting measure by a local authority.
The plastic bags will be around five per cent slimmer than standard sacks.
Officials at Sevenoaks District Council, in Kent, blamed the move on the soaring cost of oil, which is used to make polymer-based products.
It says it is facing a £17,000 overspend on its refuse budget unless cuts were made.
But council tax campaigners and residents have complained that the new, flimsier bin bags are more likely to split, increasing the risk of rubbish blowing around streets and residents being fined for littering.

…thereby opening a new revenue stream. Brilliant!

On a tip from Oiao.

Global Warming? If Only

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If only global warming were real. Unfortunately, it looks like the climate is headed in the opposite direction:

The sun has reached a milestone not seen for nearly 100 years: an entire month has passed without a single visible sunspot being noted.
The event is significant as many climatologists now believe solar magnetic activity — which determines the number of sunspots — is an influencing factor for climate on earth.

An astronomer who predicted back in 2005 that sunspot activity would drop off to zero would be "secretly pleased" if his prediction came true…

But will the rest of us? In the past 1000 years, three previous such events — the Dalton, Maunder, and Spörer Minimums, have all led to rapid cooling. One was large enough to be called a "mini ice age". For a society dependent on agriculture, cold is more damaging than heat. The growing season shortens, yields drop, and the occurrence of crop-destroying frosts increases.

Too bad CO2 has at most a tiny effect on the climate. We could save ourselves some hardship by pumping out as much of it as possible.

This controls the temperature, not light bulbs.

On a tip from Eoin.

Moonbat Threatens Race War if Obama Not Elected

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Global warming hoaxers have resorted to ever more cartoonishly hyperbolic warnings in an attempt to scare us into taking them seriously. Likewise, Obama supporters — who apparently are beginning to suspect that the American public isn't shallow or stupid enough to elect a socialist president based on vacuous hype — are using threats as arguments. After ranting at tedious length about what an unlivable hellhole America is thanks to Republicans, Fatima Ali of the Philadelphia Daily News shakes her fist and screams:

If McCain wins, look for a full-fledged race and class war, fueled by a deflated and depressed country, soaring crime, homelessness — and hopelessness!

There will be hopelessness, all right. But only among brokenhearted moonbats.

On tips from Lyle and Conan.

A Feminist Responds to Palin Pick

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Whatever feminists believe in besides killing babies, it isn't the advancement of allegedly oppressed women. Here's how Melissa McEwan of Shakesville responds to the choice of Sarah Palin as the Republican VP candidate (McEwan is a moonbat, so please excuse the language):

I'm pissed that John McCain and Karl Rove and the GOP shat all over a historic moment in our nation's history and couldn't give Obama one. goddamn. day. to be rightfully celebrated as a candidate of national historical significance.

To avoid Ms. McEwan's wrath, Republicans would have been best advised not to nominate anyone at all, but simply to stand back in slack-jawed awe at the majestic historical significance of an unqualified left-wing punk being awarded the presidency as a reward for his skin color.

May she have moonbats sputtering in incoherent rage for many years to come.

On a tip from Burning Hot.


Thank you ent, for thoughtfully providing this shot of Melissa McEwan:


Sometimes you can't blame feminazis for being so angry. Imagine how miserable you would be if this confronted you every time you looked in the mirror.

Biden: Let the Terrorist Mullahs Have Nukes

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At least with Biden on the ticket, there would be a grownup to advise the clueless Obambi on foreign policy, right? Wrong:

US Senator and vice presidential hopeful Joe Biden reportedly told Israeli officials three years ago that sooner or later they would have to reconcile themselves to the reality of a nuclear-armed Iran.
Israel's Army Radio reported on the remarks, which Biden is said to have made to visiting Israeli officials in his capacity as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
According to the report, Biden reaffirmed to the Israelis his rejection of military action against Iran, but also admitted that diplomatic efforts to halt Iran's nuclear program had little or no chance of success. In essence, Biden resigned himself to the idea of a nuclear-armed Iran and told the Israelis that they, too, would have to accept that outcome.
Israeli security officials on Monday expressed concern over the remarks and saw them as further evidence that if Biden and his running mate, Senator Barack Obama, win the upcoming US presidential election, Iran's acquisition of nuclear weapons will be a foregone conclusion.

