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July 31, 2007

Club Gitmo Vacationer Begs to Stay

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:34 PM

Not everyone agrees with Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) that conditions at Club Gitmo are comparable to those imposed by socialist dictators Stalin, Hitler, and Pol Pot. Vacationing terrorist Ahmed Belbacha is terrified that he'll have to go back to his native Algeria, where mistreatment of prisoners isn't just a canard employed by liberals to slander their country and assist its enemies, but an actual reality.

To his horror, Belbacha has been cleared for release from Guantanamo. He's filed an emergency motion with the US Court of Appeals in DC, begging to be allowed to stay, even though he is incarcerated in "the harshest part of Guantanamo" according to his lawyer.

Why not? Setting aside moonbat propaganda for a moment, the treatment of terrorists there is downright obsequious — gourmet halal meals, free Korans and prayer rugs, opportunities to fling disgusting bodily excretions on the guards with apparent impunity, etc. When trying to come up with something to complain about for a lawsuit, Gitmo terrorist Majid Khan was reduced to whining that he had to use "cheap, branded, unscented soap," and that the balls in rec room weren't inflated to his liking.

But that's unlikely to stop prominent Dems from screeching at the cameras that Gitmo must be closed immediately on the grounds that America is bad, evil, and wrong.

Belbacha's vacation may be coming to an end.

On a tip from MB.

Vegansexuals Refuse Intimacies With Normal People

Posted by Dave Blount at 3:17 PM

The latest fad in moonbat-friendly New Zealand is vegansexuality, whereby vegans punish normal people by refusing to have sex with them.

Explained one Christchurch vegan:

I believe we are what we consume, so I really struggle with bodily fluids, especially sexually.

Another elaborated:

I would not want to be intimate with someone whose body is literally made up from the bodies of others who have died for their sustenance.

Chirped a third:

When you are vegan or vegetarian, you are very aware that when people eat a meaty diet, they are kind of a graveyard for animals.

Given the sickly appearance that results from vegans' abnormal diet, it's doubtful they get many opportunities to turn non-vegans down.

Naked vegans.

On a tip from El Presidente.

"Transgendered" — Another Word For "Utterly Insane"

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:48 PM

A judge has commanded the state of Idaho to provide female hormone therapy to an inmate who castrated himself after prison officials refused to pander to his psychotic delusion that he is actually a woman.

Randall Gammett, who now calls himself Jenniffer Spencer, is in the can for possession of a stolen car and escape. Here's how the Idaho Statesman tells his story:

Born biologically male, she [sic] castrated herself [sic] using a disposable razor blade in her [sic] prison cell after doctors working for the state prison system refused to prescribe her [sic] the female hormone estrogen. Spencer sued the Idaho Department of Correction and the physicians, claiming her [sic] constitutional rights were violated and that she [sic] was subjected to cruel and unusual punishment when the doctors failed to diagnose gender identity disorder and treat her [sic] with female hormones.

Naturally US District Judge Mikel Williams agreed. It wouldn't occur to a judge that forcing the prison system to indulge insanity is not going to stop freaks from being crazy enough to mutilate themselves, because according to our liberal elite overlords, being "transgendered" isn't a matter of mental illness, but rather a sacrosanct ticket to climb aboard the official victim gravy train. (The lawsuit is pending. No doubt Gammett/Spencer will leave prison a wealthy she-man.)

The lunatics have literally taken charge of the asylum.

Crazy people do crazy things.

Hat tip: Clayton Cramer's Blog, on a tip from Steve.

British Muslims Forbid New Pet Food Factory

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:32 AM

British Muslims are now forbidding the construction of a pet food factory near Rugby on the grounds that it will violate their religious rights by possibly producing "pork emissions."

It is alleged that pork particles could rain down upon Muslims if the factory is built. This would result in Allah's displeasure.

A local Muslim adopts the tried and true menacing whine:

In this country we are allowed the right to follow our religion and religious beliefs. By allowing this plan to go ahead our religious rights are being swept to one side for what appears to be economic greed.

Got that? The Muslims colonizing Britain have a "right" to prevent economic activity that reminds them of pork. We wouldn't want the "economic greed" that produces the tax revenues that finance their welfare checks to get in the way of Islamic cultural hegemony.

Butchers Pet Care points out that pork ingredients account for only 10% of their products, that they do not burn animal materials, and that there is an "almost 99% guarantee" that the smell of pork would not reach the residential area. But all this is irrelevant. The point as always is for Muslims to prove that if they push us, we will move.

Evidence of pork emissions.

On a tip from Bill.

German Government Promotes Incest and Pedophilia

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:41 AM

European civilization is swirling down the toilet even faster than I thought. From a booklet issued by the German Federal Health Education Center (a subsidiary of the German government's Ministry for Family Affairs) pertaining to 1–3-year-olds:

Fathers do not devote enough attention to the clitoris and vagina of their daughters. Their caresses too seldom pertain to these regions, while this is the only way the girls can develop a sense of pride in their sex. […] The child touches all parts of their father's body, sometimes arousing him. The father should do the same.

Another booklet on 4–6-year-olds recommends teaching children about copulation.

The booklets are used for training nursery, kindergarten, and elementary school teachers. Parents who want to preserve their children's innocence by homeschooling them are advised to immigrate to a country where that is allowed. Homeschooling has been illegal in Germany since Hitler outlawed it in 1933.

The same center puts out a book of songs for children 4 and slightly older. One song includes the lyrics:

When I touch my body, I discover what I have. I have a vagina, because I am a girl. Vagina is not only for peeing. When I touch it, I feel a pleasant tingle.

Your tax marks at work, German readers!

Hat tip: Conservative Thoughts, on a tip from The Panday.

Lecherous Jesus

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:31 AM

While college students are thrown in jail on multiple felony charges for pranks involving Korans, Hollywood merrily continues a campaign of ridicule against Christianity, which does not enjoy the favor Islam does in our politically correct establishment. The latest assault is The Ten, a comedy spoof of the Ten Commandments, which features a lecherous Jesus who corrupts a virgin librarian.

How daringly provocative, in a vulgar sixth-grade bully sort of way.

Tinseltown's Jesus squeezes some tail.

On a tip from Wiggins.

If Homosexuals Can't Sleep Together, No One Can

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:09 AM

Yesterday the British government ruled that to comply with the Sexual Orientation Regulations of last year's Equality Act, religious owners of hotels and bed and breakfasts must either allow homosexual activity on their premises, or forbid any guests from sleeping together.

This perfectly demonstrates the liberal concept of equality: in the interests of advancing depravity, an all-powerful intrusive bureaucracy sees to it that if everyone can't have something, then no one can. It's called "social justice."

Not only hoteliers will be affected. For example, if a photographer objects to taking pictures of gay lovebirds smooching, then he can't take pictures of any couples and must switch to portrait photography.

It isn't going to get any better. The Brown government has come up with a new cabinet post, the Secretary of State for Equalities, whose responsibility is to impose authoritarian political correctness on the remnants of British civilization. The first to fill the post is Deputy Labor Leader Harriet Harman, who recently announced at a gay pride event that a new Commission for Equality and Human Rights will "mainstream the battle against homophobia" by ramming the homosexual agenda down the throats of the populace.

Yet many still regard Britain to be a free country.

Open wide, British citizens. Ms. Harman has an agenda for you.

Hat tip: In the Days, on a tip from Nanc.

July 30, 2007

La Times: Free Johnny Taliban

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:30 PM

Incredible. The libs at the Los Angeles Times are actually demanding that John Walker Lindh, aka Johnny Taliban, be let out of jail:

According to La Times, Scooter Libby did not deserve to have his sentence commuted — but the American Taliban does, on the grounds that he joined the Taliban "to fight the Northern Alliance, not the United States" and because:

He never engaged in terrorism; indeed, his commitment to Islam leads him to oppose the targeting of civilians.

Funny, Islam doesn't seem to have that effect on other Muslims taking part in their terror war against the entire civilized world, with the tacit if not explicit support of pretty much all of Dar al Islam.

In case you forgot why this spoilt Marin County moonbat belongs in jail (since it appears a firing squad is too much to ask for), here are a few excerpts from the Grand Jury's indictment:

In or about late May or June 2001, LINDH agreed to attend an al-Qaeda training camp for additional and extensive military training, knowing that America and its citizens were the enemies of Bin Laden and al-Qaeda and that a principal purpose of al-Qaeda was to fight and kill Americans.
In or about June and July 2001, LINDH remained at the al-Farooq camp and participated fully in its training activities, after having been told early in his stay at the camp that Bin Laden had sent forth some fifty people to carry out twenty suicide terrorist operations against the United States and Israel.
In or about June or July 2001, LINDH met personally with Bin Laden, who thanked him and other trainees for taking part in jihad.
After learning about the terrorist attacks against the United States on or about September 11, 2001, LINDH remained with his fighting group. LINDH did so despite having been told that Bin Laden had ordered the attacks, that additional terrorist attacks were planned, and that additional al Qaeda personnel were being sent from the training camps to the front lines to protect Bin Laden and defend against an anticipated military response from the United States.
From in or about October through early December 2001, LINDH remained with his fighting group after learning that United States military forces and United States nationals had become directly engaged in support of the Northern Alliance in its military conflict with Taliban and al Qaeda forces.

Johnny Taliban also participated in a prison uprising that resulted in the death of CIA agent Johnny Michael Spann. Even a merciful execution is really more than Lindh deserves, but our MSM weeps over his unfortunate fate and wants him set free. Apparently it sees a kindred spirit.

La Times takes his side — surprised?

Hat tips: Power Line, Rhymes With Right, Jawa Report.

Progress in Iraq Causing Long Faces Among Dems

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:59 PM

Every silver lining has a cloud inside it. The improving situation in Iraq is no exception.

Even the New York Times has acknowledged that the surge is working by publishing an encouraging op-ed by Michael E. O'Hanlon And Kenneth M. Pollack:

We are finally getting somewhere in Iraq[…] In previous trips to Iraq we often found American troops angry and frustrated[…] Today, morale is high. […]
Everywhere, Army and Marine units were focused on securing the Iraqi population, working with Iraqi security units, creating new political and economic arrangements at the local level and providing basic services — electricity, fuel, clean water and sanitation — to the people. Yet in each place, operations had been appropriately tailored to the specific needs of the community. As a result, civilian fatality rates are down roughly a third since the surge began[…]
In Baghdad’s Ghazaliya neighborhood, which has seen some of the worst sectarian combat, we walked a street slowly coming back to life with stores and shoppers. The Sunni residents […] seemed genuinely happy with the American soldiers and a mostly Kurdish Iraqi Army company patrolling the street. […]
We traveled to the northern cities of Tal Afar and Mosul. […] American troop levels in both cities now number only in the hundreds because the Iraqis have stepped up to the plate. Reliable police officers man the checkpoints in the cities, while Iraqi Army troops cover the countryside. A local mayor told us his greatest fear was an overly rapid American departure from Iraq. […]

None of this is good news if you're a terrorist — or a Democrat. House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) whines that a positive report by General Petraeus could impede his party's surrender efforts. Some Dems, known as Blue Dogs, are still sane enough not to throw in the towel when the country is winning a war it cannot afford to lose. Without their votes, Clyburn grouses, America might prevail:

I think there would be enough support in that group to want to stay the course and if the Republicans were to stay united as they have been, then it would be a problem for us.

Could you have imagined on September 12, 2001, that politicians would more or less openly root for our country's defeat at the hands of Islamic terrorists who prominently include al-Qaeda, and yet not be dragged by their throats from their offices for the tarring and feathering these treasonous lowlifes so richly deserve?

Rep. Clyburn peers out from between his fellow defeatists.

Hat tip: Ace of Spades.

Moonbats Still Insist Global Warming Is Causing Plague of Hurricanes

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:11 AM

Despite the high hopes of global warming enthusiasts for another Katrina, last year's hurricane season turned out to be a complete dud. It's looking like this year won't make for much of an apocalypse either. But don't think this will spare you from the Left's tireless propagandizing on the theme of man-made global warming causing hurricanes to be more numerous and severe.

The political hacks on the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change continue to screech that it is "more likely than not" that our refusal to forsake our modern ways is making hurricanes worse.

A new study props up this notion by finding that the number of observed tropical storms and hurricanes has increased over the last 100 years, as has sea surface temperatures (by a less than staggering 1.3°F).

This could be because Al Gore actually has some clue what he's talking about. But I doubt it. It is far more likely due to the fact that many storms went unnoticed until we started using satellites to track them in the 1970s.

More evidence that the world is coming to an end thanks to our power plants and SUVs is the factoid that four of the top ten costliest storms in American history occurred in 2004. If you think this is due to coastal areas having been built up significantly, so that storms don't have to be any stronger to cause much more damage in financial terms, you haven't been drinking your Kool-Aid.

Mankind's terrible handiwork.

On a tip from Mega.

July 29, 2007

Nancy Pelosi, Beauty Queen

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:42 PM

Now we know for sure the world is going insane. The 67-year-old leftist Harpy Nancy Pelosi comes in at #4 on The Hill's list of the "Most Beautiful People on Capitol Hill."


If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, somebody had better put in an emergency call to an optometrist.

Hat tip: A Little More to the Right.

Find the Felony

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:38 PM

Via Michelle Malkin, which one of these represents a felony in America:

Submersing a crucifix in urine.

Torching Old Glory.

Putting the Dark Ages version of Mein Kampf in the toilet.

Pace University student Stanislav Shmulevich knows the answer. He is facing not one but two felony charges for his tasteless prank with a Koran.

His Pace campus is in Manhattan, where nearly 3,000 Americans were murdered by Muslims not so very long ago. Nonetheless, dhimmitude has taken such deep root that the film Obsession, which describes the threat of radical Islamists, could not be shown there.

The purpose of dhimmitude is to subject us infidels to lives of shameful subservience. It's working.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Keith Olbermann Suggests President Killed Pat Tillman

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:48 PM

Whatever psychiatric condition is afflicting shrill MSNBC moonbat Keith Olbermann, it has clearly progressed to the point that institutionalization and heavy medication are urgently called for. His latest bug-eyed conspiracy theory: President Bush and/or the Army had Pat Tillman assassinated.

A piece subtly entitled "Motive For Murder" promotes the theory that football player turned Army Ranger Pat Tillman was not just killed by friendly fire — he was murdered.

Who would do a thing like that? Why, the Author of All Evil, naturally. As Olby darkly intones:

Corporal Tillman held a number of personal views that were unpopular within the context of the Bush Administration, perhaps also within the Army. He reportedly favored John Kerry in that election that year. We know he opposed the invasion of Iraq. He thought it illegal. He had plans to meet with Noam Chomsky.

So naturally Bush or the Army had him offed. As to why Olby hasn't been rubbed out yet for boldly screeching moonbattery to power — no explanation is given.

Tillman turned down a lucrative NFL career to fight for his country. Now his tragic death is being exploited by a talking cockroach in a tinfoil hat who asks us to believe that President Bush had him killed for allegedly voting for Kerry.

If you know anyone who takes Olbermann's ravings seriously, please consider it your civic duty to get them in the care of skilled mental health professionals immediately.

In case you need to see this for yourself to believe it:

Hat tips: Hot Air, LGF.

Everyone But Dems Agrees: Premature Withdrawal Would Be Disaster

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:11 AM

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that a premature withdrawal of US forces from Iraq would result in a catastrophe. According to a National Intelligence Estimate report:

If coalition forces were withdrawn rapidly … we judge that this almost certainly would lead to a significant increase in the scale and scope of sectarian conflict in Iraq, intensify Sunni resistance of the Iraqi government and have adverse consequences for national reconciliation.

The report added that a John Murtha–style "redeployment" would lead to military intervention by neighboring countries (i.e., our arch enemy Iran), "massive civilian casualties," and al-Qaeda's use of parts of the country "to plan increased attacks in and outside of Iraq."

The Iraq Study Group was risibly naive in many ways, but even it realized we can't just leave:

We believe it would be wrong for the United States to abandon the country through a precipitate withdrawal of troops and support. A premature American departure from Iraq would almost certainly produce greater sectarian violence and further deterioration of conditions.

Unsurprisingly, the commander of US forces in Iraq doesn't see surrender as a viable option. Warns General David Petraeus:

If we pull out, there will be greatly increased sectarian violence, humanitarian concerns. You don't know what could happen in terms of dangerous conflicts, what could happen along the Kurdish-Shi'ite-Sunni fault lines, or how [Iraq's] neighbors will react.

Local Arab leaders agree. Warns Jordan's King Abdullah II:

Withdrawal from Iraq without … preparing the necessary conditions that would ensure a strong central government able to run the affairs of the state … may only worsen the problem and contribute to increasing violence and conflict among Iraqis.

Even Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the hardly helpful United Nations, is showing some sense:

A great caution should be taken for the sake of the Iraqi people. Any abrupt withdrawal or decision may lead to a further deterioration.

In contrast, we have the irresponsible clowns vying for the Democrat POTUS nomination. Bill Richardson, for example, is shouting that he wants American troops "home by the end of this year, in six months, with no residual forces" — consequences be damned.

Given how obsessed liberals have been with shoehorning Iraq into their beloved Vietnam template, they can't be unaware of what will happen if they are succeed in bringing about our defeat. Hundreds of thousands of boat people died trying to escape the horrors of communist Vietnam. The regime executed an estimated 65,000; another 165,000 died in concentration camps. In neighboring Cambodia, the chaos caused by the power vacuum after our withdrawal brought the Khmer Rouge to power — 1.7 million Cambodians died.

But at least in Southeast Asia, our withdrawal didn't result in putting Iran in a position to control the world's oil supply, or potentially providing al-Qaeda with its own oil-rich terror state from which to launch attacks on our homeland.

Vietnamese attempting to escape the consequences of US withdrawal.

July 28, 2007

Fisherman Arrested For Protecting Bait From Sea Lion

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:36 PM

Fisherman Hai Nguyen is sitting in a Newport Beach, California jail after do-gooders saw him defending his bait from a sea lion and ran squealing to the police. He will be arraigned on felony animal cruelty charges for stabbing the aggressive beast with a steak knife.

Bail has been set at $20,000. Hopefully catches have been good, because Nguyen could be fined even more than that, in addition to spending up to a year in prison for behavior that until recently would have been regarded as a sensible reaction.

Sea lions are often at odds with people. In addition to stealing fishermen's bait, they leave massive piles of crap all over docks, keep people up all night with their Al Gore–like bellowings, and leave behind horrific odors. Needless to say, our moonbat authorities side with them against the humans whose taxes pay their generous salaries.

If only all pests were the size of rats.

July 27, 2007

PETA May Buy Penfield Lighthouse For Fish Empathy Project

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:46 PM

The 51-foot-high Penfield Reef Lighthouse off the coast of Fairfield, Connecticut is up for sale — and PETA might buy it.

The objective would be to transform this resource for fishermen into the headquarters for their "Fish Empathy Project," featuring a memorial to the countless fish that are callously murdered so that anthropocentric humans can devour their flesh. Also, there will be a cafe serving faux fish sticks, in case anyone who just happens to be swimming past the treacherous reef gets a craving for some artificial food.

Michael Prescott, manager of PETA's fish empathy campaigns, assures us that synthetic fish sticks "taste pretty good." He also shares this interesting fact:

Fish are interesting, quizzical animals with unique personalities.

Take for example the fish in the old StarKist commercials; he had a personality — and the Little Mermaid was downright charismatic.

But I forgot, PETA is completely on the level about this stuff. These are the people who believe that fish use tools.

Look at that: fish really do use tools!

Hat tip: Blogmeister USA.

Lawyers For Animals

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:33 AM

The absurdity has now reached the point that Switzerland is going to vote on whether animals should be represented by lawyers in court.

If the referendum passes, those animals that can't afford attorneys will be provided representation at the taxpayers' expense.

Swiss readers are warned not to leave any chicken bones in their garbage. If a dog or raccoon gets into it and chokes, you might be sued.

This cat needs to lawyer up against its owner.

On a tip from Bill.

Michael Eckhart, Global Warming Hoax Enforcer

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:47 AM

It is my intention to destroy your career as a liar. If you produce one more editorial against climate change, I will launch a campaign against your professional integrity. I will call you a liar and charlatan to the Harvard community of which you and I are members. I will call you out as a man who has been bought by Corporate America. Go ahead, guy. Take me on.

Those are the words of Michael T. Eckhart, president of the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) to Marlo Lewis, senior fellow of the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI).

CEI doesn't dispute that climate fluctuates, but isn't drinking Al Gore's leftist Kool-Aid when it comes to the causes — thus the threats.

Over 400 organizational members pay into ACORE, including the federal Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, and Energy, as well as the EPA. This is your tax dollar at work.

In a separate threat, Eckhart demanded that CEI reverse its position and start spouting global warming propaganda "or I will take every action I can think of to shut you down" — including siccing the IRS on it.

Why not? Besides heading ACORE, Eckhart is cochairman of the World Council for Renewable Energy and a member of the Clinton Global Initiative. Presumably he's making good money off the global warming hoax, and doesn't want his golden goose threatened.

Just so long as no one thinks this has anything to do with science.

Michael Eckhart, global warming thug.

Movin' the D Downward

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:09 AM

Decades of left-wing political leadership have reduced Detroit to a third-world hellhole, so lawless and impoverished, it doesn't even have supermarkets. But a "diverse panel" speaking at Wayne State University yesterday came up with some proposals on how to make it all better. Sponsored in part by the Detroit News, the panel discussion was entitled "Movin' the D Forward."

Here's the prescription for making Detroit a "world-class city":

  • The state should invest more in education and less in prisons.

  • Change mandatory sentencing laws that disproportionately target poor people.

  • Cap suburban sprawl.

  • Detroit should welcome immigrants, and require the police and other city employees to live in the city.
  • In other words, plunge ever deeper into moonbattery, and hope for the best. But with every year of liberal leadership, hope in Detroit gets harder to come by.

    Wilderness reclaims a Detroit destroyed by moonbattery.

    On a tip from V the K.

    July 26, 2007

    US Army Infiltrated by Moonbat

    Posted by Dave Blount at 5:50 PM

    The current epidemic of moonbattery is so out of control, it's inevitable that moonbats would find their way into the military, the better to destroy it from within. A case in point is The New Republic milblogger formerly known as Scott Thomas. As noted earlier, doubt has been cast on Thomas' reports of American soldiers defiling the remains of dead children, humiliating a disfigured woman, intentionally running over dogs, etc. But even if uncorroborated and almost certainly untrue, at least his tales conform to TNR's liberal agenda.

    Now we know his real name: Scott Thomas Beauchamp. Unsurprisingly, he is a flaming moonbat who apparently entered the military with the deliberate purpose of acquiring credibility with which to attack it, thus securing a place among the elite intelligentsia.

    Michelle Malkin rounds up the facts nicely, with quotes from the aspiring writer Beaumont himself. Here's some of his poetry:

    Every morning I get up and I'm a little more liberal than the day before

    Every morning I get up and try to recite a fact from something I read last night.

    Every morning I get up and wish I was as free as the people that I'm "fighting for"

    Every morning I get up and think I'm a tool for global corporations

    Every morning I get up and miss my mother

    Every morning I get up and shave

    Every morning I get up and realize how much I love my comrades

    Every morning I get up and say I'm Scott Beauchamp, in the army, living in Germany, and this is my life, and I'm going to be treated like shit today and do landscaping and janitorial work and practice killing people and there could be no other way to appreciate what I had or what I'm going to have once I get out other than enduring this now when all I really want to do is teach history and lay around and read and hustle around and repair the world (tikkun olam) and sift through knowledge and improve culture and learn how to sail and work in soup kitchens and start a family and really, I mean REALLY study the best the western civilization has to offer and facilitiate the mystery and power through everything I do, but I cant do it without getting through this army experience first, which will add a legitimacy to EVERYTHING i do afterwards, and totally bolster my opinions on defense, etc, and of course its making me a lot less lazy, just because im not use to being lazy any more, etc.

    Every morning I get up…

    Not exactly the model soldier, but just the guy to bring us reports from Iraq spun to suit the MSM's agenda.

    Here's what he looks like:


    And here's his MySpace avatar, presumably revealing his true inner self:


    Dan Rather would be delighted with the journalistic integrity The New Republic showed by letting this maladjusted freakazoid use their magazine for a soapbox from which to slander the American military.

    Moonbat Judge Decrees Hazleton Cannot Defend Itself

    Posted by Dave Blount at 4:25 PM

    US District Judge James Munley has decreed that Hazleton, Pennsylvania may not use commonsense measures to defend itself from becoming completely inundated by illegal aliens the federal government refuses to keep out of the country.

    About a third of Hazleton's population is now Central American, and much of it is in this country illegally. The effect on crime rates and social service costs has been as you might expect.

    Today's ruling could affect dozens of towns across the country that followed Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta's lead by fining businesses that hire illegal aliens and penalizing landlords who rent to them.

    Just as we could win the war in Iraq if the Dems and the media would let us, we could easily secure our borders from invasion. However, the enemy within is the most difficult to overcome. Our own authorities intend for the country to be forcibly colonized from across the effectively unguarded border, so that it may be remade into a new nation that will not resist socialism. If we don't continue to fight tooth and nail, they will succeed.

    Rising Tide of Moonbattery Ahead?

    Posted by Dave Blount at 2:51 PM

    Just as the climate naturally fluctuates, so do our politics — and WaPo raises the frightening possibility that we are now oscillating in the direction of the lunatic Left.

