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March 31, 2007

Moonbats After Chief Wahoo's Scalp

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:48 AM

Major League Baseball will precede the 2007 season by pandering to political correctness with the inaugural Civil Rights Game in Memphis, home of the National Civil Rights Museum. Jackie Robinson will be obsessed upon in an effort to prove what racists we are for having grandparents who watched him play for the Brooklyn Dodgers back in 1947. Also honored will be the race-baiting lunatic Spike Lee, who has been screaming at anyone who will listen that George Bush blew up the levees to be mean to New Orleans' black people.

But a politically incorrect cloud will hang above the guilt fest. The St. Louis Cardinals are playing the Cleveland Indians, whose logo features Chief Wahoo, hated by moonbats for reasons only a moonbat could explain:

Regardless of color, race, ethnic identity or political philosophy, any objective view of Wahoo must concede: It is a demeaning stereotype — the smiling, drunken fool so eager to please his racially insensitive white fans. […] Chief Wahoo […] is beyond the pale. It is so deliberately and flagrantly racist that it cannot hide behind the typical excuse that some Native Americans are not offended.

It's not true that liberals have no moral system. It's just that their moral system is so depraved as to be incomprehensible to a sensible person. There's nothing wrong with killing your own baby, siding with terrorists and dictators against your own country, stealing from the productive to finance the shiftless, blaspheming Christianity, or indulging in every sexual perversion imaginable. But this is a moral outrage:


Yet they expect us to take them seriously.

Hat tip: Tongue Tied 3.

Italian Becomes National Language of Italy: Moonbats Outraged

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:19 AM

Italian is now the official language of Italy, despite the objections of 75 members of parliament who voted against establishing the language in the country's constitution because they disapprove of such cultural imperialism.

Federico Bricolo screeched that his language is Venetian, not Italian. But they cut his mike because he screeched it in Venetian, and only Italian is allowed before parliament.

Franco Russo of Italy's Communist party whined about Benito Mussolini's attempts to Italianize the country by force.

The change to the constitution is purely symbolic, but any European attempt to reassert cultural identity in the face of Islamic imperialism and suffocating moonbattery is welcome.

Franco Russo doesn't want Italy getting Italianized.

March 30, 2007

EU to Fight Islamic Terror by Refusing to Acknowledge It

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:53 AM

The European Union is finally getting serious about Muslim terrorism. It has drawn up new guidelines assuring that it will no longer exist — because bureaucrats will no longer acknowledge it.

"Non-offensive" euphemisms will be used instead. Words to be avoided in the context of Muslim terror attacks include "jihad," "Islamic," and "fundamentalist."

Instead of saying "Islamic terrorism," dhimmified bureauweenies are supposed to bleat out the absurd term "terrorists who abusively invoke Islam."

Imagine if we had fought Nazis by referring to them as "enemy soldiers who abusively invoke fascism." At least it would have spared Europe from the Muslim conquest that is now well underway.


The EU antiterror strategy.

Hat tip: LGF.

The Debate Is Over

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:17 AM

The Goracle has announced that the debate on global warming is over, and that everyone agrees with him. But as Doug Patton points out, two can play this game.

Why not declare that the debate is over and that everyone knows babies are babies even before they are born? That marriage can only be between a man and a woman? That an armed citizenry is more secure? That government spends too much? That taxes are too high? That education can't be entrusted to bureaucrats? That child molesters ought to be prevented from repeating their crimes? That illegal aliens need to leave? That terrorist Islam must be defeated? That murderers deserve to die?

Patton sums up nicely with this:

Oh yes, and outside Hollywood and the ranks of adoring Democrats in the United States Congress, who look at him as a rock star, there is no longer any serious debate over the basic points that make up the consensus on Al Gore. He is an enviro-fascist hypocrite who lives in a Tennessee mansion that uses 30 times the energy of the average American home, yet he has taken it upon himself to lead a worldwide wacko movement that wants to force us to radically alter our way of life in the pursuit of zealous extremism to achieve dubious results in addressing a problem that may not even exist.
The debate is over.

John Travolta, Owner of Five Jets, Lectures Us on Global Warming

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:37 AM

When it comes to the global warming hoax, the hypocrisy of moonbats knows no bounds. Check out movie star John Travolta's driveway:

John Travolta International Airport.

He owns five jets and his own private runway. In the past year he's flown at least 30,000 miles, producing 800 tons of carbon emissions — about 100 times that of an average citizen.

At least that means we won't have to listen to him preach about how we peasants should get around by bicycle for the sake of the polar bears, right? Wrong. At the British premier of his new movie Wild Hogs, he tooled down the red carpet on a Harley-Davidson to announce:

It [global warming] is a very valid issue. I'm wondering if we need to think about other planets and dome cities. Everyone can do their bit. But I don't know if it's not too late already. We have to think about alternative methods of fuel.

If only we could send Tinseltown's environmental evangelists out to find those other planets. I wouldn't be surprised if Travolta has a spaceship somewhere on his estate that could take the whole bunch.

Captain Travolta clears himself for takeoff.

On a tip from nanc.

9/11 Conspiracy Theories Reach the Mainstream

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:57 AM

Compliments of the irresponsible jackasses running ABC, here is the deranged moonbat Rosie O'Donnell explaining to housewives across the country that one of the buildings at the World Trade Center was brought down in a controlled demolition as part of a conspiracy:

Though she doesn't say so here, Tokyo Rosie wants people to believe that the point was to destroy records on behalf of evil capitalists.

As the culture presented to us as our own by our television sets continues to deteriorate, no doubt we can look forward to revelations that Bush Sr. kidnapped the Lindbergh baby and it was Ronald Reagan on that grassy knoll in Dallas.

On a tip from WatchingRosie.

March 29, 2007

Chocolate Jesus

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:32 PM

Cosimo Cavallaro has joined the list of artists to promote themselves by passing off anti-Christian blasphemy as art.

Previously Cavallaro's most famous work was the act of coating a NYC hotel room in melted mozzarella. But he's moved on to more sophisticated pranks with "My Sweet Lord," a life-sized anatomically correct statue of Jesus Christ made from 200 pounds of chocolate.

Other works in this genre include Andres Serrano's "Piss Christ" (a photo of a crucifix soaking in urine) and Chris Ofili's "Holy Virgin Mary" (a crude painting meant to represent the Virgin Mary, covered with elephant feces and genitals cut out of porno magazines).

Daring, aren't they? Now let's see a naked chocolate Mohammad.

The art community's latest vulgar blasphemy.

On a tip from Bill V.

Hollyweird Whacko Danny Glover For Mayor of San Francisco

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:19 AM

Is it still possible for San Franfreakshow to plunge even deeper into moonbattery? The surprising answer is yes: by electing zillionaire movie star and ultra-left nutcase Danny Glover as mayor.

A few highlights from Glover's stellar career in moonbattery:

  • Shortly after 9/11, announced that we are in no position to pass judgment on terrorists, because America is "one of the main purveyors of violence in this world."
  • Denounced post-9/11 displays of patriotism: "It's basically this rabid [post-9/11] nationalism that has its own kind of potential of being maniacal, in some sense."
  • Accused President Bush of being a racist and his administration of being composed of "liars and murderers."
  • Pledged support for the communist dictatorship in Cuba.
  • Supports the Maoist fanatics of Not In Our Name.
  • Lavished praise upon the commies at Monthly Review.
  • Publicly denounced Ronald Reagan immediately after learning of his death.

Other bullet points on Glover's resume have been noted here earlier:

Oh, and he has:

San Franfreakshow has found its man!

Glover's advantage: he can't be outflanked on the left.

On a tip from V the K.

David Hicks Confesses, Moonbats Don't Care

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:29 AM

Aussie terrorist David Hicks, a Club Gitmo vacationer who converted to Islam and joined al-Qaeda, has confessed to crimes against civilization. But that won't cost him the love of the lunatic Left. A few choice quotations can be found in this extract from a piece by Andrew Bolt:

From the International Commission of Jurists' Glenn McGowan: "Who amongst us would not consider, in his shoes, pleading guilty just to escape a hellhole?"
From Liberty Victoria's Brian Walters: "After five years in shocking conditions … any ray of light showing a way out would be taken, and it has been."
From The Age: "Desperation drives the deal."
And from Greens leader Bob Brown: "His guilty plea is simply a plea for release for exit from the inhumane Guantanamo Bay gulag."
It is typical of the often hysterical excuses made for Hicks, and laced with anti-Americanism, that Brown equates Guantanamo Bay with the Soviet Union's gulag — equates the imprisonment of some 400 accused terrorists, many caught on the battlefield, with the imprisonment of 18 million civilians in conditions so brutal that a million or more died.
So routine is this kind of exaggeration that even ABC reporters told of their surprise this week at seeing Hicks at his hearing looking fat, healthy, tanned and jokey, after all, rather than gaunt, pale and crushed.

Bolt notes that when Hicks joined al-Qaeda in January 2001, the terrorist franchise had already publicly demanded "all Muslims able to do so to kill Americans — whether civilian or military." As he was in training with al-Qaeda, Hicks told his family he was a "practical soldier," training for martyrdom. His hope was to help see to it that "Western-Jewish domination is finished, so we live under Muslim rule again." As his own father was forced to admit:

He's a terrorist in our eyes and he's fighting against his own.

Naturally moonbats righteously take his side as they coo over the inconveniences that he may have suffered at luxurious Club Gitmo.

At least we have a simple and reliable means to distinguish friend from foe. Moonbats will invariably side with the latter.


Berkeley Blogger Wants to Embed With US Troops

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:36 AM

Sean Penn's title as the most absurd "journalist" ever to venture to the Middle East is in serious jeopardy. Berkeley caricature Jane Stillwater is on her way to Iraq to embed with the US military as a blogger.

In case our troops are too busy to baby-sit stray geriatric hippies, Swillwater has alternate plans: she'll sleep on the beach in Kuwait for three weeks while she waits for her flight home.

The intrepid journalist isn't bringing a laptop; she'll just transmit her stories from Internet cafes. She also doesn't figure she'll need a translator:

I've been all over the world, and you always find people who speak English.

Dressing like a bag lady in clothes she finds discarded on the street, Bongwater managed to save money for her ticket by eating nothing but peanut butter sandwiches. She has had children with four different men without ever getting married.

Past Stillwater stunts include traveling to DC on the Fourth of July to serve President Bush with an eviction notice. The San Franfreakshow Comical thinks she's great.

Practicing practicing "Catholic/Christian/Hindu/Muslim/Buddhist" Jane Stillwater at prayer.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Jamestown: Celebrate, Don't "Commemorate"

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:48 AM

The disease known as moonbattery has so twisted us against ourselves that we can no longer look back on our own proud history without neurotic shame. Alternative festivities have had to be planned to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Jamestown settlement this year, because official events will portray the spread of Western Civilization to North America as a tragedy.

The word "celebration" has been banned from use in taxpayer-funded Jamestown 2007 events in favor of the term "commemoration." After all, as anti-Caucasian activist Mary Wade screeches, "You can't celebrate an invasion."

Exhibition galleries will glorify the Stone Age barbarians who preceded the colonists to Virginia, characterizing them as avatars of political correctness whose "advanced complex society" was "in harmony with the life that surrounds them." Actually, these saintly savages murdered 400 colonists — men, women, and children — during the Jamestown Massacre on Good Friday in 1622.

Exhibitions will also include an African queen who fought the Portuguese in what is now Angola. What this has to do with the birth of America is anyone's guess. The first African slave didn't show up in Jamestown until 1654 — and he was owned by another African.

As Chuck Norris notes, the extent to which the Jamestown settlement was a Christian mission will be forcibly downplayed. The countless benefits of the dissemination of English culture will be ignored.

Fortunately an alternative event called The Jamestown Quadricentennial: A Celebration of America's Providential History will be taking place in the Jamestown/Williamsburg/Yorktown triangle on June 11–16. If we let moonbats take our history, it will be all the easier for them to take our future.

A re-creation of Jamestown's first church.

On a tip from Chris.

March 28, 2007

Moonbats Delighted With Tony Snow's Cancer

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:27 PM

News that Tony Snow's cancer has returned was received with great sadness by the civilized world — and with venomous glee by moonbats. Here are some examples of comments on the topic at the liberal Wonkette:

Under the heading of 'What goes around comes around', the cancer in Tony Snow is removing the cancer of Tony Snow from the national scene.
Dear Tony, I hate you. -God
Let's see him spin this one away.
Jesus Christ!--is there NOTHING on earth the Bush flacks won't use for political gain?
The best (or worst) thing about Instant Karma is that it works.
Tell The Lying Sack of Crap To Suck It Up and Live With It
Look, this as*hole Snow, even though in a VERY small way, lied and helped keep this idiot fu**ing war going. […] Why waste a moment on the fate of Tony Snow or his colon/cancer?

Not all of Wonkette's readers are drunk on hatred. Here's a voice of reason:

May God bless Tony Snow and his family. Tony, I am praying for your full recovery. May God also bless those of you who have posted here without compassion. I am praying for your recovery as well.

But soon others come back with remarks like this:

Yes, the Holier Than Thou crowd is right. We should wish Tony, W, Cheney and Gonzales nothing but the best of health, so that we can then waterboard the shit out of them until they tell us the truth about, well, anything would be nice.

Funny, I don't recall any conservatives reacting like this when Elizabeth Edwards' cancer returned.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Botched Joke's Revenge

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:44 PM

John "Botched Joke" Kerry's run for the presidency managed to scare the pants off people who care about this country, but fortunately floundered — in part due to the efforts of the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth, who revealed the absurdity of his attempts to pass himself off as a war hero. Now, with his political career in a tailspin after he insulted the American military once too many times, Kerry has managed to exact some petty revenge.

President Bush was compelled to withdraw the nomination of Sam Fox for ambassador to Belgium after Kerry made a monstrous stink out of Fox's 2004 contribution to the Swift Boat Vets, rallying a lynch mob of fellow Dems behind him.

An embittered Hanoi John assailed Fox during confirmation hearings, demanding to know why he would give money to a group that was supposedly "smearing and spreading lies" about him. Fox refused to apologize for his noble contribution, further infuriating Botched Joke, who is now triumphantly droning:

Sam Fox had every opportunity to disavow the politics of personal destruction and to embrace the truth. He chose not to. The White House made the right decision to withdraw the nomination.

Normally political contributions do not result in this sort of cheap retribution, but today's Dems are constantly searching out new lows. No doubt their friends in the media will enforce the usual double standard if Republicans ever respond in kind.

Unfortunately for Botched Joke, he can't unpublish this book.

On a tip from Byron.

Getting Desperate

Posted by Dave Blount at 4:41 PM

Endorsements don't come cheap these days. Former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack has announced he will endorse Shrillary Rotten for President. For its part, the Clinton campaign has promised to help pay off the $400,000 debt Milksac ran up during his own foolish quest for the presidency, which fell quickly and quietly onto its face.

Shrillary's people say there is no connection between the endorsement and the promise, indicating the level of honesty we can expect to return to the White House if Clintons are again allowed to infest it.

Milksop with his sugar mommy.

On a tip from Bill V.

Deceitful Troll Hounded Cathy Seipp on Her Deathbed

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:31 AM

As conservative columnist, blogger, and media critic Cathy Seipp lay on her deathbed, hours away from losing her long fight with cancer at age 49, a strange letter appeared on the website, supposedly written by Seipp herself. As described by Fox News:

In what came off as more bizarre rant than heartfelt apology, her supposed "very last blog entry" called her years of journalism a "shoddy," "despicable" and "irresponsible" career as a "fourth-rate hack." Her political stance? All a mistake.
The fiery, unwavering supporter of George W. Bush supposedly said she'd done a complete 180 in the past year and was now an implied supporter of Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y. What was even more perplexing was that "Seipp" was taking mean-spirited potshots at her own daughter, Maia Lazar, whom she called an "obnoxious" and "arrogant" wanna-be "skank" who was "mentally ill." Throughout the letter, the one person whom "Seipp" seemed most sorry for ever having offended was Maia's 10th-grade journalism teacher, who had frequently clashed with mother and daughter. Finally, "Seipp" said she was probably to blame for her own illness — the "venom" she'd spewed for years was responsible for her terminal cancer.

The actual author was a cyberstalking troll by the name of Eliot Stein, a former online talk-show host and stand-up comic who briefly taught Seipp's daughter in a journalism class. The obsessive bitterness often characteristic of moonbats motivated him to register the domain name (Seipp's real site is Stein's phony site has at last been taken down.

Fortunately Seipp had no knowledge of what Stein had just posted in her name when she passed away.

Cathy Seipp, RIP.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Cute Knut's Persecution Continues

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:40 AM

Moonbat demands for the death of Cute Knut have been denied. But the cuddly polar bear cub's persecution continues; now he's been falsely accused in the death of a 22-year-old panda.

From Spiegel Online:

Berlin Zoo's delight over its superstar Knut has been tempered by the sudden death of lady Panda Yan Yan — long one of its major attractions. Her passing initially triggered speculation that the attention surrounding the baby polar bear was too much for her. But vets said she died of constipation.

In the sort of coincidence MSM reporters might characterize as "eerie," Yan Yan means "The Cute One."

Cute Knut trying to look innocent.

On a tip from V the K.

March 27, 2007

Rosie O'Donnell Sides With Iran Against Kidnapped Brits

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:26 PM

It can't be easy for Rosie O'Donnell to constantly come up with remarks still more demented, moronic, and vile than anything she's ever bellowed before. Yet she manages.

Here's Rosie's take on Iran's latest outrageous provocation:

But interesting with the British sailors, there were 15 British sailors and Marines who apparently went into Iranian waters and they were seized by the Iranians. And I have one thing to say: Gulf of Tonkin, Google it. Okay.

By this she means that the kidnapping by Iran of 15 British military personnel is as fake as the atrocities of 9/11. Apparently it was all staged to give us an excuse to oppress the poor ayatollahs, who no doubt are as innocent and peace-loving as her heartthrob Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

Even France, by the way, admits the Brits were not in Iranian waters.

Rosie O with another creature from her world.

On a tip from Wiggins.

