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January 31, 2008

Josh Brolin to Play W: Wicked Stepmother Babs Enraged

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:49 PM

Someone seems to think that the planned Oliver Stone bio of W won't be the hatchet job you might expect. Militant moonbat Barbra Streisand is reportedly enraged that her stepson Josh Brolin is slated to play the lead role. Digital Spy quotes an anonymous source:

Barbra thinks this movie will show a side to George W. Bush that draws sympathy from the public and she does not think Bush deserves anything positive.

Josh's father and Streisand's husband, James Brolin, is a leftist kook who has publicly ridiculed 9/11 commemorations. He played Ronald Reagan in a made-for-TV movie that CBS refrained from running due to public outrage at the idea of moonbats disrespecting the memory of Ronaldus Maximus. I don't recall Babs getting bent out of shape about him taking the role.

Could it be that Stone will give W a fair shake? Or has her severe case of Bush Derangement Syndrome pushed Babs over the edge?

Josh Brolin's wicked stepmother.

On tips from Charles and Wiggins.

Blood Drives Halted in the Name of Gay Rights

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:13 PM

Moonbats don't seem terribly concerned about the collateral damage they inflict in pursuit of their radical agenda. For example, Don Kassing, President of San Jose State University, has suspended all campus blood drives to protest the longstanding FDA policy against homosexuals donating blood.

Some would like to see the advance of AIDS limited. But if that were important to Kassing, he wouldn't be taking up the rainbow banner on behalf of homosexuals, whose depraved and decadent lifestyle has been primarily responsible for spreading the disease. For Kasinine, protecting the public at large is less important than pandering to gays, who are regarded as sacred beings by moonbat educrats.

Boasts Larry Carr, the school's associate vice president for public affairs:

It's a position based entirely on principle. President Kassing stood up for our non-discrimination policy.

Let that be solace to those left behind by anyone who dies because moonbattery was given priority over maintaining a supply of safe blood.

One nation, under moonbat depravity.

On a tip from dpt.

Obama Subjects Hillary to Withering Sneer

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:45 AM

At least we shouldn't have to worry about Shrillary and Obambi on the same ticket. Check out this sneer, delivered on the floor of the House of Representatives during W's recent State of the Union:


Obama stands accused of turning his back so as not to have to shake Shrillary's claw. What the heck, haven't we had grownups in the White House long enough?

Via Bob McCarty Writes.

While Others Laugh, Moonbats Bark

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:24 AM

Congrats to Jody Miller and NewsBusters: their latest episode of NewsBusted made it to #1 in comedy on YouTube, and #4 overall.

Unfortunately some moonbats are too bitter and humorless to share in the fun. A few of their comments:

This fucking bitch is not funny at all I hate the laugh tracks and her retarded looking smirk every time she thinks she says something funny holy shit I want to kill her wow
Dude, I'm high right now, and its still not funny.
Conservatives should stick to what their good at: raping the poor and pandering to Jesus.
I think you'd find more success with just being a whore.
umm i dont get anything… this is stupid.
Your portrait of an "illegal alien" was rather a racist attempt to make fun of brown people. Really bad move.
Typical republican right wing conservative propaganda trash! The only thing they know how to do is point fingers, make fun, ridicule, critize and swift boat everyone who disagrees with their right wing neo-con warmonger ideology.

Here's a particularly tasteless one:

Jody Miller: You suck. You suck really bad. You should be doing knock knock jokes in front of Rumsfeld. May be you would not need canned laughter then. You are lucky most illegal aliens do not know English, because you would be out of a job. You remind of the one night stands of my misspent youth, in where I felt dirty the nano second I ejaculated inside their white trash mouths. Go back to cosmetology

Lighten up, loonies! Even moonbats have to stop barking long enough to laugh from time to time.

On a tip from Cheetah.

Illegal Aliens Continue Converting NYC's Northern Suburbs into a Sewer

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:44 AM

It's nice to see that the illegal aliens who have been overrunning parts of Westchester and Putnam Counties, just north of New York City, have the initiative to do more than sleep in the woods and stagger around downtown areas drunk:

Five men face felony drug charges after selling a large amount of cocaine to undercover Putnam County sherrif's [sic] deputies, police said yesterday.
The arrests bring to an end a nine-month investigation by the Sheriff's Narcotics Enforcement Unit into what they suspected was a cocaine distribution ring. The investigation, which began in May, focused on the towns of Brewster, Carmel and Southeast.
The five men were accused of selling a total of 1 1/2 pounds of uncut cocaine with a street value of about $30,000, police said. Officers also confiscated three vehicles and nearly $7,000 in cash.

Grudgingly, the Journal News admits in the 15th paragraph of the 15-paragraph story that all of the drug-dealers are "undocumented immigrants from Guatemala" — just trying to do best for their families, no doubt.

On a tip from Wiggins.

CNN Tells Grim Tale of Economic Hardship

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:30 AM

As America plunges headlong into recession, times are getting tough. Business & Media Institute describes a heartwrenching CNN report that aired yesterday:

"Veronica McNeil has two kids," said CNN correspondent Alina Cho. "She recently lost her job. Her husband's an iron worker and the family is feeling the pinch."
While McNeil was introduced as struggling financially, she then announced that for the right price she'd buy an unnecessary high-ticket item.
"If I'm here to buy baby stuff and I see a TV at a good sale price, I'll grab it," McNeil said.
Cho pointed toward "rising gas and home heating oil prices and Americans losing their homes" for money being "tight." Unfortunately, Cho entirely missed the personal responsibility angle — if there is something you can't afford, don't buy it.
Cho also cited another shopper who complained "it seems like everything I buy is a little more expensive today than it was yesterday." Still, the man was willing to splurge on a "big TV for the Giants game" because he's a fan of the team.
"So everybody agrees that we're all feeling the pinch, but the Super Bowl gets a pass," said Cho. "Please excuse the pun."

Poverty must be completely out of control if people have to "feel the pinch" while they're buying basic necessities like oversized televisions to watch the Super Bowl. Where's John Edwards when you need him?

Some are forced to choose between new TVs and vacations in the South of France.

Hat tip: NewsBusters, on a tip from Cheetah.

New York Observer Helps Out Al Qaeda

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:14 AM

Sometimes providing crucial propaganda support isn't enough for the moonbat media; it feels compelled to assist its terrorist allies more actively. For example, the New York Observer is helping them locate former FBI Special Agent Ali Soufan, who discovered the names of the 9/11 hijackers and who might have prevented the atrocities had the CIA not petulantly withheld information.

Soufan is in the private sector now, and unsurprisingly does not want al Qaeda to know his address — so instead of printing it, the Observer thoughtfully tells terrorists how to find it for themselves, printed "in large capital letters."

The next terror attack on New York might leave a smoking radioactive crater where the Observer's offices are now. But guys like Soufan are working hard to prevent that, regardless of the absolute lack of gratitude from moonbats.

Hat tip: The Jawa Report, on a tip from Burning Hot.

Gitmo Terrorists for Obama

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:38 AM

With this, I could easily rest my case against Barack Hussein Obama:

More than 80 attorneys who have been offering free-of-charge legal services to Guantánamo detainees issued a statement Monday supporting Democrat Barack Obama's presidential bid.

Now we know who Lynne Stewart must be rooting for.

Like Lettuce McCain, Obambi calls for closing Club Gitmo in an effort to appease our enemies. But that's not enough: he also wants to grant the terrorists held there legal privileges they do not deserve, as if they were not foreign unlawful combatants but American citizens held for conventional crimes.


Republican candidate Mitt Romney, in contrast, has advocated doubling the detention center — which today holds about 275 foreign men as enemy combatants and cell space for more than 1,500.

The Pentagon regards Gitmo as essential for incarcerating "high-value detainees" — guys like Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, who earned Rosie O'Donnell's undying affection by planning the 9/11 atrocities. Apparently facile posturing is more important than national security to Obambi, McLame and other irresponsible liberals.

Barack bin Obama sews up a key constituency.

Hat tip: JunkYardBlog, on a tip from V the K.

A Moment of Candor from Slick Willie

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:38 AM

Bill Clinton's mouth has come open again, and out fell an inconvenient truth: the main consequence of buying into the global warming hoax would be to cripple our economy. While more responsible leaders attempt to stave off recession, Slick Willie endorses the swindle — but with a caveat, proclaiming:

Everybody knows that global warming is real, but we cannot solve it alone. And maybe America, and Europe, and Japan, and Canada — the rich counties — would say, "OK, we just have to slow down our economy and cut back our greenhouse gas emissions 'cause we have to save the planet for our grandchildren." We could do that.

In other words, we could deliberately induce a severe recession or even a depression, in the name of a discredited hoax. If this sounds like a good idea to you, by all means vote for John McCain or either Democrat.

However, Bubba admits that our willingness to commit economic suicide will not be shared by developing nations, and consequently would accomplish nothing, even if anthropogenic global warming were anything but a con job.

On a tip from furballz.

Moonbats Attempt to Focus the Nation on Global Warming Hoax

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:57 AM

Moonbats certainly have a knack for publicly making fools of themselves, as the Focus the Nation propaganda blitz has given them yet another opportunity to demonstrate.

At the University of Rhode Island, students placed 300-pound blocks of ice around their campus and let them melt to symbolize how global warming is affecting polar ice caps.

Since global warming hasn't materialized, beyond a slight warming trend in the 1990s, moonbats have been forced to stage it.

At Missouri State University, students will pile 20 tons of coal on campus to show how much of this air-polluting fossil fuel is needed to power their school for an hour.

And the point would be… they should close down the school? No one seems to be learning much anyway.

At UCSD, young conservationists are preparing a performance-art show that will feature a faux polar bear in an 8-foot-tall "electric" chair.

Despite their burgeoning population, polar bears are said to be oppressed by our use of electric power — all the more reason to shut down colleges and let the kids play and watch cartoons instead of sitting through boring classes.

Supposedly 1,700 colleges are taking part in the massive brainwashing push. Whether it will succeed in convincing anyone that it isn't cold out is doubtful.

Moonbats prepare another silly prop.

Hat tip: Knowledge Is Power, on a tip from V the K.

Berkeley Declares War on Marines

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:26 AM

Berkeley's city council has voted 8-1 to declare that the Marine recruiting office in their moonbatty town

is not welcome in the city, and if recruiters choose to stay, they do so as uninvited and unwelcome intruders.

The council officially encouraged the Code Pink sociopaths who have been vandalizing the office, granting them a special parking place in front of it and a free permit so they can continue their disruptive activities.

Because the Marines go by the "don't ask, don't tell" policy instituted by Bill Clinton, the council intends to harass them legally with the help of laws that enshrine homosexual depravity as politically sacrosanct.

Yaps Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates:

I believe in the Code Pink cause. The Marines don't belong here, they shouldn't have come here, and they should leave.

Even in Berkeley, there are normal people who regard the Code Pinkos with contempt:

An employee of a nearby business who asked not to be identified said Wednesday the elderly Code Pink protesters are aggressive, take up parking spaces, block the sidewalk with their yoga moves, smoke in the doorways, and are noisy.
"Most of the people around here think they're a joke," the woman said.

But the joke isn't funny when it entails using government power to spit at the Marines.

Say, has the military found a replacement for Vieques?

Move America Forward reacts to Berkeley's attempts to stifle recruiters.

On a tip from Mike H.

Toronto Brings Back Segregation

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:45 AM

Proving that condescending patronization is no different in its effects than outright racial hostility, Toronto educrats are reinstituting segregation with an Afrocentric school.

Blacks don't do as well in school, primarily for cultural reasons. To keep it this way, moonbats want to cut them off from the rest of society so they don't assimilate. Instead of learning about Canadians' common heritage, they will be fed the sort of African-oriented victimology that should ensure a lifetime of uselessness and alienation. That way the Left can continue to count on their dependence and their votes.

Hat tip: BelchSpeak.

January 30, 2008

Illegal Aliens and the Subprime Problem

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:54 PM

While blubbering over the plight of Harry Reid's "undocumented Americans," Reuters highlights the connection between the illegal alien and subprime mortgage crises.

Many subprime loans were taken out by illegal aliens who had no business buying houses in this country. They climbed into debt over their heads just in time for a slowdown in the construction industry, in which many of them work.

Illegal immigrants were able to buy U.S. homes during the boom years, either by showing evidence that they pay taxes or by simply presenting false documents.
Many of them took out high interest fixed-rate loans or subprime mortgages with a low entry rate that later rose sharply. Experts say language difficulties made them more vulnerable to being offered, and taking, bad deals.
"They were more exposed to abuse," said Alejandra Louden of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute's housing department, which carried out a recent study on Latino home loan foreclosures. "Documents were in English and explained in Spanish, and some vital explanation would be missing."

Exposed to abuse? They break into our country, take out loans they can't repay, help drag our economy toward a recession and they're the ones being abused because our legal documents aren't written in their language? Welcome to the world according to Roto-Reuters.

On a tip from Wiggins.

British Schools Strike "Mum" and "Dad" from Newspeak Dictionary

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:17 PM

Bureauweenies have forbidden the words "mum" and "dad" in British schools, having determined that they reinforce the hated conventional family by assuming that a child's parents are of different genders.

There's more:

When discussing marriage with secondary pupils, teachers should also educate pupils about civil partnerships and gay adoption rights.
The guidance — produced for the Government by gay rights group Stonewall — will be formally launched today by Schools Secretary Ed Balls.

Just call him Ben Wa.

While educrats aggressively impose acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle, children are forbidden from using the word "gay":

It [the "guidance"] states that children who call classmates "gay" should be treated the same as racists as part of a "zero tolerance" crackdown on the use of the word as an insult.

The expression "be a man" is forbidden, because it "leads to bullying of those who do not conform to fixed ideas about gender." Gay role models are to be encouraged. The zero-tolerance approach to anything even remotely suggesting disapproval of homosexuality "is central to achieving progress and an environment in which being gay is not thought of as being inferior."

There used to be a law against openly promoting homosexuality in British schools. It was repealed.

It's not surprising that politically correct establishmentarians would try to remake children in their own image. Unfortunately, that means trying to reduce them to squishy, pathetic, depraved obscenities.

A young man on the approved track.

On tips from Pam and V the K.

Prospect of Obambi Defeat Reduces Tweety to Tears

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:43 AM

On MSNBC's Morning Joe today, liberal bloviator Chris "Tweety" Matthews was reduced to the verge of tears by the prospect of Barack Hussein Obama not getting the Democrat nomination. Click for video:

At least Tweety has plenty of bottles of solace at hand.

New Low for McLame Campaign?

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:34 AM

You have to wonder if any tactic could be beneath John "Lettuce" McCain's Doubletalk Express campaign, after his phony claim that Romney supports a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq, and now this outrage:

The day before polls close in Tuesday's critical Florida primary, some voters in the Miami area received automated phone calls in Spanish falsely accusing Mitt Romney of supporting an opening of relations with Cuban President Fidel Castro.
A key member of Romney's Latin American policy team, Ambassador Roger Noriega, had been on local radio on Monday morning talking about Romney's anti-Castro stance. "It was obviously a dirty tactic and strategy to rebut the efforts we made to let the [Hispanic] community know our position," said Al Cardenas, Romney's Florida state chairman.
Asked if he suspected rival John McCain, Cardenas responded, "Obviously it's a camp of one of our opponents," later adding "I can't specifically state with certainty it is John McCain's campaign, all I know is there are two campaigns making these calls, ours and his and these calls started immediately after our programming on that issue."

McCain took Florida largely because of overwhelming support from Hispanics, many of whom are refugees from communist Cuba.

As we've learned from the Clintons, there's a difference between hardball and gutter ball.

At least no one will accuse McCain of not wanting to win.

Swedes Put Dhimmitude Before Child Safety

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:00 AM

In Gothenburg, Sweden, parents attending children at the municipal pool are required to wear shorts and T-shirts so they can jump in the water and save their kids from drowning. Reasonable, right? Wrong: it is oppressive to Muslims, who insist that women waddle around in gunnysacks.

The dhimmis running Sweden value the multiculturalism that is literally obliterating their civilization far above the safety of children. Muslim women now officially have the "right" to attend swimming kids while wearing tip-to-toe tents pleasing to their prophet. Speaking of profit, the Gothenburg taxpayers even had to pay two Muslim women $3,000 apiece in damages for having committed "ethnic discrimination."

Muslims tried repeatedly to conquer Europe by the sword. It didn't work. But now they've found an easier way: conquest by moonbattery.

Enjoy the Swedish Bikini Team while you can (via PC Free Zone).

Hat tip: Gates of Vienna, on a tip from Burning Hot.

Tomorrow Is Mandatory Kool-Aid Day at CU

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:31 AM

As forewarned, tomorrow the University of Colorado will indulge in an entire day of total saturation in the global warming hoax. Entitled "CU Focus the Nation," the 60s-style teach-in will subject students to wall-to-wall propaganda intended to instill the irrational belief that the climate change crisis is anything but a farce.

The event has been endorsed by Chancellor Bud Peterson and the Boulder Faculty Assembly. Even Governor Bill Critter will be on hand. The goal is to see to it that "a student cannot get through the day (January 31st) without somehow encountering the topic of climate change."

To accomplish this, the Kool-Aid wholesalers want to "engage at least fifty campus educators." Fortunately, "Faculty do not have to be climate change experts to participate." Events include a long list of brainwashing sessions pushing the radical environmentalist agenda. Focus the Nation lists specific policy actions it wants rammed through.

But what's this? A memo Chancellor Bud sent out to all Boulder campus staff reminds them they are there to teach, not indoctrinate:

• Engage in any activity during working hours designed to urge electors to vote for or against any campaign issues, which include campaigns for public office, state-wide campaign issues or referred measures, and local campaign issues or levies.
• Employees wishing to participate in a campaign activity should take personal leave.

Roger Pielke, Jr., director of CU's Center for Science and Technology Policy Research, is so confused:

Focus the Nation is unadulterated political advocacy. But my campus forbids me to use my official time, paid for by taxpayers, to advocate for particular campaign issues. But global warming is so important. But my Chancellor forbids me to engage in political advocacy as part of my job. But my Chancellor is the keynote speaker for our Focus the Nation activities. But my job is to teach not indoctrinate. But I actually agree with many of the proposed policies. But it is not my job to use my platform as a professor to tell students what to think; I am supposed to teach them how to think and come to their own conclusions. But if I don't go along I'll be castigated as one of those bad guys, like a Holocaust denier or slave owner. But doing the right thing is so obvious.
Thank goodness I am on sabbatical.

No need for confusion: Political activism is forbidden, except when it's moonbatty, in which case it is mandatory.

What CU students are getting instead of an education.

Hat tip: Slapstick Politics.

January 29, 2008

The Prostitute as Genius at William and Mary

Posted by Dave Blount at 5:59 PM

The college William and Mary was established by the Anglican Church in the 17th century. But the only religion recognized on campus now is moonbattery, which will be celebrated on February 4 with the Sex Worker's Art Show:

The Sex Workers' Art Show features performances and monologues by strippers, prostitutes and other sex workers, with its goal being to "dispel the myth that (the performers) are anything short of artists, innovators, and geniuses."

Chief educrat Gene Nichol has decreed that the school has no choice but to host this tasteless spectacle, on the grounds that

My views and the views of others in the community about the worth or offensiveness of the program can provide no basis for censoring it.

If only that applied to crosses in chapels and politically incorrect opinions, privately expressed.

On a tip from Lyle.

Pandering Obambi Calls for Driver's Licenses for Illegal Aliens

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:20 AM

Barack Hussein Obama lost big among Hispanics in Nevada. His solution: pander extravagantly to the illegal aliens who are creating a major crisis in the Southwest. Managing to outflank even Lettuce McCain on the left, Obambi is calling for driver's licenses for illegal aliens.

Federico Peña, former Denver mayor and a supporter of Abominable, explains why our sovereignty, security and rule of law must be sacrificed:

I think when the Latino community hears Barack's position on such an important and controversial issue, they'll understand that his heart and his intellect is with [the] Latino community.

Too bad his heart and intellect aren't with the American community.

Whatever gets you elected, so long as it's moonbatty.

Hat tip: Hot Air.

Gwyneth Paltrow Boycotts America

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:21 AM

Bad news for the USA: it has been subjected to a boycott by moonbat actress Gwyneth Paltrow. She says she won't return to the USA unless she "absolutely has to" after a scuffle between her husband and a paparazzo.

America has incurred her disfavor before. Though born in LA, she lives in the UK, reportedly because it's "not as capitalistic" and because "the British are much more intelligent and civilized than the Americans." Yet capitalist American audiences make her rich by paying good money to sit through her movies.

Paltrow named her daughter "Apple."

Shrillary as Tracy Flick

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:47 AM

Did the 1999 movie Election predict Shrillary's 2008 campaign? You be the judge:

Via Houston's Clear Thinkers, on a tip from Byron.

Boston Globe: Each Palestinian Needs Half a Ton of Flour a Day

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:19 AM

Maybe a good copy editor could keep the MSM's lies from spinning out of control. A weepy pro-terrorist op-ed in the Boston Globe, amid whimpers about the "stranglehold" on Gaza, declares the following:

Although Gaza daily requires 680,000 tons of flour to feed its population, Israel had cut this to 90 tons per day by November 2007, a reduction of 99 percent.

The population of Gaza is less than 1.5 million. The math comes out to just under half a ton of flour per Palestinian per day. At least they have a healthy appetite, despite all the Zionist oppression.

The 680,000 tons wasn't a typo. The authors had gotten away with using it before. The phony stat originated in an Egyptian newspaper.

At least we're getting something in return for the $2 billion per year we've been handing over to Egypt ever since the Carter days. Our media recycles "facts" invented by theirs.

The lesson is one we have learned before: Never believe the mainstream media, particularly when it is riding to the defense of its terrorist allies.

Stocking a Palestinian pantry.

Hat tips: Sandbox, on a tip from Burning Hot.

Moonbats Kill Karl Rove Commencement Address

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:43 AM

When liberal fascism kills freedom, it will be by the death of 1,000 cuts. One cut was inflicted yesterday at the prestigious prep school Choate Rosemary Hall, where a commencement address by Karl Rove was nixed because leftist students didn't want to hear his mild opinions.

Some students planned to walk out of the ceremony. Others demanded that conspicuously unfunny but reliably liberal comedian Stephen Colbert give an alternate speech. After canceling Rove, headmaster Edward Shanahan bleated cravenly about outsiders who might disrupt the graduation.

Maybe Choate should follow the lead of UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, Antioch College, Occidental College, Evergreen State College, et al. and have radical leftist and vicious convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal give a recorded commencement. That way they wouldn't have to worry about any frightening disturbances.

Those who do not deserve freedom won't have it indefinitely.

Mumia Abu-Jamal, a less controversial commencement alternative.

Hat tip: NewsBusters, on a tip from Cheetah.

Another Deported Illegal Alien Inflicts Mayhem on Arizona

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:13 AM

Lacking a functioning government to defend them from foreign incursions, American citizens are literally under siege:

A felony conviction and subsequent deportation didn't stop Manuel Enrique Morales from crossing the border to return to Mesa, where police allege he and others terrorized victims with an assault rifle in a series of home invasions.

This is hardly unusual. In neighboring Chandler, Arizona, serial rapist Santana Batiz Aceves was finally caught recently. He preyed on children in their homes, and had been deported twice. Erik Jovani Martinez was deported the year before he shot and killed police officer Nick Erfle in Phoenix last September.

This time Morales will sit in jail for awhile. When he gets out, he'll be deported. Soon afterwards, he'll be back in the US with his assault rifle or whatever else he cares to bring across the unguarded border.

But Lettuce McCain and the Democrat candidates aren't too worried about it; they have plenty of heavily armed security.

Criminals like Morales are becoming Mexico's main export.

On a tip from Wiggins.

January 28, 2008

Congress Blows Our Money on Pointless Eco-Indulgences

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:52 AM

Our obscenely bloated government expropriates enough of our wealth to significantly retard economic growth and diminish the standard of living we have earned. Adding insult to this injury, it often flushes the money straight down the toilet.

WaPo reports that last November the House blew $89,000 on the preposterous carbon offsets swindle in an attempt to compensate Mother Earth for its existence.

Some of the money went to farmers in North Dakota, for tilling practices that keep carbon buried in the soil. But some farmers were already doing this, for other reasons, before the House paid a cent.
Other funds went to Iowa, where a power plant had been temporarily rejiggered to burn more cleanly. But that test project had ended more than a year before the money arrived.

Even according to Joseph Romm, a leftist envirokook from the Center for American Progress who believes in global warming:

It didn't change much behavior that wasn't going to happen anyway. It just, I think, demonstrated why offsets are controversial and possibly pointless. … This is a waste of taxpayer money.

The frivolous eco-indulgences were part of the new Dem Congress's Green the Capitol initiative, which has also entailed the use of melting biodegradable utensils in Congressional cafeterias.


On a tip from mega.

Subprime Crisis as Racist Oppression

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:14 AM

Whites really do oppress blacks: by using the liberal media to promote a parasitic, self-pitying attitude that makes success impossible. This moonbattery degenerates into self-parody in an AFP piece that weeps over the unjust plight of Cleveland blacks caught up in the subprime mortgage crisis. Apparently they should not be expected to pay back loans like everyone else — or else the banks never should have given them a chance by lending to them in the first place.

Activist Nikita Bailey is quoted as calling the situation "financial apartheid." According to Cleveland Plain Dealer columnist Phillip Morris, it's worse than Katrina.

City councilor Zach Reid explains why Cleveland is such a basket case by echoing the irresponsible rhetoric:

It would have been better if it was an earthquake or a hurricane, we respond better to natural disasters than to men in suits disasters.

Cleveland resident John Brett holds forth from the counter of the Velvet Dog Bar:

People in Washington — George Bush, the US Senate, the US Congress — witnessed it, they stood by and they didn't do nothing to stop it. It was almost like they were on the Titanic, and they could see the iceberg coming and they did nothing about it. They wrecked our American dreams, the willingness to own a home.

It might surprise Brett to learn that the American Dream entails earning a home, not "the willingness" to have one handed to you at someone else's expense by the federal government. No doubt if he knew, Brett would push off from the bar and go look for a job.

On a tip from Matterhorn.

Moonbat Bicycle Will Save the World by Filtering Water

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:16 AM

If only all enviromoonbattery took the form of the harmless, noncoercive idiocy on display at the Official Google Blog, where the "Don't Be Evil" folks are ecstatic over a bicycle that filters water. Five moonbats will share a $5,000 prize for creating the Aquaduct bicycle, utilizing technology adapted from the Flintstones.

I defy anyone to take environmentalism seriously after watching this video:

This must be the most revolutionary concept since Sped Begley learned to use a bicycle to make toast. The polar bears are safe at last!

On a tip from Dave D.

Berkeley Moonbats Equate Recruiting Offices With Porn Shops

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:47 AM

Sure they support the troops — the same way Rudy Giuliani supported the porn industry when he was Mayor of New York. If a proposed initiative is passed by Berkeley voters, military recruitment offices will be banned from opening within 600 feet of residential districts, public parks, public health clinics, public libraries, schools or churches.

The author of the initiative, Berkeley-based lawyer Sharon Adams, modeled the initiative after current zoning law that restricts the location of adult-oriented businesses.

Berkeley Councilmember Dona Spring has a problem with this. Why wait for the elections in November?

"I think we should just go ahead and pass it," she said. "We can't take everything to the voters."

She also wants Berkeley's only existing recruiting office removed, because it "offends our public standards."

Berkeley is only the beginning:

Proponents hope that this ordinance will become a template for communities around the country to follow.

The soldiers out there fighting to the death to preserve liberty are as obscene to moonbats as porn shops are to decent people.

Code Pinkos defacing Berkeley's lone recruiting office, via Gateway Pundit.

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin, on a tip from Burning Hot.

Oklahoma Accused of Killing Baby, Compared to Nazi Germany

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:46 AM

MSM propagandists have no shame when it comes to tugging on heartstrings to undermine support for defending our borders. To attack an Oklahoma law that can lead to illegal aliens getting deported, AP dug up the story of Edgar Castorena, a 2-month-old baby who died after 10 days of diarrhea because his illegal alien parents wouldn't take him to a hospital. Apparently they preferred letting their baby die to risking the minor inconvenience of being deported and having to travel all the way back to Oklahoma after bouncing back across the border.

Naturally, Oklahoma's law is held to blame. How dare the Government place our country's sovereignty and best interests before the convenience of illegal colonists?

Snivels Laurie Paul, who runs the clinic they brought the baby to after it was too late anyway:

The sad part of it was the child didn't have to die if House Bill 1804 didn't ever come around. It was a total tragedy because the bill was there to create the myths and untruths and the fear.

No, the sad part is that the child didn't have to die if the parents had refrained from invading our country, or if they had been responsible enough to make their kid's survival a priority.

AP found someone willing to spew even sillier rhetoric. Illegal alien Maria Sanchez gripes:

I feel like I'm in some kind of Nazi country where if they see your color, you'll be stopped. I can't work, I can't study, I can't go out, there's no point of me staying here.

Here's an idea, Maria: If you don't like our Nazi-esque country, why don't you go home? Nothing doing, though she has threatened to leave Oklahoma.

Other interview subjects denounce Oklahoma for being xenophobic and unchristian. At least with AP, you always know where they stand.

By the way, Edgar Castorena died months before the law even went into effect.

Hat tip: NewsBusters, on a tip from Cheetah.

British Doctors: Withhold Treatment From the Unhealthy

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:10 AM

Obviously, socialized medicine could never function as efficiently medical care in a free economy, because when you set the price of a highly valued commodity like healthcare at zero, demand will quickly reach infinity. Since supply is far from infinite, rationing must be imposed. In Britain, it is already getting ugly:

Doctors are calling for NHS treatment to be withheld from patients who are too old or who lead unhealthy lives.
Smokers, heavy drinkers, the obese and the elderly should be barred from receiving some operations, according to doctors, with most saying the health service cannot afford to provide free care to everyone. […]
About one in 10 hospitals already deny some surgery to obese patients and smokers, with restrictions most common in hospitals battling debt.

Supposedly half the British population will by "dangerously overweight" by 2050, which should at least keep the wait down to a few years for emergency surgery if all these people are denied medical care.

The Government has stepped up to the plate by offering to pay fat people to diet and exercise. Just as they once thought the supply of healthcare is infinite, bureaucrats now believe there is no bottom to taxpayers' pockets.

One in three doctors surveyed think that old people shouldn't be given treatment if they are going to die soon anyway. Half think that smokers shouldn't get heart bypass surgery. Ninety-four percent think alcoholics should not be given liver transplants, which is almost exactly the percentage of alcoholics who stop drinking after receiving one.

Giving an indication of how depraved the medical profession has become under socialism, only one in five doesn't think taxpayers should have to finance "social" abortions. Limited resources are to be focused on ending life, not prolonging it.

On tips from Kevin and V the K.

January 27, 2008

Dolphins Not So Nice After All

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:28 PM

Deaths of young porpoises and dolphins that had been blamed on the US military and the oil industry were in fact the work of roving gangs of dolphin thugs:

The first clues to solving the riddle came in 1997 when, by coincidence, marine biologists in Virginia were finding young, dead dolphins with horrific internal injuries at the same time as young porpoises were washing up on Scotland's north-east coast with identical causes of death. The body count was growing in both locations.
The two groups of biologists pooled information and, at first, it was believed the mammals had died through "blast trauma". In American cases, this was supposedly from exercises by the US Navy, and in Scotland from air guns used by oil rig technicians to detect undersea caverns.
This theory was dismissed after further examination of the mammals' bodies revealed the injuries — broken ribs, imploding lungs, damaged livers and massive internal bleeding — could only have come from prolonged, focused attacks.

Bite marks and violent videos confirmed that dolphins were to blame.

Marine experts now believe that these displays of attacks on non-rival, non-predatory, peace-loving porpoises and, more shockingly, of dolphin infanticide, may have always taken place.
It is only now, with dolphins' more human-friendly behaviour taking them closer to tourist boats and beaches, that the violence is being witnessed first hand. Until the shocking realisation, dolphin-watchers in America had believed they were watching the mammals at play with their young.

Dolphins use their ultrasound capabilities to home in on vital organs during their attacks.

Guffaws Warner Todd Huston:

How many times have you heard about how smart and caring these beneficent mammals are? How many times have you heard dolphin sycophants scold we lowborn humans, telling us that if we were only more like the dolphins the whole world would be sooo much better?

Once again we see that the gentleness moonbats manage to see in nature is a projection of the human soul they so often deprecate.

The Telegraph has video.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Zionists Oppress With Giant Killer Bulldozer

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:51 PM

Gaza exports more than terrorism. It is becoming a leading center of creative photography. Check out this picture of a giant Israeli bulldozer from Palestinian propaganda organ International Middle East Media Center:

Original caption: Caterpillar brand D9 armored bulldozer.

This is reportedly the same death device employed to martyr Rachel Corrie, aka "Saint Pancake."

Via Small Dead Animals, this is what conventional D9s look like next to a normal-sized person:


Are Israelis really using Godzilla-sized bulldozers? Or have they employed mad scientists to shrink the long-suffering Palestinians into Munchkins?

A third possibility is that Reuters helped out with the top picture.

Hat tip: The Jawa Report, on a tip from Burning Hot.

Janet Greene, the Anti-Baez

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:36 PM

Contrary to popular belief, not all folk singers are moonbats like Pete Seeger and Joan Baez. Janet Greene was even billed as the Anti-Baez.

The countermoonbat songs she released during the 60s include the gem "Poor Left Winger." The lyrics tell the heartbreaking tale of a dupe sucked in by moonbattery:

I'm just a poor left-winger
Befuddled, bewildered, forlorn
Duped by a bearded singer
Peddling his Communist corn
In the Café Expresso
Sounds of guitars could be heard
Twanging a plaintive folk song
Spreading the Communist word
Hair hung around his shoulders
And sandals were on his feet
His shirttail was ragged and dirty
Making the picture complete
I followed him off to college
The man that I came to adore
Where student demonstrations
Blocked every classroom door
We led the march on the White House
And forced the cops to come in
We claimed each one was brutal
As we kicked him in the shin
It was all so intellectual
What glorious tales I was told
Of history's certain progress
Into the Communist fold
I fell for those empty falsehoods
But now I know full well
Those little words on the posters
Were all that he could spell
Those dialectic phrases
Made a marvelous spiel
But hidden behind that beard
Beat the heart of a frustrated heel
Now all my illusions are shattered
About the man I admired
I'm just a poor left-winger
Befuddled, bewildered and tired!

A 1966 review listed some of Janet's advantages over her hippie competition:

Janet has a number of unfair advantages. For one thing she looks like a girl. Not many female protest singers can say that. And that may be what they are really protesting against, deep down. Granted, there are plenty of male protest singers who look like girls, but they don't look as good as Janet Greene either. Also, Janet does things that most protest folk singers wouldn't dream of. Like taking a bath. And like wearing clean clothes and dressing neatly and being legally married and having legitimate children and loving her country. You know, corny things like that…

Unfortunately, her qualities were not much in demand during the flower child generation.

Janet Greene, the Anti-Baez (via Atomic Platters).

On a tip from Bryherb.


Matt Fitzgibbons offers more contemporary songs with an emphasis on inspirational countermoonbattery.

More Pro-Terrorist Fauxtography From Al Reuters

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:11 PM

Here's some of the funniest fauxtography to come out of al Reuters since it photoshopped smoke into a picture of Beirut to make it look like Jews were burning down the city:


Above we see Palestinian parliamentarians, probably deciding on how many suicide bombers to send into Israel. The candlelight is to indicate that the poor guys have no power, thanks to sanctions against the Hamas-run Gaza Strip.

Of course, they could always open the drapes, which the daytime sun is clearly trying to penetrate. The willful idiots at Reuters published a series of these silly pictures, as if the farcical candlelight session weren't staged.

On a tip from Cheetah.

Terrorist Demonstrate at Israeli Embrassy in DC

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:12 AM

On Friday afternoon, moonbats protested the Israeli embassy in DC, demanding the tiny besieged democracy surrender to the hordes of Islamofascists terrorists arrayed against it. This Ain't Hell was on the scene, and provides original photography:

Peace means siding with terrorists against the democracies they attack.

Self-hating Jews were on hand, some wearing chocolate cakes on their heads.

These were the ones the media wanted to talk to.

Where terrorist goals are advanced, Code Pink will be on hand.

Here's video of the circus:

Note the scattering of moonbats mixed in with the Muslims. One day this marriage of convenience will result in an ugly divorce.

January 26, 2008

Chris Matthews Reminds Us to Cherish the Constitution

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:05 PM

Via NewsBusters, I present the wisdom of noted constitutional scholar Chris "Tweety" Matthews regarding the Second and Fourth Amendments:

You know what I think? In big cities they ought to check people on sidewalks like getting on airplanes. And why an airplane should be safer than an American sidewalk is crazy to me. Why you can walk down the sidewalk of an American city carrying a concealed weapon without a license is wacky. […] I want to see people disarmed. I want people disarmed in our major cities. How's that for a plan?