    How else to explain a Democrat field consisting entirely of moonbats who advocate open homosexuality in the military, socialized medicine, tax increases, and surrender to Islamic terrorists?

    Even the Republican candidates are liberals in many respects. Giuliani has supported abortion and gun control. Romney has favored abortion and socialized medicine. McCain has so many loose screws in his head, every time he shakes it you think he's playing the maracas. He wants to close Gitmo and claims to believe in global warming.

    More disturbing than the WaPo piece are some of the comments it drew. A few samples:

    The most important reason that Edwards should be president is the fact that he is not bought off and the corporations and corporatocracy and their controlled MSM are scared to death of him! Edwards all the way!!
    It has been an embarrassment for almost 30 years to be called an American due entirely to the 'pube party and their attempt to "talibanize" our nation. IF we can get our collective heads out of our _sses we stand a chance of reclaiming our place of "shining beacon" of hope, learning, freedom, etc. Currently we are ANYTHING BUT.
    Let's just admit that the United States has been going down the wrong path for a very long time. […] Bottom Line: Equality of condition should be the goal[…].
    In many ways, this country is divided between most of the American people on one side and the Republican Party AND THE CORPORATE MEDIA on the other side.

    To think there are people walking around loose, completely unmedicated, who think the mainstream media favors Republicans. It's getting scary out there.

    On a tip from Charles.

    Moonbat Desecrates Flag, Assaults Deputy

    Posted by Dave Blount at 2:03 PM

    Mark and Deborah Kuhn of moonbat-infested Asheville, North Carolina decided to poke a finger in the eye of anyone who respects our flag by flying it upside down — a symbol of distress and/or disrespect. In case their message was too subtle, they also pinned signs to Old Glory, expressing their defeatist political views.

    Incredibly, the Kuhns expressed amazement that people would react angrily to the desecrated flag — despite their obvious intent to infuriate. When citizen complaints resulted in a deputy being sent to inform them they were violating a state law against flag desecration by pinning signs all over it, Mark Kuhn slammed the door on the deputy's hand hard enough to break the glass pane. The deputy's hand was cut, and Kuhn also struck him in the face and refused to show ID. Yet he was arrested on only misdemeanor charges.

    Hollers Kuhn:

    We are going to do our best to get a civil liberties lawyer from the ACLU.

    You see, he doesn't think the deputy he assaulted should be able "to get away with this."

    The Kuhns. I rest my case against Ron Paul.

    On a tip from Hope Angel.

    Hollywood Planning Defeatist Propaganda Barrage

    Posted by Dave Blount at 8:33 AM

    Smelling victory, America's enemies within are gearing up for a major assault intended to break our spirits and ensure victory for al-Qaeda and Iran. Hollyweird is planning to flood the market with peacenik propaganda films, designed to impugn the military and instill in the public the pacifistic self-hatred that makes defeat at the hands of Islamic totalitarians inevitable.

    "In the Valley of Elah" will feature American soldiers senselessly murdering each other and the American flag flying upside down in the heartland. In "Grace Is Gone," squishy moonbat John Cusack will play a guy with two daughters struggling with the loss of his wife to war. The hero of "Stop-Loss" is a veteran who defies orders to return to Iraq. Has-been director Brian De Palma's "Redacted" will portray American soldiers persecuting an Iraqi family. A film is being developed about Richard A. Clarke, a former national security official who now devotes himself to biting the Bush Administration's ankles.

    After Vietnam, there was no shortage of nauseating "Coming Home" type films stressing the futility of attempting to defend American civilization from those who would destroy it. But nowadays Hollywood is so brazen in expressing its treasonous impulses that it barfs this stuff up even while American troops are still out there getting shot at.

    As for patriotic movies that remind us that our troops are heroes fighting for a country that deserves their sacrifices — don't hold your breath waiting for them to come out of Tinseltown.

    valley-of-elah.jpg   Part of Hollywood's upcoming propaganda barrage on behalf of al-Qaeda and Iran.

    On a tip from V the K.

    Chavez Forbids Criticism

    Posted by Dave Blount at 8:00 AM

    Hugo Chavez has again demonstrated his devotion to liberty by forbidding visitors from criticizing his government. Bellowed the Left's latest heartthrob:

    How long are we going to allow a person, from any country in the world, to come to our own house to say there's a dictatorship here, that the President is a tyrant, and no one does anything about it?

    It's a good thing for Chavez the USA doesn't have laws like this, or he would have been in hot water for the childish insults he directed at President Bush at the UN last year, and on friendly soil in Harlem.

    Venezuela's media isn't allowed to criticize the government either. Radio Caracas Television has been driven off the air, and Venevision has knuckled under, replacing critical coverage with state-sanctioned propaganda. The only remaining opposition media is Globovision, which is currently under investigation.

    Better at dishing it out than taking it.

    On a tip from V the K.

    San Francisco Still at War With Constitution

    Posted by Dave Blount at 7:29 AM

    San Franfreakshow's war on our Second Amendment liberties continues — but at least bureauweenies are dropping the pretense that it has anything to do with preventing crime.

    New laws flip the bird to the Constitution by prohibiting the sale or possession of firearms on city property, requiring firearms in residences to be locked up so they won't do any good against intruders, and requiring the single gun dealer left in San Francisco to jump through still more pointless bureaucratic hoops.

    Even Nathan Ballard, spokesman for metrosexual Mayor Gavin Newsom, took a pause from crowing that San Francisco will have the most oppressive gun laws in the nation to admit that the laws won't affect gun violence. After all, gun laws only pertain to the law-abiding, not to criminals — though moonbats are doing their best to make criminals of normal Americans who only want to exercise their constitutional right to defend themselves.

    The still more blatantly unconstitutional Proposition H would make it illegal to buy and sell guns in the city and force owners to turn over their guns to the police. It passed with 58% of the vote among the same constituency that gave us the current Speaker of the House, but the NRA has thankfully tied it up in court. Even the leftist Newsom has refrained from supporting Proposition H, possibly because he has it confused with Preparation H, which is considered to taste awful.

    On a tip from V the K.

    July 25, 2007

    If Only

    Posted by Dave Blount at 3:44 PM

    If we could have one magic wish, how better to spend it than to have General George S. Patton return and save us from our moonbattery:

    On a tip from Wiggins.

    GE Cashing in on Global Warming Hoax

    Posted by Dave Blount at 3:20 PM

    In an astonishing display of opportunistic greed, General Electric issued a credit card today that allows users to be automatically fleeced of up to 1% of their card purchases. The cash will go to buy "greenhouse emissions offsets" — a known and rather obvious scam.

    Even without government coercion (yet), there is a massive greenhouse gas credit trade in the US. It reached nearly 24 million tons of CO2 last year. The level of evidence that such schemes affect the climate remains steady at none. They may as well issue pixie dust credits.

    But as P.T. Barnum is said to have said, there's one born every minute.

    Spend enough and maybe you'll save a polar bear — but I sure doubt it.

    On a tip from Bill.

    Heidi Sakkestad, Mutilated Refugee From Socialized Medicine

    Posted by Dave Blount at 2:33 PM

    The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has a frightening story to tell:

    Four years ago in her native Norway, Heidi Sakkestad was told by a dentist — and not even her own dentist — that she would look much better if she let him fix her overbite.
    Since then, Ms. Sakkestad's life has been a string of doctors, denials and disappointments.
    The minor surgery went horribly wrong, and Ms. Sakkestad woke up with her jaw hanging 8 to 10 millimeters to the right of its normal position. Five subsequent surgeries over the next four years only made the problem worse, and she ended up with several broken jaw bones.
    Not only was she unable to eat or speak, she began having muscle spasms and lost sight in her right eye, because of a twisted bone that affected both vision and movement. She was in constant pain, and could no longer leave her house.
    "My eye was closed, I had spasms," she said. "My arms went all over, my head went all over."
    "Four years," she started to say, but could not continue as her eyes filled with tears. "It's hard to talk about it."
    Eventually, the doctors gave up. She had seen a dentist, an oral surgeon and a neurologist, but none had been able to help. They told Ms. Sakkestad, 48, that her problems were psychological, and there was nothing they could do for her. They sent her a letter recommending she find a psychiatrist.

    Fortunately it looks like this awful tale will have a happy ending: Ms. Sakkestad left Norway for Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh, where competent doctors have her well on the way to recovery.

    According to her friend Michele Grindheim, who suggested coming to Pittsburgh:

    You can find a bad doctor anywhere in the world. But the problem with this situation is that all the ones who got involved were friends with each other, so they kept covering up everything instead of saying "OK, we made a mistake, now we have to help this woman."

    That can happen when you come up against a bureaucracy. As the Post-Gazette forgot to mention, Norway features "free" socialized medicine. I'd say "you get what you pay for," except that "free medicine" is extravagantly expensive — as we will be reminded each tax day if any of the current Dem POTUS candidates makes it to the White House.

    If that happens, this story won't have a happy ending after all.

    Socialized healthcare beneficiary Heidi Sakkestad.

    On a tip from Reid.

    Another Light Hurricane Season, Despite Gore's Bellowing

    Posted by Dave Blount at 11:22 AM

    Here's some good news — unless you're trying to become rich and powerful by exploiting the global warming hoax. The 2007 hurricane season may be less severe than previously expected due to cool water temperatures in the Atlantic.

    Elizabeth Edwards' tangerine boycott must be working.

    But I'm forgetting: the hurricane season was a dud last year too, wasn't it? There must be a very lucrative grant waiting for the first scientist to come up with a computer model proving that American CO2 emissions are causing hurricanes to store up their strength for a single massive assault that will wash away Florida unless taxes are raised immediately.

    On a tip from Metalgarth.

    New Haven Passing Out IDs to Illegal Aliens

    Posted by Dave Blount at 8:18 AM

    When it comes to expressing contempt for the rule of law and the territorial sovereignty of the United States, New Haven, Connecticut has gone beyond the "sanctuary city" policy of refusing to cooperate with the federal government regarding immigration laws. The home of ultra-liberal Yale University is now passing out ID cards to illegal aliens.

    This is excellent news for the next 9/11 crew, who won't be put to the trouble of getting their IDs on the black market, where they can cost $150 these days.

    A New York City councilman will be offering a similar plan. No doubt Boston won't be far behind.

    There is a silver lining. If we can use these IDs to lure enough illegals to the Northeast, maybe "Aztlan" can still be saved from demographic conquest.


    On a tip from Bob.

    Mental Ward Churchill Headed to Court

    Posted by Dave Blount at 7:27 AM

    At long last Colorado University has been shamed into showing faux Indian ethnic studies professor Ward Churchill the door. Of his almost numberless disqualifications, Churchill was finally canned primarily for plagiarism and fabricating lies about the iniquities of America that he passed off as scholarly research.

    He was not fired for calling the victims of the World Trade Center atrocity "Little Eichmanns." On the contrary, having made this particularly egregious remark continues to be his primary defense as he takes his one-man circus from the campus to the courtroom. You see, no one may silence unpopular views, so long as they are politically correct unpopular views. Churchill plans to sue in Denver District Court, in hopes of finding moonbats on the jury who will agree that his loudly expressed hatred of America more than makes up for any academic misconduct.

    If he really wants a cash jackpot and not just another chance to denounce his country in front of the cameras, he might be wiser to try suing in San Francisco. As Slapstick Politics reports, even liberal Denver appears to be fed up with the creep. But no doubt his San Fran fan base will stick with him to the end:

    An actual photograph of Ward Churchill admirers expressing their devotion.

    On a tip from Dwaine. Hat tip: Longrange.

    July 24, 2007

    Topless Moonbats Crash Shrillaryfest

    Posted by Dave Blount at 8:40 PM

    As Zombie reports, Hillary Clinton's San Francisco campaign headquarters opened yesterday. Its launch party corresponded with a Democrat debate. Hillary's hapless minions gathered at the new headquarters to watch on TV.

    But there were intruders in their midst: Breasts Not Bombs and Code Pink moonbats so beyond the reach of sanity and decency that they detest Shrillary for not being enough of a leftist. When they revealed themselves, any normal person would have convulsed in horror.

    However, this being a Shrillary event, the only normal person in evidence was Zombie herself, who resolutely photographed the revolting spectacle. The Clintonistas responded by chanting their evil queen's name like satanic nuns in a midnight movie.

    Here's a sample. The topless hag on the left is Breasts Not Bombs honcho Sherry Glaser:


    You're welcome for the red bars I was nice enough to add.

    On a tip from Hope Angel.

    New Republic Accused of Fabricating News Again

    Posted by Dave Blount at 11:51 AM

    What have we here? From none other than Jayson Blair's old employer, The Gray Hag:

    Just who is the "Baghdad Diarist"?
    It is a question that many people are asking The New Republic, the [left-leaning] Washington political magazine that has been running articles attributed to an American soldier in Baghdad.
    The author, who used the pen name Scott Thomas, has written three articles for the magazine since February, describing gruesome incidents in Iraq. Last week, The Weekly Standard questioned the veracity of the New Republic articles and invited readers with knowledge about the military or Baghdad to comment.
    Since then, several readers and a spokesman for the base where the soldier is supposedly based have written in, raising more questions.
    "Absolutely every piece of information that's come out since we put that call up has cast further doubt on that story," said Michael Goldfarb, the online editor of The Weekly Standard. "There's not a single person that has come forward and said, 'It sounds plausible.'"
    Franklin Foer, the editor of The New Republic, will not reveal the author's identity but says the magazine is investigating the accuracy of his articles. In the late 1990s, under different editors, the magazine fired an associate editor, Stephen Glass, for fabrications. […]
    The diaries have described some shocking incidents of military life, including soldiers openly mocking a disfigured woman on their base and a private wearing a found piece of a child's skull under his helmet.

    But why would an MSM outlet want to make up stories about American soldiers being mean and morbid? After all, even liberals support the troops.

    Come to think of it, why do they report this stuff even if it's true? They must think it's more germane than reporting on the troop surge working.

    Alec Rawls Continues to Fight Flight 93 Memorial Abomination

    Posted by Dave Blount at 11:11 AM

    Now a word from Alec Rawls, who as mentioned previously has been fighting to stop the Flight 93 Memorial, which if built as planned will commemorate not Todd Beamer and the other heroes on that flight, but rather the maniacal Muslims who hijacked the jet:

    I am currently engaged in something approaching war with western Pennsylvania newspapers that have fact checked my claims about Islamic and terrorist memorializing features in the Flight 93 Memorial and found them to be accurate, but are refusing to tell their readers. At the same time, they are quoting numerous critics and Flight 93 family members who claim that I am spreading preposterous untruths. The press is whipping up the local population against me as I am set to travel out there tomorrow to attend the Memorial Project's yearly public meeting this weekend, and I am firing back by running 3/4 page full color advertisements in the Somerset Daily American. (Somerset is next door to the Flight 93 crash site.)
    The back-story is the Memorial Project lying to the Flight 93 families about my findings (thoroughly documented in my Crescent of Betrayal book). For instance, they lied to the families about the Mecca orientation of the giant central crescent of the original Crescent of Embrace design. This giant crescent remains fully intact in the Bowl of Embrace redesign, and it is trivially easy to verify that a person facing directly into the crescent is facing almost exactly at Mecca. The leaders of the Memorial project admit this. In an April 2006 conference call, Project Superintendent Joanne Hanley explained why she wasn't worried about the almost exact Mecca-orientation of the crescent. "It's not exact," she said to me. "That's one we talked about. It has to be exact." At the same time, she was telling the Flight 93 families that my information had been investigated and debunked.
    I actually got a local reporter to fact check the orientation of the crescent last week. I gave him the address of an Islamic website that has a Mecca direction calculator. While I was on the phone with him, he downloaded a Mecca direction graphic for Somerset and placed it over the site plan. (Recreation below, with crescent bisector superimposed). "Yup. It points to Mecca," he told me, assuring me that he would publish this bit of fact checking in his article, but he didn't. Again, reporting only quoted people saying that I am a liar. I suspect that it was the editor that stripped the fact checking out.
    Green circle was obtained from the Salat Times utility at It shows the direction to Mecca from Somerset PA. The red arrow shows that a person standing halfway between the tips of the giant crescent and facing into the center of the crescent is facing almost exactly at Mecca. The meaning? A crescent that Muslims face into to face Mecca is called a mihrab and is the central feature around which every mosque is built. (Everything you see in this graphic remains completely intact in the superficially altered Bowl of Embrace redesign.)
    Here are some links to the war that is ongoing between the press and myself.
    Yesterday's large color copy here:,PDF.pdf
    Today's large color ad copy here:,FinalPDF.pdf
    The Tribune Democrat's fact-checking free reporting here:
    And here:
    I need more help exposing this bad behavior. The press is setting up the local people to want to tear me apart this week. They know that the Memorial Project is using the families to block for the hijacker and they refuse to let their readers know.

    Fortunately, we are no longer at the mercy of the print media. Rawls' book explaining this insanity is still available for free download here.

    $21 Million Suit Over Preventing an Abortion

    Posted by Dave Blount at 9:24 AM

    This one ought to warm the Breck Girl's heart:

    A jury has awarded $21 million to a couple and their lawyers for having a baby with Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome, which means it can't synthesize cholesterol properly. The lucky couple are supposedly owed all this money because they were told after their first sick baby that they could have normal children in the future. If they had known the next baby would have the disorder, they would have killed the poor thing when it was legal to do so, i.e. prenatally.

    Since the primary victim is a doctor at the University of South Florida, the looters are going to need assistance from the state legislature, which has given government institutions a leg up on the private sector by capping lawsuits against them at $200,000. The couple's lawyer Christian Searcy, who describes the $21 million jackpot as "conservative but fair," is planning to lean on state lawmakers to make a special exception, since the child failing to be aborted "was so preventable and is so poignant."

    On a tip from Wiggins.

    Moonbats Stall Attempts to Make Roads Safe From Unlicensed Drivers

    Posted by Dave Blount at 9:00 AM

    Fed up with the lethal chaos on our roads, some California counties are supporting a state law requiring that cars driven by unlicensed or uninsured drivers be impounded on the spot. This makes too much sense to be permitted by moonbats, who are challenging the law on civil rights grounds.

    You see, many of the maniacs flying down the wrong side of the road dead drunk at excessive speeds, killing Americans on a daily if not hourly basis, turn out to be unlicensed and uninsured because they are illegal immigrants who have violated our laws and our sovereignty by sneaking across the hardly guarded border from Mexico. Therefore, expecting drivers to be licensed and insured is racist.

    Recent decrees from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals have reduced a statewide association of police chiefs to warning that impounding cars from unlicensed drivers could be construed as a violation of the Fourth Amendment — even if the drivers are not American citizens and aren't even in the country legally.

    Effectively this would mean we have to wait until they actually crash the car into someone before we can get them out from behind its wheel for awhile. As for the rule of law — if that were still taken seriously, the illegals wouldn't be here in the first place.

    If you like the action and excitement caused by whole fleets of unlicensed illegal aliens drunkenly reenacting Hollywood chase scenes on our roads, send a thank-you card to the Ninth Circus.

    On a tip from Wiggins.

    Muslim Workers Whine to EEOC After Praying Instead of Working

    Posted by Dave Blount at 7:48 AM

    Employers trying to run a production line might want to think twice about hiring Somali Muslims, some of whom have been causing chaos at a Swift & Co. meatpacking plant in Omaha by walking off the job so they can get their faces to the ground to praise their wicked god.

    Naturally the Hamas front group CAIR is on the case, having filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. At least 44 workers have signed a complaint, alleging that Swift dares to put packing meat ahead of worshiping Allah.

    As Swift attorney Donald Selzer observes, unscheduled breaks can force unplanned shutdowns of production lines.

    Whines fired Muslim Ali Schire:

    Some of the people even had to give up praying at all for fear of being fired.

    Given its history of moonbattery, the EEOC can be expected to take the Muslims' side, possibly arguing that no one is ever fired for packing meat in a mosque.

    Muslim employees hard at work.

    On a tip from Wiggins.

    July 23, 2007

    Send in the Clown (Again)

    Posted by Dave Blount at 7:35 AM

    Apparently the tension in the Middle East has reached the point where everyone needs a little comic relief. Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh is reported to have accepted an offer by clueless useful idiot Jimmy "the Dhimmi" Carter to mediate in the face-off with rival terror gang Fatah.

    Since Hamas is the more bloodthirstily hostile toward Israel and America, it's no surprise it would want Carter to mediate, since he can be counted on to take its side — as he has done consistently. The mediation would counter US policy, which calls for Fatah to isolate Hamas — but sticking out his withered tongue at US policy is standard operating procedure for America's worst ex-president.

    The only surprise is that even Hamas can still take this treasonous old fool seriously.

    Hamas' handyman.

    On a tip from Wiggins.

    Mother Moonbat to Desecrate Arlington Today

    Posted by Dave Blount at 6:54 AM

    This morning at 9:30 Eastern readers in the DC area are encouraged to join a counterprotest at the entrance to Arlington National Cemetery, where the very personification of moonbattery, Cindy Sheehan, is planning to desecrate sacred ground with yet another self-promoting surrender rally.

    Regular readers will need no introduction to the She-Hag, who has defiled her heroic son's memory, sided with every enemy of America she could find, called the terrorists killing American troops "freedom fighters," and even earned the fawning approval of the odious Maureen Dowd in the process of establishing herself as the female Michael Moore.

    The counterprotest will gather on the sidewalk near the Metro entrance on Memorial Drive. Don't forget to bring flags and signs supporting the troops who are laying their lives on the line for us, only to be spat upon by the morally deformed moonbat hordes who adulate the Ditch Witch.

    On a tip from Wiggins.

    Child Rapist Freed For Speaking African Language

    Posted by Dave Blount at 6:32 AM

    Mahamu Kanneh of Liberia attended high school and community college in the USA, yet when he was hauled into court for repeatedly raping a 7-year-old girl, a court-ordered psychiatrist decided that the court needed to provide him with an interpreter so he could follow the proceedings in his obscure native language Vai.

    Problem is, they couldn't find one. So the aptly named judge Katherine Savage let the guy go. What the hell, little girls get raped every day, but how often do moonbats get a chance to set a criminal free because he speaks Vai?

    PS: WaPo says its reporters found three available Vai translators in just one night. But then, they were probably trying, which gives them an unfair advantage.

    On a tip from Pete.

    Socialized Medicine Perk: Free Goodies For Addicts

    Posted by Dave Blount at 6:14 AM

    Maybe socialized medicine isn't such an idiotic idea after all — provided you're a drug addict.

    Britain's National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellent (NICE — I'm serious, that's what it goes by) will recommend that the National Health Service offer free TV sets, iPods, and best of all vouchers that apparently can be redeemed for drugs to heroin and cocaine addicts if they manage to stay clean long enough to pass a drug test.

    The vouchers start at only £5 a test, but each time you take a test the payoff goes up — and the testing would typically occur three times a week.

    Meanwhile, as Katherine Murphy of the Patients Association reports:

    Some people with genuine disease are being forced to sell their homes for the medicines they need.

    Patients are denied drugs for blindness, Alzheimer's, lung cancer, etc., under NICE rationing. That's what they get for having conditions that aren't self-inflicted.

    On a tip from Matt.

    July 22, 2007

    Big Raise For Publicly Employed Illegal Aliens

    Posted by Dave Blount at 11:53 AM

    When state officials discovered that Spring Valley, New York Mayor George Darden was hiring illegal aliens, they quickly set the situation right — by commanding him to raise their wages by 300%.

    Both federal and state funds are being spent on the urban renewal project for which Darden recruited the illegals. He was paying them $10/hour in cash, in violation of state wage laws. But he won't be prosecuted, any more than the illegals will be prosecuted — they're now making $40/hour, courtesy of taxpayers.

    So much for getting cheap labor in exchange for our border security — if not our national sovereignty — having been reduced to a joke.

    On a tip from Wiggins.

    Illegal Alien Molests Little Boy

    Posted by Dave Blount at 11:21 AM

    If you're an illegal alien, you don't have to get drunk and crash your car head on into a State Trooper to get the attention of the authorities. Another way to do it is to molest a 13-year-old boy, as foreign derelict Jesus Mora Nava did after luring the kid to his encampment with alcohol.

    Nava had already been deported at least once, and had been arrested for the public intoxication characteristic of Harry Reid's "undocumented Americans."

    Maybe a fence will be in place by the time he gets out of jail, so that after his next deportation he won't just bounce back again — but I wouldn't bet on it.

    jesus-mora-nava.jpg   Jesus Mora Nava: Molesting the children Americans won't molest.

    On a tip from Bob.

    Ninth Circus Closes Down Offshore Drilling

    Posted by Dave Blount at 10:54 AM

    High gas prices couldn't be the fault of the excessive taxes, or by now it would have occurred to bureaucrats to lower them. So what is the cause? Big Oil's insistence on taking a few pennies profit on each gallon? Or could it be because moonbats won't let us drill for oil?

    The infamous 9th Circus Court of Appeals has commanded Shell Oil to stop exploratory drilling off the north coast of Alaska, on the grounds that the Minerals Management Service approved the drilling without fully considering how beluga whales, polar bears, and other favored beasts would be affected in the highly unlikely event of a massive oil spill.

    A hearing is planned for mid August in San Francisco to decided if Shell can go forward and provide us with some oil, after bidding $39 million for the offshore leases, and blowing who knows how much on court costs.

    If not, no problem: we can just keep paying through the nose to buy oil from Arabs, who will spend the proceeds on madrasahs and weapons programs. Hopefully the polar bears and beluga whales will appreciate it.