9/11 Hijackers Still Alive Per Taxachusetts Governor Deval Patrick's Website

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:56 PM

Luxury-loving Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick is drinking some very high-octane Kool-Aid, to judge from his website:

9/11 is being used to justify war after war and the coming state of martial law in America. 9/11 was clearly a fraud conducted by members of our own government in an effort to take over the world. Much like Operation Northwood’s, in 1962, 9/11 was scripted by a group within our government to create fear and allow for a doctrine of preemptive war against nations that are geostrategically important to our imperialistic desires.

One reason we know 9/11 was inside job is because:

Hijackers alive post 9/11. At least 7 of the "hijackers" have been interviewed by major news networks.

Unfortunately your television can only receive these major news networks if you attach the antenna to your tinfoil hat.

Patrick Deval with his beloved Caddie.

On tips from V the K and Bernie.

The Trees Are Alive With Naked Moonbats

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:26 AM

The University of California plans to build a new athletic facility on the edge of the Berkeley campus. This will require removing several oak trees. Moonbats are not pleased.

A campaign to rescue the trees from human incursion into their urban habitat entails moonbats actually living in the trees, as we would all go back to doing if environmentalists had their way.

Cleverly exploiting the moonbats to generate some publicity, local art photographer Jack Gescheidt issued a call for volunteers to pose naked in the trees. Zombie ventured into Berserkeley's carnival of moonbattery to take some pictures of his own. A couple of samples:

Tree-dwelling moonbats.

Naked moonbats go out on a limb.

Warning: Zombie's complete collection is uncensored and not for the squeamish.

On a tip from Bill V.

Gray Lady Sings the Praises of Castration

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:03 AM

The New York Times has lent its megaphone to Dalhousie University professor Richard Wassersug, who compares himself to a Biblical angel after having undergone chemical castration in the course of prostate cancer treatment. A few excerpts:

God is thought to surround himself with angels as advisers and emissaries, who are identical in appearance to males castrated before puberty: tall, beardless, nonsexual beings with voices like the legendary castrati. […]
When I was stoked up on testosterone in the old days, for example, I would obsess about exacting revenge on those who offended me. Now I see the foolishness in such macho fury. […]
I don't recall crying much as an adult, but since my castration I'll weep while watching Mothers Against Drunk Driving commercials. […] I've become more sensitive to the trials and tribulations of others. I am thus no longer embarrassed by my tears. I consider them humanizing, just as they are for angels. The link to my chemical castration is obvious; testosterone fuels aggression but suppresses empathy and the ability to cry. […]
Singing in a group never appealed to me before my castration, because it offered little opportunity for individual advancement. But recently I joined a choir, where I now enjoy the richness of the collective sound born of collaboration — and how much I've gained by accepting how much I've changed.

Maybe moonbats could put something in the water to make us all into eunuchs. Of course then we couldn't reproduce — but so much the better for Gaia.

Richard Wassersug, proud eunuch.

On a tip from V the K.

Leftist Lawyer Dan Kovalik Uses Archaic Statute to Harass US Companies

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:38 AM

Left-wing lawyer Dan Kovalik is using an 18th century statute meant to target pirates to sue American companies for the chaos taking place in backwards parts of the world.

The Alien Tort Claims Act of 1789 wasn't used for over 200 years until moonbats discovered they could exploit it to shake down US companies operating overseas. It allows foreign residents to file suits in American courts for injuries suffered "in violation of the law of nations or a treaty of the United States."

Kovalik is employing it to punish the Drummond mining company for the violence that is endemic in Colombia. To its credit, Drummond is standing firm and will not offer a settlement, as it asserts it has had nothing whatsoever to do with the violence. Regardless of the company's innocence, this takes some backbone, because a trial will doubtlessly generate bad publicity. However, the alternative is to pay off moonbats who will only return with more lawsuits when they've found a way to make easy money by putting the screws to the corporations they so hate.

John Murphy, vice president for international affairs at the US Chamber of Commerce, had this to say about Kovalik's activities:

The framers of the Constitution would shudder at the thought that the Alien Tort Claims Act is being used to hit up U.S. companies for events that have happened in foreign countries that are completely outside their ability to influence. […] This is the most creative kind of lawyering that we've ever seen.

Douglas Branson, a law professor at the University of Pittsburgh, characterizes the Act as the exclusive province of "hippies who wear bandannas and Levis." That accurately describes Kovalik, who plays his guitar in Pittsburgh's Market Square and considers himself to be harassing employers like Drummond "on behalf of working people."

Kovalik tries to do his hero Che Guevara proud.

On a tip from General Jack D. Ripper.

William Arkin: Call Off War on Terror

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:50 AM

You might recall William Arkin, the insufferable WaPo/NBC propagandist who had this to sneer about American troops:

Through every Abu Ghraib and Haditha, through every rape and murder, the American public has indulged those in uniform […]
So, we pay the soldiers a decent wage, take care of their families, provide them with housing and medical care and vast social support systems and ship obscene amenities into the war zone for them, we support them in every possible way, and their attitude is that we should in addition roll over and play dead, defer to the military and the generals and let them fight their war, and give up our rights and responsibilities to speak up because they are above society?

Now he wants us to call off the war — not just the war in Iraq but the whole War on Terror. An aimless ramble through his paranoid notions, during which he refers to the Vice President as "Darth Cheney," concludes with this:

Beyond fear, beyond Iraq, and beyond this administration, we are still going to be faced with the question as to how to "fight," that is, how to counter, those who would do us harm.
I say it is through ending the war and returning to a far quieter process of intelligence vigilance and law enforcement. […] [T]he war description isn't quite right because the struggle isn't fundamentally a war and nor should it be approached that way.
No one should be yearning to "return" to the good old days of a 2001 counter-terror effort. Too much has changed and the shoot-'em-up and kill them one terrorist at a time has been proven fruitless. But all that fear has done a pretty good job of ensuring that no one is really allowed to question the basic endeavor.

There's no need to kill terrorists when we can rely on vigilance and law enforcement. If the next plane Muslims crash into a skyscraper has a nuclear bomb on board, we'll just take note of the occurrence and arrest the perpetrators. Too bad Arkin wasn't around during WWII; he could have told us to arrest Hitler and Tojo and be spared the trouble of fighting a war.

His mouth is still running.

On a tip from Wiggins.

As in Zimbabwe, So in Venezuela

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:11 AM

Potentially wealthy Zimbabwe has been reduced to a miserable hand-to-mouth existence by socialist thug Robert Mugabe, who has destroyed the economy by stealing property from its rightful owners and redistributing it on a political basis. Now Hugo Chavez is steering Venezuela along the same path.

Chavez's latest assault on the property rights that make all other rights possible is a plan for creating more "collective property" — i.e., property appropriated from its rightful owners by his increasingly totalitarian regime.

The results will be more of the same. Chavez's ham-fisted authoritarianism has already created serious shortages of basic food staples like meat, milk and sugar. But his supporters will be pleased to note that capitalists aren't making any profits.

South America's answer to Robert Mugabe.

On a tip from Brooklyn Red Leg.

Shrillary Panders to Militant Homosexual Agenda

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:53 AM

An increasingly desperate Shrillary Rotten has come a-crawling to the country's largest homosexual activist group, the Human Rights Campaign, promising them the world if they help elect her Empress.

Although Shrillary's official position has been against gay "marriage," she is also opposed to a constitutional amendment preventing it. More disturbingly, she supports gay adoption, which would allow the gay community to indulge its pederastic tendencies by acquiring underage sex slaves.

She also promised to extend hate crimes legislation so that gays become a little more equal than the rest of us before the eyes of the law. As for the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy, that would be history — regardless of the effect on morale of gays flaunting their perversions in the armed forces.

Shrillary lining up her friends.

On a tip from nanc.

March 26, 2007

Milking Moonbats

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:58 PM

The global warming hoax may make the poor poorer, but Prince Albert and his coconspirator Maurice Strong aren't the only ones exploiting it to turn a tidy profit. Melissa Pickett, an eco-therapist in Santa Fe, reportedly milks 40 to 80 moonbats with eco-anxiety per month.

Eco-anxiety is the neurotic state that results from taking the relentless barrage of global warming propaganda seriously. Symptoms include panic attacks, poor appetite, irritability, bouts of weakness, sleeplessness, and a sensation that the cells in your body are twitching. For a fee, Pickett can cure these symptoms by telling patients to carry around natural objects, such as certain minerals.

On tips from Bill V. and V the K.

Tim Yeo Enters Eco-Hypocrite Sweepstakes

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:17 PM

Remember Tim Yeo, the British MP who wants to abolish domestic air travel for all but the ultrarich to save us from global warming? He's in the news again:

Tory MP Tim Yeo has surely been the victim of a cruel practical joke. Yeo, a former environment minister, is well known for his campaign against climate change. He wants domestic flights to be scrapped and his website boasts of his commitment to the planet. Yet what do we find in the latest Bentley magazine? Somebody calling themselves Tim Yeo, MP for South Suffolk, has been test driving the Bentley Continental Flying Spur. He sinks into the warm embrace of its leather seats and takes it on a golfing jolly. The Bentley does about 16mpg and has carbon emissions that rival those of a jumbo jet. Surely the real Tim Yeo would have mentioned this?
Yeo-Yeo holds forth.

On a tip from V the K.

British Diplomat Craig Murray Sides With Iran

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:02 PM

At least moonbats are reliable: you can always count on them to side with the enemy. This tendency is particularly pronounced in diplomatic bureauweenies, like former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray — who has come down firmly on the side of the hostile Iranian regime that has kidnapped 15 British marines.

Here's how Murray excuses the ayatollahs' bad behavior:

For the Royal Navy, to be interdicting shipping within the twelve mile limit of territorial seas in a region they know full well is subject to maritime boundary dispute, is unnecessarily provocative.

Murray used to head the Foreign Offices maritime section, which carries out negotiations on the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. My guess is that the UK did not come out on top in these negotiations. Imagine going to court with your own lawyer on the other guy's side. Also on his resume is a stint as head of Britain's Embargo Surveillance Centre, which watched as Saddam made a mockery of sanctions.

Murray further opined:

The Iranians can feel content that they have demonstrated the ability to exercise effective sovereignty over the waters they claim.

If Murray isn't on the terrorist mullahs' payroll, he ought to be.

Craig Murray displays a bureauweenie smirk.

On a tip from V the K.

Sean Penn Denounces the Moisture of America's Blood-Soaked Underwear

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:57 AM

Over the weekend, actor/clown Sean Penn teamed up with leftist Rep. Barbara Lee to demand immediate surrender to the terrorists we have chosen to fight in Iraq rather than Manhattan. Even on Lee's home turf — the extremely moonbat-friendly Oakland — attendance was light. Too bad, because Penn really had his rhetoric in overdrive. Check out this nugget of Pig Penn's eloquence:

We cower as you point your fingers telling us to support our troops — well, you and the smarmy pundits in your pocket — those who bathe in the moisture of your blood-soaked underwear can take that noise and shove it, because we will be snowed no more. […] Let's fight this president and put him in (expletive) jail.

Why isn't this guy doing Shakespeare?

Penn unsurprisingly lives in nearby Marin County, the same festering nest of liberal elite moonbattery that produced Johnny Taliban. In the past, he has repaid the debt he owes the country that made him a zillionaire by going on propaganda junkets to Iraq and Iran, where he sided with our enemies as enthusiastically as Hanoi Jane in North Vietnam.

For her part, the treasonous Lee is one of a handful of Democrats so hostile to their own country that they voted against Pelousy's surrender bill, on the grounds that it would provide money to the troops fighting on their behalf.

Among the more intelligent of those in attendance was a dog named Ellie, who wore a cape that read "Pups for Peace" on one side and "Peace Mongrels Against War Mongers" on the other.

Our generation's Jane Fonda.

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Gaiaist Master Plan

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:13 AM

Compliments of V the K, here's an idea of what the USA will look like if envirokooks have their way. The tiny pale blue areas indicate where we will have the right to use our own property:


March 25, 2007

John Ashton, Envirocrusading Bureauweenie

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:05 AM

Maybe we've been too hard on the Goracle. It's not like he's the only outrageously hypocritical global warming crusader. Consider John Ashton, whose job is to lecture the world about the perils of human activity on behalf of the British government, and whose "carbon footprint" is well over 30 times the national average.

Ashton jets here, there, and everywhere, demanding that other countries reduce their CO2 emissions, lest the planet be engulfed in apocalyptic doom. Since starting work last June, he has logged a staggering 80,000 miles flying to climate-change conferences, where he bloviates with other useless bureauweenies about this imaginary crisis at taxpayers' expense.

Within one year of taking office, Ashton's pointless travels will have added 22.3 tons of dreaded CO2 to the atmosphere. The British average is 0.7 tons per year. Apparently with a straight face, the Foreign Office asserts that Ashton's emissions are okay because they are offset by the department's commitment to become carbon neutral.

John Ashton, frequent flier extraordinaire.

Hat tip: Discarded Lies.

March 24, 2007

Dumber Than a Sixth Grader

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Al Gore is not advised to try his luck on the new Fox show Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? He doesn't seem to be nearly as smart as the 6th graders at Trail Ridge Middle School in Longmont, Colorado, who put global warming on trial and found it guilty of fraud.

Instead of presenting the kids with Gore's surreal horror film An Inconvenient Truth as if it were factual, paleontology teacher Ken Poppe allowed students to present both sides of the debate while acting as prosecution and defense. By a vote of 7 to 4 the jury confirmed that global warming is part of a natural cycle that is not caused by human activity.

Unfortunately Prince Albert wasn't in attendance. He might have learned something.

First in demogoguery, last in smarts.

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Environmentalists Swear Off Toilet Paper

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:58 AM

If you have the feeling there is something unclean about moonbats, you might be righter than you know. Manhattan writers Colin Beavan and Michelle Conlin are campaigning to serve Gaia in part by swearing off toilet paper.

Other rules that they are imposing on themselves as part of a publicity stunt they call No Impact include eating only food grown "organically" within 250 miles of Manhattan (although they cheat), shopping as little as possible, using no carbon-fueled transportation, and not throwing anything in the garbage but instead using a composter that stinks up their pricey Fifth Avenue apartment.

It's no longer possible to make fun of environmentalists. All you can do is let them make fun of themselves.

Michelle Conlin taking carbon-free moonbat transport.

Protesters Publicly Defecate on American Flag

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:19 AM

For moonbats, the worst thing about 9/11 must have been all the flags on display afterwards. Due to years of relentless anti-American propagandizing by the mainstream media, the tide of public opinion has turned — at least to the extent that progressives now feel emboldened to express their true feelings toward Old Glory.

In liberal Portland last weekend, an estimated 15,000 demonstrated against US efforts to defend civilization in Iraq. As noted earlier, some of them burned an American soldier in effigy, as well as an American flag. Now it comes to light that one moonbat dropped his drawers and defecated on the burning American flag, in public, in the presence of women and children. He was rewarded with cheers from the crowd.

Nothing could more perfectly illustrate the culture of moonbattery — the loathsome social disease that is engulfing our civilization, literally immersing it in sewage.

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March 23, 2007

Sharia Comes to Germany

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:20 AM

A Muslim woman in Germany being abused by her husband was denied a quick divorce out of dhimmitude.

Judge Christa Datz-Winter opined that the divorce should stay on the slow track because the spouses come from a "Moroccan cultural environment in which it is not uncommon for a man to exert a right of corporal punishment over his wife." She even cited a passage from the Koran indicating that "men are in charge of women."

Germany's Institute for Islamic Questions would like to remind us that not all Muslims beat their wives. Not all of them are terrorists either. It may even be true that not all Muslims want to supplant Western Civilization with their own.

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Moonbat Versus Moonbat

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Unable to wait another moment for the USA to surrender to Islamic terrorists in Iraq, four Code Pink militants announced they were going to sack Nancy Pelosi's office. In a suitable response, they were arrested.

Like the spoiled children they resemble in so many ways, the Code Pinkos wept outside Pelosi's office out of "outrage that this is all we can get from the Democrats." This refers to the Iraq supplemental funding bill, which doesn't immediately pull the rug out from under our troops.

Queen of the Code Pinkos Medea Benjamin growled that "now the war belongs to the Democrats as well as the Republicans" — an encouraging sign that if a lunatic like Ralph Nader can be coaxed into running as an independent, votes could be drawn from the Dems' radical Left base.

Code Pink might get a warmer reception at Mad Howie's office.

Hat tip: LGF.

Ecokooks Torching Cars in Denver

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:49 AM

Following the lead of the Muslim barbarians overrunning France, American ecokooks have taken to torching people's cars.

Residents of Denver's normally quiet Cherry Creek district were woken by an explosion early Wednesday morning to see flames rising 15 into the air from the remains of a Hummer H2 parked at the curb in front of its owner's house. The letters ELF were markered onto the ruined vehicle — a calling card from the environmentalist group Earth Liberation Front.

Two other vehicles were torched in Cherry Creek that same night, most likely by ELF terrorists. There have also been tire slashings in the neighborhood.

Underneath the feel-good froth, environmentalism is an antihuman ideology — possibly the most profoundly evil doctrine yet devised. Moderate environmentalists want to cripple human civilization; the true believers want to end it. In light of this fact, ELF's antisocial tactics are hardly surprising.

vandalized-hummer-1.jpg  vandalized-hummer-2.jpg
A Hummer targeted by Al Gore's moonbat minions.

Hat tip: Slapstick Politics.

Charlie Sheen Still Wearing His Tinfoil Hat

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:12 AM

The task of moonbattery is to eat endlessly away not only at America, at patriotism, at liberty, at capitalism, at Christianity, and at decency, but at sanity itself. In furtherance of this objective, Hollyweird cokehead Charlie Sheen — the guy who manages to be a "scumbag" even by madam Heidi Fleiss's standards — will be narrating a new version of a nutty YouTube documentary called "Loose Change," which advances the bizarre theory that the atrocities of 9/11 were committed by the US government.

In Sheen's case moonbattery runs in the blood. His father Martin Sheen, who appears to be unreachably insane, has been arrested 63 times for making a public nuisance of himself on behalf of left-wing causes.

Past generations got guys like Glenn Ford. We get this.

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March 22, 2007

"Day of Silence" Dissent Silenced

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:14 PM

April 18 is an important holiday in our public schools. It's called the "Day of Silence." Students and teachers honor it by being quiet to echo the alleged silent suffering of homosexuals. Kids are encouraged to wear t-shirts and buttons endorsing the homosexual lifestyle.