Since you asked, Tweety: It stinks.

We are forever indebted to the Founding Fathers for bequeathing to us the Constitution, which so far has prevented people who think like Tweety from making defenseless victims of us all.


On a tip from Cheetah.

British Fire Department Targets White Guys for Discrimination

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:28 AM

In once-great Britain, institutionalized anti-male and anti-Caucasian racism isn't always subtle:

White men have been banned from fire brigade recruitment sessions because bosses want to hit their diversity targets. Four out of five "open" days held by Avon Fire Service were restricted to women and ethnic minorities. […] Avon's bosses insist their ban on white men is simply "positive action".

Tory MP Philip has an excellent suggestion:

If the chief fire officer is so concerned, he should give up his job to an ethnic minority woman instead of depriving other white men of a job.

To find favor with the firefighting authorities, white males would have to be homosexual:

Back in October, the same brigade demoted a fire crew who shone their torches at four men they found having sex in bushes. The decision sparked an outcry from critics who claimed it was politically correct madness.

At least the moonbats haven't yet applied their "positive action" restrictions to putting out fires in white guys' homes.

On a tip from xantl.

January 25, 2008

Open-Borders Activist Juan Hernandez Works for McCain Campaign

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:38 PM

To get an idea of just how contemptuously John McCain is lying through his teeth when he claims to have learned his lesson from the shamnesty debacle, Michelle Malkin reports that Juan Hernandez, whom she accurately describes as an "ethnocentrist, border obliteration activist," is working as McLame's Hispanic Outreach Director.

This would clearly indicate that the outreach is not to Hispanic Americans, but to Mexicans who are colonizing this country illegally.

You've probably seen Hernandez on cable TV, smarmily calling everyone "my friend" as he demands that the USA renounce any claims to territorial sovereignty. He has headed up Mexico's Office of Mexicans Abroad. That is, he's served as an agent of a foreign power whose interests are clearly hostile to our own regarding the unacceptable border situation. Declares Hernandez:

We must not only have a free flow of goods and services, but also start working for a free flow of people.

In other words, America must submit to unlimited Mexican colonization, as well as provide healthcare and social services for any Mexican who cares to take a ride north. Among his causes: defending Mexican bus drivers for bringing illegal aliens to the USA.

Mexicans in America are still Mexicans in Hernandez's scheme of things: "I want 'em all to think Mexico first" — no matter how many generations they have spent in the USA. Assimilation is clearly not on his agenda, any more than border security is on McCain's.

That's Hernandez on the left, McCain's campaign guru Mark MacKinnon on the right.

Suicide Bomber Falls Down Stairs, Explodes

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:55 AM

Without assistance from their moonbat allies in the Democrat Party and MSM, our terrorist adversaries would not be much of a match for the best-trained and best-equipped military the world has ever seen. From AFP:

A would-be suicide bomber fell down a flight of stairs and blew himself up as he headed out for an attack in Afghanistan, police say. […] The would-be attacker tripped as he was leaving a building apparently to target an opening ceremony for a mosque that was expected to be attended by Afghan and international military officials.

Democrats have been known to do the same thing, politically speaking. An example would be Harry Reid declaring the war lost not long before it became clear that we're winning. But they live to fight another day, because their supporters vote for them anyway.

Good thing for Reid he leaves the suicide bombing in more capable hands.

On a tip from Lyle.

Profiles in Countermoonbattery: John Matel

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:23 AM

John Matel leads the Provincial Reconstruction Team in Anbar Province. He has some instructive insight into the success of the Surge:

It may take a while for the magnitude of this to sink in. I can walk around in the same places where heavily armed American & Iraqi forces could not safely walk only months ago. Here the debate has shifted to providing everyday services such as sewer, water and electricity. Marketplaces where insurgents dumped headless bodies last year are now crowded with shoppers. Children are returning to school instead of being abused by terrorists and coerced into deadly activities. What a difference a year makes!
Sometimes you just have to win. Some conflicts just need to run their courses and some bad guys just need killing. Nazi ideology was not discredited UNTIL it was defeated on the battlefield. No amount of peaceful persuasion or appeasement worked. People thought communism was a viable alternative to the free market UNTIL it ignominiously collapsed. Massive economic evidence and even the presence of a very large and deadly wall running down the middle of Berlin did not convince the believers to abandon their failed ideology. Earlier forms of terrorism from the Barbary Pirates to the Bader-Meinhof didn't go away until they were defeated. We tried appeasement in the 1930s and we tried ignorance in the 1990s. These things did not work.

Like General Petraeus, Matel would no doubt be denounced as a liar by the Democrats who after voting to send our troops over there, have done everything possible to derail their efforts — the same Democrats who could be running our country a year from now.

If we were to fail in Iraq, it's inevitable that the enemy would follow us home. But our worst enemies are already here.

moveon_petraeus_ad.jpg   If only things were going as well on the home front.

Hat tip: Ace of Spades HQ.

British Ad Portrays Troops As Broken Victims

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:59 AM

It's nice to know that American soldiers aren't the only ones to come home from war as shattered, pathetic husks of human beings, incapable of functioning in society without psychiatric assistance, as frequently implied by Hollyweird and the New York Times. Check out this ad running in British movie houses:

Does anyone really think they are supporting soldiers by smothering them in maudlin pity? A more intolerable insult would be difficult to imagine.

Via The Jawa Report, on a tip from Burning Hot.

Imam Denounces Infidels, America Before Iowa Legislature

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:31 AM

In a righteous multicultural gesture, the Iowa legislature recruited Muhammad Khan of the Islamic Center of Des Moines to deliver opening prayers. Unsurprisingly, Khan took a Muslim point of view, delivering a prayer that featured requests for "victory over those who disbelieve" (i.e., us infidels) and "protection from the great Satan" (i.e., America).

If Pearl Harbor were to happen now, we'd respond by inviting Japanese officers to give speeches.

Hat tip: LGF, on a tip from Burning Hot.

Moonbat Clergy Blesses Abortion Mill

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:37 AM

The liberal establishment's head-on assault against Christianity only hardens the resolve of true Christians. A much more effective strategy is to infiltrate the religion and rot it away from within.

Moonbats celebrated the 35th anniversary of the Supreme Court's imposition of abortion by "blessing" a new 18,000-foot Planned Parenthood death factory in Schenectady, New York. The blasphemous ceremony was entitled "On Sacred Ground." Appallingly, they were able to find clergy morally depraved enough to take part:

At Planned Parenthood Mohawk Hudson, an affiliate of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the Rev. Larry Phillips of Schenectady's Emmanuel-Friedens Church declared the ground "sacred and holy … where women's voices and stories are welcomed, valued and affirmed; sacred ground where women are treated with dignity, supported in their role as moral decision-makers … sacred ground where the violent voices of hatred and oppression are quelled."
The minister has been affiliated with Planned Parenthood going back more than 30 years, Scharf said. About three dozen people gathered at the facility, known as the Evelyn & David Sencer Center, to offer prayers during the half-hour ceremony.
The Rev. Abby Norton-Levering led the group in prayers for the center's doctors and staff. "We pray that you will make this a place of safety and give a sense of sanctuary," she said.
Rabbi Matt Cutler of Temple Gates of Heaven blew the shofar as "a renewal of commitment to keep reproductive rights in the hands of women."
The Rev. Bill Levering, senior pastor of First Reformed Church of Schenectady, said the right to privacy is endowed by God.
"There are some decisions that are left to the individual. Even God respects the right of privacy. We make women into children when we say they cannot control their own bodies," Levering said.
Phillips led everyone outside where they laid their hands on the brick and limestone as the minister declared, "This is sacred ground."

Despite all the high-toned euphemisms, these fiends know perfectly well that they are talking about butchering babies. Better that Christians should be fed to lions than be infiltrated by willing agents of their ultimate adversary.

Blessing abortion mills.

Hat tip: NewsBusters, on a tip from Cheetah.

Slick Willie Stumped by 5-Year-Old

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:02 AM

A little preview of the tasteless sitcom in store for us if the Clintons are allowed to reinfest the White House:

During a day marked by sparring with reporters, Bill Clinton fielded perhaps his toughest question Wednesday from a 5-year-old.
"What do you do when you get married?" McKenna Chance asked the former president.
Laughter erupted from the crowd of about 400 people gathered at a recreation center. Clinton paced the stage for several moments.

Being a skilled politician, Der Slickmeister managed not to answer: hunt down a series of big-haired bimbos to take your mind off the problem.

bill_hillary_clinton.jpg   What do you do when you get married to Shrillary? Pray for death.

On a tip from Burning Hot.

Botched Joke Kerry Still Gabbling About "Swiftboating"

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:27 AM

Still trying to clear his dirty name, phony war hero Hanoi John Kerry is keeping the phony verb "swiftboat" alive by intoning that a sinister "they" are swiftboating Barack Hussein Obama with rumors that he's a secret Muslim who refuses to observe the pledge of allegiance.

Maybe they were thinking of the National Anthem, which Obambi is seen here ignoring.

Jean François whines in an email:

As a veteran, it disgusts me that the Swift Boats we loved while we were in uniform on the Mekong Delta have been rendered, in Karl Rove's twisted politics, an ugly verb meaning to lie about someone's character just to win an election. But as someone who cares about winning this election and changing the country I love, I know it's not enough to complain about a past we can't change when our challenge is to win the future — which is why we must stop the Swiftboating, stop the push-polling, stop the front groups, and stop the email chain smears.

Dennis Byrne comments:

Can we, Sen. Kerry, also stop this lame wallowing in self-pity over the campaign blunder you made? And unlike the anonymous attacks you claim are being made against Obama, these responses to your heroic assertions were made by identified people in the light of day.
Moreover, you brought up your Swift Boat record, not the Swift Boat veterans. You made the unabashed claim that you were some kind of hero. You attacked folks who dared challenge your assertions. You and your ilk were the ones who muddied up the reputations of people who exercised their right to free expression. Your folks coined the term Swiftboating and your ideological bedfellows are the ones who keep it alive. You are the one who continues to engage in a smear of naval veterans who served honorably.

Of course, Kerry could always put an end to all this awful swiftboating about his service by coughing up his military records. But if this hasn't happened by now, it's not ever going to. If you're curious about what he's hiding, read John O'Neill's informative Unfit for Command.


On a tip from Byron.

January 24, 2008

Listening In on the Ron Paul Abyss

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:52 PM

What the Pied Piper was to rats, Ron Paul is to a strange political creature you might call the right-wing moonbat. Something about him calls them scurrying out in alarming numbers from the fetid crevices they inhabit.

On Tuesday, Denver's Gunny Bob Newman caught a live one on his radio show. If you ever considered voting for Paul, check out the last half of this audio.

It's medication time.

Via DUmmie FUnnies, on a tip from Cheetah.

Al Gore Gets Desperate in Davos

Posted by Dave Blount at 4:13 PM

Never mind that instead of the promised onslaught of monster hurricanes, the USA has been hit by none at all in the last two years, so that "experts" have been reduced to bleating that actually, global warming prevents hurricanes.

Never mind that even the lying political hacks on the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change shy far away from his apocalyptic predictions regarding rising sea levels.

Never mind that even in politically correct Britain, his sacred video text A Convenient Lie can only be presented in schools with a disclaimer listing a few of its most blatant falsehoods.

Never mind the hundreds of scientists who have come forward to denounce the pernicious global warming hoax.

Never mind that global average temperatures have not risen since the 1990s.

Never mind that scientists are predicting that if there's any climate change coming, it will unfortunately be a change for the cooler.

Despite all this, Al Gore is reacting to the wheels coming off his phony climate change crisis in the only way he knows how: by ratcheting up the hysterical rhetoric still further. A report from Davos, Switzerland, where the liberal elite arrive by private jet to ski and bloviate:

New evidence shows "the climate crisis is significantly worse and unfolding more rapidly than those on the pessimistic side of the IPCC projections had warned us," the former US vice president and climate campaigner told delegates at the annual World Economic Forum in Davos.
There are now forecasts that the North Pole ice cap may disappear entirely during summer months in as little as five years, Gore said.
"This is a planetary emergency. There has never been anything remotely like it in the entire history of human civilisation. We are putting at risk all of human civilisation," he added.

Understatement was never Prince Albert's forte.

Jerome Schmitt offers a mathematical analysis of the likelihood of the ice caps melting anytime within your grandchildren's lifetime. To summarize his findings: ain't gonna happen.

Anyone who thought the Goracle would give up on the exhausted global warming farce and just go away doesn't remember his reaction to losing the election in 2000.

When the facts don't add up, just yell louder.

On tips from Charles and Byron.

When It Comes to Women, Death Cultists Think Alike

Posted by Dave Blount at 3:10 PM

A British goth and his fiancee, via the Beeb:


A Muslim couple, via Islam: The Religion of Peace:


Nihilists just don't seem to have a very high opinion of women.

On a tip from Burning Hot.

Bono Confesses Eco-Sins to the Goracle

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:45 PM

Even Bono has noticed that his friend Al Gore has been trying to set himself up as some twisted sort of ecclesiastical figure:

Acknowledging that a career in rock music was not always conducive to a green lifestyle, Bono compared a conversation with Gore to an act of religious contrition.
"It's like being with an Irish priest. You start to confess your sins," he said. "Father Al, I am not just a noise polluter, I am a noise-polluting, diesel-soaking, gulfstream-flying rock star.
"I'm going to kick the habit. I'm trying father Al, but oil has been very good for me — those convoys of articulated lorries, petrochemical products, hair gel."

Anyone who really does feel the need to confess their eco-sins to the Goracle (who incidentally flunked out of divinity school) can do so at the Temple of the Goracle.

Confession is in session.

On a tip from El Presidente.

Judge Stephen Robinson Discards "One Man, One Vote" to Empower Illegal Aliens

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:03 AM

U.S. District Judge Stephen Robinson has discarded the concept of "one man, one vote" in Port Chester, New York. According to Robinson, counting votes equally "prevents Hispanic voters from participating equally in the political process in the Village." This is because many of the Hispanics in Port Chester don't vote, since they are not American citizens but rather illegal aliens.

One proposed "remedy" is to gerrymander the town into districts:

Among other arguments, lawyers for the village said that splitting the village into districts by population would weaken the individual votes of people who lived in areas with larger proportions of registered voters. Districts that included many residents who were not citizens or registered to vote would have a much smaller number of actual voters in their overall population — hence each individual voter in that district would carry more weight in choosing his or her local trustee, they said.

Of course. The whole point is to de-emphasize the votes of people who are in the country legally. The technical term for this is "moonbattery."

On a tip from Wiggins.

Historian David Levering Lewis Laments That Europe Wasn't Conquered by Muslims Long Ago

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:37 AM

It isn't easy to get an accurate assessment of the West's continuing struggle to survive Islam when our history books are written by moonbats so depraved as to side with Muslim invaders. For example, American historian David Levering Lewis, author of God's Crucible: Islam And The Making Of Europe, 570-1215, is glum that the West won the Battle of Poitiers in 732, limiting the Muslim conquest of Western Europe to the Iberian Peninsula. Reviewer Tim Rutten reports:

Lewis sets out to show that the failure of what he calls "the jihad east of the Pyrenees" is "one of the most significant losses in world history." He argues that the Frankish defeat of the Islamic invaders at Poitiers in 732 and the subsequent poetic glorification of Roland's sacrifice to cover Charlemagne's retreat from his own incursion into Spain were "pivotal moments in the creation of an economically retarded, balkanized and fratricidal Europe that, by defining itself in opposition to Islam, made virtues out of hereditary aristocracy, persecutory religious intolerance, cultural particularism and perpetual war … 'winning' at Poitiers actually meant that the economic, scientific and cultural levels that Europeans attained in the 13th century could almost certainly have been achieved more than three centuries earlier had they been included in the Muslim world empire."
In other words, the West would be better off if it had been incorporated into an all-conquering Islamic empire in the early Middle Ages.

Not being completely unhinged by hatred of Western Civilization, Rutten isn't buying this moonbattery:

[I]t's fair to wonder why, if that's true, the West ended up with the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution and the Scientific Revolution and the Islamic world got chronic underdevelopment, a pervasive religious obscurantism, Al Qaeda and the trust fund states of the Arabian peninsula?

In Islam's favor, slavery was officially banned in Saudi Arabia way back in 1962, even if it actually continues there to this day.

Hat tip: The Corner, on a tip from V the K.

Georgia Schools to Pay Kids to Learn

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:08 AM

A high school and middle school in Georgia will pay students $8 an hour to attend after-school tutoring programs.

With the support of Fulton County Commissioner Robb Pitts, the pilot program will last 15 weeks and pay students for participation and performance. The object of the program is to determine if paying students to study will improve classroom attendance, grades and test scores, according to a news release from the district.

If educrats manage to convince themselves that their program is successful, we'll be on our way to kindergartners collecting minimum wage. Once the government has taken all our money to finance this sort of lunacy, it can just print some more.

On a tip from David M.

Hugo Chavez Admits to Chewing Coca Daily

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:49 AM

This may help explain the deranged ideology and obnoxious behavior that have made Hugo Chavez such a darling of the Left:

Venezuela's controversial President Hugo Chávez has revealed that he regularly consumes coca — the source of cocaine — raising questions about the legality of his actions.

Like Popeye after a can of spinach, Chavez actually demonstrated his biceps as he publicly boasted:

I chew coca every day in the morning… and look how I am. […Fellow socialist strongman Evo Morales of Bolivia] sends me coca paste … I recommend it to you.

Coca paste is a semi-refined product halfway between coca leaves and cocaine. It is highly addictive, and not recommended for heads of state or anyone else with a regular job. For good reason, it is illegal in both Bolivia and Venezuela.

Your mind on coca paste.

Hat tip: Ace of Spades HQ, on a tip from V the K.

Compact Fluorescents: An Environmental Hazard

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:08 AM

Although dim and flickering compact fluorescent light bulbs will soon be mandatory, the government that is sanctimoniously imposing them in the name of the environment hasn't given much thought to the environmental havoc they may wreak.

CFLs contain toxic mercury. In California, it's already illegal to throw them away. If one breaks and the authorities find out, the costs of biohazard cleanup are enormous.

According to the Wall Street Journal, only 25% of mercury-containing bulbs are recycled. There are only about two dozen licensed facilities in the USA to process mercury waste.

Some are wisely planning ahead by stocking up on incandescent light bulbs while they're still legal. No doubt they'll be available on the black market well into the future.

Compact fluorescents ought to carry this label.

On a tip from Varla.

British Criminals Housed in Pricey Residential Abodes

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:34 AM

Muslim colonists aren't the only ones to benefit from the moonbattery running rampant in Britain:

Criminals are being treated to £250-a-night bed and breakfast in private homes on residential streets instead of being held in jail. The Ministry of Justice has spent £2.39million paying the rent of 339 offenders who would otherwise be in prison, either on remand or finishing their sentences. […] Residents in areas where the suspects and former prisoners are housed have not been informed of the background of their new neighbours, who include burglars and muggers. They are not confined to the properties, but normally have to observe a curfew.

The cost of keeping the criminals in jail where they belong is less than half as much: £100 a night.

Matthew Elliott, of the TaxPayers' Alliance, said the Government is so "embarrassed" about prison overcrowding — which has already seen 13,000 inmates released early — that it is willing to "throw money at the problem".

Apparently no one has stumbled onto the idea of using the money to build more prisons.

On a tip from xantl.

Spurlock's Tasteless Bait and Switch

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:58 AM

Here's a very small surprise. Remember when rumors were circulated (presumably by his publicist) that lame Michael Moron wannabe Morgan Spurlock had located bin Laden during the making of his latest schlockumentary Where in the World Is Osama bin Laden? The rumors were false.

An even smaller surprise: Spurlock concludes that killing al Qaeda terrorists in Iraq distracted our military from finding him. Yet during production he did have the remarkable insight that there's more to fighting global terrorism than digging one fanatic out of a cave. His movie consists in part of animated montages and a goofy dance sequence.

Now that we've heard all that moonbats have to say regarding bin Laden and al Qaeda, perhaps that can just shut up and leave it to the grownups.

Spurlock did manage to find Ronald McDonald.

Hat tip: The Jawa Report, on a tip from Burning Hot.

January 23, 2008

Goracle Demands Homosexual "Marriage"

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:15 PM

Although Al Gore has invested massive amounts of moonbattery in his faltering global warming hoax, he has plenty to spare for other endeavors. Here he is whacking away at society's most fundamental institution by demanding that it be reduced to a profane mockery in accordance with the homosexual agenda:

His argument that homosexual "marriage" would reduce promiscuity opens all sorts of possibilities. For example, we might further reduce promiscuity by allowing Michael Jackson to marry a Boy Scout troop.

Via Ben Smith, on a tip from David M.

British Dhimmis Nix the Three Little Pigs

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:21 PM

The latest piece of Western culture to be jettisoned lest it arouse the wrath of Muslims is the Three Little Pigs.

The digital book The 3 Little Cowboy Builders retells the classic children's tale. It was rejected at a Government-sponsored awards event because judges had "concerns about the Asian [i.e., Muslim] community," and "the use of pigs raises cultural issues."

Muslims don't like pigs, anymore than they like dhimmis who don't feel themselves subdued.

Maybe they could rename the book The 3 Little Moonbat Dhimmis, and model it on the Three Stooges — except that Mo, Larry and Curly were much more formidable than the quivering poltroons who have taken over Britain.

Deemed potentially offensive to Muslims.

Hat tip: Free Republic, on a tip from Cheetah.

The Wind Power Money Pit

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:38 PM

The easiest way to tell if something is a wise investment is to see if people put their money in it voluntarily, or if they must be forced to do so by bureaucrats. TCS Daily reports on Britain's push to save the world from the imaginary climate change crisis by building 7,000 wind turbines:

Despite public subsidies to the UK wind industry of over $500 million the government has so far only seen that such a massive investment provided less than half of one percent of the UK's electricity needs. In August 2007, the BBC's Radio 4 Costing the Earth program reported that figures proved that government financial incentives were encouraging wind industry firms to cash-in on massive government subsidies and build wind farms on non-viable sites across the mainland. Even in Europe's windiest country, the winds are just "too variable", with most turbines consistently under-performing. Having analysed figures submitted to the UK electricity watchdog Ofgem on every farm's load factor, Engineering Consultant Jim Oswald explained to the BBC, "It's the power swings that worry us. Over a 20-hour period you can go from almost 100 percent wind output to 20 percent."
The recommended "load factor" to make a wind farm economically viable and efficient is just over 30 percent. However, many of Britain's onshore farms have been running at around 20 percent, with some, in urban areas, dropping as low as 9 percent. Oswald believes that an over-reliance on wind power will result both in major power failures across the UK and an increase in electricity bills of up to 50 percent.

The beauty of the free market is that unlike bureaucratic ideologues, it discerns between what really works and what doesn't. Without subsidies and other incentives, wind power would die the natural death of all inefficient technologies. But thanks to the wind of enviromoonbats and the power of the state, it will be kept alive as a money pit for years to come.

I sure hope Ted Kennedy can't see those from his mansion.

On a tip from Byron.

Science Lesson

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:13 PM

Here's the abstract to an interesting report entitled "Falsification of the Atmospheric CO2 Greenhouse Effects Within the Frame of Physics" (PDF), which came out of the Institut für Mathematische Physik at Germany's Technische Universität Carolo-Wilhelmina last summer:

The atmospheric greenhouse effect, an idea that authors trace back to the traditional works of Fourier 1824, Tyndall 1861 and Arrhenius 1896 and is still supported in global climatology essentially describes a fictitious mechanism in which a planetary atmosphere acts as a heat pump driven by an environment that is radiatively interacting with but radiatively equilibrated to the atmospheric system. According to the second law of thermodynamics such a planetary machine can never exist. Nevertheless, in almost all texts of global climatology and in a widespread secondary literature it is taken for granted that such mechanism is real and stands on a firm scientific foundation. In this paper the popular conjecture is analyzed and the underlying physical principles are clarified. By showing that (a) there are no common physical laws between the warming phenomenon in glass houses and the fictitious atmospheric greenhouse effects, (b) there are no calculations to determine an average surface temperature of a planet, (c) the frequently mentioned difference of 33 °C is a meaningless number calculated wrongly, (d) the formulas of cavity radiation are used inappropriately, (e) the assumption of a radiative balance is unphysical, (f) thermal conductivity and friction must not be set to zero, the atmospheric greenhouse conjecture is falsified.

Someone get this to Al Gore quickly, before he makes a fool of himself. Whoops, too late.

Via Icecap, on a tip from Brooklyn Red Leg.

ShrillaryCare: A Tale of Terror

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:01 PM

This may be required reading if we curse ourselves with a Shrillary regime:


Compliments of V the K.

The Real Terrorist Incubator

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:51 AM

A favorite liberal canard is that by fighting terrorists in Iraq, we are creating more terrorists. According to the willfully tortured logic, every time we kill a member of al Qaeda, two more otherwise peaceful Arabs are inspired to join. Unlike when it was under a dictatorship that openly supported terrorism, Iraq is now an incubator of terrorism.

If you want to see a real incubator of terrorism, look to England under the regime of political correctness. Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister Barham Salih comments on mosques in Blackburn:

I am not surprised that you British are facing so many problems with extremists after what I saw in those mosques in Blackburn. What I saw would not be allowed here in Iraq — it would be illegal.

Unless we do something profoundly stupid, like turn over Iraq to al Qaeda as Democrats keep promising, the next major terror attack will probably come from Muslim colonists in a Western country, where they have been harbored and nurtured by multicultural moonbattery.

Hat tip: The Jawa Report, on a tip from Burning Hot.

More Abortion Celebrants

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:39 AM

The more you live, the more you value life. The more you learn about abortion, the more you wonder what kind of sick fiends not only accept this atrocious crime, but feel compelled to actively promote it.

Maybe it's just as well we can't see into their souls, but here's what some of them look like from the outside. From a pro-abortion demonstration in San Francisco last Saturday, via Free Republic:

Jesus doesn't mind if you butcher your child.

Then why not send death squads into orphanages?

Murdering your own children is "pro-child." No lie is too outrageous.

Here's what the "egg" looks like after the petulant little fool has scrambled it.

Conceivably the ultimate insult to God is "sacred" to moonbats.

At least he feels enough shame to hide his face.

Now a breath of sanity from a counterdemonstrator:

Though most anyone would rather be a slave than be aborted.

On a tip from Cheetah.

Yale Celebrates Abortion

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:46 AM

From the Yale Daily News:

In commemoration of the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, the 35th anniversary of which is this month, the Reproductive Rights Action League at Yale (RALY), in conjunction with Yale Medical Students for Choice, demonstrated different abortion methods and techniques, answered questions students had about the procedures and encouraged students to be active in abortion-rights groups during last night's presentation. The presentation was part of a week-long celebration of the 35th anniversary of the landmark decision. […]
[Medical student and pro-abortion activist Merritt] Evans and Rasha Khoury MED '08, another member of Medical Students for Choice, who said she plans to become a gynecologist and expects to perform abortions, went on to describe one of the most common abortion procedures, manual vacuum aspiration, which "creates suction to evacuate pregnancy," Evans said. The technique is a good option because the device involved is reusable and relatively cheap, she said.

If life is cheap, death should be too.

"It's not as scary as it seems. It's just blood and mucus," Khoury said, referring to the fetus remains in the device. She added, "You'll be able to see arms and stuff, but still just miniscule."

Mangled body parts are small if you butcher people before they have a chance to grow.

Evans and Khoury also explained the finer points of abortion-clinic etiquette, including some potentially sensitive terminology. Khoury said physicians performing abortions generally refer to the aborted fetus remains as "POC," an acronym for "product of conception," and refer to fetus' hearts as "FH."

Euphemisms are critical in the abortion industry, lest anyone admit to themselves the immensity of the crime.

The presenters also urged the crowd to become involved in the abortion-rights movement by joining Reproductive Health Externships, a campaign in which volunteers are taught how to conduct abortions.
"It's fun because you meet people from all over the country who do them," Khoury said. "It's pretty inspiring."

"Fun" and "inspiring" — just the words a demon from hell might associate with this ghastly form of murder. At least this evil travesty will finish on a light-hearted note:

The week's events began with the showing of a documentary about abortion Monday and will end Saturday with a performance by the all-female comedy group the Sphincter Troupe.

So much for the "First, do no harm" oath. No horror movie ever depicted a death cult half so depraved as moonbattery.

If you've got the belly for it, see what they look like afterwards here.

On a tip from V the K.

Bureauweenies Take Command of NYC Menu Boards

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:54 AM

Nanny-state totalitarianism has tightened its grip on New York City, where the Board of Health voted unanimously to force all chain restaurants to post calorie data on menus and menu boards so as to "enable New Yorkers to make more informed, healthier choices."

Of course, if New Yorkers wanted calorie data all over the menu, restaurants would gain a competitive advantage by putting it there voluntarily. However, this isn't about New Yorkers, but rather their bureaucratic masters, who have decided that 54% of the city's residents weigh to much.

In a democracy, the majority is supposed to rule. Who's to say that 46% of New Yorkers don't weigh too little? More importantly, who put city health commissar Thomas Frieden in charge of how much people can weigh, and the Board of Health in charge of how private businesses display their products?

On a tip from Wiggins.

La Raza Takes a Scalp in Kansas City

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:31 AM

Remember Frances Semler, the 73-year-old grandmother the National Council of La Raza wanted off Kansas City's park board for being a member of the Minutemen? She has been forced to resign.

It's not that Semler wanted to quit:

I do believe I have been a positive asset. There are many projects I eagerly wanted to pursue.

However, she became fed up with what she described as "vicious, false and irresponsible claims" about her. She earned this hostility by opposing illegal immigration.

A paragraph from the Kansas City Star hints at what moonbats put her through:

[Semler's] appointment triggered sharp protests from several minority organizations, including the National Council of La Raza, In October, of La Raza voted to pull its convention from Kansas City, at a projected loss of $5 million, because of Semler’s connection to the Minutemen, a divisive group that takes a hardline stance on immigration issues.

La Raza is a blatantly racist organization (La Raza means "The Race") that works to advance Hispanic interests at the expense of everyone else's. It has lobbied relentlessly to undermine border security, and supports the sort of "hate crime" laws that are resulting in the suspension of basic liberties in Canada. La Raza funds separatist charter schools — the Hispanic supremacist answer to madrassas — at which children are taught "Aztec math" and evidently fed the ideology of "Reconquista": essentially that the Southwest should be colonized by Mexicans, renamed Aztlan and annexed by Mexico. (Our tax dollars also support this seditious insanity.) The "reconquest" of the Southwest is an explicit goal of MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil de Chicanos de Aztlan), a militant group supported by La Raza.

In stark contrast, the Minutemen consist of civic-minded volunteers who peacefully alert the Border Patrol to foreign incursions into our territory. Note which group the Star calls "divisive."

This is how a society is lost. One at a time, all decent people are driven out, until the entire establishment is hopelessly corrupted, right down to the last seat on the Kansas City park board.

One small step closer.

On a tip from Bob M.

After the Global Warming Menace: Topsoil Erosion

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:44 AM

The race is on to find the next big environmental scare now that the wheels are coming off the global warming farce. One terrifying candidate is topsoil erosion:

On average, the planet is covered with little more than 3 feet of topsoil — the shallow skin of nutrient-rich matter that sustains most of our food and appears to play a critical role in supporting life on Earth.
"We're losing more and more of it every day," said David Montgomery, a geologist at the University of Washington. "The estimate is that we are now losing about 1 percent of our topsoil every year to erosion, most of this caused by agriculture." […]
The National Academy of Sciences has determined that cropland in the U.S. is being eroded at least 10 times faster than the time it takes for lost soil to be replaced.

Already the UN has weighed in with ominous warnings, and American taxpayers are bribing farmers to leave "highly erodable areas" alone. Whether failed politicians will be able to exploit erosion to frighten gullible liberals into making them rich remains to be seen.

On a tip from Mega.

Dutch Dhimmitude Expressed as Sick Joke

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:17 AM

In Holland, where Anne Frank was rounded up by the Nazis during the Holocaust, T-shirt merchant Boomerang has seen fit to put this on a shirt:


The kaffiyeh represents the Palestinian terrorists who aspire to pick up where Nazis left off regarding the extermination of Jews like Miss Frank, who died at Bergen-Belsen.

While they were at it, the Boomerang trendoids should have put a swastika on her forehead.

Hat tip: LGF, on a tip from Burning Hot.

January 22, 2008

Denver Airport Hawks Carbon Offsets

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:17 PM

The preposterous scam by which guilty moonbats buy eco-indulgences, aka "carbon offsets," to justify their participation in the modern world has now been embraced by Denver International Airport:

DIA is looking to become one of the first airports in the nation to offer passengers the ability to buy carbon offsets in its concourses. […] Under the plan, interested passengers would provide the details of their flights — such as the cities involved and the number of stops — to determine how much in offsets would erase their "carbon footprint" or amount of carbon emissions. […] An individual passenger could pay anywhere from a few bucks to more than $50 to offset their "share" of the carbon emissions of their flights.

The point of course is to exploit liberal idiocy for cash:

The airport would get a share of the money collected: 10 percent of the first $1 million, 12 percent of the next $1 million and 14 percent of sales above $2 million, according to airport documents.

At least the global warming hoax has been good for some laughs. But Slapstick Politics asks an ominous question:

Will there come a time when, in addition to taking off your shoes and showing ID, a flyer must also present "proof of offset" in order to make their flight?

A similar idea has already been proposed in all seriousness in Britain. The "carbon credit card" would electronically track whether you had used up your bureaucratically allotted ration of harmless carbon emissions.

NBC Dwells on Bin Laden's Positive Side

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:51 PM

The mainstream media may not be fair and balanced enough to report both sides of the global warming hoax, but at least it's open-minded about Osama bin Laden. The Today show brought in Abdel Bari Atwan, editor of London-based Al Quds, to help present a balanced view of Public Enemy #1. NBC's Ned Colt interviews Atwan (via NewsBusters):

Dolt: Murderous fanatic or hero of radical Islam? 50 year-old Osama Bin Laden is an icon of intense hatred and profound reverence.
Atwan: History will remember Osama Bin Laden as the man who challenged the American superpower. The little David who actually stand up against the mighty Goliath.
Dolt: […] Among his followers he's obtained almost mythical status[…]
Atwan: To manage to survive for actually about seven years, on the run, without being captured and traumatizing the life of the president of the greatest power in history.
Dolt: […] American officials believe Bin Laden's power has only increased in recent years with his followers now active in at least 40 countries worldwide.

Did I miss the announcement that NBC had merged with Al Jazeera?

Bill Keller's Osama portrait wouldn't be out of place at NBC.

On a tip from Cheetah.

Now Experts Say Global Warming Suppresses Hurricanes

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:09 PM

After Katrina, moonbats screeched at the top their lungs that hurricanes were Gaia's punishment for our industrialized ways. The Voice of Consensus proclaimed that hurricanes will get ever more frequent and severe, until we repent of our ways and submit to the will of Al Gore and the environmentalist Left.

Then came two years without a single hurricane hitting the USA.

Fortunately for the Goracle, true believers can adapt to anything. A new study claims that global warming causes there not to be hurricanes.

Remember when warmer water made for worse hurricanes? Now it suppresses hurricanes, by creating wind shear that won't allow them to form, according to researchers at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Miami Lab and the University of Miami:

There are two possibilities:

  1. "The experts" have no clue what they're talking about.
  2. "The experts" are lying through their teeth in a desperate attempt to prop up the profitable but sagging global warming hoax.

In either case, it's annoying that tax money gets poured into the political masturbation that now passes for climate science.

On a tip from White Cane.

The "Human Rights" Jihad Against Liberty

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:07 AM

Ezra Levant isn't the only Canadian feeling the squeeze as political correctness squashes political freedom north of the border.

The magazine Catholic Insight has been denounced to the Orwellian Canadian Human Rights Commission for expressing disapproval of homosexual depravity, an apparent violation of "hate crimes" legislation.

Another prominent example is the Muslim–moonbat campaign to silence Mark Steyn:

The Canadian Islamic Congress, one of Canada's largest Muslim groups, says Maclean's, a popular Canadian weekly news magazine, subjected Muslims to hate speech with an article in October 2006 by best-selling author Mark Steyn that said a high Muslim birthrate, combined with Muslims "hot for jihad," could conquer a West that is unwilling to stand up for its civilization. […] The Canadian human rights commission would not comment on the case but said it was authorized by Parliament to investigate what it calls hate speech.

Muslims are demanding that the government force Maclean's to publish their rebuttal. Media is controlled by the government in their Islamic homelands, why not in the new territories they colonize? The liberal establishment is only too happy to bring it about.

A Canadian citizen cries out against the erosion of freedom by both federal and provincial "human rights" commissions:

At stake in Canada is a principle recognized in all liberal democracies for hundreds of years: the principle that all speech, even hateful speech, is sacred, and not to be limited merely to prevent offense to others. This principle is embedded in British common law and in the American Bill of Rights. […] Speech is sacred. This principle stands between civilization and barbarism, between the good of the American Republic and the evil of Nazi Germany. In Canada, it is under attack.

