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August 31, 2008

Liberals Consider Gustav Proof There Is a God

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:05 AM

The Left has managed to squeeze so much propaganda out of Katrina, the approach of Gustav has them all but wetting their pants in anticipation. Here's Michael Moore on a soapbox provided by the vile Keith Olbermann, gloating that a potentially devastating hurricane scheduled to hit New Orleans during the Republican convention is "proof that there is a god in heaven."

The suffering and damage caused by major hurricanes are a cause for celebration for libs, so long as they can be spun to make Republicans look bad — as if Bush and McCain were somehow responsible for the weather.

Louisiana Republican Rep. Steve Scalise responds:

People in Louisiana, regardless of political affiliation, are making plans to leave to protect their families from this serious storm, and the God I know would not share Michael Moore's glee for our plight.

But former DNC chairman Don Fowler sure would. Via RedState:

No wonder moonbats hate God; the god of their sordid imaginations isn't a very likable character.

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Open Thread

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:59 AM

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August 30, 2008

Moonbats Already Stooping Low in Palin Attacks

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:03 AM

Moonbats are at a loss on how to drag down the lovely Sarah Palin. Look what they've already stooped to in the cesspool known as Daily Kos.

[I]t appears that Pallin's [sic] last child, a baby with Down's syndrome, may not be hers. It may be that of her teenage daughter.

The evidence: Palin allegedly didn't "look pregnant" at six months, and her daughter was out of school with mono.

If only she were a liberal, it wouldn't matter who was the mother, because they could have just had the poor kid killed. If Trig survived the attempted abortion, they could have dumped him in the Soiled Utility Room and waited for him to die, like they do with Down syndrome kids in Chicago, thanks to policies dear to the heart of Barack Obama.

Sarah Palin not looking noticeably pregnant, via Maggie's Farm.

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Open Thread

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:28 AM

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August 29, 2008

As Temperatures Cool, Global Warming Hype Gets Ever More Hysterical

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:32 AM

Even as temperatures continue to cool, global warming hoaxers get ever hotter under the collar at the way their proclamations of imminent doom are ignored. A particularly hysterical diatribe in WaPo declares that we have only 7 years to forsake our comfortable lifestyle and submit to a government-imposed economic depression, or:

The Earth is on a trajectory to warm more than 4.5 degrees Fahrenheit by around mid-century. Exceeding that threshold could trigger a series of phenomena: Arable land will turn into desert, higher sea levels will flood coastal areas, and changes in the convection of the oceans will alter currents, such as the Gulf Stream, that determine regional weather patterns.
Manhattan and Florida would be under water, while Nevada would have no water at all. Some Russians quip that they would welcome a more temperate climate, but they would probably be sorry to lose St. Petersburg. Countries such as Bangladesh and Mali do not have the resources to mitigate or even to adapt to the impact of climate change; millions would flee coastal flooding and the desertification of farmlands, creating instant "climate refugees."

To avoid this horrific fate, we must "consent to sacrifices and changes in lifestyle," in order to reap "the ultimate reward — survival."

It's hard to believe the mainstream media doesn't try to salvage some credibility by laying off with the increasingly stale Chicken Little act. If you know anyone who still takes it seriously, please let them know I have carbon credits for sale.

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Spike Lee Announces the Coming of Year One

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:12 AM

He's no longer the flavor of the month among the moonbat intelligentsia, but Spike Lee can still be counted on to push liberal asininity to the most ludicrous extremes imaginable. Here he is on the deity of the Marxist punk who would be President:

You can divide history. BB Before Barack. AB After Barack.

Spike didn't mention whether we should reset our calendars this year, or after the Obamessiah takes office.

Hat tip: NewsBusters; on a tip from Cheetah.

Establishment Media Formally Endorses Radical Homosexual Agenda

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:53 AM

When it comes to imposing homosexual depravity on mainstream American culture, the establishment media doesn't report the news — it is the news:

ABC, AP, CBS, CNN, Fox, NBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and the corporate owners of USA Today, the Miami Herald, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Sacramento Bee, The Dallas Morning News and many other newspapers, all spent thousands of dollars sponsoring the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association convention in Washington, D.C. Many journalists from these Big Media mainstays attended or spoke at the convention.
In the name of "diversity," all the organizations listed above ran recruiting booths, as did NPR. Thus, the nation's major news providers demonstrated that they have bought into the central proposition of homosexual activists: that people engaging in homosexuality or bisexuality, along with transsexuals, are a historically oppressed minority group deserving the same preferential treatment and legal protections that society provides to ethnic minorities and women.

This is unlikely to result in objective journalism:

If Big Media views homosexuality primarily as a civil rights issue rather than as a moral and health issue, their coverage of all homosexual-related stories from HIV/AIDS to same-sex "marriage" must be viewed skeptically. How can they cover homosexual-related issues fairly if they define opponents of the activist political agenda as enemies of equal rights — in short, as bigots?
Also, by deliberately recruiting NLGJA members, the news media have demonstrated their willingness to hire journalists who likely share the radical political and social perspectives that dominate the homosexual activist movement.
Many of the journalists at the convention made their left-leaning partisanship and anti-religious prejudice clear. During a discussion on covering sex scandals, a panelist said, "There's a whole lot of hypocrisy on the Republican side, they spout this crap about family values all of the time, you know, gotta love my wife, yada yada yada…" The specific examples of hypocrisy he cited, however, were Democrats.

Speakers made quite plain that journalism is to be used as a political weapon with which to punish those who resist the radical homosexual agenda. As for what this agenda entails, they made that fairly clear to:

At the welcoming reception, a man sported a T-shirt with "NAMBLA" boldly emblazoned on the front. NAMBLA, the North American Man/Boy Love Association, advocates pedophilia.

The way moonbattery is progressing, it won't be long before careers are ended over accusations of being opposed to raping children. Naturally they will use suitable euphemisms, just as killing children is now known as "choice."

A conquering army on the march.

On a tip from V the K.

Taking After Britney Again

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:04 AM

Moonbats didn't like it when McCain compared their Messiah to fellow shallow pop phenom Britney Spears. Yet the absurdly pretentious Mount Olympus stage set for his Democrat coronation yesterday was designed by the same team that constructed cheesy sets for Britney Spears's last tour.

Hopefully Obama won't also adopt Britney's habit of flashing her genitals to the paparazzi. There's no telling how desperate he might become once the hype wears thin and his poll numbers crash.

Taking hubris to Olympian proportions.

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Ramadan Fasts Imposed on British Council Meetings

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:40 AM

British bureauweenies take another step from dhimmitude toward sharia:

Councillors have been ordered not to eat during town hall meetings while Muslim colleagues fast during the holy month of Ramadan.
All elected members at Left-wing Tower Hamlets Council in East London have been sent an email asking them to follow strict Islamic fasting during September no matter what their faith.
As well as restricting food and drink until after sunset, the authority's leaders have decided to reduce the number of meetings throughout the month so they do not clash with the requirements of Ramadan.

Outside of council meetings, most Britons are still allowed to eat when it's light out during Ramadan — for now.

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ABC Producer Arrested While Covering Dems in Denver

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:35 AM

Relying as it does on a free press, the media might want to rethink its slavish devotion to the cause of installing Barack Obama in the White House, in light of this and this and this from Wednesday:

Police in Denver arrested an ABC News producer today as he and a camera crew were attempting to take pictures on a public sidewalk of Democratic senators and VIP donors leaving a private meeting at the Brown Palace Hotel.
Police on the scene refused to tell ABC lawyers the charges against the producer, Asa Eslocker, who works with the ABC News investigative unit. […]
Eslocker and his ABC News colleagues are spending the week investigating the role of corporate lobbyists and wealthy donors at the convention for a series of Money Trail reports on ABC's "World News with Charles Gibson."

Here's video showing cops shoving Eslocker into oncoming traffic and grabbing him by the throat. That will teach him to embarrass Democrat bigwigs.

Hat tip: Counter-Stupid.

Art Museum Displays Crucified Frog

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:59 AM

For millennia, going back to the exquisite sculptures of the Greeks, Western Civilization rightfully took pride in its art. Then came moonbattery.

The latest example of what art has deteriorated into comes from Italy, once the epicenter of the Renaissance:

An art museum in northern Italy said Thursday it will continue displaying a sculpture portraying a green frog nailed to a cross that has angered Pope Benedict XVI and local officials.

If it offends decent people, it's art. Apparently there are no other standards, which is why so few artists bother to develop any depth of vision or technical skill anymore.

Apparently this tasteless novelty item passes for art.

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What They Mean by "Lightworker"

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:35 AM

Check out the Dedication in Saul Alinsky's infamous Rules for Radicals, a book known to have heavily influenced Barack Obama:


Now I get why his most unrestrained media sycophants call Obama a "Lightworker." Lucifer literally means "light-bringing."

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A Victim's View of Obama's Friend Bill Ayers

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:52 AM

Since we don't hear much from the mainstream media about the Obamessiah's longstanding friend and mentor Bill Ayers, let's see what we can learn from Yonkers city councilmember John Murtagh, whose familiarity with Ayers goes back even further than Obama's:

During the April 16 debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, moderator George Stephanopoulos brought up "a gentleman named William Ayers," who "was part of the Weather Underground in the 1970s. They bombed the Pentagon, the Capitol, and other buildings. He's never apologized for that." Stephanopoulos then asked Obama to explain his relationship with Ayers. Obama's answer: "The notion that somehow as a consequence of me knowing somebody who engaged in detestable acts 40 years ago, when I was eight years old, somehow reflects on me and my values, doesn't make much sense, George." Obama was indeed only eight in early 1970. I was only nine then, the year Ayers's Weathermen tried to murder me.
In February 1970, my father, a New York State Supreme Court justice, was presiding over the trial of the so-called "Panther 21," members of the Black Panther Party indicted in a plot to bomb New York landmarks and department stores. Early on the morning of February 21, as my family slept, three gasoline-filled firebombs exploded at our home on the northern tip of Manhattan, two at the front door and the third tucked neatly under the gas tank of the family car. (Today, of course, we'd call that a car bomb.) A neighbor heard the first two blasts and, with the remains of a snowman I had built a few days earlier, managed to douse the flames beneath the car. That was an act whose courage I fully appreciated only as an adult, an act that doubtless saved multiple lives that night.
I still recall, as though it were a dream, thinking that someone was lifting and dropping my bed as the explosions jolted me awake, and I remember my mother's pulling me from the tangle of sheets and running to the kitchen where my father stood. Through the large windows overlooking the yard, all we could see was the bright glow of flames below. We didn't leave our burning house for fear of who might be waiting outside. The same night, bombs were thrown at a police car in Manhattan and two military recruiting stations in Brooklyn. Sunlight, the next morning, revealed three sentences of blood-red graffiti on our sidewalk: FREE THE PANTHER 21; THE VIET CONG HAVE WON; KILL THE PIGS. […]
Though no one was ever caught or tried for the attempt on my family's life, there was never any doubt who was behind it. Only a few weeks after the attack, the New York contingent of the Weathermen blew themselves up making more bombs in a Greenwich Village townhouse. The same cell had bombed my house, writes Ron Jacobs in The Way the Wind Blew: A History of the Weather Underground. And in late November that year, a letter to the Associated Press signed by Bernardine Dohrn, Ayers's wife, promised more bombings.
As the association between Obama and Ayers came to light, it would have helped the senator a little if his friend had at least shown some remorse. But listen to Ayers interviewed in the New York Times on September 11, 2001, of all days: "I don't regret setting bombs. I feel we didn't do enough." Translation: "We meant to kill that judge and his family, not just damage the porch." When asked by the Times if he would do it all again, Ayers responded: "I don't want to discount the possibility."

Incredibly, only 7 years after 9/11, Ayers is on the verge of seeing a likeminded protégé whose political career he launched be handed the presidency by an adulating media that could best be described as depraved.

Bill Ayers
People like this may soon be running the country they hate.

On a tip from V the K.

Open Thread

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August 28, 2008

Moonbats Continue to Milk Katrina

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:57 PM

Three years down the road, moonbats are still trying to milk Katrina for free money and left-wing propaganda:

Some survivors of Hurricane Katrina say they aren't getting enough attention from the Bush administration, so they're turning to Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez for help.
Ishmael Muhammad of the New Orleans Survivor Council has visited Venezuela three times to seek funding and forge ties. He says the group hopes to raise $45,000 for a center to house 50 people as they rebuild their homes.
He says the community knows the Venezuelan government "could use it for political propaganda, but they're OK with that."

As you'll recall, Chavez has already attempted to buy bad press for the USA — with the eager assistance of particularly verminous moonbats like Joe Kennedy and William Delahunt — by donating fuel oil to our downtrodden masses. Meanwhile back in Venezuela, the shelves are bare despite oil prices that should have the whole country floating in money.

Here's hoping the next hurricane washes Ishmael Muhammad out to sea, and that he washes up in Venezuela.

We're asked to believe that only socialist tyrants care about the poor.

On a tip from Oiao.

Obamunists Attack Radio Station for Shining Light on Bill Ayers

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:00 AM

Another little foretaste of what an Obama victory would mean for freedom of speech:

Sen. Barack Obama's campaign organized its supporters Wednesday night to confront Tribune-owned WGN-AM in Chicago for having a critic of the Illinois Democrat on its air.
"WGN radio is giving right-wing hatchet man Stanley Kurtz a forum to air his baseless, fear-mongering terrorist smears," Obama's campaign wrote in an e-mail to supporters. "He's currently scheduled to spend a solid two-hour block from 9:00 to 11:00 p.m. pushing lies, distortions, and manipulations about Barack and University of Illinois professor William Ayers."
Kurtz, a conservative writer, recently wrote an article for the National Review that looked at Obama's ties to Ayers, a former 1960s radical who later emerged as a school reform advocate in Chicago. […]
Obama's campaign has launched similar offensives against stations that have run campaign ads that it did not like.

as we've seen.

Now is your chance to read up on Obama's long-time friend and associate Bill Ayers, the unrepentant anti-American terrorist at whose house his political career was launched. Information on the alarming backgrounds of Obama's friends and associates might not always be available.

Bill Ayers
Bill Ayers, the hippie terrorist who went on to launch Obama's career.

On a tip from mega.

Global Warming Hoaxers Demand Fewer Children

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:34 AM

Not even the Most Powerful Woman in the World can deny that according to the Catholic Church, abortion is evil. But as all liberals know, morality is relative. According to another religion, abortion must be good, because it means having fewer children.

The British Medical Journal, setting aside science for the dadaist religion some call Enviromoonbattery, wants Britons to quit having so many kids, out of faith that this will reduce harmless CO2 emissions and cause the climate to become stable for the first time in the history of the planet.

Never mind that the most serious problem faced by Europe is depopulation caused by falling birth rates.

China's communist rulers opportunistically argue that they should be rewarded with emission reduction credits for their unconscionable one-child policy — which may be their next major export.

John Guillebaud, a "family-planning doctor" who spewed anti-child moonbattery in BMJ, assures us:

We're not Big Brother. We're not for pushing people. We just think deciding how big a family to have should take into consideration our descendants.

These descendants won't even exist if moonbats have their way. It's reassuring that Guillebaud is "not for pushing people." But others won't be so squeamish. After all, they have a planet to save.

On a tip from Todd S.

Nancy Pelosi Claims Catholic Church Is Unclear on Abortion

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:57 AM

If Nancy Pelosi is to be believed, Obama isn't the only one who can't figure out when human life begins. Neither can the Catholic Church. Here she is on NBC's Meet the Depressed, via One Mom:

MR. BROKAW: Senator Obama saying the question of when life begins is above his pay grade, whether you're looking at it scientifically or theologically. If he were to come to you and say, "Help me out here, Madame Speaker. When does life begin?" what would you tell him?
REP. PELOSI: I would say that as an ardent, practicing Catholic, this is an issue that I have studied for a long time. And what I know is, over the centuries, the doctors of the church have not been able to make that definition.

Actually, the Church is well aware that human life begins at conception.

Washington Archbishop Donald Wuerl responds to Pelousy:

Since the first century the Church has affirmed the moral evil of every procured abortion. This teaching has not changed and remains unchangeable.

As do Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput and his auxiliary bishop James Conley:

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is a gifted public servant of strong convictions and many professional skills. Regrettably, knowledge of Catholic history and teaching does not seem to be one of them. […Abortion] is always gravely evil, and so are the evasions employed to justify it.

Another prominent Dem who blasphemously claims to be a Catholic is Joe Biden, whom Chaput considers unqualified to take Communion because of his pro-abortion politics.

Cardinal Edward Egan, archbishop of New York, was also taken aback by Nasty Nancy's lie:

What the Speaker had to say about theologians and their positions regarding abortion was not only misinformed; it was also, and especially, utterly incredible in this day and age.
We are blessed in the 21st century with crystal-clear photographs and action films of the living realities within their pregnant mothers. No one with the slightest measure of integrity or honor could fail to know what these marvelous beings manifestly, clearly, and obviously are, as they smile and wave into the world outside the womb.
In simplest terms, they are human beings with an inalienable right to live, a right that the Speaker of the House of Representatives is bound to defend at all costs for the most basic of ethical reasons [and moonbats who pretend otherwise] should not be providing leadership in a civilized democracy worthy of the name.

I'll take that as a hint that Cardinal Egan won't be voting for Obama.

Via The Ryskind Sketchbook, here are a few more of Pelousy's theological insights:


On a tip from Burning Hot.

Seattle's Progressive Energy Policy

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:02 AM

Surprisingly, Mayor Greg Nickels's ingenious plan to meet our energy needs by closing Seattle streets has not noticeably impacted gas prices. His strategy apparently entails forcing people to ride bicycles, the way they do in half-starved socialist backwaters like Cuba. At least in Cuba, it doesn't rain all the time.

Heavy rains turned the first of Mayor Greg Nickels' planned car-free Sundays into a nearly people-free afternoon.
Supporters hoped this trial closure of a quiet five blocks east of Volunteer Park on Capitol Hill would prove a successful introduction to what's likely to be the more challenging street closures of Rainier Avenue South and Alki Avenue Southwest on the following two Sundays.

People foolish enough to elect Nickels will be foolish enough to approve of his moonbattery.

Residents and visitors along 14th Avenue East had mostly praise for the idea of opening the street to bicyclists, pedestrians and kids on training wheels and roller blades. […] "It's about enjoying the neighborhood and playing without cars," said Margaret Kramer, who arrived at the 14th Avenue barricades on foot while her two sons rollerbladed down the middle of the street.

Margaret didn't explain why she chose to live in a large city if she wants to be away from cars.

Harder still to explain would be why anyone would choose to live in Seattle if they didn't like being bossed around and fleeced by flaky bureaucrats, who will soon be charging people a fee for using grocery bags. The pointless street closures cost about $45,000 for permitting, barricades, et cetera, not to mention the cost in wasted time as drivers were forced to deal with heavier congestion on the streets remaining open. Twenty people had their cars towed for violating street-closure notices.

I think Obama may have found his Secretary of Transportation.

Here it is again: Greg Nickels and his alarmingly large head.

On a tip from CWKing.


Posted by Dave Blount at 7:37 AM

Captions at Caption This!

Australian Government Pays $5,000 Bonus for Late-Term Abortions

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:26 AM

It's time for government to stop trying to helpful. In Australia:

It was intended to boost the birth rate, but a legal loophole means the $5000 baby bonus can be claimed for late-term abortions.
The loophole arises because abortions after 20 weeks' gestation are recorded by doctors as stillbirths.
Parents of stillborn babies receive the maternity benefit on compassionate grounds.

Not everyone sees this as a problem. Bleats Andrew Pesce, chairman of the National Association of Specialist Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, referring not to stillbirths but to late-term abortions:

I think it is a very humane gesture from society to say, "You are going through enough already, we're not going to withhold the bonus."

That is, the mother is going through enough already, having to deal with the guilt of having killed her child. So in the interest of compassion, $5,000 should be confiscated from total strangers and given to her to make her feel better.

Pesce didn't mention what the executed babies go through; maybe some enterprising lawyer could sue taxpayers on their behalf.

Someone's got a $5,000 price on his head.

On a tip from Smoke TNT.

Open Thread

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:33 AM

On tips from V the K and Oiao.

August 27, 2008

Blind Thugs Loot Target

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:09 PM

Justice is blind, all right — blind as a moonbat. The following is not a joke:

The Target retail chain will make its Web site accessible to the blind and pay $6 million to visually impaired Californians who have tried unsuccessfully to use the site, under a settlement announced Wednesday.
The nationwide settlement, filed with a federal judge in San Francisco, is intended as a model for the retail industry, said a lawyer for the National Federation of the Blind, which sued Target in 2006.

You would think Target would be in charge of how its website is designed, not some judge in San Francisco. After all, the website is Target's property, not the government's. But that's assuming there is still such a thing as private property, which is becoming increasingly disputable.

Mr. Magoons from the National Federation of the Blind will be monitoring Target's website for the next three years, to ensure that it complies with their demands. If they find something they don't like, they can loot Target — and Target's customers — for some more free money.

Next, blind people should start suing the makers of cars and cameras, which clearly discriminate in favor of people who can see.

Mr. Magoo looks for someone to sue.

On a tip from Oiao.

Biden Identifies Corn Syrup and Coal as Greater Threats Than Terrorism

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:35 PM

Biden is really going to add some ballast to the Dem ticket. In the video below he explains to cartoonish moonbat Bill Maher the hierarchy of threats menacing America. Despite the fact that Muslims could turn New York into a mushroom cloud at any moment, terrorism falls below corn syrup, which in turn falls below coal.

If Biden weren't the VP pick, he'd be a sure bet for head of Homeland Security.

Hat tip: Stop the ACLU.

Denver Moonbattery Takes a Turn for the Uglier

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:19 PM

It started out innocently enough, with a bunch of Recreate 68 types attempting to levitate the Denver mint through the power of sheer moonbattery. But at around 2:45 in this video, the tone takes an ugly turn, with 9/11 troofer and all-purpose paranoid schizophrenic Alex Jones whipping a crowd of kooks into a frenzy against Michelle Malkin.

The "Kill Michelle Malkin" chant was chilling even by moonbat standards. Jones should be less worried about camps than asylums.

Hat tip: Dummie Funnies; on a tip from Cheetah.

Deval Patrick: A Preview of the Obama Administration

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:58 AM

If the media is able to install Obama in the White House, he won't stop at borrowing Deval Patrick's speeches; he's likely to emulate the affirmative action governor's policies too.

This should sound familiar: Patrick was elected as a Harvard-trained Chicago lawyer with little relevant experience, who ran to the left of the more established candidate. Once in office, he devoted himself to spending taxpayer money on $23,000 drapes, a Cadillac DTS, and an assistant for his wife. Meanwhile, his state is plunging toward insolvency:

This year's state budget included a whopping $16 billion in new debt — that's more than half the state's entire annual budget. And that's just the new debt. Massachusetts taxpayers were already carrying the highest debt burden per capita in the nation. But that hasn't slowed down Gov. Patrick.
As the Boston Herald reported this week, Gov. Patrick has added nearly 2,000 new state employees to the payroll after 18 months in office. He's also raised his own office's budget by 80 percent in a year — not even gas prices jumped as fast.

At least not all of the taxpayers' money will be wasted hiring more useless bureauweenies:

And one of his pet projects is a $1 billion state "investment" in life sciences, a program using tax dollars to fund projects and facilities to benefit multi-billion dollar drug companies like Wyeth and Genzyme.

Unsurprisingly, executives from these companies are big Patrick supporters. I wonder what kind of federal funds President Obama would invest in the slumlords, terrorists, and racist demagogues who have provided him with such loyal support.

As an inexperienced post turtle elected primarily for his skin color, Patrick is easily dominated by Taxachusetts's leftist legislature. Presumably the same would hold true under an Obama regime, effectively putting Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid in charge of the country. Even that might be better than Barack the Teenage Marxist trying to run it himself.

Do we really need to repeat Massachusetts's mistakes?

On a tip from V the K.

Michelle Obama Convention Speech Borrowed From Saul Alinsky

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:55 AM

Even when doing her best to impersonate a Republican long enough to dupe voters into letting her into the White House, Michelle Obama can't help but betray the radical roots she shares with the Obamessiah. In her convention speech Monday she managed not to denounce America as "just downright mean" and not worth being proud of, but she did say this:

And Barack stood up that day, and he spoke words that have stayed with me ever since. He talked about "the world as it is" and "the world as it should be."

