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April 5, 2007

Critical Mass Moonbats Menace Family

Posted by Dave Blount at April 5, 2007 10:11 PM

Critical Mass is a mass bike ride held on a monthly basis, the apparent intent of which is to disrupt traffic and promote politically correct, pre-automotive modes of transportation. Traffic laws are pointedly ignored.

The first Critical Mass took place 15 years ago in San Francisco, which is where Susan Ferrando and her family recently suffered the misfortune of encountering this antisocial horde of moonbats on wheels.

She'd come to town from Redwood City with her husband, their two children, and three preteens to celebrate her daughter's 11th birthday. At about 9 PM their minivan was surrounded by hundreds of Critical Mass cyclists. Having boxed in the car, the moonbats pounded on the windows, terrifying the children inside.

But this wasn't enough: one of the maniacs actually threw his bike at the van, shattering the rear window, as Ferrando repeatedly screamed, "There are children in this car!"

Fortunately they had a cell phone and were rescued by the police soon after dialing 911. The moonbats claimed the minivan had bumped the tire of one of the bicycles, but the alleged victim, after admitting he wasn't hurt, refused to give his name or any other information and with a few curses rode away on his bike. Damage to the van was estimated at $5,300.

Sergeant Ed Callejas, lead cop on the scene, had encountered Critical Mass moonbats before, but had yet to see them so brazen in their sociopathic moonbattery:

I've seen the bikes swarm cars, and scratch them as they go by. I've seen guys get out of their cars and start fighting with the bikers, but if you had seen the faces on those little girls in tears. All I could do was apologize for what they had been through.

Callejas admits that the city barely even attempts to restrain the bikers' anarchistic behavior.

We sit there and they just go right through the red lights. What else can we do? Arrest one rider while 500 keep going?

Well, it would be a start, since I suppose opening up with a machine gun isn't a viable option. Instead the moonbats will be allowed to run riot until someone gets killed for looking like a normal person from suburbia or for raping Gaia by driving an automobile.

Critical Mass moonbats ready to ride.

Hat tip: The Mighty Righty.