Don't worry, Israel. If Tel Aviv gets nuked, you can just open up a dialog, and resolve the problem with some nuance.

Freeper 2ndDivisionVet wonders:

Why would ANY Jew or friend of Israel even think of voting for that pair?

The same could be asked of any American or friend of Western Civilization.

Elections have consequences.

On a tip from Cheetah.

Punished With a Baby

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ScrappleFace reports on a good-will gesture Obama might make to Sarah Palin, in light of news that her eldest daughter is pregnant:

"Gov. Palin," said Sen. Obama addressing himself to her personally, "you tried to teach your daughter about morals and values, but she made a mistake, and she shouldn't be punished with a baby."
As a goodwill gesture, Sen. Obama offered to pay for Bristol Palin's abortion "at any time between now and the scheduled moment of birth."

If the baby survives the attempted abortion, that would be no reason to let it live.

Fortunately, Bristol will keep the baby and marry the father, much to the horror of enlightened progressives.

On a tip from Burning Hot.

Moonbat Brownshirts Assault RNC Delegates

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Moonbats have gathered in the Twin Cities to welcome Republican delegates, and to give them a taste of what Hope and Change would mean were these people to seize control of the government, as has happened in places like Russia, China, Cuba, and Cambodia. Some Obamunists are content to spit on the grownups, while others splash bleach. From yesterday's Everyday Republican:

The Connecticut delegation to the Republican National Convention was attacked today as they attempted to enter the Xcel Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. […]
When Chairman Healy’s mother Lila was spat upon by a protester, former U.S. Rep. Rob Simmons stepped between the elder Healy and the crowd. He was doused with a liquid substance that was later determined to be a mix of clorox and water. At least 10 other delegates also were hit with liquid. […]
The St Paul police and the Secret Service are investigating how the protesters were able to get into the area unopposed.

More from a local Fox affiliate:

One 80-year-old member of the delegation had to be treated for injuries, and several other delegates had to rinse their eyes and clothing.

The enlightened progressives threw rocks at buses, including the one carrying the Alabama delegation. Here's a bus the moonbats attacked:


They went after other buses with sandbags dropped from overpasses. This is known in legal circles as attempted murder.

Not appalled yet? The moonbats also attacked a bus full of Cub Scouts:

A group of protesters — liberals, Obama supporters, or whatever — blocked the road, surrounded the bus, and attacked it, rocking the bus back and forth, denting and scratching the sides, and generally terrifying the children trapped inside.

Atlas Shrugs has some photos of the festivities that ought to be on the next cover of Time, including these:



We take civilization for granted. But as these presumptive Obama supporters remind us, it's never more than an election or two from coming unraveled.

Hat tip: Ace of Spades HQ; on a tip from V the K.

Open Thread

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September 1, 2008

Moonbat Information Policy

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Unsurprisingly, the absurd smear that Sarah Palin's fifth child was actually borne by her daughter has been debunked. But as a DUmmie had the rare honesty to admit, that makes no difference (please excuse the moonbat language):

It doesn't matter if it's true or not. RUMOR IS TRUTH.
The modern laws of media hype and political warfare have a useful tenet:
Repeat ANYTHING or raise false concern over ANYTHING and it is likely to be planted in the conscious/subconscious of many voters.
If people start to think that there might be something fishy with Palin's last kid (if hers), then that's FINE. One more doubt (whether tied to reality or not) is another hesitation at the ballot box.
GET WITH THE PROGRAM PEOPLE. The "rising above it" bullshit has served us so well in the past, hasn't it?
If you have problems with the story, then STFU and get out of the way of Dems who are engaged in MODERN POLITICAL WARFARE.

Keep this is mind if you're ever tempted to believe something you're told by an Obamunist. This goes for 95% of the media.