Silence is also applied to dissent. Last year in the Chicago suburb Naperville, Heidi Zamecnik wore a shirt after the day of silence reading "Be happy, not gay." The authorities were not amused. A school counselor crossed out "not gay" with black marker.

A lawsuit has been filed to uphold Heidi's right to wear a similar shirt the day after this year's "Day of Silence," on the grounds that even people who don't advocate homosexuality have a right to free speech.

This will come as news to Kathleen Sirovy, principal of Oakmont High School in the Sacramento area. When students at her school observed their own "Day of Truth" by wearing shirts that read "Homosexuality is sin. Jesus can set you free," they were given a choice: take off the shirts or get suspended. Sirovy explained that students were "upset" because the shirts were "rude."

Freedom of speech isn't for everyone.

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Interplanetary Warming

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The Goracle has been bellowing that "The planet has a fever." If so, it must be awfully contagious. The Martian South Pole's ice cap has been shrinking for several years. Jupiter is getting warmer too, and so is Pluto. As Fred Thompson remarks:

This has led some people, not necessarily scientists, to wonder if Mars and Jupiter, non signatories to the Kyoto Treaty, are actually inhabited by alien SUV-driving industrialists who run their air-conditioning at 60 degrees and refuse to recycle.
Silly, I know, but I wonder what all those planets, dwarf planets and moons in our SOLAR system have in common. Hmmmm. SOLAR system. Hmmmm. Solar? I wonder. Nah, I guess we shouldn't even be talking about this. The science is absolutely decided. There's a consensus.
Ask Galileo.
The world revolves around this, not Gore's moonbat ideology.

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Comments Fixed

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Thanks for your patience.


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My apologies: the comments aren't working. I'm looking into it…

The Pleather Channel

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These days liberals politicize even the weather — particularly at the wacky Weather Channel, which has once again plunged headlong into moonbattery.

Pushing politics beyond global warming hype that might at least increase the channel's ratings, meteorologist Jennifer Lopez recently referred to the insufferable Goracle as "former Vice President although we like to refer to him as former President-elect Al Gore."

Readers will recall that Gore lost the 2000 election, a fact unstable minions of the lunatic Left refuse to acknowledge to this day.

Readers will also recall that the Weather Channel's Heidi Cullen wants to play hardball by decertifying meteorologists who have too much integrity to play along with the global warming hoax.

The MSM can make even the weather fake. Just call it the Pleather Channel.

Meteorological moonbat Jennifer Lopez.

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Moonbat Extracurricular Education

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:26 AM

Budding young moonbats don't get all of their indoctrination in publicly funded schools. Some of it takes place outside of the classroom. For example, here we see a young girl watching as the grownups burn an American solider in effigy in progressive Portland, Oregon the other day:


The tyke must have also seen Old Glory go up in flames at this event:

Via LGF.

But don't question their patriotism, because they support the troops.

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin.

March 21, 2007

Joe Barton Lays Waste to the Goracle

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:30 PM

Kudos to Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX), who used a hearing before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce as an opportunity to rip Al Gore's hysterical global warming propaganda into tiny bits of confetti. He had this to say to the Goracle:

You just gave us an idea for a straight CO2 freeze, if I heard you correctly. I think that's an idea that's flawed. If you take that literally, we can add no new industry, nor new cars and trucks on our streets, and apparently no new people. People are mobile-source emitters. Every person emits 0.2 tons of CO2 a year, so an absolute true freeze would be no new industry, no new people, and no new cars.

No new industry, no new cars, no new people. That pretty much sums up the environmental agenda. While tearing down the lie that CO2 drives climate change, Barton sums up Gore himself:

Mr. Vice President, you're not just off a little. You're totally wrong.

Barton noted that changes in CO2 levels follow climate changes by hundreds of years rather than preceding them, and that CO2 levels in the past have been many times higher than they are today.

Prince Albert was called to account for some of his groundless predictions, including his outlandish 20-foot rise in sea levels and the discredited notions that global warming will strengthen hurricanes and spread malaria, a disease that is common in frozen Siberia.

As for Gore's radical policy recommendations:

Your suggestion of a carbon tax is a something that would harm our competitiveness, raise costs to American families, export jobs, and actually do very little to improve our environment. Likewise, a Kyoto-style cap-and-trade system for CO2 will mainly increase the price of electricity while providing few, if any, environmental benefits. These proposals, especially considering that neither of them includes large emitters of greenhouse gases such as China and India, fail the common-sense test that any legislation should meet: they provide little benefit at a huge cost.

Of course, from Gore's point of view, crippling environmentalist legislation has one rather large benefit: the victory of stifling bureaucracy over human freedom.

An evil socialist bureaucrat in George Orwell's 1984 exultantly describes the future as "a boot stamping on a human face — forever." If Al Gore et al. have their way, it won't be a boot, but a Birkenstock.

If enviromoonbats prevail, we'll have to get used to the taste.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Moonbats Spread Feces in Army Recruiting Office

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:48 PM

Milwaukee moonbats have exhibited their patriotism by attacking an Army recruiting center. Unsurprisingly the bold assault took place around 8 PM, when there would be no one inside.

Moonbats shattered the window and spread human waste around the office, to the proud delight of the Indymedia cesspool. The culprits are suburban brats in their teens and early twenties, some of them possibly revved into overdrive by the hyperbolic propaganda seeping from the UW-Milwaukee campus. At least a few are UWM students; I can only imagine what they've been taught by their professors.

If not even sordid stories like this can destroy our troops' morale, al-Qaeda doesn't have a chance. The thought that they are risking their lives to defend worthless scum that thanks them by spreading feces around recruiting centers has got to take a psychological toll. Fortunately most in the Armed Services seem to be aware that the antiwar Left represents a disease that has infected America; it does not represent America itself.

Moonbat handiwork.

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Dems Carry On the Copperhead Tradition

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:24 PM

To quote the legendary moonbat Karl Marx, history happens twice: "the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce." Tragedy was narrowly avoided when Copperhead Democrats failed to cause the Union to lose the Civil War. The farce is the gang of treasonous boobs who make up the Democrat Party today.

As Mackubin Thomas Owens notes in a review of Jennifer Weber's Copperheads: The Rise and Fall of Lincoln's Opponents in the North:

It is certain that the Union soldiers tired of hearing from the Copperheads that the Rebels could not be defeated. They surely tired of being described by the Copperheads as instruments of a tyrannical administration trampling the legitimate rights of the Southern states. The soldiers seemed to understand fairly quickly that the Copperheads preferred Lincoln's failure to the country's success. They also recognized that the Copperheads offered no viable alternative to Lincoln's policy except to stop the war. Does any of this sound familiar?

It certainly does, and so does this quote from an assistant surgeon in an Iowa regiment:

[I]t is a common saying here that if we are whipped, it will be by Northern votes, not by Southern bullets.

Substitute in "Democrat votes" and "al-Qaeda IEDs" and a soldier might be saying it today. This response from a group of Indiana troops to letters from Copperhead "friends" could be used today pretty much word for word:

Your letter shows you to be a cowardly traitor. No traitor can be my friend; if you cannot renounce your allegiance to the Copperhead scoundrels and own your allegiance to the Government which has always protected you, you are my enemy, and I wish you were in the ranks of my open, avowed, and manly enemies, that I might put a ball through your black heart, and send your soul to the Arch Rebel himself.

You have to give Dems credit for consistency. They tried to cause the Union's defeat. They succeeded in causing our defeat in Vietnam. Here they are at it again in the war against terrorist Islam. At least there's a silver lining. As Owens concludes:

The late nineteenth century Democratic party paid a high price for the influence of the Copperheads during the Civil War, permitting Republicans to "wave the bloody shirt" of rebellion and to vilify the party with the charge of disunion and treason. If its leaders are not careful, today's Democratic party may well pay the same sort of price for the actions of its antiwar base, which is doing its best to continue the Copperhead legacy.
Representing the Democrat Party even better than the jackass.

On a tip from Byron.

Light Bulbs Targeted For Nationwide Ban

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:13 AM

Nothing could be more emblematic of modern technology's wonders than the light bulb, cheaply illuminating the darkness as if by magic — just as nothing could be more emblematic of the environmentalist movement than attempts to ban it for allegedly contributing to global warming.

These attempts will hit the USA at a national level if Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA) has her way. One day after her colleague Rep. Don Manzullo (R-IL) announced that "the last thing we want to do is force legislation down people's throats" concerning lighting options, Harman introduced such legislation, which lists types of light bulbs that it will be illegal to sell. This illustrates the essential difference between an R or a D after a politician's name.

According to Harman, this latest bureaucratic intrusion into our homes could "transform America into an energy-efficient and energy-independent nation." No doubt it will save the polar bears too.

Illustrating why big business often plays along with the global warming hoax, the world's largest producer of light bulbs, Philips Lighting, backs banning traditional incandescent bulbs. This is because it can produce the more expensive compact fluorescent bulbs, which no doubt allow a higher profit margin. Choking off the incandescent market also has the benefit of choking off competitors who can produce nothing else.

Admits Philips Lighting spokesman Steve Goldmacher:

Given the choice of a 25 cent incandescent [bulb] to a $2 or $3 or $5 product … consumers have made that choice already over the years — they choose the more inefficient type […] so here we need to lead them a little by the hand and take those inefficient types off the market.

In this context, "inefficient" means "less expensive."

As usual, those of us on a tight budget suffer from the collusion between nanny state politicians, unscrupulous businessmen, and environmental ideologues. But I'm sure the polar bears will like our newly mandated $5 light bulbs.


On a tip from Jimbo.

March 20, 2007

What We're Fighting

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:00 PM

Just a little reminder of who it is the libs insist we surrender to in Iraq:

Although successful attacks have been down dramatically, terrorists in Iraq managed to get a vehicle rigged with explosives past an American checkpoint in Baghdad by planting two children in the back seat. Seeing the kids, soldiers waved it through.

The car parked next to a market. Then the adults inside jumped out and ran to a safe distance, from which they detonated the vehicle, blowing to bits the children inside as well as three innocent bystanders.

In another tactical development, al-Qaeda has taken to using chlorine bombs to terrorize Iraqi tribal leaders into compliance.

What do you expect? These are the folks who committed the atrocities of 9/11 — the guys progressives compare to our Minutemen — the butchers to whom the Democratic Party believes we should submit.

On a tip from Metalgarth.

James Hansen, Global Warming Media Whore

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:43 AM

Motor-mouthed global warming fanatic James Hansen is fond of bellowing that the government is trying to silence him. So it's surprising to learn that Hansen has treated his gullible media friends to an astounding 1,400 interviews over the last few years while on the job working for NASA.

Hansen attained the position of director of NASA's Goddard Institute of Space Studies before guzzling one too many pitchers of Kool-Aid and losing all rational perspective. If you open the window and listen closely you can probably hear him, wherever he may be, shouting at the top of his lungs that the end is nigh. He was a consultant on the Goracle's infamous propaganda piece A Convenient Lie.

James Hansen's vast mouth.

Pictures From Pelosiland

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:18 AM

Once again Zombie has captured the essence of moonbattery by descending into the streets of San Francisco and somehow returning alive to share his photography. Here are samples from a rally that took place Sunday, staged by the Stalinist front group ANSWER in support of demands that the USA surrender to the terrorists we've been fighting in Iraq:

Holding up a cue card for Brian Williams et al.

Pleople have the strangest ideas.

Why did the USA have to invade this poor guy's ovaries?

A rare example of a moonbat avoiding obscenity.

Words fail me.

Standing tall for moonbattery.

Race-based self-hatred: a pillar of leftist ideology.

Never question their patriotism.

Hat tip: LGF.

Moonbats March Through Late Snow to Protest Global Warming

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:00 AM

Over the weekend, global warming cultists once again displayed their boundless capacity for self-ridicule by beginning a walk across the state of Taxachusetts to draw attention to their imaginary crisis — through snow in late March.

The Long March was organized by left-leaning religious leaders like Rev. Margaret Bullitt-Johns of the Grace Episcopal Church in Amherst, who reports:

It was windy and cold. I was walking on the front of the line and I felt like I was bow of a ship with the wind just coming into my face.

According to Rev. Andrea Ayvazian of the Haydenville Congregational Church, the snow was so deep, it was like breaking trail.

As they marched, the moonbats kept their spirits up by singing "Keep on walking forward, never turning back" — a motto to which global warming alarmists continue to cling, regardless of the mounting evidence that human activity does not have a perceptible effect on the climate.

Moonbats march across a globe that still has some warming to do.

Man Sues His Own Sister For Small Fortune Over Cat Bite

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:33 AM

In a ruling sure to warm the ambulance-chasing Breck Girl's heart, a Michigan man has been awarded $122,400 after suing his own sister because her cat bit his hand.

The cat in question was not a lion or a tiger but a Siamese named Randy. His sister warned people not to pick up the cat because of its attitude problem, but it leaped right into her brother's lap, rendering him helpless.

Getting bit by a dog must be worth close to a quarter million.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Animal Rights Kooks: Cuddly Polar Bear Cub Must Die!

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:11 AM

Moonbats will tell you that it is better to cause mass starvation by pulling the emergency brakes on the world economy than to risk raising the temperature by a fraction of a degree in the sacred polar bear's arctic habitat. But then, they will also tell you that a cuddly polar bear cub at the Berlin Zoo must die.

Screams animal rights activist Frank Albrecht:

Feeding by hand is not species-appropriate but a gross violation of animal protection laws. The zoo must kill the bear.

But the cub's mother ignored it, so zookeepers had no choice but to raise "Cute Knut" themselves. Yet Albrecht holds firm:

If a polar bear mother rejected the baby, then I believe the zoo must follow the instincts of nature. In the wild, it would have been left to die.

"Four Paws" — a German animal rights organization — agrees, arguing that it would not be right to punish the cub by letting it live.

They might have a point. In nature, organisms that don't see to their own needs are left to their fate, as there is no state to hand them other people's money. In the past this helped keep the world free of moonbats.

Marked for death by moonbats.

On tips from V the K, Bill V., and Wiggins.

March 19, 2007

Interplanetary Muslim Diplomats Arrested in Trenton

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:55 PM

In a setback for interplanetary diplomacy, members of a Muslim group that reportedly includes residents of "the so-called planet Earth" as well as Mars and Venus have been arrested by Trenton police.

The four jailbirds claim to be diplomats from the Abannaki Indigenous Nation, which they say grants them immunity from US laws. Nonetheless, Ashir M. Bey, Abdul Ali Amin, Born El-Rey, and Russell K. Davis were arrested on charges ranging from possession of a controlled dangerous substance to displaying fraudulent documentation.

CAIR seems to be staying out of this one — which reflects well on the Abannakis.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Today in History: Richard Belzer Insults American Troops

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:30 PM

On This Day in WND History reminds us of a truly shameful lowlight in the history of moonbattery that occurred on this day last year: actor Richard Belzer's denunciation of American troops as "19 and 20-year-old kids who couldn't get a job" on the odious HBO program "Real Time with Bill Maher."

Belzer has played a detective on a couple of television dramas, which apparently puts him in a position to analyze American soldiers and their capabilities — according to the people who bring us the loathsome Bill Maher, who unsurprisingly concurred with Belzer's opinion.

The idea of characterizing our troops as losers and mental defectives was later popularized by the great John "Botched Joke" Kerry, who incidentally served in Vietnam and was even wounded in the buttocks with a few grains of rice after throwing a grenade in some peasants' food supply, earning him a Purple Heart.

Possibly Kerry was extrapolating from his own brief experience as a slow-witted soldier. As for Belzer and Maher, they have only one excuse — the terminal moonbattery that has corroded both their minds and their souls.

If Belzer looks like a jerk, he's not acting.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Transportation in Socialism Paradise

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:53 AM

Don't tell Hollywood, but even AP admits that life in the socialist paradise Cuba leaves a bit to be desired. Due to a public transport system that even acting dictator Raul Castro admits is "practically on the point of collapse," inmates of this island prison are forced to do a large part of their traveling by hitchhiking.

Few have their own cars, and even fewer can afford gas for them. This being a communist country, there is actually a law dictating that you have to pick up hitchhikers if you have an empty seat. Both citizens and police will hop into cars uninvited when they stop at traffic lights.

One reason so few have their own cars is that buying one requires state permission, which isn't easily granted. Then of course there is the fact that thanks to socialism, Cubans don't have any money. Many Cubans are still riding around in decrepit vehicles from before the communists seized control in 1959.

On the other hand, the esteemed intellectual Chevy Chase asserts that "Socialism works. I think Cuba might prove that."

A Cuban tries to make his ancient car go.

On a tip from Metalgarth.

Global Warming Ship Is Sinking

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:38 AM

The fact that man-made global warming is a hoax perpetrated on a gullible public to advance left-wing policy objectives is becoming increasingly difficult to suppress. Martin Durkin, who blew the global warming cult out of the water by directing the excellent documentary The Great Global Warming Swindle, knew he would be attacked in response, but even he is surprised by how little ammo the hysterics have been able to gather.

Durkin was criticized for not using Al Gore's infamous hockey stick graph — the one that ignores the Medieval Warm Period — despite this graph having been thoroughly discredited. The computer program used to create it produces hockey sticks even when fed random data.

Other cultists quibble about graphs Durkin did use to illustrate the extremely close correlation between solar variation and temperature change. But no one disputes the data behind them.

One MIT scientist, apparently concerned with political repercussions, resorted to pretending he had been duped into taking part in the documentary.

Durkin's own most devastating attacks have gone undisputed. As he showed, the ice core data cultists had relied on so heavily indicates that higher CO2 levels are driven by warmer temperatures, not the reverse. No one can credibly explain why the climate warmed prior to WWII, when CO2 emissions were low, but cooled for decades afterward, during the post-war industrial boom.

As Durkin concludes:

Too many journalists and scientists have built their careers on the global-warming alarm. Certain newspapers have staked their reputation on it. The death of this theory will be painful and ugly. But it will die. Because it is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Sooner or later, everyone will known that the whole CO2-driven global warming story is a lie, and the credibility of the liberal media stooges who participated in telling it will be eroded still further.

Watch it on YouTube.

On a tip from Bergbikr.

