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June 30, 2007

Farfour the Terrorist Mouse Buys the Farm

Posted by Dave Blount at 5:29 PM

Sad news for Palestinian children:

Remember Farfour, the sinister Mickey Mouse look-alike on Hamas-run television who has been exhorting Palestinian kids to drink their milk, pray to Allah, and blow up infidels? The evil Jews got the better of him.

In the final episode of the program, Farfour is beaten to death by an Israeli official trying to buy his land. Demonstrating that at least Palestinians have a gift for irony, Farfour denounces his attacker as a "terrorist."

Sara, the teenage host, explains the tragic conclusion to the kiddies:

Farfour was martyred while defending his land… [He was killed] by the killers of children.

It's a hard world for six-foot, helium-voiced, jihadist mice. At least now Hamas doesn't have to worry about Disney developing enough of a spine to complain about copyright infringement.

Farfour the monstrous mouse is no more.

On tips from Wiggins and Toa.

British Magistrate in Trouble For Not Accepting Muslim Veil

Posted by Dave Blount at 5:04 PM

As terrorists lay siege to the remnants of Great Britain, the moonbats who have reduced this great country to such a vulnerable state continue to chip away from within, working in more or less open alliance with the West's jihadist enemies. The situation is so bad now that Manchester magistrate Ian Murray faces disciplinary action because he refused to deal with a defendant who would not show her face in court. Zoobia Hussain is of course "shocked and distressed" that anyone would expect her to take off her Muslim veil for the sake of legal proceedings, just so people can see who she is, as if the UK were its own country with its own legal traditions that should take precedence over Islamic ways.

Given a choice between rule of law and pandering obsequiously to Muslims, the authorities choose the latter with ever-increasing regularity. Murray is already groveling and apologizing, so he may be permitted to keep his position, so long as he never again questions the confines of the shameful dhimmitude Britain has voluntarily chosen to adopt in the name of political correctness.

The future of womanhood in what was once Great Britain.

On a tip from V the K.

A Harmful Effect of Rising CO2 Levels Finally Discovered

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:23 AM

It turns out CO2 emissions actually have a harmful effect after all. By making plant life healthier, more CO2 leads to more potent poison ivy.

For a scientific study, groups of poison ivy plants were grown at 1950s and at current CO2 levels. The results:

After about eight months, leaf size, stem length and weight and oil content of the plants raised at current carbon-dioxide levels were, on average, 50% to 75% higher than the plants under the 1950s conditions, according to the study, expected to be published this year in the journal Weed Science. Not only did the higher CO2 level double the growth rate, but it made for hardier plants that recovered more quickly from the ravages of grazing animals.

The hardier poison ivy plants produce more powerful urushiol, which is the oil that gives people an itchy rash.

We sure don't want healthier plants, not if it means poison ivy that itches even more. We'd better put a cap on economic activity immediately, before we run out of calamine lotion.

Or would a little more Poison Ivy really be so awful?

Code Pink Kook Passes Out in Lieberman's Office

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:14 AM

To get an idea of who populates the base of the Democrat Party, check out the video below of Leslie Angeline, a Code Pinko activist who attempted to coerce Senator Joe Lieberman to listen to her ravings by going on a hunger strike. She managed to get into his office, where she lay down on the floor and apparently passed out.

In the video, she tearfully shares with the world the message she wants to impart to Lieberman: that Iran is a beautiful country, so we must rule out using military action to prevent it from blowing us to bits with nuclear weapons.

Lieberman is as liberal as they get on every other topic, but believes common sense should prevail when it comes to dealing with maniacs like Saddam Hussein and Iran's Mad Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. This has earned him knives in the back from his Dem colleagues and now his own version of the Ditch Witch.

If common sense prevails in dealing with Leslie Angeline, she will be carted off to the funny farm and subjected to appropriate treatment.

On a tip from Wiggins.

June 29, 2007

BBC: What Terrorism Problem?

Posted by Dave Blount at 3:05 PM

Given today's foiling of a terrorist attack on Piccidilly Circus, will any Britons wake up and realize that their massive and quickly growing Muslim population is a profoundly serious threat? Not if the BBC can help it. A few man-on-the-street quotes gets across the Beeb's message: "Problem? There's no problem. And besides, Tony Blair caused it by siding with America."

By some remarkable coincidence, the first person featured is from the Middle East:

I escaped the car bombs in Lebanon to come to London but I still think this is a safe city. We don't yet know who is behind this but the UK has become a target because of its efforts to promote democracy abroad.

More carefully selected Londoners express their insouciance:

I feel safe actually. If it happens, it happens.
The chances of becoming a direct victim of such an attack are low.
I'm actually more concerned about gun violence at the moment than I am about terrorism.
I feel as safe here as anywhere.

But of course it isn't that the BBC wants to downplay the seriousness of Muslim terrorism. They just couldn't seem to find anyone in London who thinks their city getting bombed is a big deal.

"I feel safe actually." A typical Londoner, per the Beeb.

On a tip from V the K.

How the UN Falsifies Data on Rising Sea Levels

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:27 PM

According to Al Gore and his acolytes at the UN's hyperpoliticized Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), we will soon need to abandon civilization and head for the hills, because the sea is rising up to wash us all away. Like most everything else having to do with the global warming hoax, this is a lie, as helpfully explained by sea-level specialist Nils-Axel Mörner, the head of the Paleogeophysics and Geodynamics department at Stockholm University.

One way we determine if sea levels are really rising is by measuring the speed of the Earth's rotation. Rising sea levels would increase the Earth's radius, thereby slowing it down. This method confirms a measurement of not more than 1.1 millimeters per year, which has been going on for ages. There is no trend of an increased rate in the rise of sea levels. So the UN's global warming hoaxers created one.

First, they chose a Hong Kong tide gauge which helpfully gave them a 2.3 mm per year reading, thanks to the fact that Hong Kong is subsiding due to compaction of sediment.

This 2.3-mm rate was then confirmed by satellite data, with the help of a "correction factor." Mörner was outraged:

Then, in 2003, the same data set, which in their [IPCC's] publications, in their website, was a straight line — suddenly it changed, and showed a very strong line of uplift, 2.3 mm per year, the same as from the tide gauge. And that didn't look so nice. It looked as though they had recorded something; but they hadn't recorded anything. It was the original one which they had suddenly twisted up, because they entered a "correction factor," which they took from the tide gauge. So it was not a measured thing, but a figure introduced from outside. I accused them of this at the Academy of Sciences in Moscow — I said you have introduced factors from outside; it's not a measurement. It looks like it is measured from the satellite, but you don't say what really happened. And they answered, that we had to do it, because otherwise we would not have gotten any trend!
That is terrible! As a matter of fact, it is a falsification of the data set. Why? Because they know the answer. And there you come to the point: They "know" the answer; the rest of us, we are searching for the answer. Because we are field geologists; they are computer scientists. So all this talk that sea level is rising, this stems from the computer modeling, not from observations. The observations don't find it!

Welcome to the new science of political correctness, where first you decide what the data needs to say, then you go out and find it.

Scientifically preposterous. But it makes great propaganda.

Hat tip: Ranting Stan.

Dan Rather Wins the James Earl Carter Bitter Old Man Award

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:59 PM

Congratulations to Dan Blather, formerly a leading propagandist at CBS News, for winning the first annual James Earl Carter Bitter Old Man Award. The award is named after Jimmy the Dhimmi for good reason:

Having not gotten over his 1980 landslide loss to Ronald Reagan, Carter has become a perpetual critic of his successors and shown such little grace in his retirement that the only times he appears in the media, he seems to be criticizing his own nation (and its leaders) while praising its adversaries (particularly the most vicious). Ostensibly committed to human rights, Mr. Carter seems to find that only the United States and its allies violate them, while blaming other nations' violations on the policies of the United States (and its allies).
Through the better part of his public actions since voters in 44 states rejected him, this sourpuss has helped redefine the term Bitter Old Man.

The Dan was granted the award for good reason too:

He seems to delight in grousing against nearly the exact same people whose very success (and just plain presence on the national stage) makes Mr. Carter so unhappy. But, what really sealed the deal for the Awards Committee was Mr. Rather's recent lambasting of Katie Couric, his successor at CBS News. The committee found this particular attack showed Mr. Rather to be a bitter old man in the same spirit as Mr. Carter, attacking his successor(s) in order to deflect attention from his own failings.
"This is not just the pot calling the kettle black," said one of the judges, "This is the old pot, long since unusable, calling the new kettle black because of its first burn mark."

Winning this award could be Blather's greatest accomplishment since establishing "fake but accurate" as the criterion for network news reporting.

Help Dan celebrate with a victory pie. Here he shows where to throw it.

On a tip from V the K.

Politically Correct Child Abuse

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:51 AM

In the olden days, if a disturbed child exhibited persistent delusions, science would attempt to provide a cure. But we're more enlightened now. We indulge the delusions, and twist reality around in an attempt to conform to them. After all, who's to say one reality is more real than another?

This has resulted in some appalling examples of child abuse, one of which is featured in this video of a CNN story on a 7-year-old boy whose parents have decided he is actually a girl.

At 18 months, he was observed to be "drawn to all things pink, pretty, and feminine." At four years, they started dressing him up as a girl. When he was in the first grade they took him out of school, changed his name to a girl's name, kept him away from the barber for awhile, then reenrolled him in a new school as a girl. His mom claims the 7-year-old would have committed suicide otherwise.

CNN's Paula Zahn smiles encouragingly throughout the alarming report, indulging the confused parents and their poor messed-up kid by referring to him as "she." Doctors also egged them on by diagnosing the kid as "transgendered" instead of delusionary. In conclusion, Zahn says of the parents:

They know they will face difficult decisions as [the boy] reaches puberty, but for now they say they'll do whatever it takes to make their child happy.

How thoughtful. Apparently his future will feature hormone-induced mutation and sexual mutilation, all because no one was politically incorrect enough to refrain from feeding a small child's delusions.

On a tip from Bob.

Europeans Flock to Danish Animal Bordellos

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:53 AM

The moral collapse of Europe is proceeding at a gallop. Danish animal owners have been attracting tourists to their country by advertising bestiality for pay. According to the law, this is fine, so long as the animal doesn't suffer.

Owners claim the animals like it. The veracity of this doubtful claim is irrelevant. There was a time when laws weren't about what the animals like; they were about what was good for human beings — and letting society degenerate to the point where it's permissible to have sex with animals is not good for anyone.

How much is that horsie in the stable?

On a tip from V the K.

Does Global Warming Cause Muslims to Rape Europeans?

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:42 AM

Sweden has been suffering from a rape epidemic. Rapists who were born abroad reportedly outnumber rapists born in Sweden four to one. This isn't entirely surprising, considering that Sweden is being colonized out of existence by Muslim hordes exploiting liberal immigration policies. European women have taken to dying their blonde hair black and even wearing head scarves to avoid being attacked by Muslim colonizers, who hold them in total contempt.

Rape has a noble history in Islam. Muhammad himself raped his slaves, which is perfectly acceptable behavior according to the religion that we are allowing to replace Christianity. As Scandinavian blogger Fjordman observes:

If you postulate that many of the Muslims in Europe view themselves as a conquering army and that European women are simply war booty, it all makes perfect sense and is in full accordance with Islamic law.

Despite all this, it would be xenophobic to blame the rape epidemic on Muslims. Actually, the weather is to blame. According to an article in Aftonbladet, warm weather stimulates the hormones, causing rape.

The number of rapes in Sweden has increased fourfold in the last generation. But resist the temptation to associate this with the ongoing Islamic conquest by immigration. A correct person will realize that it's only proof that global warming is real after all, and is deflowering our maidens.

The weather did it.

June 28, 2007

Ted Sorensen's Moonbat Acceptance Speech

Posted by Dave Blount at 5:51 PM

The lefties at Washington Monthly asked former JFK aide Theodore C. Sorensen to write the acceptance speech "of his dreams" for whichever moonbat wins the Democrat nomination. The results will make you think twice about boycotting Republicans over their illegal immigration shenanigans. From amid the vacuous platitudes and petty digs at the current administration emerges a seven-point plan for the ruin of America. Our next Democrat President will promise to:

  1. Surrender Iraq to Islamic terrorists, the Iraqi people and our crucial strategic interests be damned.
  2. Establish an official Palestinian state; i.e., give Hamas official nation-state status, as if one Iran weren't enough.
  3. Close down Club Gitmo because the obsequious treatment terrorists have received there makes it a "hideous symbol of injustice."
  4. Prostrate himself before the odious United Nations, grovelingly promising that America will never again put its own interests ahead of those of that cesspool swimming with socialists, dictators, Islamofascists, and fools.
  5. Sign the Kyoto Protocol, as if Al Gore hadn't already done so as Vice President, and submit it to the Senate for ratification, as if the Senate hadn't already voted 95-0 not to ratify this demented suicide pact.
  6. Cuddle up to the fiends running rogue regimes like Iran, North Korea, and Cuba.
  7. Stop incarcerating unlawful combatants, and stop listening in on al-Qaeda's plans for the next 9/11.

You may wonder why anyone should care how some kooky old has-been like Sorensen would like a President to behave. After all, only a lunatic would vote for any candidate who enact such an agenda.

The answer is, as our society comes unraveled, lunatics are becoming the majority, and if Dems win, Sorensen will get his way.

Sorensen should have written Jimmy Carter's acceptance speech.

Hat tip: The Corner, on a tip from V the K.

With Friends Like These…

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:40 AM

Jewish support for the abomination known as the Democrat Party gets more puzzling with every vote. When Mike Pence (R-IN) introduced an amendment to a foreign aid bill prohibiting groups that deny Israel's right to exist from getting cash handouts at American taxpayers' expense, 30 of his fellow Representatives voted against it. Of these, 27 were Democrats, including liberal favorites Dennis Kooksinitch (D-OH), John Dingleberry (D-MI), and unsurprisingly, our celebrated first Muslim Congressman, Keith Ellison (D-MN).

On a tip from Byron.

Venezuela's Anaconda

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:06 AM

Hugo Chavez has stolen $4.5 billion in assets from the American firms ConocoPhillips and Exxon Mobil, but as Investor's Business Daily observes, they seem to be taking the hit quite well. Not so Venezuela:

Standard & Poor's, for instance, downgraded the country's outlook, citing "a highly negative climate for investment, which results in virtually no foreign and private investment."
Venezuela has strict capital controls on its currency, so the bolivar trades only in the local black market. Its value to the dollar fell from 4,050 to 4,180 yesterday as dollar demand for capital flight rose, Bloomberg reported.
Even the "official" rate of 2,150 bolivars to the dollar signals ruinous inflation, likely well above the most recent inflation rate of 19%. A lack of dollars has emptied store shelves of imported goods, causing food prices to shoot up.

The methodical strangulation of the economy is progressing in tandem with Chavez's destruction of democratic institutions:

This year, Chavez turned what was once a democracy into one-man rule by legislating for himself the right to rule by decree. […This] puts to rest Chavez apologists' claims that Venezuela is a democracy because he was "elected" democratically. Protests continue to convulse the streets of the capital over his destruction of free speech with the shutdown of the RCTV TV station.
Chavez is a case study in how a determined political criminal turns a democracy into a tyranny. He used the same means of securing total power as Adolf Hitler did, even using Hitler's "enabling law" term for it.

As he tightens his grip, Chavez has not only driven foreign investment out of the country, he's driving out home-grown entrepreneurs as well, convincing them that you simply cannot do business in a socialist police state as he squeezes them ever more tightly.

Like the country's fabled anaconda, Chavez is choking this once-prosperous economy to death, leaving what's left only a ruin.
The only question remaining is what happens when he runs out of things of value to destroy. It can take decades for such a severely mismanaged economy to recover. And there's no sign he's going to stop.

What could be a prosperous country is being reduced to the Western Hemisphere's answer to North Korea. The road of moonbattery leads straight to hell.

Chavez gives these beautiful but dangerous snakes a bad name.

British Bureaucrats May Delete the Word "Prostitute"

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:25 AM

One of the more disturbing aspects of 1984 is the way the government would attempt to control our thoughts by deleting words from the language. More disturbing still is the way real-life bureaucrats have followed suit.

The word "prostitute" may be removed from British legal statutes because it carries "stigma." A spokeswoman for the Justice Ministry says of the word:

It's been around since 1824, so it was a bit outdated. It just wasn't really helpful to label people.

Instead of using the incorrect word, bureauweenies refer to "persons who sell sex persistently."

I'm sure other criminals don't like being labeled either. Is "child molester" still on the books? They might want to check its expiration date. How about "burglar"?

Of course, the reason the word "prostitution" is being erased is that you can't resist what you can't name, and prostitution typifies the moral climate liberals have been imposing on us with increasing success for generations. Next, they might want to go after the words "degeneracy" and "moonbattery."

A politically active French prostitute person who sells sex persistently.

Shamnesty Crashes

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:54 AM

Bad news for Bush, Reid, Kennedy, McCain and the whole rotten gang of shamnesty co-conspirators: due to public outrage, their atrocious bill has crashed and burned in the Senate.

Amnesty for illegal aliens appears to be completely dead until after the 2008 elections. Sorry, W, it looks like you might not be able to count bankrupting the country as part of your legacy. But we'll remember how hard you tried.

Unfortunately, we're now left with the intolerable status quo — unless of course the government can be compelled to enforce the laws already on the books, which would include building the promised fence. Hey, if We the People killed shamnesty, maybe we can even persuade the government to perform its basic functions in exchange for the $trillions it sucks out of our veins.

Who's laughing now, you lousy moonbats?

On a tip from Varla.

Confirmed: The UN's Computerized Climate Models Are Useless

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:28 AM

Kevin Trenberth heads the US National Center for Atmospheric Research and has been called "one of the advisory high priests" of the UN's pseudo-scientific Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which endlessly huffs and puffs about how the planet is doomed if something isn't done to stop economic growth. The IPCC's direful predictions about rising sea levels, soggy polar bears, etc. are based on computer General Circulation Models (GCMs). Interestingly, Trenberth dismisses these models as sheer bunk.

As Trenberth notes, GCMs don't consider many relevant climate factors, including recovery of the ozone layer and forcing agents. The models are not even initialized to reflect the current observed climate. GCMs "assume linearity," but many aspects of climate are not linear. Trenberth asserts that "we do not have reliable or regional predictions of climate."

He's not the only one with doubts as to the validity of the IPCC's colorful forecasts. In a paper being presented this week at the 27th International Symposium on Forecasting, Scott Armstrong and Kesten Green conclude that "because the forecasting processes … overlook scientific evidence on forecasting, the IPCC forecasts of climate change are not scientific."

Even Jim Renwick, a lead author of the IPCC Working Group 1 science report, admits that "climate prediction is hard, half of the variability in the climate system is not predictable, so we don't expect to do terrifically well." His admission comes in response to an audit revealing that forecasts by New Zealand's National Institute of Water and Atmosphere were accurate only 48% of the time.

Professor Bob Carter, a geologist at James Cook University, sums up:

There is no predictive value in the current generation of computer GCMs and therefore the alarmist IPCC statements about human-caused global warming are unjustified.

This is hardly surprising. If scientists can't reliably predict the weather for next weekend, why would a bunch of corrupt, ideologically motivated bureauweenies be trusted to make forecasts for the next 100 years?

But maybe we ought to slam on the economic brakes and plunge the world into abject poverty anyway, just to be on the safe side.

On a tip from Bergbikr.

Border Patrol to Be Redeployed to Alaska and Utah

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:00 AM

Ever wonder why Republicans would support the Senate's shamnesty bill, even though it will change the demographics of the country to tilt overwhelmingly in favor of Democrats? Pork is why.

Porksters Ted Stevens and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska are supporting the bill because it calls for locating a Citizenship and Immigration Services office in Fairbanks.

Border control offices in the middle of Alaska. There will also be a new Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in Monticello, Utah. That was the price of Senator Bob Bennett's vote.

If this country is to be saved, the entire Senate needs to be ridden out of Washington on a rail.

A shrine to the God of Pork, located in the back room where the Senate is cutting the Shamnesty deal.

Hat tip: Ace of Spades HQ, on a tip from V the K.

BBC Employs Members of Hamas

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:34 AM

This might shed some light on the BBC's point of view when it comes to the Middle East:

At the request of the BBC, one of their Palestinian employees was allowed past Israeli checkpoints into Gaza so he could check with his pals to see who kidnapped journalist Alan Johnston.

The Israeli security agency Shin Bet didn't like the idea, on the grounds that the BBC employee is a member of Hamas and possibly an terrorist operative. But the Defense Ministry let him through anyway.

After consulting with his buddies, the employee reported back to the Beeb that Hamas isn't holding Johnston.

Naturally the BBC denies that they employ members of Hamas, which everyone except Jimmy Carter regards as one of the most vicious terrorist organizations in the world.

Possible BBC employees.

Hat tip: Sweetness & Light

June 27, 2007

Starbursts Sued For Being Chewy

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:45 PM

Starburst Fruit Chews aren't just chewy, they're dangerously chewy — or so claims Victoria McArthur of Romero, Michigan, who is suing Mars, Inc. for $25,000 for making candy so chewy that she sustained "permanent personal injuries."

According to her lawyer Brian Muawad, eating the candy caused her to develop "temporal mandibular joint dysfunction." I think that means "a sore jaw."

Not surprisingly, the shyster offered to negotiate a settlement. To their credit, the people at Mars told him to stick it, though no doubt the legal fees for this latest farce will cost tens of thousands.

McArthur points to her allegedly sore jaw.

On a tip from Wiggins.

The Cost of Shamnesty

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:48 PM

If Bush didn't manage to ensure our country's bankruptcy with his prescription drug handout, amnesty for illegal aliens ought to do the trick. Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation recounts a few facts you won't hear from Bush, Kennedy, McCain, or the rest of the irresponsible fools who are steering the ship of state straight at an iceberg, including this one:

Low-skill immigrants receive, on average, three dollars in government benefits for each dollar of taxes paid. This imbalance generates a net cost of $89 billion per year on U.S. taxpayers. Over a lifetime the typical low-skill immigrant household costs taxpayers $1.2 million dollars.

Rector estimates that the cost of amnesty alone will reach $2.6 trillion once illegal immigrant recipients of government largesse reach retirement age.

As for the wishful canard that making millions of low-skill illegal aliens eligible for every entitlement under the sun will somehow keep Social Security afloat,

In the not too distant future, the Social Security trust fund will be in deficit. Government will have to use general revenues to help pay promised benefits. Since amnesty recipients and their families will consume more government revenues that they contribute, they will undermine the financial support for U.S. retirees even before they reach retirement age themselves.

There will come a point where the American economy simply cannot pay the bill for all the moonbattery gushing out of Washington, no matter how high taxes are raised. Our current crop of bureaucrats may even live to see it. Let's hope they do. They certainly deserve to go down with the ship.

America's future, if voters can't impose some sense of responsibility on Washington.

On a tip from Byron.

Legislature? I Don't Need No Stinking Legislature!

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:01 PM

Governor Eliot Spitzer stands ready to streamline New York's bureaucracy by governing without the legislature.

Contemptuous of the state's Republican-controlled Senate, the Democrat Spitzer says he favors regulatory changes and executive orders, which do not require prior approval from the legislature. He's been making political hay from the Senate's decision to go home at the end of their 6-month session, even though there are still more laws that could be passed.

Shouts Spitzer:

We will use the capacity of the executive branch to govern the state, whether or not the legislature joins us in this pursuit.

Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno noted that Spitzer, "ought to understand that we're not a third-world country where he is a dictator."

Not yet, anyway.

New York's Maximum Leader.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Moonbat vs. Moonbat

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:55 PM

Even the morally depraved Ingrid Newkirk, president of PETA and inventor of the slogan "A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy," has one redeeming quality: she can't seem to stomach Michael Moore, whom she ridicules for raking in more millions by bashing our healthcare system with his latest schlockumentary, while making no effort to stay healthy himself. Newkirk wrote to Moore:

There's an elephant in the room, and it is you.

She advises him to lose some weight by becoming a vegetarian. If Moore has a redeeming quality, it's that he isn't likely to.

I doubt those are soy dogs.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Run For Your Lives! The Scaremongers Are Coming!

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:19 PM

Head for the hills! A hysterical Paul Newman warns in a fund-raising email that if the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee doesn't raise $114,941 by June 30, we could be left at the mercy of pitiless scaremongers.

After all these years, Newman is still boasting about being enough of a moonbat to make Richard Nixon's enemies list. But he also has a more recent source of pride:

I am proud now to stand with a new generation of Democrats against a president who poses what I believe to be the biggest internal threat to American democracy in my lifetime.

Looks like we're in big trouble! The Democrat-controlled Senate might save us, but only if it stays in Dem hands after the 2008 election — and as Newman gasps in terror:

One seat is all that separates Republicans from retaking the United States Senate.

The biggest internal threat to American democracy in Newman's lifetime will then be leaving office anyway, but never mind that because Republicans have "destroyed the American spirit by using xenophobia and fear to hold onto power," which is "scare-mongering pure and simple"!

Using fear to hold onto power, huh? Good thing libs never stoop that low.

Paul Newman, scaremongering denouncer of xenophobes.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Hindu Prayer For the Senate

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:49 AM

Per tradition, a prayer will be recited when the US Senate opens for business on July 12. But there's no need to alert the ACLU, because it will be a Hindu prayer, delivered by one Rajan Zed, who says he plans to begin and end the prayer with the mystical Hindu syllable "Om." It may be the most intelligent thing that's said on the Hill all day.

Next, perhaps they will invite famous Scientologist Tom Cruise to read some science fiction at the start of business. It's bound to be more interesting than the endless phony bloviating of that gang of treasonous gasbags as they attempt to justify their refusal to defend the country from invasion.

Like Senators, Hindu gods can have multiple faces.

Hat tip: In the Days, on a tip from Nanc.

Another Argument Against Gay Adoption

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:21 AM

In case you missed it, now that she's taken it down, here's the photo of her 4-year-old daughter that the militantly anti-American Rosie O'Donnell put up on her website:


The only text was "a picture is worth a thousand posts," leaving readers to figure out for themselves just what the deranged woman was trying to express. Many readers were appalled, especially since the Muslim terrorists Rosie invariably sides with use small children as suicide bombers.

Rosie by the way is adamantly opposed to our Second Amendment right to bear arms — except as it applies to her bodyguards.

On tips from V the K, Wiggins, and Varla.

Killing the Second Amendment One Gun Shop at a Time

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:11 AM

Liberals don't have the leverage to repeal the First and Second Amendments outright, so they chip away at them. Just as they attack the First with "hate crimes" legislation, "campaign finance reform," the "Fairness Doctrine," etc., they are inflicting death by a thousand cuts on the Second by siccing swarms of tedious little bureaucrats on gun shops.

A favorite strategy is for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to close down shops over trivial license infractions. Once bureauweenies find a clerical error, the dealer has his license revoked and must go through an appeals process straight out of Kafka's The Castle. Appeals go directly to the people who originally made the decision to revoke the license, so that business owners end up having to sue in federal court.