Maybe she's mixing up Barack with fellow extremist Saul Alinsky, who wrote this in his pernicious guide to replacing freedom with socialism, Rules for Radicals:

The standards of judgment must be rooted in the whys and wherefores of life as it is lived, the world as it is, not our wished-for fantasy of the world as it should be.

Or maybe Uhbama was borrowing again, like he did from fellow floundering post turtle Deval Patrick, and like his running mate is wont to do. It's also possible that as Gateway Pundit suggests, Michelle just happened to hear it in church:

On a tip from V the K.

Oslo Rots Under Moonbattery

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:36 AM

How's that commitment to politically correct, multiculti, socialistic, degenerate moonbattery working out for you, Norway?

Visitors to Oslo say they're "shocked" by the sheer numbers of prostitutes, beggars and drug addicts who now sometimes aggressively accost people right in the heart of town, on the capital's parade boulevard Karl Johans Gate.
One visitor from Sweden told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) that he was uncomfortable just walking near the central train station with his children. Another visitor from France expressed dismay that there was so much open solicitation in a city that's supposed to be affluent.
[Erling] Lae [of Oslo's Municipal Executive Board] is distressed and says the situation flies in the face of Norway's image as a prosperous welfare state.

Pules Justice Minister Knut Storberget:

It doesn't help to punish these people, we need to help those who are in such a poor social situation.

Storberget's attitude helps explain why Oslo's crime rate is four times that of New York.

On a tip from Oiao.

Khalid Al-Mansour: Yet Another Evil Kook From Obama's Closet

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:00 AM

It takes more than black skin to get into Harvard Law School. It also helps to have connections. Obama had a valuable one in his friend Khalid Al-Mansour, who prevailed upon civil rights activist Percy Sutton to write the admissions folks a letter of recommendation on Obama's behalf.

Here's Obama's old pal Al-Mansour holding forth on the evils of Christians and white people:

This part ought to get Obama's base revved up:

White people don't feel bad, whatever you do to them, they deserve it, God wants you to do it and that's when you cut out the nose, cut out the ears, take flesh out of their body, don't worry because God wants you to do it.

Looks like Khalid fits right in with Reverend Wright, Father Pfleger, Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Frank Marshall Davis, Mike Klonsky, et cetera, et cetera, ad nauseam.

Hat tip: Stop the ACLU.

Open Thread

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:20 AM

Compliments of Fight Barack.

August 26, 2008

Food Nazis Launch Anti-Hot Dog Propaganda Campaign

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:55 PM

Nothing could be more all-American than hot dogs. Maybe that's why moonbats hate them enough to run ads attempting to convince children they cause cancer:

A new TV commercial shows kids eating hot dogs in a school cafeteria and one little boy's haunting lament: "I was dumbfounded when the doctor told me I have late-stage colon cancer." […]
The commercial's pro-vegetarian sponsors say it's a dramatization that highlights research linking processed meats, including hot dogs, with higher odds of getting colon cancer.
But that connection is based on studies of adults, not children, and the increased risk is slight, even if you ate a hot dog a day. While compelling, it isn't conclusive.

If hot dogs raise cancer risk at all, which is hardly certain, the likelihood is on the order of a 1% risk — and then only if you eat them every day for years. The risk of becoming sickly if you don't eat anything food fascists disapprove of is 100%.

Anti-meat activist Neal Barnard gives the game away:

Hot dogs may be considered as American as apple pie, but Barnard said it's time to change that tradition.
"Children are born with no traditions whatsoever," he said. "You or I might think a hot dog, that just goes with baseball … We can always change our traditions to be healthful."

It's all about Change. No doubt an Obama regime would put an end to both baseball and hot dogs, replacing them with group hugs and arugula.

Michael Moore
If hot dogs caused cancer, would Michael Moore still be alive?

On a tip from Wiggins.

Obama Resorts to Tyrant Tactics to Suppress Revealing Ad

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:13 PM

The Obama machine is going to great lengths to prevent people from seeing this ad:

From AP:

Obama not only aired a response ad to the spot linking him to William Ayers, but he sought to block stations [from airing] the commercial by warning station managers and asking the Justice Department to intervene. The campaign also planned to compel advertisers to pressure stations that continue to air the anti-Obama commercial.

Kind of reminds you of his fellow socialist Hugo Chavez, doesn't he?

Supposedly right-wing Fox News has joined CNN in refusing to run the ad, but it has still been seen in some local markets, mainly on stations owned by Sinclair Communications. Enraged to see their Messiah exposed to normal voters as an anti-American radical, Obamunists have been deluging the stations with nasty emails. Growls Obama spokesthug Tommy Vietor:

Other stations that follow Sinclair's lead should expect a similar response from people who don't want the political discourse cheapened with these false, negative attacks.

Unable to dispute the accuracy of the ad, Obamatrons have been reduced to whining that Obama was only a little kid when his unrepentant mentor Ayers committed his vilest crimes against the America he so hates.

The American Issues Project, which created the ad, responds to the banana republic attempts to suppress it (PDF):

Surely we have not come to a point where the government and its agencies are used to protect presidential candidates from citizens' speech, essentially destroying the very purpose, meaning and historical essence of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Ironically, if the media is able to install Obama in the White House, the free speech it relies on will be among the first things to be Changed, as his ham-fisted attempts to bully media outlets make obvious.

Hat tips: Stop the ACLU, Michelle Malkin.

Portrait of a Denver Delegate

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:00 AM

Here's Democrat delegate Alyssa Zeller of Brooklyn, venerating a graven image:


It's a fair guess she's Jewish. If Jews can wear trendy terrorist neckwear, Caucasians can support a practitioner of Black Liberation Theology like Barack O'Bigot.

Hat tip: Israel Matzav; on a tip from Burning Hot.

Nancy Pelosi Is Completely Clueless on Energy

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:23 AM

Nancy Pelosi, the most powerful woman in the world, is largely responsible for determining our energy policy, which helps explain the extravagantly expensive gasoline that is dragging our economy down toward recession. Despite her awesome responsibility, she knows next to nothing about energy, to the point that she does not even understand that natural gas is a fossil fuel and is not conjured into existence by fairies but must be drilled out of the ground. Power Line offers a transcript of Nasty flaunting her appalling ignorance on NBC's Meet the Depressed:

BROKAW: Well, I think most people understand that, but at the same time, if we work our way off carbon-based fuels, in the meantime, this is not going to happen overnight.
PELOSI: No, it isn't, but you could — again, you could reduce the price at the pump immediately with (inaudible). You can have a transition with natural gas. You can have a transition with natural gas. That is cheap, abundant and clean compared to fossil fuels.
PELOSI: I'm — I'm investing in something I believe in. I believe in natural gas as a clean, cheap alternative to fossil fuels.
PELOSI: Well, that's not — that is the marketplace. The fact is, the supply of natural gas is so big, and you do need a transition if you're going to go from fossil fuels, as you say, you can't do it overnight, but you must transition.
These investments in wind, in solar and biofuels and focus on natural gas, these are the real alternatives.

As for drilling to acquire the fossil fuel known as natural gas:

BROKAW: Sounds like we're going to have offshore drilling.
PELOSI: No, no, no.

Maybe Pelousy thought we could achieve an endless supply of natural gas by hooking up a tube to Ted Kennedy's backside. Notice that she still hasn't caught on that the biofuel boondoggle is an unmitigated disaster, much less that solar and wind power are nowhere near efficient enough to challenge fossil fuels and nuclear power, no matter how heavily they are subsidized with money looted from taxpayers.

Absolutely clueless and in charge.

On a tip from Byron.

Meddling Envirokooks Unleash Plague of Giant Man-Eating Lizards

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:36 AM

Once people on the islands of eastern Indonesia lived in peace with Komodo dragons, gigantic lizards that can recognize individual humans. They left the dragons deer parts after hunts, and tied goats to posts as sacrifices. In turn the semidomesticated dragons mostly left them alone. But then, Virginia-based Nature Conservancy was called in by the government to tell the villagers how to conduct their affairs.

Deer hunting and goat sacrifices have been banned. Now that the villagers are no longer allowed to feed them, the ten-foot lizards have adapted by eating children instead.

Dogs used to keep the dragons away from homes. But these have been banned too, for being an "alien species."

A 9-year-old named Mansur was eaten alive in broad daylight in front of his family. But Marcus Matthews-Sawyer, who works for a local subsidiary of Nature Conservancy, sniffs that the kid had it coming, because he "shouldn't have crouched like a prey species in a place where dragons live."

Widodo Ramono, the subsidiary's policy director, makes the priorities clear:

We don't want the Komodo dragon to be domesticated. It's against natural balance. We have to keep this conservation area for the purpose of wildlife. It is not for human beings.

As Ingrid Newkirk might put it, a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy is a giant lizard's lunch.

Fortunately, they only eat children who have it coming.

On a tip from V the K.

Open Thread

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epic fail obama biden
On a tip from b1bbet.

August 25, 2008

Obama Reaches Out to the Center

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:51 PM

After reviewing the 2007 Senate vote ratings at the nonpartisan National Journal, I'm starting to make sense of Joe Biden as Obama's VP pick. The Obamessiah has promised to unite the country, despite being the most extreme leftist in the entire Senate. That's where Biden comes in:


Obama could have gone with the second most extreme leftist, Sheldon Whitehouse. But in the spirit of bipartisan cooperation, he went for the third most extreme leftist.

If he really wanted to build bridges, he could have picked Socialist Bernie Sanders at #4. But no doubt Obama was advised not to go overboard and risk alienating his base.

Hat tip: America Is an Obamanation!

Moonbat Morality Hits Little League

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:05 PM

Imagine if liberal principals were applied to sports, so that the best team is shamed and punished for oppressing the others, and the team that manages to lose the most games is awarded the championship to encourage self-esteem. In Little League, it's already happening:

Nine-year-old Jericho Scott is a good baseball player — too good, it turns out.
The right-hander has a fastball that tops out at about 40 mph. He throws so hard that the Youth Baseball League of New Haven told his coach that the boy could not pitch any more. When Jericho took the mound anyway last week, the opposing team forfeited the game, packed its gear and left, his coach said.
Officials for the three-year-old league, which has eight teams and about 100 players, said they will disband Jericho's team, redistributing its players among other squads, and offered to refund $50 sign-up fees to anyone who asks for it. They say Jericho's coach, Wilfred Vidro, has resigned.
But Vidro says he didn't quit and the team refuses to disband. Players and parents held a protest at the league's field on Saturday urging the league to let Jericho pitch.
"He's never hurt any one," Vidro said. "He's on target all the time. How can you punish a kid for being too good?"

The answer: the same way you can rob people of their wealth for creating too much of it.

By the same logic, they might send kids home from school for being too smart, or fire people for working too hard. We wouldn't want others to feel stupid or lazy by comparison.

To the moonbat mindset, excellence is the only real sin.

Jericho Scott: The nail that sticks up gets hammered down.

On tips from Matt L, Thomas G, and Viking04.

Obama on Abortion, Extended Version

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:17 PM

Only the Obamessiah could crack people up while advocating the killing of inconvenient babies:

On a tip from nanc.

Silky Pony Refunds Contributions to Big Wigs

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:34 AM

The disgraced John Edwards has proven himself right about there being two Americas: one is rich enough to get their campaign donations quietly refunded; the other is poor enough to ignore. Following Warren Buffet's warning that donors could give the ambulance-chasing Breck Girl a dose of his own medicine with a class action lawsuit, DBKP reports:

Out of 667 "bundlers" or designated fundraisers, 276 or 40%, had received a refund of their individual contributions. Not only did the individual bundlers get their money back but in some cases so did their family members.
Other refundees included Fred Baron, Edwards' former national finance campaign chairman in both the '04 and '08 elections. Baron recently admitted that he had been monetarily "helping" Edwards' ex-mistress, Rielle Hunter. The list includes some of Edwards' largest bundlers, Thomas Girardi, John O'Quinn, and William Lerash, as well as other "famous" refundees: Michael Eisner, Don Henley, Eric Montross, and Michigan Congressman (D) David Bonoir of Michigan.

As for the little guys Edwards supposedly champions:

The percentage of refunds returned to the "grass roots" contributors, those who received a refund of a 100.00 or less was 1/5th of a percent of the total amount refunded.

For some reason, the same mainstream media that managed to ignore Rielle Hunter for so long hasn't been reporting this story.

John Edwards
The MSM can't seem to catch up to Edwards.

Hat tip: NewsBusters; on a tip from nanc.

Michael Moore Warns Obama Not to Throw Him Under the Bus

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:04 AM

Michael Moore's lucrative career in anti-Americanism may have run out of gas, but he's still very much the center of the universe, from his own point of view. Here he is warning Obama not to throw him under the bus along with Reverend Wrong, Trinity United, Tony Rezko, the New Black Panthers, Detroit area Muslims, BHO's white granny, Mike Klonsky, Jim Johnson, et al.:

I remember poor John Kerry not even being able to admit, when asked by Larry King, if he had seen Fahrenheit 9/11. "No," he said, "I haven't. … I don't plan to, right now." But he had indeed seen it. I sat there watching him say this, and I just felt sorry for him and for the election he was about to lose. […]
So Barack, by denouncing me, you can help McCain get elected. Because when you denounce me, it's not really me you're distancing yourself from — it's the millions upon millions of people who feel the same way about things as I do. And many of them are the kind of crazy voters who have no problem voting for a Nader just to prove a point.

Scary threats notwithstanding, it appears Obama's handlers aren't listening to Moore's advice. He wanted them to pick Caroline Kennedy for VP. True she has no qualifications for office, but neither does Obama, and her last name has totemic powers for liberals. But Joe Biden was a much more entertaining selection.

Moore needn't worry; Obama's bus doesn't have the ground clearance to get on top of him.

Hat tip: FrontPage Magazine; on a tip from Oaio.

Denver Freak Show Commences

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:11 AM

The fun has already begun in Denver, where the next generation of community activists is gaining the experience and acquiring the connections that could one day win them the Democrat nomination. Via Looking at the Left:

Cops should sprinkle some soap before opening up with the fire hoses.

For moonbats, foolishness never goes out of style.

So that's what moonbats mean by Change.

If the Brown Note were used on this crew, would anyone notice?

Hat tips: Caption This!, Pajamas Media.

BBC's Lyse Doucet Laments the Underemphasized "Humanity of the Taliban"

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:32 AM

Beebstress Lyse Doucet gripes that the problem with media coverage of the thugs waging a terrorist war against civilization in Afghanistan is that it hasn't sufficiently emphasized "the humanity of the Taliban."

Doucet also declares that life in Afghanistan has "got a lot worse" now that the country is no longer controlled by the Taliban and openly infested by al Qaeda.

Socialism seems to have the same effect on journalism that it does on healthcare.

Oh, the humanity.

On a tip from V the K.

Biden's Foot in Mouth Disease as an Asset

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:03 AM

It can't be easy, spinning the selection of Joe Biden as anything but a boneheaded mistake. But Democrat hacks have a talking point for everything. Here's John Harwood of CNBC and the New York Times, explaining why Biden's racially insensitive gaffes — which would have ended his career long ago if he were a Republican — are actually a positive quality:

He is not somebody who is infused with political correctness, the verbal equivalent of putting his pinky up when he opens his mouth. So this is what, the way ordinary voters are as well. They're not always worried about sort of calibrating every single word by "ooh, is this racially insensitive?" That's something that Joe Biden brings as an asset to the ticket. The gaffes actually show one of his strengths.

Here the ever tactful Biden demonstrates his strength:

Meanwhile, George Allen is still trying to get his head around the fact that his promising career is over because he called some punk a macaca.

On tips from Byron and Oaio.

Biden on Blacks, Condoms, and AIDS

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:34 AM

Check out the look on Al Sharpton's face:

With Biden on board, the Obama campaign will be a laugh a minute, right up until McCain sinks it to the bottom of the sea.

On a tip from Smoke TNT.

Naked Moonbats on Wheels Besiege Vancouver Police Station

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:13 AM

Maybe having children isn't the best idea where moonbats are concerned:

Naked cyclists converged on Vancouver's main police station Saturday after a man was arrested with his 3-year-old son during a nude ride earlier in the day.
Naked Bike Ride spokesman Conrad Schmidt said six squad cars and a paddy wagon showed up as the group of about 75 naked cyclists arrived at the station.
Vancouver Police Constable Jana McGuinness told The Canadian Press that several people called police, concerned about the child's well-being. Police arrived and got the man to agree that he and his child would wear underwear during the ride.
But as he left to join his fellow naked cyclists, the man stripped and took off his son's clothes. Police then charged him with violating public nudity laws.
Schmidt said the toddler was in tears as police took father and son away. The arrest prompted the group to cycle through downtown Vancouver to the police station.

Mercifully, there's no picture for this one.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Obamunist Fashion Wear

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:50 AM

With relatively moderate Democrats turning to McCain in droves, Obama has been reduced to focusing on the one demographic he can count on not to see through the hype the MSM has manufactured on his behalf:


If only he could grant the vote to babies, like his fans in Germany want to do, Uhbama might have a chance. But there are enough mental toddlers over 18 to at least make things scary.

On tips from LT Nixon and Burning Hot.

Open Thread

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August 24, 2008

Madonna Peddles Obamunist Kool-Aid

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:09 PM

The Obamessiah has picked up yet another endorsement that would make a serious candidate cringe with shame. The Queen of Crassness, aka Madonna, has been broadcasting her Obamunist views — or rather, pandering to what she thinks will appeal to fans two generations younger than herself — with her usual taste and subtlety:

Amid a four-act show at Cardiff's packed Millennium Stadium, a video interlude carried images of destruction, global warming, Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler, Zimbabwe's authoritarian President Robert Mugabe — and U.S. Senator John McCain. Another sequence, shown later, pictured slain Beatle John Lennon, followed by climate activist Al Gore, Mahatma Gandhi and finally McCain's Democratic rival Barack Obama.

Ironically, race-obsessed socialists Hitler and Mugabe have much more in common with Obama than McCain. But the Wizard of Uhs does belong in the same lineup as fellow moonbats John Lenin and Al Snore.

This latest endorsement should give Obama a lock on the crucial postmenopausal prostitute vote.

An endorsement a serious candidate could live without.

On a tip from Matt L.

Kos Kooks Are Already Blaming Obama Loss on Voting Machines

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:28 PM

It looks like the moonbats at Daily Kos can smell a drubbing coming their way. The inevitable tinfoil-hat gibbering about stolen elections has already begun. A Kostard calling itself midwestvoter snivels:

"We are really going to do this; Man, it's really going to happen!", I kept thinking. The more I thought about what is possible with Obama and Biden the more emotional I felt. Laying there, I cried again just thinking about Biden sprinting on to the stage, him nailing McCain's inability to relate to kitchen table issues with the most charming dig I've ever seen, and his ability to compliment Obama's commitment to the middle and working classes. It was just such a beautiful day. Then it hit. Without warning, my heart started pounding enough to hurt, I felt a bit panicked and I didn't know if I was having a mild heart attack or some sort of panic attack. I was consumed with doom all of a sudden, out of nowhere. Then it hit me, "How can we lose when we have everything on our side? It was the answer I came up as quickly as the question entered my mind that caused my distress. The answer was "BECAUSE EVIL WANTS IT MORE".
We have history on our side, we have two candidates, two genuine leaders, to navigate us out of the darkness greed and selfishness has inflicted on our ideals and threatens to destroy the American Dream. We have the people finally waking up, realizing they've been used, getting mad finally and taking action and we have the truth breaking past the corporate filters, paid hacks and shills, via the internet communities. We have it all and this should be our time. But we are ignoring the 800lb gorrilla in the room and that is the voting machines that after 8 years of rigged elections STILL AREN'T RELIABLE!

Imagine having the dream of an Obama bin Biden regime daggled in front of your snout, only to have it snatched away by Diebold! The world can be cruel to moonbats — though it could never be cruel enough to the weepy paranoiacs found hanging from the ceiling at Daily Kos.

Via Hot Air, actual Kostards amid their tinfoil hats.

On a tip from Todd D.

Obama Praises "Vastly the Superior" Communist China

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:51 PM

If Obama gets a chance to inflict Change on America, he'll have a ready-made model: communist China, where wages are kept low with slave labor, the government censors the Internet and arrests reporters, the air is unbreathable, and dissidents disappear into reeducation camps. Here's Obama praising the system founded by Mao Zedong, who killed more of his own people than any other tyrant in history:


Everybody's watching what's going on in Beijing right now with the Olympics. Think about the amount of money that China has spent on infrastructure. Their ports, their train systems, their airports are all vastly the superior to us now, which means if you are a corporation deciding where to do business … you're starting to think, "Beijing looks like a pretty good option." Why aren't we doing the same thing?

We've come to a pretty pass when a presidential candidate suggests with a straight face that we ought to make ourselves more business-friendly by emulating a communist police state.

The communist China that so impresses idiots like Obama is a Potemkin Village, as phony as he is. Via Q&O, these shots sum it up:



Imagine what it looks like outside of Beijing.

Hat tip: Hot Air; on a tip from Smoke TNT.

Open Thread

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August 23, 2008

The Ticket

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:04 AM

Timely new art from Hugh:


Open Thread

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August 22, 2008

The Wizard of Uhs

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:13 AM

Quick, someone get this man a teleprompter:

On a tip from Oiao.

Gay Pride Parade Goes Forward, Vet Parade Nixed

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:39 AM

Last year 3,000 vets who served in wars from World War II through Afghanistan marched proudly through Doncaster, England on Veterans Day. Not this year though: city officials deep-sixed their parade.

Reports Ken Wood, a Gulf War vet and district secretary of the Royal British Legion:

One of our Legion members spoke to an official at the civic offices who told him we couldn't have a parade this year because the council did not have the amenities.
I rang the official and she effectively told me the police couldn't afford the staff to block off the roads. It's crazy, I went on the parade last year and only saw two community bobbies stopping the traffic.

Strangely, amenities sufficed for a gay pride parade last Sunday, and a civic parade featuring local bureaucretins and "community workers" a few weeks ago.

gay pride parade
Amenities materialize for the right kind of parade.

On a tip from LT Nixon.

Ben Affleck Adds Ballast to Denver Obamafest

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:02 AM

It's nice to see the Democrats have added a little intellectual substance to the Obama coronation. A roundtable discussion on the topic of "Combating Global Poverty" will reportedly include limousine liberal movie star Ben Affleck.

Though not terribly bright, Affleck is probably less clueless than fellow participant Madeleine Albright, and his credentials as a moonbat are impeccable. Plus, he's as cheesily handsome as a Ken doll.

Ben Affleck, intellectual heavyweight.

Hat tip: Slapstick Politics.

The Vicious Cycle of Democrat Control

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:15 AM

Thank you Glenn Beck, for shining some light on a telling correlation. The American cities with the worst poverty have been run almost exclusively by Democrats.

Nearly a third of the residents of Detroit and Buffalo live below the poverty line. Here's why:

Detroit, whose mayor has been indicted on felony charges, hasn't elected a Republican mayor since 1961. Buffalo has been even more stubborn. It started putting a Democrat in office back in 1954, and it hasn't stopped since.
Unfortunately, those two cities may be alone at the top of the poverty rate list, but they're not alone in their love for Democrats. Cincinnati, Ohio (third on the poverty rate list), hasn't had a Republican mayor since 1984. Cleveland, Ohio (fourth on the list), has been led by a Democrat since 1989. St. Louis, Missouri (sixth), hasn't had a Republican since 1949, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (eighth), since 1908, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (ninth), since 1952 and Newark, New Jersey (10th), since 1907.

Implementing policies that increase poverty broadens Democrats' voter base. This creates a vicious cycle that has created the Democrat stranglehold on so many large cities. The more Democrats you have in office, the more socialist policies, the more poverty, the more poor people electing Democrats so as to get their free handouts. This loop has reduced great cities like Detroit into Third-World wastelands and promises to do the same to the country as a whole.

Beck quotes Benjamin Franklin, who would be unlikely to win a mayoral election against Detroit's felonious Kwame Kilpatrick:

I think the best way of doing good to the poor is not making them easy in poverty but leading them or driving them out of it.