March 18, 2007

The ACLU Finds Religion

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:37 PM

The ACLU has gone to great lengths to suppress Christianity, but it isn't hostile to all religions. On September 11, Islam earned a sacred place in liberal hearts, winning the pack of jackals known as the ACLU to its side.

New York's Department of Correctional Services is being sued on behalf of a correction officer named Abdus Samad N. Haqq, who wants to wear a Muslim kufi to work. Uniformed officers aren't supposed to wear visible symbols of their faith on the job. The DOJ is behind the suit, but an initial suit was brought on Haqq's behalf by the ACLU, which complained that his religious rights were being violated. Maybe if Christians started flying planes into buildings, the ACLU's new concern for religious liberty would spread beyond Islam.

The Department of Correctional Services has already changed its policy, according to spokeswoman Linda Foglia, who says that exceptions to the ban on religious symbols will be considered "on a case by case basis." She wouldn't say what the process would be for determining which symbols would be allowed and which wouldn't. The unspoken rule may be something along the lines of: Islam permitted, Christianity forbidden.

By the way, the spread of violent Islam in our prisons is a ticking time bomb.


On a tip from Wiggins.

Moonbat Rally and Counterrally

Posted by Dave Blount at 1:02 PM

Yesterday moonbats flapped out from their malodorous caves and descended on DC to demand their country's surrender, demonstrate support for Islamic terrorists, and promote the psychotic belief that the atrocities of September 11 were committed by Americans. Age of Hooper has filed an excellent eye-witness report, complete with photography. This is the enemy within that is doing to America what Vandals did to Rome:




If only Raid or d-CON would come out with a product that works on progressives, it would save our country from a shameful demise.

At least we have moonbat repellent. Pam points out at Blogmeister USA that the most effective is patriotism. She was on the scene at a counterprotest called Gathering of Eagles, which drew a massive crowd of 30,000, reportedly outnumbering the moonbats three to one. As Aaron Arnwine of Lifelike Pundits remarked to WAVY:

Hippies aren't the only ones who can protest.

Here's how AP covered the respective rallies:

[W]ar protester Susanne Shine of Boone, N.C., found herself in a crowd of counterdemonstrators, and came out in tears, with her sign in shreds. "They ripped up my peace sign," she said, after police escorted her, her husband and two adult daughters from the group. "It was really pretty scary for me." […]

As Fox News might say, Fair and Balanced? You decide.

Via Michelle Malkin, here are a couple of photos taken yesterday that won't show up on the AP newswire:



Hat tips: Caption This!, LGF.

Bush Promises Shamnesty in Mexico

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:54 AM

Wonderful news: our southern border is now as good as secure! Per the Washington Times:

President Bush said yesterday he has proved his commitment to securing the U.S.-Mexico border and members of Congress now can turn to broad immigration overhaul.

Of course W was south of the border when he made this surprising claim — the better to avoid a volley of rotten tomatoes. He told his Mexican compadre Felipe Calderon that he is optimistic shamnesty can be granted to invaders from Mexico this year,

because the mood in the Congress seems like it has changed, from skepticism last year to knowledge that getting a comprehensive bill will be in the nation's interests.

The nation Bush was referring to was of course Mexico, not the USA. The mood of Congress changed, all right — when it was taken over by Democrats, who like Bush can be counted on to act in diametric opposition to our country's best interests when it comes to the government's fundamental duty to defend our territory from foreign invasion.

Bush's standup comedy act continued with this side-splitter:

Over the past year, I believe we have shown the American people that there is a strong commitment to the rule of law.

Too bad Jose Alonso Compean, Ignacio Ramos, and Guillermo Hernandez — all law enforcement officers who were railroaded and treated to draconian prison terms for trying to defend our country from invading illegal aliens — couldn't have been in the audience for that one. They would have busted a gut.

Bush also revealed his solution to the drug trafficking that is rampant across the border he refuses to defend: he is going to "encourage people to use less drugs."

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Although for the wrong reasons, moonbats might be correct on their uncharitable assessment of our 43rd president.


On a tip from V the K.

Three Little Pigs Fall Prey to Multiculturalism

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:59 AM

Piece by piece, we are washing our own culture down the drain lest our existence offend someone. The latest victim: the three little pigs.

The Honley Church of England Junior School in Huddersfield put on a dramatized version of the classic tale, with the name changed to "The Three Little Puppies" to be "sensitive" to Muslims.

Suggesting that the problem is not so much Muslims as the self-loathing multicultural liberals who pander to them with such unseemly obsequiousness, Sheik Ibrahim Mogra of the Muslim Council of Britain called this gesture "bizarre." As Mogra sensibly wonders:

Are we going to change the seven dwarves because it's discriminatory towards people who are physically less able? Where do you draw the line?

The answer is that the line will be drawn for us. As political correctness twists our culture against itself, it is creating a vacuum that will inevitably be filled by some other culture that does not suffer from the shameful and terminal disease known as moonbattery.

If the wolf doesn't get them, moonbats will.

On a tip from Wiggins.

March 17, 2007

Global Warming Hoax Threatens Autobahn

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:38 AM

People love freedom — even Germans, despite their habit of submitting to suffocating bureaucratic control. In Germany the love of freedom is embodied in the Autobahn, where drivers can go as fast as they please.

Not even the Nazis took away this cherished liberty, which is precious to Germans not only psychologically but also economically, as Germany produces some of the world's fastest cars. But the global warming cult is more comprehensive than National Socialism in its totalitarian objectives, and couldn't care less about economic consequences.

Stavros Dimas of Greece, the European Union's environmental commissioner, wants Germans to introduce a speed limit on the Autobahn. Setting a limit at 75 mph would reduce Germany's overall CO2 emissions by less than 0.5%.

No credible person could believe this would have any discernible affect on the climate. But of course, the objective of environmentalism is not to eliminate climate fluctuation — which obviously would be impossible — but to eliminate liberty.

Not even the Autobahn is safe from global warming hysteria.

On a tip from MoleOnABull.

Rosie Blames Bankers For Blowing Up WTC

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:02 AM

Rosie O'Donnell must not have hit bottom yet — even after siding with terrorist mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed against her own country — because she's still digging.

After implying that WTC 7 was brought down in a secret controlled demolition, she actually suggests that the World Trade Center was destroyed not because Muslim terrorists are at war with us, but because sinister capitalists and shadowy government entities wanted records destroyed.

Yes, Rosie has mental problems and apparently suffers from mild mental retardation. But what excuse do the folks at ABC have for putting this appalling woman on the air?

Modern liberalism perfectly personified.

On a tip from V the K.

March 16, 2007

Illegal Aliens Plan May Day Mayhem

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:04 AM

Remember last May Day, when illegal aliens taught us all how much we don't need them with the flop they called the "Day Without an Immigrant"? Like the bureauweenies who want to try amnesty again (e.g., Lettuce McStain), they appear to be very slow learners, because they're planning the same thing this year.

This time it will be called the "Great American Boycott." Participants will refrain from shopping, working, or going to school. Instead they will all go back to their own country and leave us alone. Just kidding, unfortunately. Instead they will hold rallies.

Anyone who still doesn't get it that our country is being invaded by an army of hostile colonizers need only listen to the people behind these rallies — folks like Bishop Felipe C. Teixeira of the Immigration Pastoral Center in Taxachusetts, who has this to say:

No human being is illegal. Together, united, we can defeat the imperialism of the USA.

They're invading our country, yet we're the ones guilty of "imperialism." Moonbat ideology is so sophisticated, sometimes it goes right over my head.

Returning May 1 to a street near you.

Al Gore Snowblower

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:26 AM

In case global warming brings us another nasty winter next year, prepare yourself in advance without endangering the environment. Invest in the Carbon-Neutral Al Gore Snowblower:


Compliments of Wiggins.

San Franfreakshow Comical Readers: KSM Isn't the Bad Guy

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:53 AM

Just how wacky is the readership of the San Francisco Chronicle? This should give an idea:


The Corner found this on the Comical's website yesterday.

On a tip from V the K.

Trudie Styler Sting, Eco-Hypocrite

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:43 AM

Today's eco-hypocrite of the day is Trudie Styler, aka Mrs. Sting, who recently took a helicopter to visit a moonbat friend's organic farm. The 80-mile trip would have taken under two hours by train. But then, trains are for us little people.

When she's not tooling around Britain in a chopper, Styler is usually preaching to the rest of us about the environment. She and her pop star hubby set up the Rainforest Campaign back in the 1980s. The Stinks supposedly will eat only organic food grown on their own land — although according to servants they cheat.

The pair threatened the Ministry of Defence with legal action over the expansion of a nearby airfield. Then it turned out that Mr. Stink was using the airfield for his Gaia-raping private jet.

I smell the stinks of hypocrisy.

On a tip from V the K.

March 15, 2007

A Global Warming Consensus Found At Last

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:00 PM

It looks like there's a global warming consensus after all. It has been repeated in government reports, on envirowacko websites, in media coverage, and even in a guest column in the Seattle Times by Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels that the snowpack in the Cascades has shrunk by 50% in the last half century, threatening a vital water source. The consensus is that it isn't true.

University of Washington meteorologist Mark Albright sent an email to colleagues expressing his doubts that the snowpack has been shrinking at all. State Climatologist Philip Mote, whose career was advanced by documenting the alleged shrinkage of the snowpack, forbid Albright from sending out any more emails without getting them cleared first. When Albright refused to submit to censorship, Mote stripped him of his title as associate state climatologist.

But even Mote agrees that the 50% stat is grossly inflated, as does everyone else with the slightest clue what they're talking about. Apparently it originated in a typo in a report issued by Oregon scientists in 2004.

Philip Mote.

On a tip from Kevin.

Berserkly Wants Rummy Arrested

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:11 PM

Progress is being made in Iraq, but the San Francisco Bay area remains a lost cause. Now the City of Berkeley wants former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld arrested for imaginary "war crimes."

Moonbats would actually put Rummy in a cage for attempting to defend their wretched little lives by helping organize the fight against Islamic terrorists. He is absurdly blamed for the Abu Ghraib aberrations, and condemned for the supposed "torture" of the pampered guests at Club Gitmo.

Berkeley is officially supporting a suit filed in Germany under that country's universal human rights jurisdiction. That's right, Germans want to arrest our leaders for violating human rights. The chutzpah of moonbats knows no bounds.

Rummy: Still hated by moonbats.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Public School Makes Kids Sign Gag Order on Gay Brainwashing

Posted by Dave Blount at 1:47 PM

One problem with using public schools to indoctrinate children with homosexual propaganda is that parents get wind of it and object. Officials at Deerfield High School in Deerfield, Illinois thought they had a solution to this problem: forcing 14-year-olds subjected to a pro-gay brainwashing seminar to sign a confidentiality agreement promising not to tell their parents.

The agreement was forced upon children made to sit through a "Gay Straight Alliance Network" panel discussion that, according to Concerned Women for America, "secretively featured inappropriate discussions of a sexual nature in promotion of high-risk homosexual behaviors."

Fortunately, parents found out about it anyway, and the school's educrats were forced to pretend it was all some sort of mistake. But even then they insisted that parents were not welcome at the "freshman advisory," nor would parents be allowed access to the materials used in compiling the activist curriculum.

Hat tip: In the Days, on a tip from nanc.

15-Year-Old Bests NBC at Producing Pro-Muslim Propaganda

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:52 AM

Remember when the liberal elite moonbats at NBC went undercover at a NASCAR race, using hidden cameras to track people dressed up to look conspicuously Muslim and waiting for the redneck yahoos to do something rude so they could blast it at us from the nightly news? It didn't work, partly because NASCAR fans are infinitely more polite than journalists. But if at first you don't succeed, try and try again.

A young fool by the name of Caitlin Dean dressed up in a burqa and wandered around the hallways of the Bacon Academy in Colchester, Connecticut, in hopes someone who resents having to live in constant fear of the next Muslim terror attack might say something impolite. The idea apparently came from a Middle Eastern Studies teacher, who wanted to "promote her class" by having students dress up like Muslims.

Supposedly Caitlin managed to draw a few hostile comments. If only the execs at NBC had thought to try their stunt among 15-year-olds!

She didn't respond to the alleged comments that she had gone to such lengths to elicit because:

I am a freshman. I like to avoid making waves.

An article sickeningly supportive of this asinine performance quotes a spokesman from the Hamas front group CAIR, who unsurprisingly shares the media's approval of any activity designed to make Muslim aggressors look like victims, so that political correctness will prevent us from defending ourselves against their terror campaign.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to send young Caitlin on a one-way trip to Saudi Arabia, where she could wear her burqa every day, safe from infidels and our oppressive insensitivity?

Caitlin Dean: Some girls belong in a burqa.

On tips from Bill V. and Wiggins.

NYC Bans Aluminum Bats

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:54 AM

Intrusive nanny state regulations provide bureauweenies with such an exhilarating sense of self-righteous power that they aren't just for Democrats anymore. Staten Island Republican James Oddo has sponsored a bill to ban aluminum bats in New York City high school baseball games.

Originally Odd-O wanted to apply the ban to the Little League and independent leagues too, but he restrained himself a little to get the bill passed in the City Council 40–6.

Aluminum bats are supposedly excessively dangerous because the ball comes off them too quickly for pitchers to react. Wooden bats, on the other hand, have a tendency to shatter, so that potentially lethal shards of wood go whirling across the infield at high speeds.

Maybe it would be best if we just stick to Wiffleball — unless Nerf makes baseball equipment.

The future of sports if moonbattery prevails.

On a tip from V the K.

Crazy Lady Victimized by Still Crazier Government and Media

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:21 AM

Brenda Hughes of Savannah is in big trouble after getting into a spat with neighbors who unfortunately for her are black. At one point in their squabbles, Hughes allegedly threw some boric acid at them.

Unsurprisingly, the media is not taking Hughes' side. Check out this headline:

Woman Accused of Throwing Acid on Neighbors Speaks Out

You'd think she threw hydrochloric acid and melted off someone's face. Boric acid is so mild, it has been used in eye wash. It may be bad news for roaches, but it is harmless to humans, as Hughes demonstrates in this wacky news report:

The police aren't on Hughes' side either. They've charged her with one count of disorderly conduct and two counts of "battery of a high and aggravated nature" — because getting in an argument with neighbors is a "hate crime" if the neighbors happen to be black.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Danny Glover Assaults Photographer

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:30 AM

Anyone familiar with Danny Glover's psychotic political views will be unsurprised to learn that he is not exactly a paragon of mental stability. The same demonic impulses that cause the zillionaire actor and oppressed person of color to denounce his own country, praise totalitarian dictators, and campaign to get cab drivers killed have now inspired him to punch photographer Gary He before fleeing in a limousine.

The incident took place outside Brooklyn Federal Court, where Glover was apparently meeting a couple of crooks named Lester and Lennox Parris, who are in trouble for the sort of pump-and-dump stock scheme favored by certain environmentalists. A courthouse employee confirms that He did nothing to provoke the assault.

Although He is not pressing charges, Glover's lawyer Martin Singer was quick to sink his fangs into the photographer's leg, growling that the poor guy was "creating an incident."

Danny Glover smooching with fellow America-hating moonbat Harry Belafonte.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Klutz Sets Herself on Fire, Sues Church

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:37 AM

Josefina Martin has climbed aboard the gravy train at her own religion's expense after managing to set herself on fire by kneeling too close to candles while praying at the Mary Immaculate Catholic Church in Pacoima, California.

Martin is seeking punitive damages from the archdiocese, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Los Angeles, Mary Immaculate Church, and the manufacturer of the skirt she was wearing. It looks like the Virgin Mary herself is off the hook.

Some enterprising lawyer is going to get the idea of suing the Church for acts of God, and make himself the next Breck Girl.

Josefina Martin.

On a tip from Wiggins.

March 14, 2007

Vampire Jonathan Sharkey Running For President

Posted by Dave Blount at 3:41 PM

At last there's a presidential candidate who ought to excite the Dems' moonbat base. How tragic for them that Jonathan Sharkey will be running not as a Democrat, but on the Vampire, Witches and Pagan Party ticket.

Recently Secret Service agents visited the 42-year-old Sharkey and his teenage wife to ask him about his threats to impale President Bush. Smirks Sharkey:

They never even asked to see my impaling stick.

Fortunately Sharkey does not plan to impale W until after becoming President.

Based on his platform when he ran for Governor of Minnesota, Sharkey might actually be an improvement over any likely Democratic candidate. Rather than coddling killers and child molesters, he would have them impaled too. Despite being a vampire, he has no problem with the Ten Commandments being displayed on government buildings.

Jonathan Sharkey.

On a tip from V the K.

Disgraced Governor Jim McGreevey Is Suing His Wife

Posted by Dave Blount at 3:06 PM

As you may recall, former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey was forced to resign when his homosexual affair with staffer Golan Cipel was revealed. Despite being a foreign national and having no discernable job qualifications, Cipel had been hired as homeland security adviser, which is a scandal in itself — even by New Jersey standards.

Now McCreepy is suing his estranged wife for custody of their five-year-old. Oh, and he wants her to pay child support.

Given McGreedy's gall, maybe he should run for Governor again.

For her part, his wife Dina Matos says that the two "continue to have profound differences about what our daughter should be exposed to."

Jim McCreepy and friends.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Global Warming Power Grab in Britain

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:55 AM

Man-made global warming may be a tired joke, but the hysteria it has generated is still out of control, and absurdly enough could constitute the greatest threat to the British way of life since the Nazis.

Moonbat bureaucrats have declared that Britain will be transformed into the world's first "green" economy. The little people paying the price for this ideological foolishness will have to "live, work and travel differently."

All homes must be "carbon neutral" within 10 years — or else. Homeowners who don't comply with moronic regulations in the name of energy efficiency will face financial penalties. Citizens will be expected to pay exorbitant prices for electricity generated with inefficient technologies like wind and solar panels.

Objects Blair Gibbs of the Taxpayers' Alliance:

It's bad enough that politicians want to take so much of our money away in tax. For them also to intrude into our homes in order to have the ability to penalise us even further is simply unacceptable.

Especially when you consider that anthropogenic global warming isn't even real. But then, it doesn't have to be real, it just has to justify an outrageously intrusive government power grab, which it is accomplishing quite effectively.

Shamelessly, Tony Blair compared this power grab with the fight against fascism — when in fact global warming moonbattery is a particularly insidious means of attaining fascism's goal of total bureaucratic control.