In Baltimore, a family-owned gun store was closed down because the space provided for the city on the government forms was so small that the owners abbreviated it to "Blto." Other owners have gotten the guillotine for forgetting to provide the name of their county.

At least bureaucrats are showing some imagination for once. A dealership in Texas has paid $600,000 fighting to retain its license following unproven allegations that bullets from a shooting range near the store were polluting groundwater.

Rebecca Hazen, who had to close down her Idaho sporting goods business a few months ago after the Feds revoked her firearms license, sums up the situation:

I believe government has been unable to take guns from the hands of citizens or sue gun manufacturers out of business, so they will use government agencies to revoke licenses one at a time until there are no stores to buy guns.

Twenty years ago, there were a quarter million gun shops. Now there are barely more than 100,000. Looks like the strategy is working.

On a tip from Wiggins.

June 26, 2007

Enviromoonbattery Causes Forest Fires

Posted by Dave Blount at 3:33 PM

Those who lost homes in the recent wildfire south of Lake Tahoe are enraged at the envirokooks and complicit bureauweenies who have made it all but impossible to clear land. The result of their endless red tape has been a buildup of deadwood that inevitably led to this:




Uh oh, I think some carbon might have been emitted. A spotted owl or two may even have gotten its feathers singed. But so long as the environmentalists mean well, that's the important thing.

On a tip from Forest.

More on the Green Prince

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:42 PM

Britain's moonbat prince is back in the news already, and unfortunately it isn't good news for Charles.

The Sainsbury's supermarket chain has dumped him as a vegetable supplier because his organic produce doesn't meet standards. Apparently damaged and rotten carrots were a problem, as was a carbon footprint greater than would result from growing conventional carrots on an industrial scale.

Speaking of carbon footprints, claims of having achieved a carbon-neutral household notwithstanding, Prince Chucklehead leaves a giant one. His household has generated nearly 1,600 tons of CO2 in the past year, and not everyone is buying his attempt to "greenwash" the issue by blowing part of his publicly financed fortune on carbon offset swindles.

The Prince's lavish lifestyle produced more CO2 on the year than 600 cars. This is largely a result of his frequent jet travel. For example Chucky, Camilla, and a large entourage of aides flew first class across the Atlantic and back so he could pick up an environmental awareness award.

Proving that the Goracle isn't the only one who knows how to live large, the Chuckster's three homes ran up utility bills over £100,000 in 2005–2006.

In his defense, Chuckles does his best to make up for all this by driving a Jag that runs on recycled cooking oil.

"My dear boy, are you sure you aren't laughing at me?"

On tips from Byron.

New York Times Doing Its Part For Shamnesty

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If the New York Times has a redeeming quality, it is that its ham-handed propagandizing is so over the top that no reasonable person would ever mistake it for objective information. Here's how the Gray Lady depicts the supporters and opponents of the Senate's outrageous amnesty bill, which is opposed by 80% of the population.

For amnesty:


Against amnesty:


The New York Times isn't a newspaper. It's a cartoon.

Hat tip: Ace of Spades HQ, on a tip from V the K.

Chucklehead, The Green Prince

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Attempts by Prince Charles to elbow his way to the front of the environmentalist bandwagon by achieving a "carbon-neutral" household go beyond blowing $60,000 a year on dubious carbon offsets. Taking a page out of the demented Daryl Hannah's playbook, the Prince of Wales now fuels his Jaguar on used cooking oil.

Perhaps next time Daryl decides to live in a tree for awhile, Chucklehead will join her there.

No word on whether Chuckles is following the advice of Cheryl Crow and limiting himself to only one sheet of toilet paper. Maybe someone could ask the Royal Manicurist.

Prince Chuckles of Eurabia, making the world a little greener.

Cloture Vote

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Here's the roll call on today's cloture vote, which opens the door to granting amnesty to anyone who has seen fit to break into our country:

YEAs — 64

Akaka (D-HI)
Bennett (R-UT)
Biden (D-DE)
Bingaman (D-NM)
Bond (R-MO)
Boxer (D-CA)
Brown (D-OH)
Brownback (R-KS)
Burr (R-NC)
Cantwell (D-WA)
Cardin (D-MD)
Carper (D-DE)
Casey (D-PA)
Clinton (D-NY)
Coleman (R-MN)
Collins (R-ME)
Conrad (D-ND)
Craig (R-ID)
Dodd (D-CT)
Domenici (R-NM)
Durbin (D-IL)
Ensign (R-NV)
  Feingold (D-WI)
Feinstein (D-CA)
Graham (R-SC)
Gregg (R-NH)
Hagel (R-NE)
Harkin (D-IA)
Inouye (D-HI)
Kennedy (D-MA)
Kerry (D-MA)
Klobuchar (D-MN)
Kohl (D-WI)
Kyl (R-AZ)
Lautenberg (D-NJ)
Leahy (D-VT)
Levin (D-MI)
Lieberman (ID-CT)
Lincoln (D-AR)
Lott (R-MS)
Lugar (R-IN)
Martinez (R-FL)
McCain (R-AZ)
McConnell (R-KY)
  Menendez (D-NJ)
Mikulski (D-MD)
Murkowski (R-AK)
Murray (D-WA)
Nelson (D-FL)
Nelson (D-NE)
Obama (D-IL)
Pryor (D-AR)
Reed (D-RI)
Reid (D-NV)
Salazar (D-CO)
Schumer (D-NY)
Snowe (R-ME)
Specter (R-PA)
Stevens (R-AK)
Voinovich (R-OH)
Warner (R-VA)
Webb (D-VA)
Whitehouse (D-RI)
Wyden (D-OR)

NAYs — 35

Alexander (R-TN)
Allard (R-CO)
Barrasso (R-WY)
Baucus (D-MT)
Bayh (D-IN)
Bunning (R-KY)
Byrd (D-WV)
Chambliss (R-GA)
Coburn (R-OK)
Cochran (R-MS)
Corker (R-TN)
Cornyn (R-TX)
  Crapo (R-ID)
DeMint (R-SC)
Dole (R-NC)
Dorgan (D-ND)
Enzi (R-WY)
Grassley (R-IA)
Hatch (R-UT)
Hutchison (R-TX)
Inhofe (R-OK)
Isakson (R-GA)
Landrieu (D-LA)
McCaskill (D-MO)
  Roberts (R-KS)
Rockefeller (D-WV)
Sanders (I-VT)
Sessions (R-AL)
Shelby (R-AL)
Smith (R-OR)
Stabenow (D-MI)
Sununu (R-NH)
Tester (D-MT)
Thune (R-SD)
Vitter (R-LA)

Some cowardly bureaucrats who voted for cloture will then vote against the bill itself, knowing that it will pass anyway, so they can bleat to their outraged constituents, "Hey, I tried to stop it." Hopefully voters will not be deceived. Any Senator on the YEA list above must be removed from office at the next possible opportunity for compelling reasons of national security.

Senators contemplate their solemn responsibility to defend our borders, via Sweetness & Light.

British Acknowledge Loss of Freedom of Speech

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In a survey of British adults, only one third believe free speech exists in their country. Only one in five believes they can safely voice opinions on sensitive issues. Yet 98% believe they should have the right to free speech.

The British fought off the Nazis, but they haven't fared so well against the more insidious threat of political correctness. As Chief Marketing Officer Andy West notes:

We live in such a politically correct society that people don't know what they can and can't say anymore and there is a constant fear that if you go against the grain, you'll be vilified by your peers.

The risks don't stop at vilification. Nick Griffith of the British National Party was actually prosecuted for observing in a private setting that Islam is "a wicked and vicious faith."

According to Anthony Browne of the independent British think tank Civitas,

political correctness, which classifies certain groups of people as victims in need of protection from criticism and allows no dissent to be expressed, is poisoning the wells of debate in modern Britain.

He proposes establishing freedom of expression in British law, as our Founding Fathers wisely did in American law with the First Amendment — which our current crop of moonbat bureaucrats is in effect trying to repeal.

Jimmy Carter, Oxford Idol

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They'd better not be charging much for an Oxford education these days, because the school doesn't appear to be maintaining its historic standards — or any acceptable standards.

Last week an honorary degree was awarded to the verminous Jimmy Carter, who keeps himself in the news constantly by praising Islamic terrorists and doing everything in his thankfully limited power to undermine the United States and Israel.

This symbolic gesture is no worse than Princeton granting an honorary doctorate to the permanently punch-drunk Muhammad Ali for his past moonbattery. But at least Princeton isn't assigning books scribbled by Ali for its classes.

This year Oxford will be offering the course "The Middle East and the West: From Confrontation to Coexistence." It will enlighten students as to "the real causes of conflict" in the Middle East. Carter's propagandistic diatribe Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid will be used as "background reading."

As readers might recall, this particularly egregious work of pro-terrorist propaganda is so outrageously false, the publisher has gotten into hot water for passing it off as nonfiction. The lies Carter packed into it are sufficiently vile that 14 advisers at his Carter Center resigned in disgust. A few of the malicious untruths are helpfully documented by the liberal Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz.

But the book being a collection of vicious and despicable lies is certainly no reason not to use it as course material at the University of Oxford, which also called upon Jimmy the Dhimmi to deliver the Seventh Annual Hands Lecture. The Dhimmster predictably exploited this as another opportunity to propagandize on behalf of Hamas, which has plunged Gaza into violent chaos in the course of transforming it into the perfect cat's paw for the Iranian terror state Jimmah helped create.

Oxford educrats, if you ever want to rejoin the civilized world, you could do so by granting us all a major favor: next time Carter shows up to give a speech or collect an award, call the Orkin Man.

If you find the premises infested by Jimmy Carter, just call the Orkin Man.

On a tip from Byron.

Living at the Pleasure of Rage Boy

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It's a thankless task, but it often needs to be performed, so Christopher Hitchens points out the obvious: nothing is ever going to satisfy Rage Boy, the Muslim maniac who has been making a career out of shaking his fist in front of cameras to intimidate us into cowering before Islam.

His tantrums are of course staged, and often involve only a handful of lunatics; but our complicit media helpfully frames every shot to put Rage Boy at the head of an imaginary but vast horde of righteously enraged activists.

It's astonishing that the liberal media, which on its face should be diametrically opposed to the Islamic extremist agenda, would facilitate Rage Boy's photo ops. But what's still more astonishing is that the photo ops work. Every time a restless gang of mental cases in some Pakistani backwater throw themselves on the ground and start kicking and screaming like two-year-olds, the West wrings its hands and pleads, But what do you want from us?

The answer of course is total submission. The willingness of our contemptible media to comply with Muslim censorship demands (as after the Cartoon Intifada) indicates they are on their way to getting it. Hitchens concludes:

Rage Boy keenly looks forward to anger, while we worriedly anticipate trouble, and fret about etiquette, and prepare the next retreat. If taken to its logical conclusion, this would mean living at the pleasure of Rage Boy, and that I am not prepared to do.

Unfortunately, far too many of us are more than ready to live at the pleasure of Rage Boy. A depraved, masochistic urge to submit to the will of Rage Boy is the essence of the widespread sickness known as "multiculturalism."


On a tip from Byron.

Scientific Breakthrough by Local Board of Education

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Maryland's Montgomery County Board of Education has made an astonishing discovery: gay activist rhetoric that babies are born homosexual is actually true, and consequently will be taught as fact to students.

This was established not through any tedious scientific process, but through the timesaving expedient of bureaucratic fiat.

Montgomery County curriculum for the 8th grade instructs teachers as follows:

Say to students, "Sexual orientation is innate and a complex part of one's personality."

In addition to ruling out the free will that makes life meaningful, the curriculum fails to mention the lethal health risks associated with sexual deviancy. Parents should be appreciative; public schools' advocacy of homosexuality isn't always so subtle.

No doubt the scientific community is scrambling to keep up by producing evidence. Maybe they could use the same sort of computer models that prove the global warming hoax is real. Fat government grants are sure to flow in for such crucial research, so long as the correct results are obtained.

On a tip from Wiggins.

June 25, 2007

Now All Kids Are in Special Ed

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Small wonder moonbats have focused on saturating the education field. By corrupting education, they can virtually ensure the destruction of our society's future.

An example of the effective application of moonbattery to education is the practice of "mainstreaming," also called "inclusion." It involves dumping special ed kids with learning and psychiatric disabilities in with everyone else, so they won't have their feelings hurt by having to be in a separate class.

This does more than impose a liberal's notion of equality by dumbing everything down to the lowest possible level. Due to the behavioral problems usually associated with special ed cases, classes are often disrupted to the point that no one learns anything.

Reports first-grade student Shaun Hopkins of Scranton, Pennsylvania:

I can't listen because of Andrea.

The Andrea in question has Williams Syndrome, which causes learning disabilities and various medical problems. Symptoms, in Andrea's case, include hitting other children, making loud spitting noises in their ears, tearing up worksheets, and pounding on computer keyboards with her nasty little fists. One morning Andrea swept everything off the teacher's desk, shattering a glass frame. Another day, she managed to scream at the top of her lungs for nearly an hour, from 1:25 to 2:15.

In 1990, 33% of special ed students spent more than 80% of the day disrupting normal classrooms. By 2005, that rose to 54% of special ed students. This is in part a delayed consequence of the 1975 Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, a piece of feel-good moonbattery that requires "free appropriate" education for children with disabilities in the "least restrictive environment."

Unsurprisingly, this lunacy is driving teachers who are interested in teaching as opposed to babysitting out of the profession. In a survey of teachers who quit their jobs, 35% cite the mainstreaming of special ed students as a main reason for their dissatisfaction.

As our classrooms degenerate into madhouses for the sake of political correctness, we can look forward to future generations lacking the education if not the raw intelligence to question their socialist masters, upon whom they will be dependent for handouts if they are to survive.

On a tip from Varla.

More From Reid Bryson

Posted by Dave Blount at 5:34 PM

From a recent interview with The Capital Times, here's University of Wisconsin at Madison's Reid Bryson, known as the father of scientific climatology, on the topic of the weather getting slightly warmer:

[T]here is no credible evidence that it is due to mankind and carbon dioxide. We've been coming out of a Little Ice Age for 300 years. We have not been making very much carbon dioxide for 300 years. It's been warming up for a long time.

On the impact of human-generated CO2 on the temperature:

It's like there is an elephant charging in and you worry about the fact that there is a fly sitting on its head. It's just a total misplacement of emphasis. It really isn't science because there's no really good scientific evidence.

On the alleged "consensus" that the global warming hoax is real:

Consensus doesn't prove anything, in science or anywhere else, except in democracy, maybe.

On why many scientists play along with the hoax:

There is a lot of money to be made in this. If you want to be an eminent scientist you have to have a lot of grad students and a lot of grants. You can't get grants unless you say, "Oh global warming, yes, yes, carbon dioxide."

On the media's habit of harvesting juicy global warming quotes from clueless first-year graduate students:

And that goes in the paper as "scientists say."

On the cult-like demand for conformity to a belief system that is not based on reality:

There is very little truth to what is being said and an awful lot of religion. It's almost a religion. Where you have to believe in anthropogenic (or man-made) global warming or else you are nuts.

On whether he's actually sat through Al Gore's A Convenient Lie:

Don't make me throw up. It is not science. It is not true.

Now the rebuttal, from Kool-Aid–guzzler Galen McKinley, an assistant professor of atmospheric and oceanic sciences, also at UW-Madison:

If you saw smoke in your house, it would be irresponsible not to get your family out, right?

That pretty much sums up the climate change apocalypse: suppositional hysteria based on imaginary smoke.

Reid Bryson, voice of sanity in a world going mad.

On a tip from Kevin.

Legislative Fix For Talk Radio Sounds Good to Feinstein

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:20 AM

Calling Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) a liar, Senators Hillary Rotten Clinton (D-NY) and Babs Boxer (D-CA) deny a conversation in which they schemed to create a "legislative fix" for talk radio, which provides normal Americans outside of the liberal media establishment an opportunity to express their views.

At the time, Inhofe told his moonbat colleagues:

You gals don't understand. This is market-driven and there's no market for your liberal tripe.

Actually, they understand perfectly well. The lack of market for liberal tripe — so thoroughly proven by Err America's hapless floundering — is just one more reason for the Left to hate economic freedom, and to favor government regulation of political opinion, First Amendment be damned.

Diane Feinstein, furious that talk radio has provided a medium for the vast majority of Americans enraged by the government's completely unacceptable refusal to defend the country from foreign invasion, is more upfront than the slippery Shrillary and Barbara Bow-wow.

On Fox News Sunday yesterday, Senator Feinstein growled that she was "looking at" the absurdly named Fairness Doctrine, by which government bureaucrats would regulate the opinions that can be expressed over the radio. This would prevent the populace from being exposed to what she calls "extreme views" — i.e., views in disagreement with her own.

The concept also appeals to the left-wing elf Dennis Kucinich. Exhibiting an admirable gift for Orwellian rhetoric, he claims that putting political thought under government jurisdiction is:

derived from the public interest, and that is that there should be an uninhibited marketplace of ideas. That's what the First Amendment is all about.

Helmet-headed RINO Trent Lott agrees:

I'm sure senators on both sides of the aisle are being pounded by these talk-radio people […] leadership will have to be prepared to do what needs to be done.

According to the hysterical Lott, who manages to pass himself off as a Republican:

Talk radio is running America. We have to deal with that problem.

Long ago, Thomas Jefferson issued a preemptive response to Feinstein, Clinton, Boxer, Kucinich, Lott, and the whole stinking pile of them:

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.
The Founding Fathers warned us it could degenerate into this.

Worms Cause Global Warming

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:33 AM

No, the title doesn't refer to the hot air coming out of Harry Reid. German bureaucrats want 45% of all waste composted by 2015, in order to save Gaia from the fictitious global warming menace. But worms are used to compost organic waste, and a German study has found they produce greenhouse gases 290 times more potent than CO2.

To put this in perspective, Rosie O'Donnell's flatus is estimated (by me) to be 10,000,000,000 times more potent than CO2. Nonetheless, Jim Frederickson of the Composting Association warns:

People are looking into alternative waste treatments but we have to make sure that we are not jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

Or that, in our hysterical efforts to solve a nonexistent problem, we manage to create a real one.

Harry Reid isn't the only worm to warm the atmosphere.

Goracle Still Bitter

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:11 AM

Despite attaining rock star status among the dim bulbs of Tinseltown for his leading role in the global warming hoax, failed presidential candidate Al Gore continues to be bitterness incarnate, snarling in a new foreword to his melodramatic propaganda tome Earth in the Balance that it would have been easier to "galvanise the public and persuade Congress to act" — i.e., legislatively cripple the economy, throwing millions out of work and into the arms of the nanny state — if only more scientists were unscrupulous enough to play along with the scam.

Giving an idea of how wise we were not to elect this unhinged demagogue in 2000, Gore fumes that he would have used the presidency as a "bully pulpit" so as to fix the imaginary problem of climate fluctuation, but W has refused to do so.

The Goracle actually was in the White House as VP for 8 years. During this period, American CO2 emissions went up by 15%. During W's first term, they went up 1.65%.

Gore absurdly blames Bush for not signing the Kyoto suicide pact. During his own tenure as VP, the Senate voted 95-0 not to ratify this appalling treaty, the sole effect of which would have been to hobble our economy.

Although this frightening character was defeated in 2000, he still lurks in the political waters, ominously never quite ruling out a run for POTUS, ever threatening to return like Jason Voorhees from the depths of Crystal Lake.

Will Gore rise to menace America from within once again?

Robert F. Kennedy Blames Ronald Reagan for 9/11

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:29 AM

At last the liberal luminary Robert F. Kennedy has determined where the blame should fall for the Muslim atrocities of September 11, 2001: on Ronald Reagan for allegedly lowering fuel efficiency standards.

The revelation was made on MSNBC's wacky "Hardball." After extolling the fuel economy standards during the catastrophic Carter Administration, Kennedy raved:

If we had left those fuel economy standards intact, Ronald Reagan rolled them back, we would not have had to import one drop of oil after 1986. Think of what that would have done to our history. The World Trade Center would probably still be standing.

Standards really were reduced for four years during an oil glut in the 1980s. Somehow that brief interval of slightly relaxed regulations caused Muslim fanatics to fly planes into buildings in 2001. Hey, it isn't any crazier than blaming Mississippi's Governor Haley Barbour for Hurricane Katrina.

It takes more than an ordinary moonbat to blame Ronald Reagan for 9/11. It takes a Kennedy. JFK continues to spin in his grave.

Still not receiving the psychiatric attention he so urgently requires.

On a tip from Wiggins.

NBC News Faring Worse Than Katie Cupcake

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:37 AM

If you think Katie Couric is tanking on CBS, check out NBC's Brian Williams. Over the first 39 weeks since Katie Cupcake replaced Bob Schieffer on "CBS Evening News," she managed to lose 287,000 viewers from the 2006 average — a 4% drop. Over the same period, "NBC Nightly News" lost 533,000 viewers, or 5%.

In the first 3 months after Williams replaced Tom Brokaw, NBC's version of news averaged 10.79 million viewers. Over the last 3 months, it averaged 7.66 million. At this rate it won't be long until no one is watching but Williams' mother. NBC might want to rethink its strategy of trying to outflank the rest of the MSM on the left.

As you might recall, Williams has compared our Founding Fathers to the terrorist maniac Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, whom he excuses for participating in the kidnapping of American embassy personnel during the tragic farce known as the Carter Administration.


On a tip from Wiggins.

June 24, 2007

Father Punished After Saving 6-Year-Old From Bear

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:33 PM

Chris Everhart was camping with his three sons in northern Georgia when a 300-pound black bear invaded their campsite and started to make off with the cooler like Yogi with a picnic basket. When 6-year-old Logan Everhart threw a shovel at it, the bear dropped the cooler and came after him. Everhart, an ex-Marine, grabbed the first thing that came to hand and threw it, managing to kill the bear by hitting it in the head with a log and thereby saving his son from a horrible death.

Can you guess who is the villain in this story? The answer, of course, is Everhart, who was ticketed for "failing to secure his camp site." Squawked Ken Riddleberger of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources:

The key thing to learn from this is if there's a bear around, do not have your garbage or food available. If we manage our food, we won't have bears around.

That same weekend 11-year-old Sam Ives was dragged screaming out of his tent and killed by a black bear in Utah. There was no food in the tent, unless you count Sam.

Hat tip: Anna's Clue Tank

Student Receives F, Sues School

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:29 PM

Columbia University is being subjected to some of the moonbattery it inculcates into its students, one of whom is suing the school after flunking a class because he missed an exam.

Nicholas Perrino was chucked out of the nursing program as a result of the failing grade. He wants the "F" taken off his transcript, and to be reinstated in the program. Oh, and he wants his tuition money back for the classes he has taken.

He's representing himself in court — another amateur lawyer with a fool for a client.

Nicholas Perrino, wannabe nurse.

On a tip from ThruHeavensEyez.

The Cluelessness of Cameron Diaz

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:47 AM

Being responsible for upwards of 70 million deaths in China, communist dictator Mao Zedong is almost certainly the most evil human being who ever lived, earning him a secure home in the bleeding hearts of progressives.

Not all of the misery and bloodshed caused by this demonic character was limited to China. In Peru, Maoist Shining Path guerrillas have inflicted violence and mayhem on the populace for decades in their attempt to impose a totalitarian regime. Over 70,000 Peruvians have been killed in the course of their insurgency. This is why the locals didn't like it much when Tinseltown bimbo Cameron Diaz showed up in Peru sporting a bag featuring a communist red star and Mao's empty but famous slogan "Serve the People" emblazoned on it in Chinese.

Observed Peruvian human rights advocate Pablo Rojas,

It alludes to a concept that did so much damage to Peru, that brought about so many victims. I don't think she should have used that bag where the followers of that ideology [caused so much suffering].

They probably don't have many movie stars in Peru, so Rojas can't be blamed for not realizing that expecting limousine liberals to understand the consequences of the ideologies they trendily endorse would be like expecting a squirrel to grasp algebra.

Isn't she cute?

Hat tips: WuzzaDem, Tim Blair

Rights For Spiders

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:09 AM

This ought to make Peter Parker's day: spiders may soon have rights.

So would squid, crayfish, shrimp, and even restaurant lobsters under new animal welfare plans under consideration by Britain's bloated bureaucracy. The Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is debating the weighty issue of whether invertebrates should have rights. When this debate comes to America, John Kerry may finally be motivated to take an unwavering stand on something.

For now, invertebrates would have to be kept in captivity to qualify, so we have not quite reached the point of it being illegal to step on a cockroach. But then, Madagascar cockroaches can be found in pet shops, so they might be protected. We won't know for sure until someone is arrested for oppressing one.

Creatures protected under the Animal Welfare Act must be fed a proper diet, housed properly, have "the ability to express normal behavior," and be protected from pain, injury, and disease — or the government will make sure humans suffer the consequences.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals has already demanded that that laws be extended to protect all "sentient" animals. This apparently includes bugs.

Careful: bugs are people too, you know!

Chicago Bids to Become Gay Mecca

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:47 AM

Hosting the 2006 International Gay Games was only the beginning. Chicago hopes to join cities like San Francisco, New York, and Atlanta as a "mecca" for homosexuals. To further this grand objective, taxpayers have helped finance a $20 million gay community center called The Center on Halsted, located conveniently in Chicago's "official" gay neighborhood.

The 65,00-square-foot facility is of course "eco-friendly." It features office space for activist groups and a gym named after noisily lesbian former tennis player Billie Jean King.

According to Terry Stone, executive director of The National Association of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Centers, there are 160 homosexual community centers around the country, with 10 new ones going up each year. How much this adds up to in tax money can only be imagined.

Another executive director, Richard Burns of New York City's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center, hopes that the new facility will help Chicago participate in national get-out-the-vote programs. Great news for Shrillary.

Billie Jean will be delighted. Via Caption This!

On a tip from Wiggins.

June 23, 2007

Must-See TV

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:32 AM

PBS blew $675,000 of our money on a documentary exploring the difference between peaceful Muslims and the ones who are trying to annihilate our civilization. But when they saw the finished product, PBS execs decided it was "alarmist, overreaching and unfair" — i.e., not sufficiently sympathetic to the terrorist maniacs who are trying to kill us. So they sat on the project, refusing to air it. Instead they ran "fair" material like Bill Moyers' long-winded denunciations of America.

But now Fox News has gotten hold of Muslims Against Jihad, and is going to put it on tonight, hosted by the lovely E.D. Hill. Tune in at 9 PM Eastern.


On a tip from Bergbikr.


My apologies, the show was preempted because they found Jesse Davis' body. As The Paperboy notes, it was scheduled to run again at 3 AM Eastern, and Fox News is sure to reschedule in prime time.

Update 2:

According the Fox News site, this will air at 9:00 Eastern this evening (Sunday, June 24).

$50,000 the Easy Way

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:06 AM

From Nyack, New York comes one of countless examples of the tyranny of political correctness. An unidentified woman looted $50,000 from a local restaurant by claiming that way back when she worked for it a chef made "lewd and unwelcome remarks."