If we had the likes of Ben Franklin running our cities, the cycle would be reversed. The more people who take initiative, the more people there are with money, the more vote against socialists, the more the government stays out of the way, the more initiative pays off.

Unless we find a way to make this happen, Detroit's present is America's future.

Detroit ruins
What Democrats have done to Detroit.

On a tip from V the K.

Out Come the Chainsaws in Berkeley

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:14 AM

At long last UC Berkeley, plagued by tree-dwelling moonbats since December 2006, has brought out the chainsaws:

Chainsaws lopped off all lower branches of the last remaining bastion of the Memorial Stadium tree-sit Thursday as UC Berkeley prepared for their final moves against the protesters in the oak grove.

Lower branches? If the treetards were in the lower branches, you could just reach up and pull them down by the hair. The trees need to be removed anyway. If they would just bring them down, moonbats and all, it would quickly put an end to the hippie tree-sitting phenomenon.

Cutting off lower branches is only a start.

On a tip from Mike H.

Hallmark to Sell Homosexual Marriage Cards

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:44 AM

Once known for being mawkishly old-fashioned, Hallmark cards are going overboard in the opposite direction, with a new line promoting the perverse and socially corrosive travesty known as gay marriage.

Explains spokeswoman Sarah Gronberg Kolell:

It's our goal to be as relevant as possible to as many people as we can.

I can hardly wait to see their special NAMBLA line of cards for child molesters.

The other leading brand, American Greetings Corp., tastefully declines to follow Hallmark's lead.

At least they left off the rainbows.

On a tip from Bob Mc.

Grim Forecast for the Obamessiah

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:20 AM

Gerard Baker has some grim news for the Obamessiah and his followers:

[A]s cruel geography and the selfish designs of the American Founding Fathers would have it, Europeans don't get to choose the US president. Somewhere along the way to the Obama presidency, somebody forgot to ask the American people.
And wouldn't you know it, they insist on looking this gift thoroughbred in the mouth. Who'd have thought it? You present them with the man who deigns to deliver them from their plight and they want to sit around and ask hard questions about who he is and what he believes and where he might actually take the country. The ingrates!

Obama's lead, based on frothy media hype and never that big to begin with, has already evaporated. Most people outside the MSM have noticed that Obama has no qualifications to be President, and that "Hope" and "Change" are vacuous platitudes, not policies. Russia's belligerence has reminded people that we live in a real world, full of real dangers, and we need a real leader — not an affirmative action post turtle who plays one on TV.

Obama has gone as far as he's likely to with his cult of personality. As Baker concludes, "the uncomfortable truth for the many devoted fans of Senator Obama is that the more the race is about him, the less likely he is to win it."

Not everyone's drinking it.

On a tip from Byron.

Another Obama Half-Brother Comes to Light

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:49 AM

Obama's half-brother George, left to subsist on a dollar a month in a tiny shack on the outskirts of Nairobi while the multimillionaire Obamessiah munches arugula in the pricey Chicago mansion crooked slumlord Tony Rezko helped him acquire, isn't the only relative to cause some embarrassment. The Onion reports on another half-brother, Cooter:

Long kept a family secret, the overalls-clad, straw-chewing Kentuckian first entered the public spotlight in July, when he drove his 1982 Ford flatbed pickup through the press corps at an Obama rally in order to inform his brother that he caught the skunk that had been living under his front porch. […]
The Obama camp has scrambled to control the damage caused by Cooter's penchants for loudly practicing his banjo during Obama's speeches, repeatedly referring to Barack by his childhood nickname, "Ol' Jelly Legs," and chasing his troublemaking pig, Mbogo, in the nude in the background of Obama's CNN interview on the importance of education. […]
In the past two weeks, Obama has lost support from such groups as PETA, which withdrew its endorsement when Cooter punched a swan in the face, claiming it was "one of them mean ones"; the Clean Energy Group, which protested Cooter's recent attempt to fry a squirrel in a flaming 20-gallon barrel of diesel fuel; and Sen. John Kerry (D-MA), whom Cooter mistook for an outhouse Monday and urinated on for 35 seconds.

Despite assisting in Obama's campaign, Cooter plans to vote for McCain, because "Ol' Jelly Legs wants to take my guns away."

The media really ought to take an interest in Obama's background. There's no telling what kind of colorful characters might turn up.

Cooter and Ol' Jelly Legs.

On a tip from d.

Open Thread

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August 21, 2008

Nipping Capitalism in the Bud

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:00 PM

If moonbattery is to flourish, it's crucial that children be taught at a young age that wealth is for seizing, not creating, and that individual initiative will only draw the ire of the authorities. Clayton, California Mayor Gregg Manning is doing his part:

Two young East Bay girls are trying to find out if you really can fight city hall. The youngsters are battling to get their produce stand back after the city of Clayton shut them down.
The mayor himself is getting involved in this issue; he says the produce stand, operated by two young sisters, had to be shut down because of public safety and a zoning ordinance. But members of the Lewis family say — we have just begun to fight.
On a Clayton street corner is where 11-year-old Katie and 3-year-old Sabrina Lewis had been selling their families surplus fruits and veggies — stuff like:
"Zucchini, melons, tomatoes, radishes," said Sabrina Lewis.
They did it for maybe four hours on Saturday mornings to make a little money. They haven't sold a thing since the police showed up recently in response to one complaint to the mayor's office.
"They said traffic was being stopped and then they came up with we can't have a roadside stand and then they said it was a commercial enterprise," said Katie Lewis, former produce seller.
As for the traffic issue, neighbor Terri Highsmith says there isn't one.
"On the weekends is when I mostly notice them selling. I come and go a lot and I've never seen any traffic problems," said Highsmith.
Clayton Mayor Gregg Manning disagrees. And wonders what Katie and Sabrina might do with that produce stand if the zoning laws weren't enforced.
"They may start out with a little card-table and selling a couple of things, but then who is to say what else they have. Is all the produce made there, do they make it themselves? Are they going to have eggs and chickens for sale next," said Manning.

By the time they're in their thirties, they could be running a chain of supermarkets! Good thing Manning put a stop to their ambitions before things got out of hand.

On a tip from Rob Banks.


Posted by Dave Blount at 1:46 PM


Via; on a tip from b1bbet.

McCain Campaign Takes the Gloves Off

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:51 PM

McCain spokesman Brian Rogers responds to a lame attempt by the Obama campaign to link McCain to the stale Abramoff scandal through Ralph Reed:

Barack Obama's ad is ridiculous. Because of John McCain, corruption was exposed and people like Jack Abramoff went to jail.
However, if Barack Obama wants to have a discussion about truly questionable associations, let's start with his relationship with the unrepentant terrorist William Ayers, at whose home Obama's political career was reportedly launched. Mr. Ayers was a leader of the Weather Underground, a terrorist group responsible for countless bombings against targets including the U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon and numerous police stations, courthouses and banks. In recent years, Mr. Ayers has stated, "I don't regret setting bombs … I feel we didn't do enough."
The question now is, will Barack Obama immediately call on the University of Illinois to release all of the records they are currently withholding to shed further light on Senator Obama's relationship with this unrepentant terrorist?

What's this about University of Illinois releasing its records? Apparently there's much more to be learned about Obama's longstanding relationship with the Maoist terrorist Ayers. Obama WTF offers some interesting clues, which would lead to front page stories if the mainstream media had a higher calling than installing Obama in the White House.

If the media won't do its job and give us relevant background on Obama, people will be forced to get their news from the McCain campaign. Opening the door to guilt by association was not a wise move on Obama's part.

Obama's friend Ayers standing on Old Glory.

Hat tips: Stop the ACLU, Signmund, Carl and Alfred, Doug Ross @ Journal.

The Dems Gain a Convert

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:58 AM

Tragic news: Moonbattery has lost a treasured reader to the Dark Side. Oiao reports on his conversion:

NOW, I see the light! 'Change we can believe in.'

I'm voting Democrat because I believe the government will do a better job of spending the money I earn than I would.

I'm voting Democrat because freedom of speech is fine as long as nobody (except a Christian or a conservative) is offended by it.

I'm voting Democrat because when we pull out of Iraq I trust that the bad guys will stop what they're doing because they NOW think we're good people.

I'm voting Democrat because I believe that people who can't tell us if it will rain on Friday CAN tell us that the polar ice caps will melt away in ten years if I don't start riding the subway.

I'm voting Democrat because I'm not concerned about the slaughter of millions of babies so long as we keep all death row inmates live.

I'm voting Democrat because I believe that business should NOT be allowed to make profits for stockholders (pension funds, 401K's, etc). They need to break even and give the rest away to the government for redistribution as government bureaucrats see fit.

I'm voting Democrat because I believe three or four pointy headed elitist liberals need to rewrite the Constitution every few days to suit some fringe kooks who would NEVER get their agendas past the voters.

I'm voting Democrat because I believe that when the terrorists don't have to hide from us over THERE, and they come over HERE (and they WILL!), I don't want to have any guns in the house to fight them off.

I'm voting Democrat because I love the fact that I can now marry whatever I want. (I've decided to marry the Olsen Twins — both of them — AND their dog!)

I'm voting Democrat because I believe oil companies' profits of 4% on a gallon of gas are obscene, but the GOVERNMENT TAX on gas at 18% isn't.

I'm voting Democrat because I don't want the USA to drill for oil off its own shores to preserve its economic freedom but will allow other countries that choice!! … and even let foreign countries drill off of OUR OWN coast — like China is doing off Florida!!

I'm voting Democrat because I want the Congress to take a vacation to avoid a vote on off-shore drilling.

I'm voting Democrat because I believe that 143 days in the US Senate is enough experience for a person to run the whole country!! (For a CHANGE)

I'm voting Democrat because we need a leader with the wisdom that tells us that if we just put more air in our tires instead of drilling for more oil that we can save as much oil as if we drilled new wells. This is the wisdom of 'Change.' WOW!

I'm voting Democrat because I want to PAY for illegal alien health insurance, illegal alien car insurance, illegal alien education, etc. This too, is the wisdom of 'Change'! DOUBLE WOW!

I'm voting Democrat because I want to pay reparations to all the people who once had ancestors who were ever treated poorly (only hyphenated Americans need apply), now that we've apologized to them. TRIPLE WOW!

But mostly I'm voting Democrat because I'm mad at anyone who makes more money than me; and I expect the government to PUNISH them by taking the extra and giving it to me. In fact, I should quit working and let the government give ME even more. QUADRUPLE WOW!

That's 'Change' we can believe in!

See ya at the DNC next week.

Hopefully the Democrats will hire him to do outreach on behalf of the Party.

Mayor Mike Calls for Windmills on the Brooklyn Bridge

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:38 AM

You might think the Mayor of New York would want to grow the city's economy. But Michael Bloomberg has other objectives:

[W]e're determined to do what no other city has ever attempted, and that is to keep our energy usage at or near its current level even as our population grows.

No doubt this will be accomplished largely by stifling economic activity with excessive taxes and regulations.

Bloomie also has more grandiose plans, befitting the dreams of a moonbat monarch. These may include building conspicuous monuments to his environmental righteousness by sticking windmills on top of local landmarks, including the Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Building, although he does admit that "If there is a large ape that starts climbing the Empire State Building, it might get in his way."

The Brooklyn Bridge when Bloomie gets through with it.

Obama's Brother Rots in Tiny Shack

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:18 AM

Maybe before Obama attempts to cure world poverty by transferring wealth confiscated from American taxpayers to socialist dictators on the other side of the world with his Global Poverty Act, he should see to his own brother, by transferring a little of his own considerable wealth.

The Italian edition of Vanity Fair said that it had found George Hussein Onyango Obama living in a hut in a ramshackle town of Huruma on the outskirts of Nairobi.
Mr Obama, 26, the youngest of the presidential candidate's half-brothers, spoke for the first time about his life, which could not be more different than that of the Democratic contender.

This less glamorous Obama lives on less than a dollar a month in a 2×3-meter shack. He last met the glorious Obamessiah in 2006. George reports:

It was very brief, we spoke for just a few minutes. It was like meeting a complete stranger.

But he did make an appearance in Obama's autobiography, where he is described as a "beautiful boy with a rounded head."

Charity starts at home. But charity and socialism are very different animals.

george-hussein-onyango-obama.jpg  obamas_mansion.jpg
Can you guess which house is Obama's $1.6 million Chicago mansion?

On a tip from Spokey.

Infanticide We Can Believe In

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:56 AM

Whatever mendacious spin Obama may now find it convenient to employ, there is no question that he has steadfastly opposed allowing children to live after they've survived botched abortions. Here he is declaring that the only point of refusing to murder such children is "simply to burden the original decision" to perform the liberal sacrament of abortion:

Here's a PDF of the transcript (see page 33).

What kind of fiend would vote for this guy?

Hat tip: Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam; on a tip from Gradwell Cottage.

Illegal Aliens Sexually Harass Little Girls

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:08 AM

One drawback to allowing ourselves to be colonized by an invading army of the Third World's dregs is that little girls can't even walk to school without being harassed by savages. From Hayward, Mexifornia:

Walking to and from school has been a nightmare for Amoni Packnett, an eighth-grader at Cesar Chavez Middle School.
The 13-year-old and other girls are the target of daily whistles and hard stares from day laborers [i.e., illegal aliens], who often also stalk the girls, along Tennyson Road in south Hayward.
"It can get uncomfortable, and I feel violated," Packnett said. "We just want something to be done to prevent this from happening again."

Parent Jonathan Hopkins confirms:

It is brutal. The verbal abuse is loud and constant.

Not to worry, something is being done. Will these criminals be arrested, or sent packing to their own countries? Get serious. But there are plans to offer them sensitivity training.

Before long, one of the adolescent girls they harass will be raped and maybe murdered. That will be the signal for any remaining Gringos in Hayward to retreat into the Heartland. Demographic trends indicate that soon there will be nowhere left to retreat to. Then we won't exist anymore.

"Hey little girl…"

Hat tip: Knowledge Is Power; on a tip from V the K.

Entitlements or Strength?

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:09 AM

The WSJ connects the dots between Obamenomics and military weakness:

Given the hearty support Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama received in Europe last month, he must have noticed the surprise and skepticism among some Germans when he asked that Europeans contribute more for defense. Many Europeans argue they cannot afford such an additional expenditure.

Better even to be as dependent on the endlessly demonized USA as a baby bird on its mother than to try to pay for military strength they cannot afford, having squandered their wealth on entitlement programs that politically are easy to grant but almost impossible to repeal.

Obama would put us in the same boat, except that America will have no protector to turn to:

The problem with Mr. Obama's fiscal plans is not that that they lack vision. On the contrary, the vision is plain enough: a larger welfare state paid for by higher taxes. The problem is not even that they imply change. The problem is that his plans are statist.
While the candidate is sending a fiscal "Ich bin ein Berliner" message to Americans, European critics of his call for greater spending on defense are the canary in the coal mine for what lies ahead with his vision for the United States.

The Obamessiah doesn't need to call so openly for killing our military by cutting its air hose. His policy of taxing the productive to grow the unproductive means there simply won't be enough wealth to stand up to the Chinese, the Iranians, the Russians, or even Hugo Chavez.

Our military could go from the strongest in the world to a joke.

On a tip from Oiao.

Open Thread

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:32 AM

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August 20, 2008

Recreate 68 Schedule

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:01 PM

Recreate 68, the moonbat sect that has been promising to celebrate the Dem convention by rioting in Denver next week, has released its activity schedule [PDF]. Highlights include:

  • "Confront the anti-abortionists" at Planned Parenthood
  • "Non-violence training"
  • "FUNK the WAR-Dance for peace-4 routes"
  • "Reclaim The Streets Party"
  • "March to Freedom Cage"
  • "Shake Your Money Maker (levitate the Mint and shake the money out!)"
  • "Everything for Everyone: anti-capitalist march & 6pm meet-up for Fundraiser Disruption"
  • "Code Pink Concert"
  • "Direct Actions against Polluters and Greenwashers" (Look out, Dems!)
  • "Critical Mass Bike Ride-'No War, No Warming'"

It looks like entertainment will also be provided by the likes of Cornel West, Cynthia McKinney, and Ralph Nader, as well as worn-out leftist musical acts Public Enema and Petulant Tantrum Against the Machine.

What I wouldn't give to be a Denver cop with a high-power fire hose.

Cornel West's face cries out for a pie.

On a tip from Todd D.

Obamania: Twice the Power of Sominex

Posted by Dave Blount at 1:23 PM

It looks like the magic is wearing off for the Wizard of Uhs. But he still has one trick up his sleeve: rendering his audiences unconscious through sheer boredom:


NewsBusters has amusing video of the girl on the right trying to fight off the Sandman as the Obamessiah blathers soporifically.

Obama Promising to Castrate US Military

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:08 PM

As Russia has recently reminded us by invading Georgia, it's a scary world out there — and it will get scarier still if we let Barack Obama pull the plug on our military.

Apparently there was more to Obama's statement. Reader Matt L transcribes:

…and as President, I will immediately confiscate all deadly weapons from every member of our (previously) armed forces, enroll them in sensitivity training classes, give them crash courses in Russian, Chinese, Arabic and Spanish, go on national television and apologize for Ronald Reagan's "evil empire" remark, promise never to do anything that the United Nations doesn't approve of first, give all our nuclear technology to Iran and North Korea as a show of good faith…

If the bad guys get out of hand, we can just bore them into compliance with some nuanced diplomacy.

Democrat Platform Calls for Funneling Taxpayer Money to Left-Wing Activists

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:38 AM

Even the $zillionaire currency speculator George Soros has limits to his resources. That's why his Shadow Party and it agents want to siphon fortunes from taxpayers to finance ultra-left projects. After all, our money is limitless — or at least, Democrats seem to think so. Michelle Malkin explains:

Buried in the [Democrat Party platform] is a noble-sounding proposal to create a "Social Investment Fund Network." The program would provide federal money to "social entrepreneurs and leading nonprofit organizations [that] are assisting schools, lifting families out of poverty, filling health care gaps, and inspiring others to lead change in their own communities." The Democratic Party promises to "support these results-oriented innovators" by creating an office to "coordinate government and nonprofit efforts" and then showering "a series of grants" on the chosen groups "to replicate these programs nationwide."
In practice, this Barack Obama brainchild would serve as a permanent, taxpayer-backed pipeline to Democratic partisan outfits masquerading as public-interest do-gooders. This George Soros Slush Fund would be political payback in spades. Obama owes much of his Chicago political success to financial support from radical, left-wing billionaire and leading "social entrepreneur" Soros. In June 2004, Soros threw a big fundraiser at his New York home for Obama's Illinois Senate campaign. Soros and family personally chipped in $60,000. In April 2007, Obama was back in New York for a deep-pocketed Manhattan fundraising soiree, with Soros lurking in his shadow.

As for accountability…

Even more troubling is how the Democratic Party/Obama plan would siphon untold millions or billions of public tax dollars into the Soros empire without taxpayer recourse. Obama promises "accountability" measures to ensure the money is spent wisely. But who would assess effectiveness of the spending? Why, experts in the social entrepreneurship community, of course. Fox, meet henhouse.

Channeling tax loot to radical activists is the one area where Obama actually has experience. An example is ACORN.

Obama's old friends at the Chicago-based nonprofit now take in 40 percent of their revenues from American taxpayers. They raked in tens of millions in federal antipoverty grants while some of their operatives presided over massive voter fraud and others were implicated in corporate shakedowns and mortgage scams across the country. Soros has donated at least $150,000 to the group, according to Investor's Business Daily, and "heads a secretive rich-man's club called 'Democracy Alliance' that has doled out $20 million to activist groups like ACORN."

A more sinister operation than the antidemocratic ACORN would be difficult to imagine — if not for abortion mills like Planned Parenthood, which also rakes in a fortune courtesy of taxpayers and the liberals who rob them.

No wonder Obama plans to jack taxes through the ceiling. He and his radical friends have big plans for our money.

George Soros
A big Obama backer — surprised?

On a tip from Oiao.

Germaine Greer on Australia's Ignoble Savages

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:09 AM

The liberal elite's Germaine Greer hurls down judgment upon the Australia she's left behind, blaming it for the barbaric behavior of Aborigines. Andrew Bolt reports:

Greer's thesis this time is that Aboriginal men are gripped by a rage caused by the humiliation of 200 years of white settlement.
"Aboriginal rage, it is not an excessive reaction to friction but the inevitable consequence of a series of devastating blows inflicted on a victim who is utterly powerless to resist," Greer wrote from London.
This, she claims, is the rage that helps explain the appalling violence in many Aboriginal communities — much of it inflicted on women and children.
If Greer stopped there, it would be bad enough. But in defending her notion that Aboriginal men are in a hopeless and permanent rage over something done to ancestors centuries ago, she digs even deeper:
"What I am saying is that they can't get over it, and it's inhuman to ask them to get over it … It's outrageous that you back off and say, 'Why can't they take responsibility?' "

But it seems British settlers weren't the first to make Aborigines angry:

Greer might like to believe Aborigines then lived in a Garden of Eden, among milk and kisses, but the skulls do not lie.
What skulls? The 1409 prehistoric ones from around Australia that were examined by paleopathology expert Stephen Webb.
Webb found the commonest skull injury was the kind that comes from being smashed on the head by another person, and that women were far more likely than men to have been hit, even though men did the war fighting.
For instance, women were more than twice as likely to have had two depressed fractures of their skulls, suggesting they were also more likely to have been used as punching bags.
Women along the east coast in particular were also much more likely to have the "parrying fractures" you get on your arms when trying to stop a right-handed person from hitting you.
What rage was gripping the men back then? Rage at having been evicted from Indonesia?

Thanks not to civilization but to a failure to assimilate into it, Aboriginal culture continues to be violently dysfunctional:

Anthropologist Professor Peter Sutton, who has lived in Aboriginal communities and worked on many land claims, says remnants of this violent, war-like culture exist still.
In his powerful essay, The Politics of Suffering, he describes what is known in some communities as "cruelling" — teaching children to attack people who teasingly hurt or don't feed them.
"Infants who fall over things like chairs may also be encouraged to attack the offending object in a valued and approved display of physical revenge."

No doubt this too is Whitey's fault, and only the "inhumane" would expect Aborigines to stop behaving like psychotic savages. It would be much more enlightened to piously hate ourselves as we watch them wallow in self-imposed misery.

Germaine Greer spewing moonbattery.

On a tip from Reuben C.

Bill Maher: Americans Are Too Dumb to Be Governed

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:18 AM

Because we are so stupid as to believe that increasing the oil supply would lower prices, we Americans are "too dumb to be governed," according to Bill Maher of Hollywood's enlightened liberal elite:

It is true that prior generations were in some ways smarter. For example, our forefathers would have tarred and feathered a jerk like Maher and run him out of town on a rail, rather than treating him like a wise man and showering fame and fortune upon him.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Daily Kos on the Greatness of America

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:06 AM

From a post inspirationally entitled, "If Moral Greatness Were a Medal Count, America Would Not Be No. 1":

We are the wealthiest nation in the world and widely indoctrinated to consider ourselves the "greatest" nation. Of course, if we were to measure our greatness by military might and financial wealth, we'd be No. 1 - no doubt. But what makes a nation truly "great" is its leadership and devotion to social/moral issues. […]
Access to quality education, health care, a clean environment, fair wages, and independent media are ABSOLUTELY correlated to a society's freedom. And quite frankly, there are many nations beating us in all of these measures. The world once looked up to us for our principles. It's time we start looking at the rest of the world to determine where we went wrong.

"Free" can mean different things, as in "free speech" as opposed to "free beer." This difference is lost on liberals, who actually believe that America is less free because not enough money is expropriated to pay for other people's healthcare, and with the exception of misguided minimum wage laws, wages tend to be determined by the free market rather than blundering autocrats. Because America is more free, moonbats find that it is less free, and consequently despise it.

But don't question their patriotism. That would be like saying Obama is in favor of killing babies.

On a tip from mandible claw.

Moonbat Hooligans Awarded Fortune by NYC

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:29 AM

The smelly, Dumpster-diving vermin who dominate "peace" protests never seem to have jobs, but they won't be needing them if this becomes a trend.

New York City has agreed to pay a $2 million settlement to protesters arrested during a 2003 rally against the Iraq war who said their civil rights had been violated, lawyers for both sides said on Tuesday.
The 52 plaintiffs in the lawsuit were among 94 protesters arrested on April 7, 2003, during a demonstration at the midtown Manhattan offices of the Carlyle Group, a private equity firm with holdings in the defense sector.