Tony Blair: Fighting weather with creeping totalitarianism.

On a tip from El Presidente.

German State Abducts Home-Schooled Teen

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:09 AM

The totalitarian impulse is still alive and well in politically correct Germany, where 15-year-old Melissa Busekros was abducted from her home in a SWAT-style police operation because her parents were home-schooling her.

Melissa was actually abducted twice. The first time, they took her to a psychiatrist, who diagnosed her with the dreaded disease "school phobia." The second time, she was actually put in a mental hospital for having the wrong attitude. Joseph Stalin would be pleased to see his techniques being emulated.

Melissa's devotion and obedience to her father were also considered evidence of a mental disorder. Oblivious to irony, Germany's despotic and fascist-like bureaucrats had this to say in an evaluation:

[Melissa Busekros is] a highly disturbed girl who obediently and faithfully obeys the idealistic statements of her father and who describes the State as being despotic and "fascist-like." […] Melissa demonstrates loyalty towards her father and unconditional solidarity with her family.

As the family's attorney Gabriela Eckermann told a judge:

For the Erlangen Youth Welfare Office, 15 year olds only seem to be "normal" if they live according to their own wishes … if they do not love their parents … but … rebel against them [and] cooperate with … the police, court, youth welfare office and experts … against their own parents.

This is all in keeping with the grand tradition of the German Youth Welfare Office (aka Jugendamt) during the Nazi era, when the almighty State used it to expropriate even people's children.

Melissa is now with a foster family at a secret location. Bureaucrats allow her family to see her one hour per week.

On a tip from White Cane.

Global Warming Propaganda Expedition Canceled Due to Cold

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:26 AM

Trying to superimpose liberal dogma on reality can get you in trouble, as explorers Ann Bancroft and Liv Arnesen found out on a recent North Pole expedition intended to generate publicity for the Great Global Warming Swindle. The idea was to take photographs that could be used as propaganda — polar bears on ice floes, penguins fanning themselves with their stubby wings, that sort of thing.

The expedition had to be called off after Arnesen suffered frostbite in three toes, and extreme cold killed the batteries in some of their electronic equipment. Temperatures fell below minus 100°F.

Reports Ann Atwood, who helped organize the fiasco:

My first reaction when they called to say there were calling it off was that they just sounded really, really cold.

The pair irresolutely returned to Resolute, Canada, and from there to points farther south, where it's not so miserably cold.

Whatever Al Gore might say, it's still too cold up there.

On a tip from Bergbikr.

Muslim Cashiers Refuse to Ring Up Pork Products

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:00 AM

The latest tactic in the Muslim campaign to use our own multicultural asininity to replace our culture with their own is taking place at the checkout line, where Muslim cashiers refuse to scan any items that contain pork. A first-hand report from the Minneapolis area:

At the Target store on E. Lake Street, a cashier wearing a hijab looked uncomfortable when I showed up at the cash register with a frozen pepperoni pizza. She immediately called for help, and another employee rang up the pizza and placed it in the basket.
I asked her if it was because she was Muslim, and she nodded her head. "I can't even touch it," she said.

This part of the country is becoming so overrun by Somali Muslims that it elected Nation of Islam alumnus Keith Ellison to Congress. Muslim cab drivers at the Minneapolis airport have refused to carry passengers with bags of duty free liquor or even seeing eye dogs, since dogs and alcohol are on the long list along with pork of things they want forbidden.

It looks like we have four options regarding the supermarket checkouts:

  1. Everyone has to wait while another cashier comes over to ring up the pork rinds.
  2. Separate registers for infidels.
  3. Stop selling anything that has pork in it.
  4. Expect Muslims to adapt to American culture like everyone else.

Number 1 is the approach taken now. Number 3 is what Europeans might do, amid profuse apologies for being insensitive enough to sell pork in the first place. Number 4 is apparently out of the question.

On tips from Wiggins and Bill V.

March 13, 2007

Mexico Complains About American Incursion

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:49 PM

You have to hand it to the people running Mexico: they do have nerve. Mexican bureauweenies have registered an official complaint about Americans illicitly crossing the border. The incident involves US Border Patrol agents who crossed briefly into Mexican territory to extinguish a brush fire.

If only Americans violated the border to sell drugs, or to colonize, or to export our poor and our criminals, that presumably would have been okay, judging by Mexico's own actions. But putting out brush fires? That goes too far.

On a tip from Byron.

Teachers Union Greed in Overdrive in Houston

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:28 PM

With the help of their Democrat allies, teachers unions have managed to jack the price of education through the stratosphere, without producing any corresponding improvement in quality. Just how greedy are these folks? This gives an idea:

The Houston Independent School District runs the nation's largest merit pay program, which was unanimously approved by the school board but opposed by the Houston Federation of Teachers. As the result of a computer glitch, almost 100 teachers were given oversized bonuses, costing the district $75,000, which unsurprisingly it wants back.

But Gayle Fallon, head of the HFT, has promised to take legal action to prevent the school board from reclaiming the money. As Fallon reasons:

If it's the district's error, then the district should bear the loss.

Actually, it's the taxpayers who would bear the loss, as always. Good thing teachers unions aren't responsible for teaching ethics.

Gayle Fallon, greedy teachers union goon.

On a tip from Bill V.

Global Warming Has Jumped the Shark

Posted by Dave Blount at 3:31 PM

The spectacle of Al Gore being fawned over by mindless Tinseltown twits at the Oscars was the "jump the shark" moment for the whole phony global warming phenomenon. Next came Channel 4's devastating exposé. From here it shouldn't take long for the whole hoax to unravel. Already even the New York Times is attempting to salvage some credibility by admitting that the scientific "consensus" is a lie.

The Gray Lady quotes Don Easterbrook, emeritus professor of geology at Western Washington University:

I don't want to pick on Al Gore. But there are a lot of inaccuracies in the statements we are seeing, and we have to temper that with real data.

Says Benny Peiser, who runs CCNet, an Internet newsletter on climate change and natural disasters:

Hardly a week goes by without a new research paper that questions part or even some basics of climate change theory.

Robert Carter, a marine geologist at James Cook University, adds this:

Nowhere does Mr. Gore tell his audience that all of the phenomena that he describes fall within the natural range of environmental change on our planet. Nor does he present any evidence that climate during the 20th century departed discernibly from its historical pattern of constant change.

Biologist Paul Reiter is annoyed by Gore's lie that global warming is spreading malaria:

For 12 years, my colleagues and I have protested against the unsubstantiated claims. We have done the studies and challenged the alarmists, but they continue to ignore the facts.

Overall, the Times piece is supportive of Gore. But for the Gray Lady to acknowledge the Goracle's fallibility is a good indication that if you have any stock in the Great Global Warming Swindle, now might be a good time to sell.

Up and over the shark.

On a tip from V the K.

Hummers More Eco-Friendly Than Prius Moonbatmobiles

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:06 PM

Toyota's Prius, aka Pious, is a favorite among the sort of gullible moonbats who proudly believe their choice of vehicle contributes to a healthier planet. As always, the moonbats are wrong.

Improved EPA tests show that the Prius only gets an average of 45 mpg, which isn't much higher than the Chevy Aveo, a car that costs less than half as much.

But the real problem with the overhyped Prius is how much environmental damage it causes to make one. The nickel used in the Prius battery is mined and smelted at a site so ecologically ruined that NASA has used the dead zone around it to test moon rovers. Nicknamed the Superstack, the plant spreads sulfur dioxide all across northern Ontario, causing acid rain. There is no life around it for miles.

The nickel is then shipped to Europe, then China, then Japan, then the USA during the long process of becoming the battery in a moonbat's Prius, racking up more transportation miles than Al Gore on a transcontinental eco-campaign.

The total energy required to produce and drive a Prius is almost 50% more than that required for a Hummer, an eco-dupe's idea of the ultimate affront to Gaia.

Hummers are cheaper to drive, too. Over the 100,000-mile expected lifespan of a Prius, it will cost an average $3.25 per mile. A Hummer lasts three times as long, and only costs $1.95 per mile.

Plus Hummers are cool, whereas a Prius looks like something Ed Begley Jr. would drive.

Sped Begley Jr.: Belongs in a Prius.

On a tip from Bergbikr.

Getting Rich Off the Great Global Warming Swindle

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:10 PM

Al Gore fortunately never managed to grab the top prize as a politician, but as a con man, he will be remembered through the ages. His Great Global Warming Swindle — potentially the most expensive hoax in world history — is raking in fortunes.

The ridiculous carbon credit scheme, by which idiots purchase eco-indulgences so that Mother Earth will forgive them for existing, is designed to funnel money into the pockets of its creators. As noted previously, Gore buys his own eco-indulgences from himself. One of his major partners in climate change hysteria, the zillionaire socialist Maurice Strong, is on the board of directors of the Chicago Climate Exchange, allegedly "the world's first and North America's only legally binding greenhouse gas emission registry reduction system for emission sources and offset projects in North America and Brazil."

Strong is a major architect of the Kyoto Protocol, which if implemented would destroy the American economy. Currently president of the Earth Council, he brags that soon the Ten Commandments will be replaced with the Earth Charter, a sacred document of the depraved antihuman cult that goes by the innocuous name of environmentalism.

The partnership works well: Gore provides the media glitz, Strong the brains. Molten Metal Technology Inc. (MMTI) offers an example of how their tag team has worked in the past.

Gore publicly praised MMTI for being a pioneer in recycling technology, neglecting to mention that the firm was run by Strong and a group of Gore associates, or that the company had received over $25 million in tax loot from the Department of Energy in R&D grants, without proving that their technology would work on a commercial scale. It later received another $8 million in public money, without generating revenue from any other source.

Gore's hype helped raise MMTI's stock to $35 a share. But eventually the DOE figured out that its technology didn't work and refused to give them more of our money. Strong and other corporate officers promptly sold off $15.3 million in personal shares in the company. Soon afterwards the stock hit $5 a share, bad news for the suckers who had invested in it, but not for Strong, who had pulled off a similar scam with the Swiss company AZL Resources.

If you want to know what Gore and his friends are getting out of pretending that natural climate fluctuation is a problem and caused by humans, all you have to do is follow the money.

Gore's partner in crime Maurice Strong.

On a tip from Bill V.

Jack Bauer's Evil Dad Played by Barking Moonbat

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:15 AM

It turns out James Cromwell, who plays Jack Bauer's evil dad on the show 24, is even worse in real life. Here he is spewing moonbattery to the European press at the expense of the country that made him a rich movie star:

I can't handle living in the United States of America when I know the last two elections were rigged, and that we were denied our right to vote, where we live in a country where 32 percent of the people vote and even those people's votes don't count, and the people who should really have a stake, kids, don't have any say at all — people of color, very little to say, unions, practically nothing any more … we're losing our jobs. …

Et cetera, et cetera. Jack Bauer's real-life dad is a moonbat too. Fortunately that hasn't prevented him from combating some of America's other enemies.

Cromwell gets a smooch from fellow moonbat Rosie O'Donnell.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Homosexual Propaganda Targets British Schoolchildren

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:41 AM

Nothing is sacred when it comes to the Left's campaign to mold future generations in its own degenerate image — not even the books presented to small children in school. Storybooks are being used to promote homosexuality at a grade school level.

Elizabeth Atkinson is director of a tyke-targeted project called "No Outsiders," which is being run by Sunderland and Exeter universities and the Institute of Education in London. She explains her approach to installing progressive attitudes at an early age:

The most important thing these books do is reflect reality for young children. My background is in children's literature and I know how powerful it is in shaping social values and emotional development.

That's why Atkinson wants to see to it that the age 4–11 set gets a good dose of the homosexual agenda with its reading. She has received nearly £600,000 in funding from the Economic and Social Research Council and backing from the National Union of Teachers and General Teaching Council.

Here are a few examples of the books being used, via Guardian Unlimited:

King & King
A queen wants her son to get married and become king. She arranges for a string of princesses to meet her son but he does not fall in love with any of them. In the end it is one of the princesses' brothers who catches his eye. The princes get married and become two kings.
Spacegirl Pukes
A little girl who is about to set off on a space mission falls ill. Her two parents, mummy Loula and mummy Neenee take her home to look after her but then they fall ill too. When she recovers, the spacegirl puts back on her suit and goes on an adventure to space.
And Tango Makes Three
Two male penguins, Roy and Silo, live in a New York zoo but feel left out when all their friends pair up. They spend all their time together until the zoo-keeper realises they must be in love. The zoo-keeper gives the couple an egg and Tango is born, the first penguin in the zoo with two daddies.

Once again we see that educators are among the last people on Earth who should be entrusted with education.

Instilling progressive "values" early.

Hat tip: In The Days, on a tip from nanc.

Driving Out Halliburton

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:05 AM

Nothing Halliburton could do will please moonbats — not even going away. News that CEO Dave Lesar will be running the company largely from Dubai caused leftist freakazoids to erupt in paranoid theories about how this hated paragon of capitalism could be evading American justice for its imaginary crimes.

As Thomas Lifson notes, Halliburton will continue to be legally incorporated in the USA, and be subject to domestic laws and regulations. Lesar will be spending more time in Dubai because Halliburton is an oil services company, and the Middle East is where the oil is — or at least, it's where the oil is that liberals don't prevent us from extracting.

If Halliburton really were to leave the country, as opposed to superficially relocating offices, it would be hard to blame it. In addition to being relentlessly demonized for generating wealth by helping oil companies to heat our homes and make our cars go, it was nearly driven into bankruptcy by hysterical asbestos litigation. Developing oil reserves is all but forbidden in North America, as the antihuman ideology of environmentalism tightens its stranglehold on our society. Taxes are brutal too.

One day Halliburton — which employs 45,000 workers — might really pick up and leave the country. The Left will have no one but itself to blame for losing its whipping boy.

Hated for helping to make our economy go.

On a tip from Byron.

The Next Stage of Environmentalism: Antinatalism

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:19 AM

We can't build homes, eat meat, domesticate animals, farm, drill for oil, generate nuclear power, exterminate mosquitoes, or even drive to work without committing some crime against Gaia and the animals. Even if we were to go back to living in trees, no doubt we would damage the branches and create carbon emissions with our flatulence. What exactly does the Left expect us to do?

The answer is straightforward: stop existing.

David Benatar provides some sophistical support for the ultimate in depraved objectives in his book Better Never to Have Been: The Harm of Coming into Existence. From the Amazon book description:

Most people believe that they were either benefited or at least not harmed by being brought into existence. Thus, if they ever do reflect on whether they should bring others into existence — rather than having children without even thinking about whether they should — they presume that they do them no harm. Better Never to Have Been challenges these assumptions. David Benatar argues that coming into existence is always a serious harm. Although the good things in one's life make one's life go better than it otherwise would have gone, one could not have been deprived by their absence if one had not existed. Those who never exist cannot be deprived. However, by coming into existence one does suffer quite serious harms that could not have befallen one had one not come into existence. Drawing on the relevant psychological literature, the author shows that there are a number of well-documented features of human psychology that explain why people systematically overestimate the quality of their lives and why they are thus resistant to the suggestion that they were seriously harmed by being brought into existence. The author then argues for the 'anti-natal' view — that it is always wrong to have children — and he shows that combining the anti-natal view with common pro-choice views about foetal moral status yield a 'pro-death' view about abortion (at the earlier stages of gestation). Anti-natalism also implies that it would be better if humanity became extinct. Although counter-intuitive for many, that implication is defended, not least by showing that it solves many conundrums of moral theory about population.

Benatar isn't the first to wish the human race would just go away. To quote the well-entrenched member of the liberal literary establishment Kurt Vonnegut:

We are killing the planet as a life support system. We may have gone so far already that there's no recovery from it. The game may be over. … I think the earth's immune system is trying to get rid of us. And it's high time they did. We are a disease on the face of this planet … it's time we got out of here. We are a disease on the planet, and I think we ought to become syphilis with a conscience and stop reproducing.

A group calling itself Voluntary Human Extinction Movement is also up-front about its hopes to rid reality of humans.

It's becoming clear why the one human activity the Left adamantly approves of is aborting our own children, as well as why it uses all the means at its disposal to impose its nihilistic view that human life has no special meaning.

People could be excused for thinking that past totalitarian ideologies such as Islam, fascism, or communism represent true evil. But under each of these ideologies, some people do benefit, at least to the extent they gain power over others. All of them offer a conception of utopia, even if profoundly twisted. None of them is sick enough to call for the extermination of the human race.

Only with modern environmentalism has humanity managed to attain pure evil. Like a polar bear, it looks cuddly at a distance. Only up close do you realize it's a monster.

On a tip from V the K.

March 12, 2007

Dem Congressman Reserves a Room in the Capitol for Islamic Terrorist Front Group

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:28 PM

Democrats take a lot of pride in their tolerance, which is ironic from the point of view of conservatives, toward whom they are often anything but tolerant. But they make up for it by being extra tolerant toward everyone else. For example, Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ) is so tolerant, he has arranged for a conference room in the Capitol building to be used by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

CAIR still won't disavow Hamas or Hezbollah. CAIR fundraiser Rabih Haddad was deported to Lebanon after being arrested during a raid on an Islamic "charity" that "provided assistance to Osama bin Laden, the al Qaeda network, and other known terrorist groups." In 2004, CAIR "civil rights coordinator" Randall Royer got 20 years for conspiring to train terrorists in Virginia. Just last year, founding CAIR board member Ghassan Elashi was sentenced to a six-year wrist slap for funneling money to Hamas.

If it were up to the folks at CAIR, the Capitol would have the tail end of an airliner full of dead Americans sticking out the dome. But according to Pascrell's spokeslackey, "We just see it as a simple room request." The room in question is controlled by Charlie Rangel's Ways and Means Committee.

To be fair, not all Dems choose to be oblivious to the fact that CAIR is a terrorist front group. Charles "Chucky" Schumer has remarked on CAIR's "ties to terrorism" and "intimate links with Hamas." Dick Durbin has risked throwing stones from a glass house by noting that CAIR is "unusual in its extreme rhetoric." Even Barbara Boxer was shamed into withdrawing a "certificate of accomplishment" she awarded to the terror-supporting Executive Director of CAIR-Sacramento, Basim Elkarra.