Neither the woman nor the chef has worked for the restaurant for about six years. How the avaricious woman could prove the remarks were made, much less that the restaurant should be held responsible for them, is a mystery. But the owner chose to settle because he couldn't afford to defend himself in our kangaroo courts.

The lucky winner apparently didn't have to worry about legal costs, because she had the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in her corner. John Edwards would be delighted to see our tax dollars at work, helping looters prey on honest businesses.

On a tip from Wiggins.

June 22, 2007

Scientist Predicts Global Cooling

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:31 PM

Don't throw away your winter clothes. Despite the ridiculous hype coming from the Left about global warming, we might be in for some cold weather ahead.

R. Timothy Patterson, director the Ottawa-Carleton Geoscience Centre, Department of Earth Sciences, Carleton University, is aghast at the absurdity and hubris of bureauweenies who think they can legislate the temperature. As Patterson notes:

The fact that science is many years away from properly understanding global climate doesn't seem to bother our leaders at all. Inviting testimony only from those who don't question political orthodoxy on the issue, parliamentarians are charging ahead with the impossible and expensive goal of "stopping global climate change." Liberal MP Ralph Goodale's June 11 House of Commons assertion that Parliament should have "a real good discussion about the potential for carbon capture and sequestration in dealing with carbon dioxide, which has tremendous potential for improving the climate, not only here in Canada but around the world," would be humorous were he, and even the current government, not deadly serious about devoting vast resources to this hopeless crusade.
Climate stability has never been a feature of planet Earth. The only constant about climate is change; it changes continually and, at times, quite rapidly. Many times in the past, temperatures were far higher than today, and occasionally, temperatures were colder. As recently as 6,000 years ago, it was about 3C warmer than now. Ten thousand years ago, while the world was coming out of the thousand-year-long "Younger Dryas" cold episode, temperatures rose as much as 6C in a decade — 100 times faster than the past century's 0.6C warming that has so upset environmentalists.

Patterson reports that as politicians shriek about carbon emissions causing the sky to fall, scientists are finding ever-stronger correlations between our climate and fluctuations in the sun's brightness. This could be bad news for those of us who prefer warm weather:

Solar scientists predict that, by 2020, the sun will be starting into its weakest Schwabe solar cycle of the past two centuries, likely leading to unusually cool conditions on Earth. Beginning to plan for adaptation to such a cool period, one which may continue well beyond one 11-year cycle, as did the Little Ice Age, should be a priority for governments. It is global cooling, not warming, that is the major climate threat to the world, especially Canada. As a country at the northern limit to agriculture in the world, it would take very little cooling to destroy much of our food crops, while a warming would only require that we adopt farming techniques practiced to the south of us.

Here's an even better idea: since "the science of global climate change is still in its infancy," and bureaucrats know far less than scientists do, maybe government should stop worrying about future weather altogether and stick to things they understand, like how to make us more dependent on them by strangling economic growth. But then, that's what the global warming hoax is all about, isn't it?

This controls the climate, not grasping bureaucrats.

On a tip from Bergbikr.

Charity Begins at Home for the Breck Girl

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:44 AM

Just how phony and shameless is the ambulance-chaser who would be President? John Edwards' Center for Promise and Opportunity offers a clue.

With the stated purpose of "making the eradication of poverty the cause of this generation," it raised $1.3 million in 2005. The money went toward "retreats and seminars" with foreign policy experts, political consultants, and a website. A staggering $540,000 was spent on the "exploration of new ideas."

Apparently most of the rest paid Silky Pony's extravagant travel expenses. Jetting off to places like Britain, Belgium, Russia, Uganda, India, and China can result in quite a bill — not to mention a carbon footprint the size of his vast new mansion. Not to worry, though, I'm sure he'll buy some carbon offsets so that the polar bears will be okay.

Whether so much as a penny went to help the poor as advertised is doubtful.

Edwards' bogus antipoverty center supposedly isn't a political action committee, so it doesn't have to disclose its donors, and there are no limits on the size of individual donations. Even the Gray Lady is appalled:

[I]t was his use of a tax-exempt organization to finance his travel and employ people connected to his past and current campaigns that went beyond what most other prospective candidates have done before pursuing national office. And according to experts on nonprofit foundations, Mr. Edwards pushed at the boundaries of how far such organizations can venture into the political realm. Such entities, which are regulated under Section 501C-4 of the tax code, can engage in advocacy but cannot make partisan political activities their primary purpose without risking loss of their tax-exempt status.

Between the center, another foundation with virtually the same name (the Center for Promise and Opportunity Foundation) and two admitted PACs, the Breck Girl has vacuumed up about $4 million for his presidential bid. Plus he's got $30 million in the bank he managed to loot from doctors by exploiting our deranged legal system.

But he's still got a ways to go to catch up with multi-billionaire and possible candidate Mayor Mike. Maybe Edwards needs to sue some more doctors.

When it comes to evading campaign finance restrictions, the Breck Girl knows how to use the old noodle.

On a tip from V the K.

NYPD Recruits Subjected to Race-Baiting Moonbat Demagogues

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:15 AM

New recruits for the NYPD are undergoing a four-day "multicultural immersion course," which yesterday had them sitting in Harlem's Apollo Theater to be preached at by the race-baiting demagogue Calvin Butts and colleagues.

Butts, who called the militant Malcolm X "our shining black prince," is no fan of the police, nor of Caucasians, whom he frequently and loudly denounces as "racist." Nor does he like Koreans, whose lives he has done his best to make hell by calling for "massive civil disobedience" directed against their stores, in order to "disrupt business as usual" so they will know better than to try to prevent blacks from shoplifting.

He has also called for boycotts of white-owned businesses. But his followers have to spend their welfare checks somewhere.

A favorite Calvin Butts quotation:

Go to hell, white man!

Butts has described New York City policemen as "ignorant savages who continue to prey upon our [black] people as if we have no respect by virtue of our humanity or our citizenship."

A major responsibility of the NYPD is protecting New York from terrorist attacks. They won't be getting any help from Butts, who characterizes anti-terror measures as "Islamophobia," playing his trusty race card on their behalf as he bellows that

whether Muslims like it or not, Muslims are labeled people of color in the racist U.S. … they won’t label you by calling you a nigger but they’ll call you a terrorist.

But he shares Rosie O'Donnell's concern with "Christian extremism."

Butts feted the brutal communist dictator Fidel Castro at his Abyssinian Baptist Church in 1995, declaring, "It is in our tradition to welcome all who are visionaries, revolutionaries and who seek the liberation of all people."

Indulging vermin like Butts is now part of police officers' training. I weep for the city's future.

Calvin Butts: "Go to hell, white man!"

On a tip from Wiggins.

June 21, 2007


Posted by Dave Blount at 8:44 PM

If there is one word that describes Ted Kennedy and the rest of the libs clotting up Washington, it might be empty.

As you probably know, the Left and its RINO collaborators have not yet been able to ram through an amnesty bill, despite controlling both houses of Congress and the White House, mainly because of vociferous public opposition. But pro-shamnesty Senators led by Chappaquiddick Ted (D-MA) claim that lots of people support their side too.

The other day Ted stood with fellow shamster Senators Mel Martinez (RINO-FL) and Bob Menendez (D-NJ), as well as Rep. Joe Baca (D-CA) in front of a big stack of boxes that this merry gang of left-wing liars claimed contained a million letters supporting what they euphemistically call "comprehensive immigration reform."

Unfortunately for Ted and friends, someone looked behind the curtain. Their boxes, like their rhetoric and their heads, were discovered to be completely empty.

Chappaquiddick Ted yuks it up with his pal Martinez.

On a tip from Bill.

Joe Kennedy's Annulment Annulled

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:23 PM

The latest sordid news from Camelot: Joe Kennedy II's 13-year marriage to the mother of his children isn't annulled after all.

Since Roman Catholicism doesn't permit divorce, Kennedy could only dump his wife by having the marriage officially annulled, which he did before marrying his current wife Beth Kelly Kennedy. But now his ex(?) wife Sheila Rauch Kennedy announces that the Vatican has overturned the Boston Archdiocese's 1996 annulment.

Unfortunately, Hugo Chavez's buddy Joe is probably not subject to polygamy charges.

joe-kennedy-II.jpg   Former Congressman Joe Kennedy II: Two wives are twice as nice.

On a tip from Bill.

American Muslims Abandon CAIR

Posted by Dave Blount at 1:43 PM

The Hamas front group Council on American-Islamic Relations has managed to get itself into the news quite frequently as a sort of terrorists' ACLU, exploiting our moonbatty legal system to obstruct the war on terror. For example, it filed suit on behalf of the Flying Imams, in an attempt to intimidate normal Americans into keeping our mouths shut when we witness suspicious activity that might be related to the terrorism with which CAIR is intimately linked.

But Fred Thompson has managed to find some good news about CAIR:

CAIR's dues-paying membership has shrunk 90 percent since 9/11 — from 29,000 in 2000 to only 1,700 last year. CAIR's annual income from dues plunged from $733,000 to $59,000. Clearly, America's Muslims are not supporting this group — and I'm happy to hear about it.

But CAIR has been spending about $3 million a year and expanding new chapters all over the country, despite the absence of dues-paying members and indigenous support.

Where does the money come from? The primary source is apparently the same people who fund that madrasahs that have been spreading Wahhabism and churning out terrorists all over the world: our friends the Saudis.

On a tip from Bergbikr.

Space Aliens Fight Off Evil Humans

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:54 PM

In a conflict between the human race and creepy-looking space aliens, which side would liberals take? The aliens' of course, as confirmed by Hollywood's latest, a kiddy movie called Terra that tells the story of peace-loving creepazoids on some faraway planet having their pastoral bliss destroyed by nasty humans.

You don't have to be Caucasian, or a businessman, or Christian, or American to qualify as a bad guy to moonbats. Just being human is bad enough.

Next, Hollywood will explore the moral inferiority of vertebrates to invertebrates.

Life was great for these peace-loving space aliens — until humans showed up.

On a tip from V the K.

Journalists Give Cash to the Left

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:48 AM

The media's left-wing bias is so pronounced, not even MSNBC will deny it. A recent investigation of journalists who make political contributions found 125 giving to the Democrat party and/or other liberal causes, 17 to Republicans, and 2 to both parties.

MSNBC's insightful analysis:

The pattern of donations, with nearly nine out of 10 giving to Democratic candidates and causes, appears to confirm a leftward tilt in newsrooms.

No kidding.

Because the MSM still half-heartedly maintains of a facade of objectivity, journalists are discouraged from giving cash to candidates. Here's how propagandist Mark Singer justifies doing it anyway:

Probably there should be a rule against it. But there's a rule against murder. If someone had murdered Hitler — a journalist interviewing him had murdered him — the world would be a better place. I only feel good, as a citizen, about getting rid of George Bush, who has been the most destructive president in my lifetime. I certainly don't regret it.

Since murdering our Hitleresque President might have inconvenient consequences for Singer, he settles for giving money to America Coming Together — and writing for the cartoonishly left-wing New Yorker.

guy-raz.jpg   Guy Raz of CNN (now with NPR) gave $500 to John "Botched Joke" Kerry while embedded in Iraq. He claims the war in Iraq doesn't count as US news.

On a tip from V the K.

Osama the Hero

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:00 AM

The treasonous depravity of the liberal arts community is epitomized by a British play entitled "Osama the Hero," disgorged by one Dennis Kelly, who won the $20,000 Meyer-Whitworth award by twisting what The Age is pleased to call "the so-called 'war on terror'" inside out and upside down until the people trying to resist terrorism are the bad guys.

The plot involves a student who is falsely accused of blowing up garbage bins after innocently announcing in school that mass-murdering terrorist Osama bin Laden is his hero. When he complains that there's no evidence against him, his tormenters proclaim that proof isn't needed when dealing with terrorists.

Naturally, this juvenile pro-terrorist propaganda is glowingly described as "provocative" — the word liberals use when they know decent people are going to be enraged and disgusted by their obscene mentality.

Their hero.

On a tip from The Panday.

Hey, Animals Do It!

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:18 AM

Here's a reassuring thought for pedophiles and other assorted perverts. The popular argument that homosexual behavior must be good because some animals exhibit it, which has been promoted at public expense and even to schoolchildren, can be expanded to all manner of sexual aberration and licentiousness.

As Dr. Robert A.J. Gagnon, Associate Professor of New Testament at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary notes:

I never used my dear departed dog "Cocoa" and her instinctive sexual habits as a basis for determining what is "natural" behavior. You can find animals of various species where some part of the population at least practices incest, pedophilia, extreme polyamory, and cross-species sex, along with same-sex activity.

Less reassuring is Gagnon's insight that being "born gay" (or "born pedophile" or "born necrophiliac" or whatever) is no argument in favor of officially sanctifying depravity, as it is normal for people to have to struggle with immoral desires.

If animals do it, it must be okay. Or maybe not.

On a tip from Wiggins.

June 20, 2007

Report on Anti-Americanism in European Media

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:28 PM

Ray Drake of the highly recommended blog Davids Medienkritik was interviewed in an excellent two-part report by the Christian Broadcasting Network on anti-Americanism in the European media.

Though you won't be surprised, you will be appalled. Here's an excerpt:

Polls clearly show that Europeans have turned against America in increasing numbers. You can blame Iraq or George Bush. But it's also true that Europeans have been fed a steady diet of media distortions about America for years.
And if you repeat a distortion long enough, it can become reality.
If you got your news about the United States only from the European media, chances are good you wouldn't like the United States either. There are a lot of reasons for the anti-American coverage in the media here, but you can start with the journalists themselves. They're mostly liberal and they're on a mission.
America gets a journalistic thumping just about every day in Europe. It's a one-way media war that our government has shown little or no interest in fighting seriously, even though it has severely damaged America's image and influence.
A British novelist wrote that "My Anti-Americanism has become almost uncontrollable. It rises in my throat like acid reflux."
One of the biggest bashers of America is the British Broadcasting Corporation. Outgoing Prime Minister Tony Blair admitted that the "BBC is full of hatred for America."
A former BBC journalist says a drawing of Bush as Hitler is hung in the BBC newsroom.

Here's Part One:

And Part Two:

Hat tip: Davids Medienkritik.

The Poets of Club Gitmo

Posted by Dave Blount at 4:16 PM

Unless the topic is illegal immigration, the Wall Street Journal's editorial page is eminently sensible. As for the rest of the paper… Here's an example from today's page 1:

Inmates at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, used pebbles to scratch messages into the foam cups they got with their meals. When the guards weren't looking, they passed the cups from cell to cell. It was a crude but effective way of communicating.
The prisoners weren't passing along escape plans or information about future terrorist attacks. They were sending one another poems. […]
Writing poetry was both difficult and dangerous for the prisoners, who weren't given pens or paper until 2003. Some former inmates say they used dabs of toothpaste as ink. […]
Any poem found by the American prison guards was confiscated and usually destroyed[…]

The libs at WSJ could almost make you forget that we aren't talking about noble and poetic souls holding fast to all that is lofty in the face of oppression, but a bunch of bloodthirsty terrorists comfortably incarcerated as illegal combatants.

Despite fears of coded messages, the military has cleared some of the terrorist doggerel for public release. University of Iowa Press is publishing an anthology. It's sure to be required reading for many college courses.

Shakespeare these homicidal fiends are not. An example:

When I heard pigeons cooing in the trees
Hot tears covered my face

When the lark chirped, my thoughts composed
A message for my son

Quick, someone hand me a Kleenex. This one looks like Nobel Prize material:

America, you ride on backs of orphans
and terrorize them daily

I am a captive, but the crimes are my captors'

Well, at least they've found some way of expressing themselves, other than flinging obscene bodily fluids at the guards.

Here's one more:

Torture, torment, oppression most foul
All because I wear upon my head a towel

Just kidding, I wrote that one.

The collection was compiled by useful idiot defense lawyer Marc Falkoff, who describes the terrorists — who no doubt would kill him just as fast as they would any other American — as "my friends inside the wire." He grouses that the English translations "cannot do justice to the subtlety and cadences of the originals."

As V the K warns, we will soon have Gitmo terrorists giving commentary on NPR's "All Things Considered." Mumia Abu-Jamal has already set the precedent. The vacationing al-Qaeda murderers might also enjoy recording some commencement addresses.

Hat tip: Jules Crittenden.

Tweety Gets It

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:07 PM

Oops! Not realizing that the commercial break was over, propagandist Chris "Tweety" Matthews of "Hardball" accidentally let slip an authentic opinion. In the wake of an ad hyping "the best reporting, the power of NBC News," Matthews is captured on film for all posterity grousing about his left-wing network's lousy content:

We're all reacting here and putting on shit. We have nothing to— Welcome back to Hardball!

Well said, Tweety! Via, NewsBusters, here's video.

Chris "Tweety" Matthews

On a tip from V the K.

Mayor Mike Attempts to Dictate to Congress

Posted by Dave Blount at 1:32 PM

It sure is nice that the Republican Party no longer needs to apologize for the left-wing antics of NYC's Mayor Mike. Bloomberg's jihad against our Second Amendment right to defend ourselves now has him demanding that Congressional Dems ax from an upcoming spending bill an amendment that would prevent unscrupulous moonbats like himself from going on fishing expeditions, looking for gun stores to sue with tracing data unrelated to any criminal investigations.

Stretch Pelosi will have blood on her hands, according to Bloomberg, if she doesn't do his bidding. Bellows Bloomie:

The Democrats have said repeatedly that they blame the Republicans for no gun legislation. Well, now they're in charge. OK, stand up. And if not, I'm going to tell everybody.

When Bloomberg finally admitted that he's no Republican, he had himself reclassified not as a Democrat but as unaffiliated — probably because the Dems aren't far enough out on the authoritarian left to suit him.

Wait, something's wrong here…

That's better. Not even Shrillary is to Bloomberg's left.

On a tip from Dwaine.

Dilbert Takes on Global Warming Hoax

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:22 PM

Thank you Dilbert, for attempting to rescue us from militant kooks who think the global warming hoax is real.

Today's strip advises ramming your SUV into hybrids, which will stop them from using fuel altogether. After all, "You can't save the Earth unless you're willing to make other people sacrifice."

Yesterday, a green consultant advised:

Stop eating, breathing, driving, defecating, and procreating. Sit in the dark and decompose on some garden seeds. Or do you admit you hate the Earth?

The Goracle himself couldn't have put it better.

On a tip from V the K.

Mickey Moore and Friends Lay a Trap

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:56 AM

Man of the people Michael Moore has encouraged us to download his latest anti-American schlockumentary off the Internet for free. But now we learn this from the film's executive producer Harvey Weinstein:

We created lots of phony sites, and people had to input their private information to gain access to "SiCKO." We are turning over all the information to the police and prosecutors and are stopping Internet piracy.

Maybe Moore figures anyone misguided enough to listen to him deserves to be taught a lesson.

Will vileness personified come to the defense of his fans?

Hat tip: Ace of Spades HQ, on a tip from V the K.

Moonbats Weep For Illegals' "Uncertain Future"

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:17 AM

Better grab a hanky: Champaign, Illinois' News-Gazette tells the tear-jerking tale of "undocumented students" — aka illegal aliens — who suffer the burden of facing an "uncertain future."

A kid allegedly got carried away playing dodgeball and shouted, "Protect the border! Protect the border! Kill those Mexicans!" So a senior named Maria Flores — who is an illegal alien — came up and slapped him, earning the News-Gazette's slobbering sympathy by having been forced to resort to violence.

Poor Maria whimpers that she may have to work to get money to go to college after graduating. We nasty gringos evidently are too cheap to pay tuition for the downtrodden victim, who admits to failing a few classes. Snivels Maria:

In Mexico, I was free. I'm not here. I watch everything but I can't go anywhere. I have everything around me but I can't get it.

Yet going home appears to be out of the question.

Maria isn't the least bit shy about being in the country illegally, because one thing about the future is the farthest from uncertain: no bureaucrats are going to lift a finger to stop the colonization of this country by Mexico.

On a tip from Ent.

Barry Lynn Shouts Himself Hoarse

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:06 AM

Apparently the outrage of Rev. Barry Lynn, who often gets his mug in front of cameras as Executive Director of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, is highly selective.

Last year Lynn had his panties in a bunch because the Maryland General Assembly had granted $150,000 for a National Baptist Congress of Christian Education conference in Baltimore. Lynn yelled that this was "totally inappropriate and clearly unconstitutional" and that "religious groups should pass the collection plate to their own members, not the taxpayers."

Fair enough, even though the Maryland grant was targeted to secular events — except that at the same time Lynn's own United Church of Christ was wrapping its sticky fingers around a grant from the state of Connecticut for its General Synod convention to be held in Hartford this month.

Apparently Lynn strained his voice shouting about the Baptists, because suddenly he's very quiet.

Speak up, Barry. We can't hear you.

On a tip from James.

Bloomberg Admits He's No Republican

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:16 AM

Michael Bloomberg, the lifelong liberal Democrat who switched parties in a political stunt that enabled him to do an end run around leftist kooks like Fernando Ferrer and become Mayor of New York City, has now officially switched his status from RINO to unaffiliated, possibly in preparation for an independent presidential bid.

I'm delighted. With any luck, he will be to the Dems what Ross Perot was to Republicans in 1992. Like Perot, Bloomberg has a massive ego and plenty of cash.

Of course, if I thought there were any chance whatsoever of this nanny state socialist making POTUS, I would be gnawing on my fingernails and whimpering in fear.

Then again, maybe he's the next logical step after Bill Clinton.

On tips from Brooklyn Red Leg and Wiggins.

Israel Provides Medical Care to Palestinians Butchered by Hamas

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:12 AM

Bad guys will be bad guys, good guys will be good. As Palestinians tear each other to pieces like a bunch of wild animals, Israel is attempting to provide them with medical care. Israeli ambulances have been crossing into Gaza to bring Palestinian victims of other Palestinians back to Israeli hospitals.

One Palestinian treated in an Israeli hospital reports:

Hamas gunmen shot me… we had nothing to eat, nothing to drink… they killed one of my friends, who was right next to me. They're butchering people.

So much for Jimmy Carter's apparent belief that Hamas would become a nonviolent organization once they had control of the government. But then, if he wasn't completely wrong about everything, moonbats around the world wouldn't have such an ideal role model.

And again he's wrong.

June 19, 2007

Castro Still Blowing Smoke

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:47 PM

As he stands on wobbly legs at death's door, communist dictator Fidel Castro is still indulging in bravado, boasting that Cuba will continue to be an enemy of both the United States and economic freedom. No doubt it will, with his evil brother Raul running the country.

As for the ruinous economic conditions of the island paradise he reduced to a hellhole, Castro has a plan for turning everything around:

From one year to the next the standard of living can be improved by raising knowledge, self-esteem and the dignity of people. It will be enough to reduce wastage and the economy will grow.

That would make a great energy policy, wouldn't it? We don't need to increase our energy supply to meet the demands of a healthy economy, we'll just reduce wastage and somehow subsist on what we've got. Oh wait, I think the Dems already thought of that.

As for raising knowledge, he must mean raising it out of the reach of his impoverished subjects, who are not allowed free access to the Internet.

But the part about self-esteem would make for a good education policy. We don't need to educate; we can just indoctrinate. The important thing is to improve students' self-esteem. Hmm, the Dems thought of that one too.

No wonder libs like Castro so much. They're on the same wavelength.

Castro sees the Devil coming to drag him off to hell at long last.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Call Him "Dr." Greatest

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:22 AM

Muslim ex-boxer Muhammad Ali has been awarded an honorary doctorate by Princeton University.

Ali is best known for winning the heavyweight boxing championship three times. But they don't give you honorary doctorates from prestigious Ivy League universities for being good at boxing. Ali's more relevant accomplishments include graduating from Louis Farrakhan's frenetically anti-Caucasian Nation of Islam, having refused to serve in Vietnam, and throwing an Olympic gold medal in a river to express his contempt for America.

Ali's brains were turned into mush from being punched in the head endless times in the course of his boxing career, a condition known as Pugilistic Parkinsonism. But if Cornel West is qualified to teach at Princeton, "The Greatest" is certainly qualified to hold a degree.

Float like a butterfly, bark like a moonbat.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Carter Sides With Hamas Against Fatah

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:01 AM

The appalling Jimmy Carter has weighed in on the conflict between Fatah and Hamas. Given a choice between very bad and far worse, Jimmy the Dhimmi characteristically sides with far worse.

We must stop favoring the corrupt but relatively moderate Fatah against over-the-top Hamas, the Dhimmster intones, denouncing our own government's opposition to this blood-soaked terrorist cult as "criminal."

Hamas used force to take over the Gaza Strip last week, ending an awkward power-sharing arrangement with Fatah, which has been left with the West Bank. Western taxpayers' money is now flowing into the pockets of Fatah; Carter wants our money handed to Hamas terrorists too. Talk about criminal.

Actually Hamas is getting our money anyway; Western governments send aid into Gaza through misguided organizations like the UN.

Proud of his terrorist friends, Carter interrupted his pious denunciations of American policy to praise them for defeating Fatah with their "superior skills and discipline," despite Fatah having been armed by Western taxpayers.

Naturally the fact that Palestinians are killing each other like a bunch of vicious savages is the result of American, Israeli, and European refusal to "take action to bring about reconciliation."

Wrong once again. His perfect record remains unbroken.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Global Warming Cult Pushes "Cohousing"

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:14 AM

Greenies are getting less subtle about the socialist agenda that lays close beneath the surface of the global warming hoax. Sierra Club senior policy advisor Tim Frank will be giving a talk this month on "Cohousing and Global Warming." The idea is that by living on top of each other with shared facilities, we can save Gaia from climate fluctuation:

By supporting lifestyle and behavior changes that are good for the environment, cohousing integrates social sustainability with environmental sustainability. It has often been said that "community is the secret ingredient of sustainability."

What do you need your own house for anyway?

Green on the outside, red on the inside. Remind you of anything?

Illegal Aliens Setting Forest Fires

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:41 AM

As if invading our country weren't already an act of war, illegal aliens are now deliberately setting forest fires in pristine national forests to burn out Border Patrol observation posts and patrol routes.

Firefighters sent in to battle these catastrophic blazes need to be accompanied by armed law enforcement officers to protect them from Mexican nationals.

Last month, the Border Patrol apprehended 300 "undocumented workers" and 600 pounds of marijuana during a 10-day operation in the Coronado National Forest near Tucson. At least five forest fires were set by illegal aliens during the operation.

Two other wildfires were set this month near San Luis, Arizona by Molotov cocktails, one of which barely missed a border patrol agent. A favorite pastime of Harry Reid's "undocumented Americans" is to wrap grapefruit-sized rocks in rags dipped in gasoline, set them ablaze, and throw them at the Border Patrol. Assaults on Border Patrol agents are up 100% over last year.

Yet the bloated obscenity that impudently refers to itself as the government of the United States still resolutely refuses to get serious about closing the border.

NYC Poor Paid to Be Good

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:46 AM

In Mayor Mike's People's Republic of New York City, you can now be paid $300 for doing well on a school test, $200 for visiting the doctor, or $100 for going to the dentist as part of a demented new program that uses trivial acts of approved behavior as an excuse to hand out free money.