    Illegal activity.

    On a tip from Byron.

    Transsexual Freakazoid Sues Prison System

    Posted by Dave Blount at 8:30 AM

    Sexually perplexed felon Alexis Giraldo is suing the California prison system and several guards for locking him up in a male prison despite his belief that he is a woman trapped in a man's body.

    Giraldo expects taxpayers to reward him not only for having been subjected to emotional distress, but for having his constitutional rights violated. It seems that locking transgender freakazoids up in the prison of their real gender now constitutes cruel and unusual punishment. In addition to free money, he is demanding that prison officials come up with a special system for incarcerating transgender criminals, who after all are special people.

    Although several counties have separate units for transgender criminals, California is old-fashioned enough to go by genitalia when deciding the gender of inmates. Transsexuals who haven't actually undergone a chopadickoffomy procedure can either go in with the other men or, more appropriately, opt for a psychiatric prison, were Giraldo currently resides. No doubt it qualifies as oppression that society would infer the guy is in any way abnormal.

    On a tip from Wiggins.

    July 21, 2007

    Couple Forced to Share Condo With Flock of Bats

    Posted by Dave Blount at 11:29 AM

    In a world run by moonbats, who takes precedence, humans or bats? The answer to this very easy question can be found in ultra-liberal Vancouver, where a couple's $509,000 condo is infested with about 80 bats living in its walls.

    Removing the bats is forbidden. Anyone caught molesting them during their May-to-August breeding season is subject to a $345 per animal fine.

    Inevitably, the bats have found their way into the apartment. The couple even found a bat in their bed.

    Bats are the primary reservoir for rabies in British Columbia. Rabies causes acute encephalitis and is almost always fatal. The unhappy homeowners are in the midst of four rounds of rabies shots.

    They've cleaned buckets of bat feces from inside the walls, and report being kept up all night by the nocturnal animals' endless squealing.

    But the important thing, according public health veterinarian Brian Radke, is that

    the young are being properly cared for and that we're maintaining the bond [between baby bats and momma bats]. It would be traumatizing to have them captured and relocated somewhere else.

    It might also be traumatizing to have your home taken over by noisy, filthy, potentially lethal-disease–ridden flying creepy-crawlies. But of course, human concerns are no longer considered relevant.

    Cute, huh? No wonder they're more equal than humans.

    On a tip from Jimbo.

    English Flag Banned in England

    Posted by Dave Blount at 10:29 AM

    Lancashire garbage collector Matthew Carter, who was born in Barbados and is black, has been forbidden from wearing a St George's Cross bandana to hold back his dreadlocks because the symbol "could be considered offensive and racist."

    St George's Cross is the flag of England.

    How profoundly sick does a society have to be to ban its own flag? Moonbattery is truly the most hideous disease ever to afflict the human race — the moral and intellectual equivalent of leprosy.

    Now Carter wears a bandana imprinted with a skull and crossbones. Presumably this meets with the approval of politically correct bureauweenies.

    Banned for being "offensive and racist."

    On a tip from The Panday.

    Illegal Alien Deported 14 Times, Then Kills

    Posted by Dave Blount at 10:03 AM

    Here's another one: "undocumented American" Julio Villasana had been kicked out of the USA 14 times before he got around to killing Nashville mandolin-maker Charlie Derrington in yet another illegal alien drunk driving wreck. But of course, deportation serves no purpose whatsoever, considering that our unconscionably irresponsible government refuses to perform its most basic duty by defending the border.

    Villasana had been driving in the wrong direction, and fled the scene after killing Derrington. He will be eligible for parole in 7 1/2 years. The odds that he hasn't killed his last American are looking pretty good.

    On a tip from Wiggins.

    Drunken Illegal Alien Gets Wrist Slap For Crashing Into State Trooper

    Posted by Dave Blount at 9:49 AM

    Great news: for the next year and a half, there will be one less drunken illegal alien turning our roads into a demolition derby. Alfonso Cedillo Maldonado was sentenced to 18 months and a $3,500 fine for crashing his car head on into a Virginia State Trooper with a blood alcohol level over three times the legal limit.

    Maldonado's lawyer is complaining that this wrist slap was the maximum allowed; he wants it reduced. But unless he succeeds, you are virtually guaranteed not to be killed by this particular drunken maniac until he gets back in his car sometime in early 2009.

    Unfortunately, there are countless more where he came from, and no one in authority has shown any meaningful indication of addressing the crisis. See here for a partial list of the victims of the illegal alien invasion.

    On a tip from Wiggins.

    July 20, 2007

    Dems Provide Terrorists With Crucial Support

    Posted by Dave Blount at 5:47 AM

    If it seems too incredible to be true that the Democrat Party would actively side with terrorists against American citizens, consider this:

    House Dems have managed to exclude from homeland security legislation a provision that would protect the public from being sued for good faith reporting of suspicious behavior suggesting a terrorist attack.

    Such legislation is necessary in light of the Flying Imams, a group that deliberately convinced passengers and crew that they were planning to hijack a flight from Minneapolis to Phoenix, and who are now suing them for objecting, as part of campaign to soften our defenses.

    Observes Rep. Peter King (R-NY):

    Democrats are trying to find any technical excuse to keep immunity out of the language of the bill to protect citizens, who in good faith, report suspicious activity to police or law enforcement. I don't see how you can have a homeland security bill without protecting people who come forward to report suspicious activity.

    Be vigilant, bureaucrats like Michael Chertoff advise us when we ask what they're doing to keep us safe in return for our tax money. But don't be too vigilant, or CAIR will drag you into court to be financially ruined, backed to the hilt by Saudi money and Democrat iniquity.

    The Flying Imams have powerful allies in vermin like Sheila Jackson Lee.

    On a tip from V the K.

    Animal Rights Kooks Promise Violence

    Posted by Dave Blount at 5:40 AM

    The maniacal Jerry Vlasak of the North American Animal Liberation Press Office is at it again, lacking only an AK-47 prop in the background as he thunderously warns of the violence his fellow sociopaths plan to inflict on society in the name of the animals:

    Nothing else works, and these people are torturing animals to death, and they should be stopped. If they won't stop after using every other [means], they should be stopped using any means necessary.

    I feel the same way about dangerous reprobates like Vlasak, who justifies his pathological views by referring to the equally terror-friendly Nelson Mandela:

    Other organizations say the reluctance to use violence is a failed tactic. Nelson Mandela said the use of nonviolence is not a moral principle but it's a strategy, and there's no moral goodness in using an ineffective strategy.

    It's always informative to hear about "moral goodness" from an unhinged creepazoid who advocates murdering scientists to prevent research that could save countless lives.

    Unfortunately, if the National Intelligence Estimate is correct, we can expect a lot more Jerry Vlasak types skittering out from under the baseboards to kill in the name of oppressed puppies or the Earth Mother. The FBI is gearing up for terrorist attacks from the likes of Animal Liberation Front and Earth Liberation Front within the next few years.

    jerry_vlasak.jpg   Animal rights creep Jerry Vlasak advocates murder.

    On tips from White Cane.

    Aid to Poor Countries: Money Down the Drain

    Posted by Dave Blount at 5:36 AM

    Two economists who left the International Monetary Fund within the last year, Raghuram Rajan and Arvind Subramanian, have admitted the obvious: aid to poor countries has no significant effect on the economic growth required to cure poverty.

    Echoing liberals, the authors write:

    There is a moral imperative to this question: it is a travesty for so many countries to remain poor if a relatively small transfer of resources from rich countries could set them on the path to growth.

    However, they also observe that it doesn't make much sense to hand our money to the hostile dictators of Third-World basket cases if it isn't going to boost economic growth. Subramanian, who until last year was chief economist at the IMF, holds that aid money would be better spent on providing research and development incentives to the private sector.

    Unfortunately this might mean fewer gold-plated toilet seats for the Idi Amins and Robert Mugabes of the world.

    Robert Mugabe isn't going to like this.

    On a tip from Bill.

    July 19, 2007

    New Zealand May Offer College Courses in Prostitution

    Posted by Dave Blount at 1:00 PM

    As part of an attempt to increase the "quality and relevance" of tertiary education classes, New Zealand taxpayers may soon find themselves financing courses in prostitution.

    However, the courses would need to "demonstrate genuine community need." If you've encountered an undertrained Kiwi call girl, please inform New Zealand's Tertiary Education Commission immediately.

    Hopefully the courses will cover fashion tips.

    On a tip from Bill.

    Vegan Kucinich Sick With Food Poisoning

    Posted by Dave Blount at 12:38 PM

    Whatever elfin species Dennis Kucinich belongs to, it seems to be closely related to humans, because he has proven unable to live healthily off his vegan diet, having been hospitalized with apparent food poisoning.

    Vegans like Kucinich sacrifice their health to moonbattery by shunning not only meat, but any food containing animal products. If you want to turn out like the former Boy Mayor of the Mistake by the Lake, give the diet a try.

    Someone get this sickly elf some human food.

    On a tip from V the K.

    Gen II Moonbat Brigade Signs Declaration of Interdependence

    Posted by Dave Blount at 12:21 PM

    Yesterday the undistinguished descendants of various liberal icons gathered in London to mock the earthshaking events of 1776 by scribbling their names on a Declaration of Interdependence. Calling themselves the Gen II Peace Team, they have resolved "to use our collective strength to take action through non-violent, tangible steps to address instances of conflict and injustice worldwide."

    I guess the world doesn't need Underdog anymore.

    gen-II-peace-team.jpg   No need to fear, the Gen II Moonbat Brigade is here!

    On a tip from Bill.

    Moonbat Study Finds Victims of Communism Less Egocentric Than Americans

    Posted by Dave Blount at 11:52 AM

    Cognitive psychologist Boaz Keysar of the University of Chicago has demonstrated the remarkable ability of academics to prop up their liberal prejudices with supposedly scientific research by running an experiment that worked like this:

    Keysar and his colleagues arranged two blocks on a table so participants could see both. However, a piece of cardboard obstructed the view of one block so a "director," sitting across from the participant, could only see one block.
    When the director asked 20 American participants (none of Asian descent) to move a block, most were confused as to which block to move and did not take into account the director's perspective. Even though they could have deduced that, from the director's seat, only one block was on the table.
    Most of the 20 Chinese participants, however, were not confused by the hidden block and knew exactly which block the director was referring to. While following directions was relatively simple for the Chinese, it took Americans twice as long to move a block.

    You could take from this that victims of Chinese communism are conditioned to see everything from the point of view of their bureaucratic masters, the better to stay alive. But Keysar chooses another explanation:

    That strong, egocentric communication of Westerners was nonexistent when we looked at Chinese. The Chinese were very much able to put themselves in the shoes of another when they were communicating.

    You see, as LiveScience puts it:

    Collectivist societies, such as the Chinese, place more value on the needs of the group and less on the autonomy of the individual. In these societies, understanding other peoples' experiences is a more critical social skill than it is among typically more individualist Americans.

    But Americans' shortcomings are nothing tens of millions of dead and generations of totalitarian slavery couldn't cure.

    Killed over 70 million of his own people, but made the survivors less "egocentric."

    On a tip from V the K.

    Ecofreaks Vandalize Hummer

    Posted by Dave Blount at 10:29 AM

    WaPo reports:

    On a narrow, leafy street in Northwest Washington, where Prius hybrid cars and Volvos are the norm, one man bought a flashy gray Hummer that was too massive to fit in his garage.
    So he parked the seven-foot-tall behemoth on the street in front of his house and smiled politely when his eco-friendly neighbors looked on in disapproval at his "dream car."
    It lasted five days on the street before two masked men took a bat to every window, a knife to each 38-inch tire and scratched into the body: "FOR THE ENVIRON."

    Lucille Liem, who lives nearby and owns a Pious, opines that "It's ridiculous to be driving a Hummer" in a neighborhood that is so "liberal leaning."

    Owner Gareth Groves dreamed of a Hummer for ages before taking the plunge, then getting it decked out with bigger tires and a lift kit, the better to enhance his "image-based" new business, Washington Sports Marketing. But now he wonders if there's any point getting it fixed, since moonbats will just destroy it again.

    That's what happens when civilizations allow themselves to decay: people start to find that there's not much point building or rebuilding anything, because savages will just wreck it.

    A liberal's conception of pure evil.

    On a tip from Bill.

    Osama Obama Wants Sex Ed For Kindergartners

    Posted by Dave Blount at 9:27 AM

    Another indication of the kind of America we'll be living in if by some disastrous turn of events Barack Hussein Obama were actually installed in the White House: Osama Obama has announced to the abortion mill known as Planned Parenthood that sex ed for kindergarteners is "the right thing to do."

    B. Hussein doesn't like it that "inside the classroom the only thing that can be talked about is abstinence." With Goresque hyperbole, he screams that not teaching little kids about sex "is potentially consigning them to illness, pregnancy, poverty, and in some cases, death."

    Naturally any sex ed conducted by state schools will meet all requirements regarding political correctness. So under President Obama, get ready to answer questions from your 4-year-old about fisting, rimming, and other delightful homosexual practices — Osama Obama's claims that sex ed in kindergarten will be "age-appropriate" notwithstanding.

    Not the guy you want educating your 4-year-old.

    On a tip from Conan.

    Seattle Regulates Table Scraps

    Posted by Dave Blount at 6:55 AM

    Seattle's ecofascists will now require city residents to pay to have their table scraps recycled. No, this is not a joke.

    Thankfully, bureaucrats have no plans (for now) to inspect garbage to make sure citizens are recycling their table scraps. The important thing is that they get their money — so all single-family homes will be required to pay for this latest recycling program.

    It could get even worse:

    Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) will study a ban on putting food waste in the garbage can — and enforcing the ban as it does with aluminum, paper and glass. If businesses, apartments and houses place recyclable material in their trash, violators are fined or their garbage doesn't get picked up.

    Also under consideration are bans on Styrofoam, plastic garbage bags, and do-it-yourself trips to garbage transfer stations.

    Environmentalism is the most demented form of totalitarianism yet devised. It will go as far as we let it, until our very breath is taxed and regulated, if not banned.

    Nothing escapes environazis' taxes, fees, regulations, and bans.

    On a tip from Bill.

    July 18, 2007

    Comments Problem

    Posted by Dave Blount at 2:03 PM

    The comments problem isn't fixed after all. I'm working with my Web host to resolve it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Breck Girl Update

    Posted by Dave Blount at 12:31 PM

    John Edwards is still steering so hard to the left, he's doing donuts.

    Now he's ominously threatening to bus kids into the violent hellholes liberal policies have made of inner cities, and to pour even more money down the failing public schools whose unions almost compete with trial lawyers in the amount they spend buying influence in the Democrat Party.

    Silky Pony has been raving that coercive wealth redistribution is "the great moral cause of our time." Yet there is no indication that he will give up his new $6 million, 28,000 square-foot mansion, paid for with loot that he expropriated from doctors when he was a trial lawyer himself, forcing them to spend more on insurance and thus driving up healthcare costs for everybody, the poor included.

    Silky Pony.

    Council of Elder Moonbats

    Posted by Dave Blount at 11:54 AM

    British moonbats Richard Branson and Peter Gabriel have come up with an idea they really should have shopped to Comedy Central: a council of "elders" to resolve the problems of our global village.

    The council will consist of doddering leftists decades past their expiration dates, including such stake-through-the-heart–worthy moonbats as Jimmy Carter, Nelson Mandela, and even the corrupt and useless Kofi Annan. This carnival of fools is expected to solve problems both real and imagined, from AIDS to global warming.

    Much of their work is already done. Carter has the resolution to Middle East conflict figured out: it's all the Jews' fault, so let's give money to Hamas terrorists. Annan has solved the problem of genocidal dictators who starve their own people while living high on the hog — set up lucrative programs like "Oil for Food" to exploit the situation for easy riches. Mandela has solved the problem of African poverty with his trusted solution of abolishing property rights and driving out all the white people, then whining to the West for handouts while openly siding with his fellow thugs, dictators, and terrorists.

    I can't wait to hear how these three stooges resolve AIDS and global warming.

    Hey, where's the third stooge?

    Hat tip: The Corner, on a tip from V the K.

    20,000% Tax Hike

    Posted by Dave Blount at 6:42 AM

    The greedy fiends who now control Congress are proposing raising the maximum tax on a cigar from 5¢ to $10.

    Cigars are often manufactured by small businesses, like the one run by Eric Newman in Tampa, who gasps:

    I'm not sure in the history of man, since our forefathers founded the country in 1776, that there's ever been a tax increase of 20,000 percent. They had the Boston Tea Party for less than this.

    Yes, but we had a lot more character back in the days of the Boston Tea Party. Nowadays, all a tyrant needs to do is bleat the magic words, "It's for the children," and We the People roll onto our backs to expose our soft yellow bellies.

    The money the government manages to bleed from the cigar industry before driving it out of business will supposedly go to health insurance for children who aren't poor and consequently don't qualify for Medicaid — just a small taste of what socialized medicine has in store for us.

    Yet another opportunity for bureaucrats to loot.

    On a tip from Byron.

    Gays in the Military: Wonderful Idea

    Posted by Dave Blount at 6:31 AM

    The current crop of Dem POTUS candidates, in addition to favoring legislation that would make it official that homosexuals are superior before the eyes of the law, also want to end the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy, allowing open homosexuality in the military. If any of them take power, it won't be so unusual to read stories like this one:

    Following a 5-month investigation, 25-year-old Private First Class Johnny Lamar Dalton has been arrested for deliberately spreading the HIV virus to a 17-year-old kid, despite having signed a written order not to have unprotected sex. Evidently authorities knew Dalton had AIDS and was likely to spread it by indulging in the pathologically promiscuous behavior for which homosexuals are so well known.

    If this is what we get under "don't ask, don't tell," wait until Hillary gets to work trying to transform the armed forces into a San Francisco bathhouse.

    The future of our military?

    On a tip from Eoin.

    July 17, 2007

    West Point Graduate Is Conscientious Objector

    Posted by Dave Blount at 9:19 PM

    Even a moonbat can find God, if sufficiently motivated. Infantry Captain Peter D. Brown, stationed at Camp Stryker in Iraq, graduated from West Point in 2004. Now he declares that he has discovered Jesus, and consequently cannot be expected to fight to defend the civilized world — which prominently includes Christendom — from Islamic terrorists. He's demanding an honorable discharge.

    Pules Brown:

    Jesus taught that I should bless those who curse me and not fight back against evil with force.

    I guess that means no Christian has ever served in the military. But hey, the conscientious objector ploy worked for Harrison Ford, who is no USMA grad but also no Christian.

    The New York Civil Liberties Union, always happy to have fewer people fighting evil, has taken up Brown's cause.

    No doubt this will tie up courts for years with expensive litigation. Back when we fought wars with the intention of winning them, the issue might have been resolved immediately with the help of his commanding officer's sidearm.

    Peter Brown doesn't believe in Christian soldiers.

    On a tip from Bill.

    Another Grim Moonbat Fantasy

    Posted by Dave Blount at 8:22 PM

    Thomas Friedman of the New York Times used to believe in free markets. But then he got religion — the Green Religion. Now he gushes over fantasies like this one:

    Imagine a day when you will go online and buy a pass to drive into any major urban area and the price of your pass will be set by whether you are driving a hybrid or a Hummer, the time of day you want to drive, and how much carbon your car trip will emit.

    Enforcement will of course require ever more government surveillance:

    Cameras, software, and algorithms that can read auto license plates as they flash by.

    Free America withstood fascism and communism, it will probably withstand environmentalism too. But thanks go to kooks like Tom Friedman, for being scary enough to keep us from getting complaisant.

    Thomas Friedman, militant apostle of the Goracle.

    On a tip from V the K.

    Christian Purity Ring Banned

    Posted by Dave Blount at 8:20 PM

    The British High Court has ruled that the Malaise I mean Millais School in Horsham, West Sussex, is within its rights to decree that student Lydia Playfoot cannot wear a purity ring engraved with a verse from the Bible to symbolize her opposition to premarital sex.

    Muslim and Sikh pupils are allowed to wear headscarves and religious bracelets, but that's different; they aren't Christian.

    Miss Playfoot observed that the ruling

    will mean that slowly, over time, people such as school governors, employers, political organizations and others will be allowed to stop Christians from publicly expressing and practicing their faith.

    Over here, the ACLU has worked industriously toward the same objective, with tragic success.

    More from Lydia, who is wise beyond her years:

    Over two years ago, I was concerned at the number of teenagers who were catching sexually transmitted diseases, getting pregnant and/or having abortions. The Government's sex education program is not working, and the pressure on young people to "give in" to sex continues to increase.

    Unable to resist rubbing salt in the wound, the court also ordered her father, a Christian minister, to pay the school £12,000 for legal fees. The school's headmaster Leon Nettley is "delighted" with the ruling.

    Once again we see that our society's degeneration is not occurring spontaneously; it is imposed on us by the liberal elite that dominates the media, education, and courts.

    Lydia Playfoot with her forbidden ring.

    On a tip from The Panday.

    HuffPo's Plans For Revolution

    Posted by Dave Blount at 8:10 PM

    Attention all moonbats: in addition to keeping your tinfoil hats tightly fastened at all times, you are advised by your mentors at Huffington Post to take the following precautions:

    I recommend you start stocking up on medicine, food, gallons of water, toilet paper, reading material, Potassium Nitrate, Charcoal powder, and Sulfur. Because soon you will notice that things will start drying up from lack of interstate commerce, shortly after the upcoming Terrah-ist Attack on the NewNited States of Murka.

    "NewNited States of Murka" is Moonbattese for the USA. The cause for panic is "the impending declaration of Martial Law," which will supposedly occur after the next terrorist atrocity.

    But HuffPo has a solution — violently overthrow the American government:

    I think we're past Impeachment boys and girls. […] I think we have to take matters into our own hands and round up what's left of the National Guard in each state. We then cut off the power to the White House and blockade the mother so no food or water can get inside. Then we start pumping marijuana smoke in until they have to evacuate the building. Smoke 'em out, to quote a famous military leader, the one with the codpiece on the flight deck.
    Then we put Shrubby and Deadeye Dick, and anyone else left alive after the firefight outside the Rose Garden, in a cage so's we can haul them around the country behind a John Deere tractor. It'd be a 50-state tour, and we'd make sure to include the territories too.
    Wanna make sure everyone has a chance to spit on 'em, don'tcha know.
    And if there are those of you who are fetching pitchforks for Guantanmo-style justice and retribution, well, I will not say you nay.
    Time to alter AND abolish it. Let's roll!

    Sneeringly echoing Todd Beamer's historic phrase "Let's roll," which has become a rallying cry for patriots, typifies the progressive compulsion to defile anything worthy of honor and respect.

    As stimulating as moonbats seem to find fantasies of violent revolution, they don't actually need one. In less than two years, the childish cretins who read and write for HuffPo will probably have an elected representative running the White House.

    Hat tip: doubleplusundead, on a tip from V the K.


    Posted by Dave Blount at 1:31 PM

    As you may have noticed, Moonbattery has been experiencing technical problems over the last few days, which have affected comments among other things. I'll get to the bottom of it. Thanks for your patience.


    Looks like it's fixed. A couple of posts need to be reposted. Sorry about the lost comments.

    Arafat the AIDS-Spreading Terrorist Nobel Laureate

    Posted by Dave Blount at 9:03 AM

    It's official: terrorist Nobel Peace Prize–winner Yasser Arafat died of AIDS. As Mark Steyn notes, this wasn't a big surprise to everyone:

    [Arafat having died of AIDS was] pretty much an open secret in diplomatic circles. I'm in Madrid at the moment, and it prompted many knowing chortles among political types I mentioned it to today, along with fond reminiscences about Yasser's corps of hunky blond Scandinavian bodyguards — an odd bunch of chaps to find in Ramallah, but presumably they were doing the jobs Palestinians won't do.

    James Lewis observes that the Western media must have known all about it, but kept it quiet for fear of damaging the postmortem reputation of their favorite terrorist. He accuses Arafat of being a Typhoid Mary of AIDS, knowingly spreading the deadly disease as he indulged his homosexual lusts. This would hardly be out of character for a malignant narcissist like Arafat, who has made it obvious that other humans exist only for his own pleasure and enrichment; their suffering means nothing. Look what he did to Israelis with his terror wars, and to Palestinians by deliberately holding them in poverty, resolutely scuttling any chance of peace and squirreling away Western aid in his own Swiss bank accounts.

    This is the kind of guy who gets awarded the Nobel Peace Prize nowadays, thanks to moonbattery.

    Malignant narcissist par excellence.

    On a tip from Byron.

    Dutch Minister Capitulates to Islam

    Posted by Dave Blount at 8:03 AM

    As reported on Dutch Concerns, Ella Vogelaar, Holland's Minister of Residence, Neighborhoods, and Integration, has declared that her country will be Islamic in the future, and that it should adapt to Islam by forcing taxpayers to subsidize Islamic institutions.

    Nowhere is the direct route from freedom through moonbattery to totalitarian slavery more obvious than in the tragedy taking place in Holland. If the country's "anything goes" attitude were primarily based on respect for the sanctity of individual liberty, it would steel itself against the lethal threat to that liberty posed by Muslim colonization. Unfortunately, the attitude seems instead to be based on the moral, intellectual, and social disintegration known as moonbattery. Consequently, Holland's own government is actively assisting in the irretrievable loss of a once-proud European nation to the grim authoritarian world of Islam.

    Admittedly Vogelaar will look better in a burka.

    On a tip from The Panday.