The hooligans were from the moonbat cult M27 Coalition. Charges were dropped against all but two, who were tried for disorderly conduct but got off. If only taxpayers were so lucky.

Here's how the hardly conservative Gawker reported the shenanigans at the time:

A group called the M27Coalition is supposedly out protesting the war this morning by blocking busy intersections, and by extension, annoying the very large population of Manhattanites who, although anti-war themselves, have actual jobs and responsibilities. […] Then again, an idiot standing in traffic seems rather serendipitous, so maybe I should just shut up.

But the true idiots are the ones running the system, which showered the $millions upon these cockroaches as a reward for their antisocial behavior. Explains Susan Halatyn of the Special Federal Litigation Division for NYC:

This settlement was reached without any admission of liability on behalf of the city and the individual defendants. Although defendants believe that they would ultimately have prevailed at a trial, the costs of going forward weighed in favor of a settlement at this time.

In other words, the moonbats were awarded boatloads of taxpayer money because the system is insane.

Click here for an unpleasant picture of Obama's base paying homage to Old Glory, while taking part in the kind of activity that is now much more remunerative than working.

Hat tip: Lt Nixon Rants.

Open Thread

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Via Doug Ross @ Journal; on a tip from V the K.

August 19, 2008

An Empty Punk Has His Clock Cleaned

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:45 PM

Despite his many flaws — border security, campaign finance, global warming, etc. — McCain has at least one thing going for him as a candidate: the media is going to find it impossible to keep decent people from realizing that to vote for Barack Obama against him would be contemptible.

On a tip from Oiao.

Christian Doctors Forced to Artificially Inseminate Lesbians

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:18 PM

There is no higher morality than that decreed by the State. Therefore, if individuals are constrained by their own, lesser moralities from assisting in the State's crusade to mainstream homosexual depravity, they must be compelled:

California's highest court has ruled that doctors in the US state cannot discriminate against gay patients on the basis of religious belief.
The decision was made after two Christian doctors refused to artificially inseminate a lesbian undergoing fertility treatment.
The doctors said that would have gone against their beliefs and instead told the patient how to inseminate herself.

Not good enough. Doctors must be compelled to participate in sick state-sanctioned travesties of families. One day the Government may even have the technology to force them to like it.

Liberalism is rotting America into a grotesque hybrid of a police state and a John Waters movie.

On a tip from Dave D.

Will Shrillary Rise From the Grave Next Week?

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:31 PM

Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers don't lie still and stay dead, why should Shrillary? WND quotes Washington Examiner political columnist Tony Campbell:

I talked to a Clinton delegate here in Maryland. He told me they have been instructed to vote for Hillary (for president) on the first ballot. To make things more interesting, there is a movement to swing 160 delegates from Obama to Clinton. If that happens, Clinton could re-establish her campaign and face John McCain in the fall.
The group P.U.M.A. (for Public Unity My A--) claims that 15 delegates have switched from Obama to Clinton in July. There is still the possibility of a floor convention vote to fully seat the delegations from Michigan and Florida — which would benefit Senator Clinton.
The question is: Will it be an easy nomination for Obama — or one of the grandest political ambushes ever pulled off … on the voting floor of the convention?

As unlikely as this scenario might sound, Shrillary admitting she's been licked by a neophyte post turtle may be more unlikely still. Even Maureen Dowd has this much right:

It's impossible to imagine The Terminator, as a former aide calls her, giving up. Unless every circuit is out, she'll regenerate enough to claw her way out of the grave, crawl through the Rezko Memorial Lawn and up Obama's wall, hurl her torso into the house and brutally haunt his dreams.

It may be that the full effects of Operation Chaos have yet to unfold.

Is Shrillary unkillable? Via Gawker.

On a tip from Gradwell Cottage.

Joe Klein: Soak the Rich to Please Jesus

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:10 PM

The theological revelations continue. Recently, we've learned that Jesus supports Utah Democrat Bennion Spencer in his run for Congress, and would be even more in favor of abortion than Barack Obama, if only that were possible. Now Time magazine's Joe Klein proclaims that Jesus likes high taxes.

Here's Klein's advice on what Obama should have done at the Rick Warren forum, instead of blathering about how he doesn't know if the babies his favored policies kill are humans or not:

He might have quoted Jesus on how difficult it is for rich people to go to heaven: "It's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle…" and said something like, "I want it be easier for rich people to get in… We need to tax them more for their own good."

Pathetically, Klein also lends support to the lame conspiracy theory that McCain only made Obama look like the shallow fool he is because Warren had snuck him the questions in advance. When this campaign is over, it will take the mainstream media a generation to recover the credibility it has squandered.

Obama can be thankful Klein isn't in charge of programming his teleprompter.

On a tip from V the K.

Kill the Whales

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:26 AM

Congratulations in advance to Pat at BelchSpeak for the Nobel Prize he is sure to receive, having solved the global warming crisis.

As Green Living Tips reports, plankton help remove CO2 from the atmosphere. One reason the planet is doomed is that global warming, though nonexistent, is "decimating plankton populations," causing a vicious cycle.

Envirokooks have announced plans to pollute the ocean with powdered iron, which evidently cools off overheated plankton. But Pat has a much more sensible solution.

What really does decimate plankton populations is whales; they eat plankton by the ton. Clearly this makes them enemies of the planet that must be destroyed.

Like all ingenious solutions, this one seems obvious, once someone has thought of it. Don't feel sorry for the whales — they have it coming for helping to inspire the environmental movement.

Even cute whales must die.

Aztlan's Future Is Anything But Bright

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:47 AM

The future is now at Jefferson Senior High School in South Los Angeles, where Aztlan — the mythical land populated by illegal aliens — has become a reality. Even AP can't help but notice that the Reconquista is not offering much of an improvement:

With a 58 percent dropout rate, Jefferson has the worst dropout record in the Los Angeles Unified School District, the nation's second-largest. […] Of its 1,977 students last school year, 45 percent qualified as English learners. More than 90 percent qualified for free or reduced-price lunches.
The newcomer [i.e., illegal immigrant] population means families shift quickly, following jobs or fleeing immigration raids [if only]. The school has a 57 percent transience rate, compared to a 38 percent average across district high schools. […]
A vast number of students are raised by single parents who struggle to support their families, financially and emotionally. Principal Juan Flecha noted that many students do not live with their parents, who work in other cities or even in other countries.

Now I get what traditional families are for: raising children!

A shift in demographics has spurred racial divisions that peaked three years ago when blacks and Latinos clashed in several bloody melees.
A quarter-century ago, Latino students totaled 31 percent of the student body; now they account for almost 90 percent. Blacks comprise about 10 percent and a sliver are Asian or white.

If you live in the Southwestern third of America, learn to like these demographics, as there appear to be no serious plans to defend the border.

At least school in Aztlan is never boring:

While ninth-graders spend a week learning conflict resolution and peer mediation, violence, particularly gang-related, frames students' lives. […] Students say the gang problems divert teachers from teaching.
"Teachers pay more attention to people messing around than people who want to learn," said Jeanette Garcia, 14. […]
It's a far cry from a half-century ago when Jefferson was renowned as an athletic powerhouse and graduated notables such as actress Dorothy Dandridge, jazz saxophonist Dexter Gordon and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Ralph Bunche.

By allowing moonbattery to disintegrate both our borders and our values, we're choosing a future where greatness is not an option.


On a tip from Burning Hot.

What's Good for the Goose Is Good for the Gander

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:58 AM

…or, what goes around, comes around:

A man who is already crusading against ladies' nights in bars has sued Columbia University, saying its women's studies program is unconstitutional.
Roy Den Hollander filed the lawsuit Monday in federal court in New York. The lawsuit claims the college program is discriminatory because there's no comparable men's program. It says the university uses government aid to promote a religious belief system known as feminism.

Maybe the whole absurd carousel of identity politics will turn full circle, and one day an unqualified mulatto will expect us to vote for him because he's part white.

On a tip from Oiao.

Obamunist Roseanne Barr Used to Call Obama an "Empty Suit"

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:44 AM

Next time Roseanne Barr is tempted to attack other entertainers for failing to endorse Barack Obama, she ought to remember the dictum, Let she who has not sinned against the Obamessiah spit the first venom. Via HuffPo, here's what Barr had to yell about Obama only last January:

barak obama is an empty suit selling "hope" in lieu of Truth. Oprah Winfrey helped to elect Arnold Swartzenegger. I have no doubt that she voted her purse by doing this, as she is a large land owner in California, and that ilk fears Dems because they do not want to pay their "fair share" of Cali tax. Oprah has given us Swartzenegger and Dr. Phil. If that was not offensive enough to decent thinking people, now she brings us Obama. He has no ideas, no plan and nothing to add other than the cynical pacification of the masses with bedtime stories about hope, while calling Unions "special interest groups" that need to be done away with.
Obama votes with Bush constantly funding this terrible endless war.
Oprah, you play the race card and the gender card too.
You are a closeted republican and chose Barak Obama because you do not like other women who actually stand for something to working American Women besides glamour, angels, hollywood and dieting!
When Americans find out that Obama backs right wing corporate racist anti worker bullshit, they will not vote for him, and the victory will go to the most racist right wing republican ever… Mccain, who is a fascist!

But then McCain's alleged drinking buddy Shrillary dropped out of the race. Now the original post quoted above appears to have been toned down, although the charge that Obama "sells hope in lieu of TRUTH" remains.

Roseanne should stick to what she's good at: eating.

On a tip from J.B.

Obama Wrapped in Upside-Down Flag

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:09 AM

At last a little truth in advertising from the Dems. Check out this ticket design for the Democrat National Convention:

Image compliments of Lyle.

As you can see, the Obamessiah appears to be wrapped in an inverted American flag. Moonbats are fond of hanging Old Glory upside down to display their contempt for it, though according to flag etiquette, this actually symbolizes distress. Either meaning works here.

Obama's come a long way since refusing to wear a flag pin.

Hat tip: NewsBusters; on a tip from Cheetah. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

Open Thread

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August 18, 2008

Portrait of an Obamunist: Roseanne Barr

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:06 PM

Enraged that fellow actress Angelina Jolie hasn't joined her in endorsing the Marxist post turtle Barack Obama, Roseanne Barr bellows:

Miss Jolie says she likes McCain too and hasn't decided who to endorse … huh? Aren't you supposed to be somewhat enlightened, or do you not know that the African daughter you hold in every picture had parents who suffered and died because of the Republican party's worldwide economic assault on Africa over the last few decades since Reagan?

Meanwhile, President Bush, widely considered a Republican, has been flushing our money down Africa by the $billions, showering down upon the Dark Continent and its socialist dictators more cash than any other President in history.

Angelina is persona non grata just for failing to endorse the Obamessiah. But her father Jon Voight has committed a much greater sin, having publicly observed that Obamania is a product of misleading propaganda targeted toward easily duped post-adolescents and "perpetuated by a media controlled by the Democrats," and that an Obama victory would allow leftist radicals to "demoralize this country and help create a socialist America," which will be "weakened in every way."

Barr snarls that these astute observations make Voight a

frightened little girl in a pink ballet tutu, who acts like Obama just wandered in from the rain forest with a bone thru his nose and a communist pamphlet in his loincloth.

Actually, he just wandered in from the comparably savage South Side of Chicago, and the communist pamphlet is what passes for his mind. What Roseanne Barr uses for a mind, only an zoologist could answer.

An example of the intellectual firepower lined up behind Obama.

On a tip from Oiao.

Forget Global Warming, Here Comes Oxygen Depletion

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With the wheels coming loose on the global warming hoax, it's time for the Left to start hyping the next phony crisis. It shouldn't be hard to find something scarier than warm weather. The Guardian's Peter Tatchell is floating oxygen depletion:

Compared to prehistoric times, the level of oxygen in the earth's atmosphere has declined by over a third and in polluted cities the decline may be more than 50%. This change in the makeup of the air we breathe has potentially serious implications for our health. Indeed, it could ultimately threaten the survival of human life on earth…

The culprit is of course human civilization, which can only redeem itself by abolishing property rights and repealing the Industrial Revolution.

Now for a word from a grownup:

The reality is, of course, that the oxygen percentage in the atmosphere has been 20.94 or 20.95 percent for thousands of years and probably much longer than that (see the historical graph on page 2 of Dudley 1998 that covers 600 million years). The amount of oxygen in the atmosphere is so huge that the biosphere (and fossil fuels which used to belong to the biosphere as well) is completely unable to change this amount significantly.

The notion that there is substantially less oxygen in cities than elsewhere is particularly absurd due to its rate of diffusion.

Nonetheless, we can probably look forward to new taxes to finance free scuba tanks for disadvantaged minorities.

Venturing into science, Tatchell gives himself a black eye.

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Obama Supporter: Jesus Is Pro-Abortion

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It was surprising enough to learn that Jesus would endorse Utah Democrat Bennion Spencer out of enthusiasm for high taxes and the Reconquista. Still more amazing is the Son of Man's recently discovered support for abortion.

The revelation was made by self-described "hip-hop intellectual" Marc Lamont Hill on The O'Reilly Factor. Hill claimed that on partial-birth abortion — the inhuman procedure of partially delivering a baby so that it can be murdered more conveniently — Jesus would be "even more radical" than Obama, who basically favors killing any unwanted child who can't outrun the abortionist.

Next we'll learn that Jesus favors homosexuality and surrendering to Muslim terrorists.

Hopefully safe from liberals' conception of Jesus.

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The Audacity of the Hope Huckster

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Since you won't see this stuff on the evening news…

On a tip from Oaio.

Documenting the Obvious

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Peter Schweizer has done us a service with his new book Makers and Takers by documenting tendencies that most have probably observed on an anecdotal basis. Armed with statistics, he confirms the following:

• Liberals are more self-centered than conservatives.
• Conservatives are more generous and charitable than liberals.
• Liberals are more envious and less hardworking than conservatives.
• Conservatives value truth more than liberals, and are less prone to cheating and lying.
• Liberals are more angry than conservatives.
• Conservatives are actually more knowledgeable than liberals.
• Liberals are more dissatisfied and unhappy than conservatives.

There is one thing Schweizer left out: liberals are infinitely more likely to think listening to Gangsta rap is a qualification to be President.

Another one for the reading list.

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Gay Tolerance

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Homosexuals aren't shy about demanding "tolerance" — i.e., the mainstreaming of their degenerate lifestyle. But showing any tolerance themselves is conspicuously absent from their militant agenda. Ben Smith reports that the chairman of the board of the homosexual hook-up site Manhunt was forced to resign when it became known that he donated to the McCain campaign.

From an email Manhunt cofounder Larry Basile sent to the blog Towleroad:

It should be known that Jonathan Crutchley's donation to McCain left the entire Board in disbelief. I am disappointed that we have lost some customers, and I understand the anger. It is too bad for the web site if we lose customers, but PLEASE never refer to me as a Republican. I consider it an offense.
Earlier today, at the request of the Board, Jonathan has stepped down as Chairman.

The McCain campaign had no comment, probably because none was necessary.

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Jesus Endorses Democrat

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This is certainly a surprise:

The Democratic nominee in Utah's 3rd Congressional District told The Salt Lake Tribune that Jesus would vote for him if he had the chance.

Jesus is said to share Bennion Spencer's devotion to higher taxes and lax border security. Unfortunately for Spencer, Jesus isn't registered to vote in his district.

Hat tip: Down the Ticket; on a tip from The Him.

Rappers Call for Assassination of Bill O'Reilly, Michelle Malkin

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It's a good thing Obama has such close friends in the rap community. You wouldn't want these people for enemies. Via NewsBusters, here's the rap group East Coast Avengers calling for the assassination of Bill O'Reilly and Michelle Malkin:

you don't believe homeless vets exist,
you put a spin on everything like the exorcist,
you're a lying coward, lost soul,
most statements you make are not so
that's how chickenhawks roll,
i find the fact that you a fox news asshole,
ironic cuz you never been in no foxhole,
i hope that you rot slow
you and your talk show, no spin zone that's a vertical inferno
fire and brimstone, we seeing all your neo-con bullshit
f**k a press room you want the pres at a pulpit
i cringe at your right wing lunatic fringe
no elegant speech just sheltered beliefs
hate dominates like the celts in the east
michelle malkin wants to snitch like you tellin' police
she oughtta be, shot, they gotta be, stopped
infrared for bill o'reilly's head that's a key spot
i'm not a violent man but actually your blasphemy is badgerin me'
to blast you for your factual inaccuracy
naturally, media matters to me
so we gotta shut down fox news, that's way it has to be
i wipe the dirt from my hands as i walk from your grave
those ain't facts those are lies in the statements you made so
we gotta get em get em we gotta chill em chill em
we gotta dead em dead em we gotta kill em kill em

After this, it starts to get a little vulgar.

The song is charmingly entitled "Kill Bill O'Reilly." Masochists and aspiring assassins can listen to it here.

This isn't the first time rappers have called for the execution of public figures for not being moonbats. The dreadful Public Enemy had a hit back in 1991 with "By the Time I Get to Arizona," which encourages listeners to travel to the Grand Canyon State to kill the Governor. But I'm sure rappers have no problem with Arizona's current Governor, a toadlike lesbian Obamunist whose profligacy and incompetence quickly converted a large surplus into a $2.2 billion deficit.

Obama finds it easy to stay on good terms with the rap community.

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Keith Olbermann Inspires New Vocabulary Words

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:14 AM

Whereas moonbats try to delete terms from our vocabulary, the more constructive among us offer new ones. Here are a couple from reader Bob Mc:

Word: Blo'tard
Definition: Bloviating retard.
Example: Keith Olbermann is a blo'tard, see why at:
Word: Olbytard
Definition: A deranged follower of a political cult led by demented blo'tard Keith Olbermann.
Example: An Olbytard will believe anything that comes out of the merlot hole of the deranged nut job, Keith Olbermann.

Both words have been submitted to Urban Dictionary, where I'm disappointed to see that the word "moonbat" continues to be defined largely by moonbats themselves.

Olbie unwittingly enriches our vocabulary, via Political Demotivation.

Scientists to Prince Chucklehead: Shut Up About GM

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:21 AM

Britain's Prince Charles, himself an inbred product of genetics gone awry, continues to argue persuasively for the abolition of the monarchy by denouncing genetically modified crops as bad for the environment. Scientists have had enough.

Plant geneticist Ottoline Leyser of the University of York notes that the moonbatty demonization of GM is "creating the very problems that prince Charles is trying to address."

Johnjoe McFadden, professor of molecular genetics at the University of Surrey, is fed up with Chuck's "biased baloney":

Prince Charles, like many wealthy people, has no concept of the hardships of other parts of the world. He wants to retain his vision of a rural idyll by telling the poor to eat organic cake while he pours wine into the fuel tank of his sports car.
He is using the privileged position of a prince of the realm to try to influence us with a one sided, irresponsible, view of food technology. He is like a romantic 19th century poet writing and painting pictures of rural life.
Environmentalists have been saying for years all we need to do is redistribute wealth to feed the poor. It has not happened so we have to produce more food. The most effective way is through GM crops.

Chairman of the Commons science committee Phil Willis complains that Chucklehead's "lack of scientific understanding" would "condemn millions of people to starvation in areas like sub-Saharan Africa".

But apparently having learned all he knows about science by watching cheap horror movies, the Prince remains firm in his belief that GM consists of evil corporations conducting unholy experiments that have "gone seriously wrong."

Imagine how fast Britain would be swirling down the drain if Charles were actually in charge of anything more than wasting taxpayer money on Pomp and Circumstance.

Chucklehead's conception of acceptable agricultural technology.

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Ellen Degenerate Does Her Part

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In today's entertainment news, actress Ellen DeGeneres has taken advantage of the insanity in California to get married, sort of, to another woman. USA Today's account is surreal:

Add another celebrity wedding to the books for summer 2008.
Ellen DeGeneres married longtime actress girlfriend Portia de Rossi at their home Saturday night in Los Angeles.
The newlyweds wore ensembles by Zac Posen and traded rings by Neil Lane, reports. De Rossi, 35, had on a backless, light pink dress and her hair pulled up loosely, and DeGeneres, 50, wore white pants, a button-up shirt and a vest, reports […]
Do the couple want children?
"It depends when you ask us," de Rossi told USA TODAY in November. "A few months ago, we were thinking about it. I wouldn't want to say never, but at this point, it's not something I think we're going to do."

Did I mention that Degenerate and her "actress girlfriend" are both members of the same sex?

In related news, Britain has been named the worst country in the Western world in which to be a child. Theodore Dalrymple details how this distinction was achieved through the moonbattery-induced disintegration of the traditional family. With support from Hollyweird, America is doing its best to catch up.

Ellen Degenerate gives her actress girlfriend a squeeze.

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Open Thread

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Artwork by The Him.

August 17, 2008

Seattle Super Toilets Sell for 0.25% of Original Cost

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Seattle has finally gotten a return on the $5 million it invested in space-age public toilets, which actually resulted in even more bums crapping in the streets, but did prove useful to prostitutes and drug-dealers. The toilets sold to a race track owner for $12,500, 0.25% of their original cost.

Yet bureaucrats continue to insist that they can spend your money more wisely than you can.

A surcharge was added to Seattle sewer bills to finance this boondoggle. Don't count on it being repealed right away. A phone tax imposed in 1898 to help pay for the Spanish-American war wasn't repealed until 2006.

money down toilet

On a tip from Kevin R.

Profiles in Countermoonbattery: Kobe Bryant

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:58 PM

It is possible to be rich and famous without being a moonbat and an ingrate. Via Gateway Pundit, here's NBC announcer Chris Collinsworth interviewing basketball star Kobe Bryant:

Collinsworth: Tell the story when you first got your USA uniform.
Kobe: Well I had goosebumps and I actually just looked at it for awhile. I just held it there and I laid it across my bed and I just stared at it for a few minutes; just because as a kid growing up this is the ultimate, ultimate in basketball.
Collinsworth: Where does the patriotism come from inside of you? Historically, what is it?
Kobe: Well, you know it's just our country, it's… we believe is the greatest country in the world. It has given us so many great opportunities, and it's just a sense of pride that you have; that you say "You know what? Our country is the best!"
Collinsworth: Is that a 'cool' thing to say, in this day and age? That you love your country, and that you're fighting for the red, white and blue? It seems sort of like a day gone by(?)
Kobe: No, it's a cool thing for me to say. I feel great about it, and I'm not ashamed to say it. I mean, this is a tremendous honor.

Appallingly, it took courage for Bryant to admit to not being ashamed to represent America, so thoroughly has moonbattery turned us against ourselves.

Here's video, via Ms. Underestimated.

Hat tip: American Thinker; on a tip from Byron.

They Don't Make Messiahs Like They Used To

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From The Nose on Your Face; on a tip from Oaio.

Moonbats Sing the Praises of Their Messiah

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:36 AM

Have a bucket handy.

Hat tip: Knowledge Is Power; on a tip from V the K.

Careful: Don't Step in the Nuance

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:17 AM

Here's how the Obamessiah answered Rick Warren's question, "At what point does a baby get human rights?" (with all the uhs thoughtfully removed by the Los Angeles Times):

I think that whether you are looking at it from a theological perspective or a scientific perspective, answering that question with specificity, you know, is above my pay grade.

If only La Times had also filtered out the smokescreen of $5 words like "specificity," they could have saved some ink by translating the answer as "I dunno."

Asked the same question, McCain "immediately responded that a baby's rights begin at conception."

La Times characterized Obama's answer as "more nuanced." Shovel away the nuance and you will find that Obama's voting record is 100% pro-abortion.

Too bad Warren didn't ask the Obamination, If you don't know you're wrong, why can't you just admit what you stand for? Why hide beneath the stinking heaps of nuance?

On a tip from Cartman.

