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October 5, 2007

Barack Obama Chucks Out His Flag Pin

It's irritating seeing American flags pinned to the lapels of moonbats who hate the flag and everything it stands for — but it must be more irritating still for the moonbats themselves, who are like vampires forced by their own hypocrisy to walk around wearing crucifixes. But Barack Hussein Obama has boldly proclaimed: No more!

Gibbers B. Hussein:

I decided I won't wear that pin on my chest. Instead, I'm going to try to tell the American people what I believe will make this country great, and hopefully that will be a testament to my patriotism.

According to Osama Obama, flag pins are a substitute for "true patriotism," which consists of surrendering to Islamic terrorists. His campaign issued a statement for clarification:

We all revere the flag [sic], but Senator Obama believes that being a patriot is about more than a symbol. It's about fighting for our veterans when they get home and speaking honestly with the American people about this disastrous war.

At last, some Dems really are speaking honestly. Note they promise to support veterans "when they get home." When they're out there laying their lives on the line, they will get nothing but knives in the back from Democrats, but when they slouch home in defeat, they will be pitied extravagantly.

As for what Barack Abominable believes "will make this country great," he wants to place new emphasis on the allegedly poor mental health of our troops. According to Barry, nearly half of our National Guard troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan have psychological problems.

Who knows? Maybe an administration devoted to treating our proud soldiers like pathetic, neurotic victims in need of white flags and wet nurses could make that stat true.

Also, the flag pin clashed with his outfit.

On a tip from V the K.

Posted by Van Helsing at October 5, 2007 9:26 AM


Posted by: V the K at October 5, 2007 9:49 AM

Obama's pin?

Posted by: Fred at October 5, 2007 10:41 AM

when hillary gets the nomination, obama will become the new ted kennedy.

Posted by: furballz at October 5, 2007 10:44 AM

Maybe they are evolving into MoonVAMPIREbats and if they wear an American Flag pin they will burst into flames?

Posted by: Anonymous at October 5, 2007 10:49 AM

I'm just glad the scumbag has quit desecrating the flag.

Posted by: Steve at October 5, 2007 5:53 PM

Wearing a pin doesn't make you a patriot.
Not wearing a pin doesn't make you patriotic nor unpatriotic.
Wearing a pin since 9/11 and then suddenly making a statement that you will no longer be wearing a pin, due in part to our presence in Iraq makes me raise my eyebrows.
But just as the Democrats on Capitol Hill are attacking Rush Limbaugh for something he didn't say, this gesture by Obama is for one purpose: pandering to the moonbats who hate this country, and all it stands for, in vain hope it will bring his poll numbers up.

Posted by: ToddonCapeCod at October 5, 2007 6:46 PM

Barack Hussein is smart
he knows the Liberal Mind
when he treads on our flag
no pussies will he find
He won't just lose
no, he might be
on a slow boat to China
or a plane to Saudi

Posted by: The Word-Drum at October 5, 2007 11:20 PM

i guess some colors run after all

Posted by: Anonymous at October 6, 2007 3:01 AM

ToddonCapeCod - Great point!

Posted by: d at October 6, 2007 6:40 AM

The empty suit has no place on which to secure a flag pin. Just as well -- we all know you're a "phony patriot," Osama.

Posted by: jc14 at October 6, 2007 8:22 AM

Obama's desperation is starting to show through more and more verbal gaffes of late. I expect them to come more frequently and become more embarassingly detrimental to his campaign to the point where a) he will spend more time apologizing for the gaffes and b) he will lose more and more ground in the polls that even Edwards will surpass him.

The possibility exists that his inexperience and verbal faux pas's will drop his poll numbers into the low teens...even single digits before it's all said and done.

It will be an entertaining implosion to say the least.

[An aside: I have got to figure out a way of getting to the courthouse that has no parking so I can change my party affiliation from Democrat to Independent. The local elections office makes it as difficult as possible (perhaps even illegal) to change party affiliation.

Posted by: Carl at October 6, 2007 10:56 AM