Pascrell must be following the Breck Girl strategy of trying to outflank the rest of his party on the lunatic left — which isn't getting any easier.

If only Pascrell had the Breck Girl's looks…

On a tip from nanc.

Inadmissible Comparisons

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:14 AM

Moonbat trolls will want to mark March 24–25 on their calendars. That's when NYU Law School is hosting United Poultry Concerns' 7th(!) Annual Conference on the Topic of Inadmissible Comparisons. The inadmissible comparisons in question relate to eating poultry on one hand and the Holocaust, slavery, genocide, colonialism, global warming, etc. on the other.

United Poultry Concerns is a nonprofit organization that lobbies on behalf of poultry. Apparently even chickens, turkeys, ducks, etc. have a political agenda. There are lessons to be taught on behalf of our feathered friends.

Karen Davis, PhD, founder and president of United Poultry Concerns, and author of the page-turner More Than a Meal: The Turkey in History, Myth, Ritual, and Reality, will teach that "significant parallels can be drawn between incommensurable atrocities affecting both human and nonhuman animals," but that "while African-American slavery, the Native American genocide and the Holocaust (for example) represent unique historical phenomena, they can also transcend these phenomena to function more broadly, thus holding promise for a more enlightened and compassionate future than does privatizing each event to the extent that its only permissible reference is self-reference." I tried running that through BabelFish, but I didn't know what language to translate it from.

Carol J. Adams, author of The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory; The Pornography of Meat; and Living Among Meat Eaters, will preach the following:

Conditions for violence flourish when we structure our world hierarchically, in a false Darwinian progression that places humans at the top. The category "human being" was stratified by speciesism; the hierarchy imposed by colonialism, recapitulated the hierarchy of humans over nonhumans. As long as we treat animals as animals, as long as we accept that there is this category "animals," both the treatment and the concept will legitimize treatment of humans that way.

Because everything is about race, even the chicken liberation movement, former member of the Black Panther Party and Black Liberation Army Ashanti Alston will explain why "the sense of urgency, the sense of one's back being against the wall or bridge-building while yanking at the empire's boot stuck deep in your neck […] makes race/class/privilege issues key in the creative resolution process. All power thru [sic] the people!" (I think he means, "All power thru the people — and the chickens!")

On a more somber note, Roberta Kalechofsky, PhD, will take this opportunity to remind us that the "roots of the Holocaust lay in the Christian doctrine of the deicide charge." Attend the conference and find out what Christians have against chickens.

Let's not forget about global warming. Pattrice Jones, who wrote an essay for Terrorists or Freedom Fighters: Reflections on the Liberation of Animals promises to "show why, despite the cognitive and emotional complexities of doing so, all sides must come to understand that racism, sexism, and speciesism are interlocked and intersecting expressions of the same dynamic of estrangement and exploitation that has driven us to the brink of environmental catastrophe."

Honest, I am not making any of this up. And there's more:

Charles Patterson, PhD, author of "Eternal Treblinka: Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust" and "The Oxford 50th Anniversary Book of the United Nations," will explain "how the enslavement (so-called 'domestication') of non-human animals led to human slavery and how industrialized animal slaughter contributed to the Holocaust."

Finally, Andrea Smith will "analyze how the logic of animal exploitation is linked through the colonial logic of 'discovery' to both heteropatriarchy and white supremacy."

Here's a comparison that we all should agree is inadmissible: moonbats and rational beings.

Speaking truth to power.

Hat tip: The Corner, on a tip from V the K.

New York Schools to Start Monitoring Weight

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:05 AM

Offering a taste of what his constituents have let themselves in for by electing him, Governor Eliot Spitzer has announced that New York will be the "healthiest state." This will be accomplished in part by requiring that body mass index be monitored in schools.

The objective is "shifting focus to the prevention of disease," according to Spitzer. You're not against the prevention of disease, are you? Good, then you won't mind your taxes shooting up to pay educrats to keep track of how much your kids weigh.

So far there are no plans in New York to install two-way telescreens in all homes to ensure that citizens perform morning calisthenics.

Big Brother is watching your kids' weight.

March 11, 2007

Death Threats Employed to Impose Global Warming "Consensus"

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:48 PM

Given that the politically correct theory of anthropogenic global warm has no basis in fact, maintaining the so-called "consensus" that it is an imminent threat to planet Earth has required some drastic measures — including death threats.

It's hardly surprising that scientists with enough integrity to denounce global warming are shunned by their less scrupulous colleagues, who resent any threat to the river of government money that pours into their pockets as a reward for placing politics ahead of science. Says Richard Lindzen, professor of Atmospheric Science at MIT:

Scientists who dissent from the alarmism have seen their funds disappear, their work derided, and themselves labelled as industry stooges. Consequently, lies about climate change gain credence even when they fly in the face of the science.

Scientists aren't the only ones with a lot at stake. Notes Timothy Ball, formerly a climatology professor at the University of Winnipeg:

Western governments have pumped billions of dollars into careers and institutes and they feel threatened.

Some feel that ruined careers and ostracization aren't punishment enough for modern-day heretics. Ball has received five death threats since publicly challenging global warming dogma.

Death threats most likely come not from corrupt scientists or lemming-like bureaucrats, but from the third member of the global warming alliance, moonbat activists. Their deranged psyches provide the passion that drives the whole phony phenomenon. Once they hoped that communism would crush our capitalist civilization. Having seen the Soviet Union fall on its face, they aren't about to let environmentalism fail them too.

Just like environmentalists: green on the outside, red on the inside.

Hat tip: Ace of Spades HQ.

Labour Party Punishes Town For Being Too White and Too British

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:57 AM

Under the direction of Labour's Director of Finance Ann Beasley, Britain's Prison Service will be moving 80 office jobs from economically depressed Corby to Leicester, on the grounds that residents of Corby are too white and too British.

Politically correct bean-counters find that 93.7% of Corby's population is "white British." In the Leicester, it's 59.6%. So in order to take British jobs from British subjects and give them to Muslim colonizers in the name of multiculturalism, Leicester will be getting the jobs.

Discriminating on the basis of race is against the law in Britain, but apparently this does not apply to the ethnically British.

Warns Tory MP Philip Hollobone:

People will be hugely offended that a decision like this is being made on racial grounds.

They certainly ought to be offended.

Ann Beastly.

On a tip from V the K.

The Great Global Warming Swindle Revealed

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:22 AM

Britain's Channel 4 documentary "The Great Global Warming Swindle" is not to be missed. Once the information it presents slips past MSM gatekeepers and reaches the general public, the moonbat campaign to sabotage civilization through climate change hysteria is doomed. See it online here; more info on the documentary can be found here (links compliments of Sean).


March 10, 2007

Britain's Top Judge Regrets Murderers Having to Sit in Jail

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:49 AM

Here's an easy question: What's next after abolishing the death penalty for murderers? The answer of course is letting them go free, which isn't happening quickly enough to suit Chief Justice Lord Phillips, England's most senior judge.

Lord Phillips thinks it's "regrettable" that murderers have to cool their heels in jail for so long. He would like to see greater use of community service. Mandatory life sentences most definitely do not meet with his approval; he regards even 30-year jail terms for murder as "utterly barbaric."

Presumably Lord Phillips would at least subject killers to a stern talking-to in addition to their community service.

Fortunately Home Secretary John Reid is less of a moonbat. According to a spokeswoman:

The Home Secretary believes murderers and other dangerous offenders should be kept in prison as long as is necessary to protect the public.

Reid also holds the radical view that it is "unduly lenient" that pedophile Craig Sweeney will be eligible for parole five years after being convicted of abducting and assaulting a three-year-old girl.

Lord Phillips: Letting Britain degenerate into barbarism so as not to be "utterly barbaric."

On a tip from Wiggins.

Indulging in Cowardice and Thuggery, Liberals Shoot Themselves in the Foot Over Nevada Debate

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:06 AM

Bowing to pressure from the lunatic Left (as represented by and slobberingly pandered to by the despicable Breck Girl), the Nevada State Democratic Party is pulling out of a presidential debate that was scheduled for August 14 in Reno on the grounds that it is was to be cohosted by Fox News, which they do not regard as sufficiently left-wing in its outlook.

Liberalism survives in this country primarily because it holds the upper hand in media and education, which are key to disseminating propaganda. Who can blame progressives for wanting to return to the days when they had a complete monopoly on television news?

But here they might be overplaying their hand. They hope to discredit Fox, by getting people to accept that if it isn't decidedly liberal, in can't be a credible source of news. But the message they might get through is that they are afraid to debate in any forum not controlled by their own advocates — which doesn't exactly inspire confidence.

Since conservatives generally try to play fair, the usual double standard will be applied: conservatives will appear in liberal media, but liberals won't appear in conservative media. Does this prevent Fox or anyone else from challenging liberals' media hegemony? Or does it allow conservatives to get their point across to twice as many people? When is the last time you saw Shrillary or the Goracle on Fox News?

Another result of liberal attempts to boycott any outlets that aren't in their corner is the further fracturing of our country not only into two camps, but into two realities, in which people hear different news from different people about a different world. Already the land of libs differs so radically from our own that a cheesy clown like the Breck Girl is considered a credible candidate for President.

Proof that libs have created an alternate reality.

March 9, 2007

Enviromoonbattery Raising Food Prices

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:15 AM

Enviromoonbattery is hitting us where it hurts: in our stomachs.

Despite reports that it generates less energy than it takes to create, ethanol is a big winner politically, earning major backing from President Bush. Moonbats like it because it seems so organic, and farmers because it jacks up corn prices. The problem is, it jacks them up a little too much.

Corn is at $3.20 a bushel, up from $2 last year, thanks to ethanol gobbling up 20% of the crop. Consequently the cost of feeding chickens has gone up 40%. Warns Dick Bond of Tyson Foods:

Companies will be forced to pass along rising costs to their customers, meaning consumers will pay significantly more for food.

High corn prices due to ethanol are already causing a crisis in Mexico by raising the price of tortillas — and until we can somehow acquire a government responsible enough to guard our border, Mexico's problems are most definitely our own.

On the bright side, the less we eat, the less gas we can pass — and flatulence produces more greenhouse gas than all methods of transportation combined.

Ethanol: A problem posing as a solution.

On a tip from Metalgarth.

Retired Banker Threatened With Prison For Returning Sand to Beach

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:39 AM

Today's featured victim of environmental totalitarianism is retired banker Arthur Bulmer of Saint Annes, England, who has been threatened with a £50,000 fine or six months in prison if he returns windblown sand from his garden to the beach across the road. They've also threatened to take away his wheelbarrow.

Putting the sand back on the beach where it belongs constitutes "fly-tipping" (British for dumping), according to the local council. Bulmer ended up paying a private firm £500 to take away the sand. But the next time the wind blows, it will be back — and so will the bureaucrats.

Arthur Bulmer, potential environmental outlaw.

Easter Dilemma

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:04 AM

It's getting to be spring, time for stories on the Left's absurd yet somehow disturbing campaign to abolish the Easter Bunny.

Rep. Ellen Tauscher (D-CA) finds herself in a sticky position after a town in her district officially renamed the Easter Bunny the "Spring Bunny" out of politically correct hostility to anything Christian.

Tauscher faces a primary challenge. Dem voters will demand that she stick it to Christians any way she can. But voters in the general election will be disgusted that militant moonbats will ban even the Easter Bunny. What side to come down on?

In the end, Tauscher stuck her finger in the air and decided to play the whole thing off with a joke, saying she's "not hoppy about it."

Still in libs' crosshairs.

On a tip from Bill V.

Polar Bears Are Thriving

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:58 AM

Unaffected by the torrent of global warming lies that incessantly blasts out of the media with the force of water from a fire hose, polar bears have been thriving.

In the Davis Strait area, the population is up from 850 in the mid-1980s to 2,100. Says Mitch Taylor, a biologist who has been studying polar bears for 20 years:

There aren't just a few more bears. There are a hell of a lot more bears.

Local Eskimos have been saying so for awhile. But global warming hoaxers won't listen to them because the locals have an interest in keeping the dangerous bears off the endangered species list. Liberals want polar bears on the list not because they are even remotely endangered, but because they hope to throw a monkey wrench into the economy by claiming that energy production must only be allowed if we can prove it doesn't inconvenience polar bears.

Currently the Eskimos are allowed to kill only a tiny number of bears per year, which they do when the bears get too close to settlements. Polar bears are one of the few species on Earth that will hunt down humans and kill us for food, probably accounting for their immense popularity among environmentalists.

Even Kool-Aid–drinker Andrew Derocher, who still insists that global warming is killing polar bears, admits that the famed propaganda picture of a bear and its cub floating on an iceberg as if the ice had suddenly disappeared behind them is a fraud, as polar bears often travel by climbing onto floating ice.

As global warming hoaxers consider us too stupid to figure out, polar bears are aquatic animals, buoyant enough from all their insulating fat to swim for many miles. Their Latin name Ursus maritimus means "bear of the sea."

Know when you're being lied to.

On a tip from V the K.

March 8, 2007

Danish Moonbats Wearing Out Their Welcome

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:14 PM

Rioting moonbats appear to be wearing out their welcome, even in progressive Copenhagen.

Readers may recall that willful derelicts who had been illegally infesting someone else's property for years reacted with violence when the police at long last tossed them out on their ears. Cars and stolen bicycles have been torched, a high school ransacked, Molotov cocktails thrown, and police assaulted in the street, underscoring the danger of Europe slipping back into savagery as moonbattery unravels its culture.

Even some libs turn away in horror when hardcore moonbats offer a glimpse into the abyss. Squatters have been festering in Copenhagen's hippie enclave Christiania since at least 1971, scoffing at Danish laws, paying no taxes, and until recently, raking in money from an open-air drug market. Lars Ewe has lived there for 24 years. He doesn't like what he's been seeing out his window:

Even if we support the cause of the young people, we cannot support the violence and rioting. A lot of people are scared that the violence might escalate and burn their houses down.

The same media that moonbats so often employ to their advantage has worked against the squatters. Media expert Michael Kristiansen notes that in past riots, moonbats claimed that the violence was sparked by police brutality. But now police make sure cameras cover their measured approach, as well as the antisocial tantrums thrown by the squatters.

Down comes a formerly infested moonbatcave.

On a tip from V the K.

Not Everyone Deserves Secret Ballots

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:14 PM

You have to hand it to House Democrats: they know their George Orwell. How else would you explain the name they came up with for the Employee Free Choice Act, which is designed to prevent employees from having any free choice in unionization?

This outrage passed the House last week in a mainly party-line vote as one of those little favors Dems do for unions in exchange for union support. The act eliminates secret-ballot elections, which have been allowing workers to opt out of unions.

Rep. George Miller (D-CA) sponsored the bill. By an amazing coincidence, he was also lead signatory on a letter reprimanding Mexico for being too corrupt to use secret ballots for the same sort of votes. The letter addresses "democracy in the Mexican workplace." Here's a highlight, via OpinionJournal:

[W]e are writing to encourage you to use the secret ballot in all union recognition elections. […] We understand that the secret ballot is allowed for, but not required, by Mexican labor law. However, we feel that the secret ballot is absolutely necessary in order to ensure that workers are not intimidated into voting for a union they might not otherwise choose.

Well put, Rep. Miller. I feel the same way.

You might have seen Miller's face in illustrated dictionaries, next to the word "hypocrite."

Shrillary Panders to Radical Gay Agenda

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:05 PM

In yet another shameless display of pandering, Hillary Clinton has been making obeisance — and promises — to radical homosexual activists.

In a speech before the Human Rights Campaign, Shrillary Rotten declared that if she takes power, "nothing stands in the way of loving couples, gay or straight, who want to adopt children." The effect on the children being raised in such depraved environments — and the inevitability that some will be adopted as sex slaves — doesn't enter into the equation. Kids don't vote; gays do.

Shrillary also saw fit to praise the HRC for helping to defeat the Federal Marriage Amendment, which was intended to defend the most fundamental institution in any healthy society from being perverted into obsolesce. Going further still, she endorses "hate crimes" legislation that would sacrifice the concept of equality before the law to grant homosexuals official status as a legally superior class.

If her husband B.J. was the first black president, maybe Shrillary can qualify as the first radical homosexual president.

For captions, see Caption This!

On a tip from nanc.

Osama Obama Finally Pays His Parking Tickets

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:53 AM

Here's a touching tale of redemption. Long-term scofflaw Barack Hussein Obama has finally paid the hundreds of dollars in parking tickets he collected while attending Harvard Law School.

Obama managed to rack up 17 traffic violations in a little over a year, between October 1988 and January 1990. He found it convenient to park in front of bus stops and then neglect to pay the fine.

Seventeen years later, one of his representatives paid the fines in full, late fees included. Maybe running for President will make an honest man of B.O., and cure him of the notion that laws are for the other guy. Maybe, but I doubt it.

Wait, never mind. Obama spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki says Obama's long refusal to pay the fines isn't relevant.

B. Hussein Obama and family amid a blizzard of shredded parking tickets.

On a tip from Bill V.

Abducting the 13-Year-Olds Americans Won't Abduct

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:27 AM

Fifth-columnists who oppose America's right to guard its borders from invasion typically play the race card, pretending that defending our country is an idea that would only appeal to "racists" who don't like Mexican immigrants. But few people, conservatives included, have anything against Mexican immigrants. It's Mexican invaders that we have a problem with — particularly since illegal immigrants are criminals by definition, and the contributions criminals make to society are rarely positive.

The latest example: Vicente Ignacio Beltran-Moreno, one of the countless "undocumented workers" who have snuck into our country illegally, recently kidnapped at gunpoint 13-year-old Clay Moore at a Florida bus stop, then fled back to Mexico. Left tied up in the woods, the boy was fortunately resourceful enough to escape.

Kidnapping is a very common practice south of the border, so we'd better get used to it — unless of course we want to stand up to political correctness and start defending our society from foreign criminals by keeping them out.

On a tip from V the K.

New Additions to the List of Banned Un-PC Terms

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:50 AM

The Association of Social Anthropologists has announced that the terms "stone age," "primitive," and "savage" are offensive and therefore no longer acceptable when applied to those stone-age primitive savages who are still around.

The group's moonbattery goes beyond 1984-style linguistic tyranny and into the whole politically correct ideology of persecution and the white man's responsibility for other groups' shortcomings.