Open Thread

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August 16, 2008

Michael Doherty: A Voice of Sanity in New Jersey's Bureaucrat Madhouse

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:15 AM

Despite the welcome warming trend during the 1990s, it looks like we're in for some cold. At least there's a small chance this will stop New Jersey bureaucretins from choking the life out of the state's economy in the name of the global warming hoax. Politicker NJ reports:

Responding to various new scientific reports questioning the concept of global warming, Assemblyman Michael Doherty today called on Governor Corzine to hold off on proposing any new regulations associated with the state's Global Warming Response Act and urged the Legislature to repeal that act when it returns to legislative business after Labor Day.
"There are many credible members of the scientific community who have questioned the theory of global warming, and now we have some scientists actually suggesting the earth's temperatures may be entering a period of dramatic cooling," said Doherty, R-Warren and Hunterdon. "With this growing level of scientific uncertainty, it makes no sense to enact a new set of economically damaging regulations prompted by the global warming hysteria of recent years."
The Global Warming Response Act was signed last year by Corzine, which requires the state to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 20 percent by 2020 and 80 percent by 2050. The law required the state Department of Environmental Protection to release a report detailing how the state would meet the goals, with recommendations now expected to be issued this fall.
According to recent news reports, a top observatory that has been measuring sun spot activity predicts that global temperatures will drop by two degrees over the next 20 years as solar activity slows and the planet drastically cools down. They suggest this could potentially herald the onset of a new ice age. Following the end of the sun's most active period in over 11,000 years, the last 10 years have displayed a clear cooling trend as temperatures post-1998 leveled out and are now decreasing.

No wonder hoaxers have been getting so shrill. If they can't shout down grownups like Doherty and impose an economic stranglehold in the name of global warming before people notice the temperatures falling, they'll have to start all over again, after dusting off the Ice Age hysteria from the 1970s.

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Open Thread

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Whatever you've got to say, here's a place to say it. Tips are always welcome.

New artwork from Hugh.

August 15, 2008

Stores Forced to Provide Party Rooms for Illegal Aliens

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:05 AM

The reconquistadors running Los Angeles have decreed that big-box home-improvement stores — which in theory are owned not by authoritarian bureaucrats but by private citizens — will soon be required to build special shelters for illegal aliens.

The shelters must be easily accessible and include drinking water, bathrooms, tables, seating and trashcans. The stores may be required to work with Los Angeles police in developing a security plan, according to the unanimous vote by the 15-member lawmaking body.

What, nothing about refrigerators stocked with free cerveza?

Needless to say, the security plan will not entail enforcing immigration laws. Los Angeles is a sanctuary city that openly flips the bird to the DHS, ICE, etc. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is an anti-gringo fanatic who used to head a local chapter of MEChA, a group devoted to driving all non-Hispanics out of the Southwestern third of the United States.

Although unacknowledged by bureaucrats and the media, the Mexican-American War is being refought. This time, we're losing — thanks entirely to moonbattery.

Mayor Villaraigosa heads up the fifth column.

On a tip from b1bbet.

Volunteers Disciplined for Rescuing Swimmer in Uninspected Boat

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:33 AM

Drawing the attention of bureaucrats is never a good idea under an authoritarian regime. The nail that sticks its head up will be hammered down. In Britain, which is degenerating into totalitarian moonbattery at a terrifying rate, even rescuing a drowning girl can get you in trouble.

A volunteer coastguard crew face disciplinary action after going to the rescue of a teenage swimmer in a boat that had recently been repaired and was awaiting a seaworthiness inspection.
The four crewmen were on duty at Hope Cove in South Devon when the 15-year-old girl was swept out to sea by a powerful rip tide. They braved heavy surf to launch their 17ft rigid inflatable.
The girl was rescued by a diver and the coastguard crew brought her ashore. But within hours their boat had been confiscated and the station officer and his crew had been threatened with disciplinary action.

The station officer is Ian Pedrick, who owns a nearby pub. He has been ordered by Maritime and Coastguard Agency bureaucrats not to comment on the incident. At least Britain hasn't reached the point yet where he would simply disappear for having forgotten that in Airstrip One, the rule of rescue has been repealed.

On a tip from Rob Banks.

School Sued for Being Too Tolerant

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:32 AM

You can't win when it comes to political correctness — unless you're a trial lawyer or have one looting on your behalf.

The family of a gay teenager who was fatally shot in class blames the school district for allowing their son to wear makeup and feminine clothing to school — factors the family claims led to the death.
The parents and brother of 15-year-old Larry King of Oxnard [California] filed a personal injury claim against the Hueneme school district seeking unspecified damages for not enforcing the dress code.

Apparently the parents had given up on young Larry:

King was a ward of the court and living at a shelter for abused, neglected and emotionally troubled children at the time of the shooting.

But that's no reason not to cash in, now that he's dead.

If the school had prevented him from showing up dressed like Boy George, no doubt it would be getting sued for helping to bring about his death by fostering an attitude of intolerance.

John Edwards should have stuck to his ambulance-chasing shtick instead of trying politics. He could be emptying public coffers into his pockets, instead of hiding from reporters in the restroom. There's never a shortage of bad news, which is good news for trial lawyers and the party they finance.

A trial lawyer eagerly awaiting bad news.

On a tip from V the K.

Dallas Educrats Promote Slacking Off

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:09 AM

The idiocracy has taken another small step toward its goal of reducing Americans to ignorant, useless, government-dependent farm animals that can be raised for votes the way chickens are raised for eggs:

Dallas public school students who flunk tests, blow off homework and miss assignment deadlines can make up the work without penalty, under new rules that have angered many teachers.
The new rules will be distributed when teachers return to their campuses next week. But many who have already seen the regulations say they are too lenient on slackers, and will come at the expense of kids who work hard.
For example, the new rules require teachers to accept late work and prevent them from penalizing students for missed deadlines. Homework grades that would drag down a student's overall average will be thrown out.

Complains language teacher Ray Cox:

It's like we're sending the message to kids that deadlines don't matter, studying is optional, and no matter how little you do, you're still [going to] pass all your classes anyway.

Cox seems to have missed the point that once all students have been brought down to the level of the laziest and least able, and everyone understands that individual effort is futile, the socialist dream of equality can be attained at last.

On a tip from b1bbet.

Open Thread

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:38 AM

Based on always-appreciated reader feedback, it looks like it would be a good idea to put up an open thread each day, where readers can contribute comments not related to any particular post, including the tips Moonbattery needs to keep running.

Open threads will also allow an opportunity to share graphics that have been held in reserve, like this one from V the K:


Revealed: Saleman Abhirahman Dirie Was Not a Terrorist

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:08 AM

What a relief: the Somali found dead next to a jar of cyanide in Denver right before the Democrat convention, who had an entire pound of the deadly poison in crystal form in his hotel room, couldn't have been a terrorist. We know this because Saleman Abhirahman Dirie was a Muslim, and Islam is the Religion of Peace.

The Rocky Mountain News quotes Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson:

We don't see anything to make us believe that there's any terrorist involvement.

Thank you, Inspector Clouseau. Now from Dirie's sister:

He was not a terrorist. We don't want to hear that word. It is against our religion.

Similarly, singing hymns is against the Christian religion.

Abdirizak Karod, a "leader of the Somali community" in Ottawa, where Dirie was living, chips in that radicalism is "not our culture." If you don't believe him, check out all the peaceful, moderate Somalis in Blackhawk Down.

The unnamed sister says Dirie "was just a normal person" who happened to be in Denver on vacation. That appears to be good enough for the Schlocky Mountain News, which admits that "cyanide is an ideal ingredient for making a chemical weapon," but quickly points out that it is also found in rat poison and gold-plated watches.

On a tip from Burning Hot.

Britain's Socialized Medicine Bureaucracy Rejects Rule of Rescue

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:36 AM

There is one good thing about socialized medicine. It prevents money being wasted on lives that it costs too much to save. After all, there's no shortage of humans on the planet. What does it matter if one individual dies? The important thing is the State's bottom line.

In the socialist dystopia once known as Great Britain, the ironically named NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Guidelines) has ruled that patients' lives should not be saved if it would cost too much. The "rule of rescue," based on the fundamental human instinct to come to the aid of people whose lives are endangered, has been officially rejected.

NICE has also been keeping costs down by limiting the drugs available to Britons. Last week, it nixed four kidney cancer drugs said to double life expectancy. The longer sick people live, the more they cost the State.

You would think that this inhuman devotion to efficiency would result in socialism being able to compete with capitalism, but as history has shown time and time again, it cannot. Yet liberals push us toward it anyway, as if out of sheer malevolence.

On a tip from Rob Banks.

Comment Policy

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:30 AM

There have been complaints about threads getting hijacked with off-topic comments. A lot of these are tips, and Moonbattery relies heavily on tips from readers. But unless they're related to the post at hand, it would be better to email tips to (don't forget URLs please!). I can't get to all of them, but they are all appreciated.

"Comments" that are actually full-length, unrelated blog posts will be subject to deletion.

Trolls who are obnoxious, obscene, and/or relentlessly tedious have been getting their IPs banned (in case anyone wonders what happened to "Dan Quayle").

August 14, 2008

Parents Sue Philadelphia for Letting Them Kill Their Child

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:54 PM

The abdication of individual responsibility, along with the chutzpah and greed that drive our legal system to ever new extremes of absurdity, may have reached a climax in Philadelphia, where parents have filed a suit against the city for letting them kill their child:

After allegedly starving their disabled daughter to death, the parents of Danieal Kelly turned around and sued the city for failing to protect the girl from them.
Andrea and Daniel Kelly, with the help of some greedy attorneys, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city, state and outside social service contractors who were charged with supervising Danieal while she was under her mother's care.
The suit was filed a day after the couple was charged in the death of Danieal, 14, who weighed just 42 pounds when her bedsore-ridden and maggot-infested corpse was found in a squalid West Philadelphia rowhouse, where she lived with her mother and siblings.

When it occurred to them that they had pushed the envelope right over the edge, the ambulance chasers behind this stunt readjusted their tactics:

Perhaps realizing their public-relations blunder, the lawyers quickly dropped the parents from the suit and named a trustee. If any damages are recovered, the lawyers now say, the money would go to Danieal's nine siblings, most of whom are in foster care — minus a one-third cut or so to the lawyers, of course.

What jury will say no to a bunch of sobbing orphans? Some Philadelphia shysters will soon be driving new Maybachs, courtesy of taxpayers.

Trial lawyers awaiting a tragedy.

On a tip from Bill V.

Communist Party USA's Obama Endorsement

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:09 PM

Obama just keeps racking up those endorsements. Here's one from the Communist Party USA:

A broad multiclass, multiracial movement is converging around Obama's "Hope, change and unity" campaign because they see in it the thrilling opportunity to end 30 years of ultra-right rule and move our nation forward with a broadly progressive agenda.
This diverse movement combines a variety of political currents and aims in a working coalition that is crucial to social progress at this point. […] The struggle to defeat the ultra-right and turn our country on a positive path will not end with Obama's election. But that step will shift the ground for successful struggles going forward.

The CPUSA used to take money from the Soviet Union to advance the objective of overthrowing the American government and replacing it with a totalitarian police state allied with the USSR against remaining democracies. In those days, Frank Marshall Davis was an active member. He was also mentor and father figure to a racist, drug-addled, left-wing punk who grew up (sort of) to be the presumptive Democrat nominee for president. So the endorsement isn't much of a surprise.

With Putin apparently trying to resurrect the Soviet empire, CPUSA's funding might pick up again. No doubt this would be good news for the Obama campaign.


On a tip from nanc.

Media Ignores Obama's Shady Contributions

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:42 AM

Here's some good news: some of the taxpayer money that moonbat bureaucrats shovel at the terrorists running the Palestinian territories apparently finds its way back to the West. Pamela Geller reports:

I have been researching, documenting and studying thousands upon thousands of Obama's campaign donations for the past month. Egregious abuse was immediately evident and I published the results of my ongoing investigation. Each subsequent post built a more damning case against Obama's illegal contribution activity.
The media took little notice of what I was substantiating. I went so far as to upload the documents so that anyone could do their own research. I asked readers to download the documents and a number of folks pitched in.
Despite dropping the groundbreaking bombshell story of "Palestinian" brothers from the Rafah refugee camp in Gaza who donated $33,000 to Obama's campaign, no big media picked up the story. Jihadis donating to Obama from Gaza? Could there be a bigger story? Foreign donations are illegal, but this story was all that and so much more. The "Palestinian" brothers were proud and vocal of their "love" for Obama. Their vocal support on behalf of "Palestinians" spoke volumes to Obama's campaign.
And yet still no media.
But Obama pricked up his ears. He smelled trouble and while no media asked, he answered anyway. Sen. Obama's campaign immediately scrambled and contended they had returned the $33,500 in illegal contributions from Palestinians in Hamas-controlled Gaza, despite the fact that records do not show that it was returned and the brothers said they have not received any money. Having gone through all of Obama's refunds redesignations etc, no refund was made to Osama, Hossam, or Edwan Monir in the Rafah refugee camp. And still no media.

Good thing it isn't the McCain campaign accepting illegal donations from terrorists. The media wouldn't have time to cover the Olympics.

On a tip from Oiao.

Hanoi John Kerry Helps Promote Obama Exposé

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:05 AM

Jerome Corsi, coauthor of Unfit for Command, the book that obliterated John Kerry's phony war hero status, has penned another bestseller that should help avert the disaster of the left-wing media installing Barack Obama in the White House. As the WSJ reports, he's pulled an impressive trick, enlisting Hanoi John himself to promote The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality.

Kerry has sent out an email blast, proclaiming that "The liars are back. Time to finish them off," and encouraging people to read a New York Times "news" article attempting to trash Corsi's book, which currently sits atop the shady Gray Lady's own bestseller list.

The NY Times piece nitpicks over insignificant details, relies on the liberal propaganda outfit Media Matters, and then admits that the recent hatchet job The Real McCain has only 35,000 copies in print, as opposed to 475,000 for The Obama Nation, which comes off sounding quite interesting.

The haughty moonbat from Taxachusetts and his amen corner at the Times are owed a hearty thanks for drawing more attention to Corsi's book.

Straight to the top of my reading list. Thanks John!

On a tip from Burning Hot.

Quisling Council of Europe Leads the Way to Eurabia

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:20 AM

Apparently one of the prime objectives of the bureaucratic circle jerk known as the Council of Europe is to facilitate the Islamization of Europe in the name of political correctness. It recently issued Resolution 1605, in which The Assembly calls upon its 47 member states to "condemn and combat Islamophobia" and "ensure the strictest compliance with human rights and the rule of law in the enforcement of anti-terrorist measures" — that is, to favor Muslim terrorists as much as politically feasible. Also, they are to

promote the social cohesion, integration, political and civic participation of immigrants and citizens with an immigrant background [i.e., Muslims], both men and women, in particular by:
[…]encouraging the participation of people with an immigrant background in political parties, trade unions and non-governmental organisations;
[…]removing unnecessary legal or administrative obstacles to the construction of a sufficient number of appropriate places of worship for the practice of Islam;
ensuring that school textbooks do not portray Islam as a hostile or threatening religion

In addition, taxpayer money is to be spent to

encourage informative projects about Islam's contribution to western societies in order to overcome stereotypes on Islam.

In short, governments are to actively promote the catastrophic spread of Islam in Europe, including by brainwashing children with pro-Islamic textbooks.

Imagine the horror if the thousands of brave Europeans who died defending their civilization from Islam over the centuries could see what's being done by their descendents.

Europeans fighting off the Muslim hordes at the Gates of Vienna.

Hat tips: Brussels Journal, GalliaWatch; on a tip from Rob Banks.

Letters to Putin

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:46 AM

Kathleen Parker has intercepted letters to Putin from Obama and McCain.

From Obama:

Dear (Former) President Putin:
I'm sorry to be writing this e-mail instead of meeting you in person, preferably in the Oval Office, where I belong. Soon, soon.
Nevertheless, and notwithstanding the foregoing, I felt it imperative that I express my deep concern about Russia's invasion of the tiny, democratically elected sovereign nation of Georgia. It would appear that you are not familiar with my platform for change and hope. War does not fit into this template and I am quite frankly at a loss for words to express my deep, deep distress.
As the chosen leader of a new generation of Americans who speak a global language of peace, hope, harmony and change, this is simply unacceptable. Quite frankly, your actions pose potentially severe, long-term consequences. I'm not sure what those might be, but they won't be nice or fun.
Please picture me looking very serious when I say that I respectfully request you to calm down. Life is but a flicker in time and we're but actors strutting and fretting. That is to say, we're all on this planetary journey together and our karma is interrelated and interdependent. Thus, it would seem that our differences are best resolved through words, not bombs.
It is said that war is a failure of diplomacy. I would submit that it is also counterintuitive. If my Kenyan father and my Kansan mother and my multinational upbringing taught me anything, it is that we are all One. That said, I am The One the world has been waiting for — and you are, quite frankly, blocking my chi.
As soon as possible, I'd like to sit down and begin talking about how we can resolve these and other differences that threaten peace-loving people, which I'm sure includes you. I haven't looked into your eyes and would never presume to know your soul, but I do know that we share a common humanity and that we can all just get along.
Yours in Global Harmony,
Acting President Barack Obama

From McCain:

Hey, Putin.
Don't make me come over there.

As the great J.D. Hayworth likes to say, elections have consequences. The next four years are going to be party time for democracy's enemies if we choose wrong in November.

Not exactly Commander in Chief material.

On a tip from V the K.

Chinese Government Performs Miracle on He Kexin's Age

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:30 AM

Totalitarianism does have its advantages. It allows the State to perform miracles, like changing people's age:

Just nine months before the Beijing Olympics, the Chinese government's news agency, Xinhua, reported that gymnast He Kexin was 13, which would have made her ineligible to be on the team that won a gold medal this week.
In its report Nov. 3, Xinhua identified He as one of "10 big new stars" who made a splash at China's Cities Games. It gave her age as 13 and reported that she beat Yang Yilin on the uneven bars at those games. In the final, "this little girl" pulled off a difficult release move on the bars known as the Li Na, named for another Chinese gymnast, Xinhua said in the report, which appeared on one of its Web sites,
The Associated Press found the Xinhua report on the site Thursday morning and saved a copy of the page. Later that afternoon, the Web site was still working but the page was no longer accessible. Sports editors at the state-run news agency would not comment for publication.
If the age reported by Xinhua was correct, that would have meant He was too young to be on the Chinese team that beat the United States on Wednesday and clinched China's first women's team Olympic gold in gymnastics.

Less than a year after being 13, He is 16. In China, someone's age is whatever the Party says it is. Those who disagree are persuaded of the error of their ways by the Ministry of Truth in Room 101, while all contradictory evidence goes down the memory hole. This is how authoritarian moonbats master reality.

Sixteen going on 14.

On tips from Lyle.

August 13, 2008

Scheer Lunacy

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:01 PM

Robert Scheer has revealed an amazing theory about Russia's brutal invasion of Georgia: it's a "neocon election ploy":

Is it possible that this time the October surprise was tried in August, and that the garbage issue of brave little Georgia struggling for its survival from the grasp of the Russian bear was stoked to influence the U.S. presidential election?
Before you dismiss that possibility, consider the role of one Randy Scheunemann, for four years a paid lobbyist for the Georgian government, ending his official lobbying connection only in March, months after he became Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain's senior foreign policy adviser.
Previously, Scheunemann was best known as one of the neoconservatives who engineered the war in Iraq when he was a director of the Project for a New American Century. It was Scheunemann who, after working on the McCain 2000 presidential campaign, headed the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq, which championed the U.S. Iraq invasion.
There are telltale signs that he played a similar role in the recent Georgia flare-up. How else to explain the folly of his close friend and former employer, Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili, in ordering an invasion of the breakaway region of South Ossetia, which clearly was expected to produce a Russian counter-reaction. It is inconceivable that Saakashvili would have triggered this dangerous escalation without some assurance from influential Americans he trusted, like Scheunemann, that the United States would have his back. Scheunemann long guided McCain in these matters, even before he was officially running foreign policy for McCain's presidential campaign.

This lunacy was published by a major MSM organ, the San Francisco Chronicle.

Notice that the moonbat instinctively takes Russia's side against its victim. Cold War habits die hard. He even praises Vladimir Putin, the former KGB thug who has effectively become a dictator, as Russia's "enormously popular elected leader."

Even Scheer is right about one thing: a reminder that it's a dangerous world out there isn't going to help Obama's chances to inflict Change.

Robert Scheer: Still pulling for the USSR.

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Reuters Does the Olympics

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:09 AM

Debunking the incompetent and mendacious rubbish the MSM passes off as news is such a crucial skill, parents are encouraged to get children started on developing it at a young age. Here's an exercise suitable for kindergarteners. Can you spot any inaccuracies in this Reuters photo and caption?


Clue: USA doesn't stand for Canada.

On a tip from Joe C.

FCC Chairman Fears Obama Regime Would Silence Blogs

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:24 AM

Blogs have been a major thorn in the side of the left-wing mainstream media, exposing its lies, shining light on stories it wants to bury, and offering alternative points of view that undermine establishment propaganda. This may be one reason the MSM has labored so mightily to install Barack Obama in the White House. FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell explains:

Key quotes, via Business and Media Institute:

So you know, this election, if it goes one way, we could see a re-imposition of the Fairness Doctrine. There is a discussion of it in Congress. […] I think it will be called something else and I think it'll be intertwined into the net neutrality debate.

In other words, a new version of the Orwellian Fairness Doctrine would be used not just to hush Rush, but to censor the Internet. Another key quote:

Then, whoever is in charge of government is going to determine what is fair, under a so-called "Fairness Doctrine," which won't be called that — it'll be called something else. So, will Web sites, will bloggers have to give equal time or equal space on their Web site to opposing views rather than letting the marketplace of ideas determine that?

Imagine the people who run the DMV regulating every word published on blogs to impose conformity with their moonbatty conception of "fair." Good-bye blogosphere. But at least we'll always have fair and balanced PBS.

On a tip from Lyle.

British Bureauweenies Ban Plastic Flowers in Cemetery

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:48 AM

It's getting harder every day, but nanny state Nazis continue to find new things to ban to keep British subjects safe. The latest:

Grieving families have been told not to put plastic flowers in a garden of remembrance because they pose a health and safety risk.

We are asked to believe that plastic flowers are too dangerous to leave in a cemetery because, according to a council spokeswoman, they could get caught up in lawnmowers, and "the bits of plastic flying around could be very dangerous."

Too bad for the Nazis they didn't think of dropping bits of plastic flowers during the Blitz, instead of bombs. Evidently the British would have surrendered.

Maybe the bureauweenies should make it easy on themselves. Instead of painstakingly forbidding one thing at a time, they could make a short list of what's allowed. But then, that would be putting themselves out of work.

On a tip from Rob Banks.

Obama Wants to Pull the Ladder Up After Him

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:27 AM

Barack Obama has had more going for him than his daring name and trendy ethnicity. He never would have gotten where he was but for school choice. But now that he's joined the elite, he wants to pull the ladder up after him, lest others follow. As Pittsburgh's Valley Independent observes:

When Barack Obama was young and poor but lucky, he received a scholarship to Honolulu's prestigious Punahou School, an elite private K-12 school where tuition now tops $16,000 a year.
Today, Sen. Obama sends his two daughters to a private school in Chicago that costs $15,528 a year — for kindergarten.
And yet our presumptive president disses school choice because, while "it might benefit some kids at the top," it "leaves a lot of kids at the bottom."

Typically of liberal Newspeak, Obama is saying the exact opposite of what he means — which is that he wants them left at the bottom, on behalf of his generous supporters in the malignant teachers unions that are systematically destroying education in America:

It's not privileged kids who need school choice; they can afford private schools or can move to neighborhoods with decent public schools. It's the poorest kids — those stuck in wrecked inner-city districts — who choice helps the most.
Charter schools, voucher plans, opportunity scholarships and other alternatives exist in our broken cities, but they are still too rare and don't begin to satisfy the demand.
Obama — himself a poster child for the efficacy of school choice — has a unique chance to invigorate the public-private debate in education. Instead, he panders to teacher unions by expressing disdain for the "tired rhetoric about vouchers and school choice."

It's easy to translate the liberal dialect into English. When they say "change" and "hope," they mean "state-imposed stasis" and "despair."

On a tip from Oiao.

The Obamessiah's First Miracle

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:08 AM

Barack Obama has performed his first miracle, stopping Russian tanks from crushing Georgia with the power of mere words. The miracle was heralded by Virginia Governor and Obama toady Tim Kaine:

To back up his demands, Obama threatened to bring in the United Nations, cleverly surmising that Russia wouldn't realize it has veto power over anything the UN does, and that Security Council resolutions are meaningless anyway unless backed up by the US military, as Saddam Hussein so thoroughly proved.