The idea is to encourage the poor to act responsibly, so that they might develop habits that will pull them out of poverty. For now the program is in an experimental stage, and thankfully private funds are being used. But it won't be long before taxpayers are required to pick up the tab.

Eventually the program could be expanded to pay people for getting out of bed before noon, or brushing their teeth, or refraining from guzzling that second 40-ouncer of malt liquor.

Incredibly, moonbats are attacking the program from the left. Screeches Margy Waller, a domestic policy advisor in the Clinton Administration:

It just reinforces the impression that if everybody would just work hard enough and change their personal behavior we could solve poverty in this country, and that's not reflected in the facts.

You see, the idea that people could rise out of poverty through their own effort is dangerous crazy talk.

Noncitizens Vote

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:55 AM

Why should Dems wait for the shamnesty bill to pass before harvesting the votes of the aliens pouring across our unguarded border? Some parts of the country explicitly allow noncitizens to vote, and others may follow suit.

Six communities in Maryland allow it. Chicago lets foreigners vote in school board elections. Boston city councilors are pushing a measure that would let people vote if they sign an affidavit saying they plan to become citizens in the future. Some New York city councilors think being in the country for six months qualifies aliens to vote.

Allowing people who aren't even American citizens to vote is a way to "encourage their engagement in our community" barks one moonbat. Another calls non-Americans voting in American elections "the suffrage movement of our day."

Of course, giving the franchise to noncitizens dilutes the strength of the votes of Americans. But then, that's probably the point.

On a tip from Wiggins.

June 18, 2007

Illegal Immigrant Cop

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:27 PM

Oscar Ayala-Cornejo recently lost his job as a Milwaukee police officer, when it came to light that he is a Mexican citizen in this country illegally.

His brother, Alexander Ayala, is an American citizen and still on the force. Oscar could have become a citizen too, but chose to steal a dead cousin's identity instead. As Assistant U.S. Attorney Mel Johnson explains:

That was just perceived as the easy way to do it but it turned out to be a bad decision.

Prosecutors are recommending a 6–12-month sentence. Ayala-Cornejo has agreed to deportation afterward. When he sneaks back in again, he might want to bring his resume to Santa Fe, where they've considered hiring Mexican nationals as police officers.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Motor City Madman Lays Into Moonbats

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:33 PM

It's nice to know that not everyone with an entertainment background is a nauseating kook. Geriatric pop star Paul McCartney has reportedly fired roadies for eating the flesh of murdered animals — otherwise known as hamburgers. This inspired hunting enthusiast and former rocker Ted Nugent to open up with both barrels, not only on the annoying Sir Paul, but on moonbats in general for relentlessly attempting to impose their flakiness on the rest of us:

The entire agenda of the gazillion-dollar-financed joke known as PETA literally is dedicated to outlawing meat.
Neither I, nor any hunter or meat eater on the planet, has any desire whatsoever to influence any vegetarian's choice of diet or to force them to eat meat. We are the friendly, tolerant Americans.
This is but one of many issues that represent the line drawn in the sand between liberals and conservatives.
Our own intrepid opinion editor at the Trib [Waco Tribune-Herald], my friend John Young, doesn't want to simply make the choice to be unarmed and helpless for himself. He has again recently insisted that you and I must also comply with his soulless condition of unarmed helplessness in "gun-free zones."
Nobody from our side wants to force anybody to have a gun or defend themselves. It is us, the conservatives, who are for individual choice.

Yet liberals insist on portraying themselves as easygoing free spirits and conservatives as uptight, despite being the ones devoted to immobilizing our culture in a straitjacket of political correctness. It sure makes me proud that as a pimply adolescent I loved the Motor City Madman and detested the Beatles.

The Beatles' worst nightmare.

Hollyweird History: The Daniel Pearl Story

Posted by Dave Blount at 4:15 PM

Traditionally Hollywood has helped write our history. The ideal of the Western Frontier — so crucial to our national identity — was kept alive for generations by cowboy movies. World War II movies immortalized the heroics of the Greatest Generation. But thanks to moonbattery, the history Hollywood records nowadays is fake, twisted to favor America's enemies.

The latest intolerable example is A Mighty Heart, featuring the fish-faced Angelina Jolie and her metrosexual boy toy Brad Pitt. According to Debbie Schlussel, it puts a 180° moonbat spin on the story of journalist Daniel Pearl, who was murdered by al-Qaeda apparently for being American and Jewish.

Jolie's director Michael Winterbottom has disgorged this sort of propaganda before, having shot The Road to Guantanamo. In A Mighty Heart, he deemphasizes al-Qaeda's thuggery so as not to distract the audience from the real villains, Americans and Jews.

Appallingly, the movie uncritically rehashes the preposterous myth that 4,000 Jews didn't show up for work at the World Trade Center on September 11, presumably because they were all in on the plot, for which innocent Muslims were framed.

Since Muslims are the heroes of the movie, the historical fact upon which it is based — that Muslims kidnapped and beheaded Pearl — is minimized as much as possible. Pearl's murder is blamed on the detention of put-upon terrorists at Guantanamo Bay.

At least Jolie, who plays Pearl's French wife Mariane, gets a chance to demonstrate her acting prowess with immortal lines like:

Sh*t, Sh*t, Sh*t.


Bullsh*t, Bullsh*t, Bullsh*t.


F*ck, F*ck, F*ck.

But of course the Muslims get the really good lines, like this one:

What do Americans really know about Afghanistan and Pakistan … other than bombing them?

As for the American characters, Schlussel reports:

Woven in with the earnest, concerned Muslim detectives and police officers, we see caricatures of the Americans, which are such comedic parodies, you wonder how they made it into what is supposed to be a serious movie about an execution of an American Jew. They appear stolen from the editorial cartoons of Islamist newspapers in Egypt and Saudi Arabia and propaganda dramas on Hezbollah's Al-Manar.

Notwithstanding Pitt's brainless bleating to the press about how we need to "increase understanding" of Islamic terrorists "without anger or judgment," there is plenty of judgment in the movie; America is judged in a kangaroo court.

Neither maligning America nor whitewashing Muslim atrocities is likely to win any friends among the Religion of Peace. Until we start facing up to the realities of what we're up against, in Schlussel's words,

there will be many more Daniel Pearls. Onscreen Valentines to terrorists and their hateful religion, a la "A Mighty Heart," only enable their murderers.

Imagine if Joseph Goebbels got to tell the story of WWII. That would be the direct equivalent of what is happening now in our struggle against Islamic terrorists and their pea-brained Tinseltown allies.

If only we could send her back to Innsmouth.

Free Footbaths For Michigan Muslims

Posted by Dave Blount at 1:59 PM

Detroit area Muslim leaders have decided there's no need to raise money privately to fund footbaths at a local college, now that the ACLU has announced that it's fine to force infidels to pay for them.

The University of Michigan at Dearbornistan, which is kept afloat by state taxpayers, plans to blow $25,000 on the footbaths so that Muslims can wash their feet before praying to their wicked god. According to the ACLU, this has nothing to do with religion.

The Hamas front group CAIR loves the idea of infidel taxpayers being compelled to buy them footbaths. Maybe they see it as a first step toward imposing the jizya on the USA. Says Dawud Walid of CAIR's Michigan chapter:

If the ACLU had decided to take legal action against the UM-Dearborn, we probably would have called for the university to raise the funds privately, just so that the UM-Dearborn wouldn't have to go through the trouble of having to defend its position against the ACLU.

How thoughtful. But not to worry, Walid. The separation of church and state, so precious to the ACLU when it comes to suppressing Christianity, doesn't apply to spending public money on Islamic rituals.

Next our tax dollars will be buying them nail bombs — if they aren't already.

On a tip from Bill.

Professor Bob Carter, Yet Another Global Warming Heretic

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:34 PM

Another heretic has failed to get the memo regarding the global warming consensus. Here's what environmental scientist Bob Carter of James Cook University has to say about the Great Climate Change Farce (emphasis mine):

The salient facts are these. First, the accepted global average temperature statistics used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change show that no ground-based warming has occurred since 1998. Oddly, this eight-year-long temperature stasis has occurred despite an increase over the same period of 15 parts per million (or 4 per cent) in atmospheric CO2.
Second, lower atmosphere satellite-based temperature measurements, if corrected for non-greenhouse influences such as El Nino events and large volcanic eruptions, show little if any global warming since 1979, a period over which atmospheric CO2 has increased by 55 ppm (17 per cent).
Third, there are strong indications from solar studies that Earth's current temperature stasis will be followed by climatic cooling over the next few decades.

Ill-informed bureauweenies gobbled hysterically at the G8 summit about the global warming calamity, but as Carter observes:

In fact, there is every doubt whether any global warming at all is occurring at the moment, let alone human-caused warming.
For leading politicians to be asserting to the contrary indicates something is very wrong with their chain of scientific advice, for they are clearly being deceived. That this should be the case is an international political scandal of high order which, in turn, raises the question of where their advice is coming from.

Lamentably, much of it comes from the United Nation's shamelessly politicized Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change:

[I]t is extremely dangerous for an unelected and unaccountable body like the IPCC to have a monopoly on climate policy advice to governments. And even more so because, at heart, the IPCC is a political and not a scientific agency.

Carter concludes:

Australia does not ask the World Bank to set its annual budget and neither should it allow the notoriously alarmist IPCC to set its climate policy.
It is past time for those who have deceived governments and misled the public regarding dangerous human-caused global warming to be called to account. Aided by hysterical posturing by green NGOs, their actions have led to the cornering of government on the issue and the likely implementation of futile emission policies that will impose direct extra costs on every household and enterprise in Australia to no identifiable benefit.
Not only do humans not dominate Earth's current temperature trend but the likelihood is that further large sums of public money are shortly going to be committed to, theoretically, combat warming when cooling is the more likely short-term climatic eventuality.
In one of the more expensive ironies of history, the expenditure of more than $US50 billion ($60 billion [Australian]) on research into global warming since 1990 has failed to demonstrate any human-caused climate trend, let alone a dangerous one.
Yet that expenditure will pale into insignificance compared with the squandering of money that is going to accompany the introduction of a carbon trading or taxation system.
The costs of thus expiating comfortable middle class angst are, of course, going to be imposed preferentially upon the poor and underprivileged.

Needless to say, what goes for Australia goes double for the USA, which is the prime target of the insidious moonbats pushing the global warming hoax.


Report Finds BBC Guilty of Moonbattery

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:28 AM

At last something has come out of the taxpayer-financed abomination known as the BBC that you can actually believe. The Beeb commissioned an independently written report that finds it guilty of flagrant moonbattery:

As part of the report's research the BBC's own controller of editorial policy admitted that people felt that the corporation was guilty of a "bias of omission" by not covering their views. […]
The report noted that the BBC had "come late" to several important stories in recent years, including Euroscepticism and immigration , which as it happens, were "off limits" in terms of a liberal-minded comfort zone. […]
Staff were told to avoid imposing their own liberal assumptions on the audience and told to "embrace a broader range of opinion". […]
Roger Mosey, former head of television news at the BBC, now head of sport, is also quoted as saying the corporation displays "fairly overt support" for multiculturalism. He also admitting having some sympathy with claims of a "liberal/pinko" agenda at times.
He recalled a news item about ethnic communities becoming the majority in parts of east London, where a reporter had told him that they had "worked really hard" to find a white resident who was happy with the situation.
Research in the review also found that even ethnic minorities felt that political correctness had gone too far and others said it was diluting comedy and entertainment at the broadcaster and complained of a "restrictive mind-set".

The report warns that if viewers don't feel the BBC reflects their lives and attitudes, they will lose faith in it — although it's hard to believe that anyone other than confirmed moonbats still have any faith to lose.

Making it crystal clear why government bureaucracies should never control the media.

Ann Holmes Redding, Muslim Episcopal Priest

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:55 AM

Rev. Ann Holmes Redding may be the most politically correct Episcopal priest yet. Not only is she a woman of color, she's a practicing Muslim.

Redding explains:

All I know is the calling of my heart to Islam was very much something about my identity and who I am supposed to be. I could not not be a Muslim.

But she's not quite Muslim enough to give up being a "Christian" priest.

Redding, who has a history of alcoholism and apparently also suffers from bigotry, is fond of the Al-Islam Center mosque in Seattle:

To walk into Al-Islam and be reminded that there are more people of color in the world than white people, that in itself is a relief.

Redding's bishop, who is responsible for permitting this travesty, says he finds interfaith possibilities exciting. Maybe next the church can try Satanist nuns.

Redding will be teaching the New Testament at Seattle University this fall. No doubt she will offer students a perspective pleasing to the educrat establishment.

ScrappleFace sarcastically predicted an openly Muslim Episcopal bishop back in 2003. When it comes to moonbattery, parody is never far from reality.

Here's Rev. Redding in a church.

And here she is hanging out at al-Islam.

On a tip from Dave.

Art Goes to the Dogs

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:25 AM

To get an idea of what moonbattery is doing to civilization, have a look at the art world. Where once our culture produced stunning masterpieces, it now spits up garbage that literally could have been done by dogs. See for yourself:


Just kidding, that was a priceless Jackson Pollock. Here's the real dog art:


Shore Service Dogs, Inc. has been raising money by auctioning paintings by dogs. Here's one of the masters at work:


One painting has sold for $350. Others are hanging in galleries.

Moonbattery has had a similar effect in every area of human endeavor it has contaminated, including music, literature, education, and most disastrously of all, politics. If we could put dogs instead of politically correct bureaucrats in charge of defending the border, it might save our country.

June 17, 2007

Habitats Unfit For Humanity

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:41 PM

For all his egregious flaws, at least we can all agree that Jimmy Carter has done great work with Habitat for Humanity. Or can we?

Mary Zeigler was the proud owner of a low-cost home in Jacksonville's Fairway Oaks development, built by volunteers who included Jimmy the Dhimmi himself, as well as wife Rosalynn. She still owns the home, but she's no longer so proud:

I've got a 25-year mortgage, and I've got stuff that needs to be addressed or I'm just paying my mortgage in vain, because I won't have a house in 25 years because it will be falling apart.

She's not the only Fairway Oaks resident with problems. Of 56 who answered a survey, 41 reported cracked foundations, 22 reported cracked walls, and 48 complained that their houses were infested with insects and/or rodents, a common problem in houses with holes in them.

Other beneficiaries of Jimmy's ostentatious largess complained of nails popping out of the plasterboard, mold, rotting door frames, and leaky plumbing. Also, people have been developing rashes, which might have something to do with their neighborhood having been constructed atop a garbage dump.

Sorry Mary. Looks like you get what you pay for.

Carter constructs a crumbling slum.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Ban Ki-moon: Global Warming Caused Darfur

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:58 AM

If it's bad, then it was caused by global warming — at least according to moonbats. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon even blames human-caused climate change for the genocide in Darfur.

According to Ki-moon's tortured logic, the slaughter of Africans by Arabs is all about weather. Global warming has allegedly caused insufficient rain, no doubt thanks to our using the wrong kind of light bulbs, so African farmers have had to fence in their land to prevent overgrazing by Arab herds. Thus the bloodshed.

So far as I know, moonbats have not yet managed to tie AIDS to the global warming hoax. But I'm sure they're working on it.

Now see what our SUVs have done.

On a tip from V the K.

Alejandra Gutierrez: Another Casualty of Our Unguarded Border

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:29 AM

There's a price to be paid for bureaucrats' totally unacceptable refusal to defend the border. Alejandra Gutierrez is one who had to pay it.

Alejandra was raped and murdered at age 10 by Simon Rios, who afterwards dumped her body in an Indiana gravel pit. By pleading guilty, he has avoided the death penalty in this case, although he may yet get his just desserts for murdering his own wife and three children.

But some hold that Rios shouldn't be subject to capital punishment, because he is not an American citizen, but rather what our media is pleased to call an "undocumented worker." gives a little background:

According to the U.S. Justice Department, more than 270,000 illegal aliens serve time behind bars every year, comprising about 17 percent of the population in federal prisons. And, over a five-year period, the Immigration and Naturalization Service released 35,000 criminal aliens instead of deporting them — and more than 11,000 of them went on to commit serious crimes, including 98 murders, 142 sexual assaults and 44 kidnappings. […]
[I]t is ironic, to say the least, to hear some argue he should not face the death penalty because he is a Mexican national, or that his confession should be thrown out because language barriers kept him from fully understanding his Miranda rights. It's a little like the proverbial grief-stricken orphan begging for mercy after having just killed his parents.
With millions of illegal immigrants already here, why have recent congressional attempts to craft a "comprehensive" solution failed? Simple: Because most Americans don't trust politicians to enforce new laws any more enthusiastically than they're enforcing existing laws. Until and unless our borders are secured, any immigration reform will rightly be seen as a joke, undermined by the left's thirst for new constituents and the right's hunger for cheap labor.
Anyone who objects risks being labeled a xenophobe or racist. But that kind of talk can get people killed. Alejandra Gutierrez would no doubt agree[…]

On a tip from Wiggins.

Birds of a Feather

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:46 AM

Look at Shrillary yukking it up with supporters during a town hall meeting at an elementary school in Charles City, Iowa:


Cute shirt, huh? I wonder if Shrillary's friend is also wearing a pair of Hillary Guevara boxer shorts:


Maybe it's too much to expect Hollyweird bubbleheads like Jennifer Connelly and Kate Hudson to know anything about Che Guevara except that it's politically correct to admire him, but people involved in politics ought to have at least a few clues. Che Guevara was a bumbling sociopath, held in contempt even by his evil master, Fidel Castro. He had one skill — his complete lack of conscience made him good at liquidating any potential opposition to Castro's totalitarian regime.

A few choice quotes give insight into the character of the guy trendy liberals so love. Words of wisdom from the great man of the people, Che Guevara:

If your bourgeois prejudices won't allow you to carry out my orders, fine. Go ahead and try them tomorrow morning — but execute them NOW!
We don't need proof to execute a man. We only need proof that it's necessary to execute him. A revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate.
Crazy with fury I will stain my rifle red while slaughtering any enemy that falls in my hands! My nostrils dilate while savoring the acrid odor of gunpowder and blood. With the deaths of my enemies I prepare my being for the sacred fight and join the triumphant proletariat with a bestial howl!

And here's Che summing up socialism. He has just shot a defenseless man in the head at point-blank range:

He went into convulsions for a while and was finally still. Now his belongings were mine.

Guevara's noble accomplishments, in addition to personally ordering at least 700 executions, include plotting terrorist attacks against New York City department stores, Grand Central station, and various American monuments including the Statue of Liberty, the Liberty Bell, and the Washington Monument. He also liked to hold book burnings.

He did have one redeeming quality: he despised the sort of people who now think he's cool, denouncing them as "long hairs" and "lazy youths."

This guy is a hero to the folks who will probably be running our government after the 2008 election.

Hat tip: The Java Report.

Commencement Balkanization

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:31 AM

Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them, "Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand."
Matthew 12:25

This does not bode well for the USA, because moonbats continue to find success in their campaign to balkanize America. For example, UCLA features separate graduation ceremonies for more identity groups than you could shake a stick at: homosexuals, blacks, Hispanics, Asian–Pacific Islanders, American Indians, Filipinos, Vietnamese, etc., etc., ad nauseam. Scheduling is a problem, because many students qualify for more than one commencement.

America works because it has historically been the great melting pot, into which people from all over the world assimilate. But this robs the Left of a crowbar to be used to pry our country into warring fractions. Consequently the moonbat world of academia does everything in its power to prevent assimilation, so that the America it so hates might be reduced to a squabbling Tower of Babel.

The Tower of Babel — the Left's model for America's future.

On a tip from V the K.

Jimmy Carter Promotes Maoist Terrorists

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:59 AM

Jimmy Carter has found some new bad guys to advocate — Maoist terrorists in Nepal.

A Maoist follows in the footsteps of Mao Zedong, who murdered at least 70 million of his own people, making him the most bloodthirsty tyrant in human history. It's hardly surprising that Nepal's Maoists aren't likely to win good citizenship awards. Although like Hamas they have managed to gain a foothold in government, also like Hamas they have not renounced violence — which is why the USA still regards them as terrorists.

It is probably also why they have an advocate in Jimmy Carter, who has been hobnobbing with the Maoists' leader Prachanda. Bleats Carter:

My opinion is the United States should establish some communication with the Maoists because it is obvious that the people of Nepal have accepted the Maoists as playing a role in the shaping of the future of this country.

God help Nepal if anyone Carter would be friendly with has a role in shaping its future.

Like Hamas, Maoist terrorists have a friend in Jimmy.

On a tip from Wiggins.

June 16, 2007

Moonbat Prodigies Foretell Apocalypse

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:43 AM

The horrors in Al Gore's hysterical fright fest A Convenient Lie may be fiction to grownups, but to little kids, they are a terrifying reality, having been presented as such in our schools. Some kids in Portland, Maine have learned the Scriptures of the Goracle so well, the local media handed them a megaphone. From a published report purportedly written by fourth-graders:

We want everyone to help curb Global warming. […] The ocean is warming at such an alarming rate that the continents are in danger.
Such a warming of the ocean is fuel for more severe hurricanes such as Katrina. Katrina was only a Category 1 storm when it crossed Florida. It became a monster storm by feeding off the extremely warm water in the Gulf of Mexico. […]
The United States is the leading contributor to the global-warming crisis, producing one-third of the total greenhouse gases in the world, more than South America, Africa, Asia and Australia combined.

The tikes go on to warn about submerged skyscrapers, the threat of melting glaciers to our water supply, and the possibility of Greenland melting "if our fossil fuel usage continues unchecked." The oceans will rise by 40 feet unless we use environmentally ruinous but politically correct compact fluorescent bulbs and remember to recycle our plastics and paper.

The world of moonbattery hasn't produced such prodigies since Autum Ashante. You can't help but think of the grade school kids in the other Portland, who supposedly wrote a left-wing "Children's Bill of Rights" full of high-toned verbiage about socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, and "physical, mental and spiritual wellness."

Maybe the kids really wrote the report themselves. A teacher would know that subcontinents don't melt. I hope.

On a tip from Steve.

June 15, 2007

Thanks to Your Tax Dollar, Baby-Killing Business Is Booming

Posted by Dave Blount at 5:38 PM

The abortion mill known as Planned Parenthood killed a record 264,943 babies during the 2005–2006 fiscal year, while recording zero adoption referrals.

Nonetheless it saw a decline in both donations and income from its clinics. But this "nonprofit" organization still managed to make a profit of $55.8 million, thanks to setting another record by raking in $305.3 million in money expropriated from taxpayers — a 12% rise from the previous year.

Heinrich Himmler would be impressed.

On a tip from Bill.

John Howard's Totalitarian Regime

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:34 PM

Australia's Daily Telegraph reports:

John Howard has been in power for more than 10 years now, yet no criticism of him or his policies has ever been published or broadcast.
I've been inclined to put this down to the media's universal agreement with Howard on absolutely everything, but it turns out — according to secret documents smuggled out of a previously unknown underground anti-Howard cell — that the Prime Minister has actually had all of his opponents silenced:
"Since 1996, Howard has cowed his critics, muffled the press, intimidated the ABC, gagged scientists, silenced non-government organisations, neutered Canberra's mandarins, curtailed parliamentary scrutiny, censored the arts, banned books, criminalised protest and prosecuted whistleblowers…"
That's from something called The Sydney Morning Herald, an underground publication printed in small numbers and presumably passed hand-to-hand among Australia's shadowy resistance community.

Read the rest. Hilarious.

On a tip from Byron.

Moonbats Reveal: GWB Nuked the World Trade Center

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:46 AM

The fifth column has now revealed that President Bush didn't just blow up the World Trade Center — he used nukes.

A relatively moderate moonbat holds that only two nuclear blasts occurred, one in each tower. Others have decided that BushCo didn't limit itself to only two nukes:

WTC 3, 4, 5, 6 also were taken down with internal nuclear devices.

This allegedly explains why recovered body parts were not publicly exhibited — they would have betrayed telltale signs of nuclear shenanigans.

Since conspiracy theories are in such vogue these days, I'll put forth one of my own. No one with an IQ above Charlie Sheen's actually expects us to believe that America committed the atrocities of 9/11. The objective of 9/11 Truthers and the establishment politicians who pander to them is not to convince us to buy into their grotesque fantasies, but to reduce 9/11 from a patriotic rallying point to a cheesy farce on a level with UFO abductions and Elvis sightings.

Progressives would prefer we see this as a tasteless joke.

On a tip from V the K.

Vaclav Klaus on the Global Warming Hoax

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:09 AM

For the most part, the global warming hoax has been an amusing farce. But as hysteria continues to feed on itself, it is developing into something much more serious, as Vaclav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic, wisely warns:

The dictates of political correctness are strict and only one permitted truth, not for the first time in human history, is imposed on us. Everything else is denounced.
The author Michael Crichton stated it clearly: "the greatest challenge facing mankind is the challenge of distinguishing reality from fantasy, truth from propaganda". I feel the same way, because global warming hysteria has become a prime example of the truth versus propaganda problem. It requires courage to oppose the "established" truth, although a lot of people — including top-class scientists — see the issue of climate change entirely differently. They protest against the arrogance of those who advocate the global warming hypothesis and relate it to human activities.
As someone who lived under communism for most of his life, I feel obliged to say that I see the biggest threat to freedom, democracy, the market economy and prosperity now in ambitious environmentalism, not in communism. This ideology wants to replace the free and spontaneous evolution of mankind by a sort of central (now global) planning. […]
I agree with Professor Richard Lindzen from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who said: "future generations will wonder in bemused amazement that the early 21st century's developed world went into hysterical panic over a globally averaged temperature increase of a few tenths of a degree, and, on the basis of gross exaggerations of highly uncertain computer projections combined into implausible chains of inference, proceeded to contemplate a roll-back of the industrial age".
The issue of global warming is more about social than natural sciences and more about man and his freedom than about tenths of a degree Celsius changes in average global temperature.

He hits the nail on the head. The issue isn't the weather. Global warming is just a smokescreen behind which leftist ideologues are making a bid to impose another of their nightmarish dystopias, as they have done in places like Russia, China, and Cambodia.

Attempts by Nazis, communists, Islamic imperialists, etc. to snuff out the West's freedom by force have so far failed. But the insidious attack from within represented by the environmental movement is a much more serious threat.

We won't be able to say Vaclav Klaus didn't warn us.

On a tip from Mega.

Weepy Judge Sues For $54 Million Over Lost Pants

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:24 AM

From AP:

WASHINGTON — A judge had to leave the courtroom with tears running down his face Tuesday after recalling the lost pair of trousers that led to his $54 million lawsuit against a dry cleaner.

DC administrative law judge Roy L. Pearson originally wanted $65 million for his lost pants, plus almost $2 million in common law claims. But then he decided not to be so greedy, and is now willing to settle for $54 million.

What really galls Pearson is that the owners of the mom-and-pop laundry he is trying to nuisance-suit out of existence had a sign in the window reading "Satisfaction Guaranteed."