The Association complains that these offensive terms have been used "as a pretext for depriving such peoples of land and other resources," and that using them creates an impression that backward people are "backward" just because they run around in loincloths throwing sticks at each other and often can't even feed themselves.

Yelps Survival, a campaign group backed by the anthropologists:

This is dangerous because it is often used to justify the persecution or forced "development" of tribal peoples. The results are almost always catastrophic: poverty, alcoholism, prostitution, disease and death.

Next time you refer to the poor guy in the GEICO commercials as a caveman, just try to live with yourself knowing the sort of damage you could be inflicting.

No wonder he's so mad.

On a tip from Bill V.

March 7, 2007

Thief Invents Magical Female Elf Defense

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:17 PM

By now we understand that criminals are rarely responsible for their crimes. Yet some make it a point of honor to come up with excuses so wacky they have never been used before. Hats off to lab technician Robert Boyd, who claims he was not responsible for holding up a shop in Belfast because he thought he was a magical female elf named Beho at the time.

Boyd stands accused of stealing two bras, panties, garter belts, and stockings. But it was all part of a role-playing game called Shadowrun, which got out of hand when Boyd, as he puts it, "blurred that line between reality and fantasy."

The line between a legitimate criminal defense and sheer lunacy became hopelessly blurred long ago.

What Boyd would have us believe he sees when he looks in the mirror.

On a tip from Bill V.

Vermont Consumed by the Mouth of Madness

Posted by Dave Blount at 5:31 PM

What could be creepier than horror movies like In the Mouth of Madness and The Dark Secret of Harvest Home, set in small New England towns that succumb to the satanic forces of lunatic evil? The next one they make should be set in Vermont — so that they can market it as nonfiction.

At least 16 Vermont towns passed resolutions yesterday demanding that American troops surrender to the terrorists they have been fighting in Iraq; 32 towns have declared they want President Bush impeached for his attempts to defend the country from terrorism.

Squeaks State Rep. David Zuckerman: "The president must be held accountable."

In Zuckerman's own Burlington, voters were faced with a proposition to demand a new forensic investigation to determine if the atrocities of 9/11 were actually a government conspiracy. It's unclear whether that passed, but anything's possible in state that gave us Howard Dean — or at least, anything except sanity.

What you might find if you Google "Vermont" and "Mouth of Madness."

On a tip from V the K.

Europeans Legitimizing Incest

Posted by Dave Blount at 4:40 PM

If moonbattery ever triumphs in its war on Western Civilization, nothing will be considered immoral except morality itself. Europeans have made appalling progress toward this objective. The latest taboo to fall is incest.

BBC tells the heartwarming tale of unemployed Leipzig locksmith Patrick Stuebing, who discovered love in the arms of Susan Karolewski — who happens to be his sister. The two have been living together for years. They have four children, three of whom have been placed in foster care.

Incest is still against the law even in enlightened Germany. Stuebing has served two years for it, and could be headed back to jail if the law isn't overturned, as the degenerate Beeb clearly hopes it will be. Moonbats unsurprisingly claim that the law against incest "breaches the couple's civil rights."

The incest taboo exists because the practice is unhealthy, both socially and biologically. But the same could be said for the homosexuality taboo, which is becoming taboo even to remember.

The couple's lawyer Endrik Wilhelm is confident that decadence will prevail:

The law against incest is based on very old moral principles. The law was abolished in France, it's about time it should be scrapped here in Germany as well.

As usual, French footsteps lead straight to the edge of a cliff, but there are still those who would follow them.

Incestuous German lovebirds Patrick Stuebing and Susan Karolewski.

On a tip from Michael.

Easy Being Green Sells Eco-Indulgences For Passing Gas

Posted by Dave Blount at 3:34 PM

Just when I thought the global warming hoax couldn't get any sillier, an Australian company is selling carbon credits so that liberals no longer need to feel guilty about heating up the planet by breaking wind.

If you can take Al Gore seriously, you might also take seriously the idea that letting one rip after a trip to Taco Bell will affect Earth's climate, unleashing cataclysmic hurricanes, drowning polar bears, melting Frosty the Snowman, etc. But Sydney's Easy Being Green will buy that guilt off your hands — even if it's your pets who keep letting stinkers.

For only US$16, you can buy the right to blast gas to your heart's content for two years. Dogs and cats can be rendered carbon neutral, flatulence included, for US$27 and US$6 per year, respectively.

How does giving your money to these enterprising chiselers make it okay with Mother Earth for you to cut the cheese? They install energy-saving fluorescent light bulbs and water-saving shower heads, which are just as likely to influence the weather as your cat's flatulence.

For Rosie the rates might run a little higher.

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Moonbat Rosie Admits to Hanging Upside Down

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:40 PM

It turns out that not only bats hang upside down: moonbats do too.

In an episode of The View scheduled to air Friday, Rosie O'Donnell will actually demonstrate how she hangs upside down to help herself deal with her emotional problems. Also helpful are yoga and the psychoactive pharmaceuticals that she credits with saving her life.

Rosie in repose.

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Marvel Comics Kills Off Captain America

Posted by Dave Blount at 1:57 PM

The folks at Marvel Comics have decided that the inveterate patriot Captain America had to die.

Evidently they tried to turn him from a patriotic hero into some kind of half-baked civil rights activist in a recent "Civil War" storyline. Now they've decided to kill him off.

Series writer Ed Brubaker is all too aware of the Sentinel of Liberty's political aspect:

What I found is that all the really hardcore left-wing fans want Cap to be standing out on and giving speeches on the street corner against the Bush administration and all the really right-wing (fans) all want him to be over in the streets of Baghdad, punching out Saddam.

Says 93-year-old Joe Simon, who created Captain America together with artist Jack Kirby in 1941:

It's a hell of a time for him to go. We really need him now.

That we do. But if the alternative is for him to degenerate from a superhero into some moonbat who denounces his own country during wartime, they did right to put him out of his misery.

Another formerly patriotic superhero appears to be on the same track. Writer Matt Fraction explains how the Punisher will be coming to the Southwest to deal with those evil Minutemen:

It involves the Hate-Monger and it's a grim fucking journey. The Hate-Monger is backed by a new National Force. For those that may not remember them, they were sort of the super Klan and now they're under the direction of a reborn Hate-Monger working as kind of a hate militia along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Once superheroes nurtured healthy feelings of patriotism. Now they tell kids that trying to defend your own country from invasion makes you a "Hate-Monger." There is nothing moonbats won't poison to death with their toxic ideology — not even comic books.

A patriotic hero born of the Greatest Generation, consigned to oblivion.

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Secular Islam Summit Has CAIR Running Scared

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:58 AM

The Saudi-funded terrorist front group CAIR doesn't much like it that a handful of people got together in Florida this week to discuss reforming Islam.

CAIR denounced the Secular Islam Summit as illegitimate because most of the participants aren't practicing Muslims. Many are former Muslims, who had the courage to leave the cult, although the sharia-mandated punishment for this is death. They include women who practice feminism not by shouting about their vaginas, but by trying to mitigate the subhuman treatment women receive under Islam.

Somehow the participants' opinions are less valid than those that seep out of CAIR, which would not condemn Osama bin Laden after 9/11, and whose cofounder has announced that the Koran should replace the Constitution as "the highest authority in America." Four CAIR executives have been successfully prosecuted for terrorism-related offenses.

CAIR spokesgoon Ahmed Bedier argues that the summit was funded by "neoconservatives" and that "Israeli intelligence" is behind it. Those who participated are playing into the hands of "Islamophobes."

Good thing there is no significant movement from within Islam to bring it out of the Dark Ages. CAIR's paranoid rhetoric would cross into psychosis — if it hasn't already.

Ahmed Bedier denouncing the anti-terrorist Patriot Act.

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V-Word Trouble

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:10 AM

Three high school students in Westchester County, New York have received one-day suspensions for using the word "vagina" during an open mic session in which they read from Eve Ensler's feminist diatribe The Vagina Monologues, a piece of moonbattery that does its best to wear out the word. Officials were concerned because younger children are present at the open mic sessions.

Complained one Bedford Hills mother:

What's the big deal? I would not at all be offended if my kids were in the audience and they heard "vagina."

But then, her name is Jennifer Wiener.

Eve Ensler, who pretty much owns the word "vagina."

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Dixie Chicks Come Up Empty At Country Music Awards

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:44 AM

Just last month, the annoying Dixie Chicks were rewarded with five Grammies, not for their music but for pandering to moonbats by insulting President Bush and denouncing the concept of patriotism. But as commenter LadyHen at Lucianne notes, when it comes to country music, the only awards that count come from Nashville — where the Ditsy Twits have bombed.

The album Taking the Long Way, misclassified as country and lavished with Grammies by the entertainment industry establishment, received not a single Country Music Awards nomination.

The Twits shouldn't mind: like the people who awarded their Grammies, they're not fond of country music. Here's what Twit Martie Maguire has to say about it:

I'd rather have a smaller following of really cool people who get it, who will grow with us as we grow and are fans for life, than people that have us in their five-disc changer with Reba McEntire and Toby Keith. We don't want those kinds of fans. They limit what you can do.

Needless to say, the vastly more talented McEntire and Keith manage to sell records without insulting their President to foreign audiences.

A rare shot of Twit Natalie Maines with her mouth less than all the way open.

Sex Toys Industry Goes Gaia

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:22 AM

Gaiaism — the flaky environmentalist religion that gave us the prophet Al Gore — is extending its tendrils into all aspects of life where moonbattery is welcome, including the sex toys industry.

The adult store Good Vibrations will no longer sell sex toys containing phthalates, which certainly don't sound very organic. Another called Babeland offers an "Eco-Sexy Kit" that includes a phthalate-free vibrator, a soy massage candle, and a natural lubricant produced without animal-testing or derivatives.

Greenpeace and an online magazine called TreeHugger are encouraging moonbats to start "getting it on for the good of the planet" and offer advice on "how to green your sex life." Lovebirds are advised to invest in bamboo bedsheets and "eco-undies."

"Greenwashing" the bedroom can be accomplished by:

  • Turning out the lights (always a good idea when in the company of naked moonbats);
  • Avoiding PVC or vinyl accoutrements (I plan to avoid them too);
  • Making sure your S&M paddles are made from sustainably harvested timber (I'm not making this up);
  • Using organic massage oil;
  • Showering together to conserve water;
  • Wearing lingerie made with renewable fibers like hemp and bamboo.

Vegetarians will be pleased to find themselves the focus of an eco-friendly pornographic website called Veg Porn. I was afraid to look.

Nice: but is it made from sustainably harvested timber?

March 6, 2007

Juror Explains How Scooter Libby Could Be Found Guilty

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:02 PM

In case you're wondering how it's possible that a jury believes Scooter Libby belongs behind bars for as long as 30 years for having gaps in his memory regarding inconsequential details related to the absurd Valerie Plame fiasco, a spokesman for the jurors explains. Apparently, it's because Libby was the only member of the Bush administration they got the opportunity to throw in jail.

According to Denis Collins, there were "a number of times" that he and other jurors asked themselves:

[W]hat is HE doing here? Where is Rove and all these other guys […] [Libby] was the fall guy. […] [S]ome jurors said at one point, "We wish we weren't judging Libby … this sucks."

In other words, he didn't really belong on trial, but better to put him in jail than to let those nasty Republicans get off scot-free. Griped Collins:

I thought we might get to see President Bush here.

Collins has written hundreds of articles for the aggressively left-wing Washington Post, which has devoted the last six years to undermining the Bush Administration by any means available. He has also published a book about spies. That he would be allowed on the jury gives an idea of the kind of kangaroo court show trial that has landed poor Mr. Libby in prison.

Meanwhile, the preposterous Valerie Plame, who was not a covert agent in any meaningful sense and whose employment with the CIA was admittedly revealed not by any member of the Bush Administration but by the slinking creep Richard Armitage of the insidious State Department, has signed a book deal with Warner Brothers worth $2.5 million.

Scooter Libby, political prisoner.

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French Bureaucrats Tighten Grip on Information Control

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:08 PM

It will now be illegal in France for anyone other that accredited establishment journalists to film or broadcast acts of violence.

Ironically, the French Constitutional Council published its approval of the law on the anniversary of Rodney King's beating at the hands of LA police officers. King's beating became a major event because it was filmed by an amateur videographer who would be imprisoned were he subject to the new French law.

The French government is also proposing a certification system that will allow websites, blog hosts, ISPs, and mobile-phone operators to qualify as government-approved sources of information if they abide by certain rules. Here too the purpose is to tighten control of the flow of information.

All this should make it easier to suppress news of France's violent absorption into the Islamic world by Muslim thugs who have been terrorizing the country, commandeering trains and buses, ambushing police, and torching cars by the thousands, as the mainstream media looks away and yawns.

You'll be seeing less of this — not that it won't keep happening.

Breck Girl: Jesus Wouldn't Like America

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:13 AM

According to zillionaire ambulance chaser, presidential candidate, and noted theologian John Edwards, Jesus wouldn't think much of the USA:

I think that Jesus would be disappointed in our ignoring the plight of those around us who are suffering and our focus on our own selfish short-term needs. I think he would be appalled, actually.

A few weeks ago, Edwards was forced to dump bloggers Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan from his campaign due to public pressure as a result of their rabidly hostile anti-Christian diatribes. Presumably they weren't the ones who advised him on what Jesus would think of America.

It could be the Breck Girl's conscience is gnawing at him as he sits in his $6 million, 28,000 square foot mansion, paid for with loot expropriated from doctors via bogus lawsuits.

If his presidential bid doesn't pan out, maybe Silky Pony will become a preacher.

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Global Warming Hits Bulgarian Brothels

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:28 AM

Never mind the record cold in New York City, the strongest snowstorm in half a century in China, and that it has been 28 years since January was so cold in Phoenix or February so cold in Toronto. Nonetheless, global warming is taking its brutal toll — by causing staffing difficulties in Bulgarian brothels.

Says Petra Nestorova, who runs an escort agency in Sofia:

We have hired students, but they are temps and nothing like our elite girls.

The mechanism by which global warming brought about this lamentable state of affairs has something to do with the amount of snow at ski resorts.

Chinese in Shenyang deal with global warming as best they can.

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The Left's Bloodthirsty Commitment to Peace

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:28 AM

FrontPage offers a great quote by Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT):

The greatest gift our country can give the Cambodian people is not guns but peace. And the best way to accomplish that goal is by ending military aid now.

Dodd said that on March 12, 1975, as the Dems were pulling the financial rug out from under South Vietnam and Cambodia. They didn't want victory, they just wanted to give peace a chance.

A little more than a month after Dodd's fatuous remark, Pol Pot took power in Phnom Penn. His communist regime managed to kill about 30% of the entire population of the country. The catastrophe that befell South Vietnam, epitomized by the Boat People, wasn't much prettier.

Astoundingly, being drenched in the blood of 2 million Cambodians does not stop Dodd from running for President. Nor does the cataclysm that followed American withdrawal from Southeast Asia prevent the Democrat Party from pursuing the same policy for Iraq, though no one seriously disputes the consequences will be comparable if not worse — and far more likely to follow us home.

When liberals advocate "peace," they're not after a decrease in political violence, but a decrease in American hegemony. "Peace" means waging propaganda war against the Pax Americana that has suppressed violence around the world.

Increased American presence has resulted in a 70% decrease in Baghdad violence over the last few weeks. But this is hardly likely to win Dems over to support the troop surge. On the contrary, the more likely it is to lead to American success at quelling violence, the more vehemently Democrats will object to it, politically committed as they are to our defeat.

The Democrat Party's gift of peace to the people of Cambodia.

March 5, 2007

Britney Spears Declares Herself to Be the Anti-Christ

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:49 PM

Like Satan, the world of Hollywood and pop music destroys those it seduces by giving them everything they thought they wanted. One of the most tragic examples is Britney Spears, role model to a generation of girls. Given all the fame, fortune, and adulation any young woman could dream of has reduced her to flashing strangers and shaving her head.

The latest news: Britney has flipped out in rehab, attempting to hang herself with a bedsheet after scrawling 666 across her forehead and declaring herself to be the Anti-Christ.

Sometimes the entertainment world gets a little heavy-handed in its symbolism — even when spontaneously symbolizing itself.

Some turn to moonbattery; others just go insane.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Socialized Medicine Degenerates Into Shamans and Dark Hallways

Posted by Dave Blount at 3:19 PM

The British are showing admirable creativity in their futile attempts to make socialized medicine economically feasible.

The NHS now employs shamans, who presumably cost less than doctors. They "use complementary therapies to help those with mental health difficulties." If only they had been around when someone first proposed putting the government in charge of healthcare.

Other creative treatments include the taxpayer-subsidized Emotional Freedom Technique, a form of therapy by which "subtle energies" are adjusted by "tapping with the fingertips to stimulate certain meridian energy points while the client is 'tuned in' to the problem." According to its inventor, EFT can be applied to "just about every emotional, health and performance issue you can name."

Also on the taxpayers' tab: foot massage. According to reflexologists, each part of the foot maps to a corresponding organ, which can be treated if you rub in just the right place.

Creative treatment approaches promoted by the NHS Directory of Alternative and Complementary Medicine include "dowsers," "flower therapists," and "crystal healers."

The NHS holds that homeopathy is "contrary to scientific knowledge." But this doesn't stop it from funding five homeopathic hospitals.

Who can blame it? Real doctors require a lot of expensive training. The free market can support them, by allocating resources on a rational basis. The Neverland economics of socialism cannot — not even with nurses being paid half the minimum wage if at all and hospitals removing every third light bulb to save a few pennies.

Can Britain catch up with utopian Cuba?

On a tip from V the K.

Feminizing the British Police

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:32 PM

Keeping citizens safe might be nice, but the important thing is to advance political correctness. This is why the British police are supplying smaller guns and lighter motorcycles in an attempt to encourage more women to join the force.

The police in Cleveland, England are getting Sig-Sauer P250s instead of the standard Glock 17 because the grip is easier for petite hands to hold. The Heckler-Koch MP5 has been replaced with the lighter G36.

In Humberside, the police have asked Honda to design a new motorcycle, probably because officers must be able to lift their bike off the ground to qualify for the motorcycle unit. Therefore if women can't lift it, it's too heavy.