Obama stops the Russian Army in its tracks, via Exurban League.

Hat tip: Burning Hot.

Nazi Art Lives On

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:16 AM

Have the people who did propaganda for the Nazis been hiding out in South America, waiting for the emergence of another race-based, socialist, totalitarian ideology of their liking? If so, it looks like they're back. Nazi and Obama propaganda not only appeals to the same unreasoning herd instincts, the artwork looks like it was drawn by the same hands:

obama-change-sm.jpg  sa-voran.jpg

On a tip from DangerHighVoltage.

The MPAA on The Clone Wars

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:45 AM

You might want to think twice about taking your kids to The Clone Wars, the Star Wars cartoon movie that's opening this weekend. The ads warn that it might not be suitable for children:


Kids can watch homosexuals sharing gum on prime time television, but at least there's advance warning before anyone lights a cigarette in a movie. Next there will be labels warning about the momentary eating of foods that may contain trans fats.

Though moonbattery is by far the most harmful element of any movie, there's no need to warn against that, since it goes without saying that most anything excreted by Hollyweird drips with moonbattery.

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August 12, 2008

Nannyfornia as a Warning

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:17 PM

As California tailspins into absurd nanny state totalitarianism, it's providing a warning as to what will await us if we let the left-wing media install Barack Obama in the White House. A view from Britain, where they know a thing or two about nanny states:

The outdoor smoking ban [in Calabasas] is just one example of a frenzy of puritanical edicts from California's politicians that in the past few weeks has outlawed trans fat in all restaurant food, prevented LA supermarkets from handing out plastic bags, and put a halt to fast-food joints opening in the suburb formerly known as South Central. Other recent bans — and attempted bans — have challenged such monumental threats to human wellbeing as helium balloons, camp fires, circuses, swearing, texting while stopped at traffic lights, anything made from a dead kangaroo, dogs sitting on drivers' laps, homeschooling, rodeos, unordered tapwater in diners, spanking, nude beaches, and (this is true) the use of sexually-discriminating terms such as "Mom" and "Dad" in school classrooms.
Of course, some of these things deserve to be discouraged. But criminalised? "It's becoming almost like an arms race as to who can ban more things," says Jim Ross, the veteran California political consultant who managed the campaign to elect Gavin Newsom as Mayor of San Francisco. "San Francisco bans plastic bags, then LA bans plastics, then everyone else has to. It's ironic, because the US was founded as a reaction to the colonists telling them what to do."

But that was before Change.

All this raises a disturbing question, of course: is Nannyfornia providing us with a glimpse of what Obama's America might look like? After all, Obama is a classic banner. He recently proposed banning all toys from China. He banned his own staff from wearing green clothing during his recent trip to the Middle East (green is the colour of the Hamas flag). He banned the New Yorker magazine from his press plane after it depicted him as a terrorist in a political cartoon. He wants to ban "excessive" profits by raising capital gains tax. Why? Because he thinks it's fair. No matter that the state's revenues from the tax have always gone up whenever the rate has been lowered.

Now that California has succumbed to moonbat authoritarians, more Americans are moving out of the state than moving into it. But with the moonbat authoritarians in the White House, there will be nowhere to run.

Change isn't always for the better.

On a tip from Oiao.

Tide Turning on Global Warming Hoax

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:22 AM

The mainstream media is finding out that when it comes to the global warming hoax, you can't fool all of the people all of the time:

According to a survey [PDF] from ABC News, Planet Green and Stanford University, fewer than half — 47 percent — of Americans consider global warming an important issue to them personally, down from 52 percent in April 2007. Although a vast majority still think the planet is warming — 8 in 10 respondents — that figure is also down from last year, having dropped 4 percentage points. Furthermore, in an open-ended question, the number of respondents who called global warming the biggest environmental challenge facing the world fell 8 points from 2007 and currently hovers at 25 percent.

This despite years of the media screaming hysterically that we're all doomed if we don't submit to totalitarianism in the name of global warming.

When the media figures out that their audience is wandering away, they will switch to a new crisis, and global warming will go on the ash heap with Y2K and killer bees — hopefully before authoritarian bureaucrats engineer a depression in the process of exploiting it.

On a tip from Charles.

Bureaucrats Try to Quash Blues Prodigy's Talents

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:08 AM

We don't quite have enough government to have reached the socialist ideal, whereby society resembles a well-manicured lawn, with no blade of grass allowed to grow any higher than the others. An example is 8-year-old guitar prodigy Tallan "T-Man" Latz, who seems to have gotten on older players' nerves by outperforming them.

But we do have enough government so that virtually all human activity violates one regulation or another, permitting those who excel to be brought down to size. Jealous musicians have apparently ratted out T-Man for violating child labor laws, so that he's not allowed to play the blues in clubs anymore.

Intones bureaucretin Jennifer Ortiz of Wisconsin's Equal Rights Division:

Well, the law prohibits it, and the Legislature enacted the laws to protect the health, safety and welfare of all children.

Don't forget, as the government boot stamps down on your face: it's for your own health, safety, and welfare.

The T-Man jams, bureaucrats be damned.

On a tip from V the K.

Brooklyn Mob Beats Marines

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:07 AM

The war in Iraq is a noble and necessary cause, but we have worse enemies much closer to home, as two vets recently learned in Brooklyn:

A wolf pack of at least 30 thugs viciously attacked two hero ex-Marines in Brooklyn after they rescued a teenage girl who was being assaulted, police and witnesses said yesterday.
And when the brother of one of the former servicemen tried to come to his rescue during the July 25 melee in Coney Island, he was beaten into a coma.
The former leathernecks, Valentyn Olenyev, 23, and Boris Bukler, 22, Russian émigrés who served tours in Iraq, were walking a female friend to her parked car on West 23rd Street at 12:30 a.m. when they spotted two men holding the screaming teen by her hands and legs.
"She was yelling, 'Help!' " said Olenyev. "I asked her, 'Do you need help?' She said, 'Yes!'
"It wasn't our intention to get into a fight," said Bukler. "We said, 'Let the girl go, and we'll leave.' We told them, 'Stop.'"

In response, they were beaten senseless by the mob, one of which, a 240-lb gorilla named Timothy Dixon, used a metal baseball bat.

Bukler said, "Those in the crowd were yelling, 'Hey, white boys, you're in the 'hood now!' We were yelling back, 'We don't care — we live here!'"

Yet the assault has not been labeled a hate crime, probably because only white people can be racist.

Soon Brooklyn will be like the Arab suburbs of Paris, where taxpayer money goes in, and drugs and violence come out, but there is no other interaction with society, as civilized people aren't allowed to set foot in welfare-financed no-go zones.

On tips from Cheetah and Oiao.

Guardian: We're All Gonna Die!

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:39 AM

High gas prices are making people more aware of the extravagant costs associated with the global warming hoax. The facts that it hasn't gotten any warmer for the last 10 years, and that there is no proven connection between human activity and the climate, have begun to seep through cracks in the complicit media. Consequently, the whole preposterous crisis is running out of gas.

But that's no reason not to panic and demand draconian solutions to nonexistent problems. What else can hoaxers do but wave their arms and scream?

You might want to put some cotton in your ears; here goes Oliver Tickell of the Guardian, who claims that the temperature's going up by 4°C:

Global warming on this scale would be a catastrophe that would mean, in the immortal words that Chief Seattle probably never spoke, "the end of living and the beginning of survival" for humankind. Or perhaps the beginning of our extinction.

The sea will rise 70–80 meters. There will be the usual Biblical apocalypse stuff, droughts, floods, hurricanes, et cetera. But Tickell admits that the farcical Kyoto treaty was a waste of time, and that the biofuels boondoggle has increased dreaded greenhouse gases while also causing a food crisis.

There's only one alternative to the extinction of the human race. Conveniently for the lefties at the Guardian, it's totalitarian moonbattery. Tickell shouts that we must "place a single global cap on greenhouse gas emissions" and "commit hundreds of billions of dollars per year to finance adaption to climate change, especially in poor countries."

In other words, there must be global totalitarian control over all human activity and massive transfers of wealth from those who create it to those who don't, so that we can all be equal under the benevolent boot of Big Brother.

If we submitted to liberals' dystopian dreams, we wouldn't be humans anymore anyway, but something more like farm animals, so we may as well take our chances with extinction.

On a tip from mega.

PETA Does Its Part to Defend the Border

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:16 AM

For once PETA is attempting to do some good, by attempting in its typically misguided way to scare Mexican colonists out of invading the Southwest. It wants to place billboards on the tiny stretches of fence that have been constructed at the border, warning of the horror of the American diet:

The billboards, in English and Spanish, would offer the caution: "If the Border Patrol Doesn't Get You, the Chicken and Burgers Will — Go Vegan."
"We think that Mexicans and other immigrants should be warned if they cross into the U.S. they are putting their health at risk by leaving behind a healthier, staple diet of corn tortillas, beans, rice, fruits and vegetables," said Lindsay Rajt, assistant manager of PETA's vegan campaigns.

But if Mexicans don't eat meat, it's probably because their socialist economy doesn't allow them to afford it — which is why they keep pouring into America.

Unfortunately, it would take more than this to stop the invasion.

On a tip from Oiao.

Pelosi's Getting Rich Off High Gas Prices

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:53 AM

There's more to Nancy Pelosi's dogged opposition to letting Americans drill our own oil than the slavish devotion to environmental extremists we've come to expect of the Dems. Like T. Boone Pickens with his dreams of vast forests of taxpayer-subsidized windmills and cars running on natural gas, Pelousy stands to make a pretty penny off alternative energy boondoggles.

As reported by Michigan Taxes Too Much, Pelosi has invested heavily in Pickens's Clean Energy Fuels Corp, which provides natural gas as an alternative fuel. (See page 7 of her Financial Disclosure Statement.)

The higher Democrats can force gasoline prices with their drilling restrictions, the richer those will get who have invested in Pickens's operation. Whereas if gas prices fall, so does the value of Pelosi's stock.

Crazy and evil, but not stupid.

Hat tip: #dontgo Movement; on a tip from Burning Hot.

August 11, 2008


Posted by Dave Blount at 8:54 PM

This is what the remnants of Western Civilization are up against:

For all I know, this is on the level. Today's liberals have erased the line between parody and reality.

On a tip from Oiao.

Clueless Clooney Wins Pea Brain Award

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:45 PM

In recognition of the notable achievement of climbing to the very top of the Obamessiah's vast army of loony-left advisors, Hugh has awarded Tinseltown's George Clooney with the coveted Pea Brain Award:


Here's hoping Loony doesn't let this go to his head; one more atom of positive self-regard and it's liable to explode.

Dems Go After Convicted Felon Vote

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:35 AM

Democrats have found a rich new vein for mining votes: convicted felons.

In Alabama, Al Sharpton's younger brother, the Rev. Kenneth Glasgow, will take his "Prodigal Son" ministry into state prisons with voter-registration cards for the first time. The American Civil Liberties Union recently filed suit there and in Tennessee to make it possible for an even larger class of felons to register. In Ohio, the NAACP will hold a voter-registration day at the Justice Center in downtown Cleveland this month to register "people caught up in the criminal justice system," a local official said. In California, a team will stand in front of jails on Aug. 16 to register people visiting prisoners and encourage them to take registration cards to their incarcerated friends or family members, some of whom can legally vote.

In Florida, RINO Governor Charlie Crist recently pushed through a change that made 115,000 felons eligible to vote. The campaign to get them registered is being led by Obamunist civil rights lawyer Reggie Mitchell, who crows:

The majority of people to get their rights restored are Democrats, and if we get them registered, [we] might overtake the state.

Nice work, Crist. At least this might keep you from getting reelected.

That left-wing outfits assume the overwhelming majority of convicted felons would vote Democrat tells you all you need to know about the Party of Decline.

Charlie Crist, clueless RINO.

On a tip from Code3.

Google Olympics Logo

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:07 AM

The lefties at Google have come up with some adorable logos to help hype the Olympics in communist China. Here's today's:


Reader Matt L offers a more appropriate logo:


But given that Google has actively helped the Chicoms suppress freedom, they'll probably stick with cute animals.

Latest Leftist Found in Obama's Closet: George Clooney

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:28 AM

Barack Obama's army of 300 foreign policy advisors includes at least one familiar face: the smug visage of perpetually smirking ultra-left movie star George Clooney.

Lately Loony's Hollyweird career has suffered a slight setback, as he's devoted his energies to making pretentious propaganda films that are only watched by masochistic moonbats out of ideological loyalty, in which Americans are always the villains, even in WWII. Amusingly, he recently blew $85,000 on a guffaw-inducing moonbatmobile so as to make a pageant of his environmental piousness.

Quotes that offer some insight into Obama's friend and advisor can be found on Celiberal.

Clooney as a judge of other men:

Let's face it: Bush is just dim.

Clooney as a humanitarian and defender of the Second Amendment:

Charlton Heston announced again today that he is suffering from Alzheimer's. [...] I don't care. Charlton Heston is the head of the National Rifle Association; he deserves whatever anyone says about him.

Clooney on combating terrorism:

I just want someone smart to stand up and shout, "Bullshit!" They tell us we're going to war and no one's saying "Bullshit" loud enough. And the language! Listen to the language! "Evil." "Evil"? "Nexus of evil"? "Evil-doer"? That's my favorite, "Evil-doer"!

Clooney the historian:

What did Bush do on 9/11? He ran away and hid. Even Reagan knew more about leadership than that, and he was as bad a symbol of America as I can think of, off-hand. But at least he's been in enough cowboy movies to know he had to come out and stand on top of the rubble and be seen shaking his fist or something.

Clooney's habit of poking his nose where it does not belong and acting like a liberal jackass is so pronounced that the UN's Ban Ki-Moonbat named him a "Messenger of Peace," and last year Time magazine listed him as one of the 100 people it wishes were most influential.

If the sky falls and the tasteless joke of Barack Obama's candidacy becomes the Dadaist nightmare of an Obama Administration, Clooney really will be influential. According to the Daily Mail:

George Clooney once famously declared he could never run for public office because he'd "slept with too many women, done too many drugs and been to too many parties."
But now the Hollywood heart-throb has entered the political arena at the highest level — by becoming an unofficial adviser to US Presidential front-runner Barack Obama. […]
Sources say the actor has tried to hide the pair's friendship for fear his Left-wing views and playboy image would hurt the Presidential hopeful's bid for the White House.

Obama trying to hide his association with an anti-American screwball because of his extreme left-wing views? I could swear I've heard that somewhere before…

Loony is reportedly in constant contact with Obama, via emails, text messages, and twice weekly phone calls. Unsurprisingly, in light of his admitted terrorist sympathies, he is pushing the clueless Obama to side with Palestinians against our ally Israel. He also wants us to surrender unconditionally to the terrorists our troops have been fighting in Iraq.

It looks like John Edwards (aka, Love Lips) is out as Attorney General. But we might still get our share of narcissistic cheese with Clooney as Secretary of State.

A candidacy getting more alarming by the hour.

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin; on a tip from Burning Hot.

August 10, 2008

Slobbering Acolyte Claims Obama Is as Substantial as a Movie Star

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:02 AM

Remember Neal Gabler, the bearded hysteric on Fox News Watch who always had something supremely moronic to sputter? He's still around, spewing idiocy via PBS (courtesy of our tax dollars) and onto the pages of the Los Angeles Times, where he has written an onanistic ode to Obama that will send such thrills up Chris Matthews's leg as to make him yelp like a love-struck puppy.

Gabler holds that Obama isn't just a rock star. He's a movie star. The difference:

Rock stars, with some glaring exceptions, typically whip up the crowd; the thrill tends to be short-lived. Movie stars, by contrast, tend to create a long-standing emotional identification with their audience. […] Movie stardom can be confused with mere celebrity, which has connotations of insubstantiality.

Careful, you wouldn't want to confuse the jejune moonbattery of Tinseltown leftists, Obama, and liberal media scribblers like Gabbler with insubstantiality!

Gabler gabbling.

On a tip from mega.

August 9, 2008

Seattle Moonbats May Impose Narrower Streets and Houses on Columns

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:45 AM

We fought off fascism when they tried to impose it with jackbooted armies. But it's harder to defend against moonbatty bureaucrats, such as those on Seattle's Pollution Control Hearings Board, which has decreed that rain falling on San Francisco North should not be allowed to drain into rivers and streams.

The hearings board ordered [Washington State Department of] Ecology to require the biggest cities and counties in Western Washington, including Seattle, Tacoma, and King, Pierce and Snohomish counties, to mandate much wider use of methods that get rainwater to soak into the ground.
Today, most development uses systems of pipes and ponds that eventually drain into rivers and streams, washing pollution such as oil and toxic metals along with them.
Environmentalists argued the new methods, which include narrower streets, gardens designed to soak up rain, and homes built on columns that leave topsoil undisturbed, are well-tested and usually reduce environmental damage.

Via Ace of Spades HQ, an artist's depiction of tomorrow's Seattle:


Hopefully bureaucrats haven't been watching the Flintstones too, or we may see new regulations mandating foot-powered vehicles and garbage disposals that consist of an animal living under the sink.

On a tip from V the K.

August 8, 2008

Alarming Obamunist Quote of the Day

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:46 AM

Thankfully Nikki Tinker's anti-Semitic campaign against Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) has bitten the dust. But there is still no shortage of anti-Semitism on the Left, despite Jews' overwhelming if incomprehensible support for Democrats.

Here is one of many bloodthirstily anti-Semitic remarks found in the bowels of Obama's official website:

Shed ourselves from the racist Zionists in America. They control everything. But they won't keep us down any longer. Throw the Jews in the oven this November. Its the only way we can free America and make sure barack obama is elected!

Having been exposed, the page where this appeared has gone down the memory hole. But pulling weeds does only temporary good when the roots are still down there, growing in the darkness.

Given Democrats' obsession with identity politics and endless harping on race, bigotry is bound to flourish among their ranks. They've tried to balkanize America for strategic advantage. They're succeeding at least in balkanizing themselves.

On a tip from b1bbet.

German Town Imposes Solar Panels on Private Homes

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:23 AM

The Nazis and communists are gone now, yet totalitarianism has returned to Germany. A report from Marburg:

The town council took the significant step in June of moving from merely encouraging citizens to install solar panels to making them an obligation. The ordinance, the first of its kind in Germany, will require solar panels not only on new buildings, which fewer people oppose, but also on existing homes that undergo renovations or get new heating systems or roof repairs.
To give the regulation teeth, a fine of 1,000 euros, about $1,500, awaits those who do not comply.

The fine is chump change compared to the cost of solar panels. Marburgers with leaky roofs had better buy some buckets, unless they have a fortune to spare.

If we've learned one thing from enviromania, it's that once the sanctity of private property has been breached, we have no rights. Therefore, there's no limit to the extravagant absurdity bureaucretins can impose.

Photovoltaic cells in Marburg, drinking up all that German sun.

On a tip from John P.

Moonbat Political Operative Goes for the Jugular

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:57 AM

The similarities between moonbats and vampires aren't easy to miss. Here a liberal political operative, boasting of a desperate campaign to intimidate Republican donors, gloats about "going for the jugular":

Nearly 10,000 of the biggest donors to Republican candidates and causes across the country will probably receive a foreboding "warning" letter in the mail next week.
The letter is an opening shot across the bow from an unusual new outside political group on the left that is poised to engage in hardball tactics to prevent similar groups on the right from getting off the ground this fall.
Led by Tom Matzzie, a liberal political operative who has been involved with some prominent left-wing efforts in recent years, the newly formed nonprofit group, Accountable America, is planning to confront donors to conservative groups, hoping to create a chilling effect that will dry up contributions.
"We want to stop the Swift Boating before it gets off the ground," said Mr. Matzzie, who described his effort as "going for the jugular."
The warning letter is intended as a first step, alerting donors who might be considering giving to right-wing groups to a variety of potential dangers, including legal trouble, public exposure and watchdog groups digging through their lives.

"Swift Boating" means alerting the public as to the disgraceful truth about phony Democrat candidates.

Fortunately, moonbat intimidation tactics don't seem to be as effective as those of their Muslim allies:

Chris LaCivita, a Republican strategist who helped organize the Swift Boat effort, said Mr. Matzzie's group was likely to have the opposite effect on potential donors, firing them up instead of discouraging them.
"They're not going to be intimidated by some pipsqueak on the kooky left," Mr. LaCivita said.

That's the spirit.

Pelousy's not the only one to go for the jugular.

On a tip from Burning Hot.

Cowardice May Patch Up Messy Muslim–Moonbat Marriage

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:37 AM

Cracks have formed in the Muslim–moonbat alliance, but the cowardice of the moonbatty publishing establishment will help patch them up.

Publisher Random House has pulled a novel about the Prophet Mohammed's child bride, fearing it could "incite acts of violence."
"The Jewel of Medina," a debut novel by journalist Sherry Jones, 46, was due to be published on August 12 by Random House, a unit of Bertelsmann AG, and an eight-city publicity tour had been scheduled, Jones told Reuters on Thursday.
The novel traces the life of A'isha from her engagement to Mohammed, when she was six, until the prophet's death. Jones said that she was shocked to learn in May, that publication would be postponed indefinitely.
"I have deliberately and consciously written respectfully about Islam and Mohammed … I envisioned that my book would be a bridge-builder," said Jones.

You don't build bridges to an imperial, totalitarian ideology like Islam. You submit to it, fight it, or get crushed by it. The heroes of free expression at Random House chose option 1, leaving Jones with option 3.

On a tip from The Him.

The Disassociator

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:13 AM

Who will be next to be cut loose and thrown under the bus by The Disassociator?


Hey, where's Obama's racist white granny? Via Penetrating Insights Into the Obvious, a "celebration of the most vacuous presidential campaign in American history."

On a tip from Burning Hot.

Racist Paranoia on Display

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:28 AM

Barack Obama may be too inexperienced to have a record that can be pinned on him, but by now he and his bitter half have spent enough time in the spotlight provided by the sycophantic mainstream media that there is plenty of evidence as to just where they're coming from. For an example of the paranoid racism that addles what passes for Michelle Obama's mind, check out this clip from a 2007 60 Minutes episode:

If she really believes that Whitey hates blacks so much that "as a black man, you know, Barack can get shot going to the gas station," I guess I can't blame her for hating Whitey right back.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Former Senate Bureaucretins Donate $500,000 to Race-Based Global Warming Propaganda Campaign

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:12 AM

It just occurred to me: maybe bureaucrats don't know how to spend my money more wisely than I do. From CNS News:

A group headed by former Senate Majority Leaders Bob Dole, Howard Baker, George Mitchell, and Tom Daschle has given $500,000 to a Washington think tank for a project designed to encourage African Americans to be more concerned about global warming.

If we can pretend there is such a thing as a global warming crisis, there's no reason not to make believe that "African Americans are disproportionately impacted by the effects of climate change," as Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) absurdly asserts in this video:

Many if not most blacks seem to believe that George Bush blew up the World Trade Center, O.J. is innocent, and Barack Obama could run the country. It shouldn't cost half a $million to sell them the global warming hoax.

On a tip from Bill V.

Exciting and Heroic Truths About Obama

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:24 AM

Chuck Norris has accrued an impressive list of facts, but Obama's loyal comrades at The People's Cube want to see to it that the Obamessiah is not outdone.

[I]nstead of chasing cowardly facts and arguing old truths that are tarnished and tedious, we invent new, sparkling-clean truths that are exciting and heroic. The beauty of this approach is that when new truths become old and tarnished, they can be easily thrown under the bus and replaced with newer and better heroic truths, ensuring Obama's glorious march towards a higher metaphysical plane of unstoppable service to humankind.

Heroic Truths About Obama include:

• Every now and then, Obama opens his eyes and the world springs into existence.
• Obama can calculate your guilt just by looking at the numbers in your checkbook.
• Every time Obama talks about change, a baby diaper becomes clean and a homeless person's cup fills up with nickels.
• Every time Obama talks about "hope," coma patients regain consciousness and chant "We are the ones we've been waiting for."
• When Obama rids the world of nuclear weapons, the red button in his office will control the thermostats in American homes.
• The tingle that crawled up Chris Matthews' leg has taken control of his brain and is reporting a full preparedness to take over the world.
• US Mail Service published Obama's resume on a new first class stamp.
• Obama used to spell his name as Ubama but changed it to avoid confusion with Usama bin Laden.
• When Obama fixes his gaze on the clouds, he is reading his next great line from the big teleprompter in the sky, which is unseen to ordinary humans.
• In Portland, Oregon, Obama fed a multitude of 75 thousand with five government subsidy forms and two rolls of red tape.