As NewsBusters reports, the American media has ignored the tragedy unfolding in Canada, even as Democrats push "hate crimes" legislation designed to recreate it here.

On a tip from Cheetah.

Across America, Deadly Echoes of MSM Moonbattery

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:18 AM

Taking inspiration from the disgraceful New York Times piece that used anecdotal reporting to create the impression that our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan come home as homicidal maniacs, Iowahawk questions the stability of media vets:

A Denver newspaper columnist is arrested for stalking a story subject. In Cincinnati, a television reporter is arrested on charges of child molestation. A North Carolina newspaper reporter is arrested for harassing a local woman. A drunken Chicago Sun-Times columnist and editorial board member is arrested for wife beating. A Baltimore newspaper editor is arrested for threatening neighbors with a shotgun. In Florida, one TV reporter is arrested for DUI, while another is charged with carrying a gun into a high school. A Philadelphia news anchorwoman goes on a violent drunken rampage, assaulting a police officer. In England, a newspaper columnist is arrested for killing her elderly aunt.

The examples go on and on. Considering that Iraq and Afghanistan vets are actually much less likely to commit murder than the general population, maybe we should send reporters overseas as combatants to get them straightened out.

david_gregory.jpg   David Gregory in combat? On second thought…

Hat tip: Jawa Report, on a tip from Burning Hot.

Japanese English Lesson

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:14 AM

Offering an idea of how America is portrayed in other countries, this language lesson teaches Japanese tourists the English they'll need to get by on the streets of the bad old USA:

On a tip from Lyle.

Scott Pelley Still Hawking Worn-Out Hoax

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:19 AM

Even as the hot air leaks out of the global warming hoax, its perpetrators press onward, unaware that every time they open their mouths, the possibility of them being taken seriously in the future becomes more remote. While most of us were watching the Giants beat the Packers in brutal subzero temperatures, CBS was airing a global warming Kool-Aid fest hosted by Scott Pelley, the guy who tastelessly proclaimed that he doesn't report the views of those who doubt the hoax because they are the equivalent of Holocaust deniers.

CBS took the opportunity to denounce Bush for not signing the pointless economic suicide pact known as the Kyoto Protocol. Apparently the boobs running this network don't even know that Kyoto was nixed by the Senate 95-0 several years before W took office.

Tinfoil hat held securely in place against the chill arctic winds, Pelley muttered darkly about the White House censoring climate research to keep us in the dark about how it's actually too hot out.

Needless to say, the special didn't include a single skeptic, though they are becoming very easy to find.

It's good all of this moonbattery is on film, so that it can be played back in the near future, when tools like Pelley go back to screeching that we're all doomed because the weather's too cold.

Either Pelley's clueless, or he thinks we are.

Hat tip: NewsBusters, on a tip from Cheetah.

Geert Wilders Dares to Release Movie Critical of Koran

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:44 AM

Here's saluting the nerve of Geert Wilders, leader of Holland's Freedom Party, who plans to release a movie that according to Spiegel "rips the Koran for promoting violence and intolerance."

The last Dutch movie critical of Islam was Submission, by Theo Van Gogh and Ayaan Hirsi Ali. After its release, Van Gogh was murdered in the street by a Muslim. Apostate Ali is still in hiding.

Wilders' 10-minute film shows how the Koran is used to promote violence against women, gays and people in general. So far no Dutch broadcasters have the backbone to air it in a country only a few decades away from becoming majority Muslim if demographic trends continue. If Wilders can't find a broadcaster by Friday, he'll put it on the Internet.

Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende wrings his hands and bleats:

The Netherlands has a tradition of freedom of speech, religion and beliefs. The Netherlands also has a tradition of respect, tolerance and responsibility. Unnecessarily offending certain groups does not belong here.

Holland is the canary in the Muslim–moonbat coalmine. If it joins the umma without putting up a fight, look for other European nations to follow.

A Dutch moonbat protests Wilders on behalf of his future Islamic masters.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Oliver Stone Is Shopping Movie About W

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:03 AM

Oliver Stone's latest projects — a farcical attempt to glorify Marxist narco-terrorists in Colombia and a presumably flattering bio of Iran's Terrorist in Chief Mahmoud Ahmadinejad — have fallen apart. Next up: a bio of George W. Bush.

According to Stone, it will not be a hatchet job. But it's doubtful a completely unhinged moonbat like Stone could even say the words "President Bush" without sneering. The plan is to have the movie out in time for the elections in November, a further indication that the Left is running against Bush again, as if unaware that he won't be on the ballot.

Even HBO rejected Stone's slobbering hagiography of Fidel Castro.

On a tip from Kristy.

Ezra Levant and the Canadian Inquisition

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:41 AM

As mentioned earlier, the Canadian government has been persecuting Western Standard publisher Ezra Levant for committing thought crimes by not embracing Islamization. The case offers chilling evidence of the extent to which political correctness has replaced the concept of political freedom.

Levant reports on his encounter with Shirlene McGovern, a bureauweenie who didn't like it that he published the tepid Danish Mohammad cartoons:

Early in her interrogation, she said "I always ask people … what was your intent and purpose of your article?"
It wasn't even a question about what we had published in the magazine. It was a question about my private thoughts. I asked her why my private feelings were of interest to the government. She said, very calmly, that they would be a factor taken into account by the government in determining whether or not I was guilty.

At least McGovern is upfront about the fact that Levant is being tried for having incorrect thoughts.

Even if the State decides to find him innocent, it will have advanced its goal of imposing dhimmification in the name of political correctness:

I told her that the complaint process itself was a punishment. Even if I was eventually acquitted, I would still lose — hundreds of hours, and tens of thousands of dollars in legal bills. That's not an accident, that's one of the tools of these commissions. Every journalist in the country has been taught a lesson: Censor yourself now, or be put through a costly wringer. I said all this and then Officer McGovern replied, "You're entitled to your opinions, that's for sure."
But that's not for sure, is it? We're only entitled to our opinions now if they don't offend some very easily offended people.

Muslims are easily offended because they go out of their way to be offended. Under the perverse reign of moonbattery, being offended is a technique for bullying people, just like terrorism.

Now would be a good time for Canadians to start fighting for their freedom.

On a tip from Lyle.

Moonbatty Blast From the Past

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:02 AM

Gates of Vienna digs up this nugget of British socialized medicine moonbattery from 2003:

A family doctor has been summoned to a formal hearing over his refusal to put a 34-year-old male patient on the list for screening for cervical cancer.
The complaint has caused doctors in the west country practice to spend hours in meetings and writing replies to the local primary care trust over the complaint which began two years ago.
The man, who has fathered a child, believes he is a hermaphrodite although his doctors have examined him and can find no evidence for this. However, they did agree to his request to be re-registered with a female name. […]
The wife of one of the GPs, told The Telegraph she had every sympathy for people who believe they had the body of the wrong gender but the decision to investigate the refusal was political correctness taken to extremes.
She said her husband, who has been a GP for 30 years and who trains young doctors would be "pleased to hear from anyone, medical or otherwise, who could teach him the correct way to carry out a cervical smear on a 34-year-old male".

First the guy demanded a cervical examination. But being a man, he doesn't have a cervix.

He has since requested full DNA testing and full blood toxicology screening, although he will not give his doctor a reason or describe symptoms to justify the tests.

This is perfectly reasonable according to the doctrines of political correctness, which dictate that if you say you're female, then you are. In New York City, the authorities will even alter your birth certificate accordingly, no surgery required. As for the expense — socialized medicine is free, remember?

On a tip from Burning Hot.

January 21, 2008

Sweden to Spend $590,000 Saving the World From Belching Cows

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:08 PM

Whereas once high priests might have argued about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, now they have more scientific concerns — like how much global warming is caused when a cow burps:

A Swedish university has received $590,000 in research funds to measure the greenhouse gases released when cows belch. […] The research will be funded by a grant from the government's Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning.

Apparently scientists want to figure out what to feed the cows so they will belch less of those greenhouse gases. Too bad someone from the history department doesn't stop by to remind them that cows have been belching for awhile now, with no discernible effect on global climate.

Relax, Swedish taxpayers. It's only money.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Slick Willie Has a Dream

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:53 PM

Not even our First Black President can stay awake through all the tired rhetoric that gets dragged out on MLK Day:

On a tip from Cheetah.

Tufts University: 100% Moonbatty

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:29 PM

Most all universities tilt left, but Tufts is in a league by itself. Based on political contributions, it is 100% liberal. Even neighboring Harvard is only 86%.

To get an idea of what you might learn at a 100% liberal school, check out the university's homepage. Currently, what you'll see is this:


The Muslim superheroes get their name from the 99 qualities that Allah embodies. During WWII, kids read Captain America. He's dead now.

The total estimated cost for an undergrad to go to Tufts for a year is $48,860. Maybe homeschooling should be extended into the college years.

On a tip from Lyle.

McCain Voted "Most Unacceptable" — By His Own County

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:05 PM

The media is about ready to crown John "Lettuce" McCain the Republican nominee. Too bad voters nationwide don't know him as well as the folks who put him in office. In McCain's own Maricopa County, a Republican Party Straw Poll elected him "Most Unacceptable."

This could have something to do with the way he has stabbed Arizona in the back on the illegal immigration issue. We've also had a chance to notice that on virtually every topic except the war in Iraq — drilling in the ANWR wasteland, buying into the economically menacing global warming hoax, waterboarding terrorists, closing Club Gitmo, Bush's tax cuts, the "campaign finance" assault on the First Amendment — McCain has been a reliable liberal. If McCain is a Republican, so is Joe Lieberman.

Sorry Lettuce.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Environmentalist Fashion

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:48 AM

If anyone out there still believes in the global warming hoax, Miller-McCune offers advice on how you can dress to save the planet.

Fashion tips include bamboo underwear, available at Amazon. Linda Loudermilk caters to the prevalent jet-set Gaiaists with its "luxury eco" label. This includes dresses made of wood pulp and recycled soda bottles, and blouses made of sasawashi, "an anti-allergen blend of Japanese paper, herbs, vitamins and amino acids."

Moonbats on a smaller budget can forget the fashion. I'm offering a half-price sale on carbon credits. For only $50 I'll promise to hold my breath for 20 seconds. This CO2-reducing measure is guaranteed to reduce global warming just as much as wearing bamboo undies.

On a tip from Conan.

Islam Infiltrates Pentagon

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:15 AM

The Pentagon's resident expert on Islamic law, Major Stephen Coughlin, has been canned after Egyptian-born Hesham Islam, a top aide to Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England, denounced him as a "Christian zealot."

Islam is the same guy who encouraged England to address a conference of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), which has been implicated in a major terrorism funding case. Coughlin got on his wrong side with an analysis of a Muslim Brotherhood document that linked ISNA and other "mainstream" Muslim groups to its American terror network. The document declares that members

must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within… It is a Muslim's destiny to perform Jihad and work wherever he is and wherever he lands until the final hour comes.

Coughlin was reluctant to play along with the charade of pretending that groups like al Qaeda are "false Muslims" because their terrorist activities supposedly don't comply with the Islamic teachings that inspire them. He writes of W that his unwillingness to acknowledge the Islamic threat even after 9/11

exerted a chilling effect on those tasked to define the enemy's doctrine by effectively placing a policy bar

on an honest examination of Islamic teaching. In other words, 2+2=5, if that's what our enemies want to hear.

Rep. Sue Myrick (R-NC) is examining why Coughlin was fired. In her words:

This sounds like another example of someone protecting national security and being told to shut up. If we don't get over being politically correct, we won't be here as a country.

In contrast to Coughlin, Navy chaplain Abuhena Mohammed Saifulislam, an immigrant from Bangladesh, was just promoted by none other than Gordon England. Saifulislam was trained in the ultra-radical Wahhabi sect of Islam at the Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences, which has ties to terrorists. He received a Joint Service Commendation Medal at a ceremony held at the Pentagon on the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 atrocities.

"Saifulislam" means "Sword of Islam." He and England were behind the establishment of a new Islamic Center at Marine headquarters in Quantico. Members of the Hamas front group CAIR were in attendance at the opening ceremonies, at which Saifulislam read from the Koran.

Saifulislam used to serve as Muslim chaplain at Club Gitmo. His replacement, Captain James "Yousef" Yee, had to quit the Army after being charged with mishandling classified information. Two of Yee's friends in the service at Gitmo have been convicted of espionage.

Flying a plane into the Pentagon didn't do nearly as much damage as allowing Muslims to infiltrate it. The enemy is within, flourishing with the help of moonbat bureaucrats who care more for political correctness than for our security.

See how PC we are? England decorates Saifulislam.

On a tip from Nanc.

Things You Won't See in an Al Franken Ad

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:13 AM

In case anyone in Minnesota doesn't understand why it would be an awful idea to vote for leftist comedian Al Franken for Senate, here Al explains in his own words:

If he thinks rape jokes are funny, Franken leaves a lot to be desired even as a comedian.

Via, on a tip from John R.

Mike Malloy Accuses US Government of Killing MLK

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:00 AM

Earlier this month, left-wing radio host Mike Malloy celebrated the coming of MLK Day by announcing that Martin Luther King, Jr was killed by the US Government for wanting to surrender to communists in Vietnam. Via NewsBusters:

The argument has been made that one of the reasons that the US government assassinated Martin Luther King Jr. was because of his speech at Riverside Church in New York, I think it was Riverside Church, where he came out fully against the war in southeast Asia and fully against the policies that were being perpetuated against the American people in general. He left his little safe niche of, oh, well, he's a spokesman for the Negroes, and stepped outside that and started taking on greater issues and so the United States government said, well, it's time to get rid of this guy.

We've gotten all the good we're going to get out of the civil rights movement. Now even the memory of it is used primarily to sow discord and paranoia.

Mike Malloy: One of many reasons Air America could never compete with Rush.

On a tip from Cheetah.

Anti-Abortion Activist Sentenced to Psychiatric Treatment

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:56 AM

A glimpse of the Soviet-style future moonbats may have in store for us:

An Iowa grandmother has been banished to jail, including a night in isolation, after refusing to give in to a judge's demand that she submit to a psychiatric exam and take psychotropic drugs if prescribed to mitigate her opposition to abortion, her husband has confirmed.

Based on hearsay evidence from the sardonically misnamed Planned Parenthood, Donna Holman was convicted of harassing the abortion mill's customers while offering sidewalk counseling.

Mrs. Holman was also given a 30-day suspended sentence, 1 year probation, and is banned from sidewalk counseling for life. When she refused to submit to the psychiatric examination, she was thrown in jail. She comments on her case:

I find it especially strange and abhorrent that a female judge would somehow think it is normal for Planned Parenthood to systematically kill babies in the womb, but abnormal for me to oppose these serial killers. Is it not hypocritical for this court to acknowledge a women's purported right in seeking medical help for destroying her child, while denying me the basic right to refuse "medical help"?

Evidently she was targeted for arrest for being a full-time member of Missionaries to the Preborn.

On a tip from Kristy.

January 20, 2008

George Clooney Named "Messenger of Peace" — Nobel Next?

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:49 PM

Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moonbat has advanced the United Nations still further into self-ridicule by naming wacky Hollyweird moonbat George Clooney as a special UN "Messenger of Peace."

Clooney's qualifications consist of insulting Charlton Heston and the President, demanding that we surrender to al Qaeda in Iraq, driving around in a preposterous moonbatmobile to flaunt his environmental piousness, cranking out pretentious and moonbatty movies that nobody watches, and demanding that the USA do in the Sudan what he condemns it for doing in Iraq.

Now Looney can aspire to the next highest honor: the Nobel Peace Prize. But to attain that, he'll have to graduate from fashionable put vapid Tinseltown leftism to pure evil, by becoming a traitor, a terrorist, a communist dictator or point man in a sinister hoax intended to suppress freedom and productivity throughout the world.

The self-satisfied smirk won't get him that Nobel.

On tips from Wiggins and White Cane.

Term "Islamist Terrorism" Censored in Dallas

Posted by Dave Blount at 1:16 PM

Jihad Watch reports that the following proposed billboard for the upcoming America's Truth Forum Symposium:


was censored to this:


in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The word "Islamist" had to be removed because, according to the sales manager of a local billboard company:

My boss wouldn't go along with this type of advertising since we have an international clientele — some of whom might be on the other side.

That is, "the other side" in the terrorist war imperialist Islam is waging against Western Civilization.

The odds of us prevailing against an enemy we don't even have the conviction to name are slim.

On a tip from Burning Hot.

Moonbat Lawyer Jay Grodner's Day in Court

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:59 AM

Chicago lawyer Jay Grodner, who expressed his contempt for the military by keying Marine Sergeant Michael McNulty's car, showed up a half hour late for his day in court on Friday. This did not please Judge William O'Malley, who served in the Marines 1961–1964, and was anything but sympathetic toward the aging adolescent.

Nonetheless, Grodner got off with a misdemeanor and no jail time, even though the $2,400 in damage he caused qualified as a felony. At least O'Malley gave Grodner a stern talking-to, reminding the porcine progressive that Marines have "fought and lost their lives so that people like you could enjoy the freedom of this country."

Unfortunately, O'Malley's stern words did not penetrate the thick layers of moonbattery that buffer Grodner from an awareness of his own vileness. After the trial he whined about how the Marine wanted him "locked up and thrown away" even though Grodner had been big enough to say, "I'm sorry if I scratched your car."

Evidently feeling put-upon, the self-described "radical liberal" says he will leave Chicago and move to the south of France. Similar promises from Hollyweird moonbats like Alec Baldwin have regrettably come to nought.

It would be nice to think that Grodner's reputation has been ruined, but among his fellow liberal lawyers, it may have been enhanced.

Jay Grodner.

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MSNBC Crew Reports Thompson Speech With Guffaws

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:24 AM

As Republicans use reason to appeal to adults, Democrats draw support by wallowing in perpetual adolescence. Check out the response to a Fred Thompson speech yesterday by MSNBC liberals Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann at the beginning of this video:

The guffaws in the background are from the MSNBC folks. As reports, Tweety and Olbie also had a good laugh after McCain's victory speech in New Hampshire.

Try to imagine Brit Hume cackling like a teenager high on pot in response to a speech by a Democrat.

Unfortunately adolescence has been getting pushed farther and farther into adulthood, which is good demographic news for the Dems.

Hat tip: NewsBusters, on a tip from Conan.

January 19, 2008

Bill Maher Denounces the Ten Commandments

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:43 PM

Via NewsBusters, the sophisticated theological insight of Hollyweird intellectual Bill Maher:

If I had a child, the last book I would ever give to teach morality would be the Bible, especially the Old Testament. […] at least half of the Commandments are stupid.

Furthermore, God is a poopyhead.

Watching scum like Maher use television to take over Western Civilization is like having to witness wild monkeys run loose in the Sistine Chapel, crapping into their hands and flinging it at the frescoes.

billmaher.jpg   It takes great men to build a civilization. It only takes the likes of Bill Maher to tear one down from within.

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Pete Stark Offers Insight Into How Bureaucrats View Us

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:02 AM

At a healthcare forum in Fremont, loony-left Rep. Pete Stark (D-CA) offered some insight into how his kind view us little people.

Chairman of the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Health, which oversees Medicare, Stark admitted that Dems are imposing socialized medicine incrementally so that people don't rebel:

If I told voters that we would implement a brand-new health care system on January 1, 2009, I'd be nailed to the front door of the nearest hospital.

Stark questioned why economic freedom should ever be applied to healthcare. He even declared that we have a "right" to force others to pay our doctor bills. To support this outrageous contention, he drew attention to the constitutional right of prisoners to have medical care.

Authoritarian moonbats like Stark are using Cuba as a model. There, everyone has access to free if appallingly low-quality healthcare, because everyone is a prisoner.

Cuba's present nightmare could be America's future. Via The Real Cuba.

On a tip from dpt.

January 18, 2008

Polar Bears Used as Excuse to Stop Oil Drilling

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:13 PM

Polar bears are one of the very few animals that will hunt down humans and kill us as food, making them immensely popular among the envirowackos who have their collective foot on the throat of our energy policy. As icons of enviromoonbattery, polar bears are being exploited in an attempt to prevent drilling for precious oil in otherwise useless frozen wasteland by invoking the Endangered Species Act, despite the fact that polar bear populations are unfortunately not even declining.

The idea is that even if polar bears aren't really threatened, they supposedly would be in the future if only the farcical climate change crisis were real.

From Upstreamonline:

The US government must decide first if polar bears are threatened by climate change before it opens part of their habitat to oil drilling, the head of a congressional environment panel said.
The decision whether to list the species as threatened under the Endangered Species Act was supposed to happen last week but was postponed for up to 30 days.
That means it could come after the government offers 29.4 million acres in the Chukchi Sea off the Alaskan coast in a sale of oil leases on 6 February.
"Rushing to allow drilling in polar bear habitat before protecting the bear would be the epitome of this administration's backward energy policy, a policy of drill first and ask questions later," Republican [sic] Ed Markey said at a hearing of the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming, which he chairs.

Actually, Ed Markey is a Democrat from Massachusetts, as you might surmise from the pernicious moonbattery he spews.

Polar bears' imagined interests come before our need for energy independence.

On a tip from Byron.

Death of a Moonbat: Bobby Fischer

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:52 AM

Former world chess champion Bobby Fischer has died. In his best days, he was known for representing the USA as he defeated the USSR's Boris Spassky.

Unfortunately being a genius at chess didn't prevent him from being a complete fool in other respects. When he died, Fischer had been living abroad for years, in part because he hated America, which he called an "evil dictatorship" and asserted should be "wiped out." Although Jewish himself, he denied the Holocaust and described Jews as "thieving, lying bastards." He praised the Muslim atrocities of September 11 as "wonderful news."

Despite his former accomplishments, he won't be missed by many.

Bobby Fischer trying to figure out what makes America and Jews so rotten.

On a tip from Nanc.

Seattle PI Still Screaming About Sea Levels and Hurricanes

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:19 AM

As part of their informational cascade strategy, the global warming cult continues to belch out study after bogus taxpayer-financed study detailing the horrors in store for us if we don't sacrifice our most basic liberties in the name of their insidious hoax. For example, the wacky Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports on a study by the University of Washington and the state Department of Ecology, claiming that the sea might rise 5 inches in the Puget Sound region by 2050.

But wait, that wasn't scary enough. So the PI used a "worst case" scenario for their hysterical headline "Parts of Sound Could Rise 2 Feet."

Further stoking the terror, report author and "lead policy strategist" Spencer Reeder adds:

One of the main messages of the report is it's not a steady, slow rise of the seas that's going to cause the damage. It's these bad storms and extreme events that cause more of the damage. The same storms will get more destructive.

You know, like all the horrific hurricanes that have hit the USA over the last two years. Oh wait, we haven't had one since Wilma in 2005.

Stop the presses: Global warming is suppressing hurricanes! This disruption of natural cycles is sure to result in floods, droughts, hot weather, cold weather, malaria and toothaches!

Reeder et al.'s study "is not being submitted for peer review and publication" — a clear indication that it is a suitable source for the Seattle PI.

Some advice for the Left: Give up on global warming while you still have even a shred of credibility.

On a tip from Pete.

Shrillary on the Same Page as Abject Failures Granholm, Corzine on Economy

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:48 AM

Rush quotes from a Hillary Clinton press release:

Hillary Clinton, joined by New Jersey governor John Corzine and Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm, will discuss solutions for the American economy.

blogShrillary confirms:

Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm and New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine yesterday praised Hillary's economic stimulus package during a conference call with reporters.

Michigan's unemployment rate hit 7.6% last month, thanks in part to Granholm. It's the worst in the country. It would be higher still if people weren't abandoning the state in droves.

Corzine's New Jersey has the highest per capita property tax burden in the country, at about twice the national average, and is fourth in total per-capita tax burden.

These are the sort of bumbling socialist failures who approve of how Shrillary would run our economy.

On a tip from V the K.

American Textbooks Define "Jihad" as Doing Good

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:12 AM

Islamic imperialists have no greater friends than the moonbats infesting our education system.

According to History Alive! The Medieval World and Beyond, a middle school textbook used in California and other states, "jihad" is an effort by Muslims to convince "others to take up worthy causes, such as funding medical research." Since some of the kids may have heard of 9/11, it's acknowledged that jihad can also mean Muslims fighting "to protect themselves from those who would do them harm."

Osama bin Laden couldn't have put it better.

Jihad in the real world.

On a tip from Lyle.

Why Fred

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:02 AM

Alicia Colon lays out a straightforward case for Fred Thompson:

There probably has never been a clearer choice between the two major political parties. Democrats are pro-choice; for gay marriage; a repeal of the tax cuts; bigger government and want a withdrawal from Iraq. The Republican candidates other than Ron Paul on Iraq are adamantly opposed to all these positions. Yet according to Dick Morris, the Republican Party is fractured into three factions. The social conservatives are for Huckabee; the economic conservatives are for Romney and the national security crowd is for Giuliani. Oddly enough, Fred Thompson meets the criteria of all three blocs and sooner or later it's going to dawn on all these Republicans that they like Fred, too.

Values, the economy and our security are all too important to compromise. If there's going to be effective opposition to moonbattery, it needs to unite on all three.

Hat tip: American Thinker, on a tip from Byron.

Envirokook David Shearman Calls for Totalitarianism

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:46 AM

Totalitarianism is implicit in the global warming hoax. If human activity is to be severely curtailed, with obvious extreme effects on our standard of living, people are going to rebel unless a Stalinesque government keeps them in line. Sometimes envirokooks are quite up-front about where Algorism would inevitably lead. David Shearman, Honorary Secretary of Doctors for the Environmental Australia, openly calls for an end to democracy.

Shearman is delighted that the authoritarian regime in China says it will ban plastic bags, which supposedly make it be too hot out:

Let us contrast this with the indecisiveness of the democracies which together produce approximately the other half of the world’s greenhouse emissions. It is perhaps reasonable to ask the reader a question. Taking into account the performance of the democracies in the reduction of emissions over the past decade, do you feel that the democracies are able and willing to reduce their emissions by 60–80 per cent this century or perhaps more importantly by approximately 10 per cent each decade?

Of course not, because this would plunge us all into poverty, and free people wouldn't stand for it. This is why Shearman opines that Australia suffers from a "surfeit of democracy." You see, democracy responds to "the needs of corporate enterprise" and falls pray to "the human denial to recognize its limitations." In America, "unbridled individual liberty overwhelms many of the collective needs of the citizens."

All this democracy foolishness must be set aside so that we can address the imaginary climate change crisis:

Reform must involve the adoption of structures to act quickly regardless of some perceived liberties.

Here's why he's so excited about the Chinese ban on shopping bags:

The Chinese decision on shopping bags is authoritarian and contrasts with the voluntary non-effective solutions put forward in most Western democracies. We are going to have to look how authoritarian decisions based on consensus science can be implemented to contain greenhouse emissions.

The "consensus" he refers to is as imaginary as anthropogenic global warming itself. The idea that Chinese autocrats would impose a massive reduction in economic activity is preposterous. Plastic bags used to be favored by envirokooks, on the grounds that paper bags are made out of murdered trees. But none of this matters in light of the promise of absolute power for left-wing extremists.

Al Gore and his acolytes would make the Khmer Rouge look like America's Founding Fathers if given the chance. Their bizarre antihuman ideology is more evil even than communism, from the ruins of which it developed.

Hat tip: Coyote Blog, on a tip from BURNING HOT.

Dr. Death Shares His Moonbat Philosophy

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:00 AM

Like an ageing pop star, Jack Kevorkian is noisily wallowing in moonbattery in an apparent attempt to reclaim the public's attention.

Students at the University of Florida expected Dr. Death to talk about his specialty, euthanasia. But there's more to moonbattery than physician-assisted suicide, as Kevorkian demonstrated by denouncing the Supreme Court as "cowardly and deceitful," the pacification of terrorists in Iraq as "modified genocide," his fellow Caucasians as "wimps," the rule of law as "an enemy of rights" and America as "a renegade, rogue, criminalistic country."

A sample of his unhinged ideology:

You think you're free? You've been duped. You swallowed public propaganda… We have never been a totally free country; despite all the propaganda you've heard [and] the brainwashing you've taken.
I have no respect for the law; none! Because it's corrupt... the law is our enemy. No law can create a crime. […] law is an enemy to rights […] disobeying the law is not a crime — it's just disobeying the law.

According to Dr. Death, America is

no different than Nazi Germany; they were aggressive too, [but] they were more honest about it. See, unfortunately for the Nazis, there was another power that could counteract them, the United States. Who can counteract us? America is like a bull in a china shop. There is no way to fight them. They can do what they want, lie, cheat and steal — and they do.
[…] Why are you hated in the rest of the world? Why? Because they know what you are, but you don't know[…] We're a fascist country you know… I'm not proud to be an American; I'm not proud to be a genocidal aggressor. America is wrong. We are a criminal country... we have a criminal group in Washington, [a] bunch of criminal dictators.

He advises that we correct the situation by not voting. Naturally, he wants to withdraw from Iraq immediately, leaving it to the Islamofascists and hoping for the best.

Kevorkian is 79. Maybe age is effecting his mind. But it's nothing a physician-assisted suicide wouldn't cure.

Kevorkian points to where the bats flap their wings and whisper instructions.

On a tip from V the K.

Global Warming Moonbats in the Snow

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:17 AM

An awareness that global warming is a hoax is starting to permeate the MSM information blockade, but don't tell that to the moonbats who stood in a heavy snowfall outside the State House in Annapolis yesterday, demanding that Maryland do something about all this warm weather by deliberately crippling the economy.

Dr. Cindy Parker of the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health screeched that a bill to hamstring economic activity in Maryland is actually a health bill, because the imaginary climate change crisis is "the biggest threat to our health of anything going on right now."

The next al Qaeda attack will reintroduce kooks like Parker to real health threats, and permanently banish the deflating global warming hoax to obscurity.

The moonbatty Baltimore Sun put a disclaimer on this story, warning that some of the comments it generated might have been left by conservatives, since it was later linked by Drudge. But the comments ridicule the global warming Kool-Aid–guzzlers from the very beginning. Careful, Sun — crawl much farther out on your limb, and you'll leave even your liberal readers behind.

Moonbats demand an end to all this global warming.

On a tip from Heckrulz.

Abortion Sold as Crime Cure

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:05 AM

If you can fight fire with fire, why not fight crime with abortion? Yesterday ABC's Good Morning America featured Freakonomics co-author Stephen Dubner, who intoned that before Roe v. Wade, "unwanted children" were (via NewsBusters):

at a much greater risk for being born into the circumstances where they're more likely to lead a criminal life.

Even the depraved phrase "at risk for being born" went unchallenged. Author John Lott has countered in Freedomnomics that the moral decadence abortion both represents and enables has resulted in more single-parent families, leading to more crime. But no one at ABC was about to contradict Dubner, who concluded:

It's good to know what forces work in society, if for no other reason than to keep doing the right thing.

Since it's "doing the right thing" to impose the death sentence on unborn children because they might grow up to be criminals, why are liberals so appalled when capital punishment is applied to those who already have?

The least we could do is give children a chance to be good, before applying the preemptive death sentence. It's not too late to have them offed once they start to act up. Maybe we should set up late-late–term abortion centers, to be funded by ShrillaryCare. That ought to keep kids in line. "One more word out of you, young man, and I'll have you aborted!"

Liberal crime prevention strategy.

On a tip from Cheetah.

January 17, 2008

Britain Renames Islamic Terrorism "Anti-Islamic Activity"

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:30 PM

British Newspeak for Islamic terrorism is now "anti-Islamic activity," because…

Security officials believe that directly linking terrorism to Islam is inflammatory, and risks alienating mainstream Muslim opinion.

If only bureaucrats had thought to call blitzkrieg "anti-Nazi activity," think how much easier winning WWII would have been.

The phrases "war on terror" and "Islamic extremism" are no longer to be spoken. As far as the British government is concerned, this should solve the problem — so long as the problem is defined as, "Muslims don't like it when they think we might defend ourselves."

When you look at the belly-crawling, dhimmified cowards currently running Britain, it's hard to blame the Muslims for wanting to blow them to kingdom come. Unfortunately bureauweenies won't be the only ones to perish as Islam's worldwide campaign of "anti-Islamic activity" continues.

Muslims engaging in "anti-Islamic activity."

On a tip from Mega.

Democrats Distribute Official Party Condoms in Indonesia

Posted by Dave Blount at 3:26 PM

The first Democrat ballots in the February 5 Super Tuesday primaries will be cast by expats in Indonesia, where Barack Obama lived for years as a child. The primaries are being promoted in typically tasteful Democrat style, by "distributing official party condoms with a suggestive slogan."

IBD Editorials comments:

Amazing what you have to lead some Democrats around by just to get them to vote!

No doubt the condom campaign will go over big with Indonesia's native Muslim population, among whom Western decadence is a recruiting tool for jihadists.

If he could go back in time, B.O. might distribute condoms to his Indonesian classmates.

On a tip from Byron.

Robin Page Cleared of "Hate Speech"

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:41 AM

After a five-year campaign, Robin Page has managed to clear himself by showing that there were no grounds for prosecution when he was arrested and thrown into a British jail for saying this:

If you are a black, vegetarian, Muslim, asylum-seeking, one-legged lesbian lorry driver, I want the same rights as you.

Allegedly, the joke constituted a "hate crime." His name was put on a "Homo-phobic Incidents Register," so he had better mind his P's and Q's in the future.

On a tip from V the K.

Tweety's Conception of "Thatcherite"

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:26 AM

Hillary Clinton recently denounced the President as "pathetic" for politely asking Saudi Arabia to lower the price of oil. We could lower the price ourselves, except that Democrats severely curtail our ability to drill in our own country or off its shores. MSNBC's Chris Matthews offered this brilliant analysis (via NewsBusters):

Pathetic? It just struck me as very Thatcher-ite right there.

True, Shrillary is an irresponsible and obnoxious fool, whereas Margaret Thatcher was a great leader. But both are women, which is enough for Tweety.


On a tip from Conan.

New York Times Blames Homeschooling for Child-Killer

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:08 AM

Thanks to having discarded responsible journalism in favor of an anecdotal approach, the New York Times has been able to prove that having served in Iraq or Afghanistan makes veterans into a psychopathic killers, despite the fact that they are far less likely to commit murders than the general population. The rag has applied a similar technique to homeschoolers, by seizing on the case of DC resident Banita Jacks, a deranged urban savage who killed her own children.

Screeches the Gray Lady:

The lack of supervision of the home-schooling process, some experts say, may have made it easier last year for Ms. Jacks to withdraw her children from school and the prying eyes of teachers, social workers and other professionals who otherwise might have detected signs of abuse and neglect of the girls.

A Brief History notes that there is no evidence that Jacks' kids were homeschooled, and wonders what the murder rate is among homeschoolers. If it weren't negligible, it would be plastered across the front page of the Times.

Liberals loathe homeschooling because it allows children to escape brainwashing by the moonbatty education establishment. It also might enable minorities to learn their way off the Democrat Party plantation. The Home School Legal Defense Association reports on a study of 5,402 homeschool students:

There was no significant difference between minority and white homeschooled students. For example, in grades K-12, both white and minority students scored, on the average, in the 87th percentile. In math, whites scored in the 82nd percentile while minorities scored in the 77th percentile. In the public schools, however, there is a sharp contrast. White public school eighth grade students, nationally scored the 58th percentile in math and the 57th percentile in reading. Black eighth grade students, on the other hand, scored on the average at the 24th percentile in math and the 28th percentile in reading. Hispanics scored at the 29th percentile in math and the 28th percentile in reading.

On the other hand, public school students are more likely to know how to put a condom on a cucumber.

Hat tip: Dr. Helen, on a tip from V the K.

Moonbat Artist Makes Shrines to Illegal Aliens Out of Their Garbage

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:27 AM

Mexico's dregs have been burying southern Arizona in garbage as they are flushed across the undefended boarder to colonize the Southwest, with the blessing of our unconscionably irresponsible government. Some see the beautiful desert being buried under criminals' trash as a bad thing. Not art teacher Valarie James; she has been using the diseased refuse as raw material for shrines to moonbattery.

The pro–illegal-immigration WSJ gushingly reports:

Today, a makeshift gallery on Ms. James's ranch holds her large collection. In the middle of the room sits a pile of 30 rolled-up blankets. In one corner, Ms. James keeps dozens of children's backpacks — most of them with familiar logos — Scooby-Doo, Barbie, Batman. A medicine table features acetaminophen tablets, tubes of antiseptic cream and rubbing alcohol. Most of the labels are in Spanish, including one for an herbal remedy to treat snakebite. Among the display of shoes, sneakers and boots, a man's black leather loafer stands out. Tucked inside are several pages from "Hamlet," in which Shakespeare's tragic hero ponders his own mortality.
"Was he a teacher?" Ms. James wonders. […]
Bibles and other books abound. Birth certificates and ID cards adorn a wall. There are airline and bus tickets, and deportation documents. Inside one wallet is a bundle of Florida business cards, job contacts, she figures. A message in Spanish — "Give it all you got so you can return quickly" — was written on the back of a family photo. A child's drawing depicts the journey many illegal immigrants expect, starting at a hostel on the Mexican border and ending at a perfect little house with a well-tended lawn.