Acting as his own lawyer, Pearson called himself to the stand. While explaining how laundry owner Soo Chung tried to give him the wrong pair of pants, he became so choked up over his misplaced trousers that he had to ask for a break and leave the courtroom.

Clearly a man in such anguish deserves at least $54 million.

Judge Roy Pearson leaves the courthouse with some more dry cleaning.

On a tip from Dave.

Food Fascists Kill Toucan Sam and Friends

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:51 AM

Fruit Loops sales rep Toucan Sam has been around long enough to be a part of our culture. The same goes for those little Rice Krispies elves Snap, Crackle, and Pop. But no one lives forever, not even iconic cartoon characters — at least not when they run afoul of the authoritarian do-gooders at the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), who have apparently used the threat of legal action to coerce Kellogg into doing away with the old favorites.

The heartless Hannah Storm of CBS's "Early Show" is delighted:

Well, that’s a great idea […] because you can’t even take your child to the grocery store because they’re clamoring for the products with characters on them. When are we going to see them disappear?

Don't worry, Hannah, they'll be gone soon enough, along with the rest of our culture — and our liberties.

Snap, Crackle, and Pop have been around since 1933, Toucan Sam since 1963. Tony the Tiger will survive — for now.

While it's hard to blame Kellogg for not wanting to get hauled into some kangaroo court for selling politically incorrect food, giving ground to the goons at CSPI is not a good idea. Give them an inch and they will take more than enough to make a noose, then promptly hang you. This radical leftist outfit demands a say over every bite of food you put in your mouth.

They survived the Depression, the Nazis, the Cold War… but not today's food fascists.

Hat tip: NewsBusters, on tips from V the K and Wiggins.

June 14, 2007

The Blob

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:13 PM

Kudos to Gary Andres for putting his finger on the purpose of government from the liberal point of view: to grow in power and scope. Any other alleged objective is merely a means to this end. He quotes a senior House staffer:

I can write a policy that insures more kids, with less money, and provides better health outcomes. But if the federal government doesn't get bigger in the process, they're not interested. It makes me question what's really important — better health or bigger government.

As Andres notes, this explains Dems' hostility to many Republican initiatives:

School choice, personal retirement accounts and expanded consumer-directed health care are all Republican proposals aimed at helping people in new and innovative ways. Yet they face near universal scorn from liberals because they loosen the shackles of the federal government's domination. Again, it doesn't matter that they might help kids learn better or seniors secure a better retirement. If ideas don't feed the size and scope of the federal bureaucracy, they don't deserve a place on the menu.

Few Democrat objectives can be understood except from this point of view. Do they really think paying unwed mothers to stay unwed and crank out as many kids as possible is going to make for less poverty? Of course not: but getting a whole subclass hooked on welfare grows the government. Do they think draconian environmental legislation justified by the global warming hoax will improve the weather? No, but it will improve their prospects for controlling our lives and expropriating our money. Will socializing healthcare make it more efficient? Yes: efficient at enhancing the ubiquity of government.

Liberal government is The Blob — soft, repulsive, insatiably hungry, and relentlessly growing because its only purpose is to grow at the expense of everything that comes within its reach.

Steve McQueen attempts to hold back the growth of liberal government.

On a tip from V the K.

Popcorn Could Be Subject of Ban

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:50 AM

When I predicted that after going after hotdogs, moonbats would next target popcorn, I didn't realize how soon I would be proved right.

The city of Seattle may ban employees from making microwave popcorn, on the grounds that burning popcorn can trip smoke alarms. Due to the bureaucratic tendency to overreact hysterically, this results in entire buildings being evacuated for 30–40 minutes — sometimes including jails cells and courtrooms.

Next we may learn that cooking has been banned, on the grounds that burning dinner can result in calls to the fire department.

Too dangerous in the hands of city employees.

On a tip from El Presidente.

Hope For Berserkley?

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:46 AM

Could it be that Berkeley — infamous for indulging in moonbattery — is ready to rejoin the civilized world? After months of debate, the City Council unanimously passed the Public Commons for Everyone Initiative:

The initiative cracks down on a wide range of behavior that some say make Berkeley's streets inhospitable to residents and visitors alike. Among the activities that will be banned are smoking near buildings in commercial areas, lying on the sidewalk, public urination and defecation, drinking in public, possessing a shopping cart and shouting in public.

Naturally homeless advocates are outraged. Imagine not being allowed to defecate in public!

And there's more:

Berkeley's City Council also considered a plan Tuesday night to streamline the city's notoriously convoluted permit process for business owners on Telegraph Avenue.
The ordinance, part of the Telegraph revitalization plan, would make it easier for shops and restaurants to stay open late, convert to different types of businesses, and exceed the quotas for certain kinds of stores.

Forcing bums to behave and allowing business people to make an honest living — libs are not going to like this. But don't worry, local bureaucrats are still wacky enough to mandate a preposterous 80% cut in carbon emissions to fight the global warming hoax.

No more relieving himself on the sidewalk for this Berkeley derelict.

June 13, 2007

Starbucks Looted After Firing Headcase

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:05 PM

Trolls will be interested to learn that Starbucks has been forced to pay one Christine Drake $85,000 in a settlement. She sued because they fired her even though she has a mental disorder.

Starbucks kept her on for two years, giving her extra training and support. But apparently they finally decided they're in the business of overcharging for coffee, not babysitting mental patients.

If you've got enough loose screws in your head, all you've got to do is land a job as a barista and you too could loot Starbucks when you finally get canned. What are you waiting for, Westerberg?

They might want to replace those windows with padded walls.

Bill Clinton Calls For Sod Roofs

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:47 PM

Bill Clinton is still out there, and stupid stuff is still coming out of his mouth. Now he wants us to save energy by engaging in "relentless home improvement" — including outfitting our homes with sod roofs, because that would make them cooler in the summer.

Snickers a building contractor:

Sounds great doesn't it — a "sod roof." It will be a hoot mowing it.

An employee of Halliburton Energy Services notes:

Do you have any idea how much dead weight sod would add to your roof joists? At least a ton, and then that would at least double in weight after the first rain. At which point you will find your new sod roof sitting on your floor in the kitchen and bedroom.

But the idea does fit in nicely with the push from the Left to move society in the general direction of the Stone Age, so as to tread more lightly upon the Earth. President Shrillary may want to put Bill in charge of energy policy.

What a house might look like in a Democrat future.

On a tip from Bill.

Broward County May Kill Emergency Broadcasts to Spite Rush

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:32 AM

The leftist bureauweenies running Florida's Broward County actually want to cancel the broadcasting of emergency information on a prominent area radio station explicitly because it airs Rush Limbaugh.

As you may recall, Broward's County Commission popularized the word "chad" during the Goracle's ham-fisted attempt to overturn the 2000 presidential election. The commission consists entirely of Democrats, including the wacky Commissioner Sue Gunzburger. Here's Sue fabricating votes for Gore in 2000:


If Sue et al. would just be patient, as soon as Dems take the White House, they can push through the preposterously named Fairness Doctrine and take control of the political content of privately owned stations. There's a reason they refer to it as the "Hush Rush" bill.

On a tip from V the K.

Boston Mosque Flies Old Glory Upside Down

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:27 AM

This is the new Roxbury Mosque in Boston, Massachusetts:


As anyone who has seen pictures of anti-America marches either here, in Europe, or in the Middle East knows, flying the American flag upside down is a gesture of contempt. But then, when they push us, we move, so why should we expect Muslims to respect us?

By the way, Muslims bought the land for this mosque from Boston at a price significantly below market value. But don't hold your breath waiting for the ACLU to scream about the separation of church and state.

Construction of the mosque was funded by the Islamic Development Bank, whose largest shareholders are Iran, Libya, and our friends the Saudis of 9/11 fame. This same bank pays large financial subsidies to the families of suicide terrorists.

The mosque was built by the Islamic Society of Boston, members of which have publicly supported Islamic terrorism and engaged in virulently anti-American and anti-Semitic rhetoric.

Via Miss Kelly, on a tip from V the K.

Meat Is a Crime Against Gaia

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:37 AM

One reason the Convenient Lie is so convenient is that the entire left-wing agenda can be packed inside it, like Greek soldiers in the Trojan Horse. Now British bureauweenies may use taxpayer's money to promote vegetarianism, on the grounds that trying to live off rabbit food will combat the imaginary global warming menace. The issue will be introduced "gently" so that people don't put up resistance.

Farm animals allegedly produce global warming with their flatulence. Cows even stand accused of contributing to acid rain through the ammonia in their urine. So we'll have to move in the direction of getting rid of farm animals and living off bean curd — a small price to pay to please Gaia.

A cow contributes to global warming.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Kucinich Does Vegas

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:48 AM

Dennis Kucinich's campaign hit Las Vegas the other day. Not many noticed.

Dennis the Menace did manage to raise $1,486, and took the opportunity to tell his 70 or so supporters that humanity is "a light of wholeness going through a prism." He promised to establish a Department of Peace, close Gitmo, and get rid of our nukes.

"I speak to you as a practical politician," said Kucinich, who then went on to brag about his disastrous reign as Mayor of the Mistake by the Lake, during which Cleveland defaulted on its loans.

During Q&A, a supporter announced that he is writing a book in which he refers to the war in Iraq as "white collar murder," then moved on to healthcare, proclaiming, "Let's go ahead and call it socialized medicine."

Kucinich agreed that we should have the kind of dysfunctional socialized healthcare they do in Canada. Then he blamed oil companies and hedge fund managers for gas prices, and advocating holding the President accountable for imaginary war crimes. The Vice President should be impeached, and 9/11 should be reinvestigated so we can find out what made the World Trade Center fall down.

In less than an hour he was off to the airport, takeout tofu at his side.

Dennis Kucinich, practical politician.

On a tip from V the K.

Imposing the Third-World on Upstate New York

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:55 AM

Westchester and Putnam Countries, which lie directly to the north of New York City, have traditionally been great places to live. That's changing, now that the Hudson Valley has been colonized by illegal immigrants, largely from backwards villages in Guatemala. With the help of moonbat judges, they are reducing the area to a Third-World country.

The village of Mamaroneck was taken to court by colonizers who don't like their daytime public drinking sprees to be interrupted by police asking them whether they belong in this country and trying to move them along. Naturally, they played the infallible race card, claiming to be oppressed for being Hispanic.

Thanks to the fact that our courts are run by bleeding-heart lunatics who will not be happy until they have laid waste to the entire country, Mamaroneck was forced to settle on an agreement that pays the invaders' lawyers $550,000.

Now the illegals can carry on with their public urinating and drunkenness without being pestered. Police will actually be forbidden from asking their immigration status or even telling them to move on, as our civilization continues to swirl down the drain at the behest of do-gooder liberals.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Envirofascists Coming For Our Computers

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:13 AM

There is hardly any assault on our privacy and independence that bureauweenies can't justify by screeching about the environment — which explains their enthusiasm for the global warming hoax. Next, they will come after our computers.

The British government will be launching a pilot project that calls for replacing PCs with access points (possibly TV-top boxes) that will connect people to a system of central servers controlled by bureaucrats. Data processing and storage will take place on the government computers, which will also host all software.

The plan will save the polar bears by using less energy — and incidentally allow authorities to control everything that happens on computers.

On a tip from V the K.

Still Paying the Price for Plyler v. Doe

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:08 AM

The Supremes' 1982 Plyler v. Doe decision is an excellent example of the extravagantly expensive chaos caused by do-gooder authoritarians who impose their sanctimonious moonbattery from the bench.

The case involved a community in Tyler, Texas that didn't see why it should have to finance the education of the illegal aliens our ineffectual government unconscionably refuses to prevent from colonizing the Southwest. Tyler started charging tuition to students who do not even belong in this country.

The inaptly named U.S. District Court Judge William Wayne Justice, who already had a reputation for moonbattery, issued a permanent injunction against this tuition in 1978. The Supremes' misruling came a few years later. It seems that foreign citizens earn a right to an education paid for by American taxpayers by breaking the law and sneaking into our country.

Whether illegal immigrants have to pay tuition in a Texas town or not may not seem like a momentous issue. But the precedent started an avalanche that is currently burying the whole state, which is currently home to at least 1.4 million illegal aliens. If illegal aliens have a "right" to demand we finance their education, why should their "rights" — or their demands — stop there?

State Rep. Leo Berman laments the futility of trying to limit handouts to illegal aliens in light of the Plyler precedent:

I think it's outrageous the federal government has imposed on us free education and free health care — the largest unfunded mandate in the history of our nation.

But for the bleeding-heart chowderheads who got us into this mess, it's never enough. Whimpers Katherine Leal Unmuth at the Dallas Morning News:

While the Plyler decision guarantees their education and the state grants them in-state tuition and financial aid in college, nothing addresses what happens once they graduate. Their status locks them into low-wage work cleaning houses or doing construction.

The status she refers to is the criminal status of people who break the law just by being in our country. So long as we still have shirts on our backs, we haven't done enough for them yet.


On a tip from Wiggins.

June 12, 2007

ACLU Against Preventing Foreign Spies From Acquiring Sensitive Information

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:28 PM

It isn't just Islamic terrorists the ACLU bends over backwards to assist. They'll help out any enemy of America, even if they don't know who it is.

The FBI's Boston office has been warning top universities in the area to be on the lookout for foreign spies attempting to collect sensitive data. There's no censorship involved; the FBI just wants professors to be aware of the threat so they can keep an eye on their laptops, be wary about who contacts them regarding their research, etc. As Worcester Polytechnic Institute President Dennis Berkey explains:

The general point was, if there is unnatural or unexplained interest in your research and you're nervous about it, here's how to be in touch with us.

Naturally, the ACLU disapproves. Deliberately mischaracterizing the initiative, John Reinstein of the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts whines:

Are you going to ask all the questions you want to ask if someone is out there taking notes and reporting to the FBI that you asked the question which they perceived as suspicious?

Obviously, the idea is not to prevent students from asking questions, but to prevent foreign spies from hostile countries from acquiring technology that would be used to kill Americans — which is certainly no reason for the ACLU to refrain from sniffing around looking for an opportunity to sue.


On a tip from V the K.

Harry Reid Rushes to Ayatollahs' Defense

Posted by Dave Blount at 3:04 PM

Ever eager to trip up his own country in its dealings with our enemies, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was quick to denounce his colleague Joe Lieberman's warning that if Iran does not stop waging war against the USA, we might have to respond with air strikes.

Reid condescendingly intoned:

The invasion of (Iran) is only going to destabilize that part of the world more. I know Joe means well, but I don't agree with him.

Of course Lieberman was not calling for a full-scale invasion, but only engaging Iran in a little diplomacy by pointing out that there could be limits to how many Americans we will let the Iranians kill by training, arming, and possibly fighting alongside terrorists in Iraq before there finally come consequences.

Consequences will arrive for Reid the next time he has to stand for election. His approval rating is at 19% — exactly half as high as the relentlessly maligned Dick Cheney's.

The face of defeat.

On a tip from Wiggins.


And on a tip from V the K, don't miss the skewering Dennis Miller gave Dingy Harry on the Half Hour News Hour.

Another ACLU Knife in Our Back

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:40 AM

The War on Terror can't be going too badly, because America's enemies are getting desperate. The ACLU has actually filed a suit on behalf of some terrorists against Jeppesen Dataplan Inc., a Boeing subsidiary that specializes in air flight planning services, for helping the CIA with the logistics of transferring foreign terrorists into the custody of other countries.

Jeppesen is not accused of abusing the plaintiffs, who again are not even American citizens. The company's infraction is simply assisting the United States government in perfectly legal rendition activities.

Unless the judge is a complete lunatic, the case will quickly be thrown out on its ear. But that doesn't mean nuisance suits against private companies and citizens can't be somewhat effective in their objective of helping the ACLU's Islamic allies conduct their terror campaign against America:

Leaving aside the lack of legal merit, the ACLU's claims are part of a highly troubling new trend. They are of a piece with a number of other ATS [Alien Tort Statute] lawsuits brought against government contractors, actions filed last year against telecommunications companies alleging that they violated federally protected privacy rights by cooperating with the NSA's data-collection efforts, and an action, filed last March in Minnesota, against several airline passengers who had reported what they believed to be suspicious activity by a group of Muslim imams. The government enjoys legal immunities and other advantages in litigation that private citizens do not have. Moreover, for a private individual, a lawsuit, however meritless, can mean personal financial ruin and, at a minimum, significant disruption in his life. Corporations are similarly subject to costly and distracting litigation.
These are real advantages from an antiwar activist's perspective, since the result is likely to be a marked aversion by the citizenry in general, and government contractors in particular, to engage in conduct, however lawful, supporting the war. This alteration in the corporate mind set, such that risk-averse companies, no matter how patriotic their management, would find it safer to say no to any war-related requests from the federal government is very likely the goal of at least some activists.

Once again we are reminded that ACLU jackals are not the well-meaning fools some naively take them for, but literal enemies of this country, working in coordination with Muslim terrorists whose objective is to kill as many Americans as they can.


On a tip from V the K.

Libs Get Religion

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:48 AM

Apparently mixing Church and State isn't so bad after all, so long as left-leaning churches like Episcopalians and Unitarians back the moonbat faith du jour, global warming.

Leftist chair of the Senate's Environmental and Public Works Committee Barbara Boxer (D-CA) recently held a hearing highlighting the growing exploitation of religion to promote what moonbats are pleased to call "environmental justice." A coalition of religious denominations demanded that we adjust the weather to their liking with a draconian 80% reduction of carbon emissions by 2050.

Screeched Boxer:

[P]eople of faith see the need for action on global warming as a moral, ethical and scriptural mandate.

Historian David Barton, regarded as one of the most influential evangelicals in America, begs to differ:

The Scriptures teach conservation, not preservation. Man was the steward of nature and environment, and while man definitely is to tend and guard it, it is to serve him, not vice versa. From the beginning, God warned about elevating nature and the environment over man and his Creator.

Unfortunately, some global warming money changers have already set up shop in the temple. A 501(c)(3) outfit called the Evangelical Climate Initiative is fleecing the gullible by hawking tax-deductible carbon offsets at $99 per year.

Babs indicates the intended effect of the global warming hoax on our taxes.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Laughing at the Disabled

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:14 AM

Draining the cesspool that academia has become is a big job — too big for just two people, as Queensland University of Technology senior lecturers John Hookham and Gary MacLennan discovered when they objected to an appalling thesis by PhD candidate Michael Noonan entitled "Laughing at the Disabled: Creating Comedy That Confronts, Offends and Entertains," which consists in part of filming the public ridicule of two men with mental disabilities.

Noonan's vulgar and sadistic project was excused by the prevailing academic ideology of "poststructuralist theory," according to which anything goes, so long as it has no redeeming social value whatsoever.

Unfortunately for Hookham and MacLennan, they assigned the blame for this latest outrage not to the obnoxious and juvenile Noonan, but to academia, which has become so debased by moonbattery as to regard humiliating the disabled for laughs to be scholarship:

After all, ultimate responsibility for this research rests with the candidate's supervisory team, which included associate professor Alan McKee, the faculty ethics committee, which apparently gave his project total approval, and the expert panel, which confirmed his candidacy.

Going beyond the specific fools who approved Noonan's farce of a thesis, the authors challenged the rotting system itself:

[C]ultural studies is in the grip of a powerful movement that we call the radical philistine push.
It is this same movement that has seen the collapse of English studies and the consequent production of graduates who have only the scantiest acquaintance with our literary heritage. It is also undermining the moral fabric of the university.
Let us be clear: we are not blaming students.
In our line of fire are the academics who have led the assault against notions of aesthetic and moral quality in cultural studies.

They give an indication of just how unworthy today's academics are to serve as the custodians of our culture by quoting their colleague McKee:

Teaching school students that Shakespeare is more worthy than reality television is actively evil.

Once academics impressed themselves by boldly rebelling against high culture. But now:

[T]he radical philistines have taken the high culture v low culture distinction and inverted it. Low culture is the tops and anyone who so much as refers to high culture becomes the enemy and is subjected to the politics of abuse and exclusion.

The university's response was to teach Hookham and MacLennan all about the politics of abuse and exclusion. They have been suspended without pay, which will cost them tens of thousands of dollars. Their work emails have been disconnected, and they are barred from university premises. In the ultimate irony, the two were chided for using their supposed academic freedom to "denigrate and ridicule" the poor Noonan by objecting to Noonan's denigration and ridicule of disabled people.

The corrosive sickness known as moonbattery has reduced academia to a lunatic asylum run by the inmates. It is doing the same to our culture at large and must be arrested at any cost.

Now a word from Hookham and MacLennan:

Hat tip: Stop the ACLU, on a tip from Steve.

June 11, 2007

Tuition Dollars Disappear Into the Pockets of the Visibly Insane

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:39 PM

You can find the strangest things on the Internet, including a collection of the ravings of demented college professors who aren't buying the government's attempts to blame the atrocities of 9/11 on the Muslims who committed them. A lot of these folks aren't just insane — they are visibly insane. Some examples:

Robert-Ellwood.jpg   Gracia-Fay-Ellwood.jpg
Robert S. Ellwood, PhD (Distinguished Emeritus Professor of Religion, University of Southern California) and Gracia Fay Ellwood, PhD (Former Instructor, Evansville University and California State University at Long Beach) find "evidence showing the probable complicity of high-level members of the military and the present Administration" in the 9/11 atrocities.

Kerry-Walters.jpg Kerry S. Walters, PhD (William Bittinger Professor of Philosophy and Chair of the Department of Philosophy, Gettysburg College) considers it a "frightening, but not implausible, possibility" that the White House, Pentagon, and/or State Department were behind the 9/11 attacks.

Bruce-Henry.jpg Bruce R. Henry, PhD (Professor Emeritus, Mathematics and Computer Science, Worcester State College): "It is clear extraordinarily powerful explosives were used to destroy the WTC Twin Towers. […] The airplane strike was a mere smokescreen."

Joanna-Rankin.jpg Joanna Rankin, PhD (Professor of Physics and Astronomy, University of Vermont.): Member, Vermonters for a Real 9/11 Investigation.

Judy-Wood.jpg Judy Wood, PhD (Former Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Clemson University): "So, for the building to be collapsed in about 10 seconds, the lower floors would have to start moving before the upper floors could reach them by gravity alone."

Nafeez-Mosaddeq-Ahmed.jpg Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed, MA (Instructor and Doctoral Candidate, Department of International Relations and Politics, University of Sussex): "Five years after 9/11, the official narrative is riddled with inconsistencies that every official investigative process has been at great pains to ignore. For those familiar with the oddities and absurdities of the 7/7 official narrative here in the UK, this should not come as a great surprise."

Derrill-Bodley.jpg Derrill Bodley (Professor of Music, University of the Pacific): Signed petition demanding that Eliot Spitzer investigate.

James-Goulding.jpg James Goulding, PhD (Professor Emeritus of Religion and former Vice President for Academic Affairs at MacMurray College): "Would you like to sit on my lap, little boy?"*

Marjorie-Hewitt-Suchocki.jpg Marjorie Hewitt Suchocki, PhD (Professor Emerita of Theology and Co-director of the Center for Process Studies at the Claremont School of Theology): "You watch how you pronounce my name, young man."*

Daniele-Ganser.jpg Daniele Ganser, PhD (Lecturer in the History Department at the University of Basel): "Prior to Bush taking office, the shape of my face was perfectly normal."*

Robert-Boyer.jpg Robert S. Boyer, PhD (Professor of Computer Science, University of Texas, Austin): "Please don't tell Mother: I'm wearing her panties."*

Paul-Rea.jpg Paul W. Rea, PhD (Lecturer, Graduate Liberal Studies Program, St. Mary’s College of California): "Ooo ooo ooo. Ah ah ah. Eee eee eee."*

Four-Arrows.jpg Four Arrows, aka Don Trent Jacobs, EdD, PhD (Professor of Educational Leadership, Fielding Graduate University): "Paleface speak with heap forked tongue."*

There are plenty more where these came from. Meanwhile, the cost of tuition keeps going up.

On a tip from Jay Guevara.

*Okay, I made up some of these quotes.

British Prissification Campaign

Posted by Dave Blount at 3:49 PM

The American Spectator keeps us apprised of some of the recent proposals to advance the prissification of children attending British schools. Proposed and actual bans include:

  • Playing on an old steamroller that had stood on a playground without incident since 1964, because it "failed to meet any required standards whatsoever."
  • Sack races, three-legged races, and egg-and-spoon races, because they might encourage a competitive spirit.
  • Musical chairs, because it could lead to aggression.
  • Certain playground swings, because they were too tall.
  • A charity kite-flying contest, because of a lack of health and safety insurance.
  • Palm trees, because they have sharp leaves.
  • Making daisy chains and flower baskets, because the flowers might have germs.
  • Playing conkers without safety goggles, because a piece of chestnut shell could conceivably get in someone's eye.

Activities forbidden at various schools also include handstands, tag, yo-yos, tree-climbing, skipping, ball games, bicycle-riding, and throwing snowballs without acquiring the target's opinion in advance.

However, children are not forbidden to snivel and whine, the only profitable skills in a world run by moonbats.

On a tip from V the K.

Animal Rights Moonbats Go After Hotdogs

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:44 PM

Nothing is sacred to animal rights kooks. Or rather, the more sacred it is, the more they want to ban it. Now they are targeting hotdogs at baseball games.

Specifically, they want to put an end to the beloved Dodger Dogs served at ballgames in Los Angeles. Farmer John, the maker of Dodger Dogs, stands accused of "the cruel confinement of pregnant and nursing mother pigs."

Next we'll learn that popcorn at the movies oppresses corn.

Enjoy them while you can.

On a tip from A.C #1.

Piecemeal Shamnesty

Posted by Dave Blount at 1:41 PM

One nice thing about the amnesty bill that Dems, RINOs, and turncoat Jon Kyl are still trying to ram down our throats is that it will allow Congressional bureaucrats to pardon illegal alien felons all at once, so they won't have to spend time granting them pardons one at a time, as is apparently done quite frequently.

One recent example is barking moonbat Jim McDermott's pardon of Mohuiddin A.K.M. Ahmed.

As a member of Bangladesh's military, Ahmed took part in a coup that resulted in Bangladesh being declared an "Islamic Republic." When democracy was restored, Ahmed snuck off to America as one of our many millions of illegal aliens. He was tried in absentia and found guilty of murdering the Prime Minister and two dozen family members, including pregnant women and a 10-year-old boy.

Deportation proceedings against this bloodthirsty fiend began 9 years ago, yet he is still in the USA, where it seems he will stay indefinitely, safely out of reach of his own country's justice. McDermott's bill stays the deportation order, releases Ahmed from custody, and even grants him a green card, putting him at the front of the line ahead of Bangladeshis who have refrained from murdering people.

It sure would save McDermott et al. a lot of trouble if they could grant amnesty to all the criminals who sneak into the country with "comprehensive legislation," instead of having to single out the ones evil enough to warrant a formal pardon.

McDermott's buddy Mohuiddin A.K.M. Ahmed.