More at Best Obama Facts. On tips from Pam, V the K, and Burning Hot.

Obamunists Appropriate Salute From Star Trek Astro-Hippies

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:33 AM


Above you see the new official salute of those who have been assimilated by the Obama Borg.

Rick Husong owns The Loyalty, a production company that believes in "an integrated approach to marketing, production, and design" and promises to "construct powerful messages." He's also a moonbat, and he barks:

Our goal is to see a crowd of 75,000 people at Obama's nomination speech holding their hands above their heads, fingers laced together in support of a new direction for this country, a renewed hope, and acceptance of responsibility for our future. […] We thought, "Let's try and start a movement where even while walking down the street, people would hold up the O and you would know that they were for Obama." You interlace your hands in a circle, the interlacing being a symbol of different types of people coming together and the circle a symbol of unity. We want to see it everywhere, but more importantly we want this sign to take the world by storm.

If the kooky, New-Agey gesture looks familiar, maybe you saw it being used by obnoxious astro-hippies on Star Trek:

There isn't much about Obamania that hasn't been recycled from the era of snot-nosed, dope-addled Flower Children.

Michelle Malkin has come up with some universal gestures and symbols that even better reflect the Obama campaign and its slack-jawed minions, including these:



On tips from V the K and Adrian.

August 7, 2008

Obama Haiku

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:58 AM

Compliments of Bergbikr:

Barack Obama
Check him with McCain's tire gauge
McCain's tire gauge.

Post-Racial Politics Gets Nasty in Memphis

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:27 AM

Here's what we can expect of today's "post-racial" Democrat politics, via The Platform:


This appalling flyer was circulated on behalf of black Congressional candidate Nikki Tinker, who was slow to condemn it. She's in a primary battle with Steve Cohen to get on the Dem ticket in Memphis.

Readers will recall that Cohen recently bent over backwards to appease blacks by pushing through a bill whereby America officially apologized for being so racist — a prelude to slavery reparations.

But no matter how white people grovel and abase themselves, it will never be enough, as Cohen has been learning. He tried to join the Congressional Black Caucus, which would make sense given his constituency, but wasn't allowed on racial grounds. Tinker has been running a TV ad falsely linking Cohen with white supremacists.

If the Dems get any more enlightened about transcending race, Cohen is going to start hearing "Get the Jew, kill the Jew" on the campaign trail.

On a tip from Eric.

PETA Exploits Grotesque Greyhound Murder

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:46 AM

In one of the most gruesome crimes in recent memory, 22-year-old Tim McLean was stabbed to death, apparently at random, aboard a Greyhound bus en route from Edmonton to Winnepeg by Chinese immigrant Vince Weiguang Li, who then presented his severed head to fellow travelers and even ate some of his flesh.

This horrific event inspired the folks at PETA to push their depraved relativism completely over the edge with a new marketing concept:

While it isn't every day that a human is violently attacked and eaten by another human, it's worth noting that it is the norm for many people not to give any thought to the fact that restaurants are serving flesh that comes from innocents who were minding their own business before someone came after them with a knife. How amazingly and conveniently compartmentalized the human mind is…
To stress this very point, PETA will be running an ad in the Portage Daily Graphic comparing the similarities between this gruesome bus butchering and the acts of cruelty and killing performed every day by the meat industry.

The ad:


As reports, the Portage Daily Graphic is based 20 km away from where the murder took place. For obvious reasons, the paper wouldn't run the ad.

If you think there's a difference between a maniac hacking someone up with a knife and eating his flesh and normal human meals, it must be that you haven't grasped the wisdom of PETA President Ingrid Newkirk, who proclaims:

A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy.

Ghoulish PETA lunatics have taken nihilistic liberal ideology to the extreme of literally believing there is no difference between humans and animals. They belong in the same mental ward as Li, who no doubt can look forward to a long life at Canadian taxpayers' expense, despite his request to be killed.

On a tip from V the K.

Best Conservative Blogs

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:06 AM

Here's a notable honor: driven by the support of its treasured readers and the precious tips they provide, Moonbattery has come in at #5 on Conservatism Today's list of the Best Conservative Blogs.

The top 10:

1. Hot Air
2. Right Wing News
3. Michelle Malkin
4. Power Line
5. Moonbattery
6. Wizbang
7. Ace of Spades
8. Patriot Room
9. Gateway Pundit
10. Commonsense Political Thought

Vote for Socks

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:46 AM

This may surprise some, but readers are encouraged to vote for a candidate with virtually no experience, who has spent little time in the Senate, and whose main claim to the presidency is being half black. Another surprise: it's not who you think, but a Clinton!

Presenting Socks, the former Clinton First Cat:


Although currently trailing a moronic anti-Bush candidate, the proper Socks can pull ahead with your support. As they say in Chicago, vote early and often.

New Site for the John Edwards Set

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:28 AM

With massive help from the mainstream media, John Edwards has been laying low since the National Enquirer caught last year's Father of the Year visiting his mistress and love child. But it looks like he's been quietly keeping busy with new projects:


On a tip from Lyle.

Trendoids Begin to Move on From Enviromoonbattery

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:35 AM

Enviromoonbats have exactly one thing going for them. Their antihuman ideology is very trendy, which guarantees the support of our shallow media, entertainment, and political establishments. Fortunately, fashion is a flower that doesn't bloom for very long. Alice Thompson reports that being green isn't cool anymore:

Julie Burchill can't stand them. According to her new book, Not in my Name: A Compendium of Modern Hypocrisy, she thinks all environmentalists are po-faced, unsexy, public school alumni who drivel on about the end of the world because they don't want the working classes to have any fun, go on foreign holidays or buy cheap clothes.
Michael O'Leary, the chief executive of Ryanair, agrees. In an interview with Rachel Sylvester and me, he told us that the "nutbag ecologists" are the overindulged rich who have nothing better to do with their lives than talk about hot air and beans.

You can fool some of the people some of the time, but…

People have become wary of environmental causes that can turn out to do more harm than good. They don't want wind turbines marching across Britain's moors when nuclear power stations can do more to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They worry that washing and bleaching all those non-disposable nappies may be damaging the ozone layer, that the massive incentives for biofuels have distorted the world food market, and that green taxes are actually stealth taxes.

It isn't just that the green movement is as phony as Obama's face on a $3 bill, from the Goracle on down. Environmentalism is a frivolous indulgence that people can't afford in lean economic times:

According to Andrew Cooper, director of the research company, Populus: "There is a direct correlation between how people perceive the economy and the importance they place on the environment. When times are tough people resent paying more to salve their conscience."

They might even come to question whether they have anything to feel guilty about in the first place. Next they'll be questioning the power-mad bureaucrats and greedy profiteers who demand they feel guilty when they've done nothing wrong.

Then will come the backlash. Dupes who fell for the global warming hoax are going to be in for more ridicule than white leisure suits after disco crashed.

On a tip from mega.

A Peek Under Obama's ACORN Rock

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:53 AM

Most know that Obama's only work experience worth mentioning is as a left-wing "community activist." The country's most prominent group of such activists is ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), a radical New Left organization that receives 40% of its funding from public sources and is probably best known for engaging in systematic voter fraud on behalf of the Democrat Party. Unsurprisingly, it has such close ties with Obama that he has been referred to as the Senator from ACORN.

As a cursory glance at Barack Obama's associates suggests, ACORN draws its members from a cesspool, with predictable results. KRQE in Albuquerque reports on the uses to which ACORN agents have used information acquired while registering voters:

More, from Election Journal:

The litany convictions and charges against these individuals is long and this story is not the first problem for ACORN this year nationally or in New Mexico. In June the Dona Ana County [New Mexico] Clerk warned citizens about registering with third party groups.
Across the country states like Arizona, Arkansas, Louisiana, Nevada, Virginia, Wisconsin and others have warned citizens about registering with and providing sensitive personal information to groups like ACORN.

Another warning should be issued against letting someone who cut his teeth in the leftist community activism swamp anywhere near the White House.

On a tip from V the K.

German Nanny State Bans Kinder Eggs

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:45 AM

Every year millions of Kinder eggs are sold in Germany — chocolate eggs with toys inside, some of which have to be assembled with the help of a little instruction sheet, encouraging kids to develop their brains instead of gawking at the television. But not for much longer: the Nanny State has declared them harmful.

No one has ever been hurt by a Kinder egg. Yet bureauweenies in a parliamentary health commission have decreed that children are too stupid to tell the difference between toys and food, which should therefore not be sold together, even though the toy part is enclosed in a capsule.

There's more:

The commission is also looking at forcing youngsters to wear cycle helmets and making schoolbooks lighter so children don't injure themselves or tire themselves out carrying them around all day.

At least we don't have to worry about a Fourth Reich. Imagine the squishy-soft products of Germany's Nanny State trying to conquer even France.

On a tip from Matthew B.

August 6, 2008

Cops Pulled Off Beat for Transsexual Brainwashing

Posted by Dave Blount at 3:59 PM

Although garbage is rigidly policed, the streets of England have degenerated into such anarchy that the Mayor of London advises residents not to get involved when they see assaults taking place. Maybe it's because police are too busy attaining moonbat enlightenment to be distracted with mundane matters like keeping a lid on crime.

Police officers in an area with a high crime rate are being taken off the beat for an awareness course on sex changes.
The half-day training class is meant to help them deal with a colleague who is beginning a new life as a woman.
The ruling, which applies to 344 police and 166 civilian staff, has been deemed 'political correctness gone mad' by senior officers.
It was announced in a letter from Humberside Police's former Chief Superintendent Kevin Sharp to all staff within the force's A division.
This covers Grimsby and the surrounding area in North-East Lincolnshire — a region which last year had 41.5 crimes per 1,000 residents, compared with a national average of 28.

Anyone tempted to complain about the cost to taxpayers should keep in mind that paying hundreds of officers to sit around being brainwashed about the glories of gender identity dysphoria should keep in mind that this could actually save money:

The diversity training, which will cost thousands of pounds, is designed to ensure there is no discrimination against Lauren [as the screwed-up officer now calls himself] — which could leave the force open to an expensive compensation claim.

On a tip from Rob Banks.

Now It's Racist to Notice That Obama Is Scrawny

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:21 AM

You would think liberals would get bored looking for coded racism. Since they can find it absolutely anywhere, it must be like shooting fish in a barrel. But then, so is making fun of moonbats like Timothy Noah, who declares that it's racist to notice how scrawny Obama is.

Noah denounces a WSJ piece proposing that Obama's skinniness could be a liability. His keen insight has discerned that by skinniness, they really meant mulatto-ness.

[A]ny discussion of Obama's "skinniness" and its impact on the typical American voter can't avoid being interpreted as a coded discussion of race.

In the interests of full disclosure, Noah hilariously admits:

I phoned my former Journal colleague, Michel Martin, an African-American journalist who is now host of NPR's Tell Me More, which frequently addresses matters of race, to ask whether she was offended. She was not.

Apparently not even blacks who make a living off taxpayer-financed moonbattery can compete with Noah when it comes to sniffing out imaginary racism. He explains his theory:

When white people are invited to think about Obama's physical appearance, the principal attribute they're likely to dwell on is his dark skin. Consequently, any reference to Obama's other physical attributes can't help coming off as a coy walk around the barn.

In other words, noticing anything whatsoever about Obama is racist. The Obamessiah is so sacred that even naming his characteristics is blasphemous. We've also heard that mentioning his middle name is racist. But his last name also recalls a mortal enemy of America who tellingly is not an Anglo-Saxon. It might be safest to refer to Obama from now on as He Who Cannot Be Named or Described but Only Abjectly Venerated.

It's a good thing no one's noticed he has ears like a chimpanzee.

Whatever you do, don't look at his ears. Via Plains Feeder.

On a tip from Silentbob1272.

Canada Resorts to Lotteries to Ration Socialized Healthcare

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:32 AM

Vermin-beset Britain isn't the only country to warn us away from the looming disaster of nationalized healthcare. There's also our neighbor to the north:

In the latest jarring illustration of the country's doctor shortage, a family physician in Northern Ontario has used a lottery to determine which patients would be ejected from his overloaded practice.
Dr. Ken Runciman says he reluctantly eliminated about 100 patients in two separate draws to avoid having to provide assembly-line service or extend already onerous work hours, and admits the move has divided the close-knit community of Powassan.
Yet it was not the first time such methods have been employed to determine medical service. A new family practice in Newfoundland held a lottery last month to pick its caseload from among thousands of applicants. An Edmonton doctor selected names randomly earlier this year to pare 500 people from his heavy caseload. And in Ontario, regulators have heard reports of a number of other physicians also using draws to choose, or remove, patients.

Socialism creates poverty not only by destroying incentives, but by interfering with the laws of supply and demand. Attempts to mandate "free" healthcare have created infinite demand. At the same time, government interference has made the medical profession much less appealing, drying up the supply of doctors.

Our own corrupted legal system, which allows ambulance-chasing bandits like John Edwards to loot doctors for outrageous fortunes, thereby driving malpractice insurance costs through the stratosphere, has had a similar effect. In the end, we'll be forced to chose between doctors and economic freedom on one side, or bureaucrats, lawyers, and moonbattery on the other.

On a tip from Darrin P.

NEA Money Goes to Keeping Taxes High

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:06 AM

As the country's largest teachers' union, the National Education Association rakes in mounds of cash. But as the current state of our public schools attests, the money is not spent to improve education. Rather, it is blown on moonbattery.

Technically, the NEA is not a political action committee, and therefore it evades the federal campaign-finance laws so beloved by John McMaverick and his erstwhile supporters in the liberal press. But if it's not a PAC, you wouldn't know it by the way it spends its fortunes:

[D]uring the current fiscal year the NEA sent the Hawaii State Teachers Association $20,000 to conduct polling on a state constitutional convention. It sent the Massachusetts Teachers Association $60,000 to oppose a state income-tax repeal. And it sent the Florida Education Association $200,000 to oppose property-tax cuts in the Sunshine State.

In addition to high taxes and racial apartheid in Hawaii, the NEA — America's answer to the Taliban — promotes statehood for the District of Columbia, socialized medicine, gun rights suppression, the International Criminal Court, the homosexual agenda, the feminazi agenda, and the global warming hoax. Lest we forget that it's supposed to have something to do with education, it also promotes sex training and condom distribution in schools.

What unions have done to the automotive industry, the NEA has done to our public schools — but with so much mandatory dues loot overflowing from its coffers, why should it stop there?

On a tip from Michael W.

How to Tell if You're a Racist

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:35 AM

If even Bill Clinton might be a racist, maybe you're a racist too. Via The Corner, here are some of the symptoms:

If you object to Obama raising your payroll, capital gains and estate taxes you…may be a racist.
If you're in favor of drilling for oil and building nuclear power plants you…may be a racist.
If you wonder why Obama was hanging around William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn you…may be a racist.
If you don't want the majority of justices on the Supreme Court to be like Stephen Breyer you…may be a racist.
If you think the surge is working and that's a good thing you…may be a racist.
If you oppose racial preferences in employment, school admissions and contracting you…may be a racist.
If you prefer that a president have a smidgen of executive experience you…may be a racist.
If you're appalled that Obama voted against treating infants born after an abortion attempt the same medically as other infants born alive you…may be a racist.
If you were proud of your country even before Obama's candidacy you…may be a racist.
If you don't care how Hollywood or the European elite think you should vote you…may be a racist.

The easiest way to determine if you're racist is to check your ethnicity. If you are Caucasian, then you are a racist. Only by joining the Obama Borg can you find redemption.

On a tip from V the K.

Marketing Waste

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:12 AM

Despite reports that Amazon has been deleting 1-star ratings, Nancy Pelosi's new book Know Your Power continues to bomb. Currently it is rated #1,402 at Amazon, as compared to Jerome Corsi's much more interesting The Obama Nation at #8. As Michelle Malkin notes,

With congressional approval ratings at an all-time low and the Democrat Congress under fire for taking a five-week vacation instead of working on energy policy, perhaps this wasn't the best time to send Nancy Pelosi jetting from coast-to-coast to tell our daughters how to save the planet, manage our households, and run our government.
Sorry, Nan. There aren't enough carbon offsets to compensate for this tree-wasting dud and its accompanying gas-guzzling, hot air-emitting publicity tour.

Maybe a little repackaging would help, so that customers can be made aware that Pelousy is sharing unique expertise. Via


Sometimes waste is a good thing. Imagine the damage Dems would do if they applied their power competently.

On a tip from Burning Hot.

Big Brother Issues EEOC Compliance Manual

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:39 AM

Efforts to turn America into a freak show aren't limited to the streets of San Francisco. Big Government's new EEOC Compliance Manual on Religious Discrimination, which prescribes who private companies must hire and how employees must be allowed to behave, provides illustrative examples — like this one, entitled "Supervisor Considers Belief Illogical":

Morgana asks for time off on October 31 to attend the "Samhain Sabbat," the New Year observance of Wicca, her religion. Her supervisor refuses, saying that Wicca is not a "real" religion but an "illogical conglomeration" of "various aspects of the occult, such as faith healing, self-hypnosis, tarot card reading, and spell casting, which are not religious practices." The supervisor's refusal to accommodate her on the ground that he believes her religion is illogical violates Title VII unless the employer can show her request would impose an undue hardship. The law applies to religious beliefs even though others may find them "incorrect" or "incomprehensible."

If Halloween qualifies as a religious holiday, moonbats ought to get the whole week off for Barack Obama's birthday.

This one's called "Unique Belief Can Be Religious":

Edward practices the Kemetic religion, based on ancient Egyptian faith, and affiliates himself with a tribe numbering fewer than ten members.He states that he believes in various deities, and follows the faith's concept of Ma'at, a guiding principle regarding truth and order that represents physical and moral balance in the universe. During a religious ceremony he received small tattoos encircling his wrist, written in the Coptic language, which express his servitude to Ra, the Egyptian god of the sun. When his employer asks him to cover the tattoos, he explains that it is a sin to cover them intentionally because doing so would signify a rejection of Ra. These can be religious beliefs and practices even if no one else or few other people subscribe to them.

Once the government has established the authority to dictate how private companies may interact with their private employees, the floodgates are open, and there can be no limit to the moonbattery that is imposed.

Gorgo's religion entails being really weird. Hire, tolerate, and promote or be sued.

Hat tip: Discarded Lies, on a tip from V the K.

August 5, 2008

Cosmic Justice

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:00 PM

It's as if the Founding Fathers reached out from beyond to push over a tree.


Compliments of Richard R.

Vermin Infest Britain's Socialist Hospitals

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:46 PM

Imagine hospitals as rife with vermin as Capitol Hill. That will be the situation once Democrats manage to engineer a government takeover of the healthcare industry. Once again, Britain provides a glimpse of a socialist future we would be wise to avoid:

The cleanliness of most NHS [National Health Service] hospitals in England is threatened by frequent invasions of rats, fleas, bedbugs, flies and cockroaches, a report claims.
Figures released by the Conservatives show that 70% of NHS Trusts brought in the pest controllers at least 50 times over a two-year period.
Vermin were found in wards, clinics and even operating theatres. A patients' group said the situation was revolting.

Infestations have included wasps in a neonatal unit and in operating theaters, rats in a maternity unit, and a children's accident & emergency ward taken over by flies. Among the other repugnant creatures found in Britain's socialist hospitals are mice, silverfish, beetles, and bureaucrats, including a spokesman for the Health Protection Agency who shrugs off concerns:

In countries with good standards of healthcare the possibility for insects or pests to transmit infections in hospitals would be very remote.

Yes, but what about countries with socialized healthcare?

Don't worry. A bureaucrat says they don't transmit infections.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Bill Clinton Forced to Deny He's a Racist

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:37 AM

During Stalin's show trials, even the most brutal communist apparatchiks could find themselves accused of being counterrevolutionaries. Likewise, even America's First Black President, the guy with the office in Harlem, who has been said to be blacker than Obama, feels compelled to deny the thought crime of racism:

It's no use protesting his innocence. As universities now teach, all white people are racist. Like the rest of us, Slick Willie can only be redeemed by accepting the punishments deemed just by the Obamessiah.

On tips from Lyle.

Convicted Killer Richard Cooey Too Fat to Execute?

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:33 AM

The nice thing about moonbattery is that it makes the defective into a special class, immune from normal punishments, and everyone can find some justification for declaring themselves defective. For example, lawyers for convicted murderer Richard Cooey claim he shouldn't be executed because he's too fat.

Cooey is 5' 7" and weighs 267 lbs. Supposedly his weight would prevent him from being properly anesthetized before lethal injection, and therefore he should be spared, unlike the two University of Akron students he raped and murdered 22 years ago.

He needs better lawyers. If they claimed he's crazy or had been abused, he could probably get out of jail altogether. It's time he put in a call to the ACLU.

Richard Cooey: You can't kill me, I'm fat.

On tips from Oiao and Lyle.

Bob Kravitz Offers No Respite from Moonbattery, Even on the Sports Page

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:53 AM

You would think the sports page would be a refuge from moonbattery. It isn't. Lowlights from a piece by sports columnist Bob Kravitz at the Indianapolis Star.

Chinese critics want to talk about the massacre of pro-democracy protesters in Tiananmen Square in 1989. Well, we aren't simon-pure, either. In the 1960s, civil rights marchers in the South were brutally put down. There was the violence at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. There was the killing of student protesters at Kent State in 1970.
We all have crosses to bear.
China has suffered terrible human losses from two failed Communist Party imperatives of the past, the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution. But we, too, have seen terrible acts committed by our leaders, many with the support of the people: slavery, the imprisonment of Japanese-Americans during World War II, the years of Jim Crow and the epic failure to help the Hurricane Katrina victims in New Orleans.
We all have crosses to bear.
Human rights were a big issue when the International Olympic Committee chose Beijing as the site for these Games, but we need to understand, there are different definitions of human rights in different parts of the world.
We look at the lack of press freedoms, the restrictions on child-bearing and the lack of an independent legal system as outrageous examples of an authoritarian government that doesn't cherish the individual.
They look at our lack of universal health care, our soaring unemployment and the lack of a cradle-to-grave government-sponsored safety net as human rights violations.

Therefore, criticizing China's communist regime would be "the height of arrogance, American arrogance, the kind that makes us so deeply disliked around the world" — and far be it from America-bashing moonbats in the media to indulge in arrogance.

Even sports columnists can master the art of moral equivalency, which magically renders America, the world's last best hope, comparable to a totalitarian police state that has killed tens of millions of its own population.

If only Kravitz weren't too arrogant to stick to covering the Colts, instead of pandering to dolts.

On a tip from JM.

Mary Winkler Takes Custody of the Kids

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:21 AM

Two years ago, Mary Winkler was convicted of killing her minister husband Matthew Winkler. But all that's behind her now. Having paid her debt to society, she has taken custody of the kids:

Rachael Putnam, a custody attorney, said the former minister's wife picked the girls up Friday from the slain man's parents, Dan and Diane Winkler. […]
"It should be seen as a sign that the family is healing," Putnam said of the custody arrangement. "It's a good thing for everyone."

Except Matthew Winkler, but he's dead anyway; Mary let him have it in the back with a shotgun… and Matthew's parents, who wanted to keep the kids away from this murderess; but the courts ruled against them… and the kids themselves, who are probably terrified; but at least they're bound to be very well behaved, knowing that Mom might flip and blow them away at any moment.

The victim of the story is of course Mary Winkler, who was alleged to suffer "physical and emotional abuse by her husband."

Too bad Nicole Simpson didn't put a shotgun to use. She would be the one smirking on the golf course instead of O.J., who was also awarded custody of the kids. Under a legal system run by moonbats, justice breaks down, and it's kill or be killed.

On a tip from Matt L.

Profiles in Democrat Leadership: Mark Udall

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:59 AM

Rep Mark Udall (D-CO) demonstrates why Congress has a 9% approval rating:

On a tip from John R.