The spin achieves self-parody. These aren't criminal lowlifes who murder our police and rape our children. They're Shakespeare-reading teachers, who plan to return quickly, or else who want to live like Mr. Rogers. Never mind that honest citizens immigrate through legal channels only.

Ms. James has encountered migrants themselves, often on the verge of collapse or hobbling along on blistered feet. "For those of us who live close to the border, the humanitarian crisis is not an abstraction," says the artist. Each year, hundreds of migrants perish in the desert. In 2005, a migrant woman died of dehydration in the arms of her son less than half a mile from Ms. James's house.

Maybe she should have stayed home instead of invading our country.

Ms. James was inspired to make three life-size sculptures of mothers to honor the dead migrants. In collaboration with sculptors Antonia Gallegos and Deb McCullough, she created, "Las Madres: No Más Lágrimas," which have been on display for more than a year at Pima Community College outside Tucson, where Ms. James teaches. Each sculpture is made from jeans and other articles found in the desert. Each mother's arms are crossed over her heart and the eyes are closed in contemplation.

The heart bleeds.

Since most art is now garbage, why can't illegal aliens' garbage be art?

On a tip from Varla.

Expert Confirms Michael Moore "Just Repeating Government Propaganda" on Cuban Healthcare

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:25 AM

In Sicko, Michael Moore's latest broadside against America, the obese propagandist dragged some people involved in the rescue effort at Ground Zero down to Cuba in an exploitative attempt to convince us that its wretched socialized health care system is better than ours. In doing so, he violated the sanctions that have been in place against Cuba for decades.

Technically, even Tinseltown's hard-left royalty is subject to American law, so the treasury department investigated Moore's farcical pilgrimage to the communist slave state. According to Cuba's state-controlled media, this confirms America's "imperial philosophy of censorship."

Imagine if someone were suicidal enough to make movies insulting his own country and its leaders in Cuba. Then we'd learn something about censorship.

But Moore could bellow as loudly down there as he does up here, since he's "just repeating Cuban government propaganda," as confirmed by Katherine Hirschfeld, who has done extensive research on doctors in Cuba, and even survived a stay in a Cuban hospital.

This scene from a Cuban hospital didn't make it into Sicko.

On a tip from baldeagle390.

Constitutional Protection for Phony Soldiers?

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Excellent news for John "Botched Joke" Kerry, obnoxious Iowa Senator Tom Harkin and peacenik activist Jesse MacBeth: If California bureaucrat Xavier Alvarez wins his case, lying about your military service will be established as a constitutional right:

After being charged under the Stolen Valor Act for falsely claiming to have won the Congressional Medal of Honor Xavier Alvarez has filed a motion to dismiss the case on the grounds that the law is unconstitutional.
His lawyer said that the Stolen Valor Act, which makes it a misdemeanor to falsely claiming military honours, violates the First Amendment and that "protecting the reputation of military decorations" does not warrant a restriction on free speech.

Soon it may be safe for John Kerry to finally release his complete military records, as he has been promising to do for years.

Next, a constitutional right will be discovered not to be called a "phony soldier" by Rush Limbaugh.

Maybe we'll get to see those military records after all. Via Cao's Blog.

On a tip from V the K.

Texas Leads in Energy Productivity, Moonbats Appalled

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Congratulations to Texas for having the country's largest carbon footprint, an indication of its high level of productivity… I mean, second-largest carbon footprint. According to Governor Rick Perry, the leading source of greenhouse gases is Al Gore's mouth.

AP whines that Texans produced 670 metric tons of CO2 in 2003. The world's plant life owes them thanks, just as people do for leading the nation in energy production. If manmade global warming were anything but a hoax, they could also be thanked for improving the weather.

On a tip from White Cane.

Graziano Cecchini Presents Vandalism as Art

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The corrosive effects of moonbattery remain on open display in the art world, which has now degenerated into vandalism. The latest masterpiece by Graziano Cecchini consists of littering Rome's Spanish Steps with brightly colored plastic balls.

Cecchini explains his work:

I am leaving for Burma, these balls will help the Karen people.

The Karen people are ethnic Tibetans. Cecchini also says that each of the balls "represented a lie told by a politician." He should have added, "within the last hour," since there were only 500,000 of them.

Past accomplishments include dying the water in the Trevi Fountain red to highlight the plight of poor artists in Italy. He got off scot-free for that, despite having been caught on video. This time it looks like he might have to pay a fine.

In the era of moonbattery, Italy is low on da Vincis.

On a tip from Lyle.

January 16, 2008

One More Wacky Lawsuit

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Jeb Corliss is suing the Empire State Building because guards wouldn't let him jump off the top of it.

Corliss planned to use a parachute. He says if his chute had opened while the guards had him constrained, it would have torn his limbs off. He also says the guards afflicted him with "adrenal fatigue." He's demanding $30 million.

Imagine what it will be like if ambulance-chaser John Edwards ever ends up in the White House.

Jeb Corliss in an aerodynamic jackass outfit.

On a tip from Lyle.

$150 Fine for Saying the "N Word"

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:03 PM

In Passaic, New Jersey, a man has been fined $150 for uttering the unspeakable "N word." Mayor Sammy Rivera applauds the ruling, explaining than the perpetrator should be "at least fined," because "It's everybody's city, everybody's country."

That would mean it's even white people's country. But I doubt saying "cracker" or "white boy" or "honky" will result in any fines.

However, other words will inevitably follow "nigger" into unspeakable status due to their political incorrectness. I wonder how long the phrases "Muslim terrorist" and "tax cut" will last.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Almost One in Five Still Believes MSM

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:42 PM

Here's a surprise: According to a national poll by Sacred Heart University, 19.6% of Americans still believe most or all news media reporting. Look for this number to drop into the low single digits when it becomes common knowledge that the ballyhooed global warming crisis is a baseless hoax.

The poll found that 87.6% are aware the news media attempts to manipulate public opinion, and 86% have noticed it tries to influence government policy. The rest apparently don't watch the news.

On a tip from baldeagle390.

Clinton Legacy Blossoms in Dem-Controlled Congress

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While Nanny Pelosi devotes herself to greening congressional cafeterias, pages have noticed that the adults are no longer in charge on Capitol hill:

House teenage pages are so wild and unsupervised that two GOP members of Congress have resigned from the House Page Board, protesting that they were not informed of two pages caught shoplifting and two others busted for engaging in public oral sex.

One of the two who resigned was Ginny Brown-Waite (R-FL), who affirms that the public oral sex was "not an isolated incident." She and colleague Shelly Moore Capito (R-WV) are annoyed with Pelousy for not reforming the program as promised.

It looks like Bill Clinton left a lasting legacy in Washington after all.

Amid Pelousy's anarchy, his legacy lives.

On a tip from V the K.

Al Jazz, Moonbats Claim Hollywood Maligns Arabs

Posted by Dave Blount at 1:13 PM

Since 9/11, Hollywood has conspicuously bent over backwards to avoid any portrayal of Arabs that could conceivably be deemed unflattering. Nonetheless, there are those so devoted to moonbattery that they consider themselves to the left even of Tinseltown. Untethered from reality, kooks like Matthew Duss manage to agree with al Jazeera propagandists that our movies oppress Arabs:

Ross Douthat comments:

To support its claim that Arabs are "the most maligned group in the history of Hollywood," this five-minute film is forced to resort to clips from such blockbuster films as Cannonball Run II, Happy Hooker Goes to Washington, and Hell Squad. So far as I could tell, the most recent clips are from Aladdin and True Lies, both of which are fifteen years old. In the seven years since 9/11, with the nation embroiled in a global struggle in which America's most deadly and dedicated enemies tend to be, well, Arabic, Hollywood has turned out exactly one big-budget film featuring Arab villains: This fall's The Kingdom. If you want to expand the list to include art-house fare, you can throw in United 93, and if you count people trapped in a cycle of violence as "villains" you can tack on Steven Spielberg's Munich, in which audiences were invited to side with Israeli assassins against Palestinian terrorists but feel awfully conflicted about it. Meanwhile, even 24, ostensibly the most right-wing hour on television, features what Martha Bayles, writing in this season's Claremont Review of Books, terms a "timid selection of villains," including "vengeful Serbs, a bitchy German, red-handed Mexican drug lords, a turncoat British spy, a greedy oil executive, power-mad government officials (including one president), and — once in a blue moon, when the Council on American-Islamic Relations is looking the other way — violent jihadists."

Since it will be condemned by Arabs and their useful idiot allies no matter how obsequious its posture, Hollyweird may as well work up the nerve to portray America's enemies accurately. Surely there's someone in the film industry who hasn't embraced dhimmitude.

On a tip from V the K.

Muslim Clerk Won't Ring Up "Unclean" Christian Book

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:07 PM

Unfortunately for Christians, multicultural tolerance only cuts one way:

A Muslim store worker refused to serve a customer buying a children's book on Christianity because she said it was "unclean."

This didn't happen in Saudi Arabia, where there are no Christian books. It happened at a Marks & Spencer store in Reading, England, where Sally Friday made the mistake of attempting to buy First Bible Stories for her grandson.

Conservative MP Philip Davies points out the obvious:

If a Christian lady had refused to serve a Muslim on religious grounds there would have been hell to pay.

But then, Christians haven't earned respect by waging a terror campaign against the rest of the world.

On tips from Mega and BURNING HOT.

Hospital Sued for Giving Rectal Exam

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More lawsuit lunacy:

Construction worker Brian Persaud is suing New York-Presbyterian Hospital on the grounds that he was "assaulted, battered and falsely imprisoned" when he was taken there after being hit with a falling beam and doctors gave him a rectal exam.

It's a horrifying tale. According to his lawyer Gerrard Marrone,

emergency room staffers insisted on examining his rectum and held him down while he begged, "Please don't do that." He said Persaud hit a doctor while flailing around and staffers gave him an injection, which knocked him out, and performed the rectal exam.
Persaud woke up handcuffed to a bed and with an oxygen tube down his throat, the lawyer said, and spent three days in a detention center.

Marrone admits that the rectal exam would determine if Persaud suffered spinal damage in his accident. No doubt it would have been grounds for a lawsuit if they had failed to perform the exam. But he whines that his client deserves free money for no longer being able to hold a job:

"He's just not the same psychologically," Marrone said. "He felt like they were trying to rape him."

If doctors really did assault and imprison Persaud, criminal court would be far more appropriate — but less remunerative for Marrone and his client.

On a tip from Wiggins.


Thanks to V the K, we now have video of this appalling incident:

Man Sues Small Child for Bumping Into Him

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:13 AM

All sense of shame having been buried in the ongoing avalanche of moonbattery, 60-year-old David Pfahler is suing Scott Swimm for bumping into him on a ski slope. Scott was 7 years old at the time.

The boy told Pfahler he was sorry and started to ski away when the man grabbed Scott's legs, cursed at him and said he would sue, Robb Swimm told The Aspen Times.
"I was really scared," Scott said to the Times.
Scott's father, Robb Swimm, said he saw the crash and that Scott was skiing slowly and in control.
"It wasn't a violent collision or anything, Scott just kind of tapped his ski boots," he said this week.
Scott's mother, Susan Swimm, said her son weighs 48 pounds and couldn't have been going more than 10 mph.

John Edwards would be proud.

My recommendation to the judge: let the kid rub Pfahler's face in the snow for wasting everyone's time and money.

On a tip from Lyle.

ACLU Sticks Up for Larry Craig's Right to Public Sodomy

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:57 AM

The ACLU has finally found a Republican it likes:

In an effort to help Sen. Larry Craig, the American Civil Liberties Union is arguing that people who have sex in public bathrooms have an expectation of privacy.
Craig, of Idaho, is asking the Minnesota Court of Appeals to let him withdraw his guilty plea to disorderly conduct stemming from a bathroom sex sting at the Minneapolis airport.

The state can't prove Craig invited an undercover officer to have sex in public if stalls in the airport restroom are redefined as not public. From the ACLU's brief:

The government cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Senator Craig was inviting the undercover officer to engage in anything other than sexual intimacy that would not have called attention to itself in a closed stall in the public restroom.

Prepare to explain to your kids what's going on in the noisy stall when the ACLU succeeds in reducing America to a place where homosexuals routinely swap their deadly diseases in public restrooms.

Time for Larry Craig to change party affiliations and move to Massachusetts.

On a tip from Nanc.

George MacDonald Fraser Grieves for Great Britain

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:14 AM

British author George MacDonald Fraser laments the tragic decline of his country into moonbattery:

That PC [political correctness] should have become acceptable in Britain is a glaring symptom of the country's decline.
No generation has seen their country so altered, so turned upside down, as children like me born in the 20 years between the two world wars. In our adult lives Britain's entire national spirit, its philosophy, values and standards, have changed beyond belief.
Probably no country on earth has experienced such a revolution in thought and outlook and behaviour in so short a space.
Other lands have known what seem to be greater upheavals, the result of wars and revolutions, but these do not compare with the experience of a country which passed in less than a lifetime from being the mightiest empire in history, governing a quarter of mankind, to being a feeble little offshore island whose so-called leaders have lost the will and the courage, indeed the ability, to govern at all. […]
The United Kingdom has begun to look more like a Third World country, shabby, littered, ugly, run down, without purpose or direction, misruled by a typical Third World government, corrupt, incompetent and undemocratic.
My generation has seen the decay of ordinary morality, standards of decency, sportsmanship, politeness, respect for the law, family values, politics and education and religion, the very character of the British. […]
We were freer by far 50 years ago — yes, even with conscription, censorship, direction of labour, rationing, and shortages of everything that nowadays is regarded as essential to enjoyment.
We still had liberty beyond modern understanding because we had other freedoms, the really important ones, that are denied to the youth of today.
We could say what we liked; they can't. We were not subject to the aggressive pressure of special interest minority groups; they are. We had no worries about race or sexual orientation; they have. We could, and did, differ from fashionable opinion with impunity, and would have laughed PC to scorn, had our society been weak and stupid enough to let it exist. […]
We did not know the stifling tyranny of a liberal establishment, determined to impose its views, and beginning to resemble George Orwell's Ministry of Truth.
Above all, we knew who we were and we lived in the knowledge that certain values and standards held true, and that our country, with all its faults and need for reforms, was sound at heart.

The whole piece is well worth reading.

It may be too late to save Great Britain from the mortal disease that is liberal ideology. But it's not too late for Britons to put up a fight. Nor is it too late for Americans to learn a life-saving lesson from the horrific tragedy unfolding across the Atlantic.

George MacDonald Fraser: A remnant from the Britain that truly was Great.

On a tip from V the K.

Catholic Church Facilitates Illegal Alien Invasion

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:24 AM

Did you know the Vatican is a sovereign country? It's even engaging in a borderline act of war, by sanctioning special shelters just south of our border, at which hordes of Third-World colonists are prepared to sneak into America, in open contempt for the sanctity of our borders.

Once across, the colonists continue to receive help from the Catholic churches, which are happy to see their congregations grow.

There is a line between charity and moonbattery. Assisting an invasion crosses it. Even if the intent is purely charitable and not to catholicize America, the Church bureaucrats who approve these activities would do well to remember to render onto Caesar that which is Caesar's, and that the USA is a sovereign country too.

On a tip from White Cane.

Moonbattery Wreaks Havoc on Australian Ambulance Service

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From Down Under, a hint of what what's in store for medicine once it becomes "free" under socialism:

Melbourne's $16 million-a-year ambulance dispatch system is forcing paramedics to race through streets to treat nose bleeds, apply sticking plaster and tend to compulsive hand-washers.
Ambulance officers say a computer dispatch program that fails to distinguish between a heart attack and a stubbed toe sends them on thousands of unnecessary high-speed runs each year.
Ambulances have been sent to people with in-grown toenails and sprained ankles — at $860 a trip.

Emergency calls have included:

A PATIENT whose lip had been cut on a pizza crust.
A MAN with a paper cut.
A BOY with a grazed knee.

When people don't have to pay for medical care, they'll be calling 911 to have aspirin delivered for their hangovers.

But Australia hasn't collapsed into communism yet. Why are half of the highest priority emergency calls for insignificant injuries?

Their union says ambulances are sent to most jobs to eliminate the risk of litigation.

Laments Ambulance Employees Union secretary Steve McGhie:

It is an American system based on (fear of) being sued. It's causing huge concerns for paramedics. It will get worse before it gets better.

Congratulations, John Edwards. Your kind has changed the world.

Thankfully he'll never be President, but he's still left his mark. Via Caption This!

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Ode to Shrillary

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Finished with breakfast? I hope so…

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FARC Curriculum Vitae

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The other day we heard from Hollywood director Oliver Stone on the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), the narco-terrorist guerillas who have been trying to overthrow our key ally Alvaro Uribe, with help from Venezuela's Hugo Chavez:

Grabbing hostages is the fashion in which they can finance themselves and try to achieve their goals, which are difficult. I think they are heroic to fight for what they believe in and die for it, as was Castro in the hills of Cuba.

For a little more background on FARC, the noble revolutionaries to whom Democrats would be more than happy to feed Uribe, refer to the PDF "557 reasons why the FARC is on the international lists of terrorist groups." Their activities include bombing, kidnapping, shooting, placing land mines, destroying utilities and infrastructure, disrupting food and fuel supplies, and anything else they can think of to inflict harm on the people of Colombia. These sociopaths attack ambulances and even poison public water supplies. The victims are usually innocent civilians, often women and children.

At least it's all for a good cause: snuffing out democracy and replacing it with totalitarianism. How nice for Oliver Stone that he has these heroes to serve as role models as he uses the silver screen to shape America's opinions.

FARC: Enemies of civilization, friends of Hollyweird.

On a tip from Byron.

January 15, 2008

Homosexuals Are Spreading Deadly Drug-Resistant Bacteria

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:22 PM

Homosexual depravity has the benefit of being the only way a white guy can qualify as politically correct, other than being crippled or converting to Islam. But it does have its drawbacks, prominently including the diseases it spreads. AIDS isn't the only one that can be lethal:

A drug-resistant strain of potentially deadly bacteria has moved beyond the borders of U.S. hospitals and is being transmitted among gay men during sex, researchers said on Monday.
They said methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, is beginning to appear outside hospitals in San Francisco, Boston, New York and Los Angeles.
Sexually active gay men in San Francisco are 13 times more likely to be infected than their heterosexual neighbors, the researchers reported in the Annals of Internal Medicine.
"Once this reaches the general population, it will be truly unstoppable," said Binh Diep, a researcher at the University of California, San Francisco who led the study. "That's why we're trying to spread the message of prevention."

Apparently there are reasons for the natural revulsion healthy people feel toward homosexuality, and for the stringent taboo against it in cultures throughout the world.

This superbug can cause life-threatening and disfiguring infections and can often only be treated with expensive, intravenous antibiotics.

Good thing we'll have socialized medicine soon. Otherwise, how would the gay community be able to afford the inevitable consequences of its lifestyle?

There are reasons not everyone celebrates this lifestyle.

On a tip from Jay Guevara.

Nancy Pelosi Takes Charge of Congressional Cafeterias

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:06 PM

Just don't call it the Do-Nothing Congress:

A revolution is afoot at the deli counters, grills and salad bars of the U.S. House of Representatives. Newly ascendant Democrats may have hit roadblocks on Iraq and fiscal issues, but they have revamped congressional menus, replacing fatty, pre-made foods with healthier, gourmet alternatives. […] The menu transformation is part of Speaker Nancy Pelosi's "Greening the Capitol" plan to make the House campus more environmentally friendly and socially progressive.

As always, there is a downside to liberal social engineering:

"It's a big jump from high school cafeteria to fancy-pants gourmet. I just wish my pay improved," said Caryn Schenewerk, a staffer for Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.).
A fruit and cheese side dish with two small wedges of brie and cheddar, six grapes, two saltines and one strawberry cost $4.95, for example.

Others object on ideological grounds. A Republican aide grumbles:

I really don't like Nanny Nancy telling me what I can and cannot eat for lunch.

Worse, the cloying enviromoonbattery could make even bureauweenies lose their appetites. Drinks come in "ecotainers." Dispensers release napkins only one at a time (let's hope they didn't apply this to the restrooms à la Cheryl Crow). Garbage must be sorted into four different recycling bins. The fish on the menu is "sustainable" — whatever that means. Even plates and utensils are biodegradable. Compostable straws melt as you stir your coffee. The salad bar is built of "green materials," ad nauseam.

The objective of this idiocy, according to a spokesman for the bureaucrat who oversees the cafeterias, is to "save the planet." While that's a little overambitious, anything that distracts Nancy Pelosi from trying to pass serious legislation must be seen as a positive — unless of course it's a foreign policy junket.

Melting straws will help save the planet.

On a tip from V the K.

Light Rail: Also an Expensive Flop in Los Angeles

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:13 AM

From an interesting op-ed in the Los Angeles Times:

[T]he MTA has spent more than $11 billion since 1986 to build its rail network, and the effect has been to reduce total transit ridership on the system by more than 3 billion boardings. That's a bizarre result.

What's more bizarre is that bureaucrats continue to push light rail down cities' throats throughout the country at the expense of more efficient buses, apparently for no other reason than to impose their fantasies of a moonbat utopia where citizens only travel along inflexible tracks to where the planners want them.

Hat tip: Houston's Clear Thinkers, on a tip from Byron.

Taliban Has AP, Reuters on Speed Dial

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:57 AM

Here's a very small surprise:

The Taliban has The Associated Press and Reuters on speed dial.
Elias Wahdat, a stringer for Reuters and BBC news services in Khost province, said that every time the Taliban launch an attack or American troops call in an air strike, he gets a text message.
The Taliban will give its version of what happened, often claiming that American bombs killed civilians. It may take officials with the U.S.-led coalition in Afghanistan hours to put together a news release for the press. In the meantime, the Taliban version is already circulating.

Public affairs officer Lt. Col. David Accetta of the 82nd Airborne explains why Taliban stringers for AP/Reuters can get the story out so fast:

The major difference between us and the Taliban extremists is that they are not bound by any regulations, laws or policies. They do not have to tell the truth and are more likely to use propaganda than they are to put out true, verifiable, factual information.

No wonder AP and al Reuters get along so well with the Taliban.

As noted at the Jawa Report:

When the MSM publishes enemy propaganda, they are the enemy.

This is not hyperbole. Terrorism is only effective if it can be spun and amplified properly. The Taliban and our liberal media are literally fighting on the same side in this war.

Hat tip: Al Salibiyyah. On a tip from Scott.

The Search for Someone Who Doesn't Hate Keith Olbermann

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:18 AM

It isn't easy to find people who don't hate MSNBC's talking cockroach Keith Olbermann. In an interview with Playboy Magazine last fall, Olbie raved that "Fox News is worse than al Qaeda." Playboy readers probably don't slant far to the right; nonetheless they were disgusted, and let Olbermann have it with both barrels in their letters to the editor.

Feeling compelled to come up with a letter in support of Olbermann, Playboy editor Chip Rowe resorted to contacting the moonbatty fan site It's run by a woman named Becky, who agreed to write something nice about Olbie, using a pseudonym.

TVNewser quotes an industry insider:

The more glaring issue here is that Olbermann's Al Qaeda comment was so over the top that Playboy had to resort to asking one of his rabid fans to find one person to say something positive about him.

Olbermann's chances of ever appearing in the rearview mirror of his nemesis Bill O'Reilly are not looking good.

As popular as he is sane.

Hat tip: NewsBusters, on a tip from V the K.

Jane Smiley Reveals: Moonbat Lawrence O'Donnell Is an Agent of Karl Rove!

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:40 AM

Establishment liberals really let their hair down at the Huffington Post, where they think only their fellow moonbats are watching. When journalist Lawrence O'Donnell of the McLaughlin Group posted "John Edwards Is a Loser," Pulitzer-prize–winning author and Breck Girl fan Jane Smiley threw such a tantrum, she nearly lost her tinfoil hat.

O'Donnell's main objection to Silky Pony is what you would expect from a liberal. By taking ultra-left votes from Osama bin Obama-Winfrey, he could tip the primaries to Shrillary and go down as "the Southern white man who stood in the way of the black man."

From Smiley's response, thoughtfully entitled "Shut Up, Larry":

When I read Lawrence O'Donnell's post calling John Edwards a "loser" and threatening a lifetime of infamy if he doesn't get out of the race, I immediately went to O'Donnell's bio to see his party affiliation. I was sure it would say "R" — but it didn't. It didn't say anything.
However, I am fairly sure in my own mind that Karl Rove paid him to write that post.

Jane is anything but smiley as she goes on to shriek that Edwards is "the only candidate in the race who understands how corporations are poisoning American politics and American life with their unrestrained power and influence," that Americans are too racist to vote for blacks, that the sinister Diebold manipulated the New Hampshire primaries, that Rudy Giuliani is "psychopathic," that Karl Rove is "finagling the Democratic primary race," et cetera, et cetera, until the nurse came and made her take her medication.

Did I mention that both of these kooks are members of our intellectual establishment?

It's a good thing for them they aren't in control. They'd be sending each other off to gulags instead of throwing clumps of poop at each other in that cesspool HuffPo.

Pulitzer-prize–winning communist kookazoid Jane Smiley.

Hat tip: NewsBusters, on a tip from Cheetah.

Dems on Iraq: Where They Stood Yesterday

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:50 AM

The Jawa Report is right — as Democrats pander to their rabidly defeatist base in advance of the elections, we ought to think back to what they said on record only a few years ago:

As anyone with better memory than the MSM will recall, Democrats were perfectly happy to open the Iraqi theater of our war with Islamic terrorists. They just don't want us to win there.

On a tip from Scott.

WaPo Gripes about Dangerous and Daring Books

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:24 AM

The Washington Post disapproves of The Dangerous Book for Boys and The Daring Book for Girls, popular though they may be. The authors are given credit for encouraging kids to go out and do something instead of playing video games, but—

the books also serve as a reminder that we still haven't figured out what gender equality means or how to prepare kids to live it in the world they will assume. "Dangerous" limits boys to tasks, ideas and ways of being associated with boyhood, neglecting knowledge about girlhood that would serve them well as men working and raising children alongside women. "Daring," on the other hand, urges girls to learn both female and male skills and lore — a good thing for advancement into what is still a man's world, but dangerously close to an endorsement of the Superwoman idea.

WaPo gasps in horror that the boys' book even covers "of all things, 'hunting and cooking a rabbit.'" Presumably a more enlightened book would teach boys how to prepare a vegan salad.

Another flaw: boys only read about other boys, whereas a girls read about the Wright Brothers. Perhaps we could correct this by rewriting history to make them the Wright Sisters, who had to dress as men to defend themselves from paternalistic phallocentrism.

WaPo doesn't want girls encouraged to be ambitious, because it might lead to "stress, depression, substance abuse and severe sports injuries." What's needed is for boys to be more feminine and girls to stop trying so hard:

How do we help boys learn to live easily, even thrive, in an environment less constricted by gender? How do we help girls understand the difference between the confidence that says "I can do anything" and the lack of confidence that says "I must do everything"?

In short, how do we ensure that they grow up to be squishy blobs of liberal goo, whose self-esteem is based on empty rhetoric? Maybe by taking away their books and handing them the Washington Post.

On a tip from V the K.

John Edwards Reaches Out to the Other America

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:52 AM

Compliments of Nanc:


Keith Olbermann Sides With Iran, Insults Fred Thompson

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:34 AM

In case anyone wondered whose side Keith Olbermann is on in the longstanding conflict between Iran's terrorist regime and the USA, Olbie named Fred Thompson the "Worst Person in the World" for joking that Iranians could meet the promised 72 virgins by continuing to harass American ships.

Tinfoil hat securely in place, Olbie referred to the harassment that nearly got some Revolutionary Guard speedboats blown out of the water as a "supposed confrontation." Apparently he concurs with the Iranian regime, Huffington Post and CBS's Harry Smith that our Navy probably made up the whole thing.

The talking cockroach tried to discredit Thompson by drawing a meaningless distinction between Iranian-backed suicide bombers who believe their evil god will reward them with virgins and the terrorists of the Revolutionary Guard. He then dismissed Thompson's conservative candidacy as a Candid Camera stunt.

Via Right Wing News, here's a more uplifting take on Thompson's remarks and his candidacy:

On a tip from Cheetah.

Al Qaeda Is Recruiting Army of Terrorist Janissaries in England

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:07 AM

According to MI5, 1,500 native Britons have embraced multiculturalism by converting to Islam with the intention of assisting Islamic colonists in their terror operations. Many of the conversions occur in prison, which is where Nation of Islam draws much of its membership in the USA.

The last time Islam made a serious bid to conquer Europe, it was at the hands of the Ottoman Empire, which once reached the gates of Vienna. Ottomans used Janissaries — castrated European converts to their imperial death cult — as shock troops.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

On tips from Mandy and David M.

Envirokooks Are the Biggest Polluters

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:45 AM

This should come as a big surprise. Yet it doesn't:

A survey of travel habits has revealed that the most environmentally conscious people are also the biggest polluters.
"Green" consumers have some of the biggest carbon footprints because they are still hooked on flying abroad or driving their cars while their adherence to the green cause is mostly limited to small gestures.
Identified as "eco-adopters", they are most likely to be members of an environmental organisation, buy green products such as detergents, recycle and have a keen interest in green issues.

The British survey by Target Group Index found similar results in the USA and France. The larger carbon footprint of preachy envirokooks can be explained by the luxurious lifestyle of the liberal elite, which allows them to focus on frivolous posturing instead of putting food on the table.

But the important thing is that they mean well, which they prove by electing bureaucrats who will impose their idiotic compact fluorescent light bulbs and deathtrap hybrids on us all.

Pious envirokooks have been following Prince Albert's high-living example.

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January 14, 2008

Barack Obama's Church Honors Louis Farrakhan

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:07 PM

Last month Barack Hussein Obama's church, Trinity United Church of Christ, bestowed upon Louis Farrakhan its highest social achievement award.

Calypso Louie's Lifetime Achievement "Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. Trumpet" Award is named after the church leader who presided over B. Hussein's wedding.

According to the church, the award is to

honor socially conscious giants who commit their life's work to saving the lives of Africans on the continent and in the Diaspora.

Farrakhan has accomplished this by spewing the most vicious racist rhetoric since the fall of the Third Reich as leader of the fascistic cult Nation of Islam.

The lunatic fringe doesn't extend past Farrakhan, who threatened WaPo reporter Milton Coleman with death for revealing that Jesse Jackson refers to Jews as "Hymies." Farrakhan himself calls them "bloodsuckers," and Judaism a "gutter religion."

According to this socially conscious giant, "the white man" is the "anti-Christ." He opines of Caucasians:

White people are potential humans … they haven't evolved yet.

He's also called whites "vicious beasts" and "the skunks of the planet."

Here's what he has to say about America:

A decree of death has been passed on America. The judgment of God has been rendered and she must be destroyed.

Another of his patriotic sentiments:

There is no wicked nation in the past that approaches the evil that is practiced in America on a daily basis.

It's not just America that he dreams of destroying:

It is an act of mercy to white people that we end your world. … We must end your world and bring in a new world.

Violating a travel ban invoked by President Reagan, Farrakhan traveled to Libya to snuggle with terrorist dictator Muammar Qadhafi, with whom he shared a pledge to fight America from the "inside." Here's what Muammar has to say about his buddy with the bowtie:

Our confrontation with America was [previously] like a fight against a fortress from outside, and today [with the NOI alliance] we found a breach to enter into this fortress and confront it.

Other terror-exporting nations that hosted Farrakhan include Iran, Iraq, Syria and Sudan. On enemy soil, his anti-American rhetoric goes into overdrive. A Tehran paper quoted him in 1996:

God will destroy America by the hands of the Muslims. — God will not give Japan or Europe the honor of bringing down the United States; this is an honor God will bestow upon Muslims.

Farrakhan has denied al Qaeda's culpability in 9/11, and has accused President Bush of dynamiting levees in New Orleans.

For all this, Barack Obama's church gives him a lifetime achievement award.

Obama has been a member of the church for 20 years. Its leader Jeremiah Wright is a close confidant who helps him "keep his priorities straight."

This provides some insight into the intellectual background that lies behind the vapid platitudes Obama has been able pass off as thoughts to self-hating liberal fools.

You can't get any farther out there.

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Boston Mayor Thomas Menino Goes to War Against Affordable Health Clinics

Posted by Dave Blount at 1:23 PM

When allowed, the free market will provide solutions to most any problem. For example, healthcare costs have been driven through the ceiling, largely as a result of the gargantuan greed of Democrat-backed trial lawyers like John Edwards. Malpractice suits have made the medical profession less appealing, with the result that people sometimes have to wait months to see a doctor. CVS and other retailers have stepped up by opening medical clinics inside their stores.

However, liberals insist that only coercive solutions be allowed. Boston's moonbat Mayor Thomas Menino has launched a jihad against the affordable and convenient mini-clinics. A strong-arm tactic under consideration to keep them out of Boston is forbidding the stores that incorporate them from selling tobacco products. Menino's justification is right out of a speech by Vladimir Lenin:

Limited service medical clinics run by merchants in for-profit corporations will seriously compromise quality of care and hygiene. Allowing retailers to make money off of sick people is wrong.

In the absence of evidence that quality of care and hygiene would be compromised, Menino seems to oppose the clinics only because profit is involved — as with everything in a free economy.

Doctors and hospitals also operate for profit. But Democrats are working to fix that.

Thomas Menino, Boston's answer to V.I. Lenin.

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Forced Conversions to Islam — In London

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:04 PM

The liberal press would have us believe that the mayhem inflicted on the streets of Europe by the welfare-raised offspring of mostly Arab immigrants is the result of our "racism" and has nothing to do with Islam. As always, they are wrong. Spero News reports on the situation in London:

The Muslim Boys would make most of their income by committing robberies, stealing from drug dealers and laundering money. They gained a fearsome reputation amongst their peers through their forced conversions to Islam.

Kids are actually being killed on the streets of London for refusing to become Muslims. Girls who comply are given hijabs to wear. Meanwhile, the authorities focus on silencing those who object to the Islamic conquest.

A great civilization begins to fall.

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Moonbats Celebrate Death of Ann Coulter's Father

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:43 AM

Ann Coulter recently published a moving piece honoring her father, who has passed away. As we've come to expect, empathetic liberals responded with hoots of derision.

At Huffington Post, Chris Kelly ridicules her eulogy sentence by sentence in an appallingly tasteless moonbat version of a fisking. Without any justification, he calls her father, whom he almost certainly did not know at all, an "asshole" whom children would "avoid out of instinct." He asserts that John Vincent Coulter lusted after his daughter, hated his wife and children, dressed as a woman, and now resides in hell. Being a progressive, Kelly is unable to refrain from comparing the man to Adolf Hitler. Mr. Coulter's funeral is described as "happy." A more despicable slandering of this honorable man's memory would be difficult to imagine.

But the moonbats infesting Democratic Underground gave it a shot. A few sample comments on his tragic passing:

Well, on the positive side, there's one less republican in the world.
No doubt he secretly wished his semen went onto the bed sheets instead of spawning that horrendous, awful thing known as Ann.
I'm sure God will have plenty of "counter arguments" for such intolerant filth as Coulter & ilk.
Sounds like good riddance to me. Too bad there wasn't a family plan.

No matter how low your opinion of the Nutroots Left, they will always find a way to lower it further.

Hated and feared to distraction by moonbats.

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European Court Imposes Prisoners' Right to Conjugal Visits and IVF on UK

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:58 AM

The European Court of Human Rights has overruled the British Government, which now must provide conjugal visits and in vitro fertilization treatment to incarcerated felons.

The case involved Kirk Dickson, who was convicted of kicking a man to death over a pack of cigarettes. In saner times, Dickson would have been hanged. Instead, he'll be starting a family from behind bars at taxpayers' expense.

Dickson met his wife Lorraine through a prison penpal network while she was in jail for benefits fraud. The two spent £20,000 of taxpayers' money litigating their case.

As Helena Hayward of Family and Youth Concern observes:

We seem to have forgotten that offenders are in prison because they have violated society's law.

We also seem to have forgotten that Britain is a sovereign country. But no matter — the important thing is for moonbat bureauweenies to facilitate the continued dissolution of society by whatever means, no matter how outrageous.

The lovely couple.

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PETA Moonbats Target Colonel Sanders' Grave

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:28 AM

PETA moonbats' contempt for the dead doesn't end with the dogs and cats they kill and then illegally toss into other people's dumpsters. They also desecrate graves. From PETA's own website:

Visitors to Louisville's Cave Hill Cemetery—the final resting place of KFC founder Colonel Harland Sanders—will notice a new headstone just a stone's throw away from the colonel's. The new headstone is inscribed with a moving tribute to a "Kind Friend of Chickens," but upon closer examination, the bright-red letters down the left side of the poem spell out an unmistakable message: "KFC Tortures Birds."