    Shrillary's Plans to Jack Up Taxes

    Posted by Dave Blount at 7:34 AM

    If you think taxes are high now, wait until the Clintons are back in the White House. Some of Shrillary's alarming intentions are already public knowledge, as Joseph Klein outlines at FrontPageMagazine.

    On their return, Shrillary plans to try again with her disastrous HillaryCare socialized medicine scheme. The cost of free medical care will be staggering — and you will be handed the bill. Although Dems pander to their base's basest instincts by promising to soak the rich, all of us will be soaked. The plan is to impose a new value-added tax, which will actually be regressive, like a sales tax. Also taxes will be raised on capital gains and dividends, which will hit the average American household, in addition to slamming on the brakes on our current bull market.

    Other expensive schemes that Shrillary would have us finance include flushing a fixed 0.7% of our gross national income down the corrupt, useless, and America-hating United Nations. This comes to nearly $140 billion per year, which we would trust the folks who brought us the Oil-For-Food scandal to pass out equitably among hostile dictators. To come up with the cash, she would impose a carbon tax: a dead weight on the economy that would impoverish us all, justified by the phony global warming hoax.

    Plans also exist to impose a new airline tax, and even a new tax on video games. To Shrillary, patriotism means paying higher taxes.

    Klein concludes:

    As President, Hillary will use the tax code to punish success rather than reward it. She has a basic distrust of free market capitalism and consumer choice, believing that big government knows what is best for all of us — whether in health care, education or even the video games we buy. She would rather fund new U.N. global wealth redistribution programs with our tax money than let us keep more of the money we earn from work and investment for ourselves, our families and our own choice of philanthropic causes. She has surrounded herself with advisors of like mind.
    If Hillary becomes our next President, we will all pay the horrible price of enormous new taxes to feed her pied piper of omnificent government.

    Worst of all, it will be a fate the American people voluntarily inflict on ourselves.

    Shrillary dreaming of the fortunes she will take from us.

    On a tip from Nanc.

    July 16, 2007

    Venezuelans Escaping Chavez Head For USA

    Posted by Dave Blount at 6:12 PM

    Liberals are fond of denouncing life in America, while praising conditions under our communist enemies, whose regimes serve as beacons for progressives who want to pull our country ever farther from its founding principles of freedom and dignity in the direction of authoritarian socialism. Yet despite the many intellectuals who have devoted their sophisticated minds to slandering our country, none has come up with an explanation for the eagerness of people to escape socialist regimes, or the fact that so many escapees head straight for the USA.

    The latest example: Venezuela, which is degenerating into a Cuba-style communist state under the iron-fisted rule of liberal heartthrob Hugo Chavez.

    Only 14 Venezuelans were granted asylum in 1998, the year Chavez took power. Now we're letting in over 1,000 per year legally. In no mood to wait on the bureaucracy, many take advantage of our resolutely unguarded borders; 160,000 are claimed to live here illegally.

    According to Riordan Roett, director of Latin American studies at Johns Hopkins University:

    I have no doubt that the middle class and those with some stake in the old Venezuela have legitimate concerns regarding their future livelihood and in some cases safety as the regime hardens and the state moves into every sphere of economic and social activity.
    If you have young children, you want out. If you have assets that have been seized, or may be seized, you want out as quickly as possible. If you have land that will be expropriated, leave sooner than later.

    Fortunately Chavez hasn't followed Castro's lead in killing people for trying to escape — yet.

    Now try to imagine anyone, even the moonbattiest college professor, escaping the USA to live under a socialist thug like Chavez.

    A beacon of hope to victims of socialism.

    On a tip from Wiggins.

    Solar Wind, Not CO2

    Posted by Dave Blount at 12:11 PM

    One thing every sane person can agree on regarding the climate is that it always fluctuates. Nonetheless, environmental extremists have gained alarming leverage by convincing the gullible that the current slight warming trend is caused by human activity. A better explanation is the effect of solar winds on cloud formation. Oriz Johnson summarizes the research of Danish climatologist/physicist Henrik Svensmark:

    Shamelessly simplified, the earth is constantly bathed in cosmic rays from outer space, which initiate cloud formation. The sun's solar winds peak over multiyear cycles; unfortunately peak levels significantly squelch incoming comic rays, which in turn slows reflective cloud formation, which in turn allows the earth to heat. We're in an unusually long solar wind activity spell right now, the worst in several hundred years. But if known cycles hold true — and they will — by 2020 the winds abate, the cosmic ray levels increase, increased reflective cloud cover appears, and the earth cools. Just like it always has.
    Svensmark and other voices — ignored by the media as politically incorrect — can correlate sun spot radiation history precisely to cosmic ray levels, to cosmic-formed carbon 14 and oxygen 16–18 ratios in sea shells, to tree rings, to sediment definitions, to ice core revelations, all proven proxies for associated temperature swings. Not to put too fine a point on it, Al Gore simply can't do that.

    This helps explain why climate fluctuation did not begin with Gore's phony global warming crusade, but has been a constant feature of Earth since the planet formed.

    Svensmark may have the data on his side, but Gore has the liberal establishment, including nine tenths of the media. We'll see which counts for more, now that political correctness has extended its insidious empire into the realm of science.

    Not all hot wind comes from the Goracle.

    New Mexico Taxpayers Treat Illegals to Free College

    Posted by Dave Blount at 11:45 AM

    Colorado now sensibly prohibits state colleges from providing in-state tuition to illegal immigrants. After all, the illegals don't even belong in the country, much less the state, so why should Colorado have to finance their higher education?

    But in a country as choked with moonbattery as our own, illegals can always find a free ride somewhere. Across the state line, New Mexico has barred itself from denying education benefits based on whether you are in the country legally. Consequently, illegal aliens are coming down from Colorado to climb aboard the gravy train. With in-state tuition and scholarships, they don't have to pay a penny.

    Some illegals are aware of this opportunity because Poudre High School counselor Isabel Thacker in Colorado has been encouraging them to exploit it.

    So if you want to go to college in New Mexico on someone else's dime, first immigrate to Mexico. Then sneak back into the country illegally. The taxpayers will pave your way with gold.

    Ted Rall Supporting the Troops

    Posted by Dave Blount at 10:59 AM

    Liberals may strive to bring about our country's disastrous defeat to Islamic terrorists, but as they're fond of proclaiming, they still support our troops. For example, cartoonist Ted Rall supports them by lightening their mood with a little humor. Here's his latest:


    NewsBusters commends Rall's accomplishment:

    In one fell swoop, Rall has offended our military, their families, religion, patriotism, our educational system, our president, and our very way of life.

    Or in Michelle Malkin's words:

    Now, all in one cartoon, he shows his naked contempt for the very traits of the American soldier that helped give birth to this country and secured it for 231 years: willingness to sacrifice, faith, courage, respect for the commander-in-chief, and determination to complete their mission.

    It's all in a days work for Ted Rall, MSM moonbat extraordinaire. Cassy Fiano has more on his many accomplishments, which include writing this:

    There was a time when service in U.S. military was honorable and professionally rewarding. But […] that was a long time ago. Americans with personal integrity should boycott the volunteer military and discourage everyone they care about to do the same. "They come from parts of the country where jobs are hard to find," an acquaintance condescendingly excuses the enlistees. Whatever happened to personal responsibility? I'd rather sleep under a bridge, eating trash out of a Dumpster, than murder human beings for Halliburton.

    and this:

    I might think better of you when you stopped using loaded rhetoric like refering [sic] to resistance fighters (a clearer and more neutral term) as "terrorists." Unless, of course, you also consider George Washington to have been a terrorist, in which case we'll let it go.

    Remember Pat Tillman, who was killed after turning down a $multimillion NFL contract to defend us from terrorists, I mean "resistance fighters"? Here's how Rall honored his memory:


    To call Ted Rall scum would be an undeserved compliment. But this doesn't stop him from being syndicated in over 140 publications (including unsurprisingly the New York Times and Los Angeles Times), from being a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, or from twice taking first place in the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Awards for Cartoons.

    The liberal establishment doesn't just tolerate Rall; it laps him up.

    Ted Rall, the liberal's liberal.

    On tips from Kevin and White Cane.


    This one had to be reposted from yesterday due to technical problems. Sorry about the lost comments.

    Ron Paul Tries to Outflank Edwards and Kucinich on the Lunatic Fringe

    Posted by Dave Blount at 10:47 AM

    While debate continues as to whether wacky presidential candidate Ron Paul is a 9/11 truther himself, there can be no doubt that he goes down on all fours to pander to the lunatics who choose to believe it was not Muslim terrorists but the US government that committed the atrocities of September 11, 2001.

    Paul has again announced that we are "in great danger" of a terror attack deliberately staged by our government so as to justify infringement of our liberties. He also continues to flack for the ayatollahs, raving that our economy is on the verge of a collapse that could be precipitated by bombing Iran.

    His latest bizarre remarks were made on The Alex Jones Show, a suitable venue for paranoid ravings. Alex Jones is so profoundly deranged, he suspects Virginia Tech killer Cho Seung-Hui was a government assassin brainwashed by the CIA. Paul is on the same page as unhinged leftist Cindy Sheehan, who has been screaming that when al-Qaeda strikes again, it will actually be a staged pretext for martial law.

    Paul has made similar assertions in the past. Via Ace of Spades HQ:

    The money quote from the video above:

    Nothing in history hints that [Iran] is likely to invade a neighboring country, let alone do anything to America or Israel. I'm concerned however that a contrived Gulf of Tonkin type incident may well occur to gain popular support for an attack on Iran.

    Yes, he's talking about the same Iran that invaded our embassy in an act of war, that held Americans hostage for over a year, that has sponsored repeated terror attacks against Americans and Israelis, that through proxy terror groups has recently invaded Iraq, Lebanon, and Israel, that is franticly developing nuclear weapons, and that has explicitly threatened both the USA and Israel. The ignorance of current events displayed by this weird little man almost matches his paranoia.

    Hat tip: Hot Air, on tips from Crush Liberalism and Wiggins.


    This one had to be reposted from yesterday due to technical problems. Sorry about the lost comments.

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali Steps on a Cockroach

    Posted by Dave Blount at 6:53 AM

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali escaped from Muslim oppression in Africa and the Middle East only to meet up with it again in the Netherlands, where she became a member of Parliament, but was then driven out of the country by dhimmis after incurring the wrath of Muslims for daring to criticize their barbaric cult. Her autobiographical Infidel comes highly recommended.

    Hirsi Ali has shown not only tremendous courage in standing up to the Islamic thugs who murdered her friend Theo Van Gogh, but an incredibly strong stomach in being able to sit through an interview with the gut-wrenchingly vile Avi Lewis of Canada's taxpayer-financed CBC. The interview featured a relentless barrage of cartoonish anti-American propaganda from the insufferably condescending Lewis, who accused America of being a theocracy where abortion doctors are routinely shot, "homophobia is rampant," etc., etc.

    When Hirsi Ali effortlessly shot down his hyperbolic allegations regarding America's oppression of Muslims by pointing out that if Muslims really were oppressed, they would leave, Lewis started to lose his composure, sneering nastily:

    Your faith in American democracy is just eh eh delightful.

    Her calm reply:

    It's the best democracy in the world. It's the best place to be.

    On CBC, this constitutes blasphemy. Lewis was becoming visibly unhinged as he sputtered:

    Tell that to the people who believe there have been a couple of stolen elections. That the democracy is completely broken.

    When she countered his allegations that the USA is a plutocracy by observing that you can arrive penniless in America and become fabulously wealthy, Lewis completely lost his composure:

    Is there a school where they teach you these American clichés? Is it part of your application process that you have to… I'm sorry… I'm so upset that I'm losing my cards here. I can't believe you just said that.

    The time had come for Hirsi Ali to stop pretending Lewis was mature enough to conduct a rational conversation, and to put him in his place:

    I've lived in countries that had no democracy, that had no Founding Fathers […] so I don't find myself in the same luxury as you. You grew up in freedom, and you can spit on freedom, because you don't know what it is not to have freedom.

    That about sums up the mentality of the liberal media.

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali has something to clean off the bottom of her shoe.

    Hat tip: Hot Air.

    July 15, 2007

    Nahoul the Terrorist Bee Takes Over For Farfour

    Posted by Dave Blount at 8:42 PM

    Infidels beware! Farfour the killer mouse is no more, but now Palestinian kiddy TV has found a new avenger: Nahoul the Bee.

    Nahoul vows to follow the "path of Islam, of heroism, of martyrdom." In other words, he's a terrorist, who will "take revenge upon the enemies of Allah, the killer of the prophets and of the innocent children."

    But I'm sure if the West sends Palestinians enough free money to spend on terror supplies, the kids growing up on this stuff will learn to love us.

    Another cuddly role model for Palestinian kids.

    On a tip from Wiggins.

    Moonbat Flotilla on the Rio Grande

    Posted by Dave Blount at 6:32 PM

    A flotilla of fools in kayaks and canoes paddled down the Rio Grande yesterday to protest the concept of building a fence to defend our country. Exhibiting the moonbat knack for evoking nausea with their mawkish "we are the world" gestures, they held hands across the bridge between Roma, Texas and Ciudad Miguel Aleman, Mexico.

    Most of the moonbats were American, though the mayor of Miguel Aleman also took part. Their justification for opposing measures to enhance our country's security and territorial integrity: building a fence would, in AP's sympathetic words, "destroy the impoverished region's burgeoning bird-watching industry."

    Also it would supposedly endanger wildcats and hurt cross-border commerce.

    If by "cross-border commerce" they are referring to drug traffickers and human-smuggling Coyotes, the open-borders folks may have finally gotten something right.

    Funny, the people worried about the supposed negative effects of border fencing on the environment don't seem to care much about the tons of garbage illegal aliens strew across our countryside as they invade.

    Illegal aliens leave their mark on the landscape.

    On tips from Varla and Wiggins.

    Moonbat Employment Opportunity

    Posted by Dave Blount at 1:17 PM

    This could be a moonbat's dream job: wacky Santa Cruz, California has an opening for a "global warming czar."

    According to city planning director Greg Larson:

    We think this position will help address possible sea level rise, whether that's at our bluffs, at our beaches or maybe even in our downtown.

    Incredible. The bureauweenies running a town with a population of about 55,000 think they can control sea levels.

    V the K comments:

    I wonder if these "global warming czars" will be denounced by the Gaiaists as paid government shills, the same way they denounce global warming critics as paid corporate shills. ManBearPig turns out to be another manufactured crisis that enables politicians to create patronage jobs for well-connected lobbyists… like diversity and whatnot.

    Unfortunately the position pays only $80,000 — chump change compared to the mountains of money Al Gore and his slimy associates have been making off ManBearPig, aka the global warming hoax.

    The Goracle warns of the ManBearPig menace.

    Moonbats Fantasize About Human Extinction

    Posted by Dave Blount at 12:42 PM

    The regard in which moonbats hold the human race is on full display in a review by Michael Hanlon of The World Without Us by Alan Weisman. In a nearly masturbatory frenzy, Hanlon enthuses:

    [J]ust imagine what would happen if we were all to disappear, each and every one of us, tomorrow. That's right — think what would take place if every single man, woman and child were to vanish off the face of the Earth in an instant. […]
    Certainly, from then on, planet Earth would probably give a sigh of relief at our passing, as a spectacular environmental recovery would begin to take place. Quickly, the oceans would cleanse themselves; similarly the air, the streams and the rivers. In a remarkably short time, Mother Nature would reassert herself over her old dominions. […]
    Most wild species would thrive. […]
    Africa's plains and forests would quickly fill with the great menagerie of game that once foraged and migrated unhindered across the continent. The jungles would start to regrow.
    In the countryside, an even more rapid transformation would take place in the decades following our demise. Britain's mechanised farmlands — in truth, no more "natural" than London's Piccadilly Circus — would see the rapid growth of fescues and lupins, tangled swathes of grass and wild mustard. […]
    The big cities would crumble with remarkable ease.

    But Hanlon confesses that some species would miss us — e.g., rats, cockroaches, and the human head-louse. In the end, he even cuts the human race a little slack:

    We may be making a terrible mess in places — but without us, the world would surely be a duller place.

    Some commenters on his review, however, are nowhere near as moderate in their disapproval of human existence:

    "We may be making a terrible mess in places — but without us, the world would surely be a duller place" — even at the conclusion of the article still man won't let go of his amazing ego. The world would only be duller from man's point of view — all other species would give thanks to the God of the Universe that the obscene creature 'man' had finally been eradicated.

    Here's a more succinct response:

    The sooner the better.

    Once again we see where the path of moonbattery leads: to a festering hatred of the human race that can only be called satanic.

    Moonbat pornography: Wouldn't it be wonderful if London looked like this?

    On a tip from El Presidente.

    Gavin Newsom Is Not Going Away

    Posted by Dave Blount at 11:30 AM

    San Francisco's metrosexual mayor Gavin Newsom is cruising toward reelection, with approval ratings around 80%, despite admitting to an affair with the wife of his chief of staff, followed immediately by going into an alcohol-treatment program.

    Newsom has successfully pandered to his loony-left voter base by arrogantly issuing licenses for gay "marriages" in direct violation of California law, by refusing to cooperate in the enforcement of immigration law, by favoring socialized medicine, by assaulting the Second Amendment, and by imposing a ban on bottled water.

    As for his competition:

    So far, challengers include a street-performing clown, a homeless man, an advocate for nudism, and a candidate who pledges to wear a camera so voters can monitor his performance in office.

    Newsom's immoral behavior won't hurt him much in the land of liberals. As author of Left Coast City Rich DeLeon notes:

    It would sound strange to get morally righteous here.

    Now Newsom is being floated as a candidate for governor in 2010. Going from Ronald Reagan to Gavin Newsom in only a single generation would make it official: California is in a tailspin.

    Unfortunately Nancy Pelosi may not be SF's last political export.

    On a tip from Metalgarth.

    July 14, 2007

    Overseeing the Obliteration of the British Nation

    Posted by Dave Blount at 5:53 PM

    A great empire is destroyed from within, not without. For example, a British passport is handed out to someone who is not British every five minutes. This frantic pace amounts to colonization, and given the relatively low birthrate of native Brits, will soon result in the eradication of the British nation. This tragedy has been facilitated by the bureaucratic abomination known as the Immigration Advisory Service, into which British taxpayers have been compelled to shovel £millions upon £millions.

    The head of the IAS is former Tory MP Keith Best, who thinks the displacement of Britons is a good thing. He has actually proclaimed that immigrants are "better citizens than people born with a British passport."

    These "better citizens" include radical cleric Abu Hamza, who was finally thrown in jail last year for incitement to murder (and who has seven children), as well as July 21 bomb ringleader Muktar Said Ibrahim, who was granted citizenship despite a string of criminal convictions. Even known murderers and rapists are granted citizenship if they complete a "clear period" without getting caught doing it again.

    But this isn't enough for the IAS, which wants a Bush–Kennedy–McCain style amnesty for illegal aliens, to make sure the colonizers flood in all the faster.

    More than £250,000 per week of taxpayer money flows into Best's bureaucracy. Having your own nation washed away in a Muslim flood doesn't come cheap.

    Meanwhile, moonbats continue to demand that British families have no more than two children — below the replacement rate — to combat the fictional menace of global warming.

    Best with his familiar.

    On a tip from Matt.

    Moonbat Medicine

    Posted by Dave Blount at 4:11 PM

    Moonbats don't need Christianity because they have their own New Age religion, which consists of an amorphous stew of all things flaky. Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, sniffing incense, etc. heal not only the mind, but the body as well — and as for our souls, the enlightened will agree that there's no such thing.

    The physical benefits of New Age moonbattery are well documented. Unfortunately, when Maria Ospina and Kenneth Bond of the University of Alberta/Capital Health Evidence-Based Practice Centre in Edmonton analyzed 813 studies of the impact of meditation (including yoga, Tai Chi, etc.) on health problems like high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and substance abuse, they found what a person with both feet planted on the ground might expect: the studies favoring meditation as medication are inconclusive due to poor methodologies and other problems.

    According to Ospina:

    Future research on meditation practices must be more rigorous in the design and execution of studies and in the analysis and reporting of results.

    In other words, they should be done by objective scientists who aren't pushing an agenda. The same goes for climate change studies.

    Time to get that other foot on the ground.

    Hat tip: BelchSpeak.

    Global Warming Alert For New York!

    Posted by Dave Blount at 10:11 AM

    siren.gif   siren.gif   siren.gif

    Having lived through other bogus crises (killer bees, Y2K, global cooling), people haven't gone into enough of a panic over global warming to turn over the last of our liberties to mendacious bureauweenies, so a panel of experts has released a new report intended to terrify residents of the Northeast into cowering credulity.

    If the Northeast (Pennsylvania through Maine) were its own country, it would rank seventh in the world in the emissions that we are now asked to believe control the weather. Situated square in the middle of the region, New Yorkers are in for the following if they do not curtail their carbon-creating ways:

    • The Battery, Long Island, and Sound shore coastlines underwater!
    • Temperatures 10°F hotter within 100 years!
    • No more skiing!
    • No more lobsters off Long Island!
    • Summers as sultry as Georgia's!
    • More West Nile virus!
    • Increased asthma!
    • Increased evaporation from reservoirs!

    In the unlikely event the climate really does warm that much, there would be many beneficial results. But even these can be spun into problems. For example, a longer growing season won't really help farmers, because the shorter winters would suppress fewer insects.

    Funny, I thought it was pesticides that suppressed insects. But we don't want to get envirowackos started on pesticides.

    What do the "experts" want from us, in order to forestall all these catastrophes? Simple: to be scared enough to go along with whatever bureaucrats legislate, no matter how much it costs, no matter how much it curtails our individual liberties, no matter how it cramps our lifestyles, no matter its effect on employment and our standard of living.

    On a tip from Wiggins.

    July 13, 2007

    Wycoda Fischer Suing Her Way Onto Cheerleading Squad

    Posted by Dave Blount at 1:56 PM

    What happens when seven girls want to be cheerleaders, but there's only room for six on the squad? Simple: tryouts are held, and one girl is cut. What happens next? Simpler still: a lawsuit is filed.

    Freshman Wycoda Fischer doesn't care that she didn't make the cut; she still wants to be a cheerleader. Snarls her family's lawyer:

    [Neither T]he school district nor the superintendent has offered a satisfactory explanation as to why Wycoda was singled out. We have no other option but to move forward with the lawsuit.

    Maybe she was singled out because she isn't good at cheerleading. No, these days that would be irrelevant. Maybe she was singled out because she isn't black, homosexual, Muslim, Eskimo, learning disabled, hideously ugly, quadriplegic, or suffering from Tourette syndrome.

    Too bad you couldn't sue your way onto the cheerleading squad back in the olden days. Maybe if they had been forced to let Rosie O'Donnell on the squad, she wouldn't have grown up to be a nasty America-hating lesbian.

    A young Rosie at tryouts.

    On a tip from Wiggins.

    Berkeley Moonbats Mutilate Trees

    Posted by Dave Blount at 11:20 AM

    Local moonbats have been living in some trees to protest UC-Berkeley's plans to cut them down to make room for a sports training center. As you might recall, some of the moonbats discovered in these trees have refused to put their clothes on:


    Now we learn even more shocking news: to make their arboreal abodes more comfortable, the moonbats have taken to cutting off the tops of the trees they are supposedly there to save.

    The idea was to make room for sleeping platforms to go with their bathroom buckets and other amenities. Campus landscape architect Jim Horner confirms that the tops will not grow back, and that the trees have been permanently disfigured.

    Berkeley promised to plant a new tree for each one it cut down for the sports center, but the moonbats don't seem to really care about trees; they just don't want to miss a chance to indulge in infantile behavior and to get in society's way.

    tree-dwelling_moonbats.jpg   Moonbats have no respect even for the trees they call their homes.

    On a tip from Mike.

    "Evan Almighty" Banned by Muslims

    Posted by Dave Blount at 10:56 AM

    The reportedly awful Tinseltown offering "Evan Almighty" turns the story of the Flood into a lame comedy featuring environmentalist preaching. Some might think this is in bad taste, most would probably regard it as moronic, but only Muslims would consider it reasonable to ban the movie.

    Huffs Malaysian Secretary-General Maamor Osman:

    The movie refers to the big flood during the time of Prophet Noah, but this has been turned into a comedy which is insulting to Islam.

    Got that, Hollywood? No more mocking Christianity. Muslims don't like it.

    Blasphemers should be punished by having to sit through it.

    On a tip from Metalgarth.

    House Surrenders to Islamic Terrorists

    Posted by Dave Blount at 7:15 AM

    In the aftermath of 9/11, who would have imagined that we were only a few short years away from this?

    The House has passed a measure 223-201 that would require American troops to begin retreating from Iraq within 120 days, with all of them gone by next April Fool's Day. Unsurprisingly, the vote followed party lines.

    We are fighting more than one enemy in Iraq, but all of them are fighting us in the name of radical Islam. Specifically, our main enemies are the same al-Qaeda that flew planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and proxies of Iran, which invaded our embassy in an act of war and held Americans hostage for 444 days.

    These are the people to whom Democrats would have us surrender.

    The cost of surrender will be extreme. America will officially have the status of the "weak horse." Iran will be ascendant in the region. In the short term, there will be a critical threat to the energy supply that is required for our economy to run. In the long term, Iran will dominate the Middle East and metastasize into a nuclear superpower: a Soviet Union run by Islamic terrorists who don't mind dying so long as we die too.

