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February 26, 2007

CBS's Defeatist Propaganda Goes Into Overdrive on 60 Minutes

Posted by Dave Blount at February 26, 2007 9:08 AM

CBS's propaganda war on behalf of our country's terrorist enemies went completely over the top last night, with the airing of a 60 Minutes segment intended to convince us that our troops in the field no longer support their mission.

It seems a small group of soldiers, constituting less than 1% of those serving in Iraq, have signed an "Appeal for Redress" stating that they want to go home. In promoting this shameless example of astroturfing by the hard-Left outfit Fenton Communications, the 60 Minutes gang vaguely characterized the disaffected soldiers as a "large group."

The report cherry-picked a stat from a Military Times survey conducted last December, indicating that more soldiers disapproved than approved of Bush's handling of the war. NewsBusters lists a few findings from that same survey that 60 Minutes forgot to include:

  • A plurality of troops felt it was correct for the USA to go into Iraq.
  • A plurality thought we are likely to succeed.
  • Bush's overall job approval was 52%, vs. 31% disapproval.
  • Only 13% thought there should be no American troops in Iraq and Kuwait.
  • Almost four times as many thought troop levels should be maintained at current levels or raised as wanted complete withdrawal.
  • Almost three times as many supported a surge as supported withdrawal.
  • An overwhelming 83% were satisfied with their job, and 81% would recommend a military career to others.
  • Even with the risks, 72% would support a son or daughter going into the military.
  • Those who would reenlist or extend their military commitment outnumbered those who wouldn't 66% to 21%.
  • A full 90% considered themselves well trained.
  • A plurality agreed that President Bush has their best interests at heart. Only 23% thought Congress has their best interests at heart, as opposed to 69% who did not.

Too bad the survey didn't ask how many think CBS News has the country's best interests at heart.

Effectively a branch of al-Qaeda.

Hat tip: LGF