The phony headstone is the handiwork of Matt Prescott, "who spearheads PETA's international Kentucky Fried Cruelty campaign."

At least the vandals who knock over headstones or spray-paint swastikas on them don't subject us to sanctimonious propaganda about the plight of chickens.

Now moonbats are targeting his grave.

Hat tip: The Jawa Report, on a tip from Scott.

New York Times Slanders Troops

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:53 AM

Yesterday the New York Times published a truly despicable piece detailing crimes committed by veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan theaters of our war with terrorist Islamofascism. The obvious objective was to depict our soldiers as pathetic victims reduced to unhinged maniacs by the horrors of war.

This slander was so common during the Vietnam War that Hollywood has played the cliche for laughs (e.g., Walter Sobchak in The Big Lebowski). Having been able to bring about our defeat in Southeast Asia, liberals see no reason to change their playbook.

But one thing has changed: thanks to the Internet, supporters of our troops can now fire back. Move America Forward points out that despite putting seven researchers on the story, the Times was only able to find 121 cases of veterans who served in Iraq or Afghanistan committing murders in the USA. That comes out to a murder rate of 1.34 incidents per 100,000 vets per year. The murder rate for the general population is 5.80 per 100,000 per year. For men, it's 7.67 (all of the vet killers were male).

The Times might have concluded that men who have not been overseas fighting terrorists are almost six times more likely to commit a murder. But that wouldn't have fit the template, so the paper took an anecdotal approach.

MAF's Melanie Morgan comments:

Perhaps the shameful staff of The New York Times has run out of war-time secrets to publish for America's enemies to read, because now they've resorted to an all-out smear campaign of America's finest men and women, who have served this country bravely and with distinction.

Fortunately Americans are becoming aware of whose side the Shady Gray Lady is on, so these slanders will only resonate among those who already despise our troops and yearn for al Qaeda to defeat them.

Fan Sues New York Yankees

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:05 AM

If it can make the papers, it can be grounds for a lawsuit. Matthew Mitchell of Brooklyn is suing the New York Yankees over reports that some of the players have used performance-enhancing drugs. He wants to be reimbursed for tickets going back to 2002.

Whines the loyal fan:

I look at it almost as consumer fraud. If I'm going to watch a baseball game, then I expect it to be the real thing.

A couple years ago I sat in a cold rain in Yankee Stadium, only to see the lackluster Bronx Bombers get pounded. If I'm going to watch a baseball game, then I expect the Yankees to win. Anyone know a good lawyer?

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Oliver Stone's Latest Project Falls Apart

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:49 AM

Just how evil is Hollywood propagandist Oliver Stone? This story offers a clue:

Stone traveled to South America to document what was supposed to be a propaganda coup for his hero Hugo Chavez, who was brokering the release of two women and a child held by FARC in Colombia. FARC is a Marxist guerilla army that finances itself through narcotics and terrorism. Its goal is to overthrow Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, and impose a communist regime. It is closely allied with Chavez, relying on Venezuela as a hiding place, staging ground and drug-trafficking route.

Leftists like Stone and Nancy Pelosi hate Uribe for being such a staunch American ally and bulwark against communism. He was to be cast as a villain for refusing to give in to FARC in exchange for the hostages. But the noble Chavez went around him, out of humanitarian concern for the innocent.

The whole farce collapsed when it came to light that the FARC terrorists didn't have the child and were trying to find him. The poor kid had been born in their custody, but within a year they dumped him on a local peasant, who later turned him in to a hospital. His existence had been pitiable from the beginning:

Press reports say that doctors diagnosed the baby with anemia, malaria, a parasitic skin disease, malnutrition and an arm that had been broken at birth and not treated. "Anyone would have fallen apart before this child, with so many diseases," the hospital director told the Miami Herald. "He didn't raise his eyes. He got toys but did not pick them up. He did not stand but dragged himself on his butt. He cried but no tears came because of the malnutrition."

At this point Stone realized he would not be able to exploit the tragedy for his hard-left propaganda. He went away furious at Uribe, and continuing to praise the FARC terrorists who had done this to the child:

Grabbing hostages is the fashion in which they can finance themselves and try to achieve their goals, which are difficult. I think they are heroic to fight for what they believe in and die for it, as was Castro in the hills of Cuba.

If Satan rose up from hell, Oliver Stone would be licking filth from his hooves and calling him "heroic."

Not just crazy: evil.

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Chandler Rapist Is an Illegal Immigrant

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:02 AM

Here's some excellent news: The Chandler Rapist, who has been breaking into homes to rape underage girls for the last year and a half, has finally been caught. DNA confirms the police have the right man. His name is Santana Batiz Aceves.

As no one in the area will be surprised to hear, Aceves is an illegal immigrant, who has already been deported twice. If we defended our border and/or enforced our immigration laws, six children might have been spared from being raped. But since Phoenix and its suburb Chandler remain effectively sanctuary cities, the lawlessness personified by Aceves will continue.

It's wonderful that the authorities and media care so deeply about the rights of illegal aliens. If only law-abiding American citizens had a right to be safe in their own homes.

Santana Batiz Aceves, raping the children Americans won't rape.

January 13, 2008

Ezra Levant Tries to Separate Mosque From State in Canada

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:07 PM

Kudos to Ezra Levant of the Western Standard for putting up a fight against the Canadian government, which has been taking him to task on behalf of radical Islam for publishing the tepid Danish cartoons that Muslims seized on as a pretext to intimidate cowardly dhimmis.

Here he is laying out the case for freedom to Alberta bureauweenie Shirlene McGovern:

There's plenty more at Celestial Junk and Ezra Levant's site. Levant is an inspiration to anyone who believes our basic liberties must be defended from the Muslim–moonbat alliance.

Since Islamofascists and their liberal enablers don't want the cartoons published, here they are again:













Judge Finds Bible Distribution Unconstitutional

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:26 PM

The same Constitution that guarantees our freedom of religion has been twisted by US District Judge Catherine Perry into a justification for banning the distribution of Bibles at schools in Annapolis, Missouri.

Gideons were giving out free Bibles to kids before and after school and during lunch, not in the classroom. Nonetheless, the ACLU successfully sued to stop them. Apparently the First Amendment has been reinterpreted to mean "Thou shalt have no gods before moonbattery."

Next, moonbats will twist the Second Amendment into a pretext for confiscating guns.


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Seattle Moonbats Prove Waterboarding Isn't Torture

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:51 PM

Among last Friday's Club Gitmo Anniversary celebrations was a show put on in Seattle by World Can't Wait, Amnesty International and the ACLU, among other terror-supporting moonbat sects. In addition to a speech by the treasonous Baghdad Jim McDermott, it featured the public waterboarding of a young volunteer.

The intention was to prove that this highly effective interrogation technique is "torture," so we should not be allowed to use it to defend ourselves from future 9/11s.

Actually, the moronic spectacle proved the opposite. If waterboarding were torture, the snot-nosed punk wouldn't have volunteered for it. Moonbats aren't known for their sanity, but I've yet to see one volunteer to have his fingernails ripped off.

Nonetheless, event organizer Maggie Lawless considered the farce quite effective:

Unless you have a heart of stone and no conscience, you can't not be moved by this.

I was moved, all right — to laughter.

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If You're a Moonbat and You Know It, Dress in Orange

Posted by Dave Blount at 5:56 PM

The ACLU encouraged its legions of fifth-column moonbats to express their solidarity with the al Qaeda operatives confined at Guantanamo Bay by dressing in orange last Friday. Some went further, by reciting poetry written by their "brothers," the Gitmo terrorists, in front of the Supreme Court. Others were content to chant demands that our President be arrested, presumably on the terrorists' behalf.

Sometimes I can't help but wish that Club Gitmo lived up to the liberal propaganda, and that these treasonous jackasses were on their way there for interrogation. That's not nice, is it? But at least I haven't wished they would fall into the hands of al Qaeda.

Hat tips: Pencil Nub, Michelle Malkin, This Ain't Hell. On a tip from Scott.

The Art of Masturbation

Posted by Dave Blount at 4:15 PM

Attention London art lovers:

The Centre for Recent Drawing presents Spent, an exhibition of the work of Jordan McKenzie from 10 January – 1 February 2008. […]
During the last decade, McKenzie has produced a significant body of work that includes performance, installation, drawing and sonic art, all of which is notable for its brave and often shocking use of the body to explore taboo and push the boundaries of what is acceptable.
This latest series of drawings […] is no less controversial […] the artist ejaculates on a sheet of drawing paper and covers it with a layer of carbon dust. When dry, the excess dust is removed, leaving a black imprint of the spurted semen.

I get it: he's trying to say that moonbattery has reduced modern art to masturbation. Of course, the gallery has it's own interpretation:

Signed and dated, the images collectively become an acknowledgment of human futility in the face of time as well as a violent record of male sexual drive. Caught and frozen as black-on-white eruptions, these simple auto-drawings plot desire, libidinal drive and sexual economies whilst powerfully evoking mortality and the will to overcome its inevitability. Each one has both an aggressive, chaotic imprint and a fragile delicacy that complement the medium, adding to the body of work by various artists that explores and articulates the notion of the artist as (pro)creator. On a more humorous level, they also subvert this, becoming an ironic take on the machismo of action painting by reframing it in a hyper-sexual manner.

Maybe art experts should follow McKenzie's lead and just jerk off on a sheet of paper.

Jordan McKenzie at play.

Hat tip: NewsBusters, on a tip from Cheetah.

Moonbat Fairy Tale Wedding

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:00 PM

As moonbattery continues to reduce Western Civilization to a John Waters movie, we may lose the last remnants of dignity, but at least there's always something amusing in the paper:

A cross-dressing factory worker's family only found out he had a secret double life as a transvestite when he arrived at his own wedding — wearing a bride's DRESS.
Dean Dudley, 35, has been dressing up in women's clothes and make-up since the age of six but never even told his mother.
And he kept his alter-ego 'Deanne' a secret from his macho workmates at an engineering factory for fear of being teased.
But he finally came out of the closet after walking down the aisle with his bride Robyn, who he met in the ladies toilet of a nightclub.
He stunned family and friends when he arrived at the reception as Deanne wearing a stunning fitted wedding gown.

Why should romance escape the same effect moonbattery has had on politics, art, literature and most every other human endeavor?

The bride and bride.

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PETA's 2006 Kill Rate: 97%

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:11 AM

Although the idea of a cannibal being allowed to eat a hamburger stirs its righteous wrath, the sanctimonious fanatics at PETA are hardly friends of the animals. In 2006, PETA killed 97% of the "companion animals" that fell into its clutches.

A report that PETA finally coughed up nine months after it was due admits that dogs and cats have a 3% chance of surviving its care. But PETA did manage to find homes for 12 animals, in addition to continuing its strident campaign against meat, milk, fishing, leather, scientific research, capitalism, etc.

PETA fiends have been convicted of illegally chucking their victims into a North Carolina dumpster. Their colleague Andrea Florence Benoit Harris faces felony charges for stealing a hunting dog, which she evidently planned to "euthanize."

As David Martosko of the Center for Consumer Freedom observes:

The scale of PETA's hypocrisy is simply staggering.

PETA Kills Animals offers some chilling stats. From the second half of 1998 through 2006, PETA has exterminated 14,419 animals out of 17,806 received, for a kill rate of 80.1%. Heinrich Himmler would be proud. But I'm forgetting: we're the Nazis, for eating chicken.

Why does PETA kill the animals instead of sheltering them humanely? Because killing them is cheaper. PETA brings in $30 million a year from dupes who think they're helping animals. They don't want to waste a penny of it on dogs and cats when their actual mission is the dissemination of moonbattery.

The $30 million goes to financing activities like this.

On a tip from V the K.

January 12, 2008

Moonbat Media Spins Baghdad Snow

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:26 PM

Despite the global warming that allegedly imperils the world, it snowed in Baghdad yesterday for the first time in generations. As some have already noticed, the brief warming trend we experienced in the 1990s is over, forcing the moonbat media to descend into self-parody in an attempt to spin its way out of reality.

Here's how Roto-Reuters reports on the Baghdad snow:

Climate change is still nudging up temperatures in the long term even though the warmest year was back in 1998 and 2008 has begun with unusual weather such as a cool Pacific and Baghdad's first snow in memory, experts said.

Once again we're reminded that all unusual weather is caused by global warming, which in turn is "blamed mainly on human emissions of greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels." This includes cold weather. Surprisingly, the report isn't accompanied by an invitation to buy carbon credits.

AFP also established its journalistic credentials by managing to dig up someone brazen enough to tell us that global warming causes snow. The Iraqi director of the meteorology department dutifully chirps:

These snowfalls are linked to the climate change that is happening everywhere.

So that's what happened to Baghdad Bob.

Global warming hits Baghdad.

On tips from Mandy, Lyle, Cheetah and Mega. Hat tip: NewsBusters.

Thompson Tribute

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:45 AM

We've been told the Fred Thompson campaign never caught fire. But during Thursday's debate in South Carolina, it went off like a fireworks display at an oil refinery. Here's Fred doing to The Huckster what the Navy ought to do to the next Iranian speedboats that come looking for trouble:

The New York Times' hostile spin on this evisceration confirms that Fred is The Man:

Fred D. Thompson tried to salvage his faltering presidential campaign at a debate Thursday night with a barrage of sharp attacks on the "liberal" policies of Mike Huckabee[…]

Others realize that Thompson's campaign isn't "faltering" — it's just getting started. IMAO, Right Wing News and Conservative Grapevine offer this tribute:

Opponents of moonbattery needn't bow their heads and accept Huckleberry or McLame so long as there's still a conservative in the race.

On a tip from Byron.

Harry Smith Follows in Rosie O's Footsteps

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:49 AM

Moonbats don't have to be rabid psychos blogging from their moms' basements for the Huffington Post to side with Iran in its propaganda war against the USA. Harry Smith of CBS apparently concurs that the thoroughly documented harassment of our Navy ships by Revolutionary Guard speedboats could have been faked.

On the Early Show, Smith mused that "There's something strange about the audio" the Navy recorded of the Iranians' threats. He proceeded to ask a security expert:

Iranian officials are calling this video a hoax, saying those voices sounded like they were recorded someplace else… As you have looked at this tape, listened to — especially the English coming from the Iranians, does it ring authentic to you? Does it seem real?

Smith's paranoid teenager style of journalism is not entirely original. When Iran kidnapped 15 British sailors last March, Rosie O'Donnell preached to her zombie followers that the whole incident had been staged so we would have an excuse to oppress the nice terrorists.

CBS propagandists can be grateful to Rosie for providing such a sterling example of patriotism and journalistic professionalism for them to emulate.

Harry Smith: Following in Rosie's oversized footsteps.

On a tip from Cheetah.

PETA Demands Vegetarian Diet for Cannibal

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:53 AM

Surely this would qualify as cruel and unusual punishment. Christopher Lee McCuin is in Smith County, Texas jail, accused of murder and cannibalism. He had a human ear on to boil when he was arrested. PETA has sent a letter to Sheriff J.B. Smith, demanding that McCuin be put on a vegetarian diet so that he won't be "involved in any senseless killing" while in the can.

PETA Vice President Bruce Friedrich preached in the letter:

It is up to you to prevent McCuin from contributing to any more suffering and death by placing him on a healthy, humane vegetarian diet.

Friedrich has publicly endorsed the use of terrorist bombings to advance the animal rights agenda. He confirmed that his vegetarian diet demand was not intended as a joke, and that he literally can see no difference between a hamburger and human flesh.

PETA showed the same moral priorities when president Ingrid Newkirk sent a letter chastising Nobel laureate Yasser Arafat for using a donkey as a suicide bomber. According to their value system, it's okay to blow up Israeli civilians, but not donkeys.

As the "pro-choice" crowd has proven, once you repudiate the sanctity of human life, any extreme of moral depravity is conceivable.

Friedrich spews moonbattery.

On tips from David M. and Wiggins.

January 11, 2008

Illegal Aliens Cost Los Angeles County Over $1 Billion per Year

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:31 PM

If you're on heart medication, take some before reading this:

New statistics from the Department of Public Social Services reveal that illegal aliens and their families in Los Angeles County collected over $37 million in welfare and food stamp allocations in November 2007 — up $3 million dollars from September, announced Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich.
Twenty five percent of the all welfare and food stamps benefits is going directly to the children of illegal aliens. Illegals collected over $20 million in welfare assistance for November 2007 and over $16 million in monthly food stamp allocations for a projected annual cost of $444 million.
"This new information shows an alarming increase in the devastating impact Illegal immigration continues to have on Los Angeles County taxpayers," said Antonovich. "With $220 million for public safety, $400 million for healthcare, and $444 million in welfare allocations, the total cost for illegal immigrants to County taxpayers far exceeds $1 billion a year — not including the millions of dollars for education."

This is the partial cost of illegal immigration in just one county. A border fence would pay for itself even if we made it out of gold — although a minefield might be more appropriate.

On a tip from V the K.

Moonbat Math

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:14 AM

Once again, the liberals in charge of education have outstripped our ability to lampoon them. William M. Briggs, Statistician tells an old joke:

1960s: A logger cuts and sells a truckload of lumber for $100. His cost of production is four-fifths of that amount. What is his profit?
1970s New-math: A logger exchanges a set (L) of lumber for a set (M) of money. The cardinality of Set M is 100. The set C of production costs contains 20 fewer points. What is the cardinality of Set P of profits?
1980s: A logger cuts and sells a truckload of lumber for $100. Her cost is $80, her profit is $20. Find and circle the number 20.
1990s: An unenlightened logger cuts down a beautiful stand of 100 trees in order to make a $20 profit. Write an essay explaining how you feel about this as a way to make money. Topic for discussion: How did the forest birds and squirrels feel?

After the 1990s, the joke becomes reality. Foreign Policy offers this example of an actual question from a 4th-grade German textbook:

In 2004, a bread roll cost 40 cents. For the wheat that went into it, the farmer received less than 2 cents. What do you think about that?

The genius of moonbattery is that it is so absurd, it can't be caricatured.


Hat tips: Buuuuurrrrning Hot, Coyote Blog.

HuffPo Backs Iranian Lie That Speedboat Harassment Never Happened

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:01 AM

The terrorists running the regime in Iran aren't the only ones pretending that video and audio of the harassment of US Navy ships by Revolutionary Guard speedboats last weekend are fake. Ever eager to demonstrate their liberalism by siding with the enemy, the moonbats at Huffington Post are spinning the same preposterous lie. From an entry by Hooman Majd, entitled "It's a Fake":

The Pentagon's version of the encounter in the Strait of Hormuz on Sunday morning, involving U.S. Navy warships and Iranian Revolutionary Guard patrol boats is, at the very least highly suspicious. On Tuesday, the Navy released video footage and an audiotape to back its claims that the Iranian boats acted in a threatening and provocative manner, but neither the video nor the audio are particularly convincing as proof that Iran had hostile intentions.

Maybe menacingly growling "I am coming to you" and "You will explode after a few minutes" is actually a friendly greeting in Iranian culture.

Majd does allow that "Iranian patrol boats do indeed, as Iran freely admits, check on ships that enter the Persian Gulf" — as when Iran kidnapped 15 British servicemen. Nonetheless:

[T]he encounter with the U.S. Navy as described by the Pentagon just doesn't ring true. Coming as it did on the eve of President Bush's visit to the Middle East, the encounter as described is doubly suspicious.

HuffPoseurs are probably struggling to convince themselves that Karl Rove created the audio and video in his secret basement laboratory beneath the White House.

Once again we see that the Nutroots Left is not principled opposition. It is an infestation of traitors, who will side with anyone hostile to America — even Iran.

Ahmanutjob has friends among the Dems' Nutroots base.

Hat tip: NewsBusters, on a tip from Cheetah.

Nanny-Stater Michael Bloomberg Munches Forbidden Trans Fats

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:47 AM

No Mike! Say it's not so!

After gaining national media attention for spearheading an almost total ban on trans fats in city restaurants starting last July, Bloomberg was photographed in this month's issue of Wired magazine munching on those very same dangerous fats.
The photo, which accompanies a short Q&A about technology and politics, features Bloomberg at his City Hall desk, looking thoughtful and serious. Meanwhile, his right hand is seen almost absent-mindedly pulling a Cheez-It out of a single-serving bag of the crackers.
The reader can only assume that the baked snack cracker is headed for the mayor's mouth, and along with it some of the half-gram of trans fat found in every serving of Cheez-Its.
The mayor's food choice directly counters the guidance of his own Department of Health, which specifies on its Web site that "there is no safe level of artificial trans fat consumption."

But of course, it's only us little people who need to be told what to eat. The Mayor of New York can eat what he pleases. Besides, those stents he had inserted in his coronary artery in 2000 will surely keep him safe from the heart attacks trans fats allegedly cause.

What's that you're munching, Bloomie? Via Wired Magazine.

On a tip from Wiggins.

John McCain: A Musical Tribute

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:27 AM

Lettuce McCain's candidacy is so inspiring, it makes you want to burst into song. A couple of sing-along tunes:

Compliments of Wiggins:

And from J.D. Hayworth:

Here's Johnny!

John Edwards: Exploitative Threat to Medicine

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:56 AM

John Edwards has been exploiting the case of Nataline Sarkisyan to advance his cause of destroying American medical care and replacing it with the socialized medicine that has proven so ineffective and economically unsustainable in other countries. As when he was an ambulance-chaser, and used medical tragedies to enrich himself, the facts are not on his side, as pointed out at the Wall Street Journal.

Supposedly Nataline died because CIGNA dragged its feet on paying for an experimental transplant procedure. In reality, transplants normally take place as soon as an organ is available, with insurance details worked out afterwards. As for the Breck Girl's plans to impose European-style socialism:

A study published in 2004 in the journal Liver Transplantation compared the relative severity of liver disease in transplant recipients in the U.S. and U.K. The results were striking. No patient in the U.K. was in intensive care before transplantation, one marker for how sick patients are, compared with 19.3% of recipients in the U.S. Additionally, the median for a score used to assess how advanced someone's liver disease is, the "MELD" score, was 10.9 in the U.K. compared with 16.1 in the U.S. — a marked gap, with higher scores for more severe conditions. Both facts suggest even the sickest patients are getting access to new organs in the U.S.
On the whole, the U.S. also performs more transplants per capita, giving patients better odds of getting new organs. Doctors here do far more partial liver transplants from living, related donors, but also more cadaveric transplants (where the organ comes from a deceased donor). In 2002 — a year comparative data is available — U.S. doctors performed 18.5 liver transplants per one million Americans. This is significantly more than in the U.K. or in single-payer France, which performed 4.6 per million citizens, or in Canada, which performed 10 per million.
What about the differences in outcomes between ours and single-payer systems, an issue Mr. Edwards hasn't directly addressed? One recent study found that patients' five-year mortality after transplants for acute liver failure, the type from which Ms. Sarkisyan presumably suffered, was about 5% higher in the U.K. and Ireland than the U.S. The same study also found that in the period right after surgery, death rates were as much as 27% higher in the U.K. and Ireland than in the U.S., although differences in longer-term outcomes equilibrated once patients survived the first year of their transplant.
These findings aren't confined to transplanted livers. A study in the Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation compared statistics on heart transplants over the mid 1990s. It found patients were more likely to receive hearts in the U.S., even when they were older and sicker. The rate was 8.8 transplants per one million people, compared to 5.4 in the U.K. Over the same period, about 15% of patients died while waiting for new hearts in the U.K. compared to 12% in the U.S. In 2006, there were 28,931 transplants of all organ types in the U.S., 96.8 transplants for every one million Americans. There were 2,999 total organ transplants in the U.K., 49.5 transplants for every one million British citizens.
What about Mr. Edwards's implicit thesis, that U.S. organ allocation is dictated by someone's ability to pay? When it comes to livers, the majority of U.S. transplants are for chronic liver disease, usually resulting from hepatitis C or alcoholism. These are diseases disproportionately affecting lower-income Americans who predictably comprise a comparatively higher number of people getting new organs.

Patients are no better off having unnecessary cesarean sections to protect doctors from lawsuits — a result of Silky Pony's career as a legal brigand. Neither will care be improved if freedom is removed from the medical field, and hospitals are run like the Post Office.

No wonder not even former running mate John "Botched Joke" Kerry will endorse him.

On a tip from Varla.

NAACP Screeches From a Time Warp

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Once the American civil rights movement was a noble cause. Now it's a sick joke, exploited by greedy, bigoted lowlifes like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Given this state of affairs, the NAACP is so desperate to retain relevance that it has sought haven in the distant past, where members can chew their fingernails and fret about the Confederacy without being laughed at.

Upset about the Confederate flag flying on the State House grounds, South Carolina NAACP president Lonnie Randolphyells:

America is a mean country and South Carolina is a meaner state. For the government of this state to continue to endorse bigotry, racism and white supremacy, we are going to continue to raise our voice and speak out against it.

If the worst thing Randolph has to worry about is the Confederate flag, the civil rights struggle is over, and it's time for him to find a more constructive use for his time than badmouthing his country and his state.

Look out, Lonnie: here's another one!

On a tip from Wiggins.

January 10, 2008

Campaign Finance Outrage May Apply to Movie Ads

Posted by Dave Blount at 3:42 PM

Our brazenly unconstitutional campaign finance laws may be used to restrict ads for a movie unfriendly toward Hillary Clinton.

Hillary: The Movie features a "cast to end all casts," including Dick Morris, Ann Coulter, Newt Gingrich, Jeff Gerth, Buzz Patterson, Michael Barone, Billy Dale, Cyrus Nowrasteh, Tony Blankley, Dick Armey, Bay Buchanan, Joe Connor, Mark Levin, Frank Gaffney, Peter Paul, Gary Aldrich, Dan Burton, John Mica, Michael Medved, Kathleen Willey, Kate O'Beirne and Larry Kudlow. You can see the trailer here.

Although campaign finance laws don't apply to the theatrical release or to DVD sales, ads for the movie are apparently a different matter. The producers may have to disclose funding and donors, and pay the costs of airing ads on TV from a political fund.

Attorney James Bopp has been pleading with unsympathetic federal judges for permission to run unregulated ads for the movie despite it being critical of Shrillary. Somehow I doubt this is what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they wrote the First Amendment.


Madeleine Albright's Mouth Is Still Running

Posted by Dave Blount at 3:08 PM

Madeleine Albright, Bill Clinton's buffoonishly ineffectual Secretary of State, has proclaimed that W is conducting one of the "worst presidencies" in history.

Last I knew, Bush hadn't been impeached for his felonious conduct. He has slammed the door on the al Qaeda terror campaign that escalated out of control during Slick Willie's neglect. Comparison to the corrupt and irresponsible Clinton regime makes Bush 43 look pretty good.

Assume the next administration is Democrat and still worse than Clinton's. Could you imagine Condi Rice waddling around in front of cameras denouncing it as one of the worst in history, while it was still trying to run the country?

Beneath the usual Defeatocrat hyperbole, we once again see insouciance concerning the good of the country, and a complete lack of class.

Halfbright toasts an old friend.

Illegal Aliens Easy Prey to Their Own Lawlessness as the MSM Weeps

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:06 PM

The heart bleeds:

When residents of Wynscape apartments wanted phone cards to call Mexico, El Salvador or Honduras, they didn't need to leave the north DeKalb County [Georgia] complex: A woman sold them out of her unit.
They could buy beer, too. All it took was a knock on the door of another of the 272 apartments.
Here, where many residents don't drive and cash is king, an underground marketplace has thrived.
But two murders at the complex's unofficial convenience store — a second-story unit that offered items from batteries to lime-flavored potato chips — has shed a tragic light on the shadow economy familiar to new immigrants in Georgia. […]
In the wake of the double murder at Wynscape, residents came forward to report the apartment that sells beer and the one with phone cards, said Sara Naranjo, a leasing agent with the company that manages the complex. Management ordered renters there to stop the sales, she said.

Atlanta's Urinal-Constipation seems to think this amounts to oppression. Knowledge Is Power has a different take:

Not only do they disregard our immigration laws; they also scoff at zoning, taxing, and health codes. But that's OK — it's just a part of their culture. I just don't understand why criminal invaders bust their asses so hard to sneak into this country "for a better life" and then proceed to transform their neighborhoods into third-world cesspools like those from whence they came.

The unlicensed store gunmen were probably illegal aliens too, but never mind, it's our fault:

The robberies and murders would wane, [construction worker and probable illegal alien Hector] Cabrera said, if police took crimes in the Latino community more seriously.

How about if illegal aliens took our laws more seriously? But wait, there are more indignities to be endured on the "undocumented American" trail of tears:

A new state immigration law has made it harder for illegal immigrants to obtain license plates. And some fear deportation for traffic violations. […] Manuel Morales, who no longer drives, said grocery shopping isn't easy. He sometimes walks across the I-85 overpass to a Publix. But staples from his native Mexico are a $10 cab ride away on Buford Highway.

Why aren't social workers bringing Mexican cuisine to his door? Excuse me, I'm going to burst into tears.

The world's small violin, on which to play "My Heart Cries for You" for illegal alien colonists.

On a tip from V the K.

Let's Put Africa on Welfare

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:55 AM

Rather than destroy America incrementally, by piling one unsustainable entitlement program on top of another, until future economic ruin becomes inevitable, why not destroy it all at once, by putting the entire basket case continent of Africa on welfare? Those who like the idea should cast their votes for Barack Hussein Obama, whose racist church defines itself with a "10-point vision." The 10 points include these (bold in original):

A congregation with a non-negotiable COMMITMENT TO AFRICA.
A congregation working towards ECONOMIC PARITY.

If you think Lyndon Johnson's War on Poverty was an extravagantly expensive disaster — which resulted in an explosion of government-sponsored shiftlessness with catastrophic consequences for our society that are still taking shape — wait until Barack Abominable gets ahold of your paycheck.

Could we really be that suicidal?

On a tip from Lyle.

From the Melting Pot to the Welcome Mat

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:35 AM


How is it possible that the nation with the mightiest military in the history of the world could be habitually invaded by a Third-World country like Mexico? The same way it's possible that al Qaeda only needs a Democrat victory next fall to defeat us in Iraq: our government is infested with fifth-column quislings.

Although Democrats are quislings by definition these days, many Republicans are little better. After Congress passed a law yielding to popular demand for a fence at the Mexican border, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) eviscerated it with an amendment that reads:

Nothing in this paragraph shall require the secretary of homeland security to install fencing, physical barriers, roads, lighting, cameras and sensors in a particular location along an international border of the United States, if the secretary determines that the use or placement of such resources is not the most appropriate means to achieve and maintain operational control over the international border at such location.

In other words, there isn't going to be any fence. As Duncan Hunter wonders:

If Congress is to reverse its border stance after just one year, what message does that send to illegal immigrants and drug smugglers who are watching to see how serious we are about protecting America's borders?

Here's the message: America isn't a doormat; it's a welcome mat.



Dozens of Armed Incursions by Mexico

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:06 AM

Thanks go to Judicial Watch, for using the Freedom of Information Act to acquire a US Border Patrol report entitled "Mexican Government Incidents — 2006 Fiscal Year Report" (PDF). It reveals that between 1996 and September 30, 2006, there were 253 confirmed incursions onto American territory by Mexican government personnel.

A few examples:

MEXICAN MILITARY ENCOUNTER (ARMED/INTENTIONAL) EL PASO — FORT HANCOCK STATION — At 2 P.M. on January 3, 2006, [Troopers] attempted to apprehend three vehicles believed to be smuggling contraband on I-10… As the vehicles approached the border, [Troopers] stated that a Mexican Military Humvee armed with a .50 caliber weapon and several soldiers were seen assisting smugglers return to Mexico… Officers then noticed several armed subjects dressed in fatigue type clothing unload the contraband into the Humvee. These subjects set fire to the stalled vehicle before leaving the area…
MEXICAN POLICE INCURSION (ARMED/INTENTIONAL) TUCSON NOGALES STATION — On June 2, 2006, a Border Patrol Agent assigned to the Nogales, Arizona station encountered two Mexican Police Officers that had illegally entered into the U.S. one mile west of the Mariposa Port of Entry… the Mexican Police Officers ran back into Mexico when ordered [by Border Patrol] to remain for questioning.
MEXICAN MILITARY INCURSION (ARMED/INTENTIONAL) EL CENTRO SECTOR — CALEXICO STATION — On September 16, 2006, a Border Patrol Agent assigned to the Calexico, California Station observed an individual in an olive drab uniform with a possible Mexican flag on the shoulder approximately 100 yards north of the International Border near the Calexico POE. The individual appeared to be carrying a sidearm and was running southbound to Mexico through the vehicle lanes of the Calexico POE.

Lack of responsible government notwithstanding, the USA is a sovereign country whose borders must be respected. Every last bureauweenie who has allowed the shameful and disastrous state of affairs at the Mexican border should be tarred and feathered. This includes pretty much every Democrat and more than a few Republicans, some of whom we will thankfully have a chance to vote against in primaries (prominently including Lettuce McCain).

It isn't just illegal alien colonists who have been trashing our border.

Hat tip: Free Republic, on a tip from Cheetah.

USA Opens 40,000-Pound Can of Whoop Ass

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:38 AM

Read it and weep, moonbats:

U.S. bombers and jet fighters unleashed 40,000 pounds of explosives during a 10-minute airstrike Thursday, flattening what the military called al-Qaida in Iraq safe havens on the southern outskirts of the capital.
The strikes, carried out above approaching troops, was part of Operation Phantom Phoenix, a nationwide campaign launched Tuesday against al-Qaida in Iraq.
A military statement said two B-1 bombers and four F-16 fighters dropped the bombs on 40 targets in Arab Jabour in 10 strikes. […] Many militants have fled U.S. and Iraqi forces massing north of Baghdad in Diyala province.

It's important to kill as many terrorists as possible before Democrats manage to impose their "redeploy to Okinawa" and "talk to the terrorists" strategies. As we'll find out if by some tragedy Barack Hussein Obambi ends up in the White House, dropping bombs on terrorists is a more effective tactic than dropping money on them.

The B-1 succeeds where moonbattery will always fail.

On a tip from V the K.

Judge Calls Homosexual Adoption "Progress"

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:11 AM

What exactly are "progressives" progressing toward? Judge Allan Woodcock Jr. of Maine offers a clue by declaring that adoption of children by homosexuals represents "progress."

Thanks to a ruling by Judge Poppycock, a boy fathered through a sperm donation program now has two mommies. He can look forward to some serious sexuality issues as he matures. Worse, society can look forward to further decay as the concept of the family unit is deformed into meaninglessness. Worse still, the child-obsessed homosexual community can be counted on to exploit this depraved phenomenon to acquire school-age sex slaves, along the lines of Jesse Kirkhising.

As Woodcock proclaimed after handing down his ruling:

It's progress. That's what it boils down to.

On a tip from David M.

Berkeley Bureaucrats Move Against Memorial Park Benches

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:07 AM

In a moonbat sanctuary like Berkeley, not many things escape strict regulation on account of their offensiveness. Now even memorial park benches are subject to a bureaucratic crackdown. Intones Deputy City Manager Lisa Caronna:

We're getting more and more requests for memorial benches, but we can't just keep adding benches indefinitely. Do we want plaques and memorials strewn over our public parks? A lot of people are offended by it — they feel that the reminders of other people's family and friends diminishes the feeling of freedom and peace you're supposed to have in a public park.

It used to be anyone willing to pay $1,200 for installation costs could dedicate a bench to a loved one. But now the City Council may require that there be "a transcendent relationship between the park and the individual" unless the departed "has made an outstanding contribution to the Berkeley community." The city's Parks and Recreation Commission would have to approve nominations.

The proliferation of memorial benches was actually started by Berkeley bureaucrats themselves back in the 1990s, when the city was short on cash and encouraged citizens to pitch in for public amenities.

If they cut down on the benches, where will the Bay Area's hordes of homeless people sleep? Maybe Berkeley will start issuing them these:


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Another Dead Guy on Welfare

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:59 AM

Indicating how little is required of us by the welfare state, 64-year-old Jorge Chambe of Sydney lay around in his government-owned apartment for a year after he had died. The welfare recipient's rent was taken care of through direct deposit while he decomposed.

To prevent this from happening again, more bureaucracy is proposed:

Geoffrey Bird, deputy directory of seniors' organization the Council on the Aging, said the problem of old people living out their final days in isolation was a national problem, and needed a federal response.

No doubt the imposition of further nanny-state intrusions will create some facsimile of a "sense of community."

On a tip from Lyle.

Lying Lancet Follow-Up

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:31 AM

More background info has come to light on Editor Richard Horton, the sophomoric leftist who sacrificed the integrity of the Lancet, one of the most prestigious medical journals in the world, to advance his cherished cause of throwing our 2006 election to Democrats, with the broader aim of destroying the nascent democracy in Iraq.