    As for Iraqis, their reward for trusting America will be genocide on a scale we haven't seen since the Democrats and their lackeys in the media forced our retreat from Southeast Asia.

    True the current surrender bill is unlikely to get through the Senate and W's veto. But the wheels of surrender have been set in motion. Weakened as it has been by moonbattery, our country may not have the will to stop them.

    The consequences of defeat will not be pretty. At least we'll know whom to blame.

    With the help of their allies, al-Qaeda and Iran may defeat us from within.

    On a tip from Darth T.

    Libs Denounce Fred Thompson As Gay

    Posted by Dave Blount at 6:37 AM

    Vociferously homosexual blogger Andrew Sullivan, aka Andrianna Sullington, has hit a new low by attempting to spread the rumor that Fred Thompson shares his perverse "orientation":

    Outside the extremist, activist base, regular GOP voters turn out to be relatively tolerant when it comes to sexual minorities and private sex lives. They're not well represented by their party leaders, as far as policy is concerned. This is good news for Fred Thompson. The man has had a colorful and wide-ranging sex life, as I'm sure we will soon find out.

    Wonkette interprets:

    But that's not all.
    Sullivan is not even close to the first person we've heard float this particular rumor, not that that says anything as to its truth.

    Suburban Guerrilla clambers aboard:

    Why are all his ex-girlfriends so eager to come to the defense of his manliness?
    Why did James Dobson say he was "un-Christian"?
    Why is Rush Limbaugh complaining about the coverage of Thompson as sex symbol, saying, "There's something wrong here"?
    Lots and lots of rumors. I've heard them myself - I've even talked to someone who has witnessed some interesting behavior. I noticed when the Washington Post recently profiled him, several of the local commenters reacted along the lines of "I thought he was gay?"

    As Ace of Spades graphically documents, Sullivan is in a very poor position to be spreading whispering campaigns about other people's sex lives. But what really confuses me is: why do liberals try to smear people by suggesting that they're gay? What are they, homophobes?

    Supposedly a conservative, Sully supported Hanoi John Kerry in 2004.

    On a tip from V the K.

    July 12, 2007

    Diane Sawyer Takes Up Comedy

    Posted by Dave Blount at 8:23 PM

    If Diane Sawyer's career in the liberal establishment media ever hits the rocks like Katie Cupcake's, at least she will have her comedy skills to fall back on. Wrapping up a segment on shirkers of jury duty for "Good Morning America," co-host Sawyer got some yuks with this sidesplitter:

    You know, I wanted to sit on a jury once and I was taken off the jury. And the judge said to me, "Can, you know, can you tell the truth and be fair?" And I said, "That's what journalists do." And everybody in the courtroom laughed. It was the most hurtful moment I think I've ever had.

    I'll cry for you, Diane, just as soon as I stop guffawing.

    ABC's comic genius.

    On a tip from Eneils.

    Barbra Streisand, the Leftist Queen

    Posted by Dave Blount at 6:48 PM

    Limousine leftist Barbra Streisand can certainly afford the luxury of her nitwit ideology, considering what she's charging for her latest concert tour. Seats for her appearance in Manchester cost up to £600 (even more from scalpers).

    It takes a lot of cash to maintain her regal style. In the US, her limousine is accompanied by an entourage that travels in 13 tractor-trailer trucks. For European spots, she hops across the pond in a private jet. Even so, £600 — that's over $1,200 just for a concert ticket.

    A spokesman for the 65-year-old Miss Streisand explains the extravagant prices:

    Seeing her in concert is a pretty momentous occasion.

    Those of us little people who don't feel like blowing two weeks pay to watch her croon and bash the President will just have to take his word for it.

    By the way, is this her farewell tour? Or was that the previous one? Or the one before that? Way to milk those fans, Babs.

    Queen Babs, circa 40 years ago.

    On a tip from Wiggins.

    Reverend Tori Spelling Performs Homosexual Marriage

    Posted by Dave Blount at 5:34 PM

    It may be forbidden to blaspheme against Islam, but Christianity has certainly come under some heavy duty mocking lately. People Magazine reports that "reality" show actress Tori Spelling has big news on her MySpace page:

    I am now officially ordained. Yep, thats right … Reverend Tori Spelling! I did it last week online and my official certificate is in the mail. […] And, this weekend Chateau La Rue had its very first wedding. I was so honored when the couple asked me to officiate. We did it on the front steps of the Chateau as 40 of their friends looked on seated in a lounge like atmosphere. It was so beautiful as I united Tony and Dex as life partners in love.

    Tori Spelling: the moonbat conception of a holy woman.

    Reverend Spelling with lovebirds Tony and Dex.

    On a tip from David.

    Betty Williams Still Wants to Kill the President

    Posted by Dave Blount at 5:08 PM

    Remember last year, when Betty Williams, who won the Nobel Prize for her contributions to peace, told a group of children, "I would love to kill George Bush"? Her pacifistic bloodlust still hasn't abated. Last night at the International Women's Peace Conference in Dallas she earned herself a standing ovation by shrieking that she "could kill George Bush."

    Dallas is probably not the best place to start yelling about how much you "would love to be able to" kill the President.

    Now she apologizes:

    I'm just really passionate about my work. Sometimes it's "open mouth, insert foot." I'll spend the rest of the day saying I'm sorry to everybody.

    Uh huh. Stay tuned: this isn't the first time this saintly peace activist has expressed her desire to kill President Bush and it probably won't be the last, unless she gives up speaking at liberal conferences. Who can resist a sure-fire standing ovation?

    Still wants to kill President Bush.

    On a tip from Nanc.

    Carbon Cops

    Posted by Dave Blount at 12:20 PM

    Australia's left-leaning ABC has come out with an explosive new action series that offers a hint of the future in store for us if Kool-Aid–swilling ecofascist liberals prevail. The six-part series Carbon Cops features dashing young scientists Sean Fitzgerald and Lish Fejer, who go from home to home chastising citizens for contributing to the imaginary global warming menace. The Sydney Morning Herald reports:

    Each week they don their orange monogrammed shirts to cordon off the toxic home of an Australian family. They arrive with energy-auditing gadgetry, sobering statistics and lips and eyebrows curled in withering admonishment. They rate these people, shame them, then challenge them to do better.

    As always, it's hard not to notice the hard-left ideology for which the entire global warming hoax is such a thin pretext:

    Taken together, the case studies are not about individual scapegoats as much as an indictment of Western affluence, negligence and self-obsession. As Fitzgerald says: "Out of these six households, everyone can see one family and go, 'Well, that's pretty close to us.'"

    In other words, the show demands that we hate ourselves for the affluence we have created.

    For now it's just idiot moonbats in goofy orange shirts. Someday soon it could be real police, hauling us off to jail for using the wrong kind of light bulb or not recycling our garbage. Difficult as it is to take seriously, modern environmentalism is actually the most terrifying ideology since communism — with which it has quite a lot in common.

    Busted by the carbon cops.

    On a tip from Kevin.

    Moonbats: Pittsburgh Could Turn Into Alabama

    Posted by Dave Blount at 10:23 AM

    Fear-mongering moonbats have been trying to terrify residents of Western Pennsylvania by warning that if they do not start drinking the global warming Kool-Aid, their state will turn into Alabama.

    Squawks Jerry Melillo, director of the Ecosystems Center at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Taxachusetts:

    It's up to you to decide if your children will live in a Pittsburgh like Pittsburgh […] or an Alabama-like Pittsburgh.

    Scary stuff. What could be worse, from a liberal elitist's point of view, than Alabama, land of flag-waving, pickup-driving, Skynyrd-playing rednecks? So abandon your modern ways, Pennsylvanians! Throw away your car keys, unplug your appliances, climb up in a tree, and pray Gaia forgives your sins! After all, it's up to you to determine the weather — and you sure wouldn't want it to be warm like it is in Alabama.

    On a more somber note, Brian Hill of the Pennsylvania Environmental Council is pleased to announce that legislation to address climate issues has been introduced, and the governor plans to announce a climate change strategy.

    We have no control over the climate, but we are perfectly capable of destroying the economy in the name of moonbattery.

    Drink the Kool-Aid, Pennsylvanians — or your state will turn into Alabama.

    On a tip from Reid.

    Homeland Security Chief Campaigns For Muslims

    Posted by Dave Blount at 8:33 AM

    Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff, who recently used cartoonish hyperbole to denounce the notion of the USA defending its borders, spoke before the NAACP in Detroit the other night. Sounding remarkably like CAIR mouthpiece Ibrahim Hooper, he used the occasion to encourage this hard-left organization to fight for the "rights" of Muslims.

    Yes of course, every balkanized special interest group in America deserves to have its rights. But doesn't Chertoff have more pressing business than campaigning on behalf of Muslims — like preventing those same Muslims from killing us? That's what he's getting paid for.

    Sometimes it's hard to imagine that Democrats will be even worse than some of the clowns we have in the government now. Yet given the chance, they're sure to manage somehow.

    Cadaverous Muslim advocate Michael Chertoff demonstrates his rap gestures.

    Hat tip: In the Days, on a tip from Nanc.

    Investigating Officer: Drop Sharratt Persecution

    Posted by Dave Blount at 7:34 AM

    Another investigating officer has advised that the trumped-up murder charges against Marine Lance Corporal Justin Sharratt for killing three Iraqis in Haditha in 2005 finally be dropped. Reports hearing officer Lieutenant Colonel Paul Ware:

    To believe the government version of facts is to disregard clear and convincing evidence to the contrary. […] Whether this was a brave act of combat against the enemy or tragedy of misperception born out of conducting combat with an enemy that hides among innocents, Lance Corporal Sharratt's actions were in accord with the rules of engagement and use of force.

    Ware shone some light on how pernicious the whole investigation has been, observing that further persecution of Sharratt could set a

    dangerous precedent that … may encourage others to bear false witness against Marines as a tactic to erode public support of the Marine Corps and its mission in Iraq.

    Other than terrorists, who would resort to a tactic so low-down and contemptible? Well, I can think of one person…

    Newsweek's bizarre conception of a "rock-solid patriot," corrupt Democrat Congressman John Murtha, announced to the world that in the Haditha incident, Marines "killed innocent civilians in cold blood." He proclaimed that the incident was "much worse than reported in Time magazine," and eagerly agreed with Chris Matthews' suggestion that it was comparable to the infamous My Lai massacre in Vietnam.

    Lt. Col. Ware also noted:

    Even more dangerous is the potential that a Marine may hesitate at the critical moment when facing the enemy.

    That thought must really bother Murtha. After all, he's a rock-solid patriot who supports the troops, surely he must care if his political posturing could be getting them killed.

    I knew Murtha reminded me of someone… Via Boot Murtha.

    On a tip from V the K.

    July 11, 2007

    Deborah Frisch: The Saga Continues

    Posted by Dave Blount at 9:26 PM

    Apparently Deborah Frisch, moonbat troll from hell, has not availed herself of the psychiatric treatment she so urgently requires.

    When last we left Ms. Frisch, she had been forced to resign her position as instructor in the Psychology Department at the University of Arizona after threatening a conservative blogger's two-year-old child with sexual abuse and death.

    Deborah Frisch Timeline brings us up to date on what she's been doing since. First, she went back to harassing Jeff Goldstein of Protein Wisdom by posting obscene comments and sending dirty emails. This harassment continued even after a restraining order was issued. Frisch suggested she would leave Goldstein and his child alone if she was "financially compensated."

    She then began harassing other bloggers, for example with a phony suicide note. Soon after, she was arraigned on stalking charges. She continued to stalk and harass via the Internet, posting deranged, profanity-laced comments on conservative sites and dragging opponents' children into the fray.

    Last April her insanity crossed over into the physical world when she disrupted a talk at the University of Oregon on preventing HPV in young women. Frisch opposed vaccinating women against the virus because "an equally effective way to wipe out cervical cancer would be to neuter the boys." A couple months later, campus security had to eject her for publicly harassing a preacher.

    Her online hijinks continue. For example, she has posted comments on various blogs ridiculing those who prayed for the victims of the Virginia Tech shootings, publicly fantasized about terrorist attacks on major American landmarks and assassinations of presidential candidates, and repeatedly violated court orders by harassing people over the Internet.

    Apparently she has been falsely claiming to have secured employment at the University of Oregon for the fall term. Although she has so far managed to avoid jail time for ignoring court orders to leave people alone, her future does not look bright.

    The Deborah Frisch story isn't over yet, but already its lesson is clear: Mothers, don't let your babies grow up to be moonbats.


    The Oregon Commentator tells the tale of Frisch's confrontation with preacher Jeb Smock in entertaining graphic novel format. Here's the part where campus security kicks her out.


    On a tip from V the K.


    Posted by Dave Blount at 6:29 PM





    Compliments of Debbie.

    Lawsuit to Impose Sharia on Dunkin' Donuts Moves Forward

    Posted by Dave Blount at 5:50 PM

    In an outrageous attempt to exploit our kooky courts, franchisee Walid Elkhatib is suing Dunkin' Donuts to make an exception to its license rules because being a Muslim, he has decided not to serve any pork products in his store.

    The absurd suit had been rejected back in 2004, but now it's alive again, thanks to a US appeals court ruling. Astonishingly, the Palestinian Elkhatib's claim that he is being discriminated against based on race because Dunkin' Donuts won't change its menu to comply with sharia was not laughed out of court.

    Next we can expect lawsuits demanding that women wear hijabs if they go into his store, or that dhimmis have to wait until all the Muslims have been served. Anything to combat "racism."

    Sorry infidels; breakfast sandwiches are racist.

    On a tip from Wiggins.

    Dem Candidates Line Up For Gay Debate

    Posted by Dave Blount at 12:40 PM

    If there is one special interest group that can count on being pandered to by Democrats, it's the tiny percentage of Americans who are homosexual. Candidates Shrillary Rotten, Osama Obama, the Breck Girl, and Chris Clod are actually going to participate in a special gay debate on August 9, focusing on the homosexual agenda, cosponsored by a homosexual activist group, and airing on a homosexual cable channel.

    One of the hosts will be the deafeningly lesbian Melissa Etheridge. Who did you expect, Brit Hume?

    Too bad virtually no normal Americans will see this farce. Witnessing a freak show featuring potential leaders of the free world slobbering on the appliqué-encrusted high-heeled pumps of militant transsexual degenerates might cure them of whatever sickness tempts people to vote for Democrats.

    Potential moderators.

    Happy Cost of Government Day

    Posted by Dave Blount at 11:45 AM

    According to Americans for Tax Reform, today is Cost of Government Day. Today the average American worker will have made enough money to cover the cost of taxes and regulations for the year. The rest of the year, we can actually work for ourselves and our families, instead of for the vampire horde that constitutes our federal, state, and local governments.

    But don't think Cost of Government Day will always come so soon after the middle of the year. Bush's tax cuts will expire in 2010 unless Congress extends them, which won't happen if Democrats have anything to say about it. Government spending continues to feed on itself, entitlement programs are metastasizing like terminal cancer, and the useless parasitical dolts running the bureaucracy still won't close the border, which will result in a massive explosion of welfare roles when the offspring of illegal aliens realize you can make more by being a victim of capitalism than you can by picking lettuce.


    Kool-Aid–Swilling Prigs Want to Ban Fast Cars

    Posted by Dave Blount at 11:03 AM

    Next up in the long queue of enjoyable things authoritarian moonbat prigs want to take away from us in the name of the global warming hoax: fast cars.

    Ferraris and Porsches may be banned in Europe within a few years for producing too much carbon dioxide, which has recently become a deadly toxin in the minds of the pathologically gullible.

    Chris Davies, a British member of the European Parliament, wants a ban on any car that can go faster than 101 mph — which would include Al Gore III's Pious. Davies sniffs that fast cars are "boys' toys."

    Doron Levin perceptively notes:

    Proposals to limit carbon dioxide often sound like basic opposition to prosperity and rising living standards. […] Outside of a handful of command economies [North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, etc.], few today would agree that a central authority ought to regulate who owns what. But attacking those who "waste'" energy achieves the same goal.

    By some coincidence, there are those "who abhor sports cars as vulgar symbols of affluence" — so "such a ban could be a two-fer: Saving the planet while cutting economic inequality."

    You don't have to scratch environmentalism very hard to reveal the envious, antihuman communism festering underneath.

    Something else moonbats want to take away — to save the Earth Mother, of course.

    On a tip from V the K.

    Global Warming Hoaxers Target Fox News

    Posted by Dave Blount at 7:09 AM

    Militant Kool-Aid–guzzlers have it in for Fox News for failing to suppress the increasingly obvious observation that anthropogenic global warming is a hoax. Moonbat moviemaker Robert Greenwald has even produced an ad urging a boycott of Home Depot because it advertises on the news network liberals love to hate.

    You have to wonder: once Dems manage to ram the Unfairness Doctrine down our throats, shouldn't it mean that views contrary to the hoaxers have to be given in global warming stories, even on channels other than Fox News? Somehow I doubt it would work out that way.

    Drink or be boycotted.

    On a tip from Wiggins.

    Ron Paul Sides With Iran Against USA

    Posted by Dave Blount at 6:39 AM

    Proving again that the Republican Party's tent is a little bigger than it needs to be, presidential candidate Ron Paul (currently polling at 0%) weighs in on the awful (according to Paul) possibility of America fighting back against Iran, which has been at war with us since 1979 and has been stepping up its provocations as it develops nuclear weapons:

    I think if our policies don't change it's about as inevitable as you can expect because we're unwilling to talk to them and every week we're passing more sanctions and rules and intimidations and accusations and provocations.
    We're surrounding Iran and there's very, very little understanding of that history, the American people don't know how we have been involved since 1953 in interfering with their government and it has hurt us. We're failing in Iraq and our government would like to have a distraction from that so they are blaming the Iranians.

    How unfair to blame the poor Iranian Islamofascists, just because they have been funding, training, equipping, coordinating, and possibly providing terrorists who are destabilizing Iraq's democracy and killing our troops.

    Paul wants to withdraw our ships from the area, and invite Iran's maniacal terrorist regime "to have conversations."

    If his foreign policy outlook sounds familiar, it might be because Jimmy Carter's is essentially the same. Letting Carter be president is how we ended up the ayatollahs running Iran in the first place. This alone explains Paul's well-deserved 0%.

    Not all moonbats are Democrats.

    On a tip from Wiggins.

    July 10, 2007

    In Case Anyone Didn't Realize the "Peace" Movement Is Stalinist…

    Posted by Dave Blount at 8:56 PM

    The face of the "peace" movement, liberal icon Cindy Sheehan:

    I have a dream of the detention centers that George [Bush] has built and filled being instead filled with Orange Clad neo-cons and neo-connettes.

    In other words, she wants to put people who disagree with her politics in concentration camps, in the time-tested progressive tradition of Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, et al. But I'm sure The New York Times would no more revoke her absolute moral authority than they would renounce Walter Duranty's Pulitzer.

    Wants terrorists freed and her political opponents imprisoned.

    Hat tip: Michelle Malkin.

    Healthcare Under Dems: A Sinking Schip

    Posted by Dave Blount at 12:12 PM

    The replacement of our healthcare system with the dysfunction abomination known as socialized medicine won't happen all at once — if it did, the public would rebel. As with other aspects of the creeping socialism that is gradually strangling our future, it will be imposed, in Hillary Clinton's words, in "a series of steps."

    Some of those steps will involve furtively extending the 1997 mistake called the State Children's Health Insurance Program, aka Schip. The Wall Street Journal calls it "HillaryCare on the installment plan."

    As usual, the pretext was to help the children — specifically children not poor enough to qualify for Medicaid. Now Dems want to raise the Schip budget to a staggering $60 billion. States vary in their requirements, but nobody has to be particularly poor to qualify. In New York, a family of four making $82,600 is poor enough to have someone else pay for their healthcare under Schip. Nor do you have to be a child to cash in. In 2005, Minnesota spent 92% of its Schip loot on adults.

    Like the cancers that they are, government programs like Schip will quietly grow until nothing short of radical surgery can remove them. By then it may be too late to save the patient.

    A hospital in Cuba indicates the future of American healthcare.

    On a tip from Byron.

    Keith Ellison: The Muslim–Moonbat Alliance Incarnate

    Posted by Dave Blount at 10:45 AM

    As Power Line puts it, America's first Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison "embodies the Democratic Party's alliance with radical Islam." That the Democrat Party would endorse this alumnus of the rabidly anti-Caucasian and in particular anti-Semitic Nation of Islam confirms that for Dems, any enemy of American civilization is their friend.

    If anyone qualifies as an enemy of American civilization, it's Ellison. Here's a guy who led a mob chanting "no justice, no peace" outside a courthouse in support of cop killers. Ellison has been able to downplay his radical background with help from fellow travelers at the Minneapolis Star Tribune, which now reports on how well this Muslim is getting along with atheists:

    Freshman Congressman Keith Ellison was among friends Sunday — in this case, a gathering of atheists — so his support for a fistful of hot-button opinions, including the impeachment of Vice President Dick Cheney, brought enthusiastic nods of approval and standing ovations.

    In his speech to more than 100 atheists in suburban Minneapolis, Ellison accused the current administration of "totalitarianism, authoritarianism and dictatorship," called the war to defend Iraq from al-Qaeda and Iranian-backed terror groups an "occupation," sneered at what he calls "the far right of the evangelical Christian movement," and even compared 9/11 to the Reichstag fire.

    It isn't easy to find items on the liberal agenda that don't put Dems in direct conflict with Islam: radical feminism vs. burkas and beatings, special privileges for homosexuals vs. executing homosexuals, atheism vs. religious fanaticism imposed by a caliphate, etc. Fortunately for Rep. Ellison the Muslim moonbat, the one factor libs and Islamists have in common — visceral hostility to the American way of life — is the only one that really counts.


    Lesbian Gangs Behind Schoolgirl Rape Epidemic

    Posted by Dave Blount at 9:19 AM

    As moonbattery gnaws away at the remains of our civilization, it's getting harder to tell news reports from the trailers to exploitation movies. Now we learn that there has been an epidemic of rapes by lesbian gangs — and the few media outlets that have dared report on it are in hot water with homosexual activists.

    The lesbian gangs call themselves GTOs (Gays Taking Over) or DTOs (Dykes Taking Over). They avenge themselves on normal people by raping schoolgirls. Deputy Beverly Cobb of the Shelby County [Tennessee] Gang Unit reports that lesbian gangbangers

    will sodomize [with sex toys] and will force [young schoolgirls] to do all sexual acts. They are forcing themselves on our young girls in all our schools.

    Cobb informs us that the crazed carpet munchers

    carry weapons … they will use them quicker than any male that I've ever come upon — to try and fight them you'll get hurt.

    Naturally, GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) has been attempting to suppress this information, on the grounds that it "perpetuates dangerous stereotypes about lesbians and feeds a climate of homophobia, anti-gay discrimination and violence."

    The moonbat logic is typical: if lawless lesbos rape little girls, it must be those who report the fact who are guilty of perpetuating violence. Disseminating any information deemed by homosexuals to be unflattering to them is on its way to becoming illegal. Lawsuits have already been threatened over reporting the lesbian rapes.

    Homosexuals are used to getting their way when it comes to the media. AP actually commands writers to "avoid references to 'sexual preference' or to a gay or alternative 'lifestyle'" according to GLAAD's own documentation. The New York Times won't use the phrase "admitted homosexual" because it "suggests criminality or shame." Like the others, The Washington Post avoids the word "homosexual"; the euphemism "gay" is used instead.

    Hopefully Rebecca Medina of WPTY-TV in Memphis has a permit to carry.

    On a tip from Jimbo.

    Muslim Juror in Hijab Listens to Music Instead of Trial

    Posted by Dave Blount at 8:24 AM

    Yet another reason for Muslim women to take the bags off their heads when participating in civic duties:

    A Muslim juror in Britain has been arrested for contempt of court for listening to an MP3 player under her hijab instead of the defense's arguments in a murder trial.

    At least she showed up for the trial herself (even if late). Under that hijab, she could have been anyone. But the important thing is that Muslims be able to maintain all their customs, as opposed to making the least effort to assimilate. According to the dictates of multiculturalism, it's the native British who need to do the assimilating.

    A London Muslim.

    On a tip from Nanc.

    Nobody Watching as Live Earth Moonbats Make Fools of Themselves

    Posted by Dave Blount at 7:46 AM

    Too bad the Live Earth tribute to Al Gore's ego was the least-watched show on network television. The larger audiences sitting through a rerun of Monsters Inc on ABC and 48 Hours on CBS instead of NBC's Live Earth coverage missed out on some amusing highlights, not all of which were provided by musicians:

    "Get rid of all these rotten politicians that we have in Washington, who are nothing more than corporate toadies," said Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the environmentalist author, president of Waterkeeper Alliance and Robert F. Kennedy's son, who grew hoarse from shouting. "This is treason. And we need to start treating them as traitors."
    Primatologist Jane Goodall offered a greeting in chimpanzee language, before saying, "Up in the North the ice is melting, what will it take to melt the ice in the human heart?"

    By all means, let's have the "corporate toadies" shot for treason. No doubt they've been sniggering behind everybody's back about what tools people would have to be not to grasp that global warming is a hoax. Then we can put Earth-loving chimpanzees in charge; they won't do any worse than our Dem-controlled Congress.

    At Live Earth Rio.

    On a tip from Wiggins.

    Lesbians Sue Church

    Posted by Dave Blount at 7:09 AM

    Militant lesbians Harriet Bernstein and Luisa Paster are suing a Methodist organization for not letting it desecrate their property with a homosexual civil union ceremony.

