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August 28, 2007

Moonbat Mommies Shun Diapers

Posted by Dave Blount at August 28, 2007 9:12 PM

The latest modern convenience to be shunned by moonbats: diapers.

Moonbat mommies have convinced themselves that they can train babies from birth to signal when they need the bathroom, so that diapers are never required.

Once the signal is received, mothers need to act:

Isis Arnesen, 33, of Boston, has a 14-week-old daughter, Lucia, who is diaper-free. She said it can be awkward to explain the process to people, such as when she helped Lucia relieve herself in a sink at a public restroom.

If trannies behaved like this, I'd be all for letting them have their own bathrooms.

According to experts at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, kids have little control over bodily functions at less than 18 months, and none at less than 12. But moonbats don't often let scientific reality interfere with their fads. The important thing is that diapers are alleged to have a negative environmental impact.

Imagine the environmental impact of one of these moms with her kid on a transcontinental flight. Chirps Erinn Klatt, who uses "a gentle hissing sound" to encourage her 13-month-old to piddle on the yard:

[B]eing able to travel without a big, bloated diaper bag is terrific!

Sitting in the next seat is probably not so terrific.

Isis Arnesen with her diaper-free baby.

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