The whole sordid story of the patently phony study he pushed through, wildly exaggerating war casualties, is documented by National Journal. Watch his cadaverous face twist with hatred as he raves about the child-killing "axis of Anglo-American imperialism" at a UK Stop The War Coalition rally that also featured Jihad George Galloway:

Corrupting science for the sake of any politics is a crime, but Horton's politicizing is in itself highly criminal in its effects. As Pam Meister observes:

[I]deology trumped up as science may well have put the lives of American troops and civilians working to rebuild Iraq in greater jeopardy. Just as the fake flushed Koran story sparked riots in the Muslim world, this flawed research was simply more gold the Islamofascists and their sympathizers could mine in their efforts to topple the Great Satan. In their rush to implicate Bush as a "war criminal," they forget — or don't care — that the casualty count could rise as a result of their follies. "We support the troops" is an oft-heard, but very misleading, phrase — about as misleading as this study.

Not only do vermin like Horton not support the troops, they are getting them killed by fighting tooth and nail on the side of al Qaeda and Iran in the Islamic propaganda war against democracy and the West.

Hat tip: LGF, on a tip from Ian from the EUSSR.

Male Cheerleading Is Now a Human Right

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:51 AM

Bobby Thorn wanted to be on the 6th-grade cheerleading team. Being a boy, he didn't make the cut.

"I was devastated," Bobby pouted.

Being a moonbat, his mother promptly took the case to the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights.

A settlement was reached, whereby the principals, teachers and coaches at the school will be subjected to mandatory brainwashing. The school has to submit an annual report to the Commission, detailing its sins against our official state religion, political correctness. Oh, and Bobby's mom got $3,000, courtesy of taxpayers.

"It felt great," Bobby chirped.

No doubt young Bobby has a very lucrative career ahead of him as an aggrieved victim of heteronormative nonpolymorphous gender entity stereotypes.

On a tip from V the K.

Biofuel Boondoggle Destroys Rainforest

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:19 AM

The biofuel boondoggle does more than drive up food prices. It also results in the destruction of the precious rainforests that serve as the planet's lungs.

From the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute:

"American taxpayers are spending $11 billion a year to subsidize corn producers — and this is having some surprising global consequences," said [STRI staff scientist William] Laurance.
The US is the world's leading producer of soy, but many American soy farmers are shifting to corn to qualify for the government subsidies. Since 2006, US corn production rose 19% while soy farming fell by 15%.
The drop-off in US soy has helped to drive a major increase in global soy prices, which have nearly doubled in the last 14 months. In Brazil, the world's second-largest soy producer, high soy prices are having a serious impact on the Amazon rainforest and tropical savannas.
"Amazon fires and forest destruction have spiked over the last several months, especially in the main soy-producing states in Brazil," said Laurance. "Just about everyone there attributes this to rising soy and beef prices."

(High beef prices are also caused by biofuel mandates, which effectively put cattle feed into gas tanks.)

High soy prices affect the Amazon in several ways. Some forests are cleared for soy farms. Farmers also buy and convert many cattle ranches into soy farms, effectively pushing the ranchers further into the Amazonian frontier. Finally, wealthy soy farmers are lobbying for major new Amazon highways to transport their soybeans to market, and this is increasing access to forests for loggers and land speculators.

The contrived European market for palm oil as a biofuel is having a similarly disastrous effect on the rainforests in Indonesia, unfortunately for orangutans.

But it is nice to know that the posturing bureaucrats shoving biofuels down our throats care about the environment they're destroying.

Rainforest cleared to feed the biofuels boondoggle.

Hat tips: Coyote Blog, Reason. On a tip from BUUUUURRRRNING HOT.

January 9, 2008

What Won't New Yorkers Do for Free Money?

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:29 PM

Socialism has taken such deep root in New York, it seems the locals will go to any length to help themselves to other people's money. When aging junkies David Dalaia and James O'Hare were unable to cash their friend Virgilio Cintron's Social Security check in his absence, they went home and got him — even though he was dead:

The trouble began Tuesday when Dalaia and O'Hare tried to cash Virgilio Cintron's check at a store in Hell's Kitchen on their own, police said. The man at the counter told them that Cintron had to be present to cash the check, so they went back to his apartment, which one of the suspects shared with the dead man.
Cintron was apparently undressed when he died, sometime within the previous 24 hours. Police said Dalaia and O'Hare proceeded to dress him in a faded T-shirt, pants they could only get up part way, and a pair of Velcro sneakers. They threw a coat over his waist to conceal what the pants couldn't cover, police said.
They then put him on the office chair and wheeled the corpse over to the check-cashing store.

Cintron, a 66-year-old loser with a criminal record, had apparently died of natural causes.

Wouldn't it be easier just to get jobs?

Traitor Philip Agee Finally Dies

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:14 PM

Former CIA agent Philip Agee, a hero to the cause of moonbattery, is dead. His 1975 book Inside the Company: CIA Diary not only sniveled about the alleged misdeeds of the agency as it attempted to defend democracy from communism throughout Latin America, but actually outed about 4,000 operatives. Since these included real covert agents, not just pencil-pushing bureauweenies like Valerie Plame, he deliberately risked their lives.

Agee had been lurking in Cuba, a moonbat's conception of paradise. After a major crackdown on pro-democracy Cubans in 2003, Agee had this to say in the state-controlled media:

To think that the dissidents were creating an independent, free civil society is absurd, for they were funded and controlled by a hostile foreign power and to that degree, which was total, they were not free or independent in the least.

By "hostile foreign power" he no doubt had in mind America, which is hated by moonbats for the same reason it is loved by everyone decent.

According to a high-ranking Cuban defector, Agee was paid $1 million for betraying his country. But apparently that isn't enough to buy quality healthcare on the island prison. He died following surgery for ulcers probably caused by having to live with himself.

Philip Agee: May he burn in hell.

On tips from Wiggins, Brooklyn Red Leg and Bill V.

Joy Behar Equates Sainthood With Insanity

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:46 PM

If the kind of candidates it's running for President are any indication, the Democrat Party is heavily influenced by the obnoxious and moronic talk shows desperately bored housewives watch on weekday mornings. To give an idea of just how terrifying this is, I refer you to Joy Behar of ABC's The View. Here she is explaining the shortage of saints:

I have a theory that you can't find any saints anymore because of psychotropic medication. I think that [in] the old days, the saints were hearing voices and they didn't have any Thorazine to calm them down. Now that we have all of this medication available to us, you can't find a saint anymore.

Maybe we would have more saints if our culture weren't so debased by moonbattery as to lose all respect for them.

Joy Behar is a better candidate for Thorazine than for sainthood.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Greedy Moonbats Sue America for $3 Quadrillion

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:31 PM

Even the ambulance-chasing John Edwards, who bought his political career with money expropriated in ludicrous lawsuits, is bush league compared to self-proclaimed victims of Hurricane Katrina, who are suing the US Army Corp of engineers for $3,014,170,389,176,410.

Maybe the Army should pay off the lawsuits with a stack of pennies. It would literally reach all the way to Saturn. Or maybe the Army should just leave New Orleans to build its own levees.

Al Qaeda can take it easy. There's no need to destroy America. Just sit back and wait for us to sue ourselves into bankruptcy.

On a tip from Mandy. Hat tip: Watts Up With That?

Lancet Study Revealed as Hard Left Propaganda

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:54 AM

Moonbattery is corrupting even science. At least with the global warming hoax, you can understand the motives of scientists who acquire grant money by using computer models to produce data pleasing to the power-hungry bureauweenies who stand to benefit from climate change hysteria. But the scope of leftist propaganda trumping factual reality is broader. For example, The Wall Street Journal reports on the moonbat shenanigans at the Lancet:

Three weeks before the 2006 elections, the British medical journal Lancet published a bombshell report estimating that casualties in Iraq had exceeded 650,000 since the U.S.-led invasion in March 2003. We know that number was wildly exaggerated. The news is that now we know why.
It turns out the Lancet study was funded by anti-Bush partisans and conducted by antiwar activists posing as objective researchers. It also turns out the timing was no accident.

Details appear in the current issue of National Journal magazine. Fortunately for the Lancet's exalted reputation, they probably won't show up anywhere else:

While the media were quick to hype the original Lancet report — within a week of its release it had been featured on 25 news shows and in 188 newspaper and magazine articles — something tells us this debunking won't get the same play.

The Lancet death toll was inflated by a factor of more than 10. What do you expect, considering that the study was funded by George Soros's Open Society Institute?

The authors of the study, Gilbert Burnham and Les Roberts, admitted that they opposed removing Saddam Hussein from the outset and sent their report to the Lancet on the condition that it be published before the election. Roberts even tried running for Congress as a Democrat.

The data was collected by Riyadh Lafta, who would not let other researchers see his data, and who had been an official in Saddam Hussein's ministry of health.

Lancet Editor Richard Horton rushed the bogus study into print in time for the election "with an expedited peer review process and without seeing the surveyors' original data." His political views are what you would expect from a snot-nosed 13-year-old. At a September 2006 rally he proclaimed:

This axis of Anglo-American imperialism extends its influence through war and conflict, gathering power and wealth as it goes, so millions of people are left to die in poverty and disease.

Thanks to the epidemic of moonbattery, this sort of jackass is in a position to replace scientific research with treasonous lies.

Richard Horton sacrifices science to his hatred of the West.

On a tip from Varla.

Pat Sajak Solves the Global Warming Crisis

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:11 AM

Kudos to Pat Sajak for solving the global warming crisis without calling on the United Nations to impose international socialism.

First he defines the problem:

There are apparently tens of millions of people around the world who are convinced global warming is real, and mankind (particularly American mankind) is responsible. Further, they believe utterly catastrophic results are imminent unless we drastically alter our lifestyles -- and soon. These alterations include the things we eat, our transportation, our daily work and leisure habits, and even the number of children we should have. The problem is there are also tens of millions of people around the world who are skeptical of this theory, and, despite one side's claims the debate is settled, a significant and growing number of climate experts keep challenging their conclusions.
So, those who believe disaster is around the corner face a dilemma: while they're educating their fellow citizens and demanding governments regulate believers and non-believers alike, the problem continues, and the date of the world's doom draws ever closer.

How to cure global warming when a growing number of scientists are speaking out against the whole farce? The solution is as obvious as it is ingenious:

Instead of continuing to preach to the rest of us, the true believers need to step forward and set an example. I'm not talking about recycling Evian bottles; I'm talking about giving up cars and moving into smaller houses or apartments, or even forming communes where people can live simpler, more Earth-friendly lives. Yes, I'm talking about living the kinds of lives they want all of us to live.
Such a movement could literally start tomorrow. It would need a leader, of course; someone who could inspire others to choose a more spartan lifestyle. The obvious choice would be Al Gore, who already has a loyal following. If he would eschew large homes, gas-guzzling cars, private jets and the consumption of meat, millions more would likely do the same.

Once the sacrifice of the Goracle and his acolytes has improved the weather, the rest of us will be inspired to follow suit voluntarily.

But fortunately for Al Gore, it will not be necessary for him to stop living like a tsar. As his lavish lifestyle indicates that he knows perfectly well, global warming is an utter and deliberate hoax, intended to enable profiteers like himself to get rich, socialist bureaucrats to grab more power, and liberal fools to feel self-righteous without having to live by any coherent moral standards.

Don't expect Prince Albert to practice what he preaches.

On a tip from Bergbikr.

Carbon Offsets for Your Blog

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:26 AM

Do you have a blog, and feel guilty about the polar bears you're drowning by using electricity to run it? CO2Stats provides the solution. It's described as:

A plugin for monitoring and offsetting the carbon emissions of your WordPress blog.

From the Plugin Homepage:

CO2Stats is a free tool that makes your website environmentally friendly. Whenever people view your web site or blog, they use electrically-powered computers and servers. To create electricity, power companies must burn fuels that emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and cause global warming. CO2Stats monitors how much electricity is being used to power your site, and then it "offsets" the emissions by investing in renewable energy projects that help to counteract global warming. Our offsets are funded by advertising sponsors who are selected because they are committed to making the Internet more environmentally friendly.

Though this appears to be on the level, it may be a joke intended to ridicule Kool-Aid–guzzling moonbat idiots. With the global warming farce, it's impossible to tell.

Hat tip:, on a tip from Steve.

Left Out of the Art of Integration Exhibition

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:09 AM

Below are a few more pictures that were left out of The Art of Integration Exhibition: Islam in Britain's Green and Pleasant Lands, a government-financed exhibit by a British convert to Islam intended reconcile Britons to their Islamification:

Flogging is popular in Islamic states like Iran.

Mohammad prescribed stoning adulterous women.

If only…

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In Case You Were Tempted to Have Seconds on Breakfast…

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:47 AM

As a special service to bulimics who sometimes need help purging, below are sample pictures from a rally in Indiana by moonbats opposed to protecting marriage from being corrupted into meaninglessness. They were also there to support a thought hate crimes bill that would officially establish homosexuals as superior to heterosexuals in the eyes of the law.

Anally amorous.

Moonbat feminity.

Moonbat masculinity.

As you can see, the Culture War is not one we can afford to lose.

Via Free Republic, on a tip from Cheetah.

Moonbats' Artistic Alternative to the MSM Point of View

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Fed up with the MSM's liberal establishment depiction of the war? Head over to the Society of Illustrators:

These works of art will give a voice to those whose views are not represented by the mainstream media.

Does that mean that the art is actually patriotic? That it honors the heroism of our troops, and encourages their victory over al Qaeda and Iranian-backed terrorists? Not exactly. Here's part of one of the masterpieces on display:


In terms of technical skill, the works range from elementary school doodles to comic book illustrations. But in the art world, it's the moonbattery that counts.

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Muslim Chivalry

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I'll say this for Muslims: they know how to avoid wasting money on lawyer fees. A Saudi guy thought he had caught his wife flirting at the shopping mall:

The husband then approached a cashier and asked to use the microphone. His voice was heard all over the mall saying: "To all those present and all the shoppers. Please listen to me. I want you to bear witness to what I say."
He mentioned his and his wife's full name then announced that he was divorcing her irreversibly — that is they cannot get back together according to Islamic law.
The husband then left the mall, took his car and drove away, leaving the woman and the children in the mall amid hundreds of astonished onlookers.

In Islamic society, all you have to do to divorce your wife is say "I divorce you" three times. Yet the feminist Left can be counted on to side with Islam against the West, just as it sided with serial sex offender and probable rapist Bill Clinton against the concept of equality before the law.

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January 8, 2008

Nanny State Nazis Batter Down Door, Abduct Child

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Officials used a battering ram to knock down a door and abduct an 11-year-old to make sure he received proper medical care for a minor head injury.

Tom Shiflett had told paramedics that he didn't want them treating his son Jon, as he preferred to rely on his experience as a medic to do it himself. Deeming this unacceptable, the Nanny State applied its favorite tool: coercion.

After Jon had been abducted, a doctor recommended he be given fluids, Tylenol and ice — most likely the same treatment he was receiving from his father.

The Shifletts got their child back at 2:30 AM, hours after the raid.

Nurse Mildred Ratched would love today's Nanny State.

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Attorney David Selden, American Quisling

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Just as Britain could not be Islamized without quislings who side with the Muslim conquerors, Mexico would not be able to colonize the American Southwest without assistance from moonbats who indulge in the natural liberal impulse toward treason. One of them is attorney David Selden, who is attempting to annul a new Arizona law that allows judges to suspend or revoke state licenses from businesses that knowingly hire illegal aliens.

A client of Selden filed an affidavit brazenly declaring that he hires invaders and plans to keep doing it. The idea is to force the hand of US District Judge Neil Wake, who says he can't uphold or strike down the law without proof it will harm a business.

Selden is also representing two other disreputable businesses, who would rather hire illegals than pay a decent wage to American citizens. They want the Arizona law thrown out on the grounds that the federal government should be handling the crisis. They know that the law wouldn't have been needed in the first place if anyone in DC gave a hoot whether the Southwest is reduced to an extension of Mexico.

David Selden, quisling.

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Islam in Britain's Green and Pleasant Lands

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Evidently, this is not a joke. Via the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, taxpayers paid British convert to Islam Peter Sanders to take propaganda pictures intended to prove that some remnant of English culture will survive the country's Islamification. For example, one British Muslim wears a Union Jack hijab:


How nice that the UK doesn't need to defend itself from Muslim conquest. It just needs to pretend the Muslims are assimilating — and throw in jail those who won't play along with the farce.

Here's a picture they left out of their exhibition:

Flowers left at King's Cross station, London, after a Muslim terror attack.

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Desperate Times Call for Desperate Fakery

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If anyone thinks this wasn't staged, please let me know so I can sell you some carbon credits:

Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign stop was interrupted Monday when two men stood in the crowd and began screaming, "Iron my shirt!" during one of her final appearances before the New Hampshire primary.
Clinton, a former first lady running to become the nation's first female president, laughed at the seemingly sexist protest that suggested a woman's place is doing the laundry and not running the country.
"Ah, the remnants of sexism — alive and well," Clinton said to applause in a school auditorium. […]
"As I think has been abundantly demonstrated, I am also running to break through the highest and hardest glass ceiling," she said.

Too perfect — except for Shrillary having to ask that the lights be turned up so everyone could see the planted hecklers, one of whom even had a "Hillary for President" sticker on a carrying case.

She really is getting desperate.

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Envirokooks Want to Bury Trees

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Environmentalists aren't just a menace to the economy and our liberties. Their hubris and hunger for control, as well as the wacky theories in which they fervently believe, make them a threat to the environment they so piously worship.

The bizarre notion that carbon has suddenly become environmentally toxic has led some enviropsychos to advocate cutting down live trees and burying them so that the deadly CO2 cannot escape the rotting wood and make it stop being so cold out:

Here a carbon sequestration strategy is proposed in which certain dead or live trees are harvested via collection or selective cutting, then buried in trenches or stowed away in above-ground shelters. The largely anaerobic condition under a sufficiently thick layer of soil will prevent the decomposition of the buried wood.

One of the reasons CO2 is not a toxin but a highly necessary component of our atmosphere is that trees absorb it and then release the oxygen we breathe. If we buried enough trees, we really would have an environmental crisis.

Through the UN and the Democrat Party, these kooks may get the coercive leverage they need to inflict this sort of lunacy on our forests, on our dime, to forestall a global warming crisis that it is increasingly obvious does not exist.

We'd better cut these trees down and bury them before they start releasing carbon.

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Dhimmis Suppress Speech in Canada on Behalf of Imperialist Islam

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Moonbats' war on freedom of speech on behalf of their radical Islamist allies isn't limited to Britain, where books are suppressed and bloggers threatened with prison by quisling authorities to facilitate terrorism and the Islamification of the country. Canada is on the same track to totalitarianism:

Celebrated author Mark Steyn has been summoned to appear before two Canadian judicial panels on charges linked to his book "America Alone."
The book, a No. 1 bestseller in Canada, argues that Western nations are succumbing to an Islamist imperialist threat. The fact that charges based on it are proceeding apace proves his point.
Steyn, who won the 2006 Eric Breindel Journalism Award (co-sponsored by The Post and its parent, News Corp), writes for dozens of publications on several continents. After the Canadian general-interest magazine Maclean's reprinted a chapter from the book, five Muslim law-school students, acting through the auspices of the Canadian Islamic Congress, demanded that the magazine be punished for spreading "hatred and contempt" for Muslims.
The plaintiffs allege that Maclean's advocated, among other things, the notion that Islamic culture is incompatible with Canada's liberalized, Western civilization. They insist such a notion is untrue and, in effect, want opinions like that banned from publication.
Two separate panels, the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal and the Canadian Human Rights Commission, have agreed to hear the case. These bodies are empowered to hear and rule on cases of purported "hate speech."

Maybe Islam is more compatible with Canadian culture than Steyn thought. It looks like neither will allow any speech perceived as critical of the Mohammedan death cult.



Colony of Ron Paul Moonbats Descend Upon Sean Hannity

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Foreign policy aside, not everything Ron Paul says is crazy. However, his supporters have been conspicuous for their highly aggressive psychosis.

At night they erupt from their caves to seek the blood of the sane. Here's a large colony of them going after Sean Hannity in Manchester, New Hampshire:

Via Free Republic, on a tip from Cheetah.

New Jersey Paves the Way to Slavery Reparations

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Among the most outrageous positions held by moonbats is that people should be paid for being part black, on the grounds that some of their ancestors might have been slaves. It's unlikely that anyone alive has no ancestors who were slaves, but never mind that. Never mind that no current taxpayers owned any slaves. Never mind the thousands of lives Americans sacrificed to end slavery. Never mind the blacks who really are "African-Americans" because they immigrate here from Africa, or the many more who come from the Caribbean. The important thing is to advance socialism by coercively redistributing wealth, and to exacerbate the racial strife the Democrat Party has been so adept at exploiting.

New Jersey, which abolished Slavery over 160 years ago, has paved the path toward reparations by officially apologizing for slavery. Not only does a recent resolution express "profound regret" for the past, it pretends that blacks suffer from slavery to this day:

[T]he vestiges of slavery are ever before African-American citizens, from the overt racism of hate groups to the subtle racism encountered when requesting health care, transacting business, buying a home, seeking quality public education and college admission, and enduring pretextual traffic stops and other indignities.

The implication that they deserve to be compensated will be clear to any liberal.

It's bad enough New Jersey taxpayers have to pay legislators to wallow in this moonbattery. But the worst might be yet to come.

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Enviropsychos Want Human Corpses Used as Fuel in Funeral Parlors

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The contempt environmentalists have for human beings has reached a new zenith of morbid absurdity:

Heat created by burning the dead at crematoria could be used to keep mourners warm under plans to make funerals more environmentally-friendly.
Instead of letting the gases emitted by cremation escape into the atmosphere, councils want to use them to heat radiators or even generate electricity.

British bureauweenie Robin Monk explains that "in this day and age we all have to look at reducing our carbon footprint."

An environmentalist collects firewood at Belsen.

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British Dhimmis Reach Out to Silence American Author Rachel Ehrenfeld

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It isn't only British subjects like Lionheart who will be persecuted by the dhimmi quislings running the UK if they criticize radical Islam. Even American citizens are subject. Take the case of Rachel Ehrenfeld, author of Funding Evil: How Terrorism Is Financed, and How to Stop It, who accused Khalid Salim bin Mahfouz of the Saudi National Commercial Bank of having terror ties. Human Events reports:

Ehrenfeld is American, her book was written and published in America and she has no business or other ties to Britain. Under American law, the Brit courts would have no jurisdiction over her. But about two-dozen copies of her book were sold there through the internet. Bin Mahfouz sued her for libel in the Brit courts where the burden of proof is the opposite of what it is in US courts: the author has to prove that what is written is true, rather than the supposedly defamed person proving it is false.

Imagine not even being allowed to point out that certain Arabs are terrorists unless you can prove it to the satisfaction of a dhimmified — or Muslim-dominated — British court. Here's how the case came out:

Ehrenfeld refused to fight the case, saying the Brit courts have no jurisdiction over her. Mahfouz got a default judgment against her for £10,000 (for himself, and in equal amounts for his sons). The judgment also requires that there be no further "defamatory" statements published in England and Wales.

Though not subject to Britain's increasingly demented laws, Ehrenfeld has still been silenced:

Mahfouz's case against Ehrenfeld has already done enormous harm in the US. Ehrenfeld told me she's unable to get book publishers to contract for another book. She said all of the major US publishing houses have turned down a book on the Muslim Brotherhood — thought to have substantial terrorist ties — and the Saudis' involvement in funding it.

Alms for Jihad by British author Clinton Bennett, published by Cambridge University Press, also caused trouble:

"Alms for Jihad" — like Ehrenfeld's book — documents bin Mahfouz's funding ties to terrorism, including to Usama bin Laden. But "Alms" — in settlement of a libel suit by bin Mahfouz in the Brit courts — was withdrawn from stores and libraries and unsold copies destroyed. The Saudi book burners won.

What if Britain had been run by Nazi collaborators during WWII? But the Nazis only wanted to conquer Britain. Muslims are displacing it. Unless Britons rise up against their moonbat quisling rulers, they will cease to exist. In place of Britain will be New Pakistan, bristling with nuclear weapons.



January 7, 2008

Dems' Nutroots Base Demands We Forget 9/11

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The one thing we know for sure about the Democrat primaries is that they will be won by someone who doesn't even begin to grasp the seriousness of the Islamic terror threat. "Surrender in Iraq, problem solved" is not a strategy for dealing with an implacable and extremely threatening long-term enemy. Don't these people remember 9/11?

To judge from Democratic Underground, the answer is: just barely, and they resent those whose memories are less murky. A moonbat calling himself "Philosoraptor" recently favored the fever swamps with a composition entitled "Hey America- 9-11 is over--git yer shit together already, JESUS!" Extracts follow (please excuse the vocabulary; vile people rely on vile language):

What the fuck are you smoking America? Jesus, wake up already will ya? Snap the fuck out of your nine eleven induced stupor and focus will ya for Christ's sake? […] Look at our nation. We are an embarrassment, from our president down. We should all be ashamed of ourselves, but we're too proud for that. Did nine eleven do all this? Is THAT what turned us all into zombies and robots? […]
The world is looking at our nation with increasing alarm, wondering what the fuck our problem is, and wondering why we don't 'do something' about it. If you look at America as if it were a single person, that person is in serious need of medical attention, physical and mental, that person is suffering a severe type of psychosis induced by trauma and stress and addiction. Uncle Sam is on a crash course for a full blown nervous breakdown. […] For Christ's sake America, pick yourselves up, brush yourselves off, and start the fuck all over again will ya? And SOON.

Rather than suggest that "Philosoraptor" seek professional attention himself, DU commenters slobbered with enthusiasm over his unseemly ravings:

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for.. saying everything I have been thinking.
The over-reaction to 9/11 has been mind-boggling.
With "presidents" like bu$hit, WHO NEEDS binLaden or terrorists?
We have meet the terrorists and they are us …
As Chomsky points out, realistically, what occurred on 9/11 is quite a minor example of the broad ravaging and mass murder that the American govt and its proxy allies have been carrying out against large sectors of the planet for a very long time.

…and on and on and on… The insane never tire of their own manic gibbering.

Imagine being happy with anyone these people would vote for.

This was no biggie, according to the Dems' Nutroots base.

Hat tip: DUmmie FUnnies, on a tip from Cheetah.

Shrillary Teeters on Brink of Tears

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Hillary Clinton is known as a ball-buster, but lately it's hard to see her holding her own in a world of tough customers. Sure she can dish it out by calling the Russian leader soulless, but even Barack Hussein Obambi can reduce her to the brink of tears just by kicking her in the pants in the Iowa Caucuses.

She seems to be expecting more of the same in New Hampshire. ABC News has video of her nearly blubbering as she whimpers to some undecided voters in Portsmouth:

You know, this is very personal for me. It's not just political, it's not just public. I see what's happening. And we have to reverse it.

What's happening is the ship is going down — and it's a little late to throw her into reverse. I hope Huma was on hand with a hanky.

ed-muskie.gif   Shrillary wouldn't be the first Dem to reveal her unfitness for the presidency by weeping under pressure. Remember Ed Muskie? Via Florida Cracker.

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British Weight Crisis: People Are Too Fat and Skinny

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A health crisis is hitting the socialist NHS in Britain, where totalitarian measures have been recommended to curb the supposed obesity epidemic. But the crisis isn't obesity, it's self-induced starvation.

British bureauweenies have gone so far as to recommend electronic "fat quota" ration cards, so as to guarantee no one eats more than officials see fit. Children are confiscated from their parents if deemed to be overfed. You can even be arrested for letting your dog get fat.


Some 1,484 patients with anorexia were admitted to wards in 2006/7 compared with 1,338 the previous year, an increase of 11 per cent. […]
The findings also reveal that NHS hospital admissions for bulimia increased 9 per cent to 150. Experts believe the true figures are likely to be much higher, however, because they do not include those patients who have not sought medical treatment. […]
Last year the Government announced it had given a multimillion-pound grant to the Institute of Psychiatry to research eating disorders after it emerged there had been a 40 per cent surge in anorexia since 1990.
A report by the British Paediatric Surveillance Unit, also released last year, found 206 children under 13 had been suffering from eating disorders in a 13-month period to April 2006. One was just eight years old.

The answer to this crisis? More coercion, of course:

To combat the problem, London Fashion Week was urged last year to consider forcing models to present medical certificates to prove they did not have eating disorders.

What, they don't want the government involved? But I'm forgetting, the government is busy forcing everyone to be thin.

Someone please give this model a cheeseburger.

On a tip from Bill V.

Another Hate Crime in Lewiston, Maine

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Lewiston, Maine has been overrun by Muslim colonists from Somalia. Last spring, this resulted in an appalling hate crime in the form of a piece of ham. Now there's been another incident. Someone put up a lost dog poster that appears, unconscionably, to be a lighthearted joke at the expense of a certain bloodthirsty pedophile brigand from the Dark Ages:

The poster depicts a vicious "lost" dog named Mohammed. That's the name of the Muslim prophet. It says that the dog is not good with children and can't be trusted.

How hurtful. Rabbi Hillel Katzir of the Temple Shalom in nearby Auburn dutifully intones:

Attacking or making fun of any religion is the same as attacking and making fun of all religions. If we don't stop it here, who's next?

Actually, poking fun Islam is a little different, considering that a terrorist war is being waged against us in its name. Another difference is that only Islam is regarded as beyond criticism — a direct result of the moonbat response to 9/11.

Police are actually investigating the joke poster. First Amendment be damned, someone could end up in jail over it. What do they think this is, Great Britain?

So as not to get arrested for a thought hate crime, you need to know what constitutes an offense. Can you guess which one is a hate crime?











The answer of course is E. The rest are celebrations of our freedom of expression. If you got it wrong, here's an easier test. Which one is a hate crime?


If you didn't pick the one on the right, maybe you'd better just keep quiet if you want to stay out of trouble.

Hat tips: The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler, Dhimmi Watch.

Even David Gregory Makes Shrillary Look Hapless

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David Gregory tosses Hillary a softball. Not only does she miss it, she manages to hit herself in the head with the bat:

Shrillary is so obviously over her head, you almost want to throw her a rope. Blessedly, it looks like the country will be spared the humiliation of Clintons reinfesting the White House.

Via Atlas Shrugs.

Viggo Mortensen Endorses Dennis Kucinich

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Here's a small surprise: wacky actor Viggo Mortensen has joined The Nation in endorsing the sickly and demented elf Dennis Kucinich for President.

In the olden days, Hollywood actors showed their support for the troops by picking up a rifle and joining them. Viggo has found a more convenient way. Here he is smooching anti-US activist Cindy's Sheehan's repulsive claw:


From the Ditch Witch to Kookcinich is such a short hop, Mortensen won't be the first flea to have made it.

Careful, Obambi. Kucinich is eating into your Hollyweird backing. Presumably he has fellow ufologist Shirley MacLaine on his side too.

Mortensen tries to remember what happened to his shoes.

Hat tip: Amy Proctor.

The Ultimate Insult to Our Intelligence

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It's bad enough when phonies like John Kerry try to pass themselves off as war heroes. Now Barack Insane Obama is crediting his fellow Democrats for the success of the Surge, which was implemented over the strident objections of his treasonous and despicable party.

Obambi's reasoning, if it can be called that, is that the decline in violence is due to Iraqis stepping up to the plate out of fear that Democrats will succeed in effectively surrendering to al Qaeda. I wonder why this clever strategy didn't lead to victory in Vietnam.

In case you were wondering who the hell would vote for Obambi.

Britons Confirm Nazir-Ali's Warnings

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:41 AM

As noted yesterday, Bishop of Rochester Michael Nazir-Ali has been getting some flak over his observation that "no-go" areas in Britain, which non-Muslims risk their lives by entering, represent a serious problem. Liberal pols like Nick Clegg and their militant Islamic allies deny these areas even exist. But the Daily Mail's British readers confirm Nazir-Ali's warnings. A few sample comments:

The Bishop is correct. There are areas of Bolton that I would ask Nick Clegg venture in of an evening, this foray would no doubt change his mind-set somewhat.
These politicians are too bland by half. The Bishop is right. Government ordained PC multi-culturism and the our natural courtesy to strangers has degraded our ancient British culture and traditions and promoted the newcomers' way of life above all else. If we don't confront Islamic extremism now, our last stand could be the one where our backs are against the wall.
The Bishop of Rochester is quite right and Nick Clegg is a dangerous fool with his head stuck in the sand. It's time to wake up to what is taking place in Britain!
I think Mr Clegg has made a serious mistake with his response denying the basic truth of the Bishop's observations. I suspect the vast majority of people in the UK will agree with the Bishop.
We MUST stand up for our country, and not let it go under, thousands of our men and women fought and died for our freedoms, and now we are letting Islamic radicals take over areas of our cities.
He's totally correct, there are at least 5 or 6 areas in my town I would only drive through. No way would I walk, work or live there. I wouldn't last a week.
The Bishop is right, many parts of Manchester are 'no go' areas. Bottler Brown and Nick Clegg can come for a walk with me after dark, I will bet they will change their minds fast!
If anyone doubts the Bishop's words, try walking around where I live after dark!
The Bishop is correct and I admire him for speaking out.
For all young liberal do gooding muppets out there, try walking around, the ocean estate Stepney, or Bangla town (used to be called Whitechapel) at night and see the reaction you get from the roving gangs of thugs, none of them Christian by the way, wake up you MORONS.
Muslim extremists living in UK want Madrasa's to teach their children about the Koran and express hatred for the Infidel. There is only one God, his name is Allah, no others can be tolerated. They want the right to use Sharia Law within their own groups not British Civil Law. We know that integration is the answer whereas they want to avoid this by bringing very oppressive dictates with them and shoving them down our throats. Or, begging us to learn and understand their religion.
Nick Clegg has buried his head in sand, like other leftist liberals. Even if they're forced by the sword to convert to Islam, they still won't think it a threat to the British way of life. What a bunch of delusional idiots.
I agree with the Bishop fully, he is completely correct. Well done to him for having the courage to say what everyone really thinks. It is disgraceful what is happening to England and the Govt needs to address it immediately. Any persons found to be displaying any type of extremism or fanaticism should be deported.
The bishop is only telling a fact.
At last somebody who talks sense.
Nick Clegg's head in the sand attitude has just lost his party far more votes than it will gain them.
Our mealy mouthed politicians run forward to deny a truth, this truth is easy to seek out.
Well done Bishop — he's said what many of us know already.
The Bishop of Rochester is absolutely correct, and it is about time the Government came to terms with the situation.
British people are known for their tolerance but we have now reached a situation whereby the culture and heritage of our Great country is at risk from Muslim extremists and their ill informed supporters. Isn't it time for our elected representatives to both support and act upon the wishes of the majority of the UKs citizens and stop hiding behind their mothers apron just in case they upset someone who has chosen to make the UK their home.
There have been no-go areas in Britain for many years, what do you think the riots in Oldham where about. Its about time somebody spoke out.
Despite what the Liberal leader thinks, the Bishop is absolutely spot on — this same thing is happening to my area already.
Good for the Bishop.
Congratulations to the Bishop for expressing what most of us agree with.
The Bishop is correct and should be applauded.
We will end up a Muslim state if these true English Christians do not speak up. We are far too liberal for our own good.
Well said Bishop of Rochester. You are speaking the language that many of us want to hear. A courageous man who knows what is really going on out on the streets. A man that is not in denial like all the rest.
A brave man has spoken the truth.

Et cetera, et cetera. But the small minority who deny there's any problem are the ones whose views will be presented as official reality by the BBC.

One Muslim group called for "serious action" to be taken against Nazir-Ali — ominous words in light of the persecution of British blogger Lionheart.

Britain's future, if it doesn't put up a fight.

On a tip from Mandy.

Not Even Slick Willie Can Inject Life Into Sinking Shrillary Campaign

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:35 AM

Sorry, Shrillary: The 1990s are over, and so are you. Here's how even the Clintonoid cheerleaders at the New York Times describe Bill Clinton's attempt to generate enthusiasm for his wife in New Hampshire:

Is this what it would have been like had Elvis been reduced to playing Reno?

New Hampshire saved his campaign in 1992. But now crowds drawn by former Democrat rock star Slick Willie are described as "sleepy and sometimes smallish," even at big venues. Quiet audiences wander toward the exits during his speeches on how the tired dinosaur Shrillary is a "world-class change agent."

So much for the desperate hope of Bill riding to the rescue of the Hilldog's floundering campaign.

The "world-class change agent."

On a tip from V the K.

Naomi Campbell Praises Hugo Chavez

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:07 AM

The latest leftist glitterpig to kiss the ring of communist tyrant Hugo Chavez is model Naomi Campbell, who describes the thug as a "rebel angel."

If Campbell were more intelligent than a geranium, this might be taken as an apt reference to Lucifer. Ironically, Chavez once amused his fellow totalitarians at the United Nations by calling our president "the Devil."