The quote above comes via Ace of Spades HQ, as the original has apparently been removed. Could it be the DU and Alan Colmes are belatedly developing a sense of shame? More likely, they're beginning to realize how despicable their views are to normal people.

On a tip from V the K.

Watermelon Seed Banned as Racist

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:16 AM

Even melon seeds can be accused of racism:

SACRAMENTO — Colusa County officials are defending their display at the California State Fair after a black couple complained that a caricature of a smiling watermelon seed was racist.
The "Waldo Watermelon Seed" drawing was removed this week after the couple said the image evoked negative stereotypes about blacks.

Displays honoring cucumber, pumpkin and tomato seeds managed to escape what the county attorney called "a cloud of unintended racism."

If you think the climate is crazy now, imagine what it would be like with Obama in the White House. His campaign has already shown its willingness to eat its own over comparably ludicrous racism charges.

Seeds of racism.

On a tip from Oiao.


Via News First, on a tip from Lyle, here he is, Waldo the Racist Watermelon Seed:


Notice that he's black, just like a real watermelon seed, and very possibly like the kids at the Fout Springs Boys Correctional Facility who created him.

Sarah Palin Blamed for Hurricane, Child's Down Syndrome

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:50 AM


It appears that Bush, Cheney, and Rove are no longer responsible for all the ills of the world. Sarah Palin has to shoulder her share of blame too.

According to the Nutroots:

Hurricane Gustav is the fault of John McCain's VP pick Sarah Palin.
Extremist conservatives like Sarah Palin have ignored environmental warnings about coastal erosion, climate change and the importance of mangroves and have tried to stop the progress that would halt unnatural hurricane events like this.

Alan Colmes does this accusation one better by blaming Palin for her son's Down syndrome. A guy who enthusiastically endorses killing unborn babies had the appalling nerve to accuse her of not treating Trig to sufficient prenatal care. But apparently his nerve ran out, because the accusation has been pulled down from his site.

Thankfully, Wizbang saw this coming and took a screen shot:


Chided the Sneetch-like Colmes:

Rogers Cadenhead gives the timeline associated with the birth of her newest child. She had a speech in Dallas and, even after the water broke, continued with her activities, and then boarded a plane for home. She did consult by phone with her doctor.
Still, a Sacramento, Calif., obstetrician who is active in the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, said when a pregnant woman's water breaks, she should go right to the hospital because of the risk of infection. That's true even if the amniotic fluid simply leaks out, said Dr. Laurie Gregg.

The next time a moonbat spills a bottle of YooHoo all over his porno collection down in his mom's basement, he'll know just whom to blame for that too.

On tips from V the K and Cheetah. Hat tip: Protein Wisdom.

British Ministry of Defense Negotiates With PETA

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:24 AM

The tall bearskin hats worn by the guards at Buckingham Palace are a tradition that goes all the way back to the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo in 1815. Unfortunately, Britain now faces an adversary against which it is less likely to prevail: the unhinged, animal-killing fanatics of PETA:

Military chiefs are to meet with an animal rights group on Tuesday to discuss alternatives to the traditional bearskin hats famously worn by the guards at Buckingham Palace.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) are to hold talks with Ministry of Defence (MoD) officials to put forward what they say are ethical alternatives to the 18-inch (46-centimetre) tall fur hats worn by army guards.
Peta has previously discussed fake fur alternatives with the MoD but military bosses were unimpressed by the prototypes.
Now Peta has come up with an alternative shape, but insists its design could be as famous as the traditional hats.

Squawks PETA kook Robbie LeBlanc:

We think we are a modern nation but the queen's guards are walking round with an entire dead bear on their heads.

That the Ministry of Defense feels obligated to negotiate hat designs with an animal rights cult best known for publicity stunts involving public nudity gives an idea of how firm a grip moonbattery has taken on the throat of a once mighty nation. But I can't wait to see PETA's new hat design. Something made of cabbage might set off the guards' red tunics nicely.

These folks are now shouting orders at the British military.

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Open Thread

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