    In addition to forcing the organization to disregard the rules set down in the Untied Methodist Book of Discipline, which states that gay unions cannot be performed in church buildings, the lesbian thugs also want cash "for economic loss, humiliation, [and] mental pain."

    The justification for this outrage is the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination, which has been interpreted to mean that homosexuals must be granted their increasingly arrogant demands, however unreasonable.

    Almost as disturbing as the use of these feel-good discrimination laws to inflict depravity on a church is the contempt shown for private property. According to Garden State Equality, which imposes the interests of "the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex community," the church's property is in fact public property "by virtue of having been used by the public for many years."

    Next look for demands that homosexual orgies be held in St. Patrick's cathedral.

    Salute our new flag — or else.

    On a tip from White Cane.

    July 9, 2007

    Eco-Gathering Amuses, Nauseates

    Posted by Dave Blount at 6:38 PM

    From a piece on The Columbian entitled "Eco-Gathering Inspires, Educates":

    On Saturday, while large-scale Live Earth concerts drew millions across the globe, a few dozen people connected with the planet in a more personal way.
    Called "For Love of the Earth," the gathering featured a presentation called "Steps to a Lighter Eco-Footprint" and a role-playing Council of All Beings, designed to honor the spirit of every living thing.
    Jon Gieber, of event host People of the Heart, inhabited the spirit of a bear, warning the humans that they've altered natural cycles. "You forget the great Olympic peninsula and the great trees," Gieber, the bear, said. "Do you know why those great trees are there? Because of my poop!"
    The Rev. Jayna Gieber, Jon's wife, portrayed a swallow, fluttering her arms as she pleaded for an end to global warming. As if on cue, immature swallows in a nearby nest box began to stir, and an adult bird made circles overhead to bring them food.

    You don't know whether to laugh or barf.

    jon-gieber.jpg   Envirohippie Jon Gieber speaks as a bear.

    On a tip from LJ.

    Profiles in Countermoonbattery: Prince Harry

    Posted by Dave Blount at 5:48 PM

    With all the moonbattery exuded by Prince Charles lately, it's a relief to see that Prince Harry is anything but a chip off the old blockhead. He's been going through intensive training with the Gurkhas to hone his fighting skills.

    Historically from the Himalayan mountains, Gurkhas have been recruited by the British Army for two centuries. Their courage, loyalty, and self-sufficiency are legendary.

    Bureaucrats fret that Prince Harry will be a target if deployed to Iraq. But his greatest fear seems to be not being deployed:

    There's no way I'm going to put myself through Sandhurst and then sit on my sorry arse back home while my boys are out fighting for their country.

    Remember warrior kings? Maybe Britain has another in its future.

    There could be hope for the British monarchy after all.

    On a tip from The Panday.

    Greenies Mad at Madonna

    Posted by Dave Blount at 3:05 PM

    Prominently featured at the Goracle's Live Earth flop was Madonna, who can be counted on to hop aboard liberal bandwagons, but who is about as environmentally conscious as her lyrics are intellectually profound.

    Her Ray of Light Foundation annoys the environmentally pious by owning shares in companies like Alcoa, Ford, and Weyerhaeuser, all of which have been accused of putting human interests ahead of those of the Earth Mother.

    Live Earth producer Kevin Wall comes to her rescue:

    I know that her commitment to this cause runs deep. She is performing for free and has written a new song for us, which I think goes to show that.

    But while Madonna chides us to stop using energy, her own royal lifestyle produces even more carbon than Al Gore's. She owns nine homes and six cars (including two gas hog Range Rovers), and flies by private jet. She has been estimated to produce 1,018,372kg of CO2 each year; the average Briton produces about 10,000 kg.

    Sure she's committed: to self-promotion and self-indulgence, like most pop stars — and like the Goracle himself.

    Madonna: about as green as she is tasteful.

    On a tip from Wiggins.

    Flight 93 Memorial to Commemorate Terrorists, Not Americans

    Posted by Dave Blount at 12:54 PM

    On July 28th it will be announced at a public meeting whether final approval has been given for the "Crescent of Embrace" design for the memorial to the heroic Americans who brought down Flight 93 rather than let Muslims crash it into the White House or Capitol. The design is the ultimate insult to their memories.

    It consists of a half-mile-wide mihrab. The central feature of all mosques, a mihrab is a crescent that points Muslims toward Mecca and the magic meteor there that savages still worship.

    The crescent design is no accident; like any mihrab, it is oriented toward Mecca. The design also features a "Tower of Voices" — basically a minaret that serves as a Islamic prayer-time sundial.

    As Alec Rawls explains at

    We hosted an open design competition in time of war. Of course the enemy would enter, and try to win a memorial to their heroes instead of ours.

    Rawls has written a whole book explaining the Islamic significance of the design, and how it is a memorial not to those brave Americans who rose up against Muslim terrorism, but to the terrorists themselves. The final draft is now temporarily available for free download.

    Check here for a summary of Rawls' evidence that this abhorrent design is not some ghastly coincidence, but a deliberate attempt to hijack the memorial on behalf of Muslim terrorists.

    This isn't the first time moonbats saw fit to subvert 9/11 memorials with crescent-shaped tributes to dhimmitude. The moonbat 9/11 memorial shamefully still squats on Wesley Bolin Plaza across from the Arizona state capitol in Phoenix.

    Read it for free.

    French Official Christine Boutin Thinks Bush Could Have Been Behind 9/11

    Posted by Dave Blount at 11:02 AM

    Nicolas Sarkozy's victory was a big step in the right direction for France — but the country isn't exactly cured of moonbattery. For example, Sarko's Housing Minister Christine Boutin is on video musing that President Bush may have been behind the Muslim atrocities of 9/11.

    Muses Boutin:

    I think it is possible. I think it is possible.

    She must have a very good reason to suspect that a US President murdered 3,000 Americans, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Here it is:

    I know that the websites that speak of this problem are websites that have the highest number of visits … And I tell myself that this expression of the masses and of the people cannot be without any truth.

    "Where there's smoke there's fire" may be a fallacy to the rest of us, but among moonbats, it passes for reasoning.

    A Boutin spokesman claims that she was only trying to avoid being branded a "US poodle." Apparently avoiding this epithet requires not only siding with terrorists against civilization, but siding with lunacy against sanity.

    Christine Boutin, al-Qaeda poodle.

    On a tip from Wiggins.

    G. Is For Gullible

    Posted by Dave Blount at 10:33 AM

    To find examples of the eagerness of moonbats to swallow anything whatsoever that reinforces their foolish prejudices, you don't need to look any farther than the comments right here at Moonbattery, where yesterday a troll named "G." stuck it good to conservatives with this gem:

    I remember flipping TV channels in 2000 and there was an old clip of Reagan and another show had Bill Clinton speaking - I kept flipping back and forth b/t the two and was blown away at the difference b/t these two men's intelligence - Bill Clinton was so much more intelligent.

    For IQs - see below: [Nixon is the exception but then he had issues that rendered his high IQ not so helpful]

    "The study determined the following IQs of each president as accurate to within five percentage points:

    147 Franklin D. Roosevelt (D)
    132 Harry Truman (D)
    122 Dwight D. Eisenhower (R)
    174 John F. Kennedy (D)
    126 Lyndon B. Johnson (D)
    155 Richard M. Nixon (R)
    121 Gerald Ford (R)
    175 James E. Carter (D)
    105 Ronald Reagan (R)
    098 George HW Bush (R)
    182 William J. Clinton (D)
    091 George W. Bush (R)"

    Do those numbers look believable to you? If not, congratulations, your IQ is probably higher than G.'s. As reader Kevin pointed out, the site referenced above states right across the bottom of the page:

    This story is a hoax!

    Don't feel bad, G. Fellow moonbats Garry Trudeau and the ideologues at The Guardian fell for it too — although their source probably didn't come with a warning across the bottom of the page.

    I wonder if it would make any difference to liberals if all utterances of the Goracle on the topic of global warming were followed by the same warning.

    Public Gay Sex Necessitates Robo-Toilets

    Posted by Dave Blount at 10:13 AM

    The charming multicultural tradition of homosexuals using public restrooms for anonymous sex — to the disgust and horror of normal people, including children, who just want to go to the bathroom — has required cities to invest in robo-toilets, which only allow you to stay in them for a limited period of time before the door springs open.

    Mayor Jim Naugle plans to place Fort Lauderdale's first unit in "the rainbow parking lot" at a local beach favored by cruising homosexuals. Otherwise gay-friendly cities such as San Francisco, New York, Atlanta, and Seattle have already installed them. The timed toilets cost $250,000 apiece. Fort Lauderdale will pay for them with property taxes.

    On a tip from Wiggins.

    Westchester's War on Leaf Blowers

    Posted by Dave Blount at 7:26 AM

    The one good thing about ever-expanding, intrusive bureaucracy is it keeps the public safe from threats to its well-being. For example, in Westchester County, New York, bureauweenies have been going after leaf blowers.

    White Plains, Yonkers, and New Rochelle all ban using leaf blowers during the summer. Although Greenburgh already has restrictions on when you can use a leaf blower and how many decibels of sound it can make, town Supervisor Paul Feiner thinks laws against leaf blowers aren't stiff enough, so he wants them toughened.

    Squeaks Feiner:

    This has been, without a doubt, one of the bigger quality-of-life issues in town.

    Enforcing leaf blower laws isn't easy. Decibel readers are in short supply, and not all officers are trained to use them. Plus, residents will turn down their leaf blowers when they see a patrol car coming, then turn them back up again afterwards. Greenburgh Police Chief John Kapica has resorted to using unmarked cars to catch "leaf-blower scofflaws."

    Speaking of quality-of-life issues, a deluge of illegal immigrants has been making parts of Westchester unlivable. Harry Reid's "undocumented Americans" live in the woods, relieve themselves in public, murder each other, terrify the local population, and stagger around drunk at all hours of the day and night. I'm sure Feiner will solve this problem right after he's done dealing with the leaf blowers.

    Dares to tackle the leaf blower menace.

    On a tip from Wiggins.

    July 8, 2007

    Moonbat vs. Moonbat: San Franfreakshow Armageddon

    Posted by Dave Blount at 9:04 PM

    In the spirit of such cinema classics as Alien vs. Predator and Freddy vs. Jason, Cindy Sheehan has threatened to run for Nancy "Stretch" Pelosi's House seat unless Stretch introduces articles of impeachment against the President within the next two weeks, on such grounds as having commuted Scooter Libby's absurd sentence.

    Mother Moonbat's plan is to run as an independent. Anywhere else, this could result in electing a Republican by splitting the moonbat vote. But in the Bay Area, the moonbat vote is pretty much all there is.

    It would be quite a stretch for her to beat Pelousy, but at least the Ditch Witch should have Chris Matthews' endorsement.

    Anyone who dared hope that her announcement in May that she was leaving the anti-war movement meant Sheehan would finally shut up and go away should have known better.

    Love can't always be forever.

    On tips from V the K, The Panday, Wiggins, and ThruHeavensEyez.

    Moonbat Shoots Serviceman to Celebrate the Fourth

    Posted by Dave Blount at 8:26 PM

    Apparently deranged by moonbattery, Matthew Marren of Pennsauken, New Jersey celebrated the Fourth of July by shooting US Air Force Senior Airman Jonathan Schrieken before turning the gun on himself. According to his mother, Marren was

    mad at the government and wanted to make a statement … that's why he did what he did on the Fourth of July.

    Schrieken was listed in critical but stable condition. Marren himself has been cured of his moonbattery once and for all. Here's wishing Schrieken a speedy recovery, and Marren a hot time in hell.

    On a tip from White Cane.

    UFO Festival Outshines Live Earth

    Posted by Dave Blount at 7:50 PM

    If Al Gore's Live Earth was enough of a flop that officials tried to blame poor attendance on climate change, maybe it's because so many kooks had more pressing business in New Mexico, at the 2007 Amazing Roswell UFO Festival:

    The festival, which began Thursday, is a mixed bag that includes live concerts (one headlined by a band with a computer-generated 'alien' drummer), costume contests, a Main Street parade and a slew of lectures that ponder everything from body snatchers to "What Does NASA Really Know?"

    Sounds a lot more fun than listening to drab music and drabber environmentalist preaching at Live Earth, doesn't it? Plus, I'm sure you could get a beer for less than $50.

    Announced visitor Al Dooley, who like Jimmy Carter thinks he may have seen a UFO himself:

    I didn't come for the carnival atmosphere. I came to listen to the speakers. I wanted to hear what serious and educated discussion there is.

    In addition to "serious and educated discussion," visitors could also avail themselves of "photo ops with costumed aliens, psychic readings and a kit to test whether your neighbor or boss is from outer space."

    The poor Goracle just wasn't able to compete.

    At Roswell's International UFO Museum and Research Center.

    On tips from A.C #1 and Wiggins.

    Ludicrous Lawsuit of the Day

    Posted by Dave Blount at 2:29 PM

    Hemant Mehta of New York is suing Snapple for $100 million for labeling drinks as "all natural" even though they contain high-fructose corn syrup, which apparently isn't found in nature.

    If he grew up in this country, maybe he could also sue our education system for letting him graduate from kindergarten while still believing that "all natural" labels are to be taken seriously.

    snapple_iced_tea.jpg   Hey, this "iced tea" doesn't have any ice in it. Somebody get me a lawyer.

    On a tip from Wiggins.

    Animal Rights Terrorists Continue to Threaten

    Posted by Dave Blount at 1:51 PM

    Hatred of America and the individual liberty it represents isn't the only thing Islamists and moonbats have in common. Sometimes they share tactics too.

    Last week a bomb was discovered outside the home of Arthur Rosenbaum, chief of pediatric ophthalmology at UCLA's Jules Stein Eye Institute. Some might admire a guy for trying to give eyesight to blind children. But moonbats sentenced him to death for oppressing the animals. Fortunately attempts to detonate the bomb failed.

    Two bombs exploded at offices of the biotech firm Chiron in 2003. The second was timed to go off when emergency workers responded to the first, just the way Religion of Peaceniks do it.

    As with Muslims, our main defense against animal rights nuts is their own incompetence. Last year, they tried to put a firebomb on the doorstep of another UCLA researcher. They got the wrong house, but the bomb didn't go off anyway.

    Though they haven't managed to kill anyone yet, sooner or later these bumbling morons are going to take someone's life. Jerry Vlasak, leader of the North American Animal Liberation Front, testified to their intentions:

    I don't think you'd have to kill — assassinate — too many. I think for 5 lives, 10 lives, 15 human lives, we could save a million, 2 million or 10 million nonhuman lives.

    Since to a moonbat human lives are no more valuable than animal lives ("A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy"), killing people makes good sense. Especially since even just threatening to works. UCLA researcher Dario Ringach emailed Vlasak, writing "You win" and swearing off the animal research that has saved so many human lives. Vlasak responded with a triumphant press release.

    The liberal establishment couldn't care less. When the cowardly New York Stock Exchange was intimidated by vandals into pulling a listing for Life Sciences Research in 2005, the New York Times didn't even bother to report it.

    Maybe when animal right kooks finally succeed at blowing somebody to bits for trying to cure diseases, the Gray Lady will take note. But I wouldn't count on it.

    On a tip from Bergbikr.

    Envirokooks Turning to Bank Robbery?

    Posted by Dave Blount at 12:06 PM

    Live Earth must not have raised enough cash to save the Earth from civilization, because now envirokooks appear to be turning to bank robbery. Yesterday a man dressed as a tree robbed the Citizen's Bank appropriately located on Elm Street in Manchester, New Hampshire.

    Hey, that's not a tree — it's a bank robber!

    On a tip from Wiggins.

    Slate Ridicules Its Own Enviro-idiocy

    Posted by Dave Blount at 11:52 AM

    Cracks continue to spread across the environmentalism edifice as even liberals become disgusted with the phoniness, hypocrisy, hysteria, sanctimony, and downright silliness that characterize the movement. Slate takes itself to task for the "Slate Green Challenge," a series that it started publishing last fall in cooperation with the clowns at

    Readers of this series have been advised to save the planet by wearing clothes made out of substances like hemp, bamboo, and wood pulp instead of cotton. Christmas should be greenified by avoiding cards, wrapping paper, Christmas trees, etc.; instead of electric lights, good citizens of the Earth are requested to use candles "made from soy wax or beeswax."

    And, if you must eat, TreeHugger says, eat locally and organically, and avoid processed food and meat.

    But Slate notes that it "isn't the only victim of green-brain disease." It points to a gushing New York Times Magazine piece on a solar-hydrogen house that in reality would waste energy. Other victims of the disease include the Tinseltown tools who thought they could make the Oscars "carbon neutral" by letting themselves get swindled by TerraPass, which hawks carbon offsets that are unlikely to have any effect on the environment whatsoever.

    Slate isn't ready to admit that the whole anthropogenic global warming phenomenon is a hoax. But it's getting there.

    On a tip from Jose.

    Even The Guardian Fed Up With Gore and Friends

    Posted by Dave Blount at 11:12 AM

    Even the lefties at The Guardian are getting fed up with the Goracle and his glittery Live Earth crew of diamond-encrusted self-promoting hypocrites:

    [L]et's consider Sting, whose band the Police play at the New York concert. Not long ago, this fabled eco-warrior could be found advertising the biggest gas-guzzling Jaguar of them all. To clarify: Sting's personal wealth is estimated at £185m – £185m! You have to ask that if people this rich appear unconvinced that they have enough money to say no to another wedge on principle, then what hope is there that some cash-strapped Chinese worker will start giving serious thought to the kind of fuel choices he's making?
    As for Sting's wife, Trudie Styler, it is difficult to know where to start with her recent 80-mile helicopter journey for a weekend at the estate of fellow environmentalist Zac Goldsmith. It beggars belief that these people can continue to be taken seriously by anyone remotely serious; yet there they are, still in the vanguard of celebrity activism alongside London headliner Madonna, whose carbon footprint last year is estimated as the worst of all the artists on the bill.

    The moonbats at The Guardian would be able to stop hyperventilating if they grasped a simple fact: global warming is a hoax. Folks like Gore and Sting know it's a hoax. The objective of Live Earth wasn't to alter the weather but to exploit the hoax for publicity purposes.

    I'm no fan of Gore or the phony pop stars who have hopped aboard his train. But if fools are going to be exploited by hypocrites, at least the hypocrites aren't the ones biting the pillow.

    The Guardian wishes Mr. and Mrs. Sting could be taken seriously.

    On a tip from The Panday.

    July 7, 2007

    Chirac and De Villepin Tried to Set Up Sarko

    Posted by Dave Blount at 3:51 PM

    Jacques Chirac and effete henchman Dominique de Villepin earned the enmity of patriotic Americans in the prelude to the war in Iraq by shafting America for the sake of friend and business partner Saddam Hussein. Sticking knives in people's backs can be habit-forming; they tried it on current French President Nicolas Sarkozy too. This time, there may be consequences.

    In an attempt to derail his presidential run, de Villepin apparently added Sarkozy's name to a forged version of the Clearstream list, which is made up of politicians and businessmen suspected of receiving kickbacks from a 1991 sale of French warships to Taiwan.

    De Vilepin denies wrongdoing, but it looks like they've got him dead to rights. Chirac refuses to answer any questions about his own role in the affair.

    Congratulations to France for putting these two behind it.

    On a tip from Byron.

    Jury Awards $6.2 Million For Being Black Lesbian

    Posted by Dave Blount at 2:33 PM

    A Los Angeles jury has awarded female firefighter Brenda Lee $6.2 million because she was allegedly harassed for being a black lesbian.

    Someone even peed in her mouthwash, or so she claims. Also, she was forced to perform "strenuous exercises" and subjected to the usual hearsay "derogatory comments."

    Two other firefighters climbed aboard the gravy train by claiming the LAFD oppressed them for siding with Lee. The two were awarded $1.7 million and $350,000. What the hell, the taxpayers have more money where that came from.

    It goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway: our legal system is insane.

    Under siege by moonbats and their greedy lawyers.

    On a tip from Wiggins.

    Campaign Against Shaking Hands

    Posted by Dave Blount at 1:29 PM

    Gayle Westmoreland of Columbia, Maryland is on a mission: to stop Americans from shaking hands.

    She's even published a treatise entitled "Hands: Stop Shaking Them! A Cultural Shift to End Handshaking in America!" You see, the custom is "an invasion of your personal space" and also could spread germs, since you never know what other people have been doing with their hands. For example, she used to date a guy who picked his nose all the time and hardly ever washed his hands.

    To accomplish her goal of replacing the handshake with germ-free nods, she proposes an annual "government-approved moratorium" on handshaking called "National Shake-It Month." She's also come up with some rousing slogans, like "Hand, hand, fingers, thumb, I don't need your germs or your scum!"

    Wonders her friend Francis Beverly:

    The government tells us about not smoking and safe sex. Why not handshaking?

    Not to worry, no doubt the government will get around to regulating handshaking sometime soon. Westmoreland already has Islamists and public education in her corner.

    Would you shake this guy's hand?

    On a tip from V the K.

    San Francisco Fourth of July

    Posted by Dave Blount at 12:22 PM

    As Zombie reports, this past Fourth of July was celebrated throughout the moonbat capital, San Franfreakshow, with festivities including AK Press' Annual Fuck the Fourth Sale, the Anti-4th of July Guerrilla Screening in the Park, "Making a Killing" by the San Francisco Mime Troupe, Act Against Torture's Guantanamo street theater, etc.

    Zombie started with the Propaganda III World Tour, which opened on the Fourth. Some samples of what she saw:

    Don't go taking pride in Iwo Jima.

    The Fourth is a time to honor the armed forces that keep us free.

    Time to issue the standard admonition not to question their patriotism.

    An evil country has evil leaders.

    Mainly, America is evil due to economic freedom, aka capitalism.

    See how nice it would be to be ruled by communists?

    Another life ruined by America.

    One favorite excuse to hate America is that our land was supposedly stolen.

    It wouldn't be the Fourth of July without Uncle Sam.

    America is so downright awful, they're going to overthrow it; right after they finish splashing in the pool.

    But Zombie reports that even in San Francisco, far more people wanted to watch the fireworks than wallow in moonbattery. Maybe there's hope.

    On a tip from ac1.

    July 6, 2007

    Global Warming, the Catastrophic Joke

    Posted by Dave Blount at 5:58 PM

    Just because anthropogenic global warming is a hoax doesn't mean we aren't headed for catastrophe. I'm not referring to the nightmare scenario of an unhinged fanatic like Al Gore attaining a position allowing him to derail the economy for the sake of the Earth Mother. Our economic ruin will more easily come from a swarm of greedy parasites with law degrees.

    The Dallas law firm Thompson & Knight has started a dedicated climate-change practice with 26 shysters. The emphasis will be on profiting from the mountains of bureaucratic red tape that economically suicidal carbon-capping legislation will generate:

    But they also expect to represent plaintiffs who've been harmed by global warming and pollution.

    It would be impossible to overstate the economic implications. If the same kangaroo courts that let John Edwards get rich by shamelessly stealing from doctors with a circus act whereby he pretended to channel unborn children, the same courts that drove Dow Corning into bankruptcy for making breast implants that were never proven to harm anyone, the courts that gleefully participated in the theft of billions of dollars from the tobacco industry — if these absurd parodies of justice that we call our courts, ruled over by moonbat ideologues for the enrichment of their ambulance-chasing vampire colleagues, if these courts take upon themselves the right to steal at will from anyone deemed to have caused pollution or the probably completely nonexistent phenomenon of anthropogenic global warming, then America is over.

    They will drive into bankruptcy every productive business in the country. Lawyers will be obscenely rich for awhile, until the money runs out and they join the rest of us, foraging in trash heaps and forests for food.

    Something very similar happened in Russia when the communists took over, reminding us once again that the objectives of communists and environmentalists are essentially the same.

    Stephen Susman of Susman Godfrey in Houston has been a pioneer of litigation whereby global warming is used as a pretext to loot industry. He's been colluding with some Eskimos that may sue power companies for supposedly causing global warming. Susman's rhetoric is totally over the top, reminiscent of the Goracle himself:

    Melting glaciers isn't going to get that much going, but wait until the first big ski area closes because it has no snow. Or wait until portions of lower Manhattan and San Francisco are under water.

    Unfortunately, Susman is unlikely to wait that long himself before he starts bleeding our economy to death in the name of Al Gore's bogus ideology. He has been laying the groundwork for "broad greenhouse-effect litigation against energy companies."

    You think your power bill is high now? It's likely to triple. Unless a locust swarm of Steve Susmans succeeds in putting power companies out of business altogether.

    Then we can all hold hands and be at one with the Earth, free at last from civilization.

    Hat tip: Houston's Clear Thinkers, on a tip from Byron.

    Moonbat Software

    Posted by Dave Blount at 3:20 PM

    WordWeb Pro, a dictionary and thesaurus utility, is available free of charge, but only to users who meet these criteria:

    •You take at most 4 flights (2 return flights) in any 12 month period
    •AND you do not own or regularly drive an SUV (sports utility vehicle).

    If you fly frequently or own an SUV, you have to pay $29. Sorry, Al Gore!

    If you meet the criteria and install WordWeb, but then break down and buy an SUV, you must uninstall the program, "otherwise it is software theft."

    The company makes an exception for "not-for-profit educational establishments." Members of "the registered disabled" are allowed to own an SUV if they take at most four flights a year.