Not only equipment but training, working hours, and uniforms have been changed in an attempt to feminize the police force. Cheshire Constabulary has changed its entry requirements and training in an attempt "to make it less macho."

Fitness tests are being altered so that women can pass them, begging the question of why they bother with tests that are rigged so that everybody passes. Maybe it builds officers' self-esteem. They're going to need it when they go out and try to do a job for which they aren't physically equipped.

The future of British law enforcement.

On a tip from V the K.

The Great Global Warming Swindle

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:35 AM

Cracks in the phony global warming "consensus" are becoming increasingly visible. It took ten years to get it commissioned, but on Thursday Britain's Channel 4 will air "The Great Global Warming Swindle," a documentary featuring eminent scientists who believe anthropogenic climate change to be a lie that hurts the world's poor.

As explained in the film, higher CO2 levels do not cause global warming; it works the other way around. Warmer weather causes more CO2 to be released by the oceans. This phenomenon takes awhile, which is why spikes in CO2 come an average of 800 years after warming trends begin.

Another inconvenient truth ignored by global warming fanatics is the fact that temperatures actually cooled between 1940 and the mid 1970s, during a period of rapid industrialization that should have resulted in global warming, according to their bogus theories. This is why Al Gore and his media friends were telling us in the 70s that we were headed for an ice age.

Also revealed: the ballyhooed report of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is a sham that was finalized by bureaucratic lackeys, and lists among its supporters the names of scientists who resigned because they disagree with its findings.

Kool-Aid–guzzlers will claim that opposition research is funded by sinister Big Oil. Actually, the sinister funder of pseudo-scientific propaganda is Big Government, which provides billions of dollars for climate research with the unspoken stipulation that scientists are expected to pretend global warming theory is valid. Gary Calder, a former editor of New Scientist, has this take on the way government money has corrupted science:

I don't come from any political position and I'm certainly not funded by the multinationals, although my bank manager would like me to be. I talk to scientists and come up with one story, and Al Gore talks to another set of scientists and comes up with a different story. So knowing which scientists to talk to is part of the skill. Some, who appear to be disinterested, are themselves getting billions of dollars of research money from the government. The few millions of dollars of research money from multinationals can't compare to government funding, so you find the American scientific establishment is all for man-made global warming. We have the same situation in Britain.

As usual, moonbattery is indulged in at a price paid by the world's most vulnerable. Africans have been reduced to burning highly unhealthy fires in their homes because of pressure on their governments to goof around with wind and solar panels instead of meeting energy needs. Even Greenpeace cofounder Patrick Moore admits:

Environmentalists have romanticized peasant life, but this is anti-human. They are saying the world's poorest people should have the world's most expensive form of form of energy — really saying they can't have electricity.

Philip Stott, professor emeritus of biogeography at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, hopes the film will be the beginning of the end for global warming hysteria:

At the moment, there is almost a McCarthyism movement in science where the greenhouse effect is like a puritanical religion and this is dangerous.

Hopefully, the danger is beginning to pass. According to a recent Gallop poll, only 31% think that Gore, the Jim Jones of global warming, has a good shot at the White House.

The Goracle's cult is losing traction.

March 4, 2007

Moonbat Squatters Riot in Copenhagen

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:21 PM

Religion of Peaceniks aren't the only enemies of society who riot in Europe. After a year of planning, leftist derelicts were at long last evicted from a building that was bought by a Christian congregation six years ago. Rejecting the fundamental right free people have to their own property, the squatters responded with violence.

At least a dozen cars were set on fire, along with street barricades, garbage containers, and a building housing a kindergarten. Some moonbats broke into a school, throwing furniture and computers through the windows and onto the street.

Hundreds of rioters have been arrested, but only one was injured, apparently hit by a cobblestone thrown by another moonbat. Sympathy riots were held in other European cities, including Malmo, which is quickly degenerating into Europe's answer to Detroit.

The rioters have been demanding that the government give them a replacement building for free. Somehow "anarchists" have no problem reconciling their supposed opposition to government with demands that the government steal other people's property on their behalf.

Caution: moonbats at play.

Bill Maher Calls For Vice President's Death

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:53 AM

There is a lot of competition for the title of World's Most Loathsome Moonbat — yet Bill Maher stays atop it with ease. His latest accomplishment: calling for Dick Cheney's death on TV.

ABC had the sense to fire Maher back in 2002 for insulting America while praising the 9/11 hijackers. Moving to the utterly shameless HBO, Maher teamed up with Ward "Little Eichmanns" Churchill in an attempt to browbeat Michael Faughnan into agreeing that terrorists had valid reasons to kill his brother at the World Trade Center on September 11. Maher later teamed up with Richard Belzer to denounce American troops as unfit for higher employment. He also ridiculed the death of Steve Irwin, and has subjected President Bush to every schoolyard insult his underdeveloped brain can devise.

It's not easy for this smirking insect to remain "provocative" when his disgusting behavior has been completely over the top for years. Yet he manages, most recently by defending the Huffington Post vermin who were noisily crestfallen at the failure of a terrorist attempt on Dick Cheney's life. Astoundingly, Maher himself called for the Vice President's death on his televised cesspool Real Time. Via NewsBusters:

Maher: What about the people who got onto the Huffington Post — and these weren't even the bloggers, these were just the comments section — who said they, they expressed regret that the attack on Dick Cheney failed. […]
Barney Frank: They said the bomb was wasted. (laughter and applause)
Maher: That's a funny joke. But, seriously, if this isn't China, shouldn't you be able to say that? Why did Arianna Huffington, my girlfriend, I love her, but why did she take that off right away? […] I have zero doubt that if Dick Cheney was not in power, people wouldn't be dying needlessly tomorrow. (applause) […] I'm just saying if he did die, other people, more people would live. That's a fact.

The fact that the entertainment industry tolerates scum like Bill Maher is the ultimate indictment of its liberal mentality. Something needs to change.

If anyone should be watching Maher's show, it's the Secret Service.

March 3, 2007

Carbon Offsets: The Modern Equivalent of Sumptuary Laws

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:13 PM

Where would Al Gore and his Hollyweird glitterati worshipers be without carbon offsets, which help insulate this energy-guzzling aristocracy from the charges of hypocrisy they so richly warrant when they preach to us about the sacrifices we will have to make to indulge their global warming fantasies?

Carbon offsets are a license to pollute, sold by unscrupulous swindlers who make unsubstantiated claims to improve the environment by planting trees (which eventually decompose, releasing lots of CO2), investing in politically correct but economically infeasible green energy projects, etc. It is a blatant con game, which is why Al Gore buys his offsets from himself.

This site and others have compared "carbon offsets" to the medieval practice of purchasing indulgences to absolve yourself of sins. They have also been compared to the Civil War practice of paying substitutes to go off and fight for you. The Virginian makes another apt comparison: medieval sumptuary laws.

Wikipedia describes them like this:

Sumptuary laws (from Latin sumtuariae leges) were laws that regulated and reinforced social hierarchies and morals through restrictions on clothing, food, and luxury expenditures. They were an easy way to identify social rank and privilege, and were usually used for social discrimination. This frequently meant preventing commoners from imitating the appearance of aristocrats, and sometimes also to stigmatize disfavored groups. In the Late Middle Ages sumptuary laws were instated as a way for the nobility to cap the conspicuous consumption of the up-and-coming bourgeoisie of medieval cities.

By limiting energy consumption to those who can afford to buy carbon offsets, Prince Albert and his Tinseltown court would like to dig an uncrossable moat between their castles of wretched excess and the unwashed masses who will be called upon to sacrifice for the sake of their environmentalist ideology.

Energy consumption should be reserved for the likes of Al Gore Pasha.

Gore Buys Eco-Indulgences From Himself

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:11 AM

You have to hand it to Al Gore: what he lacks in credibility he more than makes up in chutzpah. His army of Kool-Aid–guzzling climate warriors will tell you that it doesn't matter if just one of his mansions uses far more energy in a month than a normal house does all year, or if his endless jetting all over the place to preach at us leaves a carbon footprint the size of Lake Michigan. After all, Prince Albert absolves himself by purchasing eco-indulgences, aka "carbon offsets." What they won't tell you is that he buys them from himself.

Carbon offsets supposedly absolve you of the sin of using "non-green" energy. That way Al Gore and his Tinseltown acolytes can continue to hog energy with their mansions, jets, and limousines, why demanding the rest of us ride around in golf carts. They can afford to pay others to eat their eco-sins.

The swindlers who sell the offsets promise to plant trees or build windmills or think green thoughts or whatever. Not even the moonbats at the New York Times are gullible enough to believe that carbon offsets reduce carbon emissions.

Ever the expert at conservation, Gore conserves money by buying his eco-indulgences from Generation Investment Management — a company he helped found, and of which he is the chairman. It invests the money in flaky alternative energy projects that will only turn a profit with the help of the sort of coercive government support Gore is obviously trying to drum up with his global warming hoax.

So when Gore buys eco-indulgences, he isn't just buying phony absolution — he's buying an investment, the value of which will be enhanced by his War on Weather campaign. How did a guy this clever manage to flunk out of divinity school?


March 2, 2007

Troops Plead For Respite From Congressional Moonbattery

Posted by Dave Blount at 1:07 PM

Active duty military personnel tired of the weak knees and treasonous backstabbing on display in Congress since the Democrat takeover might want to sign this Appeal For Redress:

As an American currently serving my nation in uniform, I respectfully urge my political leaders in Congress to fully support our mission in Iraq and halt any calls for retreat. I also respectfully urge my political leaders to actively oppose media efforts which embolden my enemy while demoralizing American support at home. The War in Iraq is a necessary and just effort to bring freedom to the Middle East and protect America from further attack.

At least Dems are apparently becoming aware that the public won't like it if they cut off the troops' air supply.


On a tip from Brooklyn Red Leg.

Shrillary Might Understand Basic Economics

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:16 PM

Yesterday on CNBC Shrillary Clinton blamed a recent 8% slide in the Shanghai stock market on "rumors of a capital gains tax." Sure enough, capital gains taxes lower the value of stocks. The stock market took off in 1997 after her husband B.J. teamed up with Newt Gingrich to lower the tax from 28% to 20%. It took off again when W lowered the tax to 15% in 2003. Would President Shrillary help out our economy by lowering the tax further still?

Don't count on it. Shrillary voted against the 2003 reduction. As the New York Sun points out, her own reasoning suggests that her election could cause a stock slide by creating rumors that rates will go up again.

Shrillary: Better at shaking her fists than at tax policy.

Further Evidence That Moonbattery Is Bad For You

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:14 AM

Remember the outbreak of E. coli contamination from packaged spinach last summer? At least three people were killed, and more than 200 got sick. Now we know that the spinach came from an anachronistic but politically correct organic farm, where manure is used instead of modern chemical fertilizers for flaky ideological reasons.

At least, from the moonbat point of view, those who were poisoned by the organic spinach remained healthy in their souls by avoiding products of the advanced agricultural technology that has contributed so much to our dreadfully high standard of living.

Popeye after eating organic spinach.

On a tip from V the K.

Global Warming Spreads to Mars

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:38 AM

The global warming crisis has now reached interplanetary dimensions, with data from NASA's Mars Global Surveyor and Odyssey missions showing that Mars' south pole ice caps have been shrinking for years.

Habibullo Abdussamatov, head of Russia's Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory, reaches this politically reprehensible conclusion:

The long-term increase in solar irradiance is heating both Earth and Mars.

According to Abdussamatov's radical theory, warmth comes from the sun. The fact that solar radiation fluctuates explains why the climates on both Earth and Mars also fluctuate, whether we drive SUVs or run around in loincloths.

Let's hope Dr. Abdussamatov isn't angling for any UN research grants. Here's an observation more likely to meet with "consensus" approval in today's hyperpoliticized research environment: Mars' ice caps have been melting since 2002. This is the very same year Chevrolet came out with the Avalanche, the first vehicle to combine a six-passenger SUV with a full-size pickup truck.

Draw your own conclusion — and if you want a career in climate science, make sure you draw the correct one.

Chevy's Avalanche: Could its exhaust have reached Mars?

On a tip from V the K.

How to Solve Global Warming: Humans Must Stop Breathing

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:53 AM

Congratulations to researchers at the University of Bristol for finding a simple way to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere, as well as discerning the ultimate objective of environmentalism. Let's hope a check is in the mail from Richard Branson, who offered $25 million to whomever could solve the supposed CO2 problem.

Their concept: humans need to stop breathing. If people insist on continuing to breathe, they must at least cut down radically. According to Dr. Mark Steer:

If we merely cut out one breath in three, we could decrease the amount of CO2 entering the atmosphere each year by a staggering 0.63 gigatonnes. That's the same effect as saving five million acres of land (an area the size of Wales) from deforestation.

The UN had better step in and impose a worldwide ban on exercising. As the researchers write:

[T]he average person exercising at the recommended level of 30 minutes five times a week could be adding as much as 1.3 kg of extra carbon dioxide to the atmosphere each year.

Multiply that by a 6.5 billion people and you get 14 million tons, more C02 than Al Gore's mansion produces in a month.

Pay up, Richard!

On a tip from V the K.

March 1, 2007

Political Correctness Is So Gay

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:43 PM

It's not as if kids aren't learning anything in our schools. One thing they learn, which is very necessary to know in our society, is that there are people you can ridicule to your heart's content, and other people you may not affront in any way, even by accident.

In Santa Rosa, California, Rebeka Rice's classmates were exercising their politically correct right to ridicule her for being a Mormon by asking, "Do you have 10 moms?" when the high school freshman made the mistake of responding with the generic expression of dismissal, "That's so gay." Few Americans are unaware that this very common idiom means something along the lines of "That's ridiculous."

But Rebeka soon found herself in the principal's office for supposedly insulting homosexuals, who are so sacred to the sort of moonbats running our schools that to say anything they might not like is regarded as blasphemy. Though she got off with a warning and a notation in her file, her parents were so disgusted they took the matter to court.

Intoned the school district's lawyer:

The district has a statutory duty to protect gay students from harassment. In furtherance of this goal, prohibition of the phrase "That's so gay" … was a reasonable regulation.

As any reasonable school kid would respond, that is so gay.

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Harvard's Conception of Meaningful Information

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An email sent out to all Harvard College freshmen yesterday by the Dean of Freshman offers an idea of just what our overpriced institutions of "higher" education are degenerating into under the custody of moonbats:

Hooking Up: Hot Hints For Making Your Harvard (or Future) Sex Life Great
Thursday, March 1
7:00 PM
Ticknor Lounge

Want to know more about how to access pleasure, how to communicate your desires and how to make sure that you're getting what you want and need from your partner? Do you have questions about sex or sexuality that you've never had answered? You won't want to miss this!
Join us for a scintillating and sexy talk with Amber Madison, author of the recently released book "Hooking Up: An All-Out Guide to Sex and Sexuality," before her appearance on the Today show the following day! Amber will share helpful advice and crucial information about having a gratifying sexual life now, or later! You'll also have the opportunity to submit a question anonymously to have answered during the session.
In addition to sexxxxxy suggestions, come enjoy chocolate covered strawberries and HOT chocolate. Other snacks and opportunities to win prizes (including Amber's book), as well as other great "stuff' will be included.
ALL students of every gender are welcome!

Not yet acclimated to the brothel environment of today's university, some students were appalled enough to complain. Harvard College Women's Center Susan Marine responded to them on behalf of the Dean of the College and the Dean of Freshmen with this:

Our role as educators is to enable all students who wish to learn about their own development to have access to accurate, meaningful information.

Now that we know what Harvard regards as "meaningful information," students might want to consider saving tens of thousands of dollars a year by attending a technical school instead.

Antiquity's answer to the Ivy League.

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William and Mary Pays a Price for Its Moonbattery

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Enraged over the removal of a beautiful two-foot gold cross from William and Mary's Wren Chapel on the grounds that a cross in a chapel might offend Muslims and moonbats, a donor has nixed a $12 million pledge to the university.

That's a high price to pay for an opportunity to poke Christians in the eye, but educrats at William and Mary — which was founded by a church — remain stoic. President Gene Nichol announced that the money withheld "only hurts our students" and piously crowed:

Diversity, including religious diversity, remains a core value of this institution. The core values of the college cannot be for sale.

By "diversity," he means suppressing Christianity — and hosting obscene sex shows.

Banned in the name of "diversity."

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AP Describes Cop-Killing Moonbat Bandit Judith Clark As "Freedom Fighter"

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When it comes to 1960s flower children, something sinister lurked under all that mellow marijuana smoke. The Manson Family offered a hint of it. So did Judith Alice Clark.

Wikipedia describes Clark as a "radical activist against the Vietnam War and racism." She joined the Students for a Democratic Society in 1965, and stuck with the Weathermen after that terrorist cult splintered off from SDS. She served seven months for participating in 1969's "Days of Rage" in Chicago.

When she got out, she joined up with David Gilbert and Kathy Boudin to form the May 19 Communist Organization, aka M-19, which took on leftovers from the Black Liberation Army, a particularly violent offshoot of the Black Panthers. To finance their revolution against American civilization, this fun-loving bunch held up a Brinks armored car at a shopping center in Nyack, New York in 1981. They killed one guard, severely wounded another (Joe Trombino, who later died at the WTC on 9/11), and made off with $1.6 million. Police chased them down and a gun battle resulted, killing two officers. Clark was arrested at the scene, securing herself a pedestal in the progressive pantheon. Like Kathy Boudin, she has continued her leftist activism from behind bars.

Illustrating why the death penalty is so necessary, Clark is angling for a new trial all these years later, as described in an article in which her fans at Associated Press actually define this vicious enemy of society as "a former freedom fighter." Last year Judge Shira Scheindlin awarded her a new trial, noting that the first time around, Clark was

so unwilling to abide by courtroom protocol that she remained in a cell, outside the courtroom, for the entire presentation of the prosecution's case.

Fortunately 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Sonia Sotomayor later had this to say about Clark insisting on representing herself, then refusing to behave like an adult:

It was her choice. It is one she has lived to regret, but it was her choice.

After all, Clark left the courtroom voluntarily, too petulant to participate in her own trial.

Whether AP's "freedom fighter" gets a new trial, serves out her sentence, or is appallingly let out on parole like her colleague Kathy Boudin, her victims will remain dead.

Judith Clark displays her uncanny resemblance to a woodchuck.

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