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January 15, 2007

Title IX Lunacy Attacks High School Cheerleading

Posted by Dave Blount at January 15, 2007 9:33 AM

The latest casualty of Title IX lunacy is high school cheerleading.

Title IX is the intrusive social engineering decree that mandates equality between male and female sports in any school or college that has been seduced into helping itself to the federal teat. To equalize the spending despite the vastly larger interest in men's sports, lower-profile men's sports like wrestling and swimming are cut, while women's teams that interest virtually no one are expanded to please the bean-counting bureaucrats.

Now a federal employee named Rosie Pudish has evoked Title IX in a complaint demanding that if high schools have cheerleaders for boys' basketball teams, they must provide them for girls' teams too — even though her own daughter plays varsity high school basketball, and is among the many female basketball players who do not want cheerleaders at their games.

As always, the authorities have ruled in favor of the barking moonbat at the expense of the majority who just want to be left alone. Consequently, the squad at Whitney Point High School in upstate New York has been cut in half as cheerleaders respond by dropping out.

Girls' basketball teams tend to regard the cheerleaders as an unwelcome distraction, and having to cover an equal number of girls' and boys' games results in cheerleaders no longer going on road games, so that they aren't able to compete with or learn from other cheerleaders. As cheerleading captain Katelin Maxson explains:

We joined sports to have fun, but they're basically taking the fun away and giving us more work. The interest is down so much, and it's going to keep dropping, until there's no cheerleading anymore.

Somehow I doubt this would bother feminazis much — it may even be the whole point.

Or maybe the point is the satisfaction liberals derive from reforming our culture by decree. Displaying an aggressive disregard for what people actually want, the New York State Public High School Athletic Association declared that cheerleaders must be provided in equal numbers "regardless of whether the girls' basketball teams wanted and/or asked for" them. Last year, a group of California phys ed teachers dictated in a Stalinesque five-year plan that cheerleaders will attend boys' and girls' games "in the same number, and with equal enthusiasm."

Failure to show equal enthusiasm probably won't result in deportation to Siberia, but it's safest to pretend to feel whatever the authorities tell you to.

Endangered by moonbattery.

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