    The company's free version license adds:

    Please note that even if you meet the above requirements you are probably still unsustainable: turn down the heating (or reduce the amount of air conditioning), use energy efficient lighting, insulate your house and travel by public transport whenever possible.

    For a group of people with no meaningful religious beliefs or discernable morals, moonbats sure are pious.

    On a tip from Planet Rock.

    Arctic Monkeys Have No Use For Gore's Ego-Fest

    Posted by Dave Blount at 2:59 PM

    It's nice to see that not all pop stars are self-important phonies of the type taking part in the absurd tribute to Al Gore's ego known as Live Earth, which is supposedly intended to raise consciousness about the imaginary global warming problem.

    Drummer Matt Helders explains why his band Arctic Monkeys isn't taking part:

    It's a bit patronizing for us 21 year olds to try to start to change the world. Especially when we're using enough power for 10 houses just for (stage) lighting. It'd be a bit hypocritical.

    Adds bassist Nick O'Malley:

    And we're always jetting off on aeroplanes!

    Kind of like the Goracle himself.

    The band's hometown Sheffield has been subjected to some heavy rain lately. Since we are told that weather is caused by global warming, the band was asked to comment. Helders again:

    Someone asked us to give a quote about what was happening in Sheffield and it's like "who cares what we think about what's happening?" There's more important people who can have an opinion. Why does it make us have an opinion because we're in a band?

    Could someone please get this message through to proselytizing moonbat musicians like the Ditsy Twits, Ozzy Osbourne, Madonna, Linda Ronstadt, Eddie Vedder, Paul McCartney, et al.?

    With a little global warming, the Arctic Monkeys could lose those scarves.

    On a tip from NGWFJ.

    Last Supermarkets Bailing Out of Detroit

    Posted by Dave Blount at 12:10 PM

    Detroit becomes ever more unlivable. The last two Farmer Jack stores are closing, leaving the city without a single national supermarket, A&P and Kroger already having pulled up stakes. There are no Wal-Marts, no Meijers, and no Costcos either.

    Economically, Detroit could support 41 supermarkets — except that the Motor City, having been run by moonbats for decades, has degenerated into such a hellhole that it is not possible for major chains to make a profit there. The high cost of doing business features rampant theft, excessive taxes, race-based lawsuits, and a welfare culture that doesn't produce useful employees.

    Every American is encouraged to visit Detroit. The town could sure use the tourist trade — and the rest of us could use a jarring glimpse of our country's future if we succumb to moonbattery.


    On a tip from V the K.

    A Portrait of Rage Boy

    Posted by Dave Blount at 11:18 AM

    AFP treats us to a portrait of Shakeel Bhat, better known as Rage Boy, the Kashmiri full-time protestor whom the MSM never tires of photographing.

    Every time something occurs that Muslims can seize on as a pretext to yell and scream, there's Rage Boy, artfully framed by media stooges so as to seem to be at the head of a mighty uprising. As Christopher Hitchens has noted, nothing will ever satisfy Rage Boy; yet we are expected to exist at his pleasure.

    His motives are of course the purest:

    Whatever I do, I do for Allah and the Prophet Mohammed. I can't resist injustice. I protest for all the oppressed Muslims in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Yet I doubt he was any more likely than a Democrat to have protested the oppression of Muslims by Arafat, Saddam, or the Taliban.

    Bhat used to be a militant fighting India on behalf of the Religion of Peace, but now he devotes himself entirely to posing for Western cameras. His role model is Iran's Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

    Rage Boy says he doesn't care that even while liberals cower before his raised fists, conservatives subject him to ridicule for throwing more tantrums than a two-year-old. But when told that a conservative website has been selling Rage Boy merchandise, he once again lost his temper:

    I don't believe this! I have no knowledge about all this. Why do they do it?

    Looks like someone forgot to pay him royalties.

    Rage Boy blows another gasket.

    On a tip from Byron.

    Raping the Children Americans Won't Rape

    Posted by Dave Blount at 10:46 AM

    Due to the absolutely unacceptable refusal of the boobs in Washington to keep illegal aliens out of the country, stories like this are getting monotonous — but it's good to report on them anyway just to remind everyone that the problem is not going away:

    COLUMBIA — Maury County [Tennessee] deputies and federal agents are looking for a man who is accused of raping a 15-year-old girl only hours after being released from jail.
    Juan Villa, 24, has been in the Maury County Jail 11 times since 2001 on charges of assault, public intoxication, driving without a license and contempt of court.
    He was released from jail on $1,000 bail on Friday at about 9:45 p.m. and is suspected of raping the 15-year-old shortly after midnight. During the investigation, a 13-year-old girl also told deputies she was raped by Villa, Sheriff Enoch George said.
    Villa is suspected of being in the country illegally and George said the department had contacted Immigration and Customs Enforcement about him before he was released from jail but the federal agents said they would deal with him later.

    Human beings need functioning governments to provide essential services like defending the border and ensuring public safety. Since we don't have a functioning government, we need to acquire one quickly before our civilization disintegrates into total anarchy. But first we need to clear the useless, bloated obscenity that infests DC out of the way.

    On a tip from Bill.

    Muslim Terrorists Are Anything But Have-Nots

    Posted by Dave Blount at 10:28 AM

    The ringleader of the recent terror plot to set off car bombs in London and Glasgow is Mohammed Asha, described as "a brilliant neurologist working for the NHS [National Health Service]." The whole plot seems to have consisted of medical personnel from Islamic countries.

    In addition to those arrested in Britain, Australian police are holding another doctor from the Muslim world in connection with the plot, and are investigating at least five more.

    Now we learn that 45 Muslim doctors were planning terror attacks on the USA. Their plans involved, among other things, blowing up petrol tanks with rocket-propelled grenades. They had close links to the al-Qaeda killers in Iraq to whom Democrats plan to surrender the moment they have the political leverage.

    But all these rich doctors plotting to kill us is no reason for liberal fools to stop bleating about terror as the righteous revenge of the "have-nots," or for drooling morons like Osama Obama to withdraw his proposal that we fight terror by putting the Middle East on welfare.

    mohammed-asha.jpg   Dr. Mohammed Asha wants you and your family dead — and not because he's a "have-not."

    On a tip from Byron.

    Racism Causes Cancer

    Posted by Dave Blount at 6:41 AM

    Until a recent study came out, I thought racial discrimination against blacks was as bogus a problem as the global warming hoax. Now we learn that not only is it real, it causes cancer.

    Roto-Reuters reports:

    The study, which followed 59,000 African-American women for six years, found that those who reported more incidents of racial discrimination had a higher risk of breast cancer.

    The researchers were led by one Dr. Teletia R. Taylor. You'll never guess what university she's from. If you need a hint, it rhymes with coward. Taylor plans more studies, no doubt supported by government grants, "to uncover the reasons for the connection between racism and breast cancer."

    Taylor's absurd research was published in the American Journal of Epidemiology. Maybe racial discrimination against blacks isn't real, but the soft bigotry of low expectations sure is.

    On a tip from Bill.

    Oliver Stone Not Doing Mad Mahmoud Bio After All

    Posted by Dave Blount at 6:32 AM

    Oliver Stone is not taking it well that his treasonous behavior is insufficient to make up for being an American in the eyes of Iran's maniacal regime.

    Stoned had asked for permission to do a movie on Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, which given Mad Mahmoud's venomous hostility to America, would most likely have turned out to be a fawning puff piece like Comandante.

    But according to Ahmadinejad's media advisor Mahdi Kalhor, Stone may be a member of the "opposition" (i.e., a treasonous sack of all-natural fertilizer), but he's "still part of the Great Satan."

    Stone was so enraged, he compared Mad Mahmoud to his own President:

    I've been called a lot of things, but never a "Great Satan." I wish the Iranian people well, and I only hope their experience with an inept, rigid ideologue president goes better than ours.

    Kalhor deserves credit for demonstrating some insight into the current nature of Hollywood:

    We believe that the American cinema system is devoid of all culture and art and is only used as a device.

    But he doesn't seem to realize that it is a device to propagandize against America, not against our enemies.

    Stone with an anti-American dictator who knew enough to exploit him.

    On tips from Wiggins and Planet Rock.

    July 5, 2007

    Gavin Newsom Bans Bottled Water

    Posted by Dave Blount at 8:16 PM

    Congrats to San Franfreakshow Mayor Gavin Newsom. These days it isn't easy to come up with new products to ban for the good of The People.

    Newsom has apparently become convinced that bottled water is harmful to the Earth Goddess. Consequently, its sale on city-owned property has been banned as "part of the city's effort to become more environmentally friendly." SF residents can earn a "free" (paid for by taxpayers) stainless steel water bottle by signing an online pledge not to buy bottled water.

    Here's how Newsom explains the clampdown:

    These people are making huge amounts of money selling God's natural resources. Sorry, we're not going to be part of it.

    The word "God" coming out of the snout of a moonbat sure has a funny ring, doesn't it? As usual, beneath the thin skin of environmentalism, we see the communistic hatred of economic freedom, like an oral herpes sore poking through gaudy lipstick on a prostitute decades past her prime.

    San Francisco recently outlawed plastic grocery bags. Presumably this is to save the Gaia too. Unless someone was making a profit by producing grocery bags.

    Better keep that microphone away from his mouth.

    Perfume Ban in the Name of Moonbattery

    Posted by Dave Blount at 4:49 PM

    According to the dictates of political correctness, the needs and wants of people who are in some way defective must be addressed at all costs; the normal majority's interests are irrelevant. To impose this depraved ideology, we have disability discrimination laws, which are being evoked by one Susan McBride, an office worker for the city of Detroit, who claims that perfume gives her a headache and makes her cough.

    This being abnormal, it qualifies McBride as defective. Therefore others must bend to her will and whim.

    McBride demands that her fellow workers be forced to forsake any sort of scent at work. Further, she wants free money, for "pain, suffering, humiliation and outrage."

    Outrage is the word, all right. McBride has availed herself of medical treatment and was "off work for some time" due to her alleged perfume allergy. As a city employee, no doubt she availed herself of generous medical leave policies. That's okay, taxpayers have plenty of money.

    When Dems manage to replace our healthcare system with socialized medicine, you can look forward to a three-week wait for the emergency room while folks like Susan McBride get their free treatment for not liking perfume, in order to have a medical justification for not showing up at work. Welcome to the world of "social justice."

    There isn't much that can't be banned in the name of moonbattery.

    On a tip from Wiggins.

    How Moonbat Celebrities Are Saving the Planet

    Posted by Dave Blount at 4:11 PM

    The New York Post reports on the heroic activities of moonbat celebrities in the noble cause of saving our planet.

    Jennifer Aniston:

    Some things are important for the world to know … like how long I shower. Seriously. I take a three-minute shower … I even brush-wash — brush my teeth while I shower.

    Owen Wilson:

    You know how people say marijuana is a gateway drug? That's sorta what buying a Prius was for me … I love nature, and I love taking walks on the beach at sunset. And if that makes me sound like Miss February filling out her turn-ons in a Playboy bio, so be it.

    No Owen, it just makes you sound like an idiot.

    Oh, and Martha Stewart collects horse manure for fertilizer — as opposed to Wilson, who collects it in his head so he'll have something to share with the media.

    Inspired yet?

    owen-wilson.jpg   Owen Wilson isn't Miss February, but he might make Moron of the Month.

    On a tip from A.C # 1.

    Temperature Readings May Exaggerate Warming

    Posted by Dave Blount at 12:07 PM

    It doesn't take much to qualify as controversial these days in the field of climate science. Anthony Watts of Watts Up With That? is running a project at that is creating a publicly available photographic database of weather stations, to help the public judge for itself why some of these stations are registering higher temperatures. The Kool-Aid–guzzlers at RealClimate are enraged that we don't just take their word for it that the temperature is shooting to the sky because selfish Americans won't refrain from productive activity.

    Watts quotes a comment by Jim Clarke at Climate Science, which he says "clears the air rather nicely":

    If a site is initially chosen because it meets all the qualifications for observing temperature, there is little about the site that could change to develop a cool bias. Almost all the changes will result in a warming trend from the original, ideal setting.
    Natural changes such as the growth of trees and shrubs, reduce the clear sky radiation, resulting in a warming trend. Man made changes, such as increased building and paving in and around the site, also results in a warming trend that is unrelated to any potential climate change. Finally, deterioration of the shelter housing the instruments also leads to an artificial warming.
    Any correction of these potential warming factors simply returns the site to its initial, ideal state. The only way to get an artificial cooling is to start with a less than ideal setting for recording air temperature and improve it. While this may have happened in a few locations, it is obvious that the gradual degradation of recording sites is the norm.
    The calculations of the temperature increase due to increasing CO2 are theory, which can only be verified with actual, accurate data. Those who claim that the accuracy of the data is not relevant are, in effect, defending a theory against reality, which is faith, not science.
    I know that supporters of the AGW [anthropogenic global warming] theory get very upset when they are accused of behaving in a religious fashion, instead of behaving like scientists. To avoid this, I suggest they start behaving like scientists and support the effort to obtain the best data possible.

    Differences of a fraction of a degree are worth haggling over, because they could deprive the global warming hoax of what little scientific credibility it still retains. So naturally the true believers don't want the public to know about possible flaws in data collection. What does data matter anyway when the important thing is to believe?

    This site has changed a little in the 100 years it's been collecting temperature data.

    On a tip from Kevin.

    Feminists Versus Druids

    Posted by Dave Blount at 10:54 AM

    The British "reality" program Trinny & Susannah Undress has incurred the wrath of pagans by giving the 16th century historic relic the Long Man of Wilmington a sex change with pigtails, breasts, and hips.

    ITV invited 100 women to "decorate" the site, which is considered sacred by pagans, 22 of whom showed up during filming to protest. Arthur Pendragon, described as a "nomadic 53-year-old" and a "Druid battle chieftain," complains:

    We are very angry because this is so disrespectful. We, the pagans, would not in our wildest dreams consider putting female breasts and clothing on effigies of any Holy Prophets, be it Jesus Christ, Buddha or any other revered figure of another faith. Why then, does ITV commission Trinny and Susannah to do so at the Long Man of Wilmington?

    Why? Because in its frantic effort to outdo itself for tasteless asininity, television has scraped its way straight through the bottom of the barrel.

    Other ingenious Trinny & Susannah Undress episodes have included "kitting out every woman in an entire town with a properly fitted bra" and "going down the red carpet wearing a giant pair of fake breasts."

    Too bad the producers didn't think to arm both the women and the Druids with an ample supply of cream pies and then film the results. But that probably wouldn't have met TV's current standards for vulgarity and ungraciousness. Maybe if they had everyone strip naked first, and filmed the event in Westminster Abbey…

    The Long Man of Wilmington.

    On a tip from V the K.

    Son of Goracle Busted

    Posted by Dave Blount at 9:33 AM

    Al Gore III, son of the Goracle, has been arrested for driving his Prius Rodney King style at over 100 mph at 2:15 in the morning. Inside the Pious, police found a traveling pharmacy that included marijuana, Xanax, Valium, Vicodin, and Adderall. Al the Third didn't have scripts for any of them.

    Poor kid. According to liberal ideology, no one is responsible for their own behavior, so he must have had a lousy upbringing.

    He's been arrested for driving around with pot in his car before. Last time he had to take substance abuse classes. Apparently he didn't do any better in them than the old man did at Vanderbilt Divinity School.

    In separate incidents, he has also gotten in trouble for reckless driving and for drunken driving. The guy could almost pass for a Kennedy.

    Albert III is an associate publisher of the pietistically named GOOD Magazine. If he really wants to do some good, he ought to throw away his car keys — since our system apparently doesn't have the sense to take them away, once and for all.

    The Goracle has expressed satisfaction that his son is "getting treatment" for being a victim of whatever affliction forces him to break laws and put other people's lives at risk. He wants to leave the whole thing as "a private matter."

    There is one surprising note to the story: Who would have thought a Prius could go 100 mph?

    I wonder if Al Gore III supports the Party of Pelosi like other criminals.

    On tips from Wiggins, Steve, and Nanc.

    The Ideal Democrat Base: Felons

    Posted by Dave Blount at 8:54 AM

    Reviewing John Lott's Freedomnomics: Why the Free Market Works and Other Half-Baked Theories Don't, Ann Coulter touches on the one fact that tells you most everything you need to know about the Democrat Party — it is overwhelmingly favored by convicted felons:

    As Lott notes: "Michael Milken, Martha Stewart and Leona Helmsley share something in common besides being convicted felons — they are all Democrats. While their wealth sets them apart from the typical felon, their party registration is the same as most former convicts."
    I believe this point was subtly highlighted when Willie Horton told the press in 1988 that of course he supported Michael Dukakis for president. "According to academic studies," Lott says, "from 1972 to 1996, on average, 80 percent of felons would have voted Democratic. An overwhelming 93 percent ostensibly would have voted for Bill Clinton in 1996."
    This is not because, as you might imagine, blacks have high crime rates and also happen to be overwhelmingly Democratic. Lott compares the voting patterns of felons and nonfelons, controlling for race, age, education level, religious habits, employment, age and country of residence. Wholly apart from all these factors, felons were still more likely to vote Democratic. Indeed, in the 2004 election, Lott says, felons in Washington state "voted exclusively for Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry."
    With so many felons being Democrats, the party might want to think about changing its mascot from a donkey to a jailbird.
    Needless to say, Democrats are neurotically obsessed with restoring the right to vote to felons.

    I'd have to disagree that this obsession is neurotic. Given how closely felons mirror liberal values and interests, and how adapted they are to the socialist lifestyle, they are a natural constituency. Even smelly neo-hippies might vote for Ralph Nader, or sit home sulking on election day because we haven't surrendered to al-Qaeda yet. Blacks may one day realize that self-respect is too high a price for the handouts and privileges liberals promise them for being "victims" — i.e., supposedly too inferior to pull their own weight. Felons are the one demographic Dems could really count on.

    Move over, nutroots. The Dems have found a new base.

    On a tip from V the K.

    Providing Laughs For Jihadists

    Posted by Dave Blount at 7:37 AM

    Squishy liberals who blame the West for the fact that Muslims still want to obliterate our civilization after all these centuries are good for one thing: they provide some laughs for Islamic terrorists, as confirmed by Hassan Butt, former member of what he calls the British Jihadi Network:

    I remember how we used to laugh in celebration whenever people on TV proclaimed that the sole cause for Islamic acts of terror like 9/11, the Madrid bombings and 7/7 was Western foreign policy.
    By blaming the Government for our actions, those who pushed this "Blair's bombs" line did our propaganda work for us.
    More important, they also helped to draw away any critical examination from the real engine of our violence: Islamic theology.

    In fact, if the liberal fools who run the media and infest our governments didn't do Muslims' propaganda work for them, Islamic terrorism would be so ineffective that it would soon cease to exist. You didn't see Muslims flying planes into buildings when the West was run by people like Winston Churchill.

    But now we have "leaders" like London Mayor Red Ken Livingstone, whom Butt quotes as bleating on Radio 4's Today program:

    What all our intelligence shows about the opinions of disaffected young Muslims is the main driving force is […] mainly Iraq.

    Butt left the British Jihadi Network "because I realized that its members had simply become mindless killers." But if he were still with them, Livingstone's idiocy would be good for some satisfied guffaws. He reports that terrorists are not motivated by our failure to be politically correct enough to suit moonbats like Red Ken:

    [W]hat drove me and many others to plot acts of extreme terror within Britain and abroad was a sense that we were fighting for the creation of a revolutionary worldwide Islamic state that would dispense Islamic justice.

    Without the liberal propaganda that follows in its wake, terrorism would just be a bunch of savages trying to kill us in an absurd attempt to revive the Dark Ages. It would never get enough traction to become a persistent problem, much less a serious threat. It's our media and left-leaning politicians that convert terrorism into an effective weapon against Western Civilization.

    As always, the real enemy is the one within: liberalism.

    On tips from Bergbikr and NGWFJ.

    "I Had Some Planes to Bomb"

    Posted by Dave Blount at 7:07 AM

    Pop singer Dilbahar "Dilba" Demirbag, an immigrant from Turkey to Sweden, decided that airport security wouldn't be so interested in her travel plans to America if not for her Middle Eastern appearance. So she struck a righteous blow against racism by announcing that she "had some planes to bomb."

    The response caused her to gasp in sanctimonious outrage:

    I was pulled out of the queue and treated like a terrorist.

    I should certainly hope so. But before you blame her for her for asinine behavior, let it be known that she wants "to apologize to anybody who took offence" — and taking offence is what life is all about now.

    Meanwhile the next Mohammad Atta can rest assured that Dilba, the Flying Imams, Sheila Jackson-Lee, et al. have done their best to intimidate security into ignoring any red flags he might be flying as he boards a plane in order to crash it into a skyscraper or nuclear power plant.

    Dilba Douche Bag.

    On a tip from Wiggins.

    July 4, 2007

    Moonbat Mourns Doomed Tree

    Posted by Dave Blount at 8:18 PM

    Kathy Kruse of Fort Collins spoke out in The Coloradoan on the topic of a tree that needs to be removed for construction purposes:

    I stood there reverently in front of [the tree] this morning, crying quietly at the thought of another life being lost. It stands so beautifully, with full and lush leaves, so very tall and graceful. The serenity I felt in its presence rooted me to the spot.

    Rooted her to the spot. Get it? Who says moonbats don't have a sense of humor! Wait, there's more:

    I have no idea whether it is somehow aware, in its way, that it has been sentenced to die, or that there are those who cry at the thought of that. I think of trees as our teachers and am reminded of great teachers in the past who were sentenced to die because of our ignorance. I am grateful that it has touched my life while it is still alive.

    May the spirit and wisdom of this tree live on long after it is gone from our sight.

    Coloradoan reader shockcorridor comments:

    Tree as teacher. Good lord when will hippies disintegrate into dust.

    As OpinionJournal notes, with a circulation of 59,000, The Coloradoan had to kill quite a few trees to get out Kathy's message. I sure hope their spirit and wisdom live on.

    On a tip from Steve.

    European Commission Releases Porno Video

    Posted by Dave Blount at 7:53 PM

    The European Commission has launched its own channel on YouTube. Most of the content appears to consist of boring crapola about global warming, etc. But one video is quite popular. The clip "Film Lovers Will Love This!" features couples having sex in various locales. Some of the couples are homosexual. Fox News reports:

    As the groans build to a climatic finish, the phrase "Let's come together" flashes on the screen.

    If you really need to see it for yourself, the salacious clip can be viewed here.

    Your excessive taxes at work, Europeans.

    Tasteless degeneracy on the taxpayers' euro.

    On a tip from Wiggins.

    Iran and Venezuela Reflect the Muslim–Moonbat Alliance

    Posted by Dave Blount at 2:36 PM

    If we don't fight terrorists over there, we will fight them over here. Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is seeing to it by making the most of the Muslim–moonbat alliance that poses the greatest threat Western Civilization has encountered since the Black Plague.

    Prominent in Mad Mahmoud's plans is the Cuba-style totalitarian hellhole leftist strongman Hugo Chavez is in the process of making out of Venezuela. The two countries have formed an "Axis of Unity." As always, the Muslim–moonbat bond is cemented by a common hatred of the USA and all that it represents.

    Chavez is bailing out his buddy by supplying Iran with desperately needed gasoline. The favor is likely to be returned in the form of weaponry — possibly nuclear weaponry.

    Iran has also established Hezbollah training camps in South America, and has been cozying up to Nicaragua's leftist leader Daniel Ortega — another enemy of America and consequently natural ally of expansionist Islam.

    On Iran's side of the world, the ayatollahs continue to push us, we continue to pretend not to notice. On our own side, our southern border remains undefended. The final bill for not responding appropriately to Iran's seizure of our embassy in 1979 — or to any of its outrageous provocations since — still hasn't come due. Sooner or later we will have to settle up.

    A match made in hell.

    On tips from Byron.

    Chucky Schmucky to Save Us From Ticks

    Posted by Dave Blount at 2:00 PM

    Having come down with Lyme disease earlier this year, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has launched a taxpayer-financed jihad against the affliction, introducing legislation that would spend $100 million on prevention and treatment over the next five years. The disease is spread by the deer ticks that are ubiquitous in Connecticut and southern New York.

    Good thing Upchuck doesn't seem to remember his diaper rash, or who knows how much of our money he would devote to it.

    Chucky Schmucky takes aim at a deer tick.

    On a tip from Wiggins.

    Dems Are Better at Pardoning

    Posted by Dave Blount at 11:04 AM

    Moonbats are right to bark in self-righteous disapproval because Bush commuted Scooter Libby's absurd sentence. Rather than attempt to split the baby Solomon style, he should have just pardoned Libby — unless he thinks the guy really is a criminal, and not just collateral damage in a partisan witch hunt.

    You have to hand it to Bill Clinton — he knew how to pardon. For money or political leverage, he would give a pass to pretty much anyone — including the fugitive from justice Marc Rich and FALN terrorists, whose release he apparently thought would motivate New York's multitudinous Puerto Ricans to vote for his wife.