San Franfreakshow Bureauweenies Clamp Down on Environmentally Incorrect Trash

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:43 AM

Moonbats tell us that "green collar" jobs will compensate for the damage environmental fanaticism has been doing to our economy. Believe it or not, there really is such a thing. Job-seekers are encouraged to head for the totalitarian dystopia called San Francisco, where exciting careers await them in the trash police:

Garbage collectors would inspect San Francisco residents' trash to make sure pizza crusts aren't mixed in with chip bags or wine bottles under a proposal by Mayor Gavin Newsom.
And if residents or businesses don't separate the coffee grounds from the newspapers, they would face fines of up to $1,000 and eventually could have their garbage service stopped.
The plan to require proper sorting of refuse would be the nation's first mandatory recycling and composting law. It would direct garbage collectors to inspect the trash to make sure it is put into the right blue, black or green bin, according to a draft of the legislation prepared by the city's Department of the Environment.

George Orwell got one thing wrong. It's not the Ministry of Love we have to worry about.

Thank you, Britain, for blazing a path to our green future.

Gavin Newsom
Gavin Newsom, Master of Trash.

On tips from JM, Burning Hot, and mega.

John Edwards: Father of the Year

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:17 AM

Too hilarious — here's John Edwards accepting an award for Father of the Year.

Edwards accepted this award a little less than 9 months before his mistress Rielle Hunter gave birth the Breck Girl's apparent love child, Frances Quinn Hunter.

Too bad they don't give awards for the Cheesy Philandering Phony of the Year.

On a tip from Simon.

Gray Lady Fantasizes about Racists Assassinating Obama

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:55 AM

Denver is blowing a fortune on security for the Obamessiah coronation:

[T]he city released a list of expenses related to the convention showing that the police were preparing for large demonstrations and mass arrests and that the department had spent $2.1 million on protection equipment for its officers, $1.4 million for barricades and $850,000 for supplies related to the arrest and processing of suspects.

This is because radical anarchist groups like Recreate 68 have been promising to riot for months. But according to the NY Times, it's also because…

The Secret Service is wary of discussing threats against the people they protect, but with Mr. Obama poised to become the first black presidential nominee, there are special worries. While law enforcement officials say there are no specific, credible threats against Mr. Obama, they expressed concern about low-level chatter on Web sites frequented by white separatists who spew hate about Mr. Obama's race and what they perceive as his liberal agenda.

White separatists? What they perceive as his liberal agenda?

White racists clinging to guns and resisting absorption into the socialist borg are going to be the villains in every script the media writes, regardless of the fact that the people likely to cause trouble will all be voting for Obama (provided they're not too stoned to find the polls). Only in the most secret dreams of liberals is Obama likely to be assassinated, elevating him to unassailable martyr status. There's no shortage of suitably dark-skinned fellow leftists who would scurry to snatch up his mantle.

Alive, Obama is a post turtle, whose hollowness, incompetence, and ultra-left extremism are bound to come to light as the hype runs out of gas — to the immense discredit of the execrable Democrat Party and mainstream media, which have tried to inflict him on the country.

Only dead would Obama be taken seriously for long. Conservatives are the last people who would wish him physical harm. As for political harm, he can be counted on to inflict that on himself.

On a tip from Oiao.

The Physical Ravages of Lifelong Moonbattery

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:19 AM

Why is it that so many liberal entertainment guys come to look like aging lesbians? Is it their goofy-looking $500 haircuts? Their Botox injections? Their doughy softness? Their lifelong love of the Mommy State? Whatever the cause, the phenomenon isn't pleasant to behold. A few examples:

Roger Ebert

Robert Redford

Tim Robbins

Lefties don't have to come out of Tinseltown to resemble hideous old lesbians:

Kim Jong-Il

Let this be a warning to young moonbats. Mend your ways before it's too late.

On a tip from V the K.

August 4, 2008

Norwegian Muslims Mull Death Penalty for Homosexuality

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:35 PM

The marriage of convenience between Muslims and moonbats will soon make for a very messy divorce, as Eurabians are already starting to learn. From hyper-liberal Norway:

The Norwegian Islamic Council is still waiting for a reply from the European Fatwa Council before it decides whether or not it is in favor of the death penalty for homosexuality.

Gripes Sara Azmeh Rasmussen, "the only openly lesbian Muslim in Norway":

It's wrong of the Islamic Council to wait for the "verdict" from the fatwa council in such an important case. By not saying "no" to death penalties for gays, it shows attitudes that conflict with both democratic and humanitarian values.

They also conflict with moonbat "values," which will be a dim memory when Europe becomes Islamized, an irreversible process made possible by the same sort of liberal fools who consider "homophobia" the ultimate crime.

On the positive side, at least we won't be seeing any Up Your Alley festivals in the Norway of the future. It's a little cold for them up there anyway.

On a tip from Oiao.

CNN Compares Palestinian Terrorists to Dalai Lama

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:31 AM

It's not guesswork at CNN. Look how cleverly Christiane Amanpour slips her pro-terrorist propaganda into a piece about the Dalai Lama:

Our visit coincided with the events that commemorate each March 10, the date the Dalai Lama fled Tibet on horseback in 1959. He managed to evade the Chinese Communist forces, disguised as a soldier and escaping at night. The somber remembrance is a little like what the Palestinians do every year. They call it al-Nakba, or "catastrophe," which marks 1948 when they lost much of their land as the state of Israel was founded.

Media Backspin notes a few of the many reasons the Tibetan and Palestinian movements are hardly comparable:

1) Tibetans don't seek China's destruction, or threaten Western interests.
2) Tibetans haven't launched a campaign of suicide bombings, rockets, or kidnappings.
3) The Tibetan independence movement is neither allied nor co-opted by foreign outsiders like Iran, Al-Qaida, Syria, Hezbollah, or the Muslim Brotherhood.
4) Thanks to China's press restrictions, Tibet doesn't even get a fraction of the media coverage the Palestinians get.

As V the K adds, Tibetans haven't pledged to destroy Western Civilization, nor did they dance in the streets on 9/11.

Nonetheless, the moonbat media would like us to equate Muslim terrorists with Buddhist pacifists. Michael Moore compared Muslim terrorists to the Minutemen. Then Brian Williams compared them to our Founding Fathers. Now this. Next, Rolling Stone will put Osama bin Laden on the cover wearing a crown of thorns.

Dumped Lesbian Cries Bigamy

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:03 AM

Unsurprisingly, legislative attempts to mainstream homosexual depravity with sham marriages and civil unions are resulting in chaos:

The two women married in Canada, obtained identical tattoos and picked out adjoining burial plots with the expectation that they would be together till death and beyond. Then one of them fell for someone else, and without getting a divorce, entered into a Vermont civil union in Stowe with the new woman.
Now the woman who says she was left behind — Laureen Wells-Weiss — is alleging that her estranged spouse committed bigamy and that Vermont authorities are neglecting their duty by declining to press charges.

Wells-Weiss thinks she's being oppressed because the government won't throw her erstwhile lesbian lover in jail. But charges won't be pressed because now even left-wing lawyers are confused over what's a real marriage and what isn't.

If they don't get it sorted out, homosexuals will be more privileged than ever. Think of the benefits they could collect if they can have as many phony "marriages" and civil unions as they want.

Maybe everyone would be better off if we just kept things simple by letting marriage be marriage, and keeping perverted same-sex relationships in the closet where they belong.

Not a good idea.

On a tip from Oiao.

Pelosi's Opposition to Drilling Explained

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:19 AM

Why on earth would Nancy Pelosi go to such extremes as turning the lights off on her fellow Reps to prevent even voting on the possibility of allowing off-shore drilling? Does she want energy prices to keep climbing, and the economy to tank? In a word: yes.

As NewsBusters reports, even George Stephanopoulos has gotten fed up with the non sequiturs Pelousy offers as answers when she's asked why she forbids us from extracting our own oil. On ABC's This Week, he kept at her about why she won't permit a vote. Amid the smoke she spewed in response, we might have the answer:

[M]y flagship issue as Speaker of the House and 110th Congress has been to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and reverse global warming.

Forget the first point; not even Pelousy is nutty enough to think that strangling domestic drilling will reduce our dependence on foreign oil. But could it be that forbidding drilling will "reverse global warming"?

Pelousy presumably expects us to believe that the global warming hoax is real, and our use of energy makes it be too hot out. Not drilling our own oil results in a lower supply, resulting in higher prices, resulting in reduced economic activity, resulting in recession or worse — all of which will supposedly save us from global warming by reducing fuel consumption. She wants gas prices high and the economy hamstrung because, in her own utterly unhinged words:

I'm trying to save the planet; I'm trying to save the planet.

Congress is literally being run by a lunatic. Imagine the damage our economy will sustain when she has an ally in the White House.

Nancy Pelosi
Stark raving bonkers and in charge.

On a tip from Burning Hot.

Obamaniacs Change Their Names to Hussein

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:50 AM

According to the Obama campaign, their messiah's name is just a meaningless coincidence. It would be petty and somehow racist to note that it almost perfectly combines the names of America's two most conspicuous enemies of this generation, Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. In reality, Obama owes his position atop his post to his name, and the thrill it gives his supporters.

For some liberals, the appeal of Obama's name is subconscious. But others are very much aware of it. The latest craze among moonbats is to have their middle names legally changed to "Hussein" in a gesture of adoration:

The nationwide Hussein movement started with an idea from the movie Spartacus, Roman leaders were looking to find and punish a slave-turned leader Spartacus. To take the heat off of him and to keep him safe, all of his men stand up and declare, "I am Spartacus."

Grandiose delusions are par for the course when it comes to Obamania.

On a tip from mega.

Energy Greed

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:30 AM

A recent CNN headline screams:

Exxon posts record $11.68 billion profit

Wow, that works out to $1,485.55 per second! Those greedy bastards! Down with Big Oil! From now on let's just drill our own in our backyards.

But buried deep in the story we find paragraph 28:

In addition to making hefty profits, Exxon also had a hefty tax bill. Worldwide, the company paid $10.5 billion in income taxes in the second quarter, $9.5 billion in sales taxes, and over $12 billion in what it called "other taxes."

Carpe Diem does a little math on the numbers and comes up with this chart:


ExxonMobile pays $4,114 in taxes per second. Communist goons like Reps Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) and Maxine Waters (D-CA) might want to think twice about nationalizing a goose that lays such large golden eggs.

Once again we see that if anyone's to blame for the energy crisis driving our economic downturn, it's not the people who provide us with energy, but the parasitical bureaucrats who go out of their way to prevent them from providing it more efficiently — and of course the media sycophants who prop up those bureaucrats.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Democrat Energy Plan

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:11 AM

Democrats have an energy plan after all. Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) revealed it Friday during the Congressional revolt, during which Republican reps stayed behind in an attempt to do something about the energy crisis even after Nancy Pelosi, who had blocked voting on off-shore drilling, turned off the lights so that Dems could run off to their vacations:


Via Michelle Malkin, on a tip from Burning Hot.

David Gergen Plays Race Card in Defense of Obama

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:18 AM

David Gergen, who has long managed to get his mug on television by serving as an obedient tool of the liberal establishment, has come rushing to play the race card in defense of his megalomaniacally narcissistic savior, the Obamessiah.

This McCain ad really hit the mark, causing Gergen to sputter in outrage:

Via HuffPo:

On Sunday, longtime Washington hand David Gergen took umbrage with John McCain's recent attack ads, charging that the Senator was using coded messaging to paint Barack Obama as "outside the mainstream" and "uppity."
"There has been a very intentional effort to paint him as somebody outside the mainstream, other, 'he's not one of us,'" said Gergen, who has worked with White Houses, both Republican and Democrat, from Nixon to Clinton. "I think the McCain campaign has been scrupulous about not directly saying it, but it's the subtext of this campaign. Everybody knows that. There are certain kinds of signals. As a native of the south, I can tell you, when you see this Charlton Heston ad, 'The One,' that's code for, 'he's uppity, he ought to stay in his place.' Everybody gets that who is from a southern background. We all understand that. When McCain comes out and starts talking about affirmative action, 'I'm against quotas,' we get what that's about."

In other words, any criticism of Obama, the alarmingly mindless hype that drives his campaign, his pathologically bloated ego, his sneering elitism, or his complete lack of qualifications to be president is racist, as is objection to racial discrimination against Caucasians. So shut up and submit to your fate, America!

Hat tips: Hot Air, Ed Driscoll.

Moonbat Lawyer Helps Terrorist Sue over Exposure to Porn

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:34 AM

Evidence accrues that liberals and their Islamic extremist allies of convenience are only on the same page when it comes to their shared desire to tear down civilization.

Iraqi terrorist Ahmed Al-Fartoosi, whose name means "He Who Makes Rude Noises" if my Arabic is correct, is taking legal action against Britain's Ministry of Defense because he found pornography in a jail toilet.

Fartoosi is accused of masterminding a bombing campaign against British troops in Basra.

The offended terrorist further gripes that he could hear a porno movie playing on a soldier's laptop. Also, he bumped his arm when being put in a vehicle, the lights in the corridor bother him when he's trying to sleep, and his cell isn't sufficiently air-conditioned. The horrors this put-upon villain have been made to endure are downright Gitmo-esque in their ghastliness.

Birmingham-based civil rights lawyer Phil Shiner is suing on his behalf, claiming violations of European human rights laws. No doubt he'd rather sue over the absence of pornography than its presence, but liberals are still willing to make any accommodation where Muslim terrorists are concerned.

Phil Shiner of the Muslim–moonbat alliance.

On a tip from Smoke TNT.

August 3, 2008

Comparison of Obama to Paris Hilton Was an Insult

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:46 PM

It turns out this McCain ad comparing Barack Obama to other vacuous celebrities created by the media like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears really was offensive…

…to Paris Hilton's mom. She huffs that the ad is "a complete waste of the money John McCain's contributors have donated to his campaign." Contributors include herself.

You can't blame Kathy Hilton for being insulted on her daughter's behalf. I doubt Paris is anywhere near stupid enough to come up with an energy policy that consists of bike paths, putting more air in our tires, and massively raising taxes on oil companies.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Howie Carr on Moonbats

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:28 PM

Howie Carr is a ray of hope piercing the liberal gloom of Taxachusetts. Here he is on the term moonbat:

For those who came in late, moonbats are trust-funded, medicated, middle-aged, white-guilt-ridden blogging lefty losers who inflicted Deval Patrick upon the working people. The moonbats now yearn to elect Sen. Barack Obama, a Deval on steroids.
If you are a guy with a ponytail, chances are you're a moonbat — if you have a wide-brim leather hat too, the odds rise to 100 percent. If you're a woman and you bring knitting to public meetings, consider yourself positively ID'ed.

Other indications that you could be a moonbat include:

You've used the word "Halliburton" at least once in the last 10 minutes.
You take part in the weekly anti-war protests on the town post office with all the other grandmothers, or should I say the women who would be grandmothers if they hadn't had so many abortions 30 years ago.
You scoff at people who believe in God, but just as fervently believe that there is a "scientific consensus" about global warming.
You'd never admit that the reason you don't care about Obama's plans to tax the middle class back to the Stone Age is because your dad down in New York put all your trust funds into tax-free municipal bonds.
You have both of Barack Obama's books, and you've been meaning to get around to reading them, but…
You haven't uttered the word "Christmas" since 1983, lest you offend someone.
Forget vegetarian, you'd like to be a vegan … except for that no-ice-cream thing.

As car points out, there is no such thing as a "right-wing moonbat." The phrase is as much an oxymoron as "law-abiding illegal alien."

Words are weapons. Kudos to Carr for guarding the term moonbat, which the moonbats themselves would like to take out of their opponents' arsenal, as you can see by some of the outrageously false definitions of the term given on Urban Dictionary.

On a tip from Bergbikr.

Church of Oprah Takes on Jesus

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:26 PM

Here's noted theologian Oprah Winfrey denouncing Christianity to her massive flock:

She's got a point. If Jesus Christ is the only way to God, how do you explain the Obamessiah?

Hat tip: Black Voices Blog; on a tip from b1bbet.

A Crack in the Muslim–Moonbat Alliance

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:49 PM

A shared hatred of Western Civilization may not be enough to hold together the unholy alliance of moonbats and Muslims. Militant atheist Richard Dawkins — who insists we believe that human existence is a random accident occurring in a void, no matter how that may strain credulity — is enraged that politically correct obsequiousness to Muslims is preventing British schools from stamping out religion.

Listen to him fume:

Most devout Muslims are creationists — so when you go to schools, there are a large number of children of Islamic parents who trot out what they have been taught.
Teachers are bending over backwards to respect home prejudices that children have been brought up with.
The Government could do more but it doesn't want to because it is fanatical about multiculturalism and the need to respect the different traditions from which these children come.
The Government — particularly under Tony Blair — thinks it is wonderful to have children brought up with their traditional regions. I call it brainwashing.

In one breath, he whines that the government doesn't "do more" to extirpate religious views. In the next, he complains about brainwashing. Dawkins' hypocrisy is almost as appalling as the nihilistic ideology he wants to impose.

But if even a stopped clock is right twice a day, Dawkins can be right once in his life:

It's almost impossible to say anything against Islam in this country because if you do you are accused of being racist or Islamaphobic.

Soon moonbats will begin to realize that the Islamization of Europe they've nurtured so sanctimoniously is going to eat them first.

Dawkins smirks at the unbelievers in random meaninglessness.

On a tip from Oiao.

August 2, 2008

Report from Gomorrah

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:48 AM

It's hardly surprising that Nancy Pelosi would back the Obamessiah's plan to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, in light of the constituency she represents. Ralph Peters compares San Francisco to Calcutta. More apt comparisons would be to Sodom and Gomorrah.

To get an idea of just how degenerate the city that elected our Speaker of the House has become, check out Zombie's photographic report on the Up Your Alley street fair held on July 27, sponsored in part by the ever-moonbatty Miller beer. This festive celebration of the sacrosanct gay community and lifestyle drew massive crowds out onto the streets, where they walked around naked and indulged in disgusting acts of perversion in broad daylight.

Zombie thoughtfully provides both a blurred and an uncensored version of her report. I would provide a representative sample picture, but even the blurred version is too over the top. Basically, Up Your Alley was a hardcore gay porno movie enacted with a cast of tens of thousands all day long on public streets.

Meanwhile, San Francisco is showing what it thinks of the rest of America by naming a sewage treatment plant after the President.

It's no coincidence that Obama was in San Francisco when he denounced normal Americans as bitter people who cling to guns and religion. This is the cultural capital of the liberal elite.

If moonbattery prevails, San Francisco is what we will have instead of America.

On tips from Jay Guevara, V the K, and joegosox.

Access Problems

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:30 AM

Apparently Internet Explorer got in a scuffle with Site Meter overnight, so that sites that use it wouldn't load in IE. It looks like they've got the problem under control now. Thanks for your patience, and to readers who gave me a heads-up.

August 1, 2008

Obama Promises Free Money Looted from Paralyzed Oil Companies

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:13 AM

This should clear up any lingering doubts about whether Obama actually shares the Marxist views of the deranged radicals he's spent his whole life surrounded by:

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on Friday called for a $1,000 "emergency" rebate to consumers to offset soaring energy costs amid fresh signs of a struggling economy with the nation's unemployment rate climbing to a four-year high.
Obama told a town-hall meeting the rebate would be financed with a windfall profits tax on the oil industry.

Ingenious. He wants to give everyone free money to buy oil that he won't let energy companies extract. These same companies will be looted to provide the funds, thereby forcing them to raise prices or go bankrupt. The inevitable next step step: nationalization, à la Hugo Chavez.

His plan to solve the energy crisis by inflating tires was more constructive.


On a tip from Jay Guevara.

Moonbattery as Emptiness

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:22 AM

Kyle-Anne Shiver on the absurd Obama candidacy:

What could more openly and more amply demonstrate the absolute emptiness of socialism's promise than the perfectly empty resume of its newest hero?
Absolutely nothing there.

30,000 Left Starving in British Hospitals Last Year

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:33 AM

It's said that during the Revolutionary War, more Americans died in British custody than on the battlefield, mainly because they were not fed. Inmates of Britain's socialized healthcare system suffer a similar fate:

At least 30,000 patients were left starving on NHS wards last year, despite ministers' pledges to make proper nutrition in hospitals a priority.
Last year, Health Minister Ivan Lewis admitted that some patients were given a single scoop of mash as a meal.
Others were 'tortured' with trays of food placed just beyond their reach while nurses said they were too busy to help them eat.

On the positive side, withholding meals until patients starve not only saves on food costs, but frees up beds and eliminates useless eaters who no longer pay taxes.

It's no coincidence that the same people who would use the Fairness Doctrine and gun control measures to destroy our Constitutional rights also want the government in charge of healthcare. It is an important step toward absolute power, as Britain's unfed patients can attest.

On a tip from mega.

Pelosi Book Bombs

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:40 AM

Nancy Pelosi has accomplished the virtually impossible: on, where her new book Know Your Power is currently ranked #1,457, she has an average rating of 1 star after 219 customer reviews. There is no 0 star rating. From a typical reader review:

The democrat matron of global warming hysteria is doing her part to destroy the planet by writing an unnecessary book — to be made out of paper and ultimately tossed in a landfill?
Even if her publishers are using recycled paper, they are still wasting materials that could be utilized for a greater purpose. The printing process and delivery of the book also squander valuable energy and resources that could go to better use.
So park your SUVs and turn off your air conditioners… Nancy needs the power to make profits from her book.
Anyone who buys this book should, out of deference for the planet, multipurpose the material and use it for toilet paper — preferably before they read it.

From another:

I don't understand why so many people are surprised that this book is a failure. Pelosi is a vacuous, empty suit who represents an amoral left-wing cesspool of a district. It's only natural that her book is going to be nothing more than a collection of egocentric blathering, offering nothing more than rehashed platitudes designed to make her appear smarter than she is — which is, admittedly, not much of a challenge.

Unsurprisingly, the moonbats at Publishers Weekly tried to put lipstick on a pig by praising the book as a "graceful personal and political history… A gentle account from a tough politician." But by now shoppers know better than to take PW reviews seriously on anything remotely political.

Maybe Pelousy should stick to politics, where she has achieved a relatively impressive 9% approval rating.

She should have called it, Know Your Limitations.

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin; on tips from Burning Hot, mega, and Smoke TNT.


While you're on Amazon, check out some of the images readers have helpfully uploaded for the book. Here's a good one:


Obama Energy Plan: Not Just Bicycle Trails Anymore

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:09 AM

In case anyone is too skeptical to believe that someone the media expects us to take seriously as a presidential candidate actually proposes putting more air in our tires as an alternative to drilling for oil, here's video:

On a tip from mega.

Keith Olbermann Explains the Second Amendment

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:59 AM

The two primary pillars of freedom in America are the First and Second Amendments. The Orwellian "Fairness Doctrine" will take out the former; the amazing Keith Olbermann has already dispensed with the latter. He's revealed that the right to bear arms "obviously" only applies to muskets:

Despite years of fog created by the NRA and right-wing organizations, that isn't very complicated: For the purposes of forming a state militia, you're entitled to keep and bear arms. Obviously, those would have to be the kind of arms in use in 1791, when the Bill of Rights was passed — the musket, the wheel-lock, the flint lock, the 13th century Chinese hand canon.

Where would we be without the great legal scholars at MSNBC to clear away the fog and explain away our rights?

Olbermann further revealed that in addition to being the "Worst Person in the World" for upholding our right to defend ourselves, Justice Antonin Scalia is a "clown" — which has got to hurt, coming from a circus act like Olbie. Also revealed was the NRA's secret agenda: "to increase deaths by gun in this country."

Lunatics like Keith Olbermann could soon have their candidate of choice in the White House.

Olbermann wants Scalia and the NRA to shut up about our rights.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels Introduces Energy Plan

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:53 AM

As Harry Reid and the profiteering T. Boone Pickets will be only too happy to tell you, we can't drill our way out of high energy prices. Fortunately, Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels has an alternate plan:

To encourage people to drive less this summer, Seattle will close three streets to cars for several hours on three Sundays in Alki, Capitol Hill and Rainier Valley.
"Just for one day, just chill," Mayor Greg Nickels said at a news conference today, encouraging people to bicycle, walk, jump rope and create chalk art instead.

Between the jumping rope and chalk art, and Obama's ingenious notion that rather than drill for oil we should just inflate our tires, we've been freed from our addiction to fossil fuels at last.

Maybe there are petroleum reserves somewhere inside Nickels's monstrous head.

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin; on a tip from Burning Hot.