Posted by Dave Blount at 12:04 PM

Artist Katie Paterson has created an alleged artwork consisting of a phone line hooked up to a microphone that is recording the sparse sounds of a glacier melting.

Paterson was inspired by a fever-induced hallucination that the water she drank was making her part of the glacier. Only one caller can get through at a time, so that each can experience a "one-to-one beautiful and intimate moment" with the glacier. Calls are charged at international rates.

The Shrillary campaign was delighted to learn that moonbats are capable of connecting emotionally with chunks of ice.

Also in danger of melting — if someone splashes her with a bucket of water.

On a tip from V the K.

Denver Cooling Off Already

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:31 AM

More good news for global warming hysterics: Denver's draconian plans to combat global warming haven't even been implemented, but they're working already.

On Friday a new record low was set when the temperature at Denver International Airport fell to 31°F, easily surpassing the 37° mark set way back in 1974. June 8 now marks the latest freeze on record for the city; the record had been June 2, set in 1951.

A propitiated Gaia must be responding to the noble gestures of Denver's authoritarian bureauweenies.

If there's frost in June now, think what temperatures will be like when the city causes them to plummet by penalizing people for driving and throwing their garbage away. A year-round ski season will do wonders for the tourist trade.

A future summer in Denver.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Denver to Save World From Global Warming

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:07 AM

For those who still choose to believe in anthropogenic global warming, there's good news. The problem may not exist, but the city of Denver is going to save the world from it anyway.

Denver bureaucrats intend to reduce emissions of allegedly harmful CO2 by 4.4 million metric tons by 2020. This will come at a price, but fortunately you don't have to pay it — unless you live in Denver.

Aspects of the "climate action plan" include:

  • Charging higher rates for heavy users of electricity and natural gas.
  • Monitoring how many miles you drive, and pricing your auto insurance accordingly.
  • Pushing economically inefficient "alternative energy."
  • Priority parking for environmentally ruinous but politically correct hybrids.
  • Making it impossible to sell older homes unless they are brought up to new energy efficiency standards.
  • Cutting back on landfills, supposedly forcing residents to recycle their garbage.
  • Forbidding you to throw away electronic trash like broken TV, dead computers, etc.
  • Start charging $10 a month for garbage collection: more if you leave more than the regulation number of bags.

Municipal bureauweenie Beth Conover encourages us to think of these costly penalties and authoritarian intrusions as "market signals." Benita Duran of CH2M Hill, which presumably has financial motives for participating in the plan, shouts that it will address "a global matter of serious concern."

The witchdoctors running Denver actually believe that subjecting the city to this expensive nonsense will change the local climate, thus decreasing the risk of drought and wildfire. Why not just point a bone at the sun and command it to cool down? It would have the same effect on the weather, without causing economic damage or garbage to pile up.

Denver would be better off putting this guy in charge.

Alexander Cockburn Attacks Global Warming Hoax From the Left

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:21 AM

The Nation moonbat Alexander Cockburn is still at it, blowing holes in the global warming hoax. Via The Australian:

We should never be more vigilant than at the moment a new dogma is being installed. The claque endorsing what is now dignified as "the mainstream theory" of global warming stretches all the way from radical greens through Al Gore to George W. Bush, who signed on at the end of May. The Left has been swept along, entranced by the allure of weather as revolutionary agent, naively conceiving of global warming as a crisis that will force radical social changes on capitalism.
Alas for their illusions. Capitalism is ingesting global warming as happily as a python swallowing a piglet. The press, which thrives on fear-mongering, promotes the non-existent threat as vigorously as it did the imminence of Soviet attack during the Cold War, in concert with the arms industry. There's money to be made, and so, as Talleyrand said, "Enrich yourselves!"
The marquee slogan in the new cold war on global warming is that the scientific consensus is virtually unanimous. This is utterly false. The overwhelming majority of climate computer modellers, the beneficiaries of the $2 billion-a-year global warming grant industry, certainly believe in it but not necessarily most real climate scientists — people qualified in atmospheric physics, climatology and meteorology. Geologists are particularly sceptical.
Take Warsaw-based professor Zbigniew Jaworowski, famous for his critiques of ice-core data. He's devastating on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change rallying cry that CO2 is higher now than it has ever been over the past 650,000 years … Or take Habibullo Abdussamatov, of St Petersburg's Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory. He says we're on a warming trend but that humans have little to do with it, the agent being a long-time change in the sun's heat. He says solar irradiance will fall within the next few years and we may face an ice age … Now read Jeffrey Glassman, applied physicist and engineer, retired from California's academic and corporate sectors, who provides an elegant demonstration of how the CO2 solubility pump in the Earth's oceans controls atmospheric CO2 concentrations, and how the increase in atmospheric CO2 is the consequence of temperature increase …

Somebody get a rope around this guy before he wanders completely off the liberal reservation.

Cockburn: Still not drinking any global warming Kool-Aid.

If Only Peter Jennings Had Known

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:02 AM

Kudos to the BBC, for setting aside leftist ideology long enough to publish this quote from former Castro regime insider Miriam Leyva:

The boasts about the perfect health system, the lack of unemployment, the education system are not true. The government denies there are political prisoners, but that's not true either.

It seems communist Cuba is an impoverished totalitarian hellhole and not Shangri-la at all. If only it weren't too late to get the word to Peter Jennings!

The Corruption of the Curriculum

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:21 AM

The influential think tank Civitas has published a report on the disastrous state of affairs in British public schools entitled "The Corruption of the Curriculum." Its findings are unsurprising but nonetheless appalling. From the report:

The traditional subject areas have been hijacked to promote fashionable causes such as gender awareness, the environment and anti-racism, while teachers are expected to help to achieve the Government's social goals instead of imparting a body of academic knowledge to their students.

History now has little to do with facts or chronology, and is sometimes taught through fantasy fiction like Lord of the Rings. Teenagers are asked to write about 9/11 drawing on Arab media reports and Osama bin Laden's speeches but no American source material. In English, an exam board produced a list of modern poems that includes none from England or Wales. Science classes consist of political indoctrination in the glories of abortion and the horrors of genetic engineering and nuclear power, with lab work left by the wayside.

Meanwhile, the General Teaching Council complains that students shouldn't have to take so many exams, because it's stressful.

Sometimes it seems Western Civilization is rushing headlong into decline. But actually, it is being pulled into decline by the liberal establishment, which is using its control of public education to reduce future generations to herds of politically correct idiots.

Naked Moonbats Ride

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:42 AM

This weekend environmentalist moonbats all over the world struck a crushing blow against the internal combustion engine by riding around on bicycles naked.

Yelped naked bike rider Martin Ireland:

We are seeing an increasing number of stories of melting ice caps and Antarctica crumbling away and no government is doing anything serious about this.

More disturbingly, we are seeing increasing numbers of moonbats behaving outrageously in public. For the most part authorities failed to enforce public decency laws during the World Naked Bike Ride. But in an encouraging sign, five naked moonbats were busted for "sexual exhibition" in Paris, inspiring the rest of the brave protesters to put their clothes on.

After the ride came the seat-sniffing festivities.

Prison Libraries Ban Christian Books

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:14 AM

The idiot relativism that characterizes political correctness has resulted in the ultimate absurdity in prison libraries, from which Christian books are being removed as part of an effort to keep radical Islam from festering.

Traditionally Christianity has offered prisoners a means of turning their lives around for the better. Islam offers them a justification to remain enemies of society. They are opposites. But a world driven insane by moonbattery, we have to treat Good and Evil as if they were two flavors of the same product.

The removal of religious books is part of a post-9/11 federal directive that bureaucrats are only now getting around to implementing. The idea is prevent Islam from breeding hordes of John Mohammad types in our prisons.

Meanwhile, your tax dollar is purchasing shiny new Korans for the pampered guests at luxurious Camp Gitmo.

On a tip from Nanc.

Impeached Criminal Alcee Hastings to Co-Chair Shrillary Campaign

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:11 AM

Talk about a culture of corruption: Hillary Clinton has named Alcee Hastings to co-chair her presidential campaign.

Hastings was a federal judge until he was impeached for perjury and accepting bribes. Representing a demographic that doesn't worry too much about criminality so long as whitey gets poked in the eye, Hastings then switched careers and became a Congressman.

In an appalling attempt to pander to the Black Caucus, Nancy Pelosi had Hastings slated to chair the house Intelligence Committee, but had to back down when it came to light that she herself had voted to impeach the crook. (Instead she went with the astonishingly ignorant Silvestre Reyes, whose sole qualification is being Hispanic).

As Texas Rainmaker observes:

I guess it's only fitting that someone who's been impeached would head up a Clinton campaign.

For America to put a pair of arrogant criminals like the Clintons back in the White House would be the ultimate gesture of self-contempt.

Hastings will fit in great with the Clinton gang.

Hat tip: Sister Toldjah.

June 10, 2007

Italian Moonbats Celebrate Bush Visit

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:24 PM

Moonbats celebrated President Bush's first meeting with Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican as you might expect: by rioting.

Below are a few pictures of the festivities, via Free Thoughts, which passes along reports that one sign wagged by a moonbat read "We are all with the Taliban," and that the grave of Aldo Moro was desecrated. Moro was a very prominent Italian politician in the 60s and 70s, until he was kidnapped and murdered by leftist Red Brigades terrorists in 1978.




If only someone could call in an air strike.

Gray Lady Explains Burying Major Terror Plot Story

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:18 PM

We finally have an answer to why the New York Times grudgingly printed the story about Muslim terrorists trying to blow up a gas line leading to JFK airport on page 30 of the Metro section (page 37 in the local edition).

Weekend editor Marty Gottlieb was the senior editor in the newsroom when the decision to bury the story was made. He explained to the Gray Lady's ombudsman that "he was mindful of a history of orange alerts that came at politically convenient times and previous terror plots that wound up amounting to less than they first seemed."

In other words, the NY Times figured we didn't need to know about a major terror attack in the nation's largest city being thwarted, one that U.S. Attorney Roslynn Mauskopf said would have caused "unthinkable" devastation, because President Bush probably made the whole thing up anyway.

As Hot Air points out, the news broke on a Saturday morning, the worst possible time for the government to make the story public if it were trying to draw people's attention. But then, the Times could explain this by reminding us that Bush is not only an evil genius, but also a bumbling incompetent.

This sort of tinfoil hat moonbattery passes for news at what was once our "paper of record."

On a tip from V the K.

Amanda Marcotte Still Not Taking Her Meds

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:53 PM

Hanoi John Kerry's Pamela Leavey isn't the only former official blogger of a prominent Democrat candidate for POTUS to have loose screws rattling around in her head. Remember Amanda Marcotte, whom John Edwards was finally forced to can when her psychotic attacks on Christians became public knowledge? Evidently she hasn't sought the psychiatric treatment that her condition so clearly warrants, because she is still cranking out unhinged moonbattery at her blog Pandagon, where she offers the following advice to her readers:

Break something. Set something on fire. Tonight you can find a way to resist. That asshole with a Bush bumper sticker? It can be removed.

But exhorting the sick freaks in her audience to commit arson and indulge in vandalism pales in comparison with trying to get the loathsome Breck Girl elected President.

Amanda Marcotte, preparing to projectile vomit at a priest.

On a tip from V the K.

Official John Kerry Blogger Promotes 9/11 Conspiracy Lunacy

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:52 PM

You don't have to scratch very hard to get beneath the skin to the raw insanity driving today's Democrat Party. Take Pamela Leavey, for example. Formerly an official blogger for John "Botched Joke" Kerry's terrifying 2004 presidential campaign, she now busies herself editing The Democratic Daily, a blog that promotes the nutcase schlockumentary 9/11 Press for Truth, which depicts the 9/11 atrocities as the result of a sinister American conspiracy.

Democratic Daily moonbat Ginny Cotts writes that her own "personal review of the 9/11 research and questions convinced me over a year ago that the official conspiracy theory (religious fundamentalists from the Middle East conspired to hijack the planes and fly them into the buildings, causing them to collapse) can only be partly correct."

More investigations are needed, Cotts opines, because "If we do not truly know why or how the buildings failed, we can hardly defend ourselves, or prevent another tragedy and all that ensues."

Actually, we do know why the buildings failed. Muslims flew planes into them. But of course, that's only "the official conspiracy theory." At least Crock open-mindedly avows that it might be "party correct."

Hanoi John's official blogger was the first to comment on Cotts' tinfoil-hat ravings. No doubt nodding like a bobble-head, Leavey chimed in:

This is one of those things that the average American doesn't want to know about and the government like so many other things doesn't want Americans to know about.

Apparently we're surrounded by conspiracies. Either that or we are surrounded by paranoid nutcases willing to twist facts into whatever contortions might be required to support their demented ideology.

If Dems will try to make us doubt something that happened just a few years ago, right in front of our faces, imagine the lies liberal profs are telling in history classes.

By the way, Leavey is also an expert on aromatherapy, having published a series of articles on this fascinating form of moonbat quackery.

Hat tip: Screw Loose Change, on a tip from V the K.

Snipes Plays the Race Card

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:32 AM

Casting shame to the wind, Wesley Snipes is now playing the race card, claiming the only reason the IRS expects him to pay taxes is because he's black. Snipes failed to file taxes between 1999 and 2004, resulting in six felony charges. But as he stridently observes, there are white people who have failed to file and have not been charged.

Great, now that the IRS only goes after blacks, I don't have to pay taxes anymore. Better yet, it will finally insist Jesse Jackson cough up his fair share.

If his sword doesn't cut it, he's still got his race card.

Another Reason to Be Thankful the Amnesty Bill Failed

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:12 AM

As if we didn't already have enough reasons to be grateful the Senate's treacherous amnesty bill crashed and burned, now it comes to light that the bill included legislation by moonbat Senator Russ Feingold called the "Wartime Treatment Study Act," which would devote American tax dollars to digging up examples of us being mean to Germans during WWII.

The Left's hatred for this country seems to have no bounds. Even WWII, which was conducted under Democrat administrations against regimes regarded by most everyone as evil, now provides demagogues like Foolsgold an opportunity to cast Americans as the bad guys. If our country had been run by his likes in the 40s, the Germans would have made short work of us.

Next Democrats will discover that we weren't nice to Germans during WWI either. Maybe we ought to pay reparations. During the Civil War, Americans weren't nice to other Americans. Looks like we owe reparations to ourselves.

Mining WWII for examples of American iniquity.

On a tip from Wiggins.

June 9, 2007

Al-Qaeda Terrorizing Christians in Iraq

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:08 AM

Liberals have another reason to press for our defeat in Iraq: it will result in the persecution of Christians:

An al Qaida-affiliated insurgent group is giving Christians in Baghdad a stark set of options: Convert to Islam, marry your daughters to our fighters, pay an Islamic tax — or leave with only the clothes on your back.
A U.S. military official said American forces became aware of the threats only last month and now have erected barriers around the largest Christian enclave in Baghdad's Dora neighborhood in an effort to protect its residents.
Christians in Baghdad refuse to discuss the threats for fear of retribution. But in Syria, where thousands of Iraqi Christians have fled, tales abound of families that were killed or driven from their homes because they either refused or couldn't afford to pay the jizya, a tax usually levied on non-Muslim men of military age that's been part of Islam for more than 1,000 years.

We don't need al-Qaeda over here; we've already got the ACLU. But if we retreat from Iraq, there's no chance al-Qaeda won't come after us anyway.

A Christian who fled Baghdad afraid to have her face photographed.

On a tip from Bill.

Baby Dolls For Boys

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:45 AM

It was only a matter of time until the politically correct prissification of boys that has featured restrictions on toy guns led to this:

French toymaker Corolle (a subsidiary of Mattel) has launched a campaign to encourage boys to play with dolls — and they sure don't mean G.I. Joes.

According to marketing director Mathilde Gailly, boys "like giving bottles and changing nappies."

Corolle is setting up workshops in Paris, featuring a nursery nurse of each gender to offer advice on how to feed, clothe, and bathe dolls.

I weep for the future.


Which will grow up to run the world?

On a tip from Bill.

June 8, 2007

Maniacs Attack Mink Farm

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:10 PM

Psychopaths attacked a mink farm in Marion, Pennsylvania Tuesday night, setting loose nearly 2,800 minks, at least 443 of which are consequently dead. They also killed two family dogs, nearly severing their heads.

Among the dead were 340 kits — i.e., baby minks, still nursing and helpless. Even the minks that were recovered have lost their value because they can no longer be matched with their pedigrees.

The attackers can congratulate themselves on destroying a family's means of livelihood. According to Kim DeMatteis, whose husband Robert has been running the business started in 1936 by his father and uncle:

Our life is done. Our business is done. Our lives are ruined. Every mink that didn't get killed, we lost its bloodlines. And if mothers don't accept [surviving] babies, they'll starve to death.

No one has claimed responsibility. The FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force is trying to figure out who did it. I have a pretty good idea where they ought to start looking.

By the way, the minks were not insured, says Mrs. DeMatteis, because "nobody would give us insurance with these animal rights groups."

PETA activists.

On a tip from Reid.

Time Out London Embraces Islamic Conquest

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:21 PM

A piece in Time Out London reveals the appalling extent to which liberals actually embrace the conquest of the West by Islam. According to Michael Hodges, it would be "racist" to associate Muslims with terrorism. Instead we should just admit that Islamic society — burkas, poverty, suicide bombers, and all — is superior to our own.

Islam has health benefits. Rubbing your face on the floor five times a day keeps "joints supple" and "stomachs trim." Alcohol will be forbidden, no doubt further improving our health.

Muhammad was an environmentalist, according to Hodges, so "we could expect more public parks under Islam" — and more recycling too.

Education will improve when we replace secular schools with Islamic schools. When class consists of rocking back and forth reciting the Arabic ravings of a sick maniac from the 6th century, Pakistani students will be able to close the performance gap with any remaining English kids whose parents have failed to get them the hell out of Londonistan.

Being forced to eat halal food won't be good news for the animals that get their throats slit, but according to Hodges, it will "free us at a stroke from our addiction to junk food."

As for interfaith relations, Hodges is please to noted that Christians and Jews will have protected dhimmi status, meaning they won't be killed outright so long as they accept lower status, pay the jizya, and obey a bunch of rules deliberately intended to humiliate them. Despite the relentless terror war Islam has been waging against the practitioners of all other religions, all around the world, Hodges is already a sufficiently obedient dhimmi to write this:

Although England has a long tradition of religious bigotry […] it is reasonable to assume that under the guiding hand of Islam a civilised accommodation could be made among faith groups in London.

Got that? It's the English who are bigots, not the lovable Religion-of-Peaceniks who blow us infidels to bits for being apes and pigs.

That this surreal whitewash of the Islamic death cult would be put online by Time Out London makes you wonder what liberals really want. The Islamic future they would have us submit to in order not to be "racist" would be the antithesis of everything liberals pretend to stand for. Nothing would be secular. Women would have no rights. Gays would be killed. Artistic expression would be limited to weaving rugs. There is not a single liberal principle that Islam would even tolerate, much less advance. Yet they side with Islam against their own extremely liberal culture.

What do liberals want? To bring down our civilization by whatever means they can. Everything else they pretend to stand for is a lie.

For liberals, any enemy will do.

On a tip from V the K.

Breck Girl's Anti-Terror Plan

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:47 PM

At last a Democrat has come up with a plan for confronting Islamic terror before Muslims do to whole cities what they did to the World Trade Center. John Edwards, who just recently dismissed the war on terror as a "bumper sticker slogan," wants to fight it after all. But being a liberal, he wants to fight it with the Peace Corps instead of the military.

Disgustingly, Silky Pony denigrated Rudy Giuliani's heroic response to 9/11, as well as Bush's successful efforts to prevent a recurrence. His own strategy for combating the likes of Osama bin Laden and Khalid Shaikh Mohammad calls for a 10,000-moonbat civilian peace corps, which would lend Muslims our money and see to their general comfort and well-being, in hopes they will forgive us for being unclean pigs and apes who must die.

Clifford May of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, observes the obvious:

Humanitarian aid is a good thing. I approve of that. But it doesn't really have much to do with the causes of terrorism. Mohamed Atta, the lead terrorist on 9/11, was based in Germany, was well-educated. The causes of terrorism are several, but poverty is not one of them.

But then, if the Breck Girl had any genuine interest in combating terrorism, he wouldn't be demanding that we cut off funding for our troops fighting al-Qaeda et al. in Iraq.

Possibly the most contemptible figure in American politics.

Victims of Communism Memorial

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:21 AM

Kudos to Lee Edwards and Lev Dobriansky for bringing to fruition a memorial to the 100 million victims killed by the most virulent strain of moonbattery to date, communism. The Victims of Communism Memorial will be unveiled next Tuesday at the intersection of Massachusetts and New Jersey Avenues in DC.

Edwards explains its purpose:

We're trying to do several things. We are memorializing the victims. This is the world's first memorial to all the victims of Communism. Number two, we are honoring those who resisted Communism. Real leaders. People like Vaclav Havel, Lech Walesa, Harry Truman, Pope John Paul II, Ronald Reagan, Solzhenitsyn: The list can go on and on.… All of these various people who successfully stood up and resisted Communism. Third, this is part of an ongoing educational program. We want to educate people about what a terrible tyranny it was.… There is not the same kind of recognition of the Communist holocaust.

True enough. We all know how nasty the Nazis were. Communists killed many times as many people and are still a direct threat to us. But since the liberal establishment is sympathetic to their ideology, few people are more than dimly aware of the horrors inflicted by this satanic ideology.

Edwards blames the communists' Utopian notions for their willingness to kill on a scale unprecedented in history:

The got caught up in this Utopian nightmare and cut down anybody who got in their way.…
For example, in 1959, and for the next three years, Mao tried to bring about a collectivization of agriculture in China.… The first year, 5 million people died. He said to keep going. The second year 10 million died. He said "keep ahead." The third year 20 million died, all during what was called the Great Leap Forward.…
We can certainly conclude that there is this maniacal impulse which leads them to do maniacal things like the purges, like the famines, like the mock trials.… I really think it goes back to this Utopian notion that makes them think they can remake people, which of course I think is rather insane.

But as Quin Hillyer wisely observes at the American Spectator, there are problems with the word "Utopian" in the context of communism:

In truth, what's wrong with the Communist vision isn't merely the means used to achieve it, and it isn't merely the mistaken assumptions about the perfectability of man. Instead, the goals themselves — the very life envisioned by the revolutionary dreamers — would be a nightmare, not a Utopia, even if realized by entirely peaceful means.
Despite what so many American lefties would say even today, the vision outlined by Marx and Engels is not wonderful but terrifying. The leveling impulse itself is a mistaken one. It is evil, not Utopia, to say that all people should forfeit their individuality, their family ties, and their unique dreams in order that the material circumstances — yes, the wealth — of all people be the same.

It might seem that after "progressive" ideology taken to its logical conclusion produced the horrors so terrifyingly documented in The Black Book of Communism, the world would once and for all turn away from moonbattery. However, a similar totalitarian, "Utopian" strain of the disease is rising once again on the Left. Already environmentalists have declared that we as individuals must give up our liberty, that we must sacrifice our way of life, and even that the human population must be radically reduced in order to achieve their pie in the sky ideological objectives.

Special thanks go out to Edwards and Dobriansky for reminding us of the many victims of moonbattery. If we remember the lessons of communism, they will not have died in vain.

Yes, Moonbats Are Treasonous

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:50 AM

If it strikes you as hyperbole to describe the progressive mentality as treasonous, check out the comments from liberals on an ABC News report that Iran has unsurprisingly been caught red-handed shipping "heavy arms, C4 explosives and advanced roadside bombs" to the Taliban, so they could be used against Americans and others fighting for democracy. Please excuse the spelling and grammar:

so, Iran is supplying sophosticated weapons to Afghanistan.…and the US do not fly F-18's and F15's and laser-guided missiles…! Be real please!
Doesnt anyone remember that we supplied Iraq during its war with Iran? That when we went back we left a lot of explosives ungarded after we found them. "We have seen the enemy and they is us".
As soon as I see this reported by a reputable source that is not a member of the United States corporate media, I'll start believing it.

(Did I mention that this report was from left-leaning ABC News?)

For what purpose are we being lied to? Why are the powers that be trying so hard to get another diastrous war started?
Tell me who is spreading terrorism… us or them?
We did 1000 times worse to the Russians when they were in Afghanistan. We have no right now to complain.
Is "the U.S.", the world's biggest arms dealer, also determined to be the planet's ONLY source for implements of self-defense? How it looks to me, remembering all the blabla about U.S. "daisycutters" and bunker-busters, and shock and awe, is that anything the Afghanis can get hold of to throw back at "the U.S." is just A-OK. It's not a crime to fight back against Cheney-Bush. On the contrary: it's starting to look kind of heroic.

Fortunately, not all the commenters were moonbats:

This message board is evidence of the chit chat that will occur among liberals after Iran supplies terrorists with a nuclear weapon that goes off in a U.S. port city. "We really don't know who's to blame" the liberals will whine. "After all, we brought it on ourselves because we are so unkind to other people in the world" the liberals will add.

As readers might recall, the Taliban ran a totalitarian Islamic state that they allowed al-Qaeda to use as a launching pad for 9/11, after which they refused to give up Osama bin Laden. They are now killing Americans as part of a terror campaign to destroy democracy in Afghanistan and regain control. The Iranian regime introduced itself to the world by invading the American embassy — an overt act of war — and holding Americans hostage for 444 days. Since that time, Iran has been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans through terror attacks, usually executed by proxies. Currently Iran is developing nuclear weapons, which they have repeatedly implied will be used against America and Israel.

Moonbats overtly side with the Taliban and Iran in the context of armed struggle. I think we've met the definition of "treasonous."

"Just A-OK" with moonbats.

On a tip from V the K.

June 7, 2007

Quote of the Day

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:16 PM

Liberal writer Joe Klein says he likes blogging…

But the smart stuff is being drowned out by a fierce, bullying, often witless tone of intolerance that has overtaken the left-wing sector of the blogosphere. Anyone who doesn't move in lockstep with the most extreme voices is savaged and ridiculed—especially people like me who often agree with the liberal position but sometimes disagree and are therefore considered traitorously unreliable.

Unfortunately Klein immediately followed this remark by biliously denouncing the "odious" Rush Limbaugh and "the lethal radicalism of the Bush Administration." But it's nice to see that even Time Magazine writers can have flashes of insight.

Detests the nutroots.

British Academics For Terror

Posted by Dave Blount at 3:28 PM

What comes first in an academic world dominated by moonbats: scientific enquiry, or vindictive hatred of Israel? The answer won't surprise you:

For the third straight year, British academics have made a substantial move toward a boycott of Israeli academics. Yesterday, the policymaking congress of the U.K.'s University and College Union voted 158 to 99 to recommend to its 120,000 members that they bar academic exchanges with Israeli researchers.

The boycott originates with left-wing British academics Steven and Hilary Rose, who want to make sure everybody knows that in the struggle between a Jewish democracy and Muslim terrorists, they are behind the terrorists 101%.

Physicist Steven Weinberg of the University of Texas accurately describes the boycott as "despicable."