The doting interview revealed that Chavez admires Britain's Prince Chucklehead, and that he won't rule out posing topless. This probably constitutes the extent of information most Barack Obama supporters have on Hugo Chavez. The serious threat Chavez poses to democracy throughout Latin America, and to American security, apparently didn't come up.

Chavez's bellicose denunciations of America have also earned him affectionate visits from the likes of Sean Penn, Kevin Spacey, Danny Glover and Harry Belafonte.

Campbell holding hands with a dictator, surrounded by goons.

Shrillary Calls Putin Soulless

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:41 AM

File this under "takes one to know one":

Speaking in Hampton this evening, Hillary Rodham Clinton said the president of Russia "doesn't have a soul."

Yet we're asked to favor Democrats on the grounds that W has been an oaf who doesn't know how to be diplomatic in his relations with world leaders.


Newspaper Banned From Using Word "Allah"

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:17 AM

Now that it seems Britain will be throwing people in jail for offending Muslims, authorities should turn to other Muslim-dominated countries for guidance on which thoughts and words to ban. In Malaysia, for example, a Catholic newspaper has been forbidden to use the word "Allah."

Malaysia is 60% Muslim, so it is about a generation ahead of the UK on the road back to the 6th century.

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin, The Jawa Report, on a tip from BUUUUURRRRNING HOT.

Breck Girl Gets His Due

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:52 AM

Stealing a fortune from doctors in kangaroo court lawsuits, creating a legal environment that requires doctors to perform unnecessary cesarean sections, turning Americans against each other with phony and divisive class warfare rhetoric, annoying us all with his general aura of cheesiness… these are but a few of John Edwards' sins. Now it appears his bad karma has caught up with him, in the form of a mislabeled bottle of Nair:


Could this be the work of Blackwater operatives?

Via Doug Ross @ Journal, on a tip from Nanc.

Global Warming Farce Deflated by Facts

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:20 AM

Even the Boston Globe is starting to notice that Emperor Albert's new clothes consist of his birthday suit:

In South America, for example, the start of winter last year was one of the coldest ever observed. According to Eugenio Hackbart, chief meteorologist of the MetSul Weather Center in Brazil, "a brutal cold wave brought record low temperatures, widespread frost, snow, and major energy disruption." In Buenos Aires, it snowed for the first time in 89 years, while in Peru the cold was so intense that hundreds of people died and the government declared a state of emergency in 14 of the country's 24 provinces. In August, Chile's agriculture minister lamented "the toughest winter we have seen in the past 50 years," which caused losses of at least $200 million in destroyed crops and livestock.

It wasn't just South America. As geophysicist David Deming observed, "unexpected bitter cold swept the entire Southern Hemisphere in 2007." Australia and New Zealand experienced record lows.

The Northern Hemisphere hasn't escaped the chill. My backyard in Phoenix is still in ruins as a result of the extreme cold that wreaked havoc last winter. In the other corner of the country, New Hampshire set a new record with 44.5 inches of snow last month. The Canadian government is now forecasting the coldest winter in nearly 15 years.

Think how cold it would have been without the hot air generated by Gore's acolytes at the BBC, who a year ago were screeching that 2007 would be the "warmest year on record."

Maybe the cold weather, like all weather, is caused by global warming, in accordance with the scriptures of the Goracle. But it's more likely that the slight warming trend of the 1990s is over, and we are headed for some unpleasant cold, as predicted by Oleg Sorokhtin, who bases his warnings not on moonbat ideology, but on cycles in solar activity.

There has been no global warming for nearly a decade now. It will be interesting to see if looney-left outfits like the BBC drop the whole farce in favor of some still more urgent crisis in time to salvage even a shred of credibility.

Warm weather is not the problem.

On tips from Mega and Charles.

January 6, 2008

George McGovern Demands Impeachment

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In case you were under the impression that the Democrat Party only recently went off the rails, George McGovern, its 1972 presidential candidate, is screeching in tune with the drug-addled communists who wear bandanas over their faces at antiwar rallies that President Bush and Vice President Cheney must be impeached.

They'd better hurry; Bush and Cheney are scheduled to leave office in about a year, and juvenile kooks like McGovern still haven't even come up with a crime to charge them with, other than vague accusations of being mean to terrorists and Saddam Hussein.

A generation ago, Democrats were already nominating tasteless jokes like this.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Taxpayers Forced to Re-create Criminal's Ear

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Kudos to career burglar Casey Voges for almost acknowledging that it is wrong that New Zealand taxpayers will have to cough up a small fortune to re-create the ear he lost to a police dog in the course of his criminal activities. The petty thief waxes philosophical:

Yeah, it's taxpayers' money going toward it. I don't know what I could say to them maybe just, sorry guys. It's hard without sounding impersonal, but the system is constructed that way and if I could change it I would. […] I'm a victim as well and here victims are compensated.

Currently the poor victim is behind bars, where he has spent much of life. Among other things, he faces 10 charges of burglary. He says he wants a new ear so that he "won't be reminded of my failures."

Maybe we could just mail Voges this one.

On a tip from Panday.

Bishop of Rochester Warns of Muslim No-Go Areas in UK

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If British authorities throw blogger Lionheart into jail for objecting to the Islamic conquest of his country, they might want to get a cell ready for the Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Ali, the Bishop of Rochester.

Like any sane Briton, Nazir-Ali is appalled by the "no-go" areas festering across the UK, conquered territories where non-Muslims are wise not to enter (except of course to deliver welfare checks). Predictably, the Muslim Council of Britain has responded by accusing him of "frantic scaremongering" — which means, watch your mouth, dhimmi, or we'll have the belly-crawling quislings running this country throw you in jail. Also predictably, Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg sides with the Muslims, grossly caricaturing Nazir-Ali's objections as "a gross caricature of reality."

It's not clear whether Tories will be any help. Shadow foreign secretary William Hague courageously mumbled that Nazir-Ali "probably put it too strongly." But shadow home secretary David Davis was more constructive:

Bishop Nazir-Ali has drawn attention to a deeply serious problem. The Government's confused and counter-productive approach risks creating a number of closed societies instead of one open, cohesive one. It generates the risk of encouraging radicalisation and creating home-grown terrorism.

However, drawing attention to this "deeply serious problem" apparently now means jail time for bloggers. Nazir-Ali was born in Pakistan, but that won't be enough to keep him out of prison if he insists on assimilating and standing up for Britain's best interests.

michael_nazir-ali.jpg   Having been a Christian in Pakistan, Nazir-Ali knows where Britain is headed.

On tips from Ian from the EUSSR and Pete.

Moonbats: Blackwater Will Assassinate Osama Obama

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Bad news for B. Hussein Obama: According to the Huffington Post, the security firm Blackwater is planning to assassinate him!

Osama Abominable has promised to surrender to the al Qaeda and Iranian-backed terrorists attempting to snuff out democracy in Iraq. This would cut into Blackwater's profits. Thus they are sure to have B.O. offed, according to what passes for logic in the Nutroots fever swamps.

No less can be expected of the villains who allegedly set this year's California wildfires.

If only Blackwater would send out an operative trained in throwing pies…

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Crooked Clinton Donor Norman Hsu's Ingenious Defense

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Big-time Clinton donor Norman Hsu has just been sentenced to three years for fraud, despite his commendably creative defense.

Hsu's lawyers argued that Hsu had been denied his constitutional right to a speedy trial. The reason he hadn't been tried sooner is that he was a fugitive from justice.

Not to worry, Norman. If Shrillary gets elected, a generous donor like you is sure to get pardoned.

Hsu and Shrillary share a tender moment, via

On a tip from Lyle.

Shrillary Thanks Iowa

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Via Curmudgeonly and Skeptical:



Lionel Applauds Wild Animals That Kill Humans

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The most essential characteristic of liberals is that they will always side with the enemy. During the Cold War, they sided with communists. In our current conflict with expansionist Islam, they side with Muslim terrorists. If a vicious animal kills a misbehaving teenager, whose side do you suppose a liberal will take?

Air America's "Lionel" provides the answer (via NewsBusters):

Call me wacky, but hurray for the tiger that killed the kid who was…taunting him. […] I'm still cheering the fact that some stingray whacked that Aussie pain-in-the-ass Steve Irwin.

No Lionel, I won't call you wacky. I'll call you a sick evil freak.

Lionel.jpg   I have to admit, I wouldn't mind seeing Lionel thrown into a cage with a tiger.

On a tip from Cheetah.

British Blogger Lionheart to Be Jailed for Offending Muslims

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:02 AM

The UK's slide into totalitarianism is picking up steam. British blogger Lionheart is facing jail time for posting comments deemed insensitive to the Muslim hordes overrunning the country.

Lionheart allegedly violated the Racial and Religious Hatred Bill. Under this bill, Britons can be thrown in jail for complaining about being terrorized and displaced by Muslim colonizers. The direct equivalent would be imprisoning citizens for criticizing German behavior during the Blitz. Thank God Winston Churchill didn't live to see this.

Currently out of the country, Lionheart faces a lengthy prison sentence if he returns home. His situation is heartwrenching:

What has become of my homeland, the land my forefathers fought and died for on the battlefields of the world when one of their children is forced into the position of facing years in prison for standing up for what is right and just within British society.

Through their moonbat allies, Muslims have in effect already conquered the country, and are able to jail those they find politically inconvenient. Britain dealt with Napoleon and Hitler, but it is succumbing to an infestation of dhimmi quislings, a life form several levels below slime mold.

If the British are going to rebel, now would be a good time. It will soon be too late. Although Islam is only an opportunistic infection enabled by the still more severe disease of liberalism, it is likely to prove fatal for Britain, whose future existence is no longer secure.

On tips from Hutchrun and Benning. Hat tips: It's Curtains for You…, Always on Watch.

January 5, 2008

Bureaucrats Take Control of Your Thermostat

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To the already Byzantine environmental requirements of construction projects in California will soon be added a mandate to install "programmable communicating thermostats." Like the Telescreens in 1984, these will be linked directly to the offices of Big Brother, who will decide for you what the temperature should be in your house.

As always, the liberal elites who impose these outrages will be largely insulated from the miserable effects suffered by the little people. Joseph Somsel at American Thinker observes:

Come the next heat wave, the elites might be comfortably lolling in La Jolla's ocean breezes or basking in Berkeley by the Bay, while the Central Valley's poor peons are baking in Bakersfield and frying in Fresno. California's coastal climate, where the elites live, seldom requires air conditioning.

Like most government meddling, this will wreak havoc on the market forces that would naturally result in more electricity being generated as needed.

It looks like Ronald Reagan didn't defeat the Soviet Union after all. It just relocated to California, from where it promises to spread like a cancer unless America finally wakes up and rebels.

Next after "programmable communicating thermostats" — Telescreen monitors in every home.

On tips from Bill V and Nanc.

Socialized Medicine Doesn't Work in Japan Either

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:40 PM

Socialized medicine isn't working out too well in Japan. A woman recently died after an ambulance crew had to contact 30 hospitals before one would finally admit her. This took two hours. Her name and cause of death were not disclosed.

Her case isn't unique. Last year a pregnant woman died in Japan after 20 hospitals refused her admission because they were full.

Even AP confesses that "a government policy change several years ago to keep the number of doctors down" has been blamed for this sorry state of affairs.

Too bad government policies never try to cut costs by keeping the number of bureaucrats down.

On a tip from Lyle.

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs Cause Skin Cancer

Posted by Dave Blount at 1:50 PM

Aside from their high prices and the extremely toxic mercury inside them, compact fluorescent bulbs can give you skin cancer.

Compact fluorescents are also suspected of causing migraines and exacerbating the symptoms of epilepsy and lupus. They flicker, and can take up to a minute to warm up. If you break one, the environmental cleanup can cost $thousands.

In short, they are a dangerous, expensive and thoroughly inferior product.

Nonetheless, these idiotic "eco-bulbs" will be mandatory in both American and British homes within the next few years. It's the government's duty to compel us to suffer for Gaia, lest she be offended.

compact-fluorescent.jpg   One of the worst ideas authoritarian moonbats have had yet.

On a tip from Bill V.

Beeb's Take on Shrillary Rotten

Posted by Dave Blount at 1:24 PM

The BBC on Hillary Clinton:

Her stump speech sounds as soothing as a bed-time story and her big selling point, experience.

Shrillary's vaunted experience consists of having been a mediocre junior Senator since 2001, and prior to that, eight years as First Lady — an unelected ceremonial position that could be filled by a mannequin. Oh, and she oversaw the HillaryCare debacle that resulted in Republicans taking control of Congress in 1994.

As for being "soothing as a bed-time story," give a listen to her horror-movie cackle (via Ian Schwartz):

Any bedtime story told by Shrillary would give a child nightmares.

On a tip from Cheetah.

Twilight Zone Predicted Global Warming Hoax

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If you indulged in the traditional New Year's Twilight Zone marathon, you might have received some insight into the global warming hoax.

Remember the episode "The Midnight Sun"? The Earth leaves its orbit and gets hotter and hotter as it plunges toward the sun, causing civilization to collapse as everyone either dies or heads for cooler climates. When an artist named Norma sees her oil paintings melt, she screams and collapses. The End.

But wait: the show's not over. We're in an apartment at night. Outside, it's snowing. Norma is in bed with a high fever. The global warming was all a nightmare. In actuality, we're moving away from the sun, and we're all going to freeze.

In light of the global warming hoax and its utter phoniness, and the fact that when the climate becomes a problem it will be because of cooling, not warming, the episode was almost eerily prophetic. But eerie prophesies are par for the course… in the Twilight Zone.

Further evidence that the global warming hoax is like something out of the Twilight Zone.

On a tip from Lyle.

Homosexual Militants Target Small Business

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The National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and the Human Rights Campaign, both militant homosexual pressure groups, are putting the squeeze on small businesses to discriminate in favor of gays in hiring, to provide benefits to same-sex sex partners and to be more "inclusive" regarding the transfreakazoid lifestyle.

Matt Barber of CWA attributes the campaign to the conservative values associated with small business owners:

If they can get to them and strong-arm them and intimidate them into casting aside those values, then that's a huge gain for the homosexual lobby and a huge loss for anyone who holds traditional values.

Any resistance will be taken as evidence of "homophobia," the next worst thought crime after "racism."

divine.jpg   Divine would be delighted that his/her fellow transfreakazoids are taking such an aggressive stance.

Hat tip: In the Days, on a tip from Nanc.

January 4, 2008

WaPo Moonbat Wants to Ban Hummers and Hedge Trimmers

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:31 PM

Even the wackiest moonbats are weak — which is all the more reason for them to campaign for all-powerful government.

Martin Bunzl boasts in WaPo:

I spend most of my waking hours worrying about how to reduce my output of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

Yet he shamefully describes how he bought a two-cycle hedge trimmer, instead of the more environmentally conscientious — and more expensive — four-cycle model:

I knew I was doing wrong. I even agonized about doing wrong. But it did not stop me.

Despite being a flaming moonbat, he also drives a diesel instead of a Prius. Repent, Bunzl, you sinner!

However, liberals don't address sin through repentance and redemption, but through ever more excessive government coercion.

Punitive taxes on environmentally incorrect products aren't enough to suit Bunzl. He demands a ban:

Better not to tempt me in the first place. Take the Hummers away. Don't clutter my world with things I should not have. Don't dangle them in front of me, creating desire, only to then try to have me renounce them. Just ban the damn two-cycle hedge trimmer and let me be done with the matter.

That's the liberal mentality in a nutshell. Too weak to live up to their own deranged rhetoric, they demand that the rest of us be forced to.

Something else liberals want to take away from you.

On a tip from V the K.

Two More Casualties of British Socialized Medicine

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:20 AM

As noted earlier this morning, British medical authorities have been covering up deaths resulting from infections acquired thanks to hospitals' deplorable conditions. In light of this, it's probably no coincidence that two new mothers died in a British hospital on December 21 from identical infections.

Both Amy Kimmance, 39, and Jasmine Pickett, 29, were claimed by streptococcus A infections. From Fox News:

A spokesperson for the hospital where the women gave birth told The Daily Mail that their deaths appeared to be coincidental and unconnected to the hospital.
But independent infection experts tell the paper both women were probably infected from the same source.

Until our own medical care has been destroyed by socialism, British mothers are encouraged to come to the USA as illegal immigrants when it's time to give birth. Mexican mothers have been using this approach to get the best medical care in the world.

On tips from Conan in Iraq and Bob.

CNN Analyst: Republicans Are Conservative, Democrats Are Moderate

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:04 AM

A tip for the Clinton News Network: Whatever you're paying Bill Schneider to be a political analyst, it's too much. Here's what Schneider discerned from the Hawkeye Cauci:

Republicans are very conservative. […] But Democrats are pretty moderate voters.

Schneider bases his claim on voter self-descriptions. It seems even some liberals realize they will be dismissed as cranks if they describe themselves as "very liberal." So they call themselves moderate, for the same reason Schneider calls himself a "political analyst" instead of the more accurate term "moonbat propagandist."

No doubt his own views are "pretty moderate," according to Schneider.

On a tip from Cheetah.

The Quotable Shrillary

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Via Tammy Bruce, here are a few possible reasons for Shrillary Rotten's third-place finish in Iowa yesterday:

"Where is the g*dd*mn f*cking flag? I want the g*dd*mn f*cking flag up every f*cking morning at f*cking sunrise."
Said by the First Lady of Arkansas to her staff at the Arkansas governor's mansion on Labor Day, 1991. (Inside the White House, p. 244).
"F*ck off! It's enough that I have to see you sh*t-kickers every day. I'm not going to talk to you, too. Just do your g*dd*mn job and keep your mouth shut."
Said to her Arkansas state trooper bodyguards, after one of them deigned to greet her with "good morning." (American Evita, p. 90)
"[You] f*cking idiot."
To a state trooper who was driving her to an event. (Crossfire, p. 84). Describing Hillary's general personality, Larry Gleghorn, a former state trooper, said: "She was a bitch day in and day out" (The First Partner, p. 119).
"That sorry son of a bitch." That is what Hillary would often refer to Bill around the mansion of the Arkansas's governor's mansion, according to state trooper Larry Patterson.
"Personal, trained pigs."
Gary Aldrich reported that as America's First Lady, "[Hillary] had a clear dislike for the agents (U.S. Secret Service), bordering on hatred… Two Secret Service agents heard Hillary's daughter Chelsea refer to them as 'personal, trained pigs' … The agent on the detail tried to scold Chelsea for such disrespect. He told her … he believed that her father, the president, would be shocked if he heard what she had just said to her friends. Chelsea's response? 'I don't think so. That's what my parents call you'" (Unlimited Access, p. 90).
"If you want to remain on this detail, get your f*cking ass over here and grab those bags."
Hillary gave this order to a Secret Service agent who wanted to keep his hands free in case of an incident (as he was trained and supposed to do) and who, therefore, was hesitant to carry her bags. According to countless witnesses over many years, this kind of demanding and demeaning behavior was and still is common for Hillary Rodham Clinton. In fact, Chris Mathews — a left-leaning news commentator who is often an apologist for Democrats — said years later that he had seen Senator Hillary Clinton using a Secret Service agent to carry her bags on the Washington to New York shuttle. "Who in the Senate gets a sherpa to carry their bags for them? Who pays the airfare for this guy? Who pays for his life-style? Who pays his salary to walk around carrying her bags? This looks pretty regal" (Hardball, 08/01, quoted on, 07/17/01).
"Get f*cked! Get the f*ck out of my way! Get out of my face!"
More comments by Hillary and heard by members of Secret Service details. (Hillary's Scheme, p. 89)
"Stay the f*ck back, stay the f*ck away from me! Don't come within ten yards of me, or else! … Just f*cking do as I say, okay!"
Yet more kind and gracious words from America's lovely First Lady to the brave and devoted Secret Service agents who were committed to protecting her life (Unlimited Access, p. 139). In A Matter of Character (p. 2), Ron Kessler wrote "Secret Service agents assigned at various points to guard Hillary during her campaign for the Senate were dismayed at how two-faced and unbalanced she was."
"What the f*ck is going on?"
Once again, Hillary to a Secret Service agent after she read an article by a UC Berkeley student, which was critical of Chelsea Clinton, a new high-profile Stanford undergrad. The student was subsequently interrogated by the Secret Service (, 11/26/97).
Bimbos, sluts, trailer trash, rednecks, and sh*t-kickers …
Terms Hillary commonly used to describe Arkansans (American Evita, p. 139). Hmm… Did first lady trash mouth really think that anyone could be trashier than she?
"G*dd*mn L.D., did you see that family right out of Deliverance? Get me the hell out of here."
To L.D. Brown, her bodyguard, while at a county fair in Arkansas in the early 1980s. They had just spoken to folks in bib overalls and cotton dresses.
"This is the kind of sh*t I have to put up with."
To a friend after a Clinton supporter had given her earrings shaped like Arkansas Razorbacks (Blood Sport, p. 105).
Motherf*cker. C*cks*cker.
Some of Hillary's favorite names for hubby Bill (Boy Clinton, p. 278)
"You g*dd*mn stupid f*cking fool."
More loving words for hubby Bill. These in the company of toddler Chelsea (, 07/15/00).
"I want you to do damage control over Bill's philandering … Bill's going to be president of the United States … I want you to get rid of these bitches he's seeing … I want you to give me the names and addresses and phone numbers, and we can get them under control."
Hillary instructing Ivan Duda, a private detective, in the 1980s (The Truth About Hillary, pp. 98-99).
"G*dd*mn it, Bill, you promised me that office."
During the infamous Inauguration Day fight about Hillary getting an office in the West Wing (Bill & Hillary, p. 258). Hillary was furious at Bill for reneging on his promise, which was part of their power sharing agreement, to give her the office that traditionally goes to the vice-president. We should also not miss the important fact that American voters did not vote Hillary into any office.
"You f*cking asshole."
Even more endearing words to the newly elected President of the United States of America from his loving wife on Inauguration Day (Hillary's Choice, p. 223).
"You stupid motherf*cker."
One more shot at the new President from loving Hillary on Inauguration Day (The Seduction of Hillary Rodham, p. 321).
"Gentlemen, I have looked at your proposal, and it's pure bullsh*t! Now you've had your meeting! Get out!"
Harsh words from America's nasty First Lady to health insurance executives after a meeting in which they presented their proposal for health care reform (Unlimited Access, p. 88).
"What the f*ck are you doing up there? You get back here right away."
On the phone chastising Bill because he had floated a health care reform proposal that differed from hers (The Survivor, p. 118). As always, one must wonder who elected her, anyway?
"Come back here, you asshole! Where the f*ck do you think you're going?"
To the president when he tried to avoid her (Unlimited Access, p. 192).
"How could you be so damn stupid? How could you do that?"
To her hubby, our president, at the White House in front of guests, after he had done something of which Hillary disapproved (U.S. News & World Report, 02/05/96).
"G*dd*mn it … You bastard … It's your f*cking fault."
Said to her dear hubby regarding bad news about the Whitewater investigation (Dereliction of Duty, p. 68). It should be noted that the author, Buzz Patterson, reported that he had witnessed several similar incidents while in the White House.
"You stupid f*cking moron. How could you risk your presidency for this?"
To Bill when the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke in January 1998 (, 12/09/01).
"F*ck him, Bill. He's Reagan's g*dd*mn vice president!"
Hillary screamed these words at her husband in response to an invitation from Vice President George H.W. Bush to come to his home in Maine, circa 1984 (Crossfire, p. 69).
"Son of a bitch."
Her reaction when she learned of President Bush's surprise 2003 Thanksgiving visit to the troops in Iraq. Thus, in her mind, he upstaged her (American Evita, p. 259). It should be noted that the troops were wildly enthusiastic to see the president there and that Senator Clinton's later visit was not received well by them.
"That'll teach them to f*ck with us."
To aides, immediately following her "Vast right-wing conspiracy" charge on national television (The Case Against Hillary Clinton, p. 162).
"These women are all trash. Nobody's going to believe them."
Hillary referring to the long list of women who claimed they have or had "personal relationships" with then Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton (Bill & Hillary, p. 220). During the campaign, Hillary sent out a group of investigators known as the "truth squad" to "discourage" many of Bill's former lovers from going public.
"What the f*ck do you think you're doing? I know who that whore is. I know what she's here for. Get her out of here."
To President-Elect Clinton as she spots him talking to one of his reputed girlfriends at a going-away celebration the day they left Little Rock for Washington, D.C. in January 1993 (Inside the White House, p. 245).
"The sorry damn son of a bitch."
Hillary's reaction upon being informed that Bill was missing from the governor's mansion in the middle of the night because "he had gone for a drive" (Inside the White House, p. 240).
"G*dd*mn it Bill, how long do you expect me to put up with this sh*t?"
Hill to Bill during just one more of their countless fights about Governor Bill's womanizing (Bill & Hillary, p. 202). Of course, Hill will always "put up this sh*t" as long as Bill is useful to her, politically.
"You are a real sh*t, do you know that, Bill? Christ, a real sh*t."
Another fight of many fights with Bill (Bill & Hillary, p. 132).
"Come on, Bill, put your dick up. You can't f*ck her here."
To her hubby the Governor, after catching him talking to an attractive woman at a political rally (Inside the White House, p. 243).
"Bill has talked so much about Juanita." [who Bill had just raped a few weeks before.]
On the way to a political gathering, Hillary to her limo driver, anxious to meet a woman named Juanita Hickey, now Juanita Broaddrick ("An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton: Do You Remember?" by Juanita Broaddrick, 10/15/00). Ms. Broaddrick claims that — several weeks before this encounter with Hillary — Bill Clinton raped her in a Little Rock hotel room.
"I am proud that my husband has stood up as president to confront the violence and to protect American women."
Regarding Bill Clinton's position on the issue of violence against women ( 01/21/03).
Note: When Bill Clinton saw that Juanita Broaddrick had a swollen lip after he raped her, he advised, "You'd better put some ice on that" (The Wall Street Journal, 02/19/99).
"You sold out you motherf*cker, you sold out!"
Circa 1970, congressional staffer Hillary Rodham yelling at prominent Democrat lawyer Joseph Califano, who was representing clients in opposition to Hillary's interests (Inside: A Public and Private Life, p. 213).
"I want to get this sh*t over with and get these damn people out of here."
Hillary overheard on the governor's mansion intercom as some preschoolers posed on the mansion lawn for a photograph (The First Partner, p. 192).
"We have to destroy her."
Regarding Gennifer Flowers' allegations of her affair with Bill (The Final Days, p. 13).
"You know I'm going to start thanking the woman who cleans the rest room in the building that I work in. You know, maybe that sounds kind of stupid, but on the other hand I want to start seeing her as a human being."
In a speech just weeks before she had the White House Travel Office employees fired (New York Times Magazine, 05/23/93). Apparently, it didn't occur to Hillary before this epiphany that most people already see maids, janitors, and other blue-collar workers as human beings.
"Just keep smiling until these assholes get their pictures."
Instructions to her husband while they were posing for photographers (American Evita, p. 114).
"Who in the hell asked you?"
Snapping at a staffer who expressed a view that she disagreed with (American Evita, p. 125).
"She's a short, Irish bitch."
Regarding The New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd ( quoting The New York Post, 07/25/00).
"You f*cking Jew bastard."
Honoring campaign manager Paul Fray's rich religious heritage on the night of Bill Clinton's defeat for the House of Representatives in 1974 (The State of A Union, p. 153).
"You all remember Mahatma Ghandi. He ran a gas station down in St. Louis."
Said during a speech at a Democratic fundraiser (CNN, 01/04/04). Senator Clinton was later forced to apologize.
"My name is Hillary Clinton. You going to vote in the primary?"
Speaking to a hungry, homeless man in New York City on election day (, 12/07/99). The homeless man had asked Mrs. Clinton to purchase something from him, so he could get something to eat.
"Well, good for you."
Hillary's response to another homeless man when he tells her, "I'm homeless," while she was campaigning in New York City. After inquiring of his voting status, Hillary promptly left (Hannity & Colmes, 08/16/02).
[You] Jew bastard… [You] Jew motherf*cker.
Common insults that both Hillary and Bill Clinton used with each other and towards others who angered them, according to former bodyguard Larry Patterson (The State of A Union, p. 155).
"[You] motherf*cking Jew."
Hillary to Bill (Bitter Legacy, p. 11). Hillary is a big supporter of the PLO, which pits her against Israel.
Now, keeping in mind all of the above quotes from Hillary's foul mouth, I think it wonderfully appropriate to end her quotes with:
"I can't think of any."
Response to Dick Morris when asked to name some defects or weaknesses she could improve in order to soften her negative public image (Shadow, p. 335).

Fortunately, it appears that even some Democrats dread the idea of this horrid woman reinfesting the White House.

Iowa carcass.

On a tip from V the K.

British Doctors Cover Up Death Due to Hospital-Acquired Infections

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:02 AM

We may not know just how awful Britain's socialized medicine really is, because doctors and hospitals have been covering up deaths due to hospital-acquired infections. These infections are of course an effect of the general decay of medical facilities inevitably induced by the same socialism Democrats want to impose in the USA.

Reports Joan Horne, whose husband Edwin died of a Clostridium difficile infection acquired in the hospital and initially covered up by doctors:

I fear this kind of cover-up is happening at hospitals all over the country. I miss Edwin terribly, but the way we lost him and dishonesty by the hospital about the real cause of his death has made it all much worse for me and my family. I was desperate to bring Edwin home. The hospital was dirty. I found a used syringe under the bed, soiled cotton wool pads left on his floor and there were human faeces smeared on the door. Looking back, it is no surprise he caught a superbug. […] Edwin was happy and he didn't deserve to die simply for trusting the NHS to make him strong again.

C. difficile is spread by poor hygiene, dirty hands, soiled bedding, etc. Rather than insist on the standards of cleanliness found in free-market hospitals, administrators find it easier to fudge the cause of death. Socialism never fails to produce this sort of bovine mediocrity, which is unsurprising, considering that its purpose is to reduce human beings to helplessly dependent farm animals.

Professor Hugh Pennington, one of the UK's top microbiologists, reveals:

People, particularly older people, are now so scared of catching a deadly infection while being treated by the NHS that they will avoid going to hospital at all or save up for months to pay privately. Either way, their health could be at risk.

Saving up for private treatment isn't easy when you're being taxed into the ground to pay for your "free" government medical care.

The good news is that since Britain only suffers from socialism, not full-blown communism, its hospitals aren't as bad as those in Cuba:


All things considered, British bureaucrats should be commended for encouraging their subjects to cure themselves at home.

Hat tip: Interested-Participant, on a tip from BUUUUURRRRNING HOT.

Jared Diamond Demands You Lower Your Standard of Living

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:05 AM

Uh oh, another bright idea has been hatched by the liberal intelligentsia. Jared Diamond came out with this one in the course of a New York Times diatribe devoted to berating Americans for not living unspeakably wretched but politically correct Third-World lifestyles:

If most of the world's 6.5 billion people were in cold storage and not metabolizing or consuming, they would create no resource problem.

So that's why liberals seem to think the planet could never be cold enough.

Diamond's more serious ideas are even more disturbing. Terrified that poor countries might lift themselves out of poverty, he proposes imposing poverty on the entire world. That way poor countries won't mind being poor, because we'll have equality. As Diamond euphemistically puts it, we must see that "all countries converge on consumption rates considerably below the current highest levels."

This will solve the Islamic terrorism problem, because as wise liberals know, al-Qaeda is all about the haves and have-nots. Americans won't mind giving up the comfortable lifestyle we built for ourselves, since Europe is better than America, even though Europeans can't afford to consume as much.

Most horrifying of all is the notion of people who think of themselves as intelligent reading the evil ravings of moonbats like Jared Diamond and then nodding their heads knowingly as they head off to the polls to vote.

How the liberal elite wants to force us to live.

On a tip from Dave D.

The Last Winter: A Convenient Lie Meets Freddy Krueger

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:32 AM

Tinseltown managed to cripple the nuclear power industry with the hysterical The China Syndrome, which is a large reason we are now so heavily reliant on fossil fuels. Now the same tactic is being applied to the oil and gas industry in a horror movie entitled The Last Winter. From the official synopsis:

In the Arctic tundra of Northern Alaska, an advance team working for a petroleum exploration company is engaged in a massive project to exploit the oil resources of the pristine land.
After one crewmember is found dead, a disorientation slowly claims the sanity of the other members of the team as each of them succumbs to an unknown fear.
This creeping dread bursts open when a malevolent wind brings down a plane that approaches the station. Explosions and carnage wreak havoc on the team and all functions fail in the camp, forcing two of the members out into the cold on a desperate bid for survival. As the two journey to find help, they find themselves utterly alone in a world that is unraveling- either they are being stalked by an invisible herd of menacing phantoms, or they are going mad.
Whatever does happen to them out there… they are never heard from again.

The Last Winter will be director Larry Fessenden's "boldest, most explicit, most challenging film to date, dealing with man's insatiable quest for oil in the face of environmental revolt." Fessenden directs direct-to-video–style crapola like the almost unwatchable Wendigo. Dario Argento this guy is not, so it's not surprising he would resort to moonbattery in hopes of drawing an audience.

This is the fate that awaits environmental counterrevolutionaries, comrades!

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Instead of Global Warming, Here Comes a Real Problem

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Global warming would be nice, but unfortunately we're more likely to be heading in the opposite direction. Writes Oleg Sorokhtin, a fellow of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences:

Earth is now at the peak of one of its passing warm spells. It started in the 17th century when there was no industrial influence on the climate to speak of and no such thing as the hothouse effect. The current warming is evidently a natural process and utterly independent of hothouse gases.
The real reasons for climate changes are uneven solar radiation, terrestrial precession (that is, axis gyration), instability of oceanic currents, regular salinity fluctuations of the Arctic Ocean surface waters, etc. There is another, principal reason — solar activity and luminosity. The greater they are the warmer is our climate.
Astrophysics knows two solar activity cycles, of 11 and 200 years. Both are caused by changes in the radius and area of the irradiating solar surface. The latest data, obtained by Habibullah Abdusamatov, head of the Pulkovo Observatory space research laboratory, say that Earth has passed the peak of its warmer period, and a fairly cold spell will set in quite soon, by 2012. Real cold will come when solar activity reaches its minimum, by 2041, and will last for 50–60 years or even longer.

Unlike global warming, another ice age really would be a problem. Imagine half of North America buried under a mile of ice — it once was and will be again.

Soon global warming will be a wistful dream.

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January 3, 2008

Coming Out With Cher and Chas: Reality TV Keeps Digging Downward

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With every new reality show, it seems they've hit rock bottom. Yet they always manage to keep digging downward. The latest outrage against decency and good taste is a concept being shopped by Cher.

The show would be built on the fact that Cher's 38-year-old daughter Chastity is a lesbian. Mother and daughter would serve as televised celebrity counselors, advising kids on how to tell their parents they're homosexual. The working title: "Coming Out With Cher and Chas."

As you might guess, Cher's once-successful career is so dead, she's taken to auctioning off her bras. She may even pull the Barbara Streisand stunt of launching a comeback singing tour soon after her farewell tour.

Chastity's career was stillborn. The failed singer is mostly known for screeching on behalf of militant homosexual outfits like GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation), for pushing her weight into the area of 300 pounds and for a tell-all book denouncing her mother.

According to Cher, the show could be as big a hit as The Osbournes, starring ageing rock star Ozzy Osbourne, whom as the Daily Mail notes, she has come to resemble. She's been promising producers that there will be "on-air fireworks" between her and her daughter.

The whole situation is so pathetic, and the show concept so vulgar and sordid, that MTV can be expected to snap it up in no time.

Cher and Chastity Bono.

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Prof. Michael Farona Asks Some Simple Questions

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Chemistry Professor Michael Farona doesn't have an axe to grind regarding the mythical anthropogenic global warming phenomenon. He just wants to know the facts. Unfortunately, facts are very hard to come by; the "research" proving that the planet is doomed if we don't submit to socialism consists almost entirely of hot air.

Farona observes that there's more data in Michael Crichton's hoax-debunking novel State of Fear than in all of the allegedly scientific articles he's read on the topic. Maybe someone out there who believes in global warming can answer his simple questions:

1. Why have there been no rebuttals to the data in Crichton's book?
2. There have been at least four interglacial periods, where the glaciers have advanced and retreated. The last ice age ended about 10,000 years ago and, in the case of North America, left the Great Lakes in the glacier's retreat. The glaciers are still retreating, so there should not be any great surprise that the sea level is rising. The industrial revolution is about 150 years old, compared to 10,000 years of warming. Can human activities have really made a significant contribution to rising temperatures in that amount of time?
3. We know that the east coast of the U.S. was flooded during the previous interglacial period, so sea level rising and coastal flooding are not unique to this interglacial period. Why now the draconian predictions of coastal flooding as if this has not happened before?
4. How hot did it get during the previous interglacial period? Are present temperatures not in accord with climate changes in the past?
5. The Milankovich Cycles have accounted for all the interglacial periods in the past. Why not now?
6. What is the relationship between an increased level of carbon dioxide and temperature? Can it be predicted that an increase of so many parts per billion of carbon dioxide will cause an increase of so many degrees?

