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October 5, 2007

TV Reveals: Christian Hypocrites Stone People

Who says the revolting sludge that oozes out of the entertainment industry has no relevance for Christians? WND reports:

The latest episode of the CBS crime show "Cold Case" depicted presumably devout Christian teens in an abstinence club as sexually active hypocrites who literally stone a member to keep their sins secret. […]
The episode, which focuses on the unsolved murder of a promiscuous 15-year-old, also has a youth pastor encouraging a girl to "confess" her impure dreams to him as he masturbates.

I can just here Rosie O'Donnell's fans screeching: "You see! It's not just Muslims who stone people! I saw Christians do it, right on TV!"

The Cold Case clowns: redefining reality to fit the bigoted liberal template.

On a tip from Cheetah.

Posted by Van Helsing at October 5, 2007 8:52 AM


A new low, if that's possible, in the ham-handed proselytizing of liberal/feminist dogma on the evils of traditional beliefs and the dangers of submitting to the hypocritical and corrupt patriarchy. One would hope that this level of absurdity just might induce laughter rather than outrage. The tragedy of this comically moronic plot is that the vast majority of Americans have no idea of the pervasiveness of the propaganda to which they are being subjected to day in and day out. Fortunately, it is likely that anyone who can stomach watching this dreck is the kind of person that only consumes media that reinforces their narcissitic world view. The rest of us can watch the ball game.

Posted by: Beef at October 5, 2007 9:43 AM

This is just one example of what happens pretty regularly on shows like "Cold Case", "Law & Order", etc.. Again, "Liberals" trying to convince themselves and everybody else that they are against "extremism"- which, in their cowardly tunnel-visioned view, only exists among white Christians.

Posted by: Toa at October 5, 2007 7:00 PM

I haven't seen that episode yet, but I think we shouldn't read too much into it. TV series plots are submitted by various writers for consideration, and out of the dozens of episodes of Cold Case, one is about murderers who happen to be Christian.

That's just a fraction of the liberal-lifestyle killers already featured. So far, I don't think black families, Latino communities, multiple sclerosis sufferers, stage musical sound-mixers and whatnot have sent formal protests to have the corresponding episodes banned. (Although the Filipino community successfully pressed for an apology from Desperate Housewives).

Just because a few individuals are shown as criminals, doesn't mean they are representative of the whole. And doubtless, among the millions of profess-to-be-Christians, there really is a pastor abusing his position. Stoning kids, less likely.

In a moose-limb community, much likelier. But we'll have to see if the stations dare show an episode featuring said community's real-life documented crimes...

Overreacting to this would be playing right into the hands of liberals who are always ready to pounce on any show of conservative weakness in order to feel better about their own immorality. The last thing we need is to adopt the playbook of sue-happy ACLUites and riot-protest-loving Perpetual Outrage Religioners.

Posted by: Scott at October 5, 2007 8:30 PM

If you believe such franchises as Law and Order or CSI you have more to fear by walking into a millionaire's home than any dark alley on the sketchy side of town. Disgruntled Chefs at four star restaurants are particularly dangerous

Posted by: James F McEnanly at October 6, 2007 7:29 AM

At least they didn't slam Islam because we all know that if they did there would be no outrage from the peacefull religion (and it's not like they actually do stone harlots unlike the fiendish Christians we hear about doing it daily). See this artical from WND to see how the peace loving students of a school responded to a picture of their founder that a Christian student supposesedly drew on a wall of their school.

Posted by: WRZ at October 6, 2007 9:11 AM

Certainly there are zealots among the sheep who should be weeded out. All for that. And I don't watch these programs anyway. They're mostly rubbish.

Now here's some real persecution...wonder if the mass media will air any of this?

Posted by: fellowes at October 6, 2007 8:36 PM