Ozzie Guillen Plays the Race Card

Posted by Dave Blount at 3:05 PM

When I can't stand to think about moonbats anymore, I turn on a ballgame to escape — only to be confronted with more moonbats.

Steroids have been destroying baseball, reducing Jason Giambi to a decrepit wreck, making a laughing stock out of Rafael Palmeiro, and allowing the insufferable Barry Bonds to challenge Hank Aaron's homerun record. But White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen isn't on board with the MLB's half-hearted attempt to stop steroid use — because it supposedly targets Latino players.

Guillen, who says it's "not my business" if his players take steroids, quotes himself as having yelled at MLB officials:

Wait a second, BALCO is not (in) Venezuela, is not (in) Puerto Rico, is not Dominican, is not (in) Mexico. BALCO is in California. Then why do you keep blaming players from Latin America for the problem that we have in the States?

BALCO stands for Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative, which has supplied Giambi, Bonds, and Guillen's fellow race card dealer Gary Sheffield with steroids.

AP helpfully chirps that half the players suspended in 2005 were born in Latin America. According to enlightened conceptions of "justice," equal proportions of each ethnic group must be suspended, regardless of how many of each actually use steroids.

Now there's an idea (via Da Bronx Bombers).

On a tip from Wiggins.

Judge Leslie Southwick Accused of Not Adulating Homosexual Lifestyle

Posted by Dave Blount at 1:31 PM

James Holsinger isn't the only one whose career has been jeopardized by a failure to endorse the AIDS-spreading homosexual lifestyle. The same charge is being leveled against Leslie Southwick, nominee for the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Judge Southwick has been on the Mississippi Court of Appeals since 1994, minus time served in Iraq from 2004 to 2006. Due in part to his uncontroversial record, he was unanimously approved for a district court judgeship last fall.

But Southwick has a dark side. He agreed with a 2001 opinion that gave custody of a child to her father instead of her more politically correct lesbian mother. The ruling, which Southwick didn't write, used the term "homosexual lifestyle."

Moonbat activist Ralph Neas squeaks that such language is "troubling" and "denigrates" the noble activities of the homosexual community.

Approving of the homosexual lifestyle is now a litmus test for judges.

On tips from V the K and Nanc.

Shrillary Promises Gay-Oriented Administration

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:23 PM

When it comes to militant homosexuals and their radical agenda, Hillary Clinton surpasses pandering on her way to outright servility, going down on her rather substantial haunches and begging like a dog.

In a statement released in honor of "Gay and Lesbian Pride Month," Shrillary dismissed the notion that marriage is something that occurs between men and women as "divisive and discriminatory."

Ironically, she denounced policies that don't stand civilized norms on their heads for the sake of homosexuals (who constitute about 2% of the population) as "government of the few, by the few, and for the few."

Shrillary has promised broad expansion of federal hate crimes laws, which are being used to create a legal caste system, in which heterosexuals are deemed inferior before the law. Hate crimes laws are also useful for silencing speech radical gays don't want heard — particularly religious speech, First Amendment be damned.

Another priority for Shrillary is open homosexuality in the military, where it will no doubt be used to secure promotions. If you think things are going poorly in Iraq now, wait until our military brass resembles the cast of Surprise by Design.

Promises militant gays to push the "agenda we are pursuing."

Hat tip: In the Days, on a tip from Nanc.

Prof Mark Moyar Rejected For Not Being a Moonbat

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:32 AM

These days just about every imaginable group is protected against discrimination. But there are exceptions — for example, conservatives in academia.

Miami University was looking for a history professor, but they didn't want Mark Moyar. True Moyar is a successful author who was first in the history department and summa cum laude at Harvard and has a PhD from Cambridge. But he disqualified himself by writing the book Triumph Forsaken: The Vietnam War, 1954-1965, which shows that — setting aside the fifth-column propaganda that eventually caused us to lose — even the North Vietnamese thought we were winning the war.

Moyar was not even granted an interview, despite recommendations from top historians. He was told that his "qualifications are fine," but that the department had "its own priorities" and "its own desires."

Those who were granted an interview included candidates who did not have doctorates, one of whose dissertation is entitled "Race, Identity and Gender in the Panama Canal Zone."

The department faculty settled on four suitably wacky candidates, but none accepted the position. So they ended up not hiring anyone.

Among Miami history faculty who declared party affiliation, Dems outnumber Republicans 15 to 1. Clearly hiring another conservative would upset this delicate balance.

Only moonbats need apply.

Militant Gays Gunning For James Holsinger

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:02 AM

Militant gays have it in for Surgeon General nominee Dr. James Holsinger for holding normal, commonsense views on homosexuality, instead of advocating their depraved agenda.

Holsinger stands accused of having noticed that homosexual perversion is unnatural, unhealthy, and a matter of choice.

In an example of projection comical even by moonbat standards, Christina Gilgor of the homosexual activist group Kentucky Fairness Alliance warns:

That makes me uneasy that he rejects science and promotes ideology.

That is, pretending that homosexuality is natural and does not cause physical damage and the spread of deadly diseases is scientific. Failing to conform to political correctness is promoting ideology.

Next we will learn that being a pedophile is not unnatural or voluntary, but just the way certain people are born. Anyone not willing to conform to this view will be assailed by pedophile rights groups.

Holsinger also committed the crime of dissenting when a lesbian pastor was approved for his United Methodist congregation. The Bible strongly and repeatedly condemns homosexuality — for which it might soon be banned as hate speech. Fortunately for the United Methodist Church, it is evolving into an institution that won't even notice.

Dr. James Holsinger stands accused of normalcy.

Global Warming Causing Plague of Cats

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:24 AM

Now will you finally agree with the Goracle that industrialized civilization cannot be allowed to continue? Global warming has been blamed for a plague of cats.

According to Pets Across America, warmer, shorter winters cause cats to breed more by extending the breeding season.

If true, it once again goes to show: life likes warmth. No wonder Culture of Death progressives regard a slight warming trend as an apocalyptic nightmare.

Experts warn that global warming cat hordes could invade our homes.

US Border Security Policy's Influence on Home Depot

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:31 AM

Bob Stewart of Midwest City, Oklahoma has been fired along with three other workers from their jobs at Home Depot for helping police apprehend shoplifters in violation of company policy:

An internal memo from Home Depot outlines that associates cannot accuse, detain, chase or call the police on any customer for shoplifting.

As Stewart reports:

The loss-prevention guy at our Shields (Boulevard) store turned around and told me all we need to do is tell the shoplifter to have a good day as they leave the store. I said that just doesn't make sense.

Actually, in light of our policy on border security, it makes perfect sense. Our Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff must be moonlighting as a security consultant for Home Depot.

Stewart being fired instead of commended has US Attorney Johnny Sutton's fingerprints all over it. He must be moonlighting as a consultant too.

Attention shoplifters: all merchandise has been marked down to free.

On a tip from V the K.

Know Your Rights

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:57 AM

Jayna Hutchinson of Lebanon, New Hampshire, was arrested recently for making faces at a police dog. However, after viewing a video of the incident, a State's Attorney dropped the charges. Public defender Kelly Green affirmed our right to make faces at dogs:

Green likened the act to giving a police officer the finger — a form of expression protected by rights accorded under the First Amendment.

PETA hasn't yet weighed in on the issue.

On a tip from Wiggins.

June 6, 2007

Canadian Greens: Raise Gas Taxes or Face Doom

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:31 PM

If it isn't already clear why lefties would want us to believe in a climatic crisis that does not exist, this should help:

Canada's Green party wants to add an extra 12¢ per liter tax to gasoline, allegedly not because left-wing politicians will expropriate every last cent they can lay their claws on, but to avert environmental doom.

"We will use those carbon taxes to reduce taxes elsewhere," lied party leader Elizabeth May. Then she got nasty, accusing Prime Minister Stephen Harper of collaborating with the enemy — i.e., the sinister USA:

If we stop being with the rest of the world and start siding with George Bush, we are global saboteurs and that's what Mr. Harper is doing right now in Germany.

Canadians had better do the Greens' bidding, May warns, "for purposes of survival." Despite Harper's treachery, everything can still be okay if they can just jack up gas taxes so high that everyone north of the border ends up traveling by dog sled.

Fortunately Canada will be spared from this, provided it raises taxes sufficiently.

CBC Propagandists Caught Doctoring Photos

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The dhimmis at al-Reuters aren't the only ones who know how to doctor photographs to help them spin what they cavalierly refer to as "the news." Check out the picture Canada's CBC used to chastise Environment Minister John Baird for trying to protect his country's economy from the Kyoto farce (via Small Dead Animals):


Politics Watch reports:

The head of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation News faced questioning from Conservative MPs on Parliament Hill Tuesday about what they called a "doctored photo" that appeared in April on CBC's news website.
The public broadcaster's news web site carried an altered stock photo of the Toronto skyline that was noticeably darkened and made the smog and atmospheric haze appear much worse than in the original photo.
The altered picture of the skyline accompanied a story about the Kyoto accord and was first noticed by a Canadian conservative blogger.

Tony Burman, editor in chief of CBC News, must have struggled mightily to keep a straight face while insisting that the ham-handedly doctored photo was the result of a "process error" and not indicative of left-wing bias. Anyone naive enough to rely on the MSM for information might just believe him.

Look Out Cialis

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Today's ludicrous lawsuit of the day was filed by the aptly named Christopher Woods of New York, who is shaking down the makers of the vitamin-rich health drink Boost Plus, claiming that after drinking it, he woke up the next morning "with an erection that would not subside," a condition informally known as "morning wood."

It's hard to see how Novartis AG is to blame that Woods didn't think to cure himself by doing an image search for Shrillary.

Works every time.

Hat tip: And Rightly So!

Flying Imams Show How Political Correctness Threatens Our Lives

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In a letter to Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Peter King (R-NY) summarizes the appalling story of the Flying Imams, who intentionally terrified airline passengers in order to undermine our defenses against the next 9/11:

While boarding, passengers and flight staff witnessed these six individuals demonstrating suspicious behavior, including not sitting in their assigned seats, but rather sitting in a configuration similar to that used by the hijackers on 9/11; requesting seat belt extenders but not using them; and speaking loudly about Osama bin Laden and the United States' role in the death of Saddam Hussein. Concerned passengers and airline personnel properly reported this suspicious behavior, and the pilot and the Federal Air Marshall determined that the behavior warranted asking the individuals to leave the plane. When they refused, airport security and law enforcement personnel responded and removed the individuals to investigate whether a true threat existed.

The next step in the imams' strategy was to sue everyone in sight, including the passengers that raised the alarm. After all, you don't necessarily have to win a lawsuit if the objective is not money but intimidation. King continues:

Rather than receiving praise for coming forward to protect the traveling public, the airport and airline personnel and "John Doe" passengers are now confronting a civil lawsuit filed by the six individuals. This represents a startling precedent, one that could freeze the very behavior law enforcement has encouraged. If we are going to encourage the public to speak up to prevent a terrorist attack, then they must be assured that they will not face the threat of frivolous litigation.

King fought back on our behalf with an amendment that would have seemed absurdly unnecessary in the aftermath of 9/11, protecting citizens from being sued for reporting possible terrorist activity.

You might think that in King's home state, which suffered the brunt of the 9/11 atrocities, such a measure would find unanimous support. If so, think again. Only 13 New York reps voted in favor; these 16 (all Dems, of course) actually voted against the measure:

These moonbats would literally rather we die than have anyone accuse them of "profiling" terrorists. As former NYC Mayor Ed Koch mildly puts it, they are "foolish and demonstrate that political correctness can sometimes trump reason."

Equally foolish and unreasonable are the voters who elect them, thereby putting their own lives in jeopardy.

Sides with terrorists against American citizens — surprised?

CO2 Tax: Bite the Pillow

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As you've probably heard, CO2 — the stuff that you breathe out and plants breathe in — is currently regarded as a deadly pollutant by the politically correct. Naturally, bureaucrats will inevitably tax it.

Grins Eric Toder of the Urban Institute:

This is going to happen anyway so we might as well enjoy it. And maybe something good will come of it.

In other words, bite the pillow and try to like an unnecessary tax estimated to cost our economy $100 billion per year, in addition to stunting growth.

Another Reason to Prefer Dunkin' Donuts

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:49 AM

If you don't have enough reasons to favor Dunkin' Donuts over moonbatty Starbucks for coffee, here's another:

Dunkin' Donuts is suing to terminate its relationship with three Key West franchises because the shops have been hiring illegal aliens. It's at least the fourth time this year that the company has taken a franchisee to court for ignoring immigration laws.

A year ago, Dunkin' Donuts volunteered to participate in the federal Basic Pilot Program to ensure new hires are in this country legally. Less that 1% of US employers participate in this free online program.

If more people made an effort to uphold the laws already on the books, the Senate's impending Shamnesty mess could be avoided.

The Kid From Brooklyn enjoys some first-class coffee in a Starbucks.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Socialism in Action in Zimbabwe

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It looks like socialist dictator Robert Mugabe's policy of stealing farms from Caucasians and handing them out to the goons who support him isn't turning out too well for Zimbabwe:

Some 2.1 million people in the country’s southern provinces will face serious food shortages by the third quarter of 2007, and the number will reach 4.1 million in the first three months of 2008, the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation and the World Food Programme said. About 352,000 tonnes of cereals and 90,000 tonnes of other food aid will be needed to meet the basic needs of the population, the Rome-based agencies have calculated.

The crisis can be attributed primarily to "the country’s unprecedented economic decline," according to Amir Abdulla of the World Food Program. Zimbabwe used to be called the breadbasket of Africa. Thanks to the totalitarian application of liberal politics, it has become hell on Earth, making it the ideal choice to chair the United Nations Commission of Sustainable Development.

Mugabe: Personifying the African application of progressive policies.

Cuban Exiles Can Relate to Chavez Tragedy

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Nestled in their snug cocoon of MSM propaganda, some liberals fail to grasp the tragedy of Venezuela succumbing to totalitarianism before our very eyes. But one group understands it very plainly: Cuban exiles.

Even their children can relate. Says Ilia Cuesta, who grew up in Florida:

When we were kids, those stories seemed so impossible for us to imagine. But now you're seeing it on TV, and it illustrates what my family went through. It strikes a chord. All of a sudden those old fairy tales become very real.

Fortunately for Ilia, she wasn't hauled out of somebody's closet at gunpoint and shipped off to Cuba.


Diane Cabrera was also born in the USA of refugees from Castro's slave state. She's a spokeswoman for Directorio Democrático Cubano, an organization that is winning no friends in Hollywood by fighting for human rights and democracy in Cuba. To her the horror is perfectly clear:

I've always had Venezuelan friends, but now these two tyrants have brought us even closer together. We exchange stories, learn from each other, so that history is not repeated. But unfortunately that seems to be happening.

Rafael Adrianza is director of Unidos por Venezuela y América in Miami. He appreciates the support Cuban exiles have shown for Venezuelans who love freedom:

We've been embraced as brothers. They have the experience of 50 years. Venezuelans are now just opening their eyes.

If only more eyes could be opened quickly enough, the slow-motion train wreck of Chavez's power grab might yet be avoided.

Where's the Fence?

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While the pair of Benedict Arnolds misrepresenting Arizona in the Senate facilitate the demographic conquest of the Southwest with their amnesty outrage, the folks at want to know what happened to the fence we were promised:

Last year Congress authorized 700 miles of fence on the border — not enough, but a start. However, few will be surprised that only a couple of miles have been built, confirming that the irresponsible traitors running our government have no interest whatsoever in defending America from foreign invasion, and must be removed from office at the soonest opportunity.

Grassfire's ad is scheduled to run on Fox News and CNN a total of 48 times today through Friday. It isn't going to turn around Lettuce McCain or the still more treacherous Jon Kyl, but at least someone's trying.


Nanny State Driving Britain Toward Bankruptcy

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Sanctimonious nanny state bureaucrats must be glad they never have to worry about the financial consequences of their absurd decrees. Benches all across Britain now have to be replaced because a new regulation requires each one to be at least 17.75 inches high, so that the infirm can lift their flabby buttocks from them more effortlessly. The cost of this touchy-feely totalitarian idiocy will be measured in fortunes.

Local bureauweenies informed the Bramcote Crematorium in Nottinghamshire that it will have to replace 40 memorial benches at a cost of £400 each because they are 3 inches lower than the new regulation height. The same outrageous Disability Discrimination Act of 2005 also requires that the benches, which are spread across 18 acres, be lit at night. That will cost another £200,000.

Many of the benches serve as memorials, having been paid for by the bereaved. They have had to be removed. The world doesn't revolve around a bunch of dead people and their relatives. It revolves around "victims of discrimination" and the authoritarian bureaucrats who impose their elite status.

On a tip from Cit K.

June 5, 2007

The Ugly

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:28 PM

Human Events has gathered some recent quotations pertaining to the Senate's amnesty bill, and divided them into the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. From the Ugly category:

"We're gonna tell the bigots to shut up!"
—Sen. Lindsay Graham (R.-S.C.), receiving an award from the National Council of La Raza, March 2007
"Where once the xenophobes could advocate forced sterilization and eugenics coupled with virtually shutting off legal immigration from 'undesirable' countries, now they must be content with building walls, putting troops on the border, rounding up illegal aliens on the job and deporting them, passing local ordinances to signal their distaste for immigrants' multi-family living arrangements, and doing whatever else they can to drive these people back where they came from."
—Linda Chavez, nationally syndicated column, May 25
"I understand that some people think it's not tough enough. Maybe they want people thrown in jail for 10 years or they want people executed."
—Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, interview with Newsweek, May 18

Note that all of this hyperbolic moonbattery erupted from the mouths of alleged Republicans. The tent seems to have grown a little too large.

Now if someone would just tell the RINOs to shut up.

Hat tip: PC Free Zone.

Follow the Money

Posted by Dave Blount at 5:44 PM

If you have any doubts that granting blanket amnesty to millions upon millions of illegal aliens would be disastrous for this country, just follow the money. It leads to moonbats who invariably side against American interests.

Since 2005, the loony-left Ford Foundation, which has funded Palestinian terrorists, has given $3.25 million to pro-invasion lobbying groups like the Latino answer to the KKK, the National Council of La Raza. The Open Society Institute, run by the rabidly anti-American George Soros, gave $825,000 to the National Immigration Forum between 2002 and 2004.

Meanwhile, groups supporting the sovereignty of American territory, like Numbers USA and Federation for American Immigration Reform, rely on small donations gathered in grassroots campaigns, without much support from $billion foundations, sinister zillionaire currency manipulators — or American politicians.

Open borders advocate.

Mayor Mike: Get a Life

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Posing as a Republican may have allowed Mike Bloomberg to become NYC mayor without slugging it out with his fellow leftists in the primaries, but it certainly did not transform him from a moonbat into Rudy Giuliani. Here's his response to the recently foiled plot to blow up a fuel pipeline running beneath JFK Airport and surrounding neighborhoods:

There are lots of threats to you in the world. There's the threat of a heart attack for genetic reasons. You can't sit there and worry about everything. Get a life.

New Yorkers might rather get a mayor.

What, me worry?

The Word "Chinamen" Now Racist

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Here's some news you can use: the word "Chinamen" is now verboten, as it has been discovered to be "racist."

I had no idea, nor did the owner of the Chinese takeout restaurant Eggrolls, Etc., who had to remove the recently forbidden word from menus, advertising fliers, and the company's website to quiet the screechings of race grievance activists. He issued the standard abject apologies, groveling that his menu and fliers were "never intended to harm or insult the Asian-American or Chinese-American community."

Crowed a triumphant Jason Wong of the Tucson Chinese Association:

Any group or member of the community should not have to feel there is no one to support them if an injustice has been done. The support showed this is a wonderful community.

Which noun we're allowed to use for people of Chinese descent was not revealed.

The moonbat tactic of turning us against ourselves by constantly forcing us to apologize for being "offensive" has also been used with great success by Muslims, most famously during the Cartoon Intifada.

San Francisco Hippies Grow Up

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Even the useless hippies who washed up in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury district in the Flower Child era are capable of growing up — enough to resent the snot-nosed punks who now carry on their countercultural tradition:

From his second-floor apartment at the counterculture crossing of Haight and Ashbury streets, Arthur Evans watches a new generation of wayward youth invade his free-spirited neighborhood.
The former flower child was among the legions of idealistic wanderers who migrated here during the Vietnam War to "tune in, turn on and drop out."
But Evans, who has lived at the same address for 34 years, says he has never seen anything like this crowd, who use his flower bed as a bathroom and sell pot outside his window.
They're known as gutter punks, these homeless kids with dirty dreadlocks and nose rings, lime-green mohawks and orange spray-painted faces, who panhandle with cardboard signs that riff on their lifestyles. "Please Help Us Get Un-Sober," one reads. Another: "Please Give Us Weed, Beer or Money."
Sometimes aggressive, they block sidewalks as they strum guitars or bang on bongos. Gangs of them skateboard down the middle of Haight Street. Some throw used hypodermic needles into a nearby pond they call Hep-C Lake.
Evans, 64, says they should get help, clean up or go home.

Bwahahaha! Mellow out, man! Don't be so square!

Wait, there's more:

"I'm sick of stepping over gangs of kids, only to be told 'Die, yuppie!' A lot of us were flower children, but we grew up," said Robert Shadoian, 58, a retired family therapist. "There are responsibilities in this world you have to meet. You can't be drugged out 24/7 and expect the world to take care of you."

You used to be a flower child? That's groovy, Bob! Give me a dollar!

And this:

John Grima, a program director at the Haight Ashbury Free Clinic, founded in the 1960s, says his agency provides "nonjudgmental" services for homeless youths. "Still, there's this assumption of a free ride," he said.
Grima said a teen asked him for change on Haight Street. Grima offered him slices of pepperoni pizza. The young man refused, saying he was vegetarian.
"I said, 'OK, then don't eat it,' then I got mad," Grima said. "I said, 'Wait a minute, I don't owe you anything. I'm happy to help you, but I don't owe you a thing.'"

It's never too late to learn.

Hippies' legacy: bums on Haight Street.

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin, on a tip from V the K.

jev2000 on the Global Warming Hoax and Liberal Priorities

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From another Moonbattery comment that's too good not to have a post of its own, this one by jev2000:

Laurie David's consumption of fuel and energy is not commensurate with her stated worry about the future environment. Neither is Al Gore's.
Like the people who quietly and efficiently fixed Y2K without all the blather from the peanut gallery about the collapse of civilization as we know it, there are people out there who are quietly trying to fix the world's real problems.
While Gore and David and Suzuki rail on about global disaster in 100 years time, the following disasters are happening right now:
4,000,000 children under the age of 5 will die each year from lung disease brought on from cooking with wood or dung without proper stoves and ventilation.
32,000 people will starve tonight and every coming night, even though obesity is an epidemic.
40,000,000 people mostly in the 3rd world have HIV-AIDS. More than 20 million have already died, and as many as 68 million more deaths are forecast by 2020. Medication that now costs about $300 per year just can't be paid for.
Malaria kills millions in 3rd world countries. It is estimated that 408,388,000 people suffer from Malaria world-wide. It kills 3,000 children every day and more than one million each year. A few billion dollars could more or less eradicate the problem in a few years, but the liberal minded eco-junkies won't allow DDT to be used. It might hurt the people, forget the fact that the malaria is killing them.
Species are at risk of extinction, not from GW but from habitat destruction, for what? To get fuel to cook to survive another day or to mow down rain forest to plant soy beans and sugar cane to make the new wonder-fuel ethanol.
Gore says that 300,000 people will die because of GW in the next 20 years. Pretty small change compared to the millions that are already dying because they can't get food, drugs, energy and pesticides. One third of the planet doesn't have electricity. A billion people have no clean water. Half a billion people go to bed hungry every night.
But, as any good eco-lib would agree:
"This is as good a way to get rid of them as any."
Charles Wursta, Chief Scientist for the Environmental Defense Fund.
Just in case the liberals reading this missed it, "them" refers to "all those little brown people in poor countries."
I'm a conservative type that rejects AGW, but I sure as hell care more about the problems of this planet more than Al or Laurie. All the liberal tub-thumping over AGW is not addressing today's real and vital problems.
Gore and David want us to commit to spending hundreds of trillions of dollars to delay an increase in temperature of 0.07 degrees C over 6 years, from 2050 to 2056. This will presumably save New York from drowning and save the lives of those 300,000, presumably white upper class, people that Gore seems to worry so much about. But it won't do anything to avoid the hundreds of millions of deaths from the diseases of poverty.

On the contrary, deliberately restricting economic growth in the name of the global warming hoax will prevent poverty from being alleviated. But at least the quaintly multicultural lifestyle of Third-World peasants starving in their dung huts will be preserved.

Hollywood to Cast World's Worst Killer As Hero

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:17 AM

The most evil human being ever to have lived, in terms of actual accomplishments, is the satanic Mao Zedong, estimated to have killed as many as 100 million people as communist dictator of China. But now he's getting a makeover, Tinseltown style.

Hollyweird is spending $60 million on a propaganda film aptly entitled Challenging Heaven, which will attempt to make us like this demon from hell. Chirps producer Steven North:

This is a very positive portrayal of Mao, and we are hoping that once the script clears the approval process, China will come forward with services and support.

Part of that support might come in the form of thousands of extras provided as slave labor by the regime Mao established.

Here's the Great Leader explaining his morality:

I do not agree with the view that to be moral, the motive of one's actions has to be benefiting others. Morality does not have to be defined in relation to others. … People like me want to … satisfy our hearts to the full, and in doing so we automatically have the most valuable moral codes. Of course there are people and objects in the world, but they are all there only for me. … People like me only have a duty to ourselves; we have no duty to other people.

No wonder the self-indulgent glitterpigs in the movie industry find the guy appealing.

Mao's crimes against humanity don't get much attention, because like the people in charge of our media and schools, he was a leftist. Nonetheless, genocide on such a massive scale can't be hidden completely. No reasonably informed person can fail to be at least vaguely aware that Mao wasn't on the side of the angels.

But moonbats have the Silver Screen to snuff out that awareness. As Orwell observed, he who controls the present controls the past, and he who controls the past controls the future. That the liberals running Hollywood are engineering a future in which the most bloodthirsty dictator in the history of the world is considered a hero suggests they are not just kooky, but actively and even consciously evil.

Homage to evil.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Alice Walker, Queen Moonbat

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For the kind of fuzzy-warm touchy-feely moonbattery that couldn't care less if you just ate, it would be hard to top Alice Walker. Have a bucket handy; here are some excerpts that summarize her letter to the 2007 graduating class of Boulder's Naropa University.