The "Milankovich Cycles" he refers to involve cyclical changes in the Earth's orbit and the tilt of its axis. Like the climate itself, these cycles are not subject to bureaucratic regulation.

Hopefully, Professor Farona isn't hanging by his thumbs as he waits for answers to his questions.

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Moonbat Version of Fantasy Island

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Remember that show set on a tropical island where for a price, you can have your deepest fantasy staged for you? Hardcore moonbats Ron and Carla Bluntschli have gone to town with the concept.

They're planning to build "Memory Village," a re-creation of slave-era Haiti, in which well-to-do fools wallow in white guilt by pretending to be slaves:

The latter would receive traditional African clothing and then be mock-kidnapped from their homelands, shackled, chained and forced to march to the slave ship (resting on a real stream), where they'd be piled in as cargo for the crossing of the Atlantic. Once the ship reached the New World, the participants would be brought to market and sold, then broken down in the quarantine and put to work out on the plantation. Near the end of the day, a slave rebellion would start, a rebellion that would eventually lead to the establishment of Haiti.

Glorious Haiti. That pinnacle of human achievement.

So far the Bluntschlis have come up with enough to buy half of the three acres of Haitian real estate they'll need for Memory Village. To build their morbid fantasy world, they'll need $700,000, which they've been attempting to raise by touring the USA, "putting on performances of a play about slavery and the slaughter of the Native Americans."

How uplifting.

The Bluntschlis ought to just go to a bank and take out a loan. With moonbattery reaching epidemic proportions, their enterprise sounds quite profitable.

Carla Bluntschli has spent 22 years in Haiti. It shows.

Hat tip: BelchSpeak.

Monica Green and Henry Lowenstein: Phony Republicans Make Great MSM Props

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The liberal MSM is so fake, you could hardly expect it to present the views of Republicans who aren't as phony as an Al Gore weather report. Monica Green and Henry Lowenstein are prime examples.

Yesterday's NBC Nightly News featured a "precinct captain" in Iowa named Monica Green, described as "a lifelong Republican, who twice voted for George Bush, now canvassing for Obama." But just a couple of months ago, Green said the last Republican with whom she "identified" was Reagan. When asked if she would vote for Reagan now, she gibbered:

You mean if he was running against Obama today? Oh my goodness. That's a good question… His views on communism were probably not the view I would appreciate today. I've got a much more global perspective today, and Obama touches that.

In other words, Monica would probably not vote for Reagan, for the simple reason that she is not a Republican, but a barking moonbat sympathetic to communism. Evidently NBC was fed this phony by the Obama campaign, which features the flaming leftist as a "Republican for Barack."

If Monica Green is a Republican, then so is Hugo Chavez. But all's fair in the cheap propaganda NBC passes off as news.

The New York Times appears inordinately fond of an alleged Republican named Henry A. Lowenstein. It's not easy getting a letter published by the Shady Gray Lady, but Lowenstein has managed 20 times since 2003. It doesn't hurt that he presents himself as a "lifelong Republican" who sputteringly hates everything Republicans stand for. He makes use of the soapbox to spew opinions like these:

January 3, 2008 — As I travel around the world and speak to peoples of all races, religions and social standing, it is painfully obvious that we have become a pariah around the globe to friend and foe alike. We have allowed this administration to lie, cheat and break the law, and to break its sacred oath to uphold and defend the Constitution.
August 18, 2005 — The Bush administration's domestic plan is to make sure that every worthwhile, successful and fair entitlement program is eliminated. The administration's constituents, the super rich, do not need or want these programs. By putting a faux Social Security program at the top of his domestic agenda, the president has clearly shown that he couldn't care less about the elderly.
February 27, 2004 — John Kerry is no ''Massachusetts liberal'' and no Michael Dukakis. John Kerry is Karl Rove's worst nightmare: a candidate who can go eye to eye with the president on foreign policy and terrorism, and whose record on health care, the environment and jobs is exemplary.
May 26, 2003 — The decline of the dollar is a sign of what may come if we allow the folly of tax cuts when what we really need is a huge influx of capital and a shrinking of our trade deficits.

By some remarkable coincidence, there's a guy from New York named Henry Lowenstein who gives generously, but only to Democrats.

Sure, Lowenstein is a lifelong Republican — just like the New York Times and NBC News are reliable sources of objective information.

Jackie '08

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Mike Huckabee isn't the only one to invest in making a negative campaign ad, but then sanctimoniously declare himself to be too nice to air the ad, except to journalists, so that it would get aired on newscasts for free. The tactic has caught on with the Jackie '08 campaign:

Given a choice between Jackie and Huckleberry, I'll go with Jackie.

Hat tip: Hot Air.

Slick Willie on the Supremes

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The concept is obscene, yet it keeps surfacing. If by some cataclysmic failure of national character we were to elect Hillary Clinton president, could her husband end up on the Supreme Court?

As everyone knows, Bill Clinton committed multiple felonies while he was president himself. He was impeached and disbarred. History will remember him as a contemptible disgrace. But Dems remember him as the last competent leader of their party.

According to Douglas Kmiec of Pepperdine Law School:

The former president would be intrigued by court service and many would cheer him on.

A Democrat political analyst opines:

You may recall recent trial balloons that Mr. Clinton was perhaps interested in becoming U.N. secretary-general. If he is grasping for a similarly large stage to fill his ambitions and ego, what better place than the nation's highest court, where could serve for life if he wanted?

Fortunately, Slick Willie is a white guy, which probably disqualifies him from being appointed by a Democrat administration. But just to be on the safe side, you might want to vote for anyone other than Shrillary.

Bill Clinton.jpg
Supreme Court material?

Huckleberry: The Democrats' Dream

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Take it from Democrat Susan Estrich:

Mother Moonbat's 15 Minutes of Infamy Are Over

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Remember Cindy Sheehan, who was regarded by the elite intelligentsia to have absolute moral authority to denounce the cause for which her son died? The media seems to have finished exploiting her. But with effort, she still does manage to get face time in the press. For example, she breaks into an AP report on the Rose Parade at paragraph 9:

Two groups were protesting at the parade. Dozens of war protesters led by "Peace Mom" Cindy Sheehan staked out spots across from television cameras, hoisting signs reading "Impeachment is Patriotic." The protesters were booed by parade watchers sitting in the grandstand.

Bye, Cindy! Thanks for the laughs!

The Ditch Witch in happier times.

Hat tip: Blue Crab Boulevard, on a tip from BUUUUURRRRNING HOT.

Breck Girl Leans on a Fellow Phony

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In the final stretch of the Iowa race, John Edwards is counting on Doug Bishop, a guy WaPo describes as "an unemployed Maytag employee," to pull him ahead of the pack. Here he is in a tear-jerking ad:

Unsurprisingly, Power Line reveals that this poster boy for socialism is actually a longtime Democrat Party activist, who while working for Maytag served on the City Council of Baxter, Iowa and was elected Mayor.

Nowadays, in addition to his burdensome duties as an unemployed Maytag employee, Bishop is the County Treasurer for Jasper County and a member of the Central Committee of the Democratic Party of Iowa.

The same month Bishop was laid off from his old job, Maytag settled a class action lawsuit that put $millions in the pockets of the plaintiffs' lawyers. Edwards is of course vehemently opposed to litigation reform. He bought his political career with money stolen from doctors in farcical malpractice suits.

The word "phony" hardly does justice to John Edwards and his campaign. But I will say his hair looks lovely.

maytag_repairman.jpg   Now I know why Maytag was so slow to lay off the repairman who had no work to do. They were afraid he'd start working for socialists.

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Stanford Study: Sky Is Falling, Will Hit California Hardest

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As global temperatures cool, and snow blankets the country, a study is coming out from Stanford University that labors to keep environmental hysteria alive by linking CO2 — a normal and in fact necessary component of our atmosphere — to human deaths.

The study holds that global warming is extra bad in California, which should help prop up the demands of state bureaucrats who want to go beyond federal regulations in putting the screws to people who drive. It predicts air pollution will cause thousands of people to die, and that global warming will give people cancer.

Like most alarmist environmental predictions, the findings are based on a computer model. If liberal politics demanded it, computer models could easily prove that the moon will crack open like an egg next Wednesday, releasing a million winged clones of Dennis Kucinich, all of them accompanying themselves on the accordion as they sing "Happy Birthday to Me."

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Even Trees Suffer From Envirolunacy

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In Sunnyvale, California, a couple has been convicted of violating the state's Solar Shade Control Act, which protects the owners of solar panels from the shade of other people's trees.

The guilty couple is required to get the giant trees out of the way, even though they were there first. The neighbor with the trendy solar panels is across the border in Santa Clara, so they had no input in the permitting process.

Trees absorb CO2, which we are now asked to regard as a deadly toxin. But no doubt solar panels save the planet too. What a dilemma for the environmentally conscious!

Maybe they should be forced to put the panels on top of the trees.

On a tip from Dan in Fremont.

Pervert Judge Makes Crazy Tape

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As their rulings sometimes attest, judges can be as twisted as anyone else. Circuit Judge John B. Hagler provides confirmation.

The Tennessee Democrat recorded fantasies so lurid that police and FBI took them for a torture session and thought they might be linked to a murder case. Testified Chattanooga police Sergeant Alan Franks, who heard the tape:

The content was so shocking. I have been a police officer for 24 years—

That's where he was cut off by an objection.

The media is fighting to get hold of the tape, while authorities try to figure out if it was released as retribution for one of Hagler's rulings.

I'd hate to hear the fantasies of judges like Vermont's Edward Cashman, who let child molesters off so easily.

Edward Cashman.

On a tip from Conan in Iraq.

Oil Hits $100/Barrel: Time Magazine Jubilant

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Yesterday oil peaked at over $100/barrel, to the delight of Time magazine:

The more expensive oil gets, the more attractive alternative — and climate-friendly — fuels become. Biofuels that would be buried by $17-a-barrel crude — the price as recently as November 2001 — are suddenly competitive when oil is in the triple digits. Ultra-efficient cars, public transit, plug-in hybrids — they all become better investments as oil gets and stays expensive. Global greenhouse gas emissions have skyrocketed over the past few decades on the back of relatively cheap oil, but as the price rises, it pays to decarbonize, and the climate will benefit. Most immediately, expensive oil essentially ties the hands of consumers, all but forcing them to use less, or deal with the economic pain.

But there's a cloud inside this silver lining: what if oil prices come down again? Frets the aptly named Nathanael Greene of the lunatic fringe Natural Resources Defense Council:

That risk [of volatility] makes consumers and investors alike very reluctant to bank on high prices.

Moonbats have solutions, including:

a carbon tax that sets a floor on oil prices, a cap-and-trade system that could do virtually the same thing or mandated standards that require the use of less carbon-intensive fuels.

Another solution they've implemented on an ongoing basis is preventing us from drilling for oil in our own country and off our own shores.

By "climate-friendly" energy, Time seems to mean economically inefficient biofuels, which have already been wreaking havoc on food prices. Somehow, someway, moonbats will force us to put our food into gas tanks instead of eating it. Gaia will be pleased by the sacrifice.

So that's why they won't let us drill in the ANWR wasteland.


Colorado State Rep. Bill Cadman Takes Parade Mag to Task

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Kudos to Colorado State Rep. Bill Cadman (R) for firing back against the NYC-based ecokooks at Parade magazine.

Cadman has demanded a public apology for "The Dirty Side Of Domestic Fuel," a recent piece that accepted as fact the ravings of the National Resources Defense Council, a moonbat cult devoted to returning us to the Stone Age. The article advanced the preposterous notion that the suffocatingly regulated oil and natural gas industry is not subject to environmental laws. Among the misstatements, errors and/or lies cited by Cadman:

1. "Loopholes make such wells… exempt from parts of the federal Safe Drinking Water Act and Clean Air Act that would control these substances." Cadman noted this implies that oil and gas production escapes oversight in these areas. In fact, Congress ensures that oil and gas production is regulated primarily by state and local agencies because local officials are in a better position to tailor regulations to meet local conditions. Though this forces oil and gas companies to deal with a wide array of differing state-based regulatory structures, and increases costs to industry and to consumers, it still is the best approach for ensuring effective, highly-targeted and economically efficient environmental regulation.
2. "Extracting oil and gas is known to release toxic chemicals, including mercury, benzene, arsenic, and harmful chemicals are routinely injected underground to boost output." In fact, boosting the output of oil and gas wells through the process of fracturing underground rock formations primarily utilizes water, sand and food-grade gel. Studies conducted by both the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Groundwater Protection Council found no evidence that the injection process questioned here, regulated by state oil and gas agencies, has resulted in groundwater contamination.
3. "Well operators are not required to file an annual toxic release inventory, a list of chemicals emitted." In fact, oil and gas producers do report air emissions and "produced water" disposal to state regulatory agencies. Cadman also notes that operators are subject to the "Community Right to Know" law, and must file "Material Safety Data Sheets" for chemicals used in the production process with local emergency planning committees.
4. "People living near wells have reported alarming health problems." Cadman notes the article cites only anecdotal reports of these impacts and does not cite a single specific worker exposure or epidemiology study to back up these claims.
5. Cadman notes that the magazine's "poll" question — Is extracting domestic oil and natural gas important enough that companies should be granted exemptions from pollution laws? — is completely illegitimate because it is based on the presumption that the domestic oil and natural gas industry is "exempt" from pollution laws, which it is not.
6. The underlying premise of the article — that "American oil may not be worth the price" — suggests that America should produce less of its domestic oil and gas resources. Even with greater conservation efforts, that will lead to only one outcome: forcing America to rely more on imports of foreign supplies. And that would result in more global pollution, not less, because environmental standards for oil and gas development in nearly every other nation are less stringent than those in the United States.
7. The article misleads consumers because it speaks of the costs of producing domestic energy but completely ignores the heavy price that consumers — as well as our nation — pay by sending billions of energy dollars to foreign nations for imported oil and gas. Some of those nations are hostile to the United States, and some of that money ultimately winds up in the hands of terrorist organizations.
8. Cadman pointed out that Parade chose not to report that America's ever-growing dependence on foreign oil — and thus our increasing subsidization of hostile foreign nations and the terrorist organizations they support — is caused, in growing measure, by the political efforts of the Natural Resources Defense Council, an extremist environmental organization. Not challenging this group's assertions raises serious ethical questions about whether Parade made any effort to substantiate the NRDC's claims, and calls into question the journalistic integrity of the article.

But perhaps the moonbats at Parade are right in assuming that their readers would not be interested in all these tedious facts. The important thing is the overall narrative: producing the energy required by modern human civilization is bad.

On a tip from Varla.

Enviropsycho Calls for Mandatory Global Birth Control

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Yet another envirokook, delirious with moonbattery and hatred of people, is calling for world government and severe limitations on the human race. Michael Niflis calls bringing a human life into the world the equivalent of "more gasoline on the fire" in light of the imaginary global warming crisis.

As usual, the hysterical rhetoric is shrill enough to shatter eardrums:

It's incredible that so few understand and are alarmed by the very high probability that humans will very soon be extinct if we don't greatly reduce the number of people depending on the planet's limited life-support systems.

Niflis has managed to put 2 and 2 together: the UN says the planet is doomed because of global warming; climate change is allegedly caused by human activity. Therefore, the solution is a "right-in-our-face no-brainer":

Reduce human activity! And do it now, with aggressive, mandatory, global birth control!

Naturally the corrupt United Nations should be responsible for "implementing and enforcing such a plan." We certainly can't leave it to democratically elected governments, because "There's no time left for arguing."

You have to hand it to Nitwit; he puts his finger right on the ultimate liberal objective: use authoritarian world government to reduce the human race.

If only Nitwit's essay where a Jonathan Swift–style parody. But the cult of global warming is impervious to parody, having long since surpassed it.

Environmentalism's ultimate goal.

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January 2, 2008

Moonbat Defense

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The first rule of moonbattery is you're never responsible, unless you're not responsible, in which case you are. Here's how this lunatic principle can be used as a defense in the courtroom:

In Winnipeg, Canada, Adam Lecours was beaten and robbed by some thugs, and left lying unconscious on the street. A Good Samaritan saw the attack and called police, but was too frightened to get out of her car and help the victim after the attackers fled. Lecours was then hit by another car and killed.

During the trial, defense lawyers for the thugs tried to lay the blame on the driver of the car that hit Lecours. When that didn't fly, they filed a motion blaming the Good Samaritan instead.

Thankfully, the Crown dismissed the motion as "devoid of merit." It looks like we haven't hit bottom… yet.

On a tip from Lyle.

Weather Report

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Since the mainstream media can no longer be trusted to report even on the weather without lying to advance the liberal agenda, here's some factual weather news from the last year:

Now back to the liberal media:

Some people have had it up to here with all this global warming.

On a tip from V the K.

Most Obnoxious Quotes of 2007

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Right Wing News has collected the 40 most obnoxious quotes of 2007. There were some doozies, including these:

"Aww don't feel noways tired. I've come too faarrr from where I started frum… Aww could have listened all day luung." — Hillary Clinton engages in patronizing hickspeak in Selma, Alabama.
"hilary clinton and barak hussein obama cannot win, and they are put in place to assure a victory by mitt romney… this is the plan of all the insurance companies that are owned by Mormon interests. It is unfolding as the mormon church planned over the last fifty years." — Roseanne Barr
"Perhaps the outpouring of sympathy for [the falsely arrested Duke lacrosse players] Reade Seligman, Collin Finnerty and David Evans is just a bit misplaced....As students of Duke University or other elite institutions, these young men will get on with their privileged lives… They are very differently situated in life from, say, the young women of the Rutgers University women's basketball team." — Nightline co-anchor Terry Moran explains how the men falsely accused of rape got off light compared to the women who were called "nappy headed hos"
"And I think the almost undeviating support by Great Britain for the ill-advised policies of President Bush in Iraq have been a major tragedy for the world." — Jimmy Carter castigates the British for cooperating with his own country
"Let's just say that global warming deniers are now on a par with Holocaust deniers, though one denies the past and the other denies the present and future." — Columnist Ellen Goodman
"Now I believe, myself, that the secretary of state, the secretary of defense and you have to make your own decision as to what the president knows: that this war is lost, that the surge is not accomplishing anything." — Democratic Senator Majority Leader, Harry Reid
"Al Qaeda really hurt us, but not as much as Rupert Murdoch has hurt us, particularly in the case of Fox News. Fox News is worse than Al Qaeda — worse for our society." — MSNBC's Keith Olbermann
"I have zero doubt that if Dick Cheney was not in power, people wouldn't be dying needlessly tomorrow… I'm just saying if he did die, other people, more people would live. That's a fact." — Bill Maher
"You don't have money to fund the war or children, but you're going to spend it to blow up innocent people if we could get enough kids to grow old enough for you to send to Iraq to get their heads blown off for the president's amusement." — Democratic Congressman Pete Stark
"Over time, however, the endless war in Iraq began to play a role in natural selection. Only idiots signed up; only idiots died. Back home, the average I.Q. soared." — Ted Rall

Civilization is getting shouted down by a horde of despicable lunatics.

Huma Abedin: Shrillary's Mysterious Companion

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Free Republic is asking for captions for some chilling pictures of Shrillary in Iowa, surrounded by her zombie supporters. She's also surrounded by Chelsea and the mysterious Huma Abedin. That's Huma on the cell phone:


Wherever Shrillary goes, Muslim "traveling chief of staff" Huma and her stylish handbags are never more than a few feet away. Almost as mysterious as her role in Shrillary's campaign is the legend that Huma never sweats. Whispers public radio broadcaster Katia Dunn:

I think she has special powers.

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) reports:

I think there's some dispute as to whether Huma's actually human or not.

Longtime Clinton attorney says he's known her for 11 years, but has never seen her wear the same outfit twice.

The New York Observer offers some details:

The back story, as it were, begins 32 years ago in Kalamazoo, Mich., where Ms. Abedin, who declined to participate in this article, lived until the age of 2. Her family then relocated to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where she lived until returning to the States for college. She attended George Washington University. Her father, who died when she was 17, was an Islamic and Middle Eastern scholar of Indian decent. He founded his own institute devoted to Western-Eastern and interfaith understanding and reconciliation and published a journal focusing on Muslim minorities living in the diaspora. Her mother, a renowned professor in Saudi Arabia, is Pakistani.

Huma is said to be a trusted advisor to Shrillary, particularly on Middle East issues. Some suspect she is an agent for Saudi Intelligence, others that she is Shrillary's lesbian lover. But no one really knows what to make of her.

Maybe Huma is a djinn. Not all Democrat candidates can have a name like Barack Hussein Obama. Others have to compensate as best they can.

Via Big Head DC. Is Shrillary already indulging in the perks of power?

On a tip from Cheetah.

Democrats Will Be Democrats

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Which party do you suppose this candidate calls home?

A television reporter turned political candidate said he plans to remain on a small scaffold near the top of a tower to focus attention on his long-shot bid to unseat a U.S. senator. Dale Cardwell was hoisted more than 300 feet up the Corey Tower near downtown Atlanta on Tuesday morning. […]
Cardwell, who hopes to unseat Republican Saxby Chambliss, said he thinks the publicity stunt won't hurt his credibility, but will make people curious about his message: that politicians should pay more attention to the concerns of working people and less to those of wealthy corporate interests.

Cardwell expects to be up there "for days." V the K comments:

Typical moonbattery, a vain gesture that accomplishes nothing useful, but only serves as a childish plea for attention, ultimately intended to help empower socialists.

By now you will have guessed correctly that Cardwell is a Democrat.

Dale Cardwell holds forth.

California Kids to Choose Their Own Gender

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No wonder schools aren't teaching our kids math and science anymore. They're too busy reengineering society in accordance with their depraved moonbat fantasies. In the degenerate wonderland Arnold Schwarzenegger is helping to make out of California, schoolchildren will now choose their own sex:

Senate Bill 777 eliminates Education Code 212, which currently defines "sex" as "the biological condition or quality of being a male or female human being." And worse yet, SB 777 redefines the term "gender" for all schoolchildren by adding Education Code 210.7, which will read: "'Gender' means sex, and includes a person's gender identity and gender related appearance and behavior whether or not stereotypically associated with the person's assigned sex at birth." In short, this redefinition of gender states that you are what you choose to be regardless of your anatomical make-up.

Already the Los Angeles Unified School District is allowing boys to use girls' restrooms and locker rooms. Teachers are required to refer to students using whatever pronoun the students choose. Unsurprisingly, teachers are forbidden from letting parents know if their kids are so screwed up as not to know what sex they are.

With help from California's deranged legislature, the Governator has been doing a great job of turning the entire state into Hollyweird.

sexually_perplexed.jpg   In California schools, the same symbol can go on all restroom and locker room doors.

Hat tip: The Jawa Report, on a tip from BUUUUURRRRNING HOT.

Congress Bans the Light Bulb

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The light bulb has long symbolized the triumph of man's ingenuity over the darkness. This is why it appears over the heads of cartoon characters when they have an idea. It may also be why moonbats have launched a jihad against it, which has now led to Congress and the President passing an energy bill that essentially bans incandescent bulbs as of 2012, by setting efficiency standards they cannot meet.

Instead we are to use compact fluorescent bulbs, which are more expensive and which contain toxic mercury. The point, if there is one other than to help out GE and Philips by suppressing low-cost competition, could only be symbolic.


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Another Jay Grodner Update

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More information has come to light regarding Jay Grodner, the left-wing lawyer who thought he would get away with keying the car of a Marine to express his contempt for the military, as reported at Blackfive. Thanks to Something… and Half of Something, we now know he's a handsome devil:


He looks even better in this shot, via Knowledge Is Power:


Here's what he had to say for himself on his dating profile:

I love sex. I'm wild about so many ways that sex makes life worth living. I joined this site because the women I'm seeing are both beautiful and adventurous. I have plenty of work a free time to talk. somtimes one needs to act.

Unsurprisingly, Grodner is divorced. Thanks to keying Marine Sergeant Mike McNulty's car, he will soon be unemployed, too. This Goes to 11 has a picture of Grodner's next boss:


It's not as if Grodner has never been in trouble before:

In addition to being disciplined for being involved in a scheme to forging documents, it has been reported to CLR that attorney Jay Robert Grodner has since then engaged in a conflict of interest with his clients, has abandoned his clients, has engaged in false billing, has engaged in a fraud upon his clients, provided ineffective assistance of counsel, and has engaged in a "fraud upon the court".
Is it not also fraud when attorney Jay Grodner does not inform his clients, or clients to be, of his previous discipline?

But now he's kicked a rather large hornets' nest, and it looks like his career as a lawyer is over. If only we could say the same for his career as a moonbat.

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Hillary Clinton, Foreign Policy Genius

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That MSM propagandist Andrea Mitchell would think the volatile situation in Pakistan favors Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate is particularly laughable in light of the extreme ignorance Shrillary has shown regarding current affairs in that country. Ben Smith at Politico points out a couple of howlers:

"If President Musharraf wishes to stand for election, then he should abide by the same rules that every other candidate will have to follow," she told CNN's Wolf Blitzer (.pdf) Dec. 28.
"[Musharraf] could be the only person on the ballot. I don't think that's a real election," she told ABC's George Stephanopoulos December 30.

Actually, Musharraf won't even be on the ballot. He was reelected in October. The upcoming elections are for Parliament.

More alarming even than her cluelessness on the details is Shrillary's overall strategy of doing to our ally Musharraf what Jimmy Carter did to the Shah of Iran. The consequences would likely be even worse.

Foreign policy expert Shrillary Rotten is a real rat toward our strategic allies.

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Spitting on America

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W had a point when he said, "You're either with us or you're with the terrorists" — as the New York Times has proven once again with a hysterical editorial entitled "Looking at America":

In the years since 9/11, we have seen American soldiers abuse, sexually humiliate, torment and murder prisoners in Afghanistan and Iraq. A few have been punished, but their leaders have never been called to account. We have seen mercenaries gun down Iraqi civilians with no fear of prosecution. We have seen the president, sworn to defend the Constitution, turn his powers on his own citizens, authorizing the intelligence agencies to spy on Americans, wiretapping phones and intercepting international e-mail messages without a warrant.
We have read accounts of how the government's top lawyers huddled in secret after the attacks in New York and Washington and plotted ways to circumvent the Geneva Conventions — and both American and international law — to hold anyone the president chose indefinitely without charges or judicial review.
Those same lawyers then twisted other laws beyond recognition to allow Mr. Bush to turn intelligence agents into torturers, to force doctors to abdicate their professional oaths and responsibilities to prepare prisoners for abuse, and then to monitor the torment to make sure it didn't go just a bit too far and actually kill them.

No sane person would mistake this for a reasonable characterization of American attempts to defend itself from Islamic terrorism. Yet the Times is broadminded enough to admit there are countries even more monstrous than ours:

The C.I.A. contracted out its inhumanity to nations with no respect for life or law, sending prisoners — some of them innocents kidnapped on street corners and in airports — to be tortured into making false confessions, or until it was clear they had nothing to say and so were let go without any apology or hope of redress.

Better is expected from our next president:

These are not the only shocking abuses of President Bush's two terms in office, made in the name of fighting terrorism. There is much more — so much that the next president will have a full agenda simply discovering all the wrongs that have been done and then righting them.

How will we ever right the wrongs we've committed against peace-loving terrorists? Closing down Gitmo would only be a start. Maybe we should pay reparations to al-Qaeda.

Osama bin Laden et al. could be dedicating 99.9% of their budget to paying the shady Gray Lady to spew this stuff, and they would be getting their money's worth. Terrorism is a form of warfare that simply wouldn't work if not backed up by fifth-column propaganda, which inflames and emboldens the enemy, undercuts our every strategy and most importantly, saps our will to fight.

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Comrade, Heal Thyself

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Evidence continues to pour in from Britain that socialized medicine is a tragic farce. In return for the staggering taxes they pay to finance "free" medical care, British citizens are now being told to heal themselves:

Millions of people with arthritis, asthma and even heart failure will be urged to treat themselves as part of a Government plan to save billions of pounds from the NHS budget.

Guidelines suggest letting patients be the doctors regarding monitoring heart activity, lung capacity, etc. and "assessing the significance of changes in their condition." Relaxation techniques will be used to avoid "panic" visits to emergency wards.

Ironically, Gordon Brown is spinning the cost-cutting measures as an attempt to increase patient choice. Under socialized medicine, choice is the first thing you give up, after the huge bite the government takes out of your paycheck.

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An Easy 2008 Prediction

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John Tierney can't go wrong with his prediction for the new year:

In 2008, your television will bring you image after frightening image of natural havoc linked to global warming. You will be told that such bizarre weather must be a sign of dangerous climate change — and that these images are a mere preview of what's in store unless we act quickly to cool the planet.

Tierney can't tell us whether the disaster "will come by flood or drought, hurricane or blizzard, fire or ice." After all, no one knows what the weather is going to be like more than a few days in advance. But we do know that there will be weather, and whatever the weather is, Al Gore's apostles in the media will seize on it as confirmation of his prophesies.

Thanks to highly selective reporting, the weather can always be characterized as extreme. The shamelessness with which the media lies to us will allow it to affirm our impending doom by global warming even if temperatures cool — as was the case in 2007, which had the lowest temperature average of any year since 2001, despite the propaganda spewed by irresponsible leftist outfits like Time magazine.

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Tweety Stands Up for Bugs Bunny

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The Looney Tunes roots of Chris "Tweety" Matthews run deep. Over the weekend he denounced Republicans who hunt by demanding,

Who made killing small animals the test of Republican manhood? Who created the small game hunters test for the presidency? Who declared war on Bugs Bunny?

Matthews devoted part of his show to ridiculing predominantly Republican politicians for letting it be known they enjoy hunting. He even played a clip from a Warner Bros. cartoon that featured Elmer Fudd hunting Bugs. Tweety's newer looney tunes colleague Andrea Mitchell confirmed that hunting is disturbing, and added her two bits:

You don't see any women out there with a gun.

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January 1, 2008

Car-Keying Lawyer Update

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Here's an encouraging update on Jay Grodner, the Chicago lawyer who keyed the car of Marine Sergeant Mike McNulty, apparently to express his hatred for our armed forces. A Blackfive reader reports:

Sgt McNulty was called forward by the State's Attorney in order to discuss the case. I am not sure what transpired behind the closed doors, however, I overheard the State's Attorney expressing her intent to prosecute this guy to the fullest extent. It seems as if BlackFive is the sole catalyst to this story getting out and I am sure Sgt McNulty has probably heard the effect of yours and other blogs from the results of today's proceedings to include several Marines and civilians who showed up in his support.
Jay R Grodner was called before court and in his absence, the Judge issued a warrant for his arrest effective immediately. Sgt McNulty was departing the court when Grodner rolled in to the courtroom more pathetic than anyone I had ever seen. The Judge had questioned him on his tardiness and he explained that traffic had been busy and he 'made a wrong turn'. The Judge chastised him for his tardiness, pathetic excuses, and that he was lucky the warrant had not been executed prior to his arrival.
It seems the blogosphere has put the ball in Sgt McNulty's court. Furthermore, it is also apparent that the State's Attorney's Office has decided to take this matter on a much more serious level. A new and very aggressive State's Attorney seems to have a genuine interest in pursuing this case to the extent that it warrants.

It looks like Grodner's plan to get off because McNulty will be too busy fighting terrorists in Iraq to testify isn't working out so well, now that authorities are no longer blowing off the incident. Hats off to Blackfive for inspiring readers to apply some pressure.

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Green Bullets

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Enviromoonbattery has become so ubiquitous, even bullets have to be "green":

The [New York] state Department of Environmental Conservation is reducing its negative impact on the environment by giving up lead-based bullets for firearms training in favor of less harmful "green" ammunition, Commissioner Alexander "Pete" Grannis announced today.

"Green" bullets are of course more expensive, but…

the state could save money in the long run by eliminating an environmental and public-health hazard and by preventing the potential need for lead removal at firing ranges.

Even if that doesn't balance the books, taxes won't have to be raised by much.

Sometimes you can still hope that the whole environmental hysteria phenomenon is intended as a joke.

If you get shot, make sure it's with one of these.

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Obey if You Want Medical Care

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Offering a disturbing example of the kind of power socialized medicine grants to bureaucrats, Gordon Brown has announced that Britons may be required to stop smoking, conform to exercise regimens or attain a specified weight before receiving the "free" healthcare that is largely responsible for their crippling tax burden. These dictates are referred to as "responsibilities."

Inevitably future "responsibilities" will take on a more overtly political cast. Already it's not hard to image a Britain that denies medical treatment to "racists" and global warming "deniers."

Meanwhile in the USA, all the major Democrat candidates promise to keep pushing us toward socialized medicine. This is more than a greedy attempt to seize control of a large percentage of the American economy. Wealth seized by socialists is soon squandered. But the power will last until we develop the character to rebel.

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Maureen Dowd Undergoes Moonbat Exorcism

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Despite their relentlessly expressed contempt for Christianity, liberals have borrowed heavily from it in creating their own religion, moonbattery. The parallels between Al Gore's fearful prophesies and the Apocalypse are obvious. As another example, moonbat priestess Maureen Dowd has undergone an exorcism.

Naturally the exorcist didn't much resemble Father Lankester Merrin. She is a "clairaudio" and "kinetic therapist" named Faith Green, who has studied tribal shamanism, rolfing, Pilates, tango, movement and stretching. She "cleared" Dowd's house and body for 2008 with a "spiritual detox." As Maureen explains:

New Year's resolutions require too much discipline. An exorcism seems much easier.

The kinetic therapist discovered "discordant energy" in Dowd's house, left over from the old religion. It came

from angels who were meant to protect me but who had fallen prey to bad energy themselves, and from disconsolate spirits who may have been in a religious order.

The "bummed-out trapped souls," might have been "unhappy with their vows of poverty, chastity, celibacy and obedience." Ms. Green asked the "High Self" to "clear" these spirits because they had been "blocking cheerfulness."

Dowd must have paid for the deluxe package. She received a triple shield of protection for 10 miles around her house and even had the "sludge" swept out of her "intimacy chakra."

Despite her usual snarky attitude, Dowd has more use for her clairaudio than for any representative of legitimate religion. However tentatively, she seems to be helping to establish the future orthodoxy of the eclectic flakiness with which liberals are replacing Christianity.

One day conservatives may be forced to undergo similar exorcisms, complete with "floaty, flute-y New Age music" and admonitions not to let our bodies become cages that crimp our chi.

Dowd and her Gray Lady colleagues are more in need of a conventional exorcism.

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British Bureaucrats Produce Rise in Teen Pregnancy

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What a surprise: government efforts to instill sex education in ever-younger children are leading to increased levels of teenage pregnancy in Britain:

Britain tops the league table of teenage mothers in western Europe, despite also having a record number of school-age abortions.
This comes despite the Government investing more than £150 million in an attempt to stem the tide of conceptions — and pledging to cut teenage pregnancy rates by half by the end of this decade.

In the sentence above, "despite" should be changed to read "due to" — and it's not as if no one has told Labour they're driving the wrong way:

Norman Wells, of the Family Education Trust charity, said that the Government had allowed the "systematic removal of every restraint that used to act as a disincentive to under-age sex". There was no evidence that easy availability of contraception reduced teenage pregnancy rates, instead it added to pressure on young girls by normalising under-age sex, he said.
Mr Wells also attacked the Government's commitment to confidentiality policies about contraception which "kept parents in the dark about their children's sexual activity".
"The problems associated with teenage pregnancy will never be solved so long as the Government persists with its reliance on yet more contraception and sex education," he said. "What we need is a radical change away from a culture which has reduced sex to a casual recreational activity."

As even a bureaucrat ought to be clever enough to predict, ready availability of contraceptives and abortion pills have led to higher rates not only of teen pregnancies, but of sexually transmitted infections and abortions.

Britain's left-wing government has done such a remarkable job dealing with teen pregnancy, we should put it to work on other tasks. What if it set out to eradicate genius? No doubt we'd see a generation of Britons with stratospheric IQs.

Meanwhile, we hear calls from Scotland and Barack Obama for sex ed in kindergarten. At least 5-year-olds can't get pregnant.

Social engineering at work.

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Moonbattery Leads to Blood-Sucking Bug Epidemic

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The envirowacko jihad against DDT has had effects other than the millions of deaths due to malaria it has caused in the Third World. Closer to home, New York City is under siege by a plague of blood-sucking bed bugs:

The number of infestations has increased more than tenfold in the last three years and no neighbourhood, no matter how upmarket, is immune. […] Bed bugs emerge from woodwork at night to feed on the blood of mammals. When they bite people they leave large, itchy welts on the skin that can cause considerable discomfort.

Complaints are up from 537 in 2004 to 6,889 in the year to last June. Why are we unable to control the population explosion among these repulsive creatures?

The pesticide DDT virtually wiped out bed bugs in the USA in the 1940s and 1950s, but after it was banned infestations increased again.

There is no problem that human ingenuity can't solve. But unfortunately, there's no solution that moonbattery can't prevent us from implementing.

Like their friend the moonbat, bed bugs suck blood.

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