    The criminals pardoned by Clinton would fill a prison; check out the list. Pardoned crimes include tax evasion, mail fraud, desertion, embezzlement, dealing methamphetamine, transporting stolen cars, lying to get bank loans, counterfeiting, conspiracy to defraud the United States, conspiracy to commit theft, lying on income tax returns, stealing US mail, sneaking contraband into prison, dealing marijuana, lying to the draft board, lying on a passport application, illegal gambling, larceny, forging drug prescriptions, going AWOL, writing bad checks, Medicaid fraud, obstruction of justice, dealing cocaine, bank robbery, stealing butter, assault with a dangerous weapon, dealing PCP, terrorism, conduct unbecoming an officer, bribery, blackmail, misprision of a felony, mutiny during wartime, wire fraud, dealing LSD, bail jumping, extortion, firearms violations, securities fraud, theft of government property, dealing methaqualone, dealing hashish, false statements to government agencies, trafficking illegal aliens, racketeering, odometer rollback, perjury, food stamp fraud, possession of stolen goods, illegal corporate campaign contributions, dealing Valium, criminal forfeiture, violating the trade embargo with Iran, exporting arms in violation of the Neutrality Act, destroying US mail, Medicare fraud, dealing crack, converting public money to personal use, lying to a Grand Jury, etc. etc. etc.

    You might have noticed that some of these were crimes Bubba indulged in himself, while in the White House, yet I've never had the satisfaction of seeing him thrown in jail. Slick Willie commuted more than a few sentences too, including the sentence of Dorothy Rivers, a lead official in Jesse Jackson's Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, who pled guilty to stealing $1.2 million in federal grant money.

    Yet Bush hesitates to pardon a harmless guy for having a faulty memory. It looks like pardoning is one thing that Dems do better.

    Clinton beats Republicans when it comes to gall too. He is actually out there criticizing Bush for commuting Libby's sentence.

    Did someone mention the Culture of Corruption?

    On tips from Byron and NGWFJ.

    Happy Fourth of July

    Posted by Dave Blount at 6:58 AM


    July 3, 2007

    Gordon Brown: Don't Call Muslim Terrorists Muslim

    Posted by Dave Blount at 8:46 PM

    In a horrifying indication of the kind of leadership Britain can expect from its new Prime Minister, Gordon Brown has forbidden top bureaucrats from using the word "Muslim" in connection with the Muslim terrorists who are waging a violent war against the British population.

    The phrase "war on terror" is also banned. You see, we must adopt a more "consensual" tone. By being "consensual," what are we consenting to? Simple: the murder of our fellow citizens and the demise of our civilization at the hands of Islamist terrorists.

    Brown is too cowardly not only to defeat the enemy, but even to name it. Either we deserve better leadership, or we no longer deserve to exist.

    Islam is just an opportunistic infection. The disease that is reducing Great Britain — and the rest of the West — to something so squishy and contemptible that it ought just to be put out of its misery is moonbattery.

    If Gordon Brown is the best we can do, Muslims have every right to despise us.

    On tips from Wiggins and The Panday.

    CAIR Moves to Silence Cal Thomas

    Posted by Dave Blount at 6:06 PM

    In the aftermath of Muslims' latest attempted contributions to the beautiful multicultural mosaic in London and Glasgow, Cal Thomas asked a fair question on WTOP radio:

    How much longer should we allow people from certain lands, with certain beliefs to come to Britain and America and build their mosques, teach hate, and plot to kill us?

    If our culture weren't deranged by moonbattery, we wouldn't allow it at all. But the more pressing question is, will we allow people like Cal Thomas to ask obvious questions, even if the Muslims who are trying to kill us don't like it?

    The Hamas front group CAIR is lobbying to gag Thomas, referring to his question as "incitement" — as if he were the one causing trouble, not the Muslims with their car bombs. CAIR has sent out a message to supporters including the phone number of WTOP's VP of programming.

    The strategy is clear: intimidate media outlets into firing anyone who acknowledges Islam as a threat. The guillotine coming down on Don Imus didn't go unnoticed among terrorists and their enablers.

    On July 17, CAIR will be hosting a panel discussion in DC on "the increasing anti-Muslim rhetoric within the conservative movement in the United States." Who knows? If the Dems do well enough in the next elections, they may even be able to pass a law to force Cal Thomas off the air.

    In CAIR's crosshairs.

    Real Cure For Global Warming

    Posted by Dave Blount at 3:21 PM

    As Vin Suprynowicz is hardly the first to observe, global warming is a scam. But if it were real, there is something we could do about it: pollute the air as much as possible.

    Given that climate has always fluctuated, and that the slight warming trend that has been observed recently won't result in anything other than "a small increase in the amount of previously frozen ground on which people could grow wheat" in the foreseeable future, what motivates the hoaxers to whip up all the hysteria?

    Al Gore et al. are obviously after the usual: money and power. The liberal rank and file have other motivations:

    These are jealous socialists who want America to be a lot more like Europe, punishing "rich people" for the gall of freely driving where they want, when they want, in their "wasteful" private automobiles. This gang wants prohibitive taxes on cars and gasoline, with the money to be shifted into mass transit boondoggles that will require us all to enjoy much more togetherness, singing "Kumbaya" in three-part harmony as we live in quaint urban walk-ups and ride around packed into little tin trolley cars in a neater, tidier world a lot more like Sweden, or possibly the Beatles' "Magical Mystery Tour."

    In other words, for moonbats, moonbattery is its own reward.

    What if the world really were heating up in an undesirable way — how would we cool it?

    The year 1816 is known as the "Year Without a Summer," because the eruption of Mount Tambora threw so much volcanic ash into the atmosphere that a significant percentage of sunlight was reflected back into space. Temperatures plunged. Unlike warm weather, cold weather is a serious problem. An estimated 200,000 people died of the resulting crop failures.

    So if we really wanted to cool things down, we would follow the example of Mount Tambora and put as much soot in the air as we could.

    Global warming solution.

    On a tip from Dave.

    San Franfreakshow Trans March

    Posted by Dave Blount at 12:57 PM

    Those with sturdy constitutions might want to check out Zombie's soul-jarring report on the "Trans March" that took place in San Francisco a week ago last Friday.

    According to its own website, the Trans March was to consist of "ftm, mtf, bayot, crossdressers, sadhin, hijra, transvestites, bantut, drag queens, drag kings, mahu, transsexuals, bakla, travesti, genderqueers, kathoey, two spirit, intersex and those with other labels for themselves and no labels for themselves, those who see gender as having more than two options, and those who live between the existing options" — in other words, the Democrat Party's base. The site boasts that the entire event was to be "sign-language interpreted."

    If you were lucky enough not to be there, here are a few samples of what you missed:

    They elected Nancy Pelosi. Now they want more.

    That Charles Manson belt buckle is almost as cool as a Che Guevara shirt.

    "Trans March? I thought we were filming a zombie movie."

    A quiet moment of subtle poignancy.

    A message from Moonbatland: "Kiss my grits."

    On a tip from Steve.

    Greedy Humans Using Too Much Sun

    Posted by Dave Blount at 9:17 AM

    It seems the unconscionable greed of humans knows no limits. According to moonbats, we are even hogging up too much of the Sun.

    According to liberal ideology, humans are of no more value than any other species — "a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy," as PETA's Ingrid Newkirk would say. That's why moonbats are appalled that we humans think we have some kind of right to hog more of the Sun's energy that is captured by plants than any other species.

    Barks Professor Snow Barlow of the University of Melbourne:

    Here we are, just one species on the earth, and we're grabbing a quarter of the renewable resources … we're probably being a bit greedy.

    We see again the harmful effects of human activities. America used to be plagued by locust swarms that ate the crops and sometimes left people to starve. But then we drained enough swamps to prevent locusts from breeding. If only the locusts would come back and eat our food for us, the sun's energy could be distributed more equitably, and if children starved, that would mean fewer humans to despoil the environment. No doubt progressives would consider this "environmental justice."

    Maybe we could bring back locust swarms.

    On a tip from V the K.

    Why We're Losing

    Posted by Dave Blount at 8:42 AM

    It appears we are slowly losing our defensive war with terrorist Islam. Ralph Peters explains why: we aren't fighting to win.

    Both Shiite and Sunni Muslims are at war with us. We struck a serious blow against Sunni terrorists by destroying al-Qaeda's safe haven in Afghanistan. But the Shiite terrorists' more threatening safe haven in Iran goes unmolested:

    Aware that Tehran's commandos were active in Iraq, supplying weapons, training and direct supervision of attacks that targeted Americans, we did nothing. An Iranian diplomatic passport turned out to be a better form of body armor than anything our troops wear.
    Patience isn't a virtue when a hostile government's killing your soldiers. Our timidity only encouraged Iran, which has paid no serious penalties.

    Peters doesn't want to invade Iran…

    But selective strikes against the infrastructure of the Revolutionary Guards (and the Quds Force in particular), as well as against Tehran's security services, are the minimum needed to get the regime's attention. […] Sanctions? Diplomacy? Tell it to the troops in Walter Reed. Or in Arlington. […] If military action isn't a perfect answer, appeasement is never the answer. Give in to terrorists' demands, and you'll only get more demands.

    But on the home front, instead of calls to respond to Iran's escalating provocations, we get demands that foreign terrorists be granted all the rights of American citizens. Clearly this is not going to help us win, but it's as if no one really wants to win. The Republican administration seems satisfied to maintain a doomed holding action for as long as it can, whereas Democrats, insanely but undeniably, want us to lose.

    Peters thinks our leaders just don't grasp that the war is serious:

    They live in perfect safety and don't really care if you or your children die, as long as you vote for them.
    If roadside bombs were going off on Capitol Hill, we'd punish Iran ferociously and stop treating captured terrorists like white-collar crooks. But as long as the IEDs only kill and cripple our soldiers and Marines, neither political party gives a damn.

    The enemy has already crashed a jet into the Pentagon — more than the Nazis or Imperial Japanese ever managed. What will it take to wake Washington up to the fact that this fight is for real, and that we had better stop pussyfooting and play to win? As Iran scrambles to develop nuclear weapons technology, we may soon find out.

    Is this what it will take?

    On a tip from Byron.

    Beeb Admits We Aren't All Idiots

    Posted by Dave Blount at 7:32 AM

    Even the BBC has to admit that not everybody is gullible enough to drink the global warming Kool-Aid. It reports on a poll that found 56% of the public is aware that there is no scientific consensus on the matter, despite the media frequently passing along lies to the contrary. Many are aware that a major objective of the global warming hoax is to line the pockets of unscrupulous characters like Al Gore. The survey found that not only terrorism and crime but also graffiti and dog glitch are considered more serious problems than global warming.

    But give liberals a chance to cripple the economy on behalf of the hoax, and people are sure to realize it's serious after all.


    On a tip from Dave.

    Corrupt Dems Still Chanting "Culture of Corruption"

    Posted by Dave Blount at 7:13 AM

    Headline from

    Reid: Bush's Commutation of Libby's Prison Sentence Endorses Administration's Culture of Corruption

    Just when I thought William Jefferson, Alcee Hastings, et al. had been caught with their paws in enough cookie jars to spare us their phony "Culture of Corruption" mantra, we hear from the extremely shady Harry Reid that commuting the sentence of political prisoner Scooter Libby is "disgraceful." According to Dingy Harry, Libby lied about a matter of national security, so he belongs in prison. No comment from Clinton's National Security Advisor Sandy Burglar.

    Sandy Burger

    On a tip from Wiggins.

    July 2, 2007

    Illegal Alien Plans "Campaign of Resistance"

    Posted by Dave Blount at 8:41 PM

    Now we're in for it. Mexican citizen Elvira Arellano, who holed up in a Chicago-era Methodist church screaming for sanctuary like Quasimodo in Hunchback of Notre Dame when the authorities tried to deport her, is calling for a "campaign of resistance" to teach the USA a lesson for even thinking about defending its borders.

    Her written statement appeared in the newspaper of La Raza, the group of militantly racist Hispanics before whom allegedly Republican Senator Lindsey Grahamnesty denounced as "bigots" any Americans who would choose to distinguish between legal and illegal immigrants.

    Arellano demands an immediate end to the handful of token raids and deportations by which the government hopes to persuade the gullible that it is defending our territorial sovereignty. She's been cooped up in the church for almost a year; our system is so emasculated by moonbattery that no one has the spine to drag her out and kick her back across the border, despite her having been caught using a fake Social Security number.

    If we do not do as Ms. Arellano commands, we're in big trouble. She has called for immigrant organizations to launch a campaign "aimed at bringing this government and this economy to a halt."

    Looks like they've already accomplished the first part. Michael Chertoff says America doesn't have what it takes to enforce immigration laws. The guy heads the Department of Homeland Security.

    An unwed mother, Arellano specializes in using her child as a prop.

    On a tip from Wiggins.

    Howard Zinn Wishes Us an Unhappy Fourth

    Posted by Dave Blount at 12:36 PM

    Howard Zinn, whose vicious anti-American screed A People's History of the United States appallingly serves as the main text in many college history courses, reminds us that the Fourth of July is no time for liberals to let up on their festering hatred of this great country.

    Zinn says it's okay for a country to have national pride — so long as it isn't much justified. But for America: "what might have been harmless pride becomes an arrogant nationalism dangerous to others and to ourselves."

    Then comes the barrage of hate-America propaganda that is now taught in our schools in place of history. We were mean to the Indians. We stole from the Mexicans. We committed massacres in the Philippines. We kill Iraqi civilians by the thousands. Our soldiers are brutal and torture people. We overreact to trifling incidents like Pearl Harbor and 9/11.

    Yet people keep on loving this country. Zinn is outraged:

    We need to refute the idea that our nation is different from, morally superior to, the other imperial powers of world history.

    Zinn's inability to distinguish America from a brutal empire suggests that he isn't capable of grasping the concept of morality — unless he actually can tell right from wrong, but has chosen to side with the bad guys due to some sickness in his soul.

    A society that lets vermin who hate it educate its young cannot and will not survive. But for now America is still the greatest country the world has ever seen, and here's wishing everybody an early Happy Fourth of July. You too, Howard, you evil old coot!


    On a tip from V the K.

    Red Ken's Follow-up to Terror Attacks

    Posted by Dave Blount at 11:57 AM

    Muslims' recent attempts to kill as many of us as they can in London and Glasgow have inspired London Mayor Red Ken Livingstone to crawl out from under his rock and speak out on Islam's behalf:

    In this city, Muslims are more likely to be law-abiding than non-Muslims and less likely to support the use of violence to achieve political ends than non-Muslims. They have played a good and active and growing role in creating a multi-cultural society.

    The multicultural society they are playing such an active and growing role in creating is pleasing to libs like Red Ken because it will prominently feature the eradication of our own civilization — along with everything else that isn't in the Koran.

    Imagine the Mayor of London coming out of his bunker during the Blitz to praise Germans. An angry mob would tear him limb from limb — a fate Red Ken richly deserves.

    Red Ken and friend.

    Hat tip: Webloggin

    Mort Kondracke Accuses Talk Radio of Programming Our Opinions

    Posted by Dave Blount at 10:59 AM

    Last Friday, while subbing for Hugh Hewitt, Dean Barnett interviewed establishment gasbag Mort Kondracke. Mort revealed that he doesn't have a very high opinion of talk radio, and implies an even lower opinion of its audience for being brainwashed into opposing his beloved shamnesty bill:

    Boy, I've got to say, well, look, everybody's got a right to say what they want to say, and I mean, you know, the problem with much of talk radio is that it's out of control. It's out of self-control, I should say. And the competitive forces impels somebody to try to whip up the rage of the listenership, and make people frantic about something, and it inhibits calm discussion about anything, as witness the immigration debate. Do I think… in the case of the immigration debate, I think what the radio talk show hosts did was terribly destructive toward the solution of what everybody agrees is a huge problem. […] I'm referring… you know, the truth is that I don't listen to everybody, so I can't tell you who… I listen to Rush, I think he's a destructive force in this case. […] I mean, you know… and you know, Rush has been… Sean Hannity, I think, has been a destructive force, Laura Ingraham's been a destructive … [blah blah blah] … anybody who declares that this bill is amnesty is just not helping the society solve a problem.

    Imagine, if it weren't for destructive forces like Rush and Hannity, we would all be a-okay with the shamnesty bill. Why, they could put Mort on the radio instead and we would bob our heads up and down, chanting "Yes, Mort. Amnesty good. Border security bad. Whatever you say Mort."

    But they won't put Mort on instead, unless the Unfairness Doctrine becomes law, because no one would volunteer to listen to him — primarily because he's dull as ditchwater, but also because unlike Rush et al., he has no respect for the audience, which is represented, not led.

    Get a clue, Mort.

    Michael Moore to Visit Iran

    Posted by Dave Blount at 10:20 AM

    As America's most devoted enemy, Iran naturally qualifies for a visit from liberal icon Michael Moore, who reportedly will be traveling to the land of the ayatollahs to preside over the screening of his latest cinematic attack on America, the aptly titled Sicko.

    Needless to say, Moore's propagandistic broadsides against the country that made him rich have a sympathetic audience among Iranian denouncers of the Great Satan. Too bad they can't design the nuclear bombs they're working on to kill all of us except Moore.

    If we become involved in hostilities with three-headed lizards from outer space, look for Moore to travel to their planet to show his films and badmouth Earth.

    Is there some reason we have to let him back in the country?

    Maybe Mad Mahmoud will fund his next film. Via Flopping Aces.

    "Feminism Made Me a Lesbian"

    Posted by Dave Blount at 6:47 AM

    Sue Wilkinson, professor of Feminist and Health Studies at Loughborough University, was a "happy heterosexual" with a successful marriage — until wallowing in moonbattery for a living turned her into a lesbian.

    Professor Wilkinson tells her story:

    I was never unsure about my sexuality throughout my teens or 20s. I was a happy heterosexual and had no doubts. Then I changed, through political activity and feminism, spending time with women's organizations. It opened my mind to the possibility of a lesbian identity.

    She divorced her husband of 17 years and started cohabitating with her new "partner," Professor Celia Kitzinger of York University.

    Wilkinson continues:

    I'd had a very happy marriage and a very good relationship with men. My husband took it very badly.

    And all this time I thought people were born homosexual, and there was no such thing as free choice.

    Prof_Sue_Wilkinson.jpg   Prof_Celia_Kitzinger.jpg
    Wilkinson and Kitzinger. What a lovely couple.

    On a tip from Wiggins.

    Padres Have Gay Group Sing National Anthem

    Posted by Dave Blount at 6:36 AM

    What could be more wholesome than taking your kids to a baseball game? Any number of things — if the game happens to be the one between the San Diego Padres and the Atlanta Braves on July 8, when the Gay Men's Chorus of San Diego will sing the National Anthem.

    At the rate our culture is disintegrating, the anthem will soon be sung by the S&M Leather Fetishists of Cleveland, the NAMBLA Horn Dogs of Boston, and the Seattle area's Enumclaw Glee Club.

    Also on July 8, all kids 14 or younger will receive a free Padres floppy cap featuring a silhouette of the Padres' emblem, the "Swinging Friar." Hopefully "Swinging" refers to a baseball bat, but these days who can tell?

    Now I get why the Swinging Friar seems to be wearing a dress.

    On tips from Wiggins and Nanc.

    July 1, 2007

    Gore's Assault on Reason — and Reality

    Posted by Dave Blount at 8:44 PM

    James M. Taylor quotes the Goracle, from his latest sanctimonious screed, aptly titled The Assault on Reason:

    We must stop tolerating the rejection and distortion of science. We must insist on an end to the cynical use of pseudo-studies known to be false for the purpose of intentionally clouding the public's ability to discern the truth.

    If only the Prince Albert would follow his own advice by retracting the following bogus assertions:

    Global warming is shrinking the Himalayan glaciers. Actually, these glaciers are growing, according to the American Meteorological Society's Journal of Climate.

    Global warming is melting the snows of Mt. Kilimanjaro. The decreasing snow is caused by deforestation of the mountain's foothills.

    Global warming is causing more tornadoes. Even the UN's IPCC admits no link between the two has been scientifically established.

    Global warming is making for more and bigger hurricanes. Hurricanes hitting the Atlantic coast have declined over the last 40 years.

    Global warming is expanding African deserts. African deserts are shrinking, making farming possible where it was not possible before.

    Global warming is melting the glaciers that smother Greenland, which will soon cause the sea to rise by 20 feet. Though the Greenland ice sheet is thinning at the margins, it is growing inland; the overall mass is increasing. The last two decades were the coldest in Greenland since the 1910s.

    Global warming is melting the Antarctic ice sheet. Antarctica has been dramatically cooling for decades.

    No more distortion of science? Gore would set a great example if he would just stop telling bald-faced lies.

    Gore prepares to give Reason a karate chop.

    On a tip from Bergbikr.

    Not Even MTV Buying Sicko

    Posted by Dave Blount at 1:25 PM

    You would think an iconic moonbat like Michael Moore would be able to count on support from MTV, whose focus on the Clearasil set dictates left-leaning politics. But no:

    Moore is also a con man of a very brazen sort, and never more so than in this film [Sicko]. His cherry-picked facts, manipulative interviews (with lingering close-ups of distraught people breaking down in tears) and blithe assertions (how does he know 18 million people will die this year because they have no health insurance?) are so stacked that you can feel his whole argument sliding sideways as the picture unspools. […] There are a number of proposals as to what might be done to correct [problems with the healthcare system]. Moore has no use for any of them, save one.
    As a proud socialist, the director appears to feel that there are few problems in life that can't be solved by government regulation (that would be the same government that's already given us the U.S. Postal Service and the Department of Motor Vehicles). In the case of health care, though, Americans have never been keen on socialized medicine. In 1993, when one of Moore's heroes, Hillary Clinton (he actually blurts out the word "sexy!" in describing her in the movie), tried to create a government-controlled health care system, her failed attempt to do so helped deliver the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives into Republican control for the next dozen years. Moore still looks upon Clinton's plan as a grand idea, one that Americans, being not very bright, unwisely rejected.
    A socialist's conception of "sexy."

    Like most willfully ignorant liberals, Moore holds up Canada's dysfunctional socialistic healthcare system as an ideal to be emulated. The 2005 documentary Dead Meat provides a more accurate picture.

    A 52-year-old woman in Calgary recalls being in severe need of joint-replacement surgery after the cartilage in her knee wore out. She was put on a wait list and wound up waiting 16 months for the surgery. Her pain was so excruciating, she says, that she was prescribed large doses of Oxycontin, and soon became addicted. After finally getting her operation, she was put on another wait list — this time for drug rehab.
    A man tells about his mother waiting two years for life-saving cancer surgery — and then twice having her surgical appointments canceled. She was still waiting when she died.
    A man in critical need of neck surgery plays a voicemail message from a doctor he'd contacted: "As of today," she says, "it's a two-year wait-list to see me for an initial consultation." Later, when the man and his wife both needed hip-replacement surgery and grew exasperated after spending two years on a waiting list, they finally mortgaged their home and flew to Belgium to have the operations done there, with no more waiting.
    Rick Baker, the owner of a Toronto company called Timely Medical Alternatives, specializes in transporting Canadians who don't want to wait for medical care to Buffalo, New York, two hours away, where they won't have to. Baker's business is apparently thriving.
    And Dr. Brian Day, now the president of the Canadian Medical Association, muses about the bizarre distortions created by a law that prohibits Canadians from paying for even urgently-needed medical treatments, or from obtaining private health insurance. "It's legal to buy health insurance for your pets," Day says, "but illegal to buy health insurance for yourself." (Even more pointedly, Day was quoted in the Wall Street Journal this week as saying, "This is a country in which dogs can get a hip replacement in under a week and in which humans can wait two to three years.")

    As a small child could figure out, the potential demand for healthcare is infinite. Since not even Democrats think taxes can be raised infinitely, this means government healthcare must be rationed. If Michael Moore were concerned with health, he would lose a few tons of the lard he's been dragging around. As always, the liberal agenda is really about control.

    When libs have managed to ration access to healthcare, next they can move on to food — then maybe even Michael Moore will complain.

    An obscenity harassing a doctor.

    On a tip from V the K.

    Germans Schools Teach Children How to Find Homosexual Partners

    Posted by Dave Blount at 11:47 AM

    The latest milestone in the West's alarming decay:

    Children at a German school aged 14 and up are to take part in exercises whereby they practice homosexual wooing techniques. The idea is to teach "tolerance" — i.e., to cram down students' throats a liberal agenda that very prominently includes promoting homosexuality to adolescents.

    As WaPo smirkingly suggests, next could be field trips to gay pride parades.

    Where we're headed.

    Hat tip: In the Days, on a tip from Nanc.

    Oliver Stoned Planning Ahmadinejad Tribute

    Posted by Dave Blount at 11:14 AM

    Deranged anti-American propagandist Oliver Stone reportedly plans to follow up his film lauding the totalitarian dictator Fidel Castro with a movie about Iran's maniacal President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

    It will make for interesting subject material. Ahmadinejad has been exploiting Western cowardice and disarray to pursue nuclear weapons aggressively. He has made no secret of how he plans to employ the weapons, speaking openly of wiping Israel off the map.

    Nukes are more dangerous in Ahmadinejad's hands than most anyone else's because his apocalyptic delusions dwarf even Al Gore's. He apparently believes that he can hasten the return of the mythical Twelfth Imam, or even that he is the Twelfth Imam. This character's prophesized return will involve a global Islamic regime, followed seven years later by the violent end of the world. Nuclear weapons will be helpful in staging this.

    According to former hostages, Ahmadinejad was prominent among the "students" who invaded the American embassy in Iran — an overt act of war — and held Americans in captivity for 444 days, until the blessed day we managed to dislodge Jimmy Carter from the White House.

    Don't expect any of this to feature prominently in Stone's film, however. It is being made with the blessing of the Iranian regime. If he can apologize for Castro, why not Ahmadinejad? No enemy of America is too satanic to appeal to Hollywood.

    Stone considers moving on to new idols.

    On a tip from Wiggins.