You are children of this cosmos, this galaxy, of your no doubt innocent Earthling parents who brought you into this existence, and also children of the Buddha, which is to say, Beings who continue to grow into people who treasure wisdom, joyfulness and peace. […]
Human sunrises are happening all over the earth, at every moment. People gathering, people working to change the intolerable, people coming in their robes and sandals or in their rags and bare feet, and they are singing, or not, and they are chanting, or not. […]
The freeing of animals, the returning of land and habitat to them, must become part of what it means to be human. […]
This thought: that compassion does not stop at who was right or wrong, does not stop at feeling loving-kindness for the miserable and oppressed, does not stop at feeling the pain of the victim, while ignoring the pain of the victimizer, is a human expression of warmth, a human sunrise, our world desperately needs. This way of seeing the world, and the calamities now afflicting us, can be uniquely carried by meditators and contemplatives such as you. If human beings are not taught to feel compassion for the Hitlers, Mussolinis and Stalins of the world, if Saddam Hussein is so demonized no one bothers to remember how cruelly he was beaten as a little boy […yada yada yada…] how are we ever to […] do the real work of change survival on our Earth requires?

Ms. Walker also took time to remind us repeatedly of how guilty we should feel about slavery, to announce that Mother Earth "is all there is," and to denounce America as "macho" and "frequently compassionless,"

Upon reading her wise words, I experienced within myself an awakening, a "human sunrise," in Ms. Walker's memorable phrase. A revelation came to me in a moment of idyllic enlightenment, and I saw clearly at last, as clearly as a babe from whose eyes the dark mists of oppression have been blown clear by the gentle breath of the delightful little animals that frolic in Earth's bosom, I saw… that there isn't much use trying to reason with moonbats.

Alice Walker, Queen of the Moonbats.

On a tip from V the K.

June 4, 2007

Rioters Dictate Police Tactics

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:45 PM

Moonbats celebrate the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston.

The psychiatric disorder that causes progressives to wallow in the past, forever reliving their drug-addled hippie glory days, has been growing progressively severe. Now they're planning to recreate the disastrous 1968 Democratic National Convention that engulfed Chicago in bloody mayhem. This time the cards will be stacked in favor of the hooligans.

A moonbat sect calling itself Recreate 68 intends to turn Denver upside down during the Democrats' 2008 convention there. So far their plans are going swimmingly. A proclamation based on demands by this gang of sociopaths was to go before the city council today. It restricts the ability of the police to use force to maintain public order, allows the rioters to throw their intimidating tantrums "in close proximity to and within sight and sound of the Convention delegates," and imposes limitations on the use of barricades to prevent these animals from running completely wild and turning the whole city into a zoo.

One councilman correctly observes that the moonbats "want to close our city down and take over."

Recreate 68 isn't secretive about its antisocial intentions. Its website promises to "demand change by making the Democratic Convention of 1968 look like a small get together in 2008!"

Organizer Glenn Spagnuolo is delighted at the way Denver bureauweenies roll over and display their yellow bellies. He referred to police as "a bunch of brutal pigs" before crowing:

I've been pretty pleased with the communications so far with the city of Denver.

The ever-helpful ACLU has been assisting him in his campaign to undermine law and order.

The 1968 Democratic National Convention — soon to be reprised, but with police wearing the handcuffs.

Hat tip: Slapstick Politics.

Mother Moonbat Confirms: 9/11 Was Controlled Demolition

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:24 PM

The debate is over, as the Goracle might say. We now have it on the word of Cindy Sheehan — she of ultimate moral authority according to the great New York Times — that the World Trade Center was not destroyed by the Muslim terrorists who flew jets full of innocent civilians into it, but in a controlled demolition, no doubt executed by the sinister Bush Administration.

As quoted at the laughing academy known as, the Ditch Witch droned:

It does look to me like a controlled demolition — I'm not an expert — but it does look to me like a controlled demolition — I'm looking at common sense. I do see some very high profile people saying it was an inside job.

Say, we may have an even better VP for Ron Paul than Charlie Sheen.

It dawns on Mother Moonbat that 9/11 was an American plot.

Hat tips: Ace of Spades HQ, The New Editor.

Air America Still Floundering

Posted by Dave Blount at 5:48 PM

It's no surprise libs want to socialize the airwaves. Leaving them at the mercy of the free market results in a pratfall. Even in NYC, a metropolitan area infested with moonbats by the millions, Err America can't begin to compete with conservative radio. The latest stats, via Leather Penguin:

WABC (Rush, Hannity): 3.7 (.2 gain); 5th overall
WOR (O’Reilly, Savage): 2.0 (.1 loss); 20th overall
WWRL (New Air Idiot): 0.6; (.1 loss) 33rd overall

WLIB used to carry Air Un-American in NYC, but it wisely switched to gospel music, increasing its listenership.

In related news, WaPo continues the MSM's relentless propaganda war on behalf of al-Qaeda by revealing that our troops are so sadistic as to use Unfair America favorite Janeane Garofalo's nails-on-blackboard voice to torture poor terrorists (h/t JunkYardBlog):

Lagouranis had forced a grandfather to kneel all night in the cold and bombarded others in metal shipping containers with the tape of the self-help parody "Feel This Book: An Essential Guide to Self-Empowerment, Spiritual Supremacy, and Sexual Satisfaction," by comedians Ben Stiller and Janeane Garofalo. ("They hated it," Lagouranis recalled. "Like, 'Please! Just stop that voice!' ")

This is the closest I've ever come to feeling sorry for the pampered terrorists luxuriating in American custody.

A use has at last been found for Air America's Janeane Garofalo.

Ron Paul's Moonbat Minions

Posted by Dave Blount at 4:08 PM

Just how wacky are the supporters of the supposedly Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul? This video offers a clue:

When Shrillary supporters start looking rational by comparison, it's time to call in the men with the white coats and butterfly nets.

You say Ron Paul can't be blamed if some of his supporters are unreachably insane? Ace responds:

And before his other supporters claim "You can't hold him responsible for what some of his nuttiest supporters believe" — oh yes I can. He panders to them; he courts them; he encourages their schizophrenic paranoias to fester.

Paul might want to consider Charlie Sheen as a running mate. In contrast to Paul, most people know who he is.

Hat tip: Flopping Aces.

$287,640 For Being Muslim

Posted by Dave Blount at 3:47 PM

A federal jury has commanded Alamo Rent A Car to pay a Muslim woman $287,640 because she was fired after repeatedly refusing to remove her headscarf while attending the front counter in the aftermath of the 9/11 atrocities. Bilan Nur will receive her small fortune compliments of Alamo customers, to whom the cost will be passed along.

Alamo's dress code includes a provision barring any "garments or item of clothing not specifically mentioned in the policy." But of course rules don't apply to Ms. Nur — you see, she's a Muslim.

Prior to 9/11, Nur had no problem going without her headscarf at work.

Squawks Mary Jo O'Neill, the regional attorney for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission:

Title VII protects people of all religious beliefs. No one should have to sacrifice their religious beliefs in order to keep a job.

WuzzaDem wonders:

So a Christian man can wear a crown of thorns to work on Good Friday without fear of reprimand or termination? And, if he is fired as a result, he could win a quarter of a million dollars in punitive damages?
No? Why not?

The answer is that the phrase "all religious beliefs" means "Islamic beliefs hostile to the Western Civilization we liberals hate."

Moonbat in Trouble For Bush Death Threats

Posted by Dave Blount at 3:09 PM

Bad news for the moonbats at Democratic Underground, Daily Kos, et al.: it's still against the law to threaten the life of the President, even if he's a Republican (or in Bush's case, an alleged Republican).

US District Court Judge James Moody has refused to throw out the case against Purdue University student Vikram Buddhi (an Indian national) for using an Internet chat room to exhort readers to "Kill GW Bush" and "Rape and Kill Laura Bush."

Buddhi also threatened the lives of Dick Cheney, Lynne Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld. From there, his hatred extends to engulf the entire USA and the Anglo-Saxon race:

It is now legal under international law to bomb key sites in the USA. Iraqis! Give Anglosaxons the tit reaction for the tat action of Bush and the Republicans.

Surprisingly, Buddhi was taking classes in engineering, not journalism.

Hat tip: The Discerning Texan.

A Good Question

Posted by Dave Blount at 1:34 PM

Why are we still in the United Nations?

Last year American taxpayers forked over $439 million to the UN's regular budget, in addition to providing a headquarters in New York that UN bureauweenies want to expand. What do we get for the money? A finger poked in our eye at every opportunity — and in the eye of civilization itself.

As noted earlier, the totalitarian racist regime of Robert Mugabe, who converted Zimbabwe "from the breadbasket of Africa to the basket case of Africa" with his socialist policies, has been chosen to head the UN's Commission on Sustainable Development. Zimbabwe's own Social Welfare Commission reports that 63% of the rural and 53% of the urban population cannot meet basic food requirements. You see, all the white-owned farms were expropriated and handed out to hooligans who have no idea what to do with them, and now there's no food. This makes Zimbabwe the ideal choice to dictate development to the rest of the world, largely on the American taxpayers' dime.

Similarly, Syria is ideally qualified to chair the UN Disarmament Commission, in light of its impressive record of exporting terror into Iraq, Lebanon, and Israel, and its helpful willingness to squirrel away Saddam's WMD prior to the Coalition's invasion.

The vice chair of the Disarmament Commission is naturally Iran, which has been racing to develop nuclear weapons while it boasts about wiping other countries off the map.

Nat Hentoff says the corrupt, incompetent, and thuggish UN "is increasingly becoming a parody of itself." But the joke is on us if we continue to fund and even host this abominable institution.


Murtha Blames America For JFK Plot

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:42 AM

It may no longer be possible for Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) to hit new lows. But that's no reason for him to stop trying. Now he's blaming the plot to blow up JFK Airport not on the Islamic jihad against Western Civilization, but on America's efforts to defend democracy from terrorists in Iraq. Bellowed Abscam Jack:

Our presence in Iraq, our occupation of Iraq gives these people the inspiration.

Terrorism is inspired by resistance to terrorism. That's why Murtha is "absolutely convinced the first step to stability in Iraq is redeployment" — i.e., retreating and ceding Iraq to the terrorists.

He's right of course; if we just give up instead of defending civilization, eventually there won't be any more terrorism — just a whole lot of severed heads and women shuffling around in burkas… and not only in Iraq.

That vermin like Murtha continue to be elected regrettably indicates that al-Qaeda's low opinion of us has some justification.


Will Vermont Secede?

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:03 AM

Excellent news: Vermonters want to secede from the USA.

Local moonbats have published something they call the "Green Mountain Manifesto: Why and How Tiny Vermont Might Help Save America From Itself by Seceding from the Union." They want the state legislature to declare independence.

The secessionists complain that America is full of corporations and characterized by "a culture of militarism and war." Their ultimate goals are more ambitious than simply creating their own sovereign hippy state. As with most leftists, they would like to bring about the destruction of the USA, or as Vermont Commons editor Rob Williams puts it, "to peaceably take apart the empire."

Some might think these people are kooks. But Williams, who is also a history professor at Champlain College, says

We're normal human beings. But we're serious about this. We want people in Vermont to think about the options going forward. Do you want to stay in an empire that's in deep trouble?

As always, remember not to question their patriotism. As for Vermonters, you remember that you have to take Howard Dean with you.

Mad Howie might get to run a country after all.

Smokers to Be Denied Surgery

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:33 AM

If years-long waiting lists, gross inefficiency, and substandard care and facilities aren't reasons enough to oppose the socialized medicine that will be coming our way if Dems take the White House, how about this:

In Britain, where efficient medical care has already been replaced with socialism, patients will actually be denied surgery for smoking. The ruling will be policed by blood test. A half million smokers per year are expected to be affected.

Next they will deny healthcare to eaters of trans fats, or to those who don't do calisthenics every morning. From there it will be on to banning healthcare to "racists," global warming "deniers," etc.

But that's okay, if you live exactly the way the bureauweenies want you to, you will get your healthcare. It won't be very good, and you'll have to wait months or even years for it, but at least it will be "free" — since you'll be paying for it whether you use it or not.

Helmut Schmidt, Voice of Reason

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:59 AM

After all these years, former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt continues to be Germany's voice of reason.

Schmidt recently observed that the global warming hoax is "hysterical, overheated, and that is especially because of the media," that there has always been climate change, that the precise causes of recent climate fluctuation have been "inadequately researched," and — most pointedly — that believing the climate will be affected by the schemes of the bureauweenies at the Heiligendamm summit is "idiotic."

Come back, Herr Schmidt. Europe needs you.

Sandy Burglar's Big Secret

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:26 AM

Ronald Cass, author of The Rule of Law in America, is right to wonder just how big a secret Bill Clinton's National Security Advisor Sandy Burger is hiding, in light of his recently agreeing to give up his law license rather than let us know just what was in the terror-related classified documents he stole from the National Archives and destroyed.

Burglar had already gotten off with a plea deal that allowed him to avoid jail and to keep his law license. But now he's giving up the precious license, to stop an investigation into the contents of the missing documents.

The stolen information may indicate that Clinton could have done a whole lot more to prevent 9/11. This is obviously a sore spot, considering how Slick Willie went ballistic when Chris Wallace touched on this subject in a Fox News interview.

Very probably, information is being hidden that would be useful to Bush in his efforts to combat al-Qaeda. There also might be something that would explain why both Clintons were in favor of going to war against Saddam.

Whatever Sandy Burglar's sitting on, it's big. My guess is that Shrillary doesn't want us to know about it either, lest we be reminded how appallingly irresponsible it would be to allow the Clinton gang back into the White House.

Sandy Burglar.

On a tip from Byron.

Gore Agrees: He's Too Good For America

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:45 AM

His servile fan base isn't alone in thinking Al Gore is too good for America — the Goracle thinks so himself:

I don't think that the skills I have are the ones that are most likely to be rewarded within this system. It's like a washing machine that is permanently set on the spin cycle. It doesn't stop spinning. That creates real problems for a politics based on reason.

As V the K points out:

That would be the system that rewards the dim-witted, sanctimonious, flunked-out off-spring of powerful politicians with life-long fame, wealth, private jets and ginormous, energy-profligate mega-mansions.

But Prince Albert might have a point. Why should the avatar of the Politics of Reason waste time pleading with irrational peasants to vote for him, when he could be scaring us into shape with another hysterical sci-fi horror "documentary"? POTUS would be a demotion for the High Priest of the global warming doomsday cult.

Just call him Mr. Politics of Reason.

Hat tip: Althouse.

June 3, 2007

Even Palestinians Guilty of Political Incorrectness

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:26 PM

Shamefully, Palestinian kindergartens persist in reaffirming outrageously sexist gender stereotypes. Five-year-old boys get to dress up like terrorists, march around with toy guns, and shout "Death for the sake of Allah!" — while little girls wear butterfly costumes and perform ballet routines. MEMRI has video.

This isn't the first time Palestinians have shown themselves to be less than completely enlightened. Even the sainted Yasser Arafat received a complaint from PETA when his terrorists used an explosive-laden donkey to blow up civilians, as if oblivious to the animal's rights.

Palestinian kindergarten.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Tunnel of Oppression

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:05 PM


Masochists who find themselves in Las Vegas with nothing to do might want to check out the Tunnel of Oppression:

The Tunnel of Oppression is an interactive, walk-through museum experience that highlights contemporary oppression. Each room will give a multimedia, multi-sensory view, that will both educate and challenge students to about their roles in each type of oppression. The Tunnel of Oppression is entirely student planned, researched, and constructed. Over 1000 people have visited the Tunnel of Oppression in the last two years, and we look forward to educating more of our university community about the on-going oppressions in the United States and the world.

Anything more oppressive than a museum dedicated to post-adolescent moonbat conceptions of oppression would be difficult to imagine.

On a tip from A.C #1.

Gary Sheffield Discovers Racist Conspiracy

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:16 PM

These days ever more baseball players are Hispanic, and ever fewer are black. Could this be because Hispanics are more likely to be interested in baseball? Nah. Detroit Tiger DH Gary Sheffield has the answer: it's because Latin players are easier for the evil white man to control:

I called it years ago. What I called is that you're going to see more black faces, but there ain't no English going to be coming out. … [It's about] being able to tell [Latin players] what to do — being able to control them.
Where I'm from, you can't control us. […] These are the things my race demands. So, if you're equally good as this Latin player, guess who's going to get sent home? I know a lot of players that are home now can outplay a lot of these guys.

Certainly no one can control Sheffield, who as Milwaukee fans might recall is not above sulking at the expense of his performance, and whose mouth cost the NYC tabloids gallons of ink when he played for the Yankees.

As for those easily controlled Latin types, here's Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano assaulting his own catcher Michael Barrett in the dugout Friday:

Barrett ended up in the hospital with a split lip that required six stitches. A little more self-control might improve the game — as would less racial grievance moonbattery.

On a tip from Wiggins.

"Consensus" Lie Debunked

Posted by Dave Blount at 5:17 PM

Possibly the most idiotic argument spewed by global warming dupes is that there is a consensus among scientists that the Goracle's hysterical ravings are accurate — not only because scientific truth is not determined by what "everybody" thinks, but because no such consensus exists.

In 1992, when a Gallup poll showed that only 17% of scientists thought global warming had begun, Gore was already bellowing this now familiar lie:

Only an insignificant fraction of scientists deny the global warming crisis. The time for debate is over. The science is settled.

Due to natural climate fluctuation, to political and economic rewards for compliance, and to the threat of a ruined career hanging over those who won't conform, it's now a lot easier to find scientists willing to drink the Kool-Aid. But once you step out of the MSM echo chamber, it's also easy to find scientists who don't believe and aren't willing to pretend they do. A good place to start is Lawrence Solomon's National Post Deniers Series:

It's said that in politics, perception is reality — and by dominating the media, liberals are often able to control perception. This seems to have given them the impression they have God-like powers to alter reality by decree. But yelling that everyone buys into the global warming hoax hardly makes it true.

Al Gore, would-be Master of Reality (via The Reference Frame).

On a tip from Bergbirk.

Neurotics Target Wi-Fi

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:47 AM

The "cell phones are making the bees disappear" scare didn't get much traction because we're too reliant on our cells, so a new one has come along in its place: wireless Internet access exacerbates hypochondria.

Characteristically, Britain's nanny state is pandering to the hysteria. Chief health protection bureauweenie Sir William Stewart has called for a review of the possible health risks involved in wireless Internet service. As a result, schools and families are scrambling to remove Wi-Fi systems.

Alleged victims of wireless technology claim to suffer from vague symptoms like headaches and lethargy. They are voicing screechy concerns about the safety of the children. Enjoy your wireless while you can, before lawsuits make it infeasible, or the government decides to ban it.

If cavemen had been as neurotic as today's moonbattery-riddled society, fire would have been banned from the beginning. Think of the global warming we could have prevented!

Sure it's convenient. But wait until the mutations begin…

On a tip from Jay Guevara.

June 2, 2007

Carbon Offsets Idiocy Marked by Incompetence and Fraud

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:53 AM

Even the lefties at The Guardian are getting wise to the carbon offsets racket. The Clean Development Mechanism supposedly offsets the activities that make the developed word developed by selling carbon credits from the sort of pre-industrialized hellholes envirokooks use as a model for the dystopia they hope to impose on us all. The Guardian looked into the CDM and found "gross incompetence, rule-breaking and possible fraud."

One "senior figure" suggested that up to 20% of carbon credits are bogus. Here I will scoop the The Guardian by announcing that the real figure is 100%, since CO2 emissions resulting from human activity have no measurable effect on the climate, and the entire global warming hysteria industry is a sham.

On a tip from Kevin.

Prisons Allow Gay Conjugal Visits

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:34 AM

In an example of the sort of depraved absurdities being forced down society's throat by "gay rights" legislation, California prisons now allow same-sex "conjugal" visits for homosexual felons.

Initially, prisons were intended as punishment for criminals, not to give them free room and board while they indulge in disease-spreading degeneracy. But that was before liberals took over our legal system and turned it into a John Waters movie.

The shoe's on the other foot now that folks like Divine are running our legal system.

On a tip from The Panday.

June 1, 2007

Ecokooks Dream of Recreating Pleistocene Age

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:00 PM

Mankind's crimes against Gaia didn't begin with the SUV. The tragic spread of the human race resulted in the decline of megafauna like mastodons and giant wolves at the end of Pleistocene age.

But moonbats at Scientific American hope we can still set things to right by "re-wilding" Europe, restoring ecosystems from 50,000 years ago. In addition to the "reinvigoration" of the wolf and bear populations,

Scientists should also consider reintroducing 11 additional megafauna species: the Asiatic lion, leopard, spotted hyena, dhole, horse, cattle, Asiatic wild ass, Asiatic elephant, hippopotamus, water buffalo and hairy rhinoceros.

The caveman in the Geico commercials will be delighted to see the Pleistocene restored. But as V the K notes, it might be a better idea to see if they can't figure out how to repopulate Europe with Europeans.

The one guy who might benefit from envirokooks' antihuman schemes.

Commencement Kookiness

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:38 AM

The loony Left's grip on academia is nowhere near loosening, to judge by the speakers chosen for this year's commencement addresses. Young America's Foundation found that lefties outnumbered conservative speakers 8 to 1.

This year's speakers included:

  • Impeached President B.J. Clinton at University of Michigan.
  • Madeleine Halfbright, the toast of Pyongyang, at UNC-Chapel Hill.
  • Race-baiting demagogue and Fidel Castro bootlicker Charles Rangel at New York University.
  • Gray Lady propagandist Thomas Friedman, who says oil at $100/barrel "would make my day," at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
  • The Communist News Network's Wolf Blitzer, who would like to know, "Why would it be so bad if this Iranian regime had a nuclear weapon?" at George Washington University.
  • Physically violent, racist 9/11 conspiracy kook Cynthia McKinney at Antioch College.

As Jason Mattera of YAF notes,

[C]ollege administrators are using commencement ceremonies to send their students off with one more predictable leftist lecture.

At least liberal icon and convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal isn't giving any recorded commencements from his prison cell this year — so far as I know. In the past he's provided them for UC Berkley, UC Santa Cruz, Antioch College, Occidental College, and Evergreen State College

The toast of Pyongyang.

Now a Word From Jay Guevara

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:18 AM

As graciously noted at Blogmeister USA, a recent comment by Moonbattery reader Jay Guevara was remarkable even by the high standards of this site's treasured readers. Highlights:

Here's the news: no one really believes in global warming. No one. Laurie David claims to believe in it, but jets around the country. Would she do that if she really thought it was dooming her and everyone else? If she thought jet travel caused breast cancer, would she indulge in that regardless of the risk? Of course not. Conclusion: she doesn't really believe it either.
Global warming advocacy is an opportunity for galloping narcissists to attract attention by striking a fashionable pose, a new wrinkle on the Hollywood award shows. Nothing more. ("I'm not an overindulged superannuated adolescent! I'm a concerned human being! Look at me, emulate me, adulate me, I'm cool! Really! All the cool people say so!") Anyone who actually believed our survival hung in the balance would be agitating to ban, inter alia, all rock concerts, television, film, vacation travel, and other frivolous wastes of energy and build nuclear power plants. Ain't gonna happen. Pigs will have an Air Force before then.
Anthropogenic global warming is an exercise in psychology, not science. The hysteria of those propounding it is by itself a dead giveaway. Those of us of a certain age (ahem) have seen so many doomsday scares come and go that it's hard to keep a straight face on hearing the most recent one. (As Abraham Lincoln said, "No matter how much cats fight, there always seem to be plenty of kittens." And somehow despite all the doomsday scenarios, the freeways become more and more crowded.) I'm old enough to remember when global cooling (caused by aerosol deodorants) was going to kill us all, and the polar bears were going to march down over the ice sheets and eat everyone in Miami. Now these maritime bears that can swim 60 miles out to sea are drowning. Teach 'em to mess with us!
Much like Wall Street touts, global warming poses the moral hazard that there's no downside to being an alarmist, because everyone will forget erroneous predictions. Only if the predictions are borne out, or appear as if they might be, will those making them point them out to all and sundry. A case in point: last year NOAA predicted a "very active" hurricane year, with four to six category 3 or higher storms, yada yada. Outcome: bupkis. Oops.
We should make the prediction business interesting. If a climatologist makes a public prediction that's substantially wrong, he should be fired and banned from getting federal funding. Now — he was saying?
Face it — global warming is a fad. Nothing more. Cynics are manipulating the cognitively disenfranchised (subtext: "vote for liberals, or we're all doomed, doomed I tell you!" Women are especially susceptible to the "It's for the children!" nonsense. It establishes their bona fides as mothers, or hopeful mothers-to-be.). In five years' time, global warming will join Y2K, heterosexual AIDS, killer bees, the ozone hole (now worse than ever, btw), and shark summer as the punch line of a joke. And you'll be telling people that you always had your doubts about it, and never really believed it. (I know: I tell people I never wore bell bottoms.) The grownups will nod gravely, and shoot bemused sidelong glances at each other, too polite to guffaw out loud.

Desperate W Guzzling Global Warming Kool-Aid

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:49 AM

G.W. Bush — who has bloated the size of the government like no one since LBJ, who spends our money as if the world were ending tomorrow, who firmly refuses to defend the border from massive incursion, and yet who is loathed by liberals for being a "conservative" — has laid both hands on a pitcher of global warming Kool-Aid and upended it over his gaping mouth.

Elected in part to defend business interests from the reckless moonbattery of Democrats, Bush is attempting to resuscitate his almost Carteresque approval ratings not by becoming true to the conservatives who elected him, but by pandering shamelessly to liberals who will hate his guts no matter what he does.

Playing along with the charade that CO2 is environmentally toxic, he now wants the world's leading economies to join the USA in establishing targets for capping human activity in obeisance to the Greenies' godless cult.

The cost to the economy of irresponsible politicians participating in the global warming hoax could easily reach the trillions, and will fall most heavily on the poor. The "compassionate conservative" appears to be neither.

Making a special delivery to the White House.

Magi, the Holy Land Blasphemy Party

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:05 AM

Homosexual activists have been in overdrive recently in their attempt to impose the outrageously vulgar parades they favor on the extremely religious residents of Jerusalem. Now they are launching a political party, in hopes of acquiring seats in the Knesset. The party's secretary-general will be journalist Hagai Eyad.

The name of the party: Magi, which is a Hebrew acronym for Gay Party in Israel. Those who recall that Winter Solstice used to be called Christmas might also remember that the Magi were the wise men from the East who came to what is now Israel to adore the baby Jesus.

Coming soon to the Holy Land.

On a tip from Nanc.

Now We're In For It

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:26 AM

Annoyed over US sanctions, the ambassador from the genocidal Islamist regime in Sudan John Ukec Lueth Ukec held a news conference Wednesday at which he declared that nobody is dying in Darfur, the 400,000 reported dead being a figment of American imaginations. Then he got serious. Raising a bottle of Coca-Cola as if it were a baby with a gun to its head he growled:

I want you to know that the gum arabic which runs all the soft drinks all over the world, including the United States, mainly 80 percent is imported from my country. […] I can stop that gum arabic and all of us will have lost this.

Gum arabic is used in soft drinks. Apparently Ukec Lueth Kookec was telling us that if we insist on trying to stop the supposedly imaginary genocide, he'll deprive us of soda pop.

But why would we want to stop it anyway? According to Shamnesty International, our regime is just as evil as his.

Please don't take our soda pop…

Hat tip: The Consumerist